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niggers are evil

jews are worse. Never forget it's the kikes and chinks who funded all the nigger revolutions in Apefrica.

Personal property is not even a concept for wetbacks in socal. If it exists, it is theirs, next is America.

why would you live in africa?


Let me guess, she doesn't mention the major role of the jew in what happened to SA?

Africa is a continent to be ethnic cleansed, why aren't more of us living there is the problem.

How has no one checked these repearing dubs? Also, good post OP

hah, are you really implying that jews had a role to play in the kike-owned South Africa-Company and their genocides of the Boers, the media's condemnation of Rhodesia, the media pressure on Portugal and South Africa to disawow Rhodesia, the communist invasions of Rhodesia, the following media pressure on the virtue-vulturing cryptokike leaders of Sweden and Norway to lead a boycott of South Afrika and arming of the communists, AND the Israeli training, arming and guiding of the communists while they were were doing their massacres and terror attacks in South Afrika?

That's preposterous.


I find the best name for this is:

jewish utopia

Watch this video @ 1:10, the jew acting like it's business as usual.


Well, at least everyone is equal…

Equally fucked.

May I have the transcripts please?

Get the race war started in the USA with a big explosion.

I'd like to point out something important here. So Whites are literally living as a reviled, powerless minority in South Africa. Our kinsmen are living in fear for their lives and actively being hunted down by psychotic blacks who rape the women with broken glass before murdering everyone. And yet Whites are not fighting back.

What the fucking hell does it take for White people to man the fuck up and fight back?

Fuck of with this Jewish Leaf twat. Makes me fucking sick

The extermination of jews, and a rejection of their lies. We are witnessing evolution happening, soon the oppressive white man of the nigger myths will be born, a new species of white man that will look upon the lesser humans of this world, whisper to themselves "sub humans" and begin a justified purge. They will cite the historical clack of advancement from the subhumans as justification, they will cite the damage to the environment by the savagery. If we are lucky, we may see this in our lifetimes.

>(((Lauren Southern)))
Sage, report, filter.

Please show us the proof that she is a jew.

I think I see a solution to here…

That's kind of a catch 22. We must exterminate the kikes. However to do so, we'd need a sizable number of White People to wake up and cleanse these freaks from the earth. However in order for White Peoples to wake up, we'd need to kill off the jews.

You see the problem here.

"Hey Goyim, let's use echos around non-jews so he echos lose their power!"
Reported for being a kike

hey CIA, do you ever get tired of messing with that nerd who lives in a van in the desert?
why does he think you're aliens? is he the one who inspired CIA from the plane scene? they both like the color cyan.

coalburner, real last name simeonson, holocaust tweets.
you've seen them, prood will do nothing for a true believer.


Pretending that there’s not people on this very board using it to organize crimes, and break into people’s homes.

If sleeping with animals makes you a jew, then jews constitute far more than 2% of the population of my state.

Many of them are also cops.

Same as always, less condemnation, brainwashing and boycott organized by foreign media.

So she's pretending to be alt-right white to co-op with the right wing people. I feel sick.

Welcome back to your "high trust" home, Surrey Girl. Watch out for stray bullets.

no i'm claiming being of jewish ancestry makes you a kike. you conveniently ignore the image where she says her real last name, and it's a jewish one that translates to 'son of simeon'

this is how jews operate. everyone in the alt-right - all public figureheads that associate with that phony movement are either jews themselves or zionists / zionist sympathizers.

the whole thing's a big scheme, like some commie faggot said "the best way to control your opposition is to lead it"
real pro-whites like WLP and Varg go ignored while trendy zionists like dicky, mike enuch, and lauren get promoted.

Original :

"White people are geniuses when it comes to planning", thought the ghouls, and the shafts became both toilets and garbage dumps ever since. According to Mikhail, it takes roughly ten years for an average ghoul horde to shit up an office building to the point of complete unliveability. After that, like in good old prehistoric times, the horde migrates to new pastures, occupying another building.


When white countries become right wing then I hope they make the genetic testing mandatory for everyone. Jews need to wear one colour only clothings and the colour is bright yellow.

You know, you probably have Jewish blood in your family tree as well.


none of these posts are suspicious. we have IDs here you glow in the dark money nigger.

ID 109179: COP

Sure, you caught me blueberries.


Glow in the dark money nigger?

You calling me rich or something, eh pig?

Obviously. But again that's the problem. South Africa fell because their traitor government sold out the People to appease the jewish Zio-media and banking cabals. They fell because they were led by traitors, just like America. Another important factor IMO the MOST important factor is the White People, the working class didn't understand that the jews were behind it. They KNEW what blacks were like, they KNEW that giving them the vote meant the end of White power in their nation, and yet they didn't lynch every traitor who suggested handing over power to the niggers.
What they didn't know was that this was a jewish plan to exterminate White people.

It seems like you were stacking a deck and you argue like a shill. However that is an (((interesting))) name. Further research is warrented.
She doesn't look jewish. But of course looks can be deceiving.
In any case, you misused the meme, and you argue like a shill. So I don't trust you.

The way she talk look funny. I wouldn't lipread her well.

What do you mean?
I'm doing some research and have found lots of kikes (or people who may be kikes) with that name… but also lots of non-jews with that name.

she dyes her hair, if she had brown hair and gained weight she'd be a typical jewess.

Brazilian here.
Everything is true.

I live in a "old" neighborhood. Everywhere is just old houses and old people, a very nice place… But a the same time I feel sad.

And everything keeps getting worse. I hope Bolsonaro wins the presidential election. At least he will cancel the weapons ban.

A renewed sense of racial identity for one. "White" is currently seen as a sort of genetic blank slate rather than a distinct species by most people now thanks to hundreds of years of cultural and economic conditioning.

in 2007, I was a senior in high school. Our english teacher was an ex-marine and ex-cop, and I forget how it came up, but he asked our class how many of us would shoot a burglar if one broke into our home while we were there. In a class of like 25-30 kids, I was the only one who raised my hand. This is semi-rural indiana I'm talking about, not some libshit city. He looked at me and said, "Me too."

My wife can barely conceive of the idea of shooting somebody, even in such circumstances. Most white people are sheep. I can tell you this, though, if I lived in south africa, I'd be out killing blacks like the fucking Punisher every night. If men like me are 3-4% of the population, that's still millions of people.

Her left lip do not move properly. I think you can't see what I saw so maybe slow the video down in order to see the flaws with her lip moving. Some jews have that problem but I do not know what the name for that yet.


Look at that little kike shekel faggot doctor thriving in that hellhole. This really is a perfect microcosm of what the jews want all over the world.

You'd think in the U.S. there would be more people ready to do what needs to be done.

well, people my age are millenials; basically the most cucked generation

kids now are gen zyklon, and as I understand, they're a *bit* different


Seriously, just fucking kill them when you can. It isn't rocket science. The only nigger that should be left alive is the one being raised by white people, not the other way around. Then hopefully they can find another black woman who was raised by white and bred the nigger out of them.

I'm saving that one.

Nice civic nationalism faggot.

This is true, however I've noticed that nervous people tend to do this when talking to a large audience or if they're in unfamiliar circumstances.

While her hair is obviously dyed, that alone is not great evidence for anything other than she is like most women these days. And while you may know more than I do about the facial structure of thin jews, I don't see it.

It is possible that she is a mix though. However she has denied that she has jewish ancestry several times on Twitter. Does that prove anything? No. However if she is jewish, she is probably not be part of the club.

Our People must remember our heritage.
When White Peoples had a healthy and natural sense of racial pride, the jews did not have as easy a time in controlling us.

I feel you man. I live in Maryland. However I am still luckier than you are. My GF is as racially conscious as I am and we plan out how to explain to the cops why there's a dead home invader should the problem arise.
Fortunately we live in a rural area like you do so the odds of needing to explain anything are slim. (in my state you need to demonstrate that you had no other option than self defense or you get charged with assault. So you better be damn sure you off the bastard)

Goddamn, that's a Rare Enoch

Sounds like a Libertarian utopia


No mercy
They all die, along with anyone trying to stop us.

I find that the midwest tends to be more cucked than just about anywhere else in the nation aside from California. It's where most of those TGWTG fucks are from after all. If you want hardened young whites you need to look towards Appalachia and the few still functioning manufacturing districts in New England, assuming the opioids haven't taken them yet.


Says the nigger

You guys are so stuck on whether someone is Jewish or not that you’re not actually changing anything.

Because we are paranoid of the jews pretending to be right wing amongst us.

I smell a Jew.

I wonder if the Chinese ban of rap culture and tattoos is them saving face before the Russians. I'm also interested if Russia will have anti-degeneracy movements in the future.

Hitler and the Third Reich didn't hate other races, nice try kike. But u do u do faggots.

Anyway why do they rely on the private security? Most of the security guys are probably niggers so that mean they will likely let the niggers in.

yeah, im sure they're that stupid

Fed posting to get goys entrapped and sent to prison. Fuck off nigger

Because they plan on completely destroying the government itself and don't want the one thing keeping them from become bushmeat to abandon them when that happens.

Aside from the fact that whites probably use the local whatsapp groups and their own guns, I'd like to show you a thought experiment.
Race 1 variation: Weimar, DDR, Third Reich, Prussia, HRE.
Race 2 variation: Wild animals, possessed savages, trained animals.
You can get help from a trained animal, but you can't with the other variants. However, you can't get help in DDR either.

They would hire the two white guys secretly. Nights for the first white guy and day for the second days so that way they will have 24/7 security rather to rely on the private security companies that may be unreliable.

They are cops and Jews

I know but a lot of them are niggers so it's better to hire the white people with in their community. The cops in SA is not good.

It's called nigger infested. Get it right.

No, during the Apartheid they had trust. Niggers could trust in the fact that other nogs couldn't get away with it, so they could live properly, largely. The criminals could trust that they would be found and convicted.

Makes sense. It's why the southern blacks always went to church and spoke as properly as they could, polite and all, until the 1950s and 60s hit and everything went to shit.

Hitler never lived in nigger infested USA or SA, be around a nigger and you'll hate them too.

Biggest surveillance state in history, biggest indoctrination apparatus in history so any attempt to create any kind of mass violence is v&'d and normalfags are kept sedated with sportsball and other bread and circuses

South Africa is World War Nigger

"Lauren Southern" is a tranny who gets off to larping for the alt-right, while simultaneously getting sodomized by niggers.

Shame that there so many white ones as well.

Go poke the mop for leaking like a bitch.

Not if the company owners know what's good for them. Even niggers can be trained to obey commands so long as they're paid for it. Not that it's an optimal solution, but if you look at docus from SA it's clear that the security niggers:

Security is a lucrative business.

World War? That started in 1939 and was lost by White people.

We've learned from his mistakes.

Those are some very impressive digits

fucking pathetic betas swooning over a fake blonde jewess

amazing news OP thanks for sharing

You’re on a site ran by Jews and worried about Jew infiltration.

I can tell you're not from around here

I know this is old, but look at these chimps at the University of Cape Town wanting to 'decolonize science' and start all over again. This is what we're in for if we lose.

The second. Niggers that work security value the money, they know the option is starvation.

I don't think that anything other than becoming majority-minorities (not down to like 10% of a country but more like 45%) and having another group(s) in the mainstream with the bulk of power declare and attempt to genocide whites will wake most whites up into defending themselves. And I'm not talking about a passive genocide like we have right now; I mean a situation where you wake up tomorrow and on the news you see the lead story being something like, "Government of Canada declares that whites must leave country or face death".

And just look at something like this . Sure it's just an anecdotal story and who knows how people would really act if actually faced in such a situation, but I don't doubt that most would be limp noodles. He's right about a lot of whites (so are others but they're not the topic) being sheep, and no amount of bitching or blaming Jews or whomever changes that. Most people are going to take the dick in their ass as long as they can stay inside their house and take it safely on their couch; their video games, Netflix, delivered food and air conditioning will appease them. Lose those and maybe people will push back but I wouldn't count on those luxuries to go away any time soon.

Indeed, sadly. At risk of getting called fbi by all the idiots, it seems that the only way to get our kinsmen to pry themselves away from their sportball games and cheap netflix shows is to take down the electric grid. I know it's cliche, but William Pierce's Turner Diaries was right on the mark when the heroes decided to knock out nuclear power plants and dockyards in order to bring the System's economy to a grinding halt.
So long as Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccer-mom can watch their favourite TV circuses, they might as well not even be alive. They will not lift a finger to aid either side in this war of annihilation.

This. A reality we have to face is that there will likely never be some "awakening" on the part of whites anywhere, at least not on a mass scale. South Africa is a disturbing example of just how far things can deteriorate with most whites not only passively going along with it, but still buying into multiculti ideology. Granted there are lots of Boers that are aware of the problem, but they're virtually powerless. I've proposed before starting a mass twitter campaign directed at Trump or some other big-time conservative figure the next time some outrage is perpetrated in SA, which I believe is one of the biggest redpilling opportunities for Americans and Europeans.

I wish I knew where most people stand on these issues, because it's impossible to really know without conducting polling. But knowing is only half the battle. White Americans have overwhelmingly supported stricter immigration for decades, but it didn't make any difference to the decision-makers. Southerners resisted integration in the 60's and 70's by actual bombings and shootings of niggers and their enablers, but the ZOG train ran them over anyway.

I think that's an extremely important point. Whites tend to believe in pendulums and the innate good sense of people in positions of responsibility "Surely they'll realise this is a bad idea" they say to themselves. "After all, I provide so much good wool and keep the grass down."

Consider that a lot of whites aren't worth worrying about (yes, I know that our numbers matter, but bear with me). As the chaff gets weeded out, people like us become a higher percentage of the population. Therefor, more and more people (percentage wise) become supportive of our beliefs and our actions.

I'm honestly not worried about white genocide; without whitey, the global community will crumble because shitskins can't into civilization, and while many white will die, those remaining will be high quality, who will then breed and be a higher percentage of the whole. The best whites will never be killed off; we're too smart and resourceful. Imagine if the best white special forces guys all went guerilla against ZOG. Yeah.

That said, I think Trump is really trying his hardest to keep that all from happening, out of a sense of altruism. He knows what we know, but like any true aryan, he's full of empathy and long-term wisdom. And I think he's gonna win. We'll be fine, either way. Whitey won't go extinct.

Don't get me wrong, though, keep prepping and planning. Don't get complacent; if trump is wrong or not good enough, and we have to survive genocide, we'll need all of that. The "best whites" that I'm talking about will be the ones who are prepared.

Dr.Pierce removed any sense of altruism I ever felt towards other races if in fact I ever did. Eternal struggle IS eternal growth.

Matrix much?

the heros journey and proper mythology

Maybe, but you'd be surprised how long the system can limp along, and I think it could do so long after there are so few whites remaining that they can't survive. It is basically us against the entire world, a very visible minority that is simultaneously reviled and highly coveted, a minority that for the most part doesn't even know that it's in trouble. I hope your theory about the best surviving is correct, but to ensure that we need them redpilled NOW. It's incredible how much white talent is pissed away down the ZOG machine (U.S. military), or converted to cultural marxism or the worship of power.

My stance is that I don't really want them to die (some of them, yes), though I do want them removed from our countries. That said, there are too many of them for *their own* countries to support, and it's not our burden, so a lot of them will probably still die. Also, trump's altruism (if he's successful) will prevent a lot of white deaths.

Survival for the sake of survival seems pointless to me. As long as there are actual new threats that we need to address then okay, but unless there are a bunch of aliens out there, I think we're getting pretty close to not having to worry about shit, at least for a veeeeeeeeery long time.

I remember that post from that blog regarding the Russians visiting S.A. Appalling actually seeing the visual.

I'm not so sure. Cut out us manufacturing anything, developing fixes for problems, no white contractors or advisors, no financial aid or charity, no white doctors or medicine, no white military enforcing peace, etc. I think it would all crumble pretty fast.

I mean, they'd still have mining and electricity and farms and stuff, but it'd be polluted and corrupt with lots of infighting and wars, and hugely inefficient. I think countries would be small and weak, and the inflated populations would necessarily have to plummet down to more natural levels.

I think our best are redpilled already, being our *best*, but ensuring they are is a good thing, of course. Don't quit.

You need to be ready right now. This present moment. The struggle is eternal.
Stop apologizing for weakling and jew enablers.

follow the conversation, user, dont just jump in at random

you can tell simply by looking at her face what she is.
Even hybrids has this evil aura and a appearance of vampire /rat/fish around them.

Stroke from all the bullshit that comes out of her jew cunt mouth. Or Tyrone throat fucked her into some sort of paralysis of the jaw.

I like my security. Fuck people. Most of them suck.

The best won't survive,if sufficiently out numbered. WWII Germany for example,couldn't fight the entire world and win. It's numbers game,a pack of wild dogs can kill a single lion.

The most powerful thing you can do for the white European race is have white children 3 or more at least to bolster our numbers. Give them a proper education,make sure they in turn have many white children.

We must also work to make sure the shitskin horde breeds less,aid to foreign countries must be cut. Immigration from non white countries must be stopped. Non whites must be removed from our countries.

President Trump is working on all these points
but he will only be able to do so much during his term in office. We must make sure he gets a second term. Then we need to keep a right wing president in office.

Also just as important we need to get involved with our local Holla Forumsitics. Get yourself elected or make sure one of our guys is elected on the local level.

The only way we can fight the machine is to become it.Little by little we must make our views the norm for all whites.

Was Rhodes a bad guy? Did Rhodes deserve to have a country named after him?

Trump is baiting them out of their hideouts. We are taking notes :^)

Four years back, people thought Joe the Cocksucker on MSNBC was a Republican LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

< redpill me on __


The Swedish PM Palme was a CIA agent/source. Fact!
As well as the Norwegian/German head of the “Socialist International” and German chancellor Brand. The CIA paid for him becoming head of the German government. It is not just the “Chinese”.

The mining concern (((Anglo-American))) conspired behind the back of the public with the negro-communist of ANC in England.

They were retard philosemitic Protestants, who in two world war did fight on the side of the jewish NWO against Hitlers anti-semites.

They voted for the end of Apartheid, did you forget? A good argument against Democrazy, people can be made to vote against their own interest, even if their life depend on it

Hey, make a test, ask them what they think about the jews and what about Hitler.

He is a kike worshiping prot.

Kikes with so much European DNA you can‘t spot them immediately are scary.
Southern/Simonsen doesnt look Danish, more Slavic, that is a hint she might belong to the kosher faction.

Watch out for people not fitting in the group they claim to belong.

arguing about South Africa now seems like a moot points,doesn't it? For whites South Africa is beyond fuck it's past time to pack your shit and gtfo if you want to live.

I'd like more info on their security systems.

I'm not convinced of that. The real war is between whites and kikes. We are quite capable of handling niggers. Yes, life is completely different, but it's stupid to bitch about it like you're a fucking vagina. "wah, I can't go to a nudist beach" fuck off kike whore.

He was a lackey of the jews.
More questions?

What you say is true, without Whites, the world would descend back into the stone age. Except for East Asia. They'd eventually just exterminate all the lesser races and we'd have an Asian world.
Of course this presupposes an immediate die off of White Peoples, like that frivolous book "the world without us"
What's more likely is that if we do nothing, the kikes will enact their ultimate plan. They'll flood the West with shitskins while sucking the lifeblood out of our nations. I'm talking money, weapons, and technology. All the while they will be ethnically cleansing the Arabs from the Middle East with their phony wars and fake terrorist organizations like (((ISIS))). The Arabs will of course be sent to, you guessed it, our homelands instead of being killed so as to further the process of degrading the West.
The end goal is to steal all of our race's material wealth and transfer it to Israel before finishing off the West completely, probably by triggering a war with China and Iran. This will lead to a nuclear conflict that will wipe out all the Goyim forever.

Think about it. Imagine such a world.
Almost makes me wretch.

Fortunately, I share your optimism. And even if it was a lost cause, it's unthinkable to not fight back against evil.

Should try another peaceful protest. Surely the niggers will listen to reason eventually.

A Message to All Viralists

A virus must be developed within the next 20 years to target anyone with African genes. You get a bonus if you can include the Asiatics. The virus must be quick to kill and an easy airborne spread. You have 20 years.

found one,took about 20 seconds

Meanwhile Japan has almost no private security, no guard dogs and nobody is afraid to go places. They don't even have cover charges for many things like museums and art festivals, because people don't go in there to steal things. Nobody is afraid when they're in the subway, it doesn't even cross the mind of a japanese that they could be robbed or have their things stolen on the subway. This is what life used to be like in many western countries.

Nice thing to wake up to in the morning. Laura Southern, though

Kikes win when whites kill other whites as was the case with WW2. And redpilled whites are such a tiny minority that there's no hope to win by just breeding.
The meme war must go on, all kikes deserve the >>oven ,civnats need to be reeducated about the gravity of things with some good ol gore spam, gen-z must be ours to increase the range and effect of our memes by spreading them for us.
Reaching a critical mass of unpozzed whites free from msm brainwashing will save us long before your children are old enough to join the fight.

Because the whites were there first.

That kike doesn't realize most folk in rural leafland sleep with a gun in the room and the door generally is reinforced one way or another.

they weren't perfect

Yes we're going to have to use everything at our disposal and fight on all fronts.

I also agree,Hitler was great and everything,but he wasn't and isn't God. We have to deal with our current problems how we see fit not through the lens of german who only cared about germany.

Fuck you nigger, they cared about Europe and even America. They knew what the hell was going to happen if the enemy had its way.

Someday you’re going to be reading my book and be like damn, that was that one user on pol I used to bantz and thought was crazy.

You forgot to mention that the eternal Anglo imported niggers to make (((profit))). The Dutch were fine with working themselves.

Wow, living in South Africa is exactly like playing Darkwood.

Hitler may have cared about more than just Germans. However he was not a White nationalist, he was a German nationalist. And if German interests came at the expense of other Whites, he happily trampled on others to further them. Look no further than his plans for the Slavs.
George Lincoln Rockwell's biggest criticism of Hitler was that Hitler tried to save only Germany from the jews. He argued that what Hitler should have done was create a revolution everywhere for all Whites to overthrow the jewish System in its entirety. Instead he threatened other Europeans without giving the hope of overthrowing the jews. And I agree with Rockwell.
Remember, the elites do not serve the interests of the jews because they love jews. No one loves jews. They're the least lovable race on the planet. They lick their boots because they fear the jew. If Hitler had chosen to allow the non-Jewish elite to maintain their power for a time in exchange for the jews, I have little doubt that they'd be lining the kikes in front of a brick wall so fast that we'd be wondering if jews ever even existed today. Then he could have united Europe against communism and instead of promising to oppress and exterminate the Slavs, he could have promised them liberty from the hated communist machine. Then, at his leisure, he could have systematically rid the world of the amoral capitalist system and replaced it with positive National Socialism forever.

We'd be living in a far better world.
But instead he chose to fight everyone at once. He gave the elites no other option other than to unite behind the jews.

Do I blame Hitler for doing so? Of course not. He was a man, not a god. He made mistakes and ultimately paid for them. He came within 1000 meters of defeating the jews who ran the communi$t Empire and within 20 kilometers of overthrowing the British Empire. That's amazing. And he did it all while fighting the three most powerful organizations on the planet; The judeo-communist Empire, the Anglo-banking Empire, and the Zio-banking Empire. And he almost won.

However where there is a defeat, there is also a reason behind it and you need look no further than Hitler's "shit on all Slavs all the time and rub their faces in their oppression" policy.
Had Hitler merely promised to liberate the Russians from communi$m and from the jews, he would have overthrow the decrepit communist regime.

Also, Mussolini. His grandiose Nova Romanum ambitions also may have cost Hitler the war.

Hitler hated the jews from his experience of living around them. There weren't any niggers in germany back then.

What you described is what living in an American ghetto is like. I would know, I grew up in one. Niggers nog wherever they go.
These are all true stories from growing up in the poor part of a major American city. You want to know what it's like to live in a low trust society? Move to wherever niggers make more than 10% of the population.

The problem isn't trust. It's niggers.

Just demolish the buildings.

The problem with taking away their bread and circus is, that they will hate you for bursting their bubble with all the intense a golem is still capable.
Be sure to never get associated with what you have done. Blame your enemy and cover up your tracks or stage an accident or you will lose all support of the white shabbos goyim you might wanted to save from themselfes.

Death of America. The Jew world order, centered on America, ensures that South Africans hands are tied. If they tried anything, they would be bombed out by the I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass ZOG military.

Killing America is a prerequisite for saving the white race.

Looked like Southern California to me.
The only proper solution in the U.S. is to make a "Black" state for black people.
Unfortunately the only way for it to work would be to have a much more aggressive and dangerous society as a whole.
Not more violent crime, but just a completely more aggressive approach to all aspects of society.
We would need an extreme intolerance of communism in all it's subtle guises.
We would need to raise our children with an understanding of the value of struggle and controlled violence.
On our current path this isn't likely to happen apart from some kind of catastrophic event leading to the reformation of our current system.

It's probably inevitable. The U.S. was founded on the principle of freedom. We've mapped out the necessary aspects of freedom that we need for a civilized society and can now focus on the individual struggle, what a human being needs to have to fulfill their greatest potential.

Say what?

Not that I disagree that Whites should help each other all over this world, and take back their nations, but I think it has more to do with the fact that Whites were/are in a slowly boiling pot. If they had been tossed into a boiling pot, they would have reacted as everybody would expect of them.

They've been fooled and had the wool pulled over their eyes, and now, finally are they beginning to remove the wool from their eyes, and I think we are beginning to see that all over White Nations, it will continue to get worse.

Dr. Pierce even alludes to this at times, and drives that point home in The Turner Diaries how Whites are slow to wake up, but when they do, they start to take retribution worldwide.

Hardly anybody in the thread gives a fuck about her or talking about her, everybody is focused on the topic of the thread, niggers in South Africa.

I made it 1:40 in and turned it off, after he said sorry, probably didn't have a choice in SA. But then again, the niggers think that their voodoo magic makes lightning and Western science can't proof otherwise.

Fucking niggers.

They absolutely would commit genocide on a scale humanity has never seen before, just like in the past, if you take people's ability to eat or stay in their homes, then they have nothing left to lose, and will act as such. I hope we get Whites to act like that before it gets to that point.

White Nationalists used to tell their members to join the military get the training and attempt to spread the ideology, especially among special forces and regular grunts. Then the government went on a big push to try and weed them out and stop them from getting in.

Nowadays the cartels and nigger gangs tell their people to do the same shit, but since their niggers and spics, government didn't believe it existed.

You've got the right idea but not just the military, you should have white nationalists in significant numbers in all law enforcement organizations. After all how are Chaim's dictates going to be enforced if the police and the military won't do his bidding?

I would also recommend that Holla Forums read more, learn more and pick up a trade/skill as a past time, and if you suck those things or can't do them because of skill or money, then know somebody who can, and maybe learn it from them.

You don't even need to know how to do something, but if you have the books and DIY resources, you can learn in a hurry if you ever need to.

And I know that Holla Forums hates universities because they're cancer they are but they are only cancer and nothing else if you treat them like that and think like that. You can learn biology, chemistry, physics and engineering that can give you the ability to do things that you would need in a SHTF instance or simply to infiltrate The System as Dr. Pierce called it, and help get more of our people into it.

And the one that I know a lot of Holla Forums hates, law, is something that more of us should get into, and not to mention politics, if you're good with research and numbers you could try and become a policy wonk and help create actual policy.

Basically this.

Didn't even think about that picture, good addendum user.

ha ha no.
Can't imagine there being any (((legitimate))) place to study law without all the added brainwashing and useless waste used only in zog courts and bureaucracy.
Books and DIY resources is the only way unless you're lucky enough to know someone redpilled that can be your mentor.
And there is absolutely no fucking reason to learn all of the ZOG bullshit beyond recognizing it at a glance because you won't win playing by kike rules, that's being a retarded civnat. Tear down ZOG and use the unpozzed knowledge to rebuild a national socialist state.

South Africa: the only country where a zombie apocalypse would actually improve living standards.


We'll probably get to do it in our lifetime, along with stealth killing politicians.

Rupert Murdoch = Jewish

It's a good point. We sit and mock it but the only reason we do is the niggers. That is some beautiful and very rich land in Africa that has been squandered for too long.

If shit hits the fan and a civil war scenario breaks out people better not be hesitating because those assholes will see that as prime time to kill you. Just look at Katrina and the stories that were downplayed to make it appear like it was some sad nig fest of oppression. They fucking raped and killed their way across the inner district working toward the Superdome and the French Quarter until they learned what real resistance was from a bunch of barricading gun touting "stay the fuck out" white rednecks. Rocks starting to get thrown, a few buckshots erupted nailing a few of them, they ran away quicker than shit out a goose, next thing they tried to make rafts… by using metal from car doors they ripped off (not kidding). For some reason though they couldn't make the metal float so they next tried a phone pole they knocked over but didn't realize logs turn and they couldn't stay on, finally "help" arrived and brought them to the Superdome and what followed was probably a rape on par with the Rape of Nanking as thousands of women walked out of that place screaming about what this person/that person did. The result? The media said nothing.

Point being, do not hesitate with them…. at all…

I thought that was just a LARPING shit post. I didnt think it was real…

This is what Anarchist always wanted right? Why don't we see Anarchist move there to see how their ideology are put into practice.


Now make sure to check everything before killing yourself
Including these numbers.



vid related is hunting bank cash truck robbers

your jew-loving tradthot doesn't think white genocide is even real.

Commit suicide.

Is there a underground society for the white africans? I am curious.

>Imblies (((kikess))) is "my eceleb"
The thread is about (and I quote) living "IN A LOW-TRUST SOCIETY" and uses a kike e-celeb video to highlight it.

White South Africans should leave there to make New Rhodesia tbh.

Look at that picture Anons.

Every single one of you who is not taking care of his body is a disgrace. You could have the mental capabilities to be the next Newton but if you look like that no one will care, you could have the spiritual strength to be the next führer but if your body looks like that nobody will follow you. Your ideology might be pure and you might no everything there is to know about it, but people will mock you if you do not take care of your body.



How is pic-related not posted yet? I'm disappointed, Holla Forums.


I think South Africa is so particularly bad because whites have simply spent too long living there. Every other country in Africa the whites have abandoned. Colonialism ended and they packed up and fucking left. The natives, left to their own devices, destroyed and consumed each other and basically reverted to a pre-colonial state with only a few small vestiges of white influence in their largest urban centers. When I say "white influence", I mean "technology", "infrastructure", "education", and ultimately "civilization". They are not much of a danger to anybody because, lacking any civilization and organization, they plod around in the dirt and shit and murder one another like the savages that they are.

But South Africa is different. Whites stayed there, and with them stayed civilization. They propped up the savages, educated them, fed them, and armed them. By simply choosing to live alongside the savages, rather than pushing them out, they have empowered the savages. This has made the savages dangerous.

Absolutely. The clock's ticking for the last whites to finally leave that shithole. There was a blog post by some burger if I recall correctly, titled "Just let africa burn". That sums it up for me.

The NS did see the big picture, but they did also see that most other white people were more preoccupied with serving the jew and destroying Germany. So they naturally had to serve their people and their survival first, not that of some genocidal shabos goys.

South-Africa and it‘s people were, are still those shabos goys.

Germany made really bad experiences with voicing their support for Boers.

Lovely people that Slavs, mass murdering Germans, stealing their country, after flourishing for centuries under German rule in Germany

The Slavs were, still are shabos goys, like the Anglos and like the Anglos they will do the jews bidding until they are at the border of extermination.

The Slavs, like the Anglos don‘t do that because they are forced by an outside power. They do it because of greed and envy of better people.

And you call me a Jew? LOL Reported for being the real Jew here.

Begone nigger, you don't belong here.

Agreed. America is the strong arm of international jewry.

The U.S. because if white uprising starts anywhere else they will be freedomed very quickly. It's a requirement to deal with unkiking the U.S. before anything else.

Would you happen to have some good, extensive sources for those stories I could add to my folder, user?

I certainly hope so. My fear though is that it will take a very, very long time to do so. A lot can happen in 100 years. And the longer we are kept down, the most secure the kikes will be if or when we do wake up as a race.

However I still have hope.

True. Now, I am not suggesting anything, but hypothetically if one were to visit these following coordinates and prank the government, it might be best to do so dressed not as an enemy, but dressed as some innocent third party. For instance, if a "marxi$t thug from antifa" was spotted pranking something, someone clever might put it together that the prankster was the opposite of antifa trying to false flag the faggots. A better idea might be to indicate that the prankster was an environmentalist terrorist or a muslim or a drug gang. Anything unconnected with White survival.

And again, this is all hypothetical musings for a book I'm writing.

That is not true. Slavs and Anglos are just people, no different in guilt or oppression from Germans. It is the elites who are traitors. The average Brit and Russian is merely trapped within the Zio-matrix of power. If being a citizen of a state that serve the kikes makes you deserve to lose your land and be exterminated, then Germany deserves to be exterminated along with all of Europe, Australia, America, and Canada. Name one nation that exists today that is less controlled by jews than Britain was in 1939. Name one nation less controlled be jews than the USSR was in 1941.

40.727523, -73.974824
40.763238, -73.943786
40.787686, -73.909251
41.077148, -73.832137
40.957503, -73.856606
40.940111, -73.857210
41.192992, -73.800377
41.264669, -73.947691
40.912869, -74.365252
40.820118, -74.331221
40.803334, -74.291503
40.792030, -74.258281
40.790189, -74.257194
41.021255, -74.726644
41.377443, -75.149399
43.099640, -79.007317
43.092737, -78.971575
43.008725, -78.821595
42.983066, -78.788896
42.981446, -78.786791
42.940066, -78.769563
42.918307, -78.767894
42.904780, -78.768064
42.903382, -78.768133
42.851135, -78.773523
42.830801, -78.780368
42.829647, -78.780535
42.799148, -78.781001
42.762146, -78.783354

There are no ruling elites in Germany, because Germany is an occupied nation. There is no choice. Longtime government member Schäuble spelled it out, Germany has not been sovereign a single day since 1945. Another government member once remarked the problem with (German) politics is, that those who get elected (Politicians) have nothing to say (decide) and those who decide are not elected. We know that German chancellors, at least until reunification, had to sign a paper of unknown content to be handed to the allied occupation regime 8Kanzlerakte) – no rumors, facts. German politicians can not act as the want or their conscience demands. This week was revealed that former chancellor Kohl used to support in secret an organization of former SS men, while as a politician was an obedient follower of the orders of ZOG.

If on digs in post-war German history, one discovers that all the negative decisions, like immigration was forced onto Germany against the will of the Germans by NATO, the USA.

Poles, the former Eastern Block was not forced to serve ZOG. There were no occupation forces after the Soviets left. They choose to ally themselves with ZOG because the jews promised them riches, without much work at the expense of others (mostly Germany).

“Europe has been in decline since 1917 and the destruction of Germany,” says Friedman. “It emerged from World War II as an occupied continent that had lost its empire.”

“Every couple of centuries there is a changing of the guard in Europe,” says Friedman. He sees Poland as the “heart of dynamism” in Europe today.–march-2010/962-george-friedmans-the-next-100-years-a-forecast-for-the-21st-century

According to the analyst, in the next three decades Germany will lose its status as an economic powerhouse, while Russia will be “weak”. This will be a time for Poland, which – with its well-educated society – will become a regional powerbroker.,Poland-to-become-regional-powerbroker-analyst

Geopolitical Journey, Part 2: Borderlands
is republished with permission of Stratfor.
By George Friedman

Germany has not thought of itself as a freestanding power since 1945. It is beginning to think that way again, and that could change everything, depending on where it goes.
One of the things it could change is German-Russian relations.
Right now, there is logic in closer German-Russian ties. Economically they complement and need each other. Russia exports raw materials; Germany exports technology. Neither cares to be pressured by the United States. Together they might be able to resist that pressure. There is a quiet romance under way between them.

While the United States can welcome a powerful Turkey, the same can't be said for a powerful Russia, particularly not one allied with Germany.

It is the Intermarium – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and perhaps Bulgaria – that represents this generation's alliance. It blocks the Russians, splits them from the Germans

The Poles must be the leader of the bloc and the Romanians the southern anchor. I think the Poles are thinking in these terms but the Romanians are far from this idea.
For me, a U.S.-backed Poland guarding the North European Plain, with Slovakia, Hungary and Romania guarding the Carpathian approaches, would prevent what the United States should fear the most: an alliance between Russia and Germany plus Western Europe.

For Poland, that strategy comes from the recognition that not only is it caught between Germany and Russia, it is the monkey wrench in German-Russian entente.
As part of an alliance stretching from Finland to Turkey, the Intermarium, Poland would have an alliance of sufficient weight to matter that would be free from the irrelevancies of NATO.

But in the end, the United States has fought three times in the 20th century to prevent a German-Russian entente and the domination of Europe by one power, whether that be Germany, Russia or a combination of the two.
A German-Russian entente would threaten the United States profoundly. That is why it fought World War I, World War II and the Cold War.

The Poles (and the Czechs to a degree) want the land of the Germans and their wealth in addition to what they already have stolen. It is that simple.

The Anglos, the USA didn‘t want a prospering unified Germany. Since the end of the 19th century all of the British politics were aimed at the destruction of Germany, in which they did not succeed before they became destroyed themselves. The Brits wasted their empire in the purpose to destroy Germany, because they couldn’t and can not stand a successful Germany. The British people did enthusiastically cheer at that insanity.
The USA took over were GB failed and the burger were very content with that, until very recently, after 2000 when the cracks in the build could not longer painted over, the basement did run full of water and people started wondering were all the money went – for the upkeep of the joint enterprise surly not.

By choice and voluntarily, enthusiastically. Ever heard of British Israelism?

They were full of jews, in the KGB, behind the machine guns of the special troops, forcing the muchniks into German fire – and they are proud of it and boast about it in TV.

Free market solves everything, even non-white criminality

Or we could just go load up a couple of G6's with some weapons and a tonne of ammo and start to liberate South Africa. For old times sake of course.

I might have some laying around on my offline computer where I store all my important shit. I don't recall off the top of my head but I will check. What specifically do you want?

Whether you’ve been to a circus with loved ones or seen a circus act on TV, I’m sure you remember seeing beautiful gigantic elephants performing tricks for the crowd. Children are laughing and families are enjoying themselves, but did you ever stop to think why these enormous animals stay within the confines of the circus tent? Elephants are built to uproot trees using only their trunk, yet these circus elephants never try to leave. Elephants in their natural habitat would break free from their bondage and roam as they pleased. So why don’t these circus elephant simply walk out of the circus? It’s not like anyone would be able to stop them easily. The reason why circus elephants don’t escape is that they believe in false limitations. They believe in invisible chains.This belief of bondage begins when these huge elephants are babies, barely able to walk on their own. Each circus hires elephant trainers that take these baby elephants and systematically force them to believe that can never escape.
To accomplish this, trainers will first take a baby elephant, when it is most vulnerable, out of captivity and into the circus environment. The trainer then takes a huge metal clasp and tightly closes it around the baby elephant’s ankle. That ankle clasp is then affixed to a heavy metal chain, which is hammered into the ground using a thick metal stake. It is at that very moment that the baby elephant’s instincts kick in. It tells itself that something is terribly wrong and it must break free. The baby elephant notices that it is attached to this contraption and tugs at the chain, panicking as it realizes it cannot escape. An instantaneous tantrum occurs because the baby elephant knows that this bondage is not normal. The baby elephant tries to run. But it can’t. It gets snapped back by the chain. The elephant tries to escape again. It can’t. The baby elephant knows it’s not supposed to be chained down and that it is built to roam the lands. The baby elephant knows that the circumference of a circus tent is not where its story ends. So for two weeks, this baby elephant fights with all of its will, with all of its might, to escape from this chain, because it knows its truth.
After two weeks, this baby elephant becomes tired, frustrated, and defeated. Its will has been broken. With a bloodied ankle, this baby elephant now feels it can never move beyond the distance of this metal clasp and chain. This baby elephant is stuck. Fast-forward 10 years: this baby elephant has grown to weigh over 6,000 pounds. Even though it is a massive and majestic animal, the circus elephant forever believes it is trapped within the circus tent. Now the trainers only need to tie a small woven rope around its ankle, just tight enough for the elephant to feel its pressure. When the fully grown elephant senses this rope, it believes it is still that same baby elephant. It doesn't know that it can break free.
The elephant is bound by invisible chains.

Bullshit. They are the ones collaborating with the occupiers.
Also, as a person who has met a lot of Germans, most are cucks. Of far worse variety than Poles.

Yeah I mean, who doesn't want to be bombed by NATO? I sure love being bombed by NATO for being "undemocratic" or having ZOG fund an uprising to "restore democracy"

Anyway, your geopolitical analysis is spot on. No issues there.

Yeah, kind of like how the German people cheer at the destruction of Germany and Europe. Hurray for "diversity!"


Hmmm. Kind of like how AMericans boast about killin' Nat'sees
Or how Germans are "proud" of the kikes destroying their nation in return for committing the holokoust

Makes me rage…


This is actually happening in South Africa and it's still not bringing the whites together.

We need a plan that doesn't rely on SHTF.

What the hell in Buffalo is so special, user?

Vive le Quebec libre then. Good luck with that.

Was posted


the real solution is a air borne respiratory pathogen to wreak havoc in the major metropolitan cities across the world. It will cause a return to nature if the cities across the world are filled with chaos from a new world plague.

One of the largest hydroelectric facilities in New York State.

Servants are no rulers. The shabos goy doesn‘t run the houshold and has no say in how it is run.

Nobody in the east was forced into NATO and EU, in contrast to Germany, that are undeniable facts.
Oh please, Poland, the whole former eastern block, was begging to be admitted to NATO and the EU. You are no Serbia and the V4 countries were eager enough to help in the bombardment of Serbia, facts.

There are no, were no Germans cheering to that, beside of extreme fringe groups of several hundred peoples, many of “mystery meat”, the “Anti-Germans”. BTW some years ago the police raided an occupied house in Berlin. Police leaked the name list of the arrested antifa, I did read like the telephone book of Warsaw.

That is just fiction.

I've known expats who've lived in Africa for decades, if you have the money to pay for security and are prepared to deal with African laziness and corruption you can live like a king in those countries.
For example: Zimbabwe may be a shithole but offers quite pricey luxury resorts at the Victoria Falls.

It's sad that it isn't more widely known that the so-called "Anti-Germans" are overwhelmingly Jews (both Israeli imports and homegrown ones) and 2nd gen Poles.

the cheerios factory!

Not that user, but i'm interested in the Katrina rapes.

They have been brainwashed for longer, and we're heading down the same path.

Our populations are poisoned with Nitric Oxide, this shit clouds your thoughts and makes your belly fat as fuck, they've poisoned society by bunching us in nigger cities to make us feel completely helpless so we never take action. Avoid PUFA vegetable oil like the plague, it literally poisons your mind and your nervous system.

In the third-world shit-hole where I grew up, we had most of the security measures in the video. Additionally, we had a solid steel fence with razor wire at the top going around the property, an armed guard who patrolled the property every half hour around the clock and German Shepards running around the yard that were deliberately underfed to make sure they were always hungry. Every room in the house had at least one concealed revolver or automatic and all internal doors were solid timber with peepholes and deadlocks so that you could instantly turn any room into a saferoom.

In addition to this, all the windows had bars on them like a prison to prevent prowlers from breaking a window and entering the house. Unfortunately, putting bars on the windows can also turn the house into a death trap if there's a house fire. There was a housefire down the road once when I was there, and the fireman couldn't get into the house because the entryway was blocked and all of the windows were barred so an entire family burned to death.

Also, security only works when you're at home. A next door neighbour of mine went into town once and entered a store with a narrow storefront that was being robbed. When he closed the door behind him someone put a gun in his face and, because the robbers were black and he was White, they bashed all of his teeth out with the butt of their rifles. And this was in a town which didn't have a dentist. He lived on soup, which he ate using a straw for a few days until he was well enough to travel then went to Europe for treatment and never came back.

There is nothing worse than living in a country filled with the negro savages of Africa.



Fuck off, a kike infestation in England is no more to do with English than the kike infestation in France, or the US.
You stupid fuckers fell for the jew's ways yet again, using THEIR term 'anglo', when you don't even know what it really means.

This is from another user:
"Majority of the problems that morons on Holla Forums blame on Anglos can be blamed on the jewish "cousinhood", i.e. the zionist elite in Britain associated with finance, elites, and politics. That anti-anglo Holla Forumslacks rarely mention them goes to show just how garbage anons' knowledge is on the history of the jew (or that they are shills).

Go read the books The Divided Elite: Economics, Politics, and Anglo-Jewry, 1882-1917 and The Cousinhood: The Anglo-Jewish gentry. Both are scholarly literature and not garbage. Alternatively go read the historian John A. Hobson from the 19th century who wrote a number of books showing the connections between imperialism, colonialism, and jew elites. His analysis of the role of British Jews in the Boer war is very interesting, and generally ignored by most. Another ignored figure is Moses Montefiore, a historical figure rarely mentioned but very important in British Zionism and the eventual establishment of Israel. Guy had connections and influences all over the place, pushing pro-Jew shit among literary elites, media elites, foreign politics, financial elites. Basically the same shit happening today.

Yet morons on Holla Forums solely blame the anglo. This how you lose. By not learning from history and how the enemy operates."

Reminder that the US has 10+ million jews, more than israel itself.
France has by far the largest population of jews in Europe.
Poland kept jews harboured for 800 years while the rest of Europe tried their hardest to kick them out.
But you kike-puppets constantly blame the Englishman for the hideous behaviour of the kikes that parasited off the country.
Yet you don't blame american citizens for the actions of the 10 million kikes living there.
Fucking idiots.

Worthwhile image.


It is.
It‘s part of the protestant, anti-Roman, anti-continental culture the English are so proud off. It is “part and parcel” of chopping off the head of King Charles, Cromwell subduing anyone not prot enough, particular those papist Irish.

Ironical that was a real continental (((Protestant))) invasion from (((Holland))), in contrast to the imaginary Catholic one they are so proud to have fight off.

The Northern-Irish Protestants are just the most visible sucker for the jews.
The jew just need to pull this strings, then the Anglo starts to jump like an epileptic.

We know this, that‘s why you are called the Anglojews. Of course Joe Random, hasn’t this connection, does not profit from it, but might imagine he does.

In the end, to get rid of this infestation, the British would need to make a revolution like the French one, by completely removing and exchanging the ruling class.

Man, I love PUBG.

what happens during a black out in South Africa? party tiem?
how many die usually?

What is this a wordfilter for?


damn at least 45 people in the (((alt-right))) support white genocide

Hitler was driven by love for his people.

We are driven by seer necessity.



B…b….but goy Antwoord are so cool. De numbers gang. NINJA

Permission. Hitler gave it to the Germans, but we are lacking an authority figure to tell us that it's ok to defend ourselves, our homeland, and our history.

Kill yourself, literal cuckold.

Do you have one with subs so I can mute out this whores mannish voice?

This is the future for the entire western world if "multiculturalism" continues.

Africa would be a magnificent place to live after some strategic-level nerve gas deployment.

we know how to build gated communities

Cromwell also invited Jews from Holland and gave them control over the city of London and the Bank of England. He was quite the good goy.

Just yesterday I was watching Zulu (1964) which, if you google around, you can find versions in HD and the scenery is just absolutely beautiful. It made me really sad to think that these brave white men fought to secure a country, won their fight, built a peaceful and prosperous nation, and then their descendants were cucked.

We have the ability to take the world and make it a good place for everyone, including blacks. We just don't have the will. And because we don't have the will, everyone will suffer, including blacks.

shut up ((( allied )))
Whites lost that war and from there on, things got from bad to worse.

Hope things turn around though.