A man shoot seven niggers in Macerata, a town where a few days ago a 18 years old girl was found dead in a couple of trolleys (the body was cut in "pieces") without heart and "bowels" that where probably sold in a kind of monkeys voodoo black market, killed by a nigerian drug dealer.
The guy was shooting from a car and was promptly arrested while sporting an italian flag on the stairs of the "Monumento ai Caduti" (soldiers KIA during the world wars).
The guy said a few words. I bet it was something like "A NOI CAZZO! ERA ORA!". It is a shame that just four of the monkeys are in serious conditions.
Just italian sauce at the moment. Blood is still fresh.

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Which is why you use .30 caliber or higher.

Pasta autist kills jungle boon, wtf I love Garfield now.

good man, all my heros kill niggers. kikes and spics too

they said he had a semi auto .45. Very uncommon around here, the most common caliber in Italy is 9mm.

Anons don't do it like this if you wanna race war. This guy threw his life away to murder a single nig. If you're going to take life think of sun tzu art of war. Especially know thyself know thy enemy.

.30 caliber is the most common rifle cartridge dimension.
7.62x39, 7.62x54R, 7.62x51, .308, .30-06, .300 winchester magnum, 7mm remington, etc.

Px4 can be had in .45.

The gun was a Glock.

Yeah be like the based germans who roleplay as nazis on the internet, and get their wives fucked by mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker and merkel all day long. Eventually you either bring out some balls or you go home.

Why not use a long range weapon and kill them one by one and not get caught, make it look like just another drug related accident.

Never throw your life away for peanuts.
That said, peanuts are better that nothing.

And here comes the kike d&c. Piss off you filthy yid rat.

This is a better article. The vox one is shite.

Don't underestimate law enforcement.
They'll find a molecule of your hair and track you down in the remotest bush of the Congo.

It's like "no go zones" in Europe.
The no brainer solution is to besiege all exits and entrances and starve them out, turn off all services like electricity and co, medieval style, then send in strafing runs that watergun and beanbag the faggots therein until they're all on the ground, twitching.

But they don't do that to shitskin no go zones.
Watch what would happen if whitey did that, though.
You'd be having the army do just that and worse to your own people.

Still, long range and stuff is better than being a chump that gets wasted immediately.
It's just the "not get caught" part that is less likely to happen.

If spring cleaning by weapons is not an option, you can poison their "water" supply and make some money too. Put deadly shit in their drugs.

the kike taunts you on a mongolian pottery forum as you prepare to genocide him

soon enough there will be repeats of what just occured in italy, except he won't surrender afterwards

i think you watch too many jewish tv shows dude
a motiveless murder by someone unconnected in any way?
yeah good luck with that

im glad to start seeing the good news of finally fighting back
this means we have already won
because a white man that starts fighting does not stop untill he is done

I recall a nigger who in the US started killing whites, he would just walk behind them and shoot them on the head, several died. This guy was even less effective than a nigger, shame. Im pretty sure anyone with facial makeup skills and patience can kill many many many invaders and most importantly collaborators, just by choosing the right place and shooting them in the back of the head and then getting away.

Guy should've used a rifle, not a pistol. Yeah, 7.62mm would've worked like a fukken charm

One of the injured is supposedly in life-threatening conditions, and the others aren't great either.

Because he simply used his service gun (apparently he worked as patrol/guard).
In Italy is fairly hard to obtain big guns, bother legally and illegally.

And by the way, this dude has been associated to an Italian right-wing party… and guess what? Elections will be next month.


Wtf mods

Somebody toucha his Spaghet?


He also shot from a moving car.
I'm fairly sure you can't really aim well while driving.

Ah you do know more murders go unsolved than are solved. That's just the U.S. but we do have top notch forensics. I think we led the field in that regard.

Granted, but he still used a Glock. Imo a drive by is better done with a shotgun with bird shot, 20 gauge would be my choice due to recoil. Firing would bruise your bicep and bringing her back down for the next shot would be slower, but there is a a better chance of inflicting lethal damage.

Lol… really.

Really the best thing to do would be to corral them with real estate and allow some "accident" to occur with a heaping helping of plausible deniability, but I can't imagine your average white male with a functioning set of balls has the fortune to pull something like that off.

Oh I am laffin

You mean something like entering late into the night into an all immigrant building with several petrol containers, pour gasoline under the doors from top floor to bottom and then light it all up with several delayed fuses?
I hope nobody attemps this, because burning down empty refugee centers is clearly enough.

When anyone gets a terminal illness and are not yet bedridden, they ought to take a thousand niggers and kikes with them.

Sun Tzu's lost spies are our greatest advantage. Lost Spies are not afraid to die because they are already dead.

Get this CIA late night goyvision shit out of there, most murder investigations can't go forward if there's no motive or more precisely if the motive is either unclear or for the lulz. If we take into account that there's no witnesses and it looks like a purely random murder without any obvious fuck ups, say that you had a plan to kill the first person who'd walk into a back alley alone after 2am, how the fuck would they figure out it was you, by finding one of your molecules from your ballsack? Do you think they won't find traces of half a dozen other people on them at least?

Shoot all migrants kill all arabs

t. the fucking FBI

also, even if they find molecules of you amongst a shitload of random people from the same city, if your dna isn't recorded in police database yet or in 23kikesandme they won't know it's you

I have no Italian heritage, but I’ve had the opportunity to spend a bit of time in Italy for work. Italians are great and if any European people rise up against the communist faggotry ruining that continent it will be them.

I thought Italians were a bunch of mongrels.
Do educate me otherwise if this is false.

Shush! I am trolling here.

My ancestors were at the stadium speaking about how funny was that Nero guy when yours were naked, hunting for squirrels.

Checked. Most my time was spent in central and northern Italy, great people. I suggest visiting sometime. I enjoyed it much more than my time in Germany. They aren’t in a rush to forget the past and I had more than a few talks with people about Mussolini whom they still admire. I spent a few nights drinking at a restaurant ran by a member of Lega Nord and I can tell you now there are a lot more red pilled Italians who admire Mussolini and Fascism than you’d believe. Italy is awesome and I plan on going back for a vacation next year in te spring. No where else I have been in Europe has had the impact on me that Italy did. So much so I’m learning the language and am planning to bring the family for a two week vacation next spring.

I thought 9mm and other cartridges used by the military were banned from civilian ownership in Italy?

As far as I know you can freely own the Berettas 92 type 9x21 IMI. I feel that with the right friends it would not be difficult to find a parabellum.

My ancestors had a state before Rome was even called Latium, and a damn good one too, even if modern (((history))) refuses to acknowledge it.

Checked and heil'd, but you watch too much fucking CSI or whatever fucking kike shit is on these days.
Some simple things criminals can do to thwart and frustrate law enforcement:

Kike-run tv shows like to try to convince you, the viewer, that the police/FBI/CIA/etc are better than they really are. It's a prolonged psyop against our own people, perpetuated with the cooperation of hollywood kikes. They can't do half the shit they claim and anyone who actually has a brain in their head becomes another 'unsolved mystery' statistic.

TL;DR: thank God niggers have no common sense, because if they did police would never catch them.

Were you a kang?

Fuck off, if I was a kang I wouldn't be posting here. And I can at least say why the fuck I suspect my state went back far before yidstory says.
For example, the laws being that of an old independent state, completely different from anywhere else nearby.

Glory to God, we have sensible anons here.

Smooth bore, non-slug shotguns don't leave rifling, and aren't nearly as effective against large mammals.

Three can keep a secret if two are dead.

i.e. don't use guns. Guns are loud and conspicuous. Accelerants, can be kept in coffee thermoses, beer bottles, and camel bags. Fire is an excellent cleanser, especially if you chain the doors shut first.

Could you please give me a small hint about which is "your state"? I am proud to show my flag. Do you?

Don't think we ever had a flag, really. Don't think we gave a shit.
Anyway, this state is the Rus. And you are a dirty Italian with African admixture who is taking a flag made by others to claim as his own. At least I'm honest about lacking a flag.

Well, ok. Listen kid, Rurik was a little younger than Nero. Or Romulus if you prefer. I must admit wolves are more dangerous than squirrels and I respect your people fpr their pride. I am pretty surprised you did not find even a Druzhina emblem or anything to represent your people. Are you from a Baltic state?

in germany the national socialist underground existed for 11 years before the government even believed they could exist
they hid their body count by making their ops look like drug violence and part of the system in europe is cover up all migrant crime from statistics and reporting

a crosbow with your own made arrows is also quite deadly if your are targetting single people, thus having no problem with the reload thing
of course this post is merely educational GSG

Checked again.

Yes, but while slug guns are a thing, it defeats the point.
Standard shotguns are plenty effective from close to medium range. 100-200 yards is fine when using larger loads–buckshot or something home made with 00 or 000.

Or, you know, don't trust someone you don't know. If it's someone who's felt this way for years and you know them personally, odds are good they're not FBI.

This is a simple disagreement on methodology.
Methods will vary by situation. Purging a mob of niggers storming your store isn't going to work well with accelerants–it WILL work well with rifles. Just ask rooftop Koreans.
Purging a nigger nest in an apartment building would be a slow, grueling, door-to-door process with a gun and they would have plenty of time to either call the police, for a neighbor to call the police, or for them to find some way to escape the (hopefully sealed) building.
We're back to what I said and my point still stands: pick the right tool for the job.
Rifles: open areas at range.
Fire: close-in areas that can be barricaded to prevent egress.

Range on a crossbow is low. Reload time is long. If you miss, you're fucked. You are literally leaving the evidence in the fucking body.
Rifles are superior and have been for years. It's why crossbows and bows are sport weapons–they're 'more challenging.'

Daily reminder that we were a state before you mongrels split off from Rome, and far before muh varangians.
Q: How did Swedes supposedly set up a state with laws completely different to their own Viking states?
A: They didn't, Swedes never came here. Rus was here far before Rurik.

Making your own ammo has its advantages
bullets aren't that easy to come by in no funs europe
of course in a shoot out you are fucked, but in a quick assassination style op, it has its uses
evidence would be meaningless as wood and sharpened metal can come from anywhere


Make sure this MARTYRS name is recorded and set in STONE some day.

For a second there I thought that guy on the right was from the meme magic bane plane crash


Is this the Italian version of chiki-briki?


You snow niggers are a riot. The lemming instinct that always leads to your collective doom is an unconditional genetic flaw.

You lied to me. You were a kang.

It is now

This isn't a Call of Duty

Tell me about the time the same people who brought you christianity were also teaching you written language.

You're too amateur to be a shill, I'm going to guess you're a butthurt normalfag who wandered in here after CNN told you to have badfeels.

Yeah no, if a .45 isn't dropping them you aren't hitting them where you need to.

Except we really wuz, and no amount of mongrel jealousy or spaghetti-spilling will make it otherwise.
Italians and Irish are most of the reason why the US has le 56% face.

Why not just throw empty .410 shells at them?

Why do you glow in the dark?

Kill all cops


You're a retard

Italy yes

In what way, exactly?

If you're engaging in a shootout you've already failed at your number one goal of not being spotted.

Fuck off, shill.
While police are mislead by their superiors, your average (white) cop is not a threat to us so long as you, you know, don't act like a fucking nigger to them. Be polite. Be civil. Manners go a long way.

Tell me more about this protection from wild animals.

If the police arrest white men for killing niggers, they deserve the rope, faggot

He actually said "Viva l'Italia". Nice, simple.

Kill all crooked/non-white cops.

All the Fed posting in this thread. If I had a terminal illness I would find the Jews that gave it to me and have relations with them first.

Too bad this is a blatant false flag. For your interest, we're holding elections in less than a month and now every Italian SJW is attacking Lega Nord.

That's bullshit. Italians always go for the wide spray stance. If they have a strap it is around and restricting, firearm must be held at waist height, and it must be used one handed akimbo with the opposite hand reaching out to the side like you are unleashing the most epic of golden showers.
Then you will fire like an Italian. If you are Sicilian, you do the same but turn your gun sideways.

back to Holla Forums

See for why I disagree with edgy leftyfaggotry like "kill all cops," he has put it better than I.

You really are fucking retarded.
Unfortunately, we are no longer in the days where being an 'outlaw' meant that one was outside the protection of the law–that is, a murderer, rapist, thief, etc could be freely killed on the spot with no consequence by any good, law-abiding citizen.

This, I can agree with. Crooked and non-white cops can get the rope, yes.

U r a dum

In this case, it wasn’t a random black guy but a migrant who probably would have gotten away with it, so it’s okay. Otherwise, you’re right. Don’t just kill a random nog, kill important higher ups


When we form up into RWDS, the police, military and other such will likely be the second to join, after the strelki with nothing to do but train and innawoods for this shit. How many do you honestly think want to fight their own race?

That's because most murderers are niggers and not even the most advanced forensics and DNA testing can tell one from the other.

The saddest thing about seeing this fascist falcon pop up in any thread is thinking about how he died. I will never forgive kikes for what they did and are still doing to my people.

Kid Kang, go back to leftypol please. Adults are speaking.


I mean, we talking America or Europe here?

Proper nooses for hanging have 13 wraps.

The message was received loud and clear - Macerata is (surely just) for tonight a nig free zone.

Mongrel, please go back to hell (commonly known as south italy). Those of pure race are speaking.

Don't praise this, Holla Forums.
We're voting on march, clearly this was setup by (((someone))) who wants to show people how the ebil the racists are.

I hope no one puts petrol and other flammable hydrocarbons like wax inside a mop bucket and spread it around while pretending to be a cleaner and leave a thin coating snail trailing all over the building and than lighting it up.

Hello Andrew. Youre throwing a Martyr under the bus. Dont do that, thats not okay. This is how things are going to turn out, and history will judge you based on how you reacted when it mattered.

Sometime soon, people simply will not care anymore.
Then begins the holy racewar.

Im pretty sure thats Anglin himself. Didnt have the nuts to respond on Gab.

what a loser, driving by his targets and still manages not kil them all



Literally everyone on the left is using this shooting as a mean to show normalfags that "spreading hate" and "racism" has these consequences.
March 4th we are going to vote, this seems like a classic false flag.
Also, this "martyr" only wounded them, he didn't kill them, so what exactly did he accomplish?

That "soon" is currently not the "now".
Soon people won't care.
Now, they will.
Because NOW we will go to vote.
They could just do more of this false flags, rig the votes and just go "lol see, people were scared of racists let's open the gates to africa even more".

This shooting didn't amount to jackshit, he didn't even kill anyone.
I'd like to believe he was actually normalfag fed up with this shit but I don't see it.

Mama mia

So point to the crimes which provoked him and accuse them of facilitating them, stop being a fucking coward. The lefts opinion doesnt matter and it doesnt dictate what we do. We have a right to exist, we have a right to protect our people, especially in a security vacuum. If little girls are being chopped up, then we have a right to step in and stop it. Anyone who would defend the people who are committing it from the people who would stop it… deserves a flaming tire around their neck for race treason.
Plenty of people die pursuing goals which they dont entirely achieve. Those who would discard their sacrifice were never on our side to begin with. Youre playing kids games and cracking jokes at the real men.

This is the actual name of tbe niggergerian that killed the girl, Pamela Mastropietro. The media seems to be doing damage control to try and minimize how horrific the crimes of these invaders have become. The corriere della sera article doesn't show the man's face in what looks like an attempt to hide his blackness. Unfortunately the girl got into drugs, had been in and out of a recovery facility, and actually met this nigger drug pusher voluntarily the night she was killed. He hacked her up in the attic of his home.


Also Ill remind people that martyr doesnt actually have to mean death. It means people who are oppressed for refusing to give up their political or religious views, and who then sacrifice themselves, even if that means a lengthy prison sentence like life. Its arguable if someone like Breivik could be called a martyr as he only got 20 years, but he pretty much could too. Martyrs are important to any movement, never discard your martyrs. They are figures to rally people around.

Itd be like the NSDAP never paying homage to the men who died in the putsch, because it was unsuccessful. You know who shit on the putsch dead? People who end up in camps.

kek, nigger names are fucked up. I knew one named Remember Ogbomo.
Anyway, at least nothing of value was lost.

Breivik was breiv norwegian hero. And also 5/5 breddy cool guy. Hope he gets redpilled on Zion sometime soon.

Good post, but the potato trying to be chikibriki greatly sets it back.

How dare you white people whom don’t exist but are racist have demands over this land you built up.

Quit being racists.

Hitler kept that flag as well from what I understand. When the first SS was stood up he made them all honor it.

What the fuck does that have to do with anything?
I'm not talking about the retarded nigger performing his jibba jabba rituals, we're talking about the false flag idiot that didn't even kill the people he shot at.
All he has created is 6 vengeful niggers that will surely come back angrier than before and a situation that the media can use to their advantage.

The only good thing he did, if any, is bring attention to the nigger that chopped up he girl, hoping that the politicians on the right will actively try to counter the left and telling them "this guys shot them because one of theirs chopped up that woman".
It's still mind boggingly retarded however that he didn't kill one of them and it makes me suspicious as fuck.


Here in Italy?
Yeah, they do, especially those that believe they are "poor" but in reality their only problems in their lives if not being able to afford a second home.

translation: eat a dick bot

From what i've seen of the court system the entire thing is a massive fraud.

you were a cool guy benito

Italy will be 1% white in 300 years according to UN projections, get mad or get the fuck out of the way.

Don't underestimate the power of biological weapons either. Introduce bedbugs, lice, rats, and fleas to the housing complex as well. They spread disease and are very effective at destroying housing complexes. Use ivy and kudzu plants to destroy buildings and structures slowly over time. These tactics aren't as immediate as guns or rifles, but they work and can have catastrophic impacts if it they aren't controlled. Best of all they produced and used cheaply.

Meant guns or fire.


LoL , FALSE FLAG AHAHA You are a mental retard goddamn


I know a lot of Italians are now worried because this seems like it will alter the election results, but if Lega is smart they should continuously run stories about the migrant that dismembered the girl, ensure nobody forgets it, and people will vote to prevent that. The murder of that MP in Britain didn’t alter Brexit, Lega just needs to be very smart in showing the danger of migrants, so more people can understand what this man did.

Me neither

Lega Nord

I was suspicious too, after reading what a show he made.

Yeah, probably.

Hitler didn‘t ride in his car shooting at jews…

LOL What are you? Niave or FBI?
The law protects the invaders, the police fail to exercise the law against them, and the crooked politicians who let them in.

There are no innocent invaders.

On a bullet?
Very unlikely

Not in Europe.

Must be, I did see CSI as well LOL

In my city, on places and ways I frequent, I have the right to shed as many hairs, skin flakes, fibres and molecules as I please, there is no wrong doing from my side – basta.

Another thing would be if blood particle of a deceased person would be found on me, my clothes, if I’m not a first responder, but that does not happened I wouldn’t help an invader.

The less people know, the less people can talk.

The belt-way killer was a pretty smooth operator, for a nigger even more so. Less impressive were the counter measures. Balkan niggers did know better how to counter snipers, than the “prime military power on earth”.

It was a government psy-op all the way. You don’t serous believe they did what the government claimed?
Leaked police files indicate, there is nothing connecting the killed alleged “killers” to any of the deaths, no DNA, no fingerprints. But they placed their DNA on the site of another crime, child sex murder, but that was so obvious, police protested, so they had to retreat.

Shaped charges are devastating.

Damn, why didn't I think of this?

This is no false flag. This is the first wave. This guy will be freed the first day of a new era and carried around like an hero. Haircut is already perfect. We were just missing a Benny lookalike to put in charge. He is still young, he will be ready in five years. Same college as Adolf.
Think about what the policemen were thinking while chasing him:
Be Gennaro Esposito, 44, in is 22nd year as a Carabiniere, so you are actually MP. You receive a flash alert by radio, a gunman is on a spree in your town full of monkeys you can not even arrest for murder because "reasons". The gunman is identified. You call your boss -"A well known fascist is shooting niggers around the town. Apparently he has a good aim, at least he is hitting niggers as planned. What should we do lieutenant?"
- "Chase him slower".

Maybe his life was over already and he did what he could? The fact is that it will more than likely happen in greater frequency and it's going to be defined by its lone wolfism. I'm going to sit back and enjoy it while vocally supporting each massacre perpetrated in the name of white nationalism to anyone who decries these acts in my presence.
And remember kids; even educated, wealthy women are turned on by men capable of extreme violence. Anders receives hundred of love letters from virginal, young blonde women every year. Are you just going to sit back and say "oh this makes our cause look bad" when things are almost at the point of no recovery and gest worse every year. Do you think the british government would actually admit to grenfell towers being a deliberate act if they found it was indeed targeted? In 100 years time men like Anders and Luca will be celebrated as men of courage who acted in the defence of white people.

Additionally, don't take DNA tests like 23andme as they share it with law enforcement. Also get someone to get your supplies for you and instruct them to pay it in cash so that it won't show up in your bank/credit card history.


This is only the start.

This is the Prime Minister of Italy (disgusting cuck). He rarely address the people, and he is doing so to condemn the guy who shoot the niggers, but he doesn't say a word about the fact that the guy acted after seeing a girl from his own city being slaughtered by a criminal nigger.

This is what a traitor looks like.

That's not pasta, bit it ought to be. Having had my eyes opened to the real impotence of so much of paw enforcement, I'm convinced they purposefully portray it as super capable to keep you from trying shit.

Cops protect rabid niggers and spics from you. They arrest them as little as they possibly can, and they only kill them in self-defense or out of sheer stupidity.
This doesn't mean you should kill them. There are lots of good white men in police departments that are just not too bright and misguided about the purpose of what they're doing.

The Republican Fascist Party Will Rise Again.

I hear this canard a lot, and I've yet to see an example in any of the towns or cities I've lived in. Most are morons, covetous bullies or insecure manlets out to prove something.

Any Italian here can tell me if the German propaganda TV was right in claiming the people of that region are now in shock and horror about the shooting? Or is it more because of the chopped up girl? Even the readers of had to explicetly point out what happened a few days ago and it sounds pretty much like the shooting is an understandable consequence.

you mean the nigro area of town.

Do we have any clue about the location of the wreck of the gas station where Benny was hanged? I bet a fucking commy saved it, we may find a new use for that. It would be nice it could be a gallows pole again.

I can't give objective facts, but from the comments i've seen around the most common seems to condemn the shooting, but also point out that is a natural consequence to what transpired a couple of days ago and has been transpiring for years now (the migrants crisis), then a significant number of people would give Luca a medal (me included), and as you can expect the left is autistically screeching and foaming at the mouth, honestly if i'm Italian and i can't give objective data why would the German TV know for sure that everyone is shocked and in horror?

3rd pic is how big the commies numbers are no more then 60 people LOL

15% is fascist
5% is commie
30% is right of centralist
40% is centralist
10% is undecided

and nigros can't vote they are not italians citizens


muslims like to naturally group up around prayer time, jews too. if someone ever hit one of those invade the street Religion of Cuck™o-prayer sessions with some ordinance it would be talked about for years and could possibly net 100's.


Fuck off D&C rat, Germans are our brothers you will not divide us

Voting is a joke. The only way to have any effect on the political system would be through actual infiltration of political parties. But given how utterly opposed the establishment of most parties are to anything hinting of ethnonationalism, I've no idea how that could be done. Especially once it gets to the point where whites are screened out purely for being white.

A crossbow with arrows works only one time, then they will connect all the cases.

actually he tried to murder several.

So the shepple don‘t get ideas.

There are already widespread actions of vigilant justice in Germany, they no longer can hide. They don’t want create the impression that this is popular, which it is, because the authorities fail to uphold the law.

These days cameras do half the work..

The problem is that unless you kill some nigger in a gruesome way and film it to send a message, no one cares that some nigger died, there are billions others. If your risk your life, at least take out a high profile target.

This tbh lone wolf killings dieing peacetime me are the only foolproof thing to get away with. Won't bring down Zog but unlikely you are caight

I've honestly no idea how we could infiltrate a political party, though it is possible that my utter disdain for (((democracy))) clouds my judgement on the matter. Though, regardless of what we do, so long as we maintain an unyielding will and a righteous mindset, we will not fail.

Nogfers watch the cameras. Signal to noise makes finding criminals hard. Get good at makeup and clothing, scope out cameras on tour route, and exit to test to a camera free zone are piss easy. Any white man can beat the system with a little effort, which is why it's propagabdizedso hard as invincible.

Our Hero.


People is fed up - MSM is just afraid to speak about anything peculiar about the prologue because this morning they gave the first insights about what really happened to the girl (20 pieces, no flesh on pubis, possible rape and so on). They will simply shut it down the best they can. The weird thing is it seems to me they do want us to go out and burn'em all. They can not really be so stupid. But I can not clearly see any trap. If "they" will blackmail us with the usual "debt" we may find the goodwill to free Sud Tirol from our ruthless rule, not before transferring all the bad assets to them to repay for alleged war damages. (Sud Tirol may sound "based", but they provide just commies to the Italian parliament).

It may sound weird for foreigners but Italian cops are people and apart from propaganda pictures they are Italian. They do not have to think about who is friend and who is foe. Nigs and Muds are clearly visible. We are almost all white apart from a few people that was adopted years ago. And, excuse me, we are usually really well dressed or really classically dressed. A Mud will never wear the same clothes as a Sicilian or the Armani suit with perfect shoes you see in any town above 25k people. They will wear sleepers 99% of the time and they stink from a mile of anything they call food. Nigs are nigs so are a surefire.

This is our last chance to do it legally. If (((they))) do manage to overcome again the people's will it is going to be a funny timeline. This shooting here will be just the first in a long list and thinking about what happened around here in the past, next steps are going to be bombs and "street riots". People will feel not defended by the state and will go for personal and private justice. Nigs will then chimpout on self defense and everything will be set up. Carabinieri got heavy guns like MG42/59, old but fucking powerful and reliable. Is there any other country where you can find the Army with common street patrol duty during peace time? Italy is full of surprises if you know where to look.

This guy knew exactly what to do and his plan ended up in the most meaningful way in the most meaningful place. He just surrendered to the cops and they where so kind they did not even remove the flag from his shoulders. The message was so loud and clear that the Prime Minister felt compelled to suddenly address in a speech all the country to be responsible and considerate about these "poor citizens" that are actually drug dealers without any residence permit, already expelled several times. People is indeed dumb, but not so much. They are over and they know it. It is just a matter of time to understand how it will happen.

Dis fuggin guy… being so funny when am drinking coffee.

I like your thinking. But when the RAGE takes over, you want to look the enemy in the eyes.

Just bumping for a good dago who did nothing wrong.

If it was a false flag he would have shot children to generate shock, not grown ass nogs.

Italians think they are white
fucking sand niggers , when the european right wing rises to power, italians will be purged together with muslims!

Everything is a spectrum, and on the white spectrum the Italians and Irish are fringe relatives. You don't have to live with them, you don't have to like them. But they are infinitely better than any shitskin nigger on the planet.

That's buckshot in the video.

Birdshot = smaller pellets, greater spread, less damage per hit.
Buckshot = bigger pellets, less spread, more damage per hit.

If you're trying to kill a human, you want the one for killing deer, not birds.

Protestants and Muds will be purged because Deus Vult and Saint Paddy is his right hand man from monday to thursday.

that one on the right has to be a joke lmfao


Grab your Glocks when you see Tupac

nice try 50 shades of kikes

If worst comes to worst, keep up the good fight.

How's the jewish hereditary diseases treating you, schizo yid?

What's the chance it's in the private collection of someone sympathetic?

what? give me an article on that

Freikcorps did

I have been once and really liked Italy.
Happy to hear that they are not as cucked as northern Europe.

German Nazis will never fight alongside Italiens though, not after last time.

No shit, bud. I was just showing that buckshot is the best.


top fucking kek this is exactly what Greek cops would do.

Much respect and apologies you are absolutely right, but I feel that we'd rather go for Brits this time. Moreover your tank sucked really bad in Turkey against Kurds lately. That's the tip of your spear. How come?
(You know it will never happen, we love and hate each other so much we are like an old couple. Since we are speaking about our long time relationship, be happy. Last time we had an attack of black fever we passed it on to you pretty soon)

Italian low tier but "not so much compromised" sauce - if you dig for 5 mins it was on every major MSM.

You know giving your ride to a Turk is nearly like giving it to an Italian, don‘t expect it to come back in one piece.

GOOD LUCK! You will need it anyway

I really hope Italians have learned their fucking lesson after Mussolini and won't be so fucking half-assed about purging the shitskins when the time comes.
Alternatively Germans and Italians will have to keep a polite distance during DOTR.




You know, usually I do not try to fire on "supposed allies", but this time I will remember you that your country has a small Muds issue inside the supposed order keepers. My cops, by now, are still Italians. What about yours? Will they be good guys the day of the rope? Maybe you are the one that will need to be lucky. And can you really tell me the difference between a German and a Turk? How many Turks do live in Germany? I was in Berlin with a Greek friend of mine and he politely noticed that at that time Hellada had 8 millions inhabitants while the Turks in Germany were around 10 millions. Maybe it was your auslander that broke the tanks.

Shitskins must go or it will be a mess soon. In five years we will see if there will be more shitskins in your country or in Italy. However about Germans you are right: better to go to the pub in Londonistan to avoid dead krauts.

The more you talk about yourself the more I see similarities user. I must say that I would like to meet and even fight at your side.
And while relations are strained I will fight to free Italy as hard as my own countries.

Alla fine del giorno siamo tutti figli d'Europa.

Could this be the "trap"? I feel too that war is upon us and I feel too the "Sons of Europe" will fight for their mom. But you know what? Italy was not born in 1861, Italy was born in WW1 trenches where people coming from different regions gathered to fight together against barbaric Krauts. Could this war be an attempt to really forge Soviet Eurabia? Nignogs are the enemies that kikes provided to us, because I drank 10000 beers with the barbaric krauts since 1918 and I do not find them so unbearable like Muds. Autism?


You Italians need to do it like us here in Mississippi. Niggers know their place and if a nigger raped and cut a white girl like this, the niggers here in MS would expect the nigger to "disappear" and no body found.

Why? Because niggers in the South understand the rules.

The nigger would be kidnapped off the street, killed and his body thrown in the river delta. Everyone would understand and keep quiet.

You Europeans are letting your niggers get too uppity and think they can get away with too much. You need to do it like the South, where these immigrant niggers have to understand the rules.

Usually town or city police sweep a nigger's "disappearance" under the rug, especially if it was something like this. You Europeans need to be more low key about this shit.

This dude should have walked up on the nigger with his fascist friends at night and thrown him in the back of his Fiat. Drive out to a river, kill the nigger and everything would be kept fairly quiet. You do this over and over and niggers and mudslimes start learning there are rules to living in your province or town.

If this happened here in Mississippi, this nigger would have been killed and disappeared low key. If it has to be public, they die of "suicide" aka lynching. That still happens

Gas the kikes.

Yeah (((pure coincidence))) we already talked about it in the other thread here
This is Jo Cox 2.0

If so, it's a twist few have saw coming prior to you user. The american idea of helter skelter being used to cement the EU is certainly a novel approach to it.

It can only happen if you let it happen though. Keep the lines clear and distinct and they can't blend across them.

Are you fucking serious? I don't give a shit if Hitler himself ate them during every meal, you can't fucking pay me to knowingly put foods high in phytoestrogens into my body.
I don't even eat anything that comes into contact with fucking plastic.



Are you doubting Hitler?

Con calma, it can't be a trap because I won't ask you to actually do anything, user.
You know what to do already and even if we never meet we will still be brothers in arms fighting for our race and culture.
The war for the new kike order has long ago started but it is far from over.
Let us drink 1000 more together.

I'm saying there is a fucking difference between favoring a crop because it can feed an army with high yields and quick growing cycles and favoring a crop because it won't chemically castrate you.
They needed food fast so they went with farmed equivalent of a mcdonalds drive through.

Fighting side by side is rarely a trap. Fighting for the same meme flag can generate magic as we all know. Maybe I am just overestimating kikes. (((They))) do behave in a weird way with their flagship memes lately, they are throwing away states overlapping them with companies and they are cannibalizing catholic church, but doing like that they leave behind powerful memes that people is used to follow. A banner, a flag, a cross: it seems to me that they are just there to take and raise. People will follow. It cannot be so easy - there must be a kike trap somewhere.

In the 1965 896/9,960 reported homicides or about 91% go unsolved today it's 7,003/17,250 or about 59.4%

clearance Homicide percent, that is

Balotelli, Balotelli

I like it when you Itaker start to rage, it is comical, because so far from self conciseness.

Serious, did you open your eyes and look around in your cities?
Nigger, nigger, nigger… apart from the masses of chinks, establishing a whole underground colony

We will deal with the Greeks later, for opening the borders.
We diddn ‘t forget either that Italy did send its navy to Africa to flood us with niggers:

Wasn't that because Germany forced Italy to or it'd destroy what remains of Italy's economy?

You are not a barbaric kraut, you are just a torpedo kike. Bad kike, go away. Should I list all the turks and africans representing what was once the proud of Aryan nation? They do not even attempt to have a german name. Should I ask you about the "Farbenbekennen" panels in Berlin? Was ist typisch Deutsch my friend? Tell me about parallele geselschaft: how many places there are in your mighty Germany where the only language spoken is Turk? If you are not a kike you need to lurk 20 more years, and I think any German reading this exchange will agree. Heil Hitler.

Are you retarded?

Ha, ha, ha

No farbenbekennen for you torpedo?



Nobody will forget because in a couple of days the nignog will be charged for the rape of the girl too. And if we are lucky he will experience a bad fall in jail before the 4th of march. Shame we will have to pay for the funeral. I think (((they))) will attempt a major cover-up. I actually can not see anything that could be helpful for them - they are so desperate I expect anything - you can feel it in the air that this Luca guy is just the first one. Luckily a good amount of the monkeys we host can still be expelled.

Fucking hell, you don't belong here.
This guy:

is right.

Reported ;^) and bumped

Bump and reported, soyboy.

What the hell… This is "Nignog spaghetti shooting extravaganza" not "Soyboy parade", please…

Wrong. We don't need to tolerate blacks in the White man's homeland. They weren't brought here as slaves, they were brought here as conquerors. They all go.

He's got the order wrong, kill the jews who have orchestrated the invasion first, the White traitors implementing it second, then then the bioweapons being used.

a real hero

No. They need to get the message to get the fuck out else they get slaughtered too. The Italians done need well behaved niggers they need niggers to fuck off back to Apefrica. Ideally when they land their shitty chinese knock off Zodiac boat on the beach there are lines of impaled severed nigger heads to greet them.

That being said having lived in the south off and on for a number of years I will say they are definitely better behaved and 'know their place' in the south.

People are not ready yet. The answer is in front of them but still they can not accept it due to the strong kike propaganda they had in the last 70 years. However they are starting to see and it is impossible to deny that kikes are the root of all evil. Even my wife that is my common "red test" to evaluate what the good goyim are thinking about came to the answer but she does not dare to name them yet. I am not confident we will get them all - they will discharge a few decoys like Carlo De Benedetti and that Saviano moron and they will flee from our wrath. Probably to Frogland/soon to be Froghistan or the States.

He is indeed one. Now the commies around here are trying to sue him for the wolfsangel tattoo too. I think they will waste their time - as far as I know it is forbidden in Germany but not in Italy. (((They))) are on full red alert around here, they are trying anything to distract people.

I completely agree. I would also arrange a few deliveries by plane directly to Libya without landing for unloading. Nignogs impaled on minarets can be a nice deterrent to the trip. Our wonderful Kraut U-Boats could also have finally a meaning in their life. And I agree about better behaving monkeys in southern Italy too - if I recall correctly a few years ago (2/3 max) there was a case of a monkey with both arms broken in Catania. Lovely Sicily.

Fuck, this has so much meme potential. Remember the Macarena? I can imagine a remix with the word Marcerata and the music video of italians doing drive-bys.

that really boils my spaghetti

Because you German cucks screeched and wanted to sanction everyone who got between you and your shipment of fresh BBC.

We should remind that torpedo that actually are people like Jugend Rettet (typisch Italienisch I suppose) that flow us with nigs - but however… Is it not very clear outside of Italy that the NGOs are the main ferry for the monkeys? We had several military units from Spain Ireland Germany France too that unloaded nigs in Italy instead of the "nearest port".


Dear Italians: I commend your taking action. But note: It's called RWD SQUADS, not RWD Lone Gunman. Get some help next time, so you shoot up more than a handful of niggers. Get some help. Make friends. Train together. You'll be far more effective than going on your own.

Breivik laughs at you

A cell can be formed by one guy, at most 2. And breivik got the record.

Operation Mare Nostrum was a year-long naval and air operation commenced by the Italian government on October 18, 2013 to tackle the increased immigration to Europe during the second half of 2013 and migratory ship wreckages off Lampedusa.[1] During the operation at least 150,000 migrants, mainly from Africa and the Middle East, arrived safely to Europe.

The Italian government had requested additional funds in order to continue the operation, from the other EU member states, but they did not offer the requested support.[7]

You are not from around here, are you?



I wonder if these would be better suited to storing ammo or cremated remains?
t. Alphabet Souper

Precisely–"people" only become police or corrections officers because they failed to find any other job. Shabbos goyim hang along with their masters on DOTR.

Polite sage because I am stupid and forgot my infograph.


Beautiful girl. Life over and, literally, ripped apart because someone felt the area needed niggers.

People are already giving you a ton of shit, but you can literally be shot in the head from five feet away with 20 guage bird shot and be perfectly conscious. It won't even pierce your skull. Fuck, it might not even go all the way through your eye. You could literally shoot a four month old baby with birdshot and it will survive.

Also, why nobody has pointed out your "bruised bicep" line is beyond me. You fire a gun from the shoulder you fucking retard, not from the bicep. I'm struggling to even picture that.

This isn't the first time an Italian has opened up onto them randomly. Few years back a mafia member shot one in the head in broad daylight. Video is around here somewhere, moment.

Of course Youtube has removed the full part where half the mongrels head goes flying off into a car but, whatever, here it is.

spaghetti is one hell of a drug
also checked

Or he could have gotten out of the car and actually aimed at vital areas. Killing one is better than injuring 7.

That's hilarious, but also the stupidest thing I've ever fucking seen.

Killing 7 among 1.5M we got in the last 5 years does not solve the problem now. The really important thing is the message and this guy delivered a very powerful message.

If you want to really kill people with a gun you do not drive by. Niggers drive by. Professional killers walk. Anders chose a place where he could walk. This is just a message, not an aborted blood crush. (((They))) were warned several times, now we'll see how they will handle it. Niggers are still too few to grab our land and moreover they are not Italians like french muzzies or german turks, they are just "hosts". They are starting a war in the only place we still have a chance. People will get it.

we need that guy to compete in the next Twisted Metal tournament!

They are cleverly detaining them in the same place. What could go wrong?

Oh how long we had to suffer
But truely if even only one percent of the men commits one patriotic act per year in italy
we might see up to 200000 dead or assaulted niggers, kikes, etc in spaghetti land per year
i wonder how that would effect the news cycle?
i wonder how that might inspire men from other countries to free themselves

I am not sure this could be a good strategy - waking calls can be a demo like this but we need something more structured to get rid of scum. I think that "chaos" can be our ally in this case but we should resort to it just after attempting some legal ways to mop up.

his bravery is commendable but, if you are going to throw your life away aim for something higher than injuring 4 niggers.

I can absolutely confirm this. The number of sympathetic police is so small that its basically non existent. A few cops will talk the talk, but when the chips are down, they will absolutely not walk the walk. In their minds they're waiting for the storm to just blow over before surfacing, but it doesn't work like that.

The days of Mayberry RFD are gone. There are NO Andy Griffith's anymore. The only type of officer we have now are Barney Fife's. The no-trust cut throat culture has made two generations of officers that will do anything to get that promotion to make more money, and have more power. And the few that make it to the top hire all their friends so they can never be stripped of power without crashin the entire department. The police apparatus as it stands now is nothing more than a state sponsored gang, it seeing it this way is completely heartbreaking.

The police are not your friends. Deluding yourself into thinking this is a fatal mistake. Any officer would kick down your door and kill you just to get that commendation for his record. All he needs to do to be convinced is to have a politician say that you're a "domestic threat", and boom, door kicked in. Remember Ruby Ridge. Remember what Dorner died trying to expose.

He looks more like Yuri to be honest

Italy and Japan are MUCH less cucked than Germany. Same goes for Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and even Finland probably, and definitely the Philippines, Thailand, and Burma.
Germany might be the ONLY former Axis Power NOT to be accepted if you're not careful!
But you couldn't actually resist us, anyways, could you?

Good to see you being informed so intimate about the inner condition of so many different countries.

Don’t know if I want to be a member in the same club then you.

So irresistible
Are only moronic Italians in this thread?

While I don't disagree with anything you said, my point is whoever I replied to is a faggot. Glocks are pretty much the best pistol money can buy.

The fun has just begun - the nig was not charged for the murder or the rape but just for "offending" and hiding the corpse. This guy is going to be out in 15 days. Buy a lot of pop corns, we will hear from him again. We are still missing neck, heart and pussy of the girl and the judge said that "we do not have proof he killed her".

Do recommend that he instead stabs niggers in vital organs at night as he quietly passes through dark streets?

This is going to be a hell of a ride

That's where you're wrong. I want no dealings with the niggerbeast. Their mindless music, jibbering """speech""", insufferable insecurity and constant bitching, nothing.

Yesterday's night banner at Ponte Milvio (Rome).

I expect nothing less by nu-fascists. Though they really need to up their banter game, instead of being so damn edgy all the time.
Also, get this: every (((expert))) was gleefully warming their hands at the thought that support for Lega would drop but instead it actually got a bit higher - partly because Salvini proceeded to blame the center-left PD for favoring the niggers over their own people and for accepting EU deals that would just bring more of them, indirectly harboring extremist sentiment among the poorest classes.

but yes, all avenues should be pursued at one's own interest

Lots of cops are literally upstanding pillars of their community who raise white families with good values. They're also type-A personalities, alert and focused, even funny. The type of guy you'd ultimately want on your side when SHTF. It may depends on where you live, which department, state vs local. But if you don't have some of that police/EMT/firefighter/military crowd in your network of associates to the extent that you've been given opportunities to empathize with them, I'd give it a shot because police are not so easily worth dismissing. Just from my own experience I can say some of them are not shy to voice their anti-BLM sentiment when they're among a sympathetic audience.


We are always walking on hot coals - being a fascist is still enough to buy you 20 years in jail (Massimo Carminati is jailed in Tolmezzo, he did not kill anybody but of course he has a bad political attitude). We often forget that Italy is still included by the UN charter in the "Enemy Countries list" and we still at these days do not know what was agreed in the Malta treaty. We are just a colony. We can not establish our own foreign policy and people that tried like Craxi or Andreotti (that I did not like personally but that were nevertheless very skilled politicians) were CIA-derailed.
Speaking about (((experts))), it seems that they lost their touch lately. Pushing the narrative of the racist killer (that by chance did not kill anybody and did not hurt any "citizen" but just illegal drug dealers) helps people to remember what happened to the girl.

I like this - it is Carnival time around here. Maybe if I will feel asshole enough next week end I will wear a monkey mask and make a walk, accidentally sticking a few posters.


are you making your own powder too, or buying it? Either way, that's your signature.

and who will rope the pig? You? With what army?


Just a small bumperino for the latest news -
Looks like the monkeys were at least 4:

They killed her -

Yesterday random niggers received just a cocktail molotov as an extra gib.

Pretty much. They still haven't figured out who killed and shoved a guy in a drainage culvert around here. That was about five years ago. He's definitely been watching too many police propaganda shows.

I can see the faggots in this thread pleading with police "that we're on the same side" like Dicky, as they put the billy stick to your head. I suppose you'll figure it out then. Same goes for the cucks that denounce a White man when he gets so fed up he must act. They're greater men than you. You are no different than the cuckservatives.

Why 0 killcount pastabros

We don't need to - if you keep them concentrated enough they usually kill each other.

I'll give you a hint that's not his S.T.A.L.K.E.R cosplay

Are you shooting a dindu or a bird?

yep. it's exactly this. 80% of the shit you see on TV is a demoralizing propaganda to keep you from doing something.

MUH-1911-God's-caliber-stopping-power-because-they-dont-make-a-46-fags on suicide watch.

No he's just saying put IEDs in watermelons

italy u cant

judge dredd rides

Big up

thanks for loving my cat

And then later it came out that those "innocent" niggers who dindu nuffin were drug dealers as well.

One of them was actually a flatmate of the first dindu that was arrested. And their facebook pictures are even funnier than usual. It seems he had a thing for that trolley.

Berlusconi himself has warned of a ‘social bomb’ as a result and says that just 5 per cent of Italy’s 600,000 migrants are legitimate refugees who should be allowed to stay.

The newspaper La Repubblica has carried a pre-Macerata opinion poll showing that 40 per cent of Italians ‘strongly or very strongly’ agree that migrants represent ‘a danger to public order and personal safety’.

Here in Macerata, 150 miles north of Rome, I find zero appetite for greater European integration — and this is a Left-wing university town.

Historically, it would have been firmly behind the liberal consensus.

Not any more. Even the liberals talk like Ukip, while those on the Right talk of mass deportations. Every conversation involves the phrase: ‘I’m not racist but . . .’

Last weekend, thousands of Left-wing demonstrators descended on the town for an anti-fascist demonstration following the attack on the migrants. The locals, however, did not take part.

All tell me that the situation had been getting out of hand long before recent atrocities, with a marked rise in begging, petty theft and increased inter-racial tension.

Most suspect the authorities are not telling them the whole story about Pamela Mastropietro’s death.

At first, it was suggested that she was a drug addict who had taken an overdose and that her panicking drug dealer had disposed of the body.

Then the coroner informed a newspaper that there were signs of a violent death.

Next, came reports of body parts being removed, prompting wild theories about ritualistic killings. Four men, all believed to be Nigerian, have now been arrested in connection with the death.

Today, the tension is palpable. I am standing on the steps of the town hall when a furious row breaks out right in front of me. A middle-aged Italian man is hurling racist abuse at a Nigerian migrant who is riding his bike down a flight of steps.

So what happened to her? Italian Anons please tell olif any new findings.


Anti-Fascist organizations had gathered in Bologna, Italy as they tried to stop a political rally by the right-wing nationalists of Forza Nuova, who are currently riding high in the polls.

Clashes broke out when police intervened to try and stop the anti-fascist demonstrators from occupying the square where the Forza Nuova leader, Mr. Roberto Fiore, was due to speak later that afternoon.

Mr Pierluigi Bersani, a former government minister who is running for a small left-wing party, joined the demonstration of his movement comparable to the US’s Antifa, claiming that the only way to stop the right-wing nationalists was to fight these “regurgitated fascists and terroristic phenomenon” is to “go into the streets, and go there together”.

The right and the far-right are currently leading in the polls. Italy is currently being led by a center-left government.

What drug was she for?
Looks too good for heroin.




these guys seem cool

She was a junkie. But what drove her to this?

Nigger needs to be drawn and quartered

Do you know what drawn and quartered means

Look it up

That's a spicy

Breivik is a Jewish anti-fascist who killed a bunch of anti-zionists.

Accurate depiction of the Italian military