Fascism's actual political goals and economic theory

Fascism usually involves some degree of some or all of the following elements:
Fascism usually also expresses opposition to the following:

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Fascism was communism confirmed!!!!!!

Fascism or religion is how you beat communism and social decline. I''m not sorry if that jeopardizes your ability to sit unemployed at home and watch porn all day and wait for happenings.

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*It’s centralized by exalts nation over individual. Blatant contradiction.*

Fascism is Jewish

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Is nobody actually interested in discussing fascist political philosophy? Looks like Holla Forums really has turned neoconservative.

Corporatism and Totalitarianism aside that sounds fine, assuming that the correct people are in charge.

I'd like to learn more, but whenever someone tries to explain methods of government they give the bare minimum.

Proper definitions of fascism in mainstream texts are elusive because fascism is explicitly a response to communist subversion in an open society. Fascism is a series of approaches and techniques that are deemed necessary to address the result of that communist takeover attempt. This is why in the midst of such, suddenly things seem much more reasonable to a public that would have been opposed to same just a few short years prior.

Regarding the strong leader, it is the succession process that is usually an issue in such environments. I think keeping the executive management team light and attached to the leader, rather than as a continuing apparatus, resolves this. if you are up to the job of ruling you can assemble a team.

Circling back, fascism is appealing now because our societies are failing to meet their potential and our expectations. We are looking at OURSELVES and asking what we can DO to reverse this, and finding the fascism option . There is nothing wrong with this, provided you are free to speak openly about the problems that exist and their root (((causes))).

Natsoc =/= Fascism

Fascism is gay and might as well just be civic nationalism.

Between natsoc and fascism, fascism is the more coherent ideology. Italy wasn't as militaristic as Germany, but their infrastructure and social policies were far better. If it weren't for the war (which was Italy's weak point), i'd say Italy could have outlasted Germany with their economic system.

Name a feat of fascist Italy on par with the Third Reich's Autobahn.

Mussolini's Fascism was corporate syndicalism, essentially creating a merged trade-guild/governmental-department for every possible domain (agriculture, construction, sanitation, environment, energy, etc). These bodies are similar to the alphabet soup agencies created by the new deal, except that they are comprised of the entire populace involved in a given domain. Within each domain free market competition is encouraged, but the evils of capitalism were held in check by mob-style "don't fuck around with us or we'll break your legs" type threats. In many ways the current US government has been fascist since FDR, except without various departments actually representing their constituents, and with a more encoded set of regulations which are much less vigorously enforced.

tldr: NS in better than fascism in every way

There's a difference between social democracy and fascism.


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What communism seeks to destroy, facism preserves. Where savagery as well as degeneracy are promoted in communism, we promote instead a civilized and lawful order.
We seek not the destruction of the middle class and upper class, but the preservation and advancement of the so-called bourgeois, who in reality are the ones who drive economies (if they're not jewish or shabbos goys). We seek to not only advance the middle and upper classes, but to connect to the lower classes to the upper and lower classes. If they have gotten to that class, one way of the other, they shall remain there if they are deserving. By means lawful and just, but not deceitful means that plague the world. We shall destroy all notions of "class" in favor of state, family, and tradition. Communism seeks to turn the lower classes into the ruling class, and abolishes natural law and order (ie, common sense), ignoring the fact that once the top of the pyramid is abolished, others rise to take their place. Imagine turning grass into an apex predator, or turning lions into sheep. This is what communism aims to achieve, for it presumes the world is a void. A blank slate, if you will. But the world is not a blank slate, and it has never been since its conception, as inequality has lead to the birth of stars, galaxies, and our very own world. It is an essential fact of life that inequality exists, but to claim that it is to be destroyed would be leave it as a dark empty void. We must work with this inequality, along with the tides of nature, not against it. We shall not abolish inherent human nature, nor shall we deny it. We shall not punish those who are successful, nor will we reward those who fail.
This bit is a personal observation, but on the theory of "relativism", I find that relativism is relative in its relativeness. Ie, relativism is not applicable to everything. Just as in a mathematical linear equation.
y = mx + c,
Where m, the gradient ,is constant and so is c, the y-intercept, but y and x are variable depending on one another. Hence to claim everything is relative is to defy reality where physics indicates that constants exist. The speed of light, Hubble's constant, Plank's, and many more.

Anons, tear into my thoughts and expose its weaknesses. I am but a human who is flawed and seeks to learn. We are not Gods, but we shall strive to become them.

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Its just as stupid to me that people ITT think that any kind of feud/critique between Communism and Fascism is necessary or even relevant at this stage. They're trying to apply the mindset of 70+ years ago to current day political thought.

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Remember: The will to power is there if one seizes it. We must never surrender until our last dying breath! We shall fight to the bitter end, did Germany not?

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Fascism is greatly misunderstood nowadays, even by many people on h8chan, because the lexicon has changed slightly since the time the Doctrine was written. The most important thing is the word "State". People today read state as "the government", but that's incorrect. When fascism uses the word "state" it means "The people". So when you read the speeches and tbe writing, you should be replacing "state" with "the people". Its exactly the same lexicon issue the second amendment of the constitution runs into with the young and ignorant. "…being necessary to the security of a free state", means the security of a free peoples, not a free government.

"Everything within the people. Nothing outside the people. Nothing against the people."

To put Fascism in lamens terms, it just means teamwork. That's how I get my foot in the door explaining it to boomers and kids alike. It just means teamwork. In the service and security of the people, you need to be strong and make protective choices. I highly recommend reading the doctrine of fascism, its not long at all. I was actually surprised how short it was the first time I read it. You can work through it in under an hour if you sit down and actually put thought into reading it. Seriously, when you get out of work.or class one day, just give it a read.

Another thing to consider is that fascism is more of a worldview and less of a specific defined form of governing. It says it right on the second page that fascism will look different for every country and nation. The underlying principle pinning all of the different possible brands together is that, you need to be strong so your family can be strong; and your family needs to be strong so that the state (your peoples) can be strong.

< the current US government has been fascist since FDR
>thinks (((FDR)))'s (((democracy))), a moderate form of communism mixed with parts of capitalism, is Fascism


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curbing the mafia, something democratic regimes seem incapable to do
fun fact the usa put them right back in power and allowed them to run all sort of monkey business in the states too

fascism is national bolshevism rebranded to lure in both nationalists and communists. subversive sophistry is all.


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Source? Explains a lot. Like how syndicalism is somehow the second most free, when it births fascism and communism.
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Does it matter? Our problem isn't the wrong economic theory, our problem is the FUCKING KIKES. Kill the kikes, kill the nonwhites, and it won't fucking matter what economic theory we use. Arguing about which special snowflake socioeconomic theory will work is what leftists do when they aren't sucking copious amounts of dicks.

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Know what mate? I know nothing about politics but I came along with the first exodus because I'm a white man living in Africa and I believe that the Nationalist Party, despite having traitors in our midst, ran SA during the wars against communism better than the shithole I know now. SO IDK about what real fascism is. Fascism wouldn't work in today's times unless it were a homogenous society like Germany. I'm not pointing fingers or asking questions, i'm just simply saying that you shouldn't bitch when you could be contributing and teaching us some a thing or two. This place is a party because it's full of people who still think critically and we don't see that on the international TV stations. Sadly, it's also full of jews, but we know who they are because we do see that on the international TV.