Why does /liberty/ exist? They're enemies to, and surrounded by, both Holla Forums nazi and Holla Forums commie boards. Shouldn't they have been raided to death by now?

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Keep telling yourself that.

/leftyfags/ is not irony. They are just an astroturfed controlled op run by mentally ill merchants and a variety of disgusting muggles.

The fuck did you just say? Muggles?

What are you, some sort of Dumbledore Army homo?

this poster is smiley, who is half the personas on Holla Forums

mental illness pretending it's irony then.

he's a sissy wizard from canada that smokes too much pot and posts on Holla Forums and cuckchan all day

Half of lolbergs cling to their meme ideology because of a certain pet issue, usually they are druggies or pedos who want something legalized. The other half are actual rich lolbergs motivated purely by greed.

I think there's also an element of assumed hipsterism at play too considering that you can practically smell the unwarranted sense of self-righteousness whenever one of them smugly proclaims that they are "Actually a libertarian. Maybe you've heard of it?".

bonus rock men from /k/


It's literally a dead board

So why the fuck bring that cancer here? You should go back there.

It really seems to only be kept alive with their bots. I didn't see any political philosophical discussion, digging into an event, or even questioning of current politicians. It's disgusting, and in a certain way, sad.

Holla Forums is where you go to mine Holla Forums salt. It's not much, mind you, but still.

MFW my nickname is also Smiley

It's wonderful seeing how fractured they all are because they just refuse to let go of their own special snowflake sub ideology of socialism, they cling to them like SJWs cling to their made up genders, it's hilarious.


Can somebody explain how bigger states like California, managed to have a college be the biggest employer. How much power and influence do these schools have in these states?

Considering how badly everything is doing I don't think they actually watch anything. They just carry water for their masters in a desperate attempt to feel part of something bigger than them.

Faggotry user, that is all.

I'll take a lolberg over an unironic commie any day tbh famalam

After the Penn State ordeal I'd be willing to believe all state colleges are just massive human trafficking institutions.

I used to think that the splitting up of Holla Forums into Holla Forums and us was bad for us, because without their constant whining and logical fallacies we lost our need to defend our views with rational chains of thought backed up with science and fact, as it made us quicker to jump to the "everyone who disagrees with the prevailing Holla Forums narrative is a shill" idea instead of taking the time to explain why another's post is wrong. But now, seeing how pathetic and fragmented they are without being constantly forced together in mutual hate of us, it's clear to see that they were getting the better end of the deal. Without them, we've played a legitimate role getting a US president elected, dug into some of the most terrible secrets of the modern age, and are forcing kike (((media))) to overplay their hand more and more; without us, they disagree on everything they think about doing and openly hate one another.

The University of California is a system with 10 campuses throughout the state. Every mental midget gets into college in California.

More and more lolberts are becoming the Hoppean "Physically remove commies and degenerates" style. These people tend to want the same things Holla Forumsacks want (peaceful, homogeneous communities without (((leftist))) influence), but prefer a different way of getting there. /liberty/'s biggest flaw is that they allow the socialists to shitpost on there.

makes sense
would be a good time to point out some digging I did on /polmeta/ discussing the fishbowl incident
apparently since they cannot touch the gestalt that has manifested here they (the fishbowl spammers and company) are attempting to inflate dead boards like Holla Forums and anything lower than Holla Forums and Holla Forums by using the board wars
thread was on like page 8 a week or so back and it goes back to the original white meetup that was done intentionally as a false flag. that white meetup map is a /k/ productions, some user posted in that thread saying something along the lines of
someone said they'd make a new map to post on Holla Forums, user from above went ahead and
well, now you know

you can actually see a post on Holla Forums about how it was entirely dead a month ago now it's 4th or so in ranking
sage for additional info

Privatised sidewalks? Hows that even work?

Funnily enough, national socialism is (((leftist))).

And even then they're still a minority outside of their designated celebrity worship threads. They really are completely inept.

No it is not. It was leftist back in the 1930’s in Germany. We are so far to the left of NS now that it’s an extremely far-right position. What the US has now would make early Boshevism blush.

same way some chinks waiting til a LA suburb's HOA culdesac goes up for delinquent tax sale, buying it for eight dollars, and charging residents 100/mo to park on the streets the HOA owned but now HOA-China owns because some inept city official (((failed to give notice)))

But it is. National socialism nationalized many industries, and did great things for women's rights. They were anti-smoking. They were environmentalist. They still had private property, but nowhere near as much as we have now.

But they were unable to actually get the money or enforce anything.
As I recall weren't they forced to sell the street for a sum equal to what they;d paid?

For example,
In a lolbergtardian utopia, government mostly only exists to enforce the terms of contracts. Ideally everything else, including road (and sidewalk) construction, would be handled by private enterprise. Under such a system, roads cannot be maintained with government funds from tax collection, so the owner of the service in question would necessarily have to charge a toll in order to collect the money needed to maintain it, plus keep a profit for himself.

Have any more good /k/ stories? That one was pleasant.

But how does he enforce it?
Does he hire an armed guard? Build walls?

How would the government enforce contracts if it can't levy taxes to pay for a police force?
In a society where respect for government authority is minimal how could police even function?

You're oversimplifying a bit. With shit like sidewalks and city streets, tolls would be pretty uncommon. If a sidewalk/city street brings more people to your place of business, you just build it out of your advertising budget, and the increased revenue you get is equivalent to the "toll"

In the case faggot OP is talking about, basically city officials were too inept to make the sidewalks safe, so they sold the sidewalks to business owners to let them put metal detectors and shit onto them. Article here: archive.fo/C5XM8

And roads?
We become banana republic? Only roads lead from ports to factories?

Ancaps would put Jews to shame at times.

Roads lead to wherever the supply and demand of transport services suggest it is profitable for them to go. So long, straight roads between major cities, lots of interconnected streets within cities, and well-maintained, low traffic streets within suburbs. Basically the same system we have now, but without government inefficiency shitting it all up.

Nigger did you read the article? Businesses bought the sidewalks because city officials were completely failing to keep the sidewalks safe, and all of their potential customers were getting culturally enriched.

The solution ISN'T to sell sidewalks and roads to businesses to end crime. The solution is to remove the source of the crime (niggers).

But that…isn't how road networks work.

I actually live near what could be considered a private sidewalk and they don't charge shit for using it. Granted, it's like 500 feet at most and exists solely to divide the part of the lot the government mows, 20 inches from the road I think, and what they mow themselves but still.

Care to elaborate? I'm not a civil engineer so I only have a layman's knowledge of


Wait…was it inept officials or nigger violence? The ancap post made it sound like it was some act of economic purity, not a response to racial reality.

Lolbergs love negroes. They believe all racial disparities will disappear along with the state once a pure meritocracy allows blacks to rise to their true level of inherent equality. How do they explain this?

So they were Traditionalists with a modern twist to appeal to the Zeitgeist (e.g. women's rights and workers' rights)

Lolbergs and modern American "conservatives" think being right wing is purely about supporting free markets. It is not. It's about supporting Tradition, hierarchy, and Natural Law.

They don't see the race relation, it's as simple as that. They see the profit numbers go up and the crime numbers go down so they pat themselves on the back and assume the problem is gone.

You're thinking of the cucks in the Libertarian Party. More and more lolbergs, especially those that browse chans, take the Hoppean view that private property=freedom of dissociation=niggers and spics get out.

See above, you're strawmanning.


I've yet to have a lolberg explain to me how Ancrapistan is supposed to minimize negative externalities and encourage positive ones. They like to go on and on about the efficiency of the free market, but a purely free market usually doesn't result in the most efficient distribution of goods once you stop thinking purely about muh shekels and start considering social costs.

This is a leftist meme, all an externality is is an unaccounted for cost or gain. If you find a $20 dollar bill lying on the street, that's a positive externality. If you get mugged, that's a negative externality. Yet somehow the market doesn't break down because muggings happen, because private actors have established ways to minimize or act against this or other externalities. If you have time to kill, David Friedman yes I know he's a kike, but this is the best video I know of. has a nice video explaining how externalities work.

First with a road network you need to know what it covers. The kinds of businesses, density of population, etc.
Because those will tell you a lot of what you can and have to build. If the road will have a lot of HGV traffic it needs to meet certain standards or it'll get torn to pieces in days.
It also tells you what sort of traffic you can expect in terms of quantity.

Then you need the layout of existing buildings, property ownership and natural shit that will dictate HOW its laid out.
You don't get long straight roads in most of the world. You only get them in desolate areas.
If you're building a bridge you have to ensure it retains right of passage for ships. Yes even small rivers have this problem.

And then finally once you've laid out your potential road map and worked what is where you have the hardest and most difficult part.
Traffic management.
You have to try and figure out how traffic will flow through your system. Identify any potential choke points or parts that will cause jams.
Then you either redesign to correct them. Such as preventing vehicles from turning into oncoming traffic at a junction or adding a bypass to prevent long distance traffic going through a residential area and creating huge potential for accidents and jams.

THEN you have to lay out traffic lights to maximise efficiency of traffic flow and safety.

You think traffic lights are random? Or only take into account that particular junction/turning?
HAH maybe fourty years ago.
No these days traffic lights are either running on a very very carefully devised plan of timing that is designed to work in synch with other traffic lights to again prevent jams and inefficiencies that cause problems.
Or the traffic lights are working on such a program AND are controlled directly by a manned control room that is analyzing traffic flow in real time and thus able to adjust traffic light times or shut roads in order to deal with changing traffic conditions or accidents.

Road networks and especially those in heavily developed areas are not so simple as laying tarmac.
Urban road networks go beyond this and into the realm of nightmare.
Back in 2011 New York bought into a traffic management program to ease congestion. And it worked. But getting it set up cost 1.6 million US Dollars and it has considerable ongoing costs because it is manned 24/7 and requires new equipment or equipment maintenance.

You didn't have these problems in the past though because there were few vehicles on the road.

And here's an article from Mises if you refuse to watch Friedman on principle:



libertarianism is a leftist meme

Oh, that's what you mean. I'm aware that road networks are far more complicated than the simple abstractions I gave before, those weren't meant to be exhaustive. As for the problems you bring up, I don't see why road-owners, the businesses on the roads, etc. aren't able to hire private businesses to solve these issues for them. It's in their own interest after all, better traffic flow means your customers have an easier time getting to your business and your revenue will increase.


I might have one suitably /comfy/ not from /k/ think this is from the glory days of 4/tg/?
hope you enjoy
next stories will be spooky skinwalker stories if this thread needs bumped

not too sure on that but I can say with professional certainty, trying to reverse delinquent tax lien sales is the stuff kikes live for. The entire concept of delinquent tax liens is kiked to hell and back so to reverse the nearly decade long process without a landbank is to essentially admit you could have paid taxes and didn't out of hubris and greed. I'd be doubtful if they managed to reverse that deed transfer - but they were rich enough that it could be a possibility.


Then you run into three problems.

First is having multiple companies in an area handling this will result in inefficiencies and failures to communicate. Resulting in jams and accidents.
Worse you may even get outright sabotage with one company adjusting its timings and traffic flow to increase traffic jams and accidents in an area administered by a rival.

Second potential problem is the opposite of the first.
If you have only one company in an area managing this then you have a monopoly. Who can charge what they want and do what they want.
Any potential competition will be unable to get a lookin as they will need to be able to finance their own operation AND pay for the replacement of all equipment as the other company if told to fuck off will of course remove all of its traffic management equipment.

Third is why have the middleman? He increases costs to the consumer. Why not simply have the roads under the control of the companies you're proposing be paid for their ongoing management?
Why wouldn't they seek to own them outright anyways?

You really need to crawl out of your bubble, son. There are actual, legit leftists, communists, muslims, and faggots in the world. It's not ironic shitposting.

Why wouldn't they seek to own them outright anyways?
Like I said, I'm no civil engineer, I don't presume to know exactly how privatized roads will work in any given situation. If market forces determine direct-ownership works better than middlemen then direct-ownership is what we'll see.

Then we run into another problem.
There is no room for competition.
See you can't have three or five sets of roads going everywhere. It's impossible. Just getting a four lane motorway built is a nightmare. Trying to build five different ones all owned by different companies? It's impossible.

Meaning you will have practical monopolies in a region.
Where one company controls all the important roads and is able to exploit said control.
Now you might say "AH but the people can just move to somewhere this isn't the case"
But we can safely assume this will repeat. Meaning we'll see a pattern especially in urban areas of population buildup followed by population flight as a road owning firm exploits its monopoly.

So we'll see a collection of urban areas in a constant cycle of population and economic booms and busts.
And urban areas are a fucking environmental and engineering nightmare. Decaying urban areas are even worse for literally everyone and trying to rebuild a decayed urban area is guaranteed to drive people to insanity with the frustration and difficulty of it.

privatized sidewalks aren't a difficult concept. You ever see those signs that say "adopt a road"? It's that. You own the land and the sidewalk, you maintain it. That's it. It's just a way for smaller communities to do upkeep without having to rely on the DOT to do it, since the sidewalk is owned by the community they can fix it when before that would be illegal.

And how are private businesses expected to account for the social costs or gains when unilaterally acting in ways that minimize the social costs of your business might put you at a disadvantage against your competitors? If you have two factories that produce the exact same product, and one makes the decision to dispose of its waste in a responsible but expensive fashion, the other factory that dumps its waste into the river will be able to undercut them on price and eventually put them out of business, so why would you ever act responsibly in that situation? Why would you ever avoid overfishing? Why would you ever go to the extra effort of designing skyscrapers that don't plunge the area around them into eternal darkness? Why would you ever moderate your banking practices in a way that minimizes systemic risk? I have no doubt that there are many people who understand this and would love to put people over profit, but as long as there is no sanction on unscrupulous actors, those unscrupulous actors will put responsible people out of business every time.

Walter Block wrote a damn book on the subject, privatized roads are very much feasible. It's also odd that you chose the "monopoly" argument because the government is an even bigger, compulsory monopoly.

roads realistically would work better as a public utility. Your power company and phone provider are utilities, still private companies but follow a stricter set of regulations. As it is now the roads don't get enough attention, potholes everywhere with worn down markers and knocked over signs. It's a shitshow, and it's silly to think one organization can cover the entirety of a states roads.

The answer to all of your questions is "privatization." Rivers get polluted and overfished for the same reason public bathrooms are massive shitholes: they're public property, i.e. owned by nobody. There's no consequence for impeding on these pieces of public property. If a river is privately owned, whoever owns it can and will sue any company that tries to dump shit into their private property.

I assume you're talking about 2008, the Great Depression, etc., yes? Those weren't caused by ordinary market forces but by the Federal Reserve, a central bank, meddling with interest rates. Also, remember how all those big banks were bailed out after 2008? You really think they would have been as reckless if Daddy Government wasn't there to bail their asses out of trouble?

i.e., government-enforced compulsory monopolies that can't respond to market forces because of regulations hamstringing them. This isn't a good thing, and idiot regulations are one of the reasons nuclear power has been so slow to rise despite the myriad economic benefits to it.

Gee, you mean like a government? Roads are covered in potholes because the state has a compulsory monopoly: not only is there no competition, the state reserves the right to arrest anybody trying to compete. As such, there's no economic incentive for them to maintain their assets in the way a private company would.

The difference between government and private monopoly is that citizens have some level of influence over government monopoly and that there are different behaviour expectations for private enterprise and government.

Though it is worth pointing out that in many cases your power and telecomms provider are not who you think they are and not who you pay money to.
In most of the western world these companies are required by law to provide their services to each other at a wholesale price.

And as for the USA's road network.
That's primarily down to a lack of investment in upkeep and modernisation.
It's no secret the USA as a whole has failed to maintain its infrastructure whether it be privately or publicly owned.
In regards to public owned infrastructure its down to citizens not wanting to pay the taxes to cover it and being unwilling to elect leaders who will prioritise it over feelgood campaigns to help spics/niggers or blow up the middle east for Israel.
On the private end theres just as little willingness to pay to maintain anything they don't absolutely have to due to the ever present threat of shareholder obligation and knowing they can just sell out and leave the new owner to pick up the pieces.

clearly never lived under Tom Wolff and his PennDot mobsters who rule at the local level

the answer is nationalism you fucking dolt
every one from a nation owns it
but then I guess it's not cool yet to have pride in your national works

i'll refer you to Tom Wolff and PENNDOT
know a guy who wanted to drill a well to water plants on land he's owned for close to a hundred years that the state through the magic of delinquent taxes and land banks, because through a lank bank the dream of communism lives - what's yours is the states but what is the states isn't yours. I might add stake claim to the land he wants to make a new well on so he can fucking live and provide food for thousands and employ hundreds of good old boy high school farmers children for an honest wage. very similar precedent was set with the burro of land management when uranium holding lands were sold to non-sovereigns**
Tom Wolff and PENNDOT say you must get a permit to drill a well. he applied, permit denied because PENNDOT doesn't go for wells on their land.

Citizens don't have any real influence besides voting. They can't control they budget, they can't decide what services they pay for. Not only that, the government has the right to imprison them for tax evasion if they don't buy into their monopoly. If a private entity has a monopoly (which even with something like roads or utilities, is not nearly as likely to occur as you think it is.), you can always choose not to buy their services.

I refer you here on the issue of "natural monopolies:"

Nuclear power hasn't risen due to myriad problems with it.
First is that nobody wants to live near a nuclear power plant. In your lolbertarian paradise would you not be able to sue a nuclear power company for lowering your property values?
Then theres waste. Which is again something nobody wants near them and most nuclear waste storage/processing capacity in the western world is overflowing already with our limited nuclear power capacity.

You know who has the best nuclear program from a civil standpoint?
Why? Because the Russian state owned nuclear company is able to build its plants away from human populations AND has a massive storage infrastructure provided by the former soviet union, who built it on the basis that money was no object all they cared about was that it was stored safely enough and far away from people.

If you don't buy into the services of the road monopoly in your area then you are unable to travel.
If they own every road around your home then you can not leave your home without buying into their monopoly.

That's communism, you retard, and it doesn't work. Did you watch the webm in the post to which you responded?

Tom Wolff and PENNDOT say you must get a permit to drill a well. he applied, permit denied because PENNDOT doesn't go for wells on their land.
Sounds like your friend got fucked over by state regulations and favoritism getting in his way, if anything this just proves my point further.


A meme. Look at what france does, you can stick depleted fuel into a breeder and make it viable again with 98% efficiency. The US and Russia don't do it because we like to use our depleted uranium to make tank shells. Also, thorium reactors.

Because a state concern has stepped in and gone "lol we don't have to listen to you normal people"
In the USA they don't use them because Jimmy Carter pulled the plug on the whole idea due to how unpopular nuclear power is in the USA.
Russia meanwhile have proliferation concerns and don't think it's safe for them to do it.

Thorium meanwhile is a decade or two out from commercially viable reactors.

absolutely doxx'd

And private companies aren't bound by the retardation of democracy and don't have to shutdown profitable ventures because of protesting hippies.

no nigger it's nationalism and would lead to angry mobs showing up to city council meetings where aquifina's right to water for pennies on the dollar which shall not be infringed under communism btw and demanding that the fuckers pay what's due instead of treating it like a delinquent tax lien that can be acquired for pennies on the shekel and the debt be absorbed by the community

The feels user…to think people are actually that retarded (the user you responded to and the board of faggots)

Actually they do.
Because if you build a nuclear plant in an area you ruin property values.
The owners of said properties can then sue because you have caused them financial damage.

And if you cause deaths/disease by improper management of waste or processes?
Welcome to bankruptcy.

Really? How would privatization fix the problem of skyscrapers causing eternal darkness? Would you suggest privatizing the sun? Maybe allowing people to fence off the few sunny spots left and charging everyone else an arm and a leg just to get some sunlight? Do you foresee no problems that might come with a single entity owning an entire river and being able to operate it as a monopoly? You're right about the Fed having a major hand in the past few crashes, but there were runs on banks long before the Fed was a thing, and they always resulted in lots of people getting hurt - not the bankers, of course, but the innocent people they totally fucked over with their irresponsible practices.

The crazy thing is that I don't even disagree with you on most things. A lot of public resources would be much better off privatized. But this dogmatic worship of the free market is 100% as retarded as communism and just as likely to lead to massive human suffering if ever put into practice.

And that is why I am a national socialist.

>what are skyscraper roofs?

Private property.

I kind of wish we didn't lose our lolberg population, they made things interesting.

No. Beat it, agent.

I like how you can refute libertarian ideas so you have to resort to ad-hominem.

… which can be fenced and charged an arm and a leg for. Except it'll be a pretty small arm and leg unless it's some high class roof because most skyscrapers don't have pointed tops. Lotsa competition.

Those who value a limited resource most get said resource. Marginal theory of value is why a raindrop sized diamond is north of $20K but a raindrop of water is nothing.



Actually most skyscraper roofs are heavily populated with essential elements of the buildings ventilation and exhaust systems.

Plus that does little to change living conditions for those around the skyscraper.

Also diamonds only have the value they do because of the cartel that controls their sale.

Same basic idea. Sue the fuckers for damaging your property, same as you would if they polluted your air.

People actually pay that much for a diamond. Marginal value.

Yes because supply is restricted by a cartel who engage in predatory advertising practices to encourage purchase of their product at exorbient prices.

Black men were joining the middle class before the civil rights era and gun control. Most racial discrepancies go away when you can refuse service to the nigger shitting up your store and shoot the nigger invading your home without the state knocking on your door to tell you that you can't do that.

Irrelevant kiddo board for non-whites.


and thread

Supply is restricted to what people will bear, because after getting 1 or 2 diamonds most people are satisfied whereas people will require gallons of water. Because there is a cost to make it possible to dig up, assay, cut, and affix diamonds, and it has limited demand/low saturation point, only those who value it enough to pay the most for their 1 or 2 or handful get it.

If they're truly cornering the market and reaping huge margins, true lab-grown will become lucrative real quick. I don't mean CZ, but chemical diamond. Right now sub-carat runs around 2/3rds the cost, and it's too hard to grow over 1 carat sized diamonds.

Don't be fooled by corundum and beryl though. While beryls are not quite as easily grown, corundum is dirt cheap to grow. Cheapest corundum is 'flame fusion', which is aluminium oxide powder melted at 2000C and formed into long boules which are then cut and faceted. A 'ruby' or 'sapphire' the size of your thumbnail is $100 if it's flame fusion and well cut, or $10K+ if dug out of the ground.

Morons with too much money, who are give-or-take it with their cash, buy stones out of the ground. The smarter ones (like me) stick to the low-dollar high-bling ratio stones.

side note, how much would someone pay for a faceted, solid ruby or sapphire dildo attached to a vibrator base? faceting fat boules into dildos could be an interesting product idea if it's at least $400.

smarter ones DON'T buy diamonds
Stupid kike

It's still useful to have rational debate, the problem is this almost never happens in chans - people just attack each other instead of using proper arguments and reasoning.

I blame the fucking kike shills like CTR and ShareBlue who poison the well, as well as retarded trolls from /salt-left/ who think posting kike-subsidized nigger porn will make us change our minds or something.

Also whoever the fuck thinks gore posts are a downvote or something should be banned until he's 16.

Question; what will anarcho-capitalism do about gays having sex in the privacy of their own home? What will anarcho-capitalism do about racemixers? That's right; nothing.

Anarcho-Capitalists are the jews of white people.


Nah, pretty sure that's the stormniggers and white nationalists shitting up conservative events when they're trying to actually get shit done.

Wrong kike. We form our own high trust white societies that physically remove people who don't fall in line with our culture and we have the absolute moral authority because there isn't some faggot state where people get to vote away our right to do so. Literally read anything about ancap. It's literally ehtno nationalism justified through moral behavior.

Commies in particular are nothing if not consistent; my posts were deleted and I was banned from leftypol for sharing - in good faith - an opinion in a thread where the OP was literally soliciting opinions.

Everyone who dislikes these things voluntarily subscribe to a law that forbids them, and define their properties as subject to these laws. This becomes a de facto legal territory, where ass fucking and immigrants are not allowed.

Freedom from government also means the right to not have to be exposed to state sponsored religion, immigration etc