Hey, Holla Forums. A relatively popular YouTuber is going to read and review a book of my choice...

Hey, Holla Forums. A relatively popular YouTuber is going to read and review a book of my choice. My goal is to get him, and by extension his audience, into race realism with just one book. So I need your help choosing the perfect one.

Don't suggest any JQ shit, because that's not what I'm aiming for. My only goal is to get him to accept the heritability of IQ.

I'd use pic related, but I expect him to either say "this book is more than 20 years old, so it's outdated" or "Murray doesn't say whether nature or nurture is more important to intelligence, so don't try to use this book to justify racism." I want something that is more recent and more definitive about heritability.

There is nothing more recent or definitive. The faggot’s appealing to novelty and needs to be killed.

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Have you read the book, dude? Murray refuses to take any position as to whether genes or environment are more important in regards to a person's intelligence. We know now after more than 25 years of research that genes are more important, but the book doesn't cover that.

I'm not wasting my one chance on something that won't get the job done.

shareblue for me and you

Wrong medium, lad.

(((Richars J. Herrnstein)))
(((Charles Murray)))
Pretty sure Macdonald refernces this book in Culture of Critique, jewish intellects back then created the divide amongst scholars, most posing as crypto-jews, most dragging in gentiles to legitimise their efforts, and most goose stepping the hard work done by many before them and subverting it by omitting or avoiding the rebuttals of their work, yid style, to a point where today with current jewish involvement in education and universities, they become the only cited, referenced researches of their time … yet their literature is easily rebukked due to its general lapse in structure, and use of logical fallacies to further their points.
Have not read bell curve but have heard f it, if I am mistaken I am sorry but I feel like with a last name like that, it goes without saying …

Whether or not they read the book, he's going to have to discuss the book and how it impacted him.

How about this?
Honestly, I'd try something else like rules for radicals or maybe school of darkness by bella dodd

Only niche youtubers truly produce gold content

Maybe "The 10,000 year explosion" or "A troublesome inheritance"?

All in all though to answer your question I would have to put forth Macdonalds Culture of Critique, as it is all encompassing and no one to date has submitted a decent critical analysis of his work. The entire first two-three chapters prove unequivocally that heriditary IQ and racial difference plays monumental roles and plays out in impeccable chronological order, how the jews went about infultrating the fields of science and scholastic philosophy, and by way of herd mentality suppressed anything they disagreed with, and made their mark on society as a whole by subverting any differnce of opinion ith ad hominem “anti-semetic” smear campaigns. Highly recommended book by all accounts.

Also it would appear to be endorsed by heavenly dubs. So I have that going for me too.

The Blank Slate
Steven Pinker

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I agree with Alternative Hypothesis that because most people recognize race before the JQ, race should be what's focused on. Good suggestion, though, and maybe I'll end up using it anyway.

Holy shit, it won a Pulitzer and it wasn't shut down? Damn!

Not to be confused with a shill or nihilist, but
I kind of doubt you will be able to find one.
Good luck though.

j e w

How 'bout "Eugenics: A Reassessment"?

Race, evolution and behavior by J Phillip Rushton;
On Ethnic Genetic Interest by Frank Salter;
and The G-Factor by Arthur Jensen are my picks.

In this case the book isn't outdated.

this guys suggestions are by far the best

You Mother Fucker. Did you get Pewdiepie to review Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life?

Did you read this? I always wondered if in the end we would find eugenics to not work because as you make someone more prone to function well in society they will more often than not want more in their society to form creative bonds with. This will in turn make them take in niggers who are sub-human and destroy.

Peterson is trash-ola

I'm currently reading it. As for eugenics not working, I don't know what you mean. Eugenics is always happening via the decisions we make, though it's more like dysgenics these days. More alarming is that while the west is propagandized against improving their own genetic stock, asian countries have no such qualms, and will gladly put gene editing into effect to create genius babies, and when that happens while we're back here twiddling our thumbs, we will be non-competitive on the world stage. Obsolete.

Eugenics is not an option. If we don't actively try to improve the quality of our people we will go extinct.

Forgot to address this
Positive eugenics has nothing to do with functioning well in society, it's about creating a better society through high IQ, strong moral character, and good physical health of the population. Culture is downstream from genetics. Society fits it's population, not the other way around. Ability determines society.

Could you expand on this? Why would high IQ whites need niggers for "creative bonds" Surely they'd have an easier time bonding with other high IQ whites.

It's mostly anecdotal because High IQ whites consistently cuck to nigs and want to accept those weak intellectually and visibly ugly in to their ranks at a rapid pace. High IQ whites want poor dumb niggers to hang with because it makes them feel good.
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Ya about that…miscegenation etc etc

I also forgot to add I read the bellcurve and yeah it's like FBI crime stats in the way it proves the obvious but leaves us to make our own conclusion that nigs need to have their dicks cut off. We should meme a lot of the studies found therein.

High IQ doesn't mean knowledgeable. It's our job to keep people informed on race realism, and make it "common sense".

Hence I brought up dysgenics.

I said moderately-sized. Pewds is the most-subscribed person on YouTube.

You'll know it when you see it.