Does love between a Man and Woman really exist?

Hey Holla Forumsaks I have been in a three year rut where I haven't found a Woman I was even remotely interested in beyond sex. Every relationship I have had in this period was a hollow courtship founded on next to nothing.

My last serious relationship was admittedly equally hollow; and the lessons I learned about my own faults and that of my ex-girlfriend were what began my true redpill journey. Even though I had been coming on the Chans for close to a decade - it was the lived, anecdotal experience that allowed me to finally open my ears to the "Right."

So before this turns into even more of a faggy blog post - I just wanted to pick your brains and see what you think about the question: "Does/can love exist between men and women?" Or is it always just going to be pseudo socially acceptable prostitution?

I am by no means a MGTOW but when I started looking for a partner to have kids with and not just sex - I have found myself appalled at not only how boring, lifeless and without virtue the average Woman is. But also how conflated their own sense of self worth is.

Am I just a bitter weirdo? Or are these fair observations? Where do you even meet Women of quality? (I don't mean red pilled.) Do they even exist?

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Unfortunately, no

Obviously yes. It’s the only true love.


When it comes to women the two quotes that always stuck with me from individuals I can no longer remember who they were in this life journey are:

-Only men love, women need to be loved
-Women have the mindset of a child

I find both to be largely accurate on the wider scale not taking into account outliers, but it probably explains why a lot of men take break ups far more seriously to the point they throw their life away in murderous fits at times. Tried telling a friend of mine at least 3-6 months before a break up a woman has already broken up with you. There's a long time frame where she's contemplating within herself the pros and cons and every action prior to the breakup during that span is her slowly releasing her own emotional connection to you. Of course 6 months later this guy has literally lost his mind gone full delusional.

One of the shit reasons about this mess the kikes and females have created is that men are far more hesitant to put their full faith into a relationship because every man KNOWS that the only thing that can destroy them is a woman who he puts his full self into. That knowledge can wreck a man and women are vipers who would use such knowledge recklessly over pettiness.

How long ?

Sure. With anyone? No. Think of Pareto's law regarding attention whoring, crime - even divorce. Many of the divorces originate from the same, horrible creatures who get five divorces.

They can still love. Sure, they are weak and fragile, and their biological nature isn't exactly beautiful. Still, there is hope, so long as your love doesn't die.

Yeah, it exists. But it's rare. And women can be damn good deceivers.

Women naturally love their own children, if they ever become mothers to begin with.

Love doesn't exist between people because it is an emotion that is experienced by each person and the psychologies of men and women are so different that a 1:1 correspondance is impossible.

When a woman says "I love you" it means "I consider you worth manipulating". What you want to hear is "I am in love with you" which means "My emotions are telling me that I should want babies with you."

When a man says "I love you" it means "I am willing to do things I don't want to, to make you happy and safe". When a man says "I am in love with you" it means "My emotions are overriding my better judgment"

Women want to hear "I love you". Men should be waiting for the woman to say that she is "IN love".

As a fedora, I would never ever marry unless it was in a strictly muslim country or in a country which did not saddle one party with non-negotiable payments to the other for years/decades/life.

Women and divorce killed marriage, not the queers.

It does exist. It's built over time and does not happen overnight. Lust can happen immediately. but love? You have to make it work.

The problem is the hedonism the (((media))) is showering us with nonstop. Sex has been turned into something it is not because of media and things like porn. Masculinity is distorted. Femininity has been distorted. It's almost impossible to live up to those expectations and almost everyone is raised to be unsuspecting of the absurdity that is media.

Women are expecting to be swept off their feet and live "happily ever after". Or they are pursuing a career because being a housewife has been turned into failure. Taxes are so fucking high, and the world is owned by rent seekers so you can't earn a living. Women have to work too so their priorities have shifted as well.

The puzzle pieces aren't fitting together by design.

Checked and verified.

I was deeply in love and it was recipricated… That is until it turned off like a light switch for her.

I've seen men do it too. They love love love their girl, or even their friends, then one day - boom, off like a fucking switch.

So just from experience, I think love is a product of Christian idealization during the Renaissance. One of the few good things Christians brought into the world that they destroyed.

Nature is a woman.

yea, it does

Go blackpill somewhere else, intl.

That's infatuation, it's just your hormones talking and yeah it can switch off like a light. Love is something different. You're not infatuated with your mom but you (presumably) love her and can forgive her for a lot of things.
So the trick is to feel that way about a girl and somehow be sure that she really feels the same way about you and isn't just playing at it.
That's where I'm stuck personally

I’d say you didn’t have real love. I loved a girl I was with about 20 years ago. I know she loved me, but I could not stay anymore where I was at. I was going nowhere in that area due to market saturation of my skillset.

Now, I regret ever leaving her, but that’s life.

I am going to be fully honest with you.
If you don't have a high quality physical fitness (face, something you can't change much) and aren't above average height, you are going to at best have a contractual and tolerable "family" for the purpose of having children.
At worst you will keep getting stuck in 3 year ruts.
Do remember though, you can always improve physical fitness, skills, knowledge etc no matter who you are. Lead the woman, don't expect her to be on your level in intellect and do not expect her to make rational decisions without you, even if she seems more rational than most females.

All relationships are based on infatuation and bonding.

And your mother would call the cops on you if she thought you did a bad thing. Stop lying.

You didn't love her. You dumbed her. You're a male Thot, and opportunist.

dog damn it!


This is pretty important and will save one a lot of headache in the long run. I'm not saying avoid them, but it is something to keep in mind when dealing with them.

I read Nature is a woman as Now I am a woman.

I'm the opposite of most people on this board. Grew up bitter towards women, discovered I wasn't actually bad looking in my early 20s and dated and fucked around a fair bit.

The end result now is that I put women on a pedestal a bit. I've seen the best of them. The caring and attentive and loving side a lot. It's really difficult for me to feel bitterness towards a woman after that. I'm not even saying this to humblebrag because I know it's a character flaw. But God. Just look at women. Look at how soft and delicate they are. How easily they cry. How comfy it is to comfort a crazy femanon who cuts herself and tell her you'll be there for her while she calls you daddy.


so you dicked multiple women
didnt have any children

that is woman
youre acting like one by being surprised

Virtus means masculine
dont expect women to act like men
they are not your partners
they are human animals you attempt to domesticate for the purpose of procreation

next time breed

What is love?

Yes. The most important part of a relationship is not sex, but companionship, which does not exist at first sight, or grow in a week, or even a month. I estimate that it takes at least a year to fall in love. Everything that happens before that is a combination of lust and hope. Not coincidentally, the one-year mark is when a lot of relationships fall apart because the lust is waning and the companionship hasn't developed.

As for love disappearing like a light switch being shut off, it doesn't really happen that way. What really happens is, one person plays their cards very close to their chest, while the other fails to recognize the signs and symptoms that there's something wrong in the relationship. Having been on both sides of this equation, I know it for a fact.

As the dumper, I spent a good three months wondering if my disenchantment with her was a phase I was going through, whether my complaints about her were worth throwing away the previous time invested, whether I wanted to take a chance on being forever alone versus staying with this woman, and whether or not the relationship could be fixed. During this period, I attempted to fix what i could about the relationship while observing her behavior, gauging her commitment to the relationship. In the end I dumped her after she backed out of a party at my company that she'd agreed to months in advance, knowing it could affect my career and standing at the company, and chose to attend a last-minute shindig organized by her friends instead. It showed a clear lack of commitment to a shared future.

As the dumpee (obviously in a different relationship), I failed to notice a certain coolness on her part, the fact that she quit texting me as often, that she didn't answer or return phone calls at night about half the time, and that suddenly she already had plans almost every weekend I tried to plan something with her. I missed the signs because she didn't cut me off completely, she simply reduced her contact by a third to a half, and I attributed this to the end of the honeymoon period and to her being very busy at work and at school. In reality, she was holding onto me while shopping for another boyfriend.

A lot of people, both men and women, are too self-centered to have a successful relationship. For a relationship to work, both parties need to get something that they want, and both parties need to give something that the other person wants. The majority of young people I talk to are only concerned with getting what they want and don't even acknowledge that the other person has wants and needs—and again, this is coming from both sexes. I blame dating apps, where everyone posts long lists of interests that nobody reads, and everyone expects a 10/10 match to their own interests. This leaves everyone chasing a perfect ideal that is completely unattainable. Who gives a shit whether your girlfriend reads the same kinds of books or listens to the same kind of music when there's epubs and ear buds. All you need is a few common interests and a philosophical agreement about working together to achieve a combined future—to put it more simply, a shared dream. Most people, male and female, fail to realize that simple truth.

You're not a father. Are you?

Many men just like you are MGTOW now, simply because they know that society doesn't have their backs, if they want to start a family.

Incorrect, I moved across the country for the military.

< breed, user
< society totally has your back
< and she totally won't stick it to you
< don't go MGTOW, user

projection has a lot to do with how youll see the highs and lows of women, and i mean that seriously not sarcastically in that its your fault. but how you see what you can train in them to be good partners or whatever, is absolutely up to your attitude when you approach or even think of yourself approaching or fantasizing about them.


The "argument" of a degenerate commie.

I'm beginning to doubt that op exists. A work of fiction, I believe.

Get in the >>>/oven/ and take your (1) and done slide thread with you, kike.

Modern Women are a product of Modern Society. That is to say, a vapid consumerist Jewish Clown World™ where all that is good is shunned and all that is evil is celebrated. It should be no surprise that today's women are mostly shit because they've been taught that being shit is the way to be. Does love between a Man and a Woman really exist? I think it has existed before, yes. Does it exist today? If it does, it's extremely rare. It should also be said that I don't believe that the non-White races truly have the capacity to love. The very concept is only viable in White people.

Keep your chin up and soldier on user, but understand that in this current timeline finding love should not be your main focus, instead it should be the successful propagation of your genes and the continued existence of the White race. Romantic love is something that will return to us once the 14 words and 88 precepts are fulfilled and we are no longer facing an existential threat. These kikes need to be eliminated

Define love first. I like molymeme's definition: "the involuntary response to virtue, if you are virtuous". Next, identify a virtuous woman. There's your answer.

Why? So he'll have to send a check out every month for a child he can't raise if she decides to leave? Breeding for the sake of breeding is nigger tier. You need to have an active part in raising your children.

In reality, a lot of that wouldn't be a problem if the constant dump-date cycle wasn't encouraged by society, particularly the government and media. The issue is that there is no incentive to work together on the woman's part because she can leave at any moment and grab half of the man's check. The man thus has no incentive to have a long lasting relationship with a woman because of that threat.

This. Tradcons may not like it, but its the fundamental reason why MGTOW is growing.

Switching again? Give it a break.

Legit creepy pedo vibe tbh m8.

To understand human women best, you must look to nature. Animals espouse a more open form of the same reality we inhabit.

You argue like a sputtering kike. As in, you have no argument.

Because it is not about her, but you.
Only weak men with no imagination let their children be taken from them.
The sole objective purpose to your existence is to reproduce, and if you are a White man who cares about the continuation of you line and folk, even more so - and if you are not such a man, if you are so pitiful as to think 'breeding to continue your line is nigger shit'. then you are a nigger, and its perhaps best you do not reproduce.

MGTOW is an explosive movement. Growing leaps and bounds.

Why? Really, because women are shit. They've become shittier and shittier. Now, you may have found yourself a unicorn. But if you have, you do not value her, because you think that any guy can just find another, like it's nothing. tbh you don't deserve her.

"Love" is a Jewish meme. You get married so that you can have sons, not because you love a woman (women are generally unworthy of love).

MGTOW is not a movement, its a genetic dead end, a trap that you fell right into just as the twats fell into the trap of 'empowerment'.
You and the feministos are two sides of the same broken coin.

Neither of you is innately the problem, but neither of you have the willpower to see past your respective states to the enemy that fouled your relations.
Again, MGTOW is a dead end, and in truth, I suspect most who espouse it know as much, but they feel its comforting to think otherwise. A true movement would seek to cure the illness, not become obsessed over the symptoms.

Weimar problems bring Weimar solutions, after all, and in the Weimar, 50% of the women were literal whores… Granted, many of them did it out of desperation, while our women have simply been duped and indoctrinated on a deeper level by our enemies.

Weak men allow institutions that take children away from the fathers over a woman's tantrum to exist in the first place.
Maybe for an animal like yourself, sure. For me, I don't care if I reproduce. I simply want to set my people free from the chains of the kikes. The biggest threat to White existence isn't the lack of breeding, but kike ownership of our nations. Thus, my existence is focused on destroying them however I can.

It's too late to disencourage whites from breeding, juden. Opt for a fair fight. Maybe you'll have a better chance.

You're not even trying to argue against the accusation. I hope rosenberg falls on his fucking nose like you will.

Wrong-o. It's a Greek meme. :^) Christianity is Greek. Jesus spoke Greek, and was a Greek philosopher, who also was familiar with Egyptian mystery religious, and the esoteric.


You don't know what an argument even is. You speak exactly like a commie. Firstly, a general practice of manners is the character of the White Man - you do not have this.

This is true, of a sense - however, one man cannot defeat such an institution so easily as he can avoid its reach. You understand?
Weak men created this mess, these institutions, and even strong men will have a difficult time laying them low in the context that exists… But avoiding their reach is another matter entirely, and only the weakest of men in this context will fail to evade them, will fail to recover their offspring and flee beyond the reach of these institutions.

You are an animal.
Then you will have been a failure in the sole objective purpose to your existence, your line will end with you, and you will not contribute to the perpetuation of your kin.
If that is how you see the world, then you are a weak man, and you ought not reproduce.
If you wanted that, you would want to continue the existence of your people through your line - but you don't care about that. You already admitted it.
You don't care about your people at all, as demonstrated by your total lack of interest in contributing to its perpetuation into the future.
You are truly a fool if you believe such a thing.
And given your commentary, it is a safe assumption that you have no power whatsoever, and your only contribution to 'destroying' the kikes is in acceptance of the destruction of your own genetic line, the only mechanism via which you likely could aid in the destruction of your enemies or at least the continued effort in that regard.

You are not even an animal - you are nothing.
You are a temporary, hollow, broken thing that wanders the world, claiming it cares of its kin, it wishes to destroy its enemies, while not even having the will to perpetuate itself and thereby its kin.
I am very sorry brother, that you have become so damaged - as damaged as the whorish women you despise so deeply - and I will try to ensure no such broken things as you exist in the future, will instill in my children the desire to continue the fight if it has not yet been won, and by the grace of the Gods, though your line shall die within your pitiful broken existence, few more will be forced into such a terrible, terrible path.

You know what isn’t real? Numerology.

Is that why niggers are getting shitloads of rice so that they can multiply like fucking chinks, courtesy of the jews you don't very much like to name?

It's always been extremely obvious to me when a relationship is coming to an end. Women really aren't too subtle about when they're done. It always amazed me that so many other guys can't sense it, either.

No, Greeks (the good ones) did not love women at all. They barely even interacted with their wives except to reproduce.

Evaluate the genetic quality of a woman and whether her personality would be suitable for raising children. If both are good, then you can marry her regardless of whether you love her or not (ideally you would not love her).

Jews have no manners, and don't deserve anyone with manners to speak with them. Especially not "anticom" self-admitted jews like (((molyneux))). Eat lead, die horribly, etcetera.

Where exactly do you live? City life is bound to give you no good women. Rural life is a bit better if you find a good woman but they're sexually active earlier than city girls apparently (some thread earlier had this data, was interesting).
Yes, but she will not love you in the ways that you love her. A woman's love is conditional whereas a man's love is unconditional.
Thank the kikes for part of this. Some fault does lie with women because they never had to do anything in life. We're in a time where women are so privileged that they have no real hardships, therefore there is nothing interesting about them. Women also don't work like men do, their actions are dictated by social acceptability thus they are boring because they never had to be interesting to meet a man, they are lifeless because they are expected to be masculine when they are not, they are without virtue because our society has none to teach them. You cannot expect a woman to be more for you than a homemaker, lover, supporter and mother. What specific qualities are you looking for in a woman, OP?
Do what I did and filter by country of origin. I told myself one day I will not go after any woman from Germany, US, France or UK. Seek out girls from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and other countries with a sense of pride and tradition. Within 2 months of deciding to use this filter I found my Ukrainian gf of 3.5 years through some Russian friends I have (very good company). Beautiful virgin with good homemaking and cooking abilities as well as some wit and humor to show intelligence and a carefree personality. Still, looking into her eyes the first time we had sex confirmed to me the importance of finding a virgin to marry.

This is why I say women's love is conditional, she can only be IN love if you prove to her that you can not be manipulated by her. Falter in your dominance and self reliance and she will go from IN love to manipulation because women must always reaffirm to themselves that they have found a man worth reproducing with.

Cohabitate endlessly in a state that has doesn't have common law marriage. Use contracts and a good lawyer for any children. Keep your house in your fathers name and rent it from him for cheap if you do marry. There are many ways to work around divorce rape, but it is a hassle nonetheless.

In most of the truisms we say, the name "jews" can be substituted with "women" and no meaning would be lost. Yet, most of us don't hate women despite all of their imperfections. This is because it is fully in our nature to love women and to be loved by them because we are complementary. They may be less than men, but we certainly do need them as they need us. There is no doubt that real love between a man and woman can exist given those conditions.

< you are failing, user. you can't destroy anything.
gas yourself.

Wise decision user. That was a perfect example of what to look for in what women DO to gauge who she really is, not what she SAYS.

However, only the kike begins with general hostility as did you.

Kike you are, kike you ever will be. Go slither back to your pool pit home (Jerusalem/Tel Aviv, whorehouse to the nations).

Women are easily swayed. Most people cannot believe that women were once virtuous and gentle. This cannot be imagined anymore, because we do not understand the very nature of women, which is they are like a sponge.

As if you had manners, look at your attitude user.

Oh ya, I think it was a post deserving of it:

you sound like me, OP. i wonder that same thing too. its hard keeping my spirits up sometimes because women are fucking unbearable. Ive dated a ton of women, and it always ends in the stupidest way. i dumped a really normalfag tier christian asian girl because i realized I fucked up and needed to marry and have kids. she was the only good one and only dated one guy before me. sad as fuck. ive tried and tried with white women and the ones ive dealt with are either unresponsive to me, or they cant pair bond and sex is no big deal to them. yeah, I get it-just think of women as children and it all makes sense. I guess white women are the most spoiled rotten kids there are.

if only mexican girls were white…jesus

I can't take commentary about male-female issues from any guy who doesn't/can't get laid regularly.

If you have any interest in "men's issues" of any kind, the first thing I do is try and figure out if you're getting laid regularly and regularly over your whole lifetime.

I've never met a dude who was great with women, consistently, through and past high-school age, who had much to say about any of this.

OP here, I just want to clarify I don't think some of you got what I meant with the question. It's not can Women love Men but how can I love these Women? I'm a younger guy and I've had Women who claimed to be in love with me. But I can't seem to find a Woman I can even think of being in love with - I date them and they're all shallow boring creatures - or the red flags fly up like a hurricane. Where do you meet Women who .. Are worth loving? Are they even out there? Is it like a pure anomaly that some people are lucky enough to experience?

kys famalam

I don't know and I don't care, all I want is infinite hot wet tight silky soft pussy
Tired of girls with messed up pussies
Tired of having to compete with chad
Tired of girls who are picky and/or who's standards are too high

Once all this great purge stuff is done, and all the politicians and executives and everyone are dead or in prison, and Trump is made dictator, and we basically go full 14/88 MAGA, if I still cant get what I want and no one in the whole government or society or in person or whatever will grant it to me I think I'll just go out in a forest somewhere and just shoot myself

I expected more memes and shitposting after reading the OP.

A wife can always betray you , a waifu (the image of an existent or non-existent spouse in a man's mind) will never do so.

There's a reason that no matter how much you love, trust and respect your wife you must always keep her on a short leash.

Niggers are getting shitloads of rice because ZOG takes money out of your paycheck to put towards foreign aid programs. Money that should be going towards your children and your people are being diverted to feed niggers. Do you see how this is a bigger problem than you seem to think?

True. But a group of men can. Isn't this how ZOG originally formed? A bunch of kikes got together to conspire and control our nations. They used every mean they had at their disposal, and when the time came to act, they did and we see the results today. This is a centuries long project they have. One man can't do much, but if enough fighting together it is possible. Remember that Hitler was also a NEET virgin and look at what he accomplished.
So running away from the problem rather than attempting to fix it?
Physically yes. In mind no.
As defined by who? You? Nature? I make my own purpose.
I will not let my children be born into the chains of the jew. You might, but you don't care what happens to them. Only your bloodline.
The decline in White birthrates are a direct result of kike ownership. Fix the problem, not the symptom.
The blood of martyrs is worth more than gold.
I will say again: You Are A Coward.
Your children will live as slaves because their whore of a mother and their coward of a father were too afraid to act. If your children live freely, it is because of men like me who fought when you were not willing to.

Of course and it's the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

It's however modernity and the material jew who is trying to keep this down and under wrap though. They try and stifle love, because without love and one+one creating a holy bond, we will never become divine. Instead we fall into narcissism, into selfishness and degeneracy. To not trust your significant other, instead having meaningless relationships with others, wasting their time and making them become fallen angels aswell.

Without love, we end up in hell and that's where the jews want us.

That or a misguided love for different animals/races.

lol sorry you have shit parents

Faith is the most powerful thing in this world and the only thing (((they))) can't monetize or take away from you. It's from your heart and soul along with a willful action from your thought, it's the most powerful action you will ever make and to not go full force into a relationship, to be wish-washy is to doom yourself to failure. We're mean't to head full force, to take the hands of a chosen lady and create a family with her and it will have to take your whole-heartedly devotion and faith into to make it into true love.

I mean I want to agree with you user and I want to soldier on but it's hard sometimes. I'm all alone out here in a city that is infested with them and I have no relations here but I'm stuck here too. And the idea of hooking up with some random broad just for the sake up of it so I can raise my child in poverty so he can be thrust into the ranks of some fucking play pretend National socialist army of the future is not happening any time soon.

What do you mean by this?

For the record I don't hate these Women even though I've derided them with harsh language. I just am not going to commit myself to saving them - and I'm lamenting how hard it is to find someone worth spending a life with. And someone who has qualities worth raising a child with.

I've been in a series of long term monogamous relationships. I highly doubt fucking a couple more girls would've taught me more about what it takes for a relationship to have good foundations.

Why the fuck is this still here? Jesus fuck you kikes and your slides.

It’s actually beaners this time.

I phone posted this and didn't bail. Not a kike - just a fucking Leaf. Sue me if this thread is gay as all hell.

I think that's a myth, I've seen a lot of mothers say they love their children but then go on to neglect or abuse them. last time I checked the statistics mothers were the overwhelming majority of physical and mental abusers in a child's life.

While you certainly make the better point compared to the user you're replying to, don't forget that breeding and raising your children to be redpilled is indeed a way of retaking ownership from the kikes. Gen Z is supremely redpilled because leftists aren't breeding thus the only ones that can keep leftist dreams alive are the imported hordes of invaders. Multiplying the amount of people on your side can be enough to turn the tide. You're ready for action and have built a boat to sail to victory, but you need the wind of your people to push you forward and to maintain the changes you wish to bring about.

No user, it is precisely because we understand the nature of women that this cannot be imagined anymore. Even if we were to go back to the 1950's the damage done to women in our lifetime is irreparable. It's estimated that around 18% of modern women have had over 10 sexual partners. They have displayed the utter depravity that they can sink down to. I may have found an incredible woman to love but I also understand that she is equally capable of depravity as any whore simply because it is a woman's nature.

and many men are seeing the White children imperative and being pragmatic in keeping a woman. Work on the presumption of them being hostile and prepare accordingly.

You're a little bitch. Stop it. Women generally reflect the nature of their partner. Women aren't to be your replacement mom.

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say. Want to clarify?

Don't forget sabotage. Go into marriage prepared to do everything yourself and keeping tabs on the woman. You're there to get White kids.

Nah. You're the kike.

At least one user recognizes a datamining thread.

Here's you data miner
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stick that up your AI and smoke it.

I don’t know. The simple rate of dissatisfaction of gay and lesbian couples based on their partner count and turn over rate says they are often not in love. This may or may not be true, I have no clue. I don’t travel in those circles.

The amount of vitriol I have received from the gay community because I am not homosexual indicates to me that they have a either a different idea of love than the majority of people or they simply don’t express it the same way.

I have had true love in my life. I know what it is. I love my family. I love my people. I love my heritage and culture.

You have no idea how women can be. You literally don't think a woman can put out every time you want, cook your dinner, do your dishes, vacuum the house, and tend the garden.

This is because you believe the kike imprint is the woman herself.

No mitigations exist that are of any value. prenups are crap.

< muh feels
< go away, you're making me feel uncomfortable

Nope not a data miner. Just a Canadian phone fag.

This I agree with completely. Every word.

You deserve no honor. Demanding my submission will get you nowhere. Get lost.

Honor is earned not given. I earned mine a long time ago.

And that also doesn't have an argument. Which is the way kikes are. They are past-ignorant. But in this day and age anyone can see for themselves so plainly the reality of the sequence of posts.



There has been success with asset protection trusts.

I don’t understand their attacks on me to be honest. I don’t understand a lot it seems. I am being told like the guy above that I don’t deserve something but I have no idea who he is.

You genuinely have no appreciation for how rare your unicorn is - and that there is no better than 1:1,000,000, and this is an optimistic figure.

Infographic that one, please.

completely underrated post, but I'll go even further than that. the concept of romantic "love" between a man and a woman, as we know it today is just a fantasy pushed on us by popular media, because it sells. look at the romance novel industry. also, if you read those books love has nothing to do with what's going on in them. even though the words are often spoken repeatedly, those books are just power fantasies for women. when a wealthy/powerful attractive man is obsessed with them they feel powerful/fulfilled)

In black and japanese, I think men have less capacity for love than the women.

Apparently not, it doesn’t mean I should be the target of such vitriol.

Get off this board Donkey Kong.

asset protection trust on jewgle images.

This is true, and I also place a lot of blame on Hollywood romances that depict men as groveling weaklings who go to absurd lengths to "prove their love" to the heroine of the story, who is usually a demanding, spoiled special snowflake who would be considered completely neurotic in the real world.

I have 4 children, 2 sons, 2 daughters, and the youngest son and daughter are completely incompetent at relationships to the point that I despair of ever seeing grandchildren from either of them unless it's an extramarital accident. Both of them sabotage themselves.

My son:
IDK if this means he doesn't find them attractive or if they're friend-zoned, but at least two of them are ready to settle down and make babies, both are conservative in appearance and behavior, neither one is fat, and one of them even discussed with me at length about how 9/11 was a hoax at a barbecue at our house. I tend to think that my son disregards them due to the fact that they dress like ladies and don't drink or do drugs, so they're "boring".
Then when he gets tired of boning them (usually within a couple of months) he complains about how shallow they are and how expensive it is to take them out on dates. Then he complains about how lonely he is like a woman.
Surprisingly enough, this actually extends the life of some of his relationships because if he weren't so busy with his strategies for maneuvering these girls to "where he wants them", he'd probably notice that they weren't suitable in the first week and dump them.
He cancels plans at the last minute, stands girls up, doesn't answer or return their calls for days, calls Friday afternoon for a Friday night date, etc., all in an attempt to "show them their place", and to a degree it's super-effective, because it shows them that their place is in another man's arms. My son insists that all these weird tests and manipulations are necessary to weed out gold-diggers and cheaters, but as far as I can tell It's doing the exact opposite.

Meanwhile, my daughter:
Even though I've explained to her that this isn't even close to reasonable, pointing out that her mother comes in third after my job and our children, and even came in 4th while her grandparents were dying
Nobody wants to be texted 10 times a day, and nobody wants surprise visits. Nobody. I even pointed out how similar her behavior was to a boy who legitimately stalked her older sister, but she still doesn't get it.
She got mad at her boyfriend because he was seen talking to a girl at Lowe's by one of her friends. The girl at Lowe's was a sales girl who sold him a sconce. Unsurprisingly, the girl who reported seeing him at Lowe's started dating the boyfriend after he broke up with my daughter. The sconce was pretty cool though, worth it imho
They'd been together all of two weeks. She also didn't give him the chance to change it once he knew it was important to her; the fight she started over it was so over-the-top that they broke up on the spot. He's married now, has an adorable little son, and seems to be making decent money at a car dealership. He's also nice enough to chat with his psycho ex-girlfriend's father when he bumps into him in public so there's that.

My daughter insists that it's love that makes her do these things and she can't help expressing how she feels. She thinks that any man who really loved her would not only tolerate this behavior, but find some of the stalkerish shit she does "charming". She thinks it's weird that her mother and I never fight, and believes that there's no passion in our relationship because there's no drama, tears, or sexy make-ups. The truth is, my wife and I discuss things in private like adults, and other than kissing and holding hands, we don't express our passion in front of our children because that is weird and gross.


Shabbat is over and this one is fresh off the block for his shekels.
Feels? What kind of an argument is that?
Feels like an
roast for you.

Here's some more data for this datamining thread
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Jews earn no honor. They only steal it, and demand more from others.

Bugoff, kike. You're not stopping whites from breeding anytime soon, no matter if you nuke the world twelve times over.

Another thing that can be done is setting a trust for each kid, you as the executor, where everything for that child is pulled from the trust.

You live in one of the most pozed shitholes on the planet and wonder why you can't find good women? user, come the fuck on, you should be able to put two and two together.
Say you chat up a hot girl. She says shes from Vancouver. You automatically assume shes trash and will do no more than friendzone her. You chat up another girl, she says shes from the US, shes worth no more than friendship. Play the odds, which of the following is more likely to be a good woman: the girl raised in Trashcouver, the girl raised in Germany's self hating society, the girl raised in the Jew.S.A, or the girl raised in Poland? After realizing that its the Polish girl, ask yourself the following: If I can find a group of Polish girls and a group of Canadian girls, which group is more likely to give me the best ratio of time investment:positive results? Filtering women in this way makes it really simple, because after one conversation you put women in one of two boxes: Potential or No Potential. What if you have no chance with a girl that is traditional and good? I said you friendzone her because through her you can meet a bigger set of potentials than you would by not doing this method of selection. You also grow your social circles this way and can meet both men and women of good caliber, if not good then at least higher than average.

You should have read my first post ITT. I literally think its possible because I literally live with a gf that has done all of that (minus the garden because apartment) for the past 3 and a half years.
I'm a biologist, to deny women's hypergamy is to deny the very method in which humanity came to be what it is today. Kike's did not imprint millions of years of trial and error to shape a woman's sexual behavior, just like white civilization did not eliminate a man's biological drive for sex. It was successful in suppressing it until marriage but it never eliminated it because that drive was bred into you for hundreds of generations before your birth.

You keep calling me a Jew. Do you know something I don’t?

I wore this country’s uniform and re-enlisted. I served as an Infantryman, what about you? What have you done for your country?

You don’t need that, just a living trust.

White kids that are as undamaged as possible.

My mom would help me hide a body. She would probably never look at me or talk to me again, but history is filled with mothers who concealed the crimes of their children, particularly their sons. You just have shit parents.



here my new gf
w0t think Holla Forums?

Not denying that for a second Vancouver is a shithole.
Well as things stand I'd rather not just run away to somewhere else if I don't absolutely have to. I grew up here, this is still my home even if it's a lost cause seemingly.

the main thing is you need to find a woman that wants what you want and shares the same values, that's basically it. main problem is women are exposed to prolific brainwashing every day and they are extremely susceptible to it. so even if you do find the right woman she can very easily become the wrong woman rather quickly there's really not much you can do about it.

if your goal is to have children than go seek a woman that wants children (make sure she's got decent health and genetics, don't stick your dick in crazy or else you'll get crazy kids), never get married. hide your wealth and assets. and always be prepared for her to turn into your most bitter enemy at some point in the future. (never give her any information that could be used against you). de-priorittize sex ( especially after you've had children) do the best to keep your children away from degeneracy and kike influences. be the best man you can be for your children. that's pretty much it.

check worthy check user

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While I agree that running away isn't an option, ultimately if your location is impeding your success in breeding you're going to have to make a change. That said, there's nothing stopping you from coming back with wife in tow.

I really don't think we should just surrender Vancouver to the gooks. But it might be something I have to do.

You're just a nigger, faggot.
Get out

How worthwhile are girls you meet on places like 4 or Holla Forums? Or imageboards/nerd culture boards in general?

Keep yourself to a timeline then, five years to find a wife and then return. Clay is important, but all the clay in the world doesn't help us without blood to staff it. If you're not breeding, or actively exchanging fire from a trench, you're not doing all you could be to help us win this war.

There are no women on the internet.

depends on what boards they browse most, and if they are willing to address the JQ.

Love exists, but it is not a magic thing that happens suddenly. The belief of "love at first sight" is a jewish lie.

It is something that is built up over time. The problem is that in amerika the kikes have convinced an entire population to be impatient. This has resulted in an entire generation incapable of building love.

DOTR will not come soon enough.


I met most of mine on r9k. Most of them are at least un PC. In fact changirls are among the least likely cohort I've encountered who race mix. Except the non white ones, who all want BWC.

Any females on here are mentally damaged used goods, don't fall for them.

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What are you doing?

98% belief that image is of a trap

I think a lot of Women lurk but not a lot post. You'd be surprised by how many girls I've met over the years who revealed one way or another that they occasionally frequent certain boards.

Disagree from experience. Crazy? Yes. Used goods? Not often.

She's actually a single mother from the UK.

Educate your fucking children more then.
Fancy way of saying he knows more than you do about them and doesn't see the appeal. I've had parents try to encourage me to date X pretty girl when I was single but they don't know what people in her social circle know about her. How she comes off to you is not how she comes off to her friends.
no woman on a dating site is worth more than sex
There are other ways to check for this (frugal dating is a good way to keep a gold digger away, women with less sexual partners less likely to cheat), tell your son to realize a failed plan failing endlessly will not lead him to eventual success. Besides this, actually sit him down and fucking talk to him about this shit. If he actually bitches about being fucking single while also being this selective then set him straight. Remind him that dating is meant to find someone you can actually procreate with later on, otherwise there is no reason to date.
You fucked up when you were raising her. The only possible medication is a 100% harsh reality redpill. She honestly believes relationships are a movie tier thing and is trying to recreate hollywood in her personal life. Let her know she's gonna hit the wall pretty soon and that if she doesn't get her shit together now then she will have no choice besides cats or a man she cannot bear to look at, let alone fuck, for the rest of her life. I've given this same advice to my sister because no one else in my family will, and while she's still young I can see that she's kept my words in the back of her mind. Deep down she knows her time is slowly running out and that she needs to find a man soon while she still has options.

you're not stuck, if you want to fix your situation then take appropriate measures. I gave you a quick how to on how to increase your odds but do realize your odds dramatically decrease just by being in a shithole.
I grew up in my home all my life yet I'm absolutely desperate to save up enough to get the fuck out and never return. Your ancestors left their home to search for greener pastures, you're free to do the same.

The problem is you then leave your children to inherit a worse situation than OP is currently in because canacuck is gonna get even more cucked as time goes on.

Not at all. Met a grill through 4/soc/ a few years ago and never tried a meetup afterwards ever again. Her roommate was actually a better dating prospect but she was Asian so not worth more than a quick fuck.

nice joke user

Its the new shill I guess.
just filter him.

if anyone has stories of them please tell

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I did date a ridiculous hot girl a couple years back who browsed a couple boards quite regularly. I think she was on /a/ a lot. She was a 10/10 White girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Wayyyy out of my league at the time, well that's what I thought anyway. I spaghetti'd' it hard. So they do exist. And that's not my only experience with girls who browse the Chans.

What's a datamining thread anyway?

I think it depends on what you mean by "love" and what good is love without loyalty?

honor, dignity, piety and loyalty. I've yet to even find a woman that can even "define" those terms, let alone embody them. how can a creature without those qualities love you? (they can't).

it's simple losers, just read this dissertation first


I've met about four or five. Concept artist, French pharmacist, American midwestern cutie, depraved English girl (I'm from London) and a few others. Then again I've been on imageboards since 2005.

Tell us the story about the soc one.

Can confirm. I've met a few of them.

They are seriously some of the most mentally ill attention seeking whores on the internet. I've heard so many stories of guys meeting chan girls on /r9k/ /soc/, /cgl/, /mu/ etc etc and they cheat and have serious mental/daddy problems.

adding to this, the kind of women who are attracted to chan sites are almost always damaged goods, thats why the enjoy chan humor which is fucked up and gross. Normie girls don't want to use these sites they want to look at cute cats on buzzfeed. Chan girls know if they come to 4chan/Holla Forums they will get showered in attention by 100 thirsty virgins who will treat her like a god.

Lol dude you have no idea. /cgl/ girls are mentally ill on a whole other level.

Shame they're some of the best fucks imaginable.

Don't breed, you lose by default.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

there is a big difference between girls you just fuck and ones you date and settle down with. I personally would sure as fuck not stick my dick in any girl from /cgl/ because of STD's or the insane bitch stalking me/claiming I raped her or some shit

user is correct, they're broken attention whores. You shouldn't go near any girl thats into things that are majority male.

Basically kikes and their AI use threads like these to mine your thoughts.
The way you type can be used to match you across multiple sites on the Internet. You will use particular phrases and vocabulary, spelling mistakes, and so forth - that can uniquely fingerprint you.

You will often see threads in the catalog like this one that start with a question "hey Holla Forums what do you think about X?". It is either loosely or not at all connected to politics. The thread solicits your thoughts and experiences so they can be used to help program AI bots.

Anons used to sage them on site, and mods would delete or bumplock before it reached a dozen replies - but the mods are compromised and this thread is full of shills coaxing new anons to who don't know any better to divulge all.

It's far worse than you imagine user. Neural dust.

Comparing nigger males to nigger females, the nigger males have far less capacity for love, both for the opposite sex and for children going by abandonment rate. As for the japanese, the women are starved for love becoming "carniverous" while men are moving more towards single life. I am only comparing within each race though, niggers love is not comperable to whites, at least non african located niggers, dunno about african located blacks.

I used shitty grammer.

that can actually work out as a good relationship angle, but only if you're willing to basically become her father and raise her into a decent woman (do the job her real father wouldn't or couldn't do).

The turnaround and calling it rape thing is actually more common if you're a shit skin with quasi predatory tendencies a la aziz ansari. If you're a semi decent looking white guy the chances are slim to none.

And they're not all terrible. Some changirls are fairly decent and moral. But I can assure you that type are also fucked up, albeit in different ways. And usually just as perverse too.

Okay well I am the OP of this thread. I just had a genuine question that was bugging me.

thats only if you're ok with her being with 30+ men before shes with you.

This. Pharmacist femanon is one of the cutest I've ever met. She's not a slut at all but the daddy issues are obvious.

They track headers and mouse movements as well as wpm and keypresses even those that are deleted. Filling posts with static probably won't have much on an impact in blurring your fingerprint.

the average person doesn't have as much sex as you think they do. the only people that have had 30+ sex partners are usually disease ridden, drug addled and Jewish

So (you) posted in Holla Forums?
well, your answer Taylor is "perhaps" ;^)

No it wouldn't it is more likely to define one's profile, however it would screw with xkeyscore data on thread ranking.

sounds nice, unfortunately the onlly female that I've ever met that went on chans was a proto-sjw that only found the place because of all the news stories about anonymous and project chanology. (she even had her own Guy Fawkes mask and "V" get up)

what a load of cancer that was, I can only imagine how utterly shit-tier that girl must have been.

Fair enough, I suppose.

This. Not to mention, picking up changirls is like our generation's equivalent of dating a stripper. It's a poor idea to get a girl from some place you, yourself prefer to spend time, you should instead look in places you'd prefer women to be, say a gardening class.