New Hillary Clinton Emails

Dig, anons, dig!

A new batch of Clinton emails were released Feb 2nd, and I haven't seen much news about it. I think it's time we go digging again. There's not too many to go through this time. Next post has some emails of interest.

Other urls found in this thread:
discordapp/invite/3Uxdgn Related to the Dismissal of FBI Director Comey Part 02 of 02/view

Talking about how to delete things from devices.
Possible misspelling of "crime" to make it harder to search for? Or maybe an acronym?

A couple of emails that seem strange. My almonds are activated.
Included one email that made me chuckle. Pls.


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Yea I was surprised none of you faggots were on to this like flies on shit. Where a Clinton goes - state breaking, illegal cabalistic secrets tend to follow.

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They actually declassified and released that interacted. Fucking confident aren't they


I am going to say there’s more to this than what is presented.


Where did you find this? I don't see it in search


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7/10 made me look.

This is gonna have to be the way to get shit started. Seth Rich was so publicised that this almost can't be ignored.

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eating some pizza. have a slice for me. those fucks. president levin. let me get into this. anyone else have background on sullivan?


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Where's the rest of it? Not to be that guy but I can type up something like that with Trump in it. I need real source info not a word document that was screencapped.

Oh, so THIS is what's being slid. Have a bump.


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Reminder that Trump pardons Jewish criminals, works for immigration amnesty, and is continuing the never-ending war in the Middle East.



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You're right user. He only commuted that filthy kike Rubashkin's sentence.

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start by typing abedin in the search box. every single email to and from huma abedin has to be scrutinized very closely first

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do a search for cmime

Looks to me like she was actively deleting whole classes of emails on her Blackberrys.

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These aren't on WikiLeaks

Anyone got a "wget" script for me?
Prefer to read locally.

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This thread could actually be important.

This witch needs to be held accountable.

We need to find as much information on these kike-owned, Moloch-worshipping pedophiles, including Hillary Clinton, as we can get.


THATS the look he has in his eyes. I could never pin it down, but its obvious now. Its the "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE?!?! look, and he's been sporting those eyes for 5-8 years now.

I assume you already know the answer. Please note that she also already had “hrod21” registered as another address.

She made a new email after smashing an old blackberry.

hey guys found this random pattern of numbers, does it mean anything?

The email is from arab amirates, there was probably some arabic in there but the encoding got screwed up.

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List of the 54 Clinton Emails released on 2nd Feb 2018

PDFs in zip file download either location

Zip is 2.2Mb

ALL emails compiled into ONE large PDF (153 pages)

On a Linux system, unzip the email pdfs into a new directory. Change into the directory and then…
#command below will get a list of the pdfs in a file called email_list.txt, with one filename per -1 *.pdf > email_list.txt #the next command will convert the pdfs into a text file, scanning at 300dpi. Note the backtick `cat..` is NOT an apostrophe '. Backtick key is usually to the left of 1 on a full keyboard.for i in `cat email_list.txt`;do pdftotext -r 300 $i;done#now you can search all the emails instantaneously with grep, use -i option for case insensitivegrep -i pizza *.txt#You could also combine all the pdf emails into one large pdf (as I did to make the compiled pdf linked above)pdfunite *.pdf all_emails.pdf

Not found in email search : pizza, Obama, moloch

"Brooke" being Brooke Baldwin maybe?

Few emails have B1 classification (which denotes Classified National Security Information).
grep -i b1 *txtC06133163.txt:B1,1.4(41.4(D),B5,136C06133163.txt:B1C06133163.txt:B1

The one of note (phone call to Bibi) is completely redacted. Pics related.

#command belows converts a pdf at 300dpi into a jpg image for each page (requires image magick utility convert to be installed - it's VERY powerful, so you should get it anyway)convert -density 300 pdf_filename_here.pdf outputfile.jpg#the output is numbered file-0.jpg, file-1.jpg....file-N.jpg according to how many pages were in the source pdf.#you can change the output format too by specifiying a different extension at the endoutputfile.pngoutputfile.gif

have you looked at the dates? 2010 2011, what was going on then?

B u m p


Whether honey pot or not, it's worth the dig. If KeK wills it so shall it be.

its a fucking foia release. theres nothing illegal about looking at it, dont be retarded. also this autist just scraped all the new emails for all of us and compiled them into a pdf

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Memetics is the Glamor of the 21st century. /pol just happens to be the mystery school that developed it. Regardless of if it is magic or not, there is a documented power here, and the kies should be scared.


ive looked at all these emails. there literally nothing in them

I was reading an email fro Huuma, it said this:
ITIOYIB rrrerruorrrp uarrrea, lU UU Siruvvrr turrrgrrt Ull we re: uuuu Crr'crrrrrer turreuteu by narrr Levy, 'crrurrg vvrur ruuaarrr rvraraarrcr, uuru DfOf and YOBY Shamir),


Arabic is truly a disgusting language.

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No what this jibberish is Arabic


writing things out very perversely so that they can only be understood through phonetic pronounciations is a very old kike encryption tactic.

probably some form of that going on here.

Or, in the original Hebrew:

There's something there for sure.


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This right here is a smoking gun. They were trying to delete attachments, probably classified documents they had passed around after stripping them of their markings. It's extremely serious.

Rubashkin was known as a mogul in the meatpacking industry, was he not? Maybe that greedy Jew traded some information for the commutation of his sentence. You know, information regarding the thousands of bodies that require disposal per annum.

2/10, decent BS story but posting fail

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Just an FYI, New Haven is famous for its unique style of pizza:

It's not very popular outside of CT and NY but Clinton would definitely be familiar with it since Westchester. NY is in the same "NYC bedroom community" bubble as New Haven. That email could be regionally accurate cover for pizzagate style pizza but I wouldn't consider it prima facie evidence by itself.

First thing I thought of when I saw this was

"The illuminating movie "Friendship Games," to be shown tonight on the Yes Docu channel (directed by Ram Levy, along with Ibtisam Mara'ana, Duki Dror and Yoav Shamir)"
apparently someone figured this out at some point

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Then why did Hillary delete them?


Because any good legalfag will reccomend to not use your real name on dodgy shit.
Hillary Rodham Clinton = HrodXX
They change the numbers often, probably purge shit regularly, like that fire they had recently at her house.

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Go placidly among the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender, strive to be on good terms with all persons.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.


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But where was the moloch one?

FBI drops Comey dismissal file Related to the Dismissal of FBI Director Comey Part 02 of 02/view

page 4, question 7
someone make a thread as I cannot

More re. question 7:

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"Hillary's lust for power has led her to sell North Korea 56 Nuclear Weapons and, including 10 Minute Man ICBMs."
"She also sold Vietnam 15 Nuclear Weapons and Saudi Arabia 50 of them."
"Secretary of State John Kerry then sold North Korea - according to the North Korean press - another 123 Nuclear Weapons- smaller size."

-William Mount

“The Purpose of the State Department is to sell weapons.” – John Shapiro

rainbow OP

Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V > textfile
grep http textfile > htlist.txt
wget -i htlist.txt
pdftk *pdf cat output all-mails.pdf

It is about 2.8 MB

The image is a message is from H to Huma on 9 Jan 2010 (ref: 20180202ClintonEmails.pdf p.57)
Never heard of this very insider event before. Why the fuck is Capricia Marshall referring to "President Clinton's staff" in a 2010 message to H and Huma?
Supposedly this clique was formed to celebrate Gen. Robert Edward Lee's birthday, but is now a black tie invite only, annual roast at the DC Hilton. Who the fuck attended in 2010 that Hillary wanted to ditch? Maybe nothing, maybe an innocuous lead left un-redacted.


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Guys I seriously need the webm of Hillary where you can see how she has degenerated so much that the lizardman gene has taken over from all the spirit cooking.

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check this out from the sotu - not trying to derail but wanted it to get seen without its own 1 post topic

Probably referring to the former president Clinton. It's quite common in political circles to refer to people by their former titles even long after they formally lose them.

i also noticed the swastika upholstery during sotu i wonder if anyone has gotten mad about it if not we should make some angry oy vey posts by some morty shekelstein accounts

I just ran across this. From December 2017. I webm'd it, but it's too big to share, won't do html5. It's interesting for a number of reasons, including looking back from today. Host is some wickr securityfag.