Ron Paul doesn't into Libertarianism

Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano have been clear about not being invited to a Libertarian national convention due to him "not knowing what libertarianism is about". They may actually be right. Libertarians haven't talked about ending the fed in a while. These days it's about gays, weed, and guns.

I think the fat dude who danced around on stage in his underwear is still invited tho.

The convention has been clear about not inviting them. Goddamn my grammer. Sound like a nig.

Have you seen anything that Reason has put out lately? The libertarian party has been completely taken over by leftist.

All the right libertarians left for the Republican Party to support Trump, and a lot of the libertarian leaning dems are flooding in.

The Libertarian Party will probably be the new party of the Left. Luckily Lefties are so fucking stupid they have apparently they have brought their utterly toxic culture with them, ensuring that they won't be competitive.

I'm guessing this numale faggot is still invited, with honors

When do we invite Ron Paul to the Libertarian Nationalists of America?

Bloody hell.

When (not if, btw) he names the Jew.

That was a National Socialist position before modern lolbergtardianism even existed.

Don't forget that it was Jefferey Tucker, along with Lew Rockwell, who wrote the "racist" Ron Paul newsletters. Lolbergs are subversive like the kikes they worship, and will pretend to be pro-White when it suits their semitic ideology. Don't think the BASED pro-White lolbergs and ancaps like Moneyjew and Cantwell are doing anything any different.

So basically it was co-opted like the Tea Party and OWS?


Libertarianism was the alt-right before there was an alt-right. Does anyone have that image of the jews behind libertarianism?

Somebody should have shot the underwear guy on stage for violating the non-aggression principle.
Ron Paul disinvited from the Libertarian convention? Are they trying to look even more ridiculous than Liberalists?

"Libertarianism" will soon become synonymous with "the special interest group party".

More like "special needs group party".

Yeah, the path is pretty clear for the neoliberal takeover of the party. They will soon morph into the "free trade" party of globalism and emphasize that national borders must be eliminated.

The Jews infiltrate every organization they think might ever gain power and then corrupt it when they need to. It's amazing to see the process in action.


thats what libertarianism is all about

No amount of 'doing the right thing' exists when your entire movement revolves around 'showing strength in cuckoldry'

why would he name himself?

jews created it.

It really struck me as odd how often Rand's name was attacked by mainstream kikes when everyone else involved with libertarianism is pretty much a nobody. Why single out her? Can't say I know enough about her to really even make a guess.



What stikes me as odd is that she's not a libertarian, she never liked libertarians, and the libertarians denigrate her as a cult leader.

Milton Friedman was never a libertarian either, but at least they had (some) good things to say about him.

Wouldn't that make her immune to criticism, not a magnet?

I thought Cantwell was pure?

Redpill me.


Add him to the collage.


I've never seen a libertarian shit on her in my life, but I'm not exactly keen on their behavior. I've seen many more typical lefties take shots at her than anyone.

It's supposed to look like a grassroots movement to normalfags.

I disagree. They just formalized and named the ideology of the Founding Fathers.

The black cube ain't gonna save you Chaim.

Fucking this. All you have to do to see proof is go read Reason's facebook page for like a day. It's SJW-leftie-lite

Please support this post with evidence.

Isn't that every public facebook post now?