Swedish Politician Who Fought for Equality and Open Borders Is Beheaded in Congo


Zaida Catalan was a Swedish Green Party politician who believed in open borders.

Zaida was pro-immigration and supported migrant rights.

She was the former leader of the Young Greens of Sweden.

In March of 2017 Zaida Catalan was beheaded in Congo.


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didnt the same thing happen like 3 months ago? like literally?

This happened almost a year ago.

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Was she a kikess? Too bad the execution video is so low quality. U.N. kikes should supply ooga boogas with better cameras, so we can enjoy the executions.

May be old news, but refreshingly entertaining none the less. Cleaned up the article from today's Gateway Pundit. Future meme potential to be sure.

You have to wonder what she thought in those final moments.


Why was someone with an explicitly Arabic and Spanish mixed name representing Swedes?

Old news and I still feel no sympathy. The Congo is incredibly dangerous and women should not travel there. Were she simply a naïve woman then one could consider her a victim but as she was someone who dedicated her life to undermining the survival instinct of her fellow European I consider her to have gotten exactly what she dissevered. I remain unmoved by the footage of her death in much the same way I would for any other serious criminal sent to the wall.



How hard is it to stay out of Africa? Africa is for Africans.

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Is this actually her or just a random video of a random woman being fucked over by nogs in africa?


Sweden Yes

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I guarantee you this bitch was in one of the few actual houses in the area protected by private security who were bribed to leave their post.

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I misread OP as in Chicago instead of in Congo at first.

It still sounded highly plausible.

She was the daughter of a sephardi kike and a swedish woman. The kike fled from Chile in 1975. I wonder why.

The beautiful diversity caused her to lose her head.

No. It's not old. In 2017 the news was so obsessive that many events which are very big news stories were more or less hidden. These stories were drowned out. We need some 2016, 2017, retrospectives. Many stories have been forgotten/ignored. We need to create our own narrative and highlights.



Another ironic death for a traitor.

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Better than porn. Remember that even though these are savages, we must do the same to kikes and race traitors.

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I'm bumping this. I know I missed the story, and I'm sure a lot of other people did too.

Let's call it "Stockholm foreshadowing".

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The other replies are wrong. Here's what she thought:


Some privatemilitary anons told us that the congo is very unstable. They would prefer to protect the right wing white people in Zambia than to protect the humanitarianists. A lot of humanitarianists got killed or injured but hey we don't hear the news often from the media otherwise it give the niggers bad name.

Latvia is in Europe.

Still proves a point about foreign criminals. There are certain african officials that say we take in the scum of their society. I'm pretty sure that the majority of smart africans either come legally or live in relatively safe cities i.e. not the bush.


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Beheaded is such a strong word, user.
Let's call this a culturally enriching experience

This kike just got a little bit of undocumented rhinoplasty, is all.

Kek. It's still funny a year later.

My old history professor used to say, "It's new(s) to someone." The reason being that you can't disregard the importance of a story such as one from history just because it's old. It's always new(s) to someone.

That's the purpose of a Memory Hole thread. Some good topics have come out of there like the (up to now) 77 assassinated holistic medicine doctors.

Anyone who isn't prepared to take the lives of our enemies hasn't accepted that our enemies would brutally kill us without hesitation.


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link to that thread? i need to read about this

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