Haaretz: Law prohibiting mention of Polish complicity in the Holohoax violates free speech

Haaretz: Law prohibiting mention of Polish complicity in the Holohoax violates free speech

>What doesn’t make sense is passing a law that prohibits calling the camps “Polish” or even suggesting that the Polish nation was in any way complicit with Nazi crimes. History is not written in law books, and the way to commemorate the victims of the Nazis cannot be through limiting freedom of speech and historical research. All that should be common sense. But the Poles have a very conflicted attitude toward the camps, especially Auschwitz.

>The new Polish law is fundamentally wrong. We should not be deterred from telling the historical truth that there were many cases in which Poles killed their Jewish neighbors before the Germans got to them, and that in some places after the war, pogroms broke out as the Jews tried to return to what had once been home. But Polish suffering must have its space in the collective Holocaust memory as well. And Jewish life, not only death, should be celebrated in the thousand-year historical memory of what was one of the largest and most successful Jewish communities of the Diaspora. Poland was so much more for the Jews than just a massive graveyard.

The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you


Holy projection batman.

So should you be allowed to say that it didn't happen in Germany?

Why are they accusing Polan of holohoax again?
I think even the normies will get some raised eyebrows.


Did you forget to change your IP metal gear?

Do kikes even notice the irony when they write garbage like this? Are they counting on good goys to not notice it or are they really so deluded that they can't see their own hypocrisy?

got some proof? not giving up historical lands that have been in my family for over 400 years because Mort Silverstein of Long Island, NY can build a boutique coffee shop in a historical place.
Also Poland is among the most stable housing development in the world - wouldn't be surprised if this was a calculated measure to attack the younger poles who inherited land and get chinks to build cheap housing in an already overdeveloped part of the country for "migranti" who tried to genocide all of Europe not even 600 years ago
look at the area that was the "jewish ghetto" it still is much without paved streets, sidewalks, or any meaningful development beyond low income housing

(((lot of coincidences)))

They realize Poland isn't USA yes? kek can't talk all your shit as free moshe.

Basically they want their word of mouth to be the only authority on history and "truth." They really hate pesky things like evidence.

Poland has developed quite well recently, they want a piece.

Oh really?
And what about the holohoax denial laws incountries like Germany you fucking kikes!?

What happens if you're born some fucking nutter in Germany who actually thinks he's Hitler, dresses as such, speaks as such, and in general carries on as the fuhrer would? Minus the free delousing of course. Say you are completely nonviolent but a crazy that think's he's hitler? Would they lock you up and throw away the key? Perhaps perform medical proceedures?


Every time I see an article about them kvetching about the holocaust all I can hear is an old fat jew cunt screaming "BUT DA HOLOCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUST" over and over again. I could have sworn I had that pic saved, but I can't find it in my folder.

Maybe if we start saying that we want to hang them because we love the planet we will be perceived as less aggressive.




The irony is simply too rich for words. But not too rich for Rich H.

Ye, sure, as hard as that may be for kikes to comprehend, Nations aren't 100% evil, or 100% slaves to your delusions and usury, so there's a high chance that local population would be angry with communists actively working to destroy the country innocent jews just minding their own business!
But did those Poles have a competition with Third Reich who makes bigger better deathcamps and were literally kidnapping jews to put in their camps?

Germany's tit for jewish gibs runs dry, not to mention Chancellor Schroder saying that German's time of repentance has ended in late 90's
So it's in the best interest of both Germany and Israel to find a new holohoax™ perpetrator, and you can sell the fluoride-stare populace in the west that indeed Auschwitz is a Polish word, and "Arbeit Macht Frei" is as polish as "Nosił wilk razy kilka, to ponieśli i wilka"

Don't forget muh jedwabne, polish jew-eating monsters burnt alive™ 6 gorillon jews in a single barn!
The exhumation was stopped and death toll consulted with tel-aviv because shut the fuck up you anti-semite and buy my book.
t. (((Jan Tomasz Gross)))
>your last name in America is literally "disgusting, repulsive, 144, unacceptable"
at least he's not hiding it.

its all a publicity stunt to get zogged countries measure of obedience
what will zog goy governments do for the jew?

'work makes free' is such a lovely slogan. Especially apt for the usurous jews, who make their money through swindle and corruption.

It's astonishing how jews cannot comprehend that labor allows you to exchange capital fairly made for goods and services you desire.

We'll find out soon enough!
French MSM went as far as to say that Poland is rewriting its ENTIRE history.
After all, European history started with the Holocaust™

Is it really corruption when the goys do it willingly?