I was thinking that THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE WHEN WHITE PEOPLE EXIST might be a suitable follow up to IT'S OK TO BE WHITE

Just sharing the site with the pic

It will be years before anything but IOTBW is publicly postable.

How's this for a start?

You can do better.

Could bring up stuff like why do modern day college professors hold grudges against white people? I think you'd have a easier time calling people out on their hypocritical equality bullshit if you flip the script on them esp on people who are in positions of power.

I think a better idea is #MeeToo'ing college kikes.
they look white, so the racism glasses goes off the libtarded femifucks.

sage because OP has a shit idea.

The result of what you propose would be an educational matriarchy of (((progressives))).

sage because you're right about OP

It should say The World Is A Better Place When Only White People Exist.

Plus no wheat field?

How about "Stop white guilt"?

I think what made its ok to be white so successful , cause its pretty innocuous statement and only the most devoted libtard would chimp out at such a statement basically causing them to out themselves to the normies. If you wanted to make a sequel it would basically need to take the same effect.

How about something about how we feel about them? How they live in an alternate reality disconnected from the actual reality. How they live in the schizophrenic jew mind (through the media of the jew, but also education system and industry)


Imagine the international chimpout it would create if you got thousands of European guys to post swastikas everywhere, with the words "the white kids are angry" or something like that.

Maybe something with young children asking if something like "If our home is gone where can we flee to?"


Sounds fucking gay. If you want to stop white guilt, just normalize not being guilty. Be confident, and don't apologize for shit. Exhibit self worth. That's what IOTBW did/does.


>The result of what you propose would be an educational matriarchy of (((progressives))).
and this is a problem how?
it will implode because females running shit into the ground.

at this point, the higher education systems are beyond redemption, so the only course of action is accelerationism.


In regards to the policing of language, and narratives being created and used by others, fug I dont know mang. Just bumping the thread.

You're right. I think your idea is sound.

That's a weak meme.

I like it.

Also try this:
"The WILL BE a better place when white people exist."
Don't explain it. Just let people wonder.

What is stopping you from disseminating pro-White propaganda in your village and in surrounding towns and cities? If you won't disseminate pro-White posters, who will?
Who should instead of you?
Why aren't you doing it?
And what are you doing for your race instead?


we wuz Quetzalcoatl and sheeeit

But that's (jew) fashkike. Take your cringe back to half.

trips of truth

checking those digits, gentlemen…

crashing and burning the colleges it is.

It would be funnier and more effective to print out the absurd utopian ideas like pic related.
Adopt a position of your enemy, put it out there in all its flawed logic and obvious untruth, and let normbots compute for themselves.

You need to force people to realize white people are a dwindling minority. The tagline, "the great replacement is here, kill them like the jews" with graphic images of targeted white violence will trigger people. Lumping the privileged with the kikes will make them think twice.

I dont think so. We need to exploit more the feeling that "whites are the ones that are actually oppressed and persecuted". When you show IOTBW to normies it exposes the ridicule of leftists when they get triggered by it. A normie would think:

This one might be reinterpret by our enemies as "muh white supremacists who think they are better than everybody else"(which is not factually wrong but will activate the pity in normies and the inferiority complex of non whites ).

In short. We need things that manipulate the left into exposing their own delusion and hypocrisy. We use this kind of meme when we already have more ground. At least that's my opinion.
A good idea might be showing light to the south african genocide. Think. How we expose that fact to a lot of normies?

I think starting to expose jews as the real privileged rich and powerful who also alternate their white/nonwhite/left/right/oppressed identities when it's convenient alongside their disgusting behavior is a good idea.
The thing is, how we name the jew in a simple normie friendly manner like IOTBW.
A first step might be desensitizing them from the crimethink reaction they get thinking about jews because of "muh natzes".
Maybe just tricking media to get a bunch of holocaust jokes or merchant memes to normies would help us a good deal.

We need urgently to cook more porpaganda memes. OP at least started something.

We need our own well build weltaschaung so the normies come running to us from the debris instead of some other jewish trap. And the normies also need to now we exist and alos feel that we are based.

Doesn't sticks and is not funny.

We need to ridicule more people who few white guilt. It's wouldn't be hard to figure out how to get this into a pill normies would swallow. We do this constantly between ourselves. Like the
memes. So white guilt shaming tactics are well developed within our community. It's just a matter of spreading it.

The benefits of the meme:
>Low on the level of confrontation. People would be more likely to publicly disseminate it this way and it will evoke fewer (((manufactured))) defense mechanisms.

I recognize that I screwed up the green text, I was going for bullet points. I am a long time lurker, not a poster, but I get it now.