Muslim Student Tries To Get Another Student Expelled For Refusing To Wear A Hijab

Here's the cunt's jewbook

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So kill her.

Pic related is the other girl's tweet she was linking. I'm not sure I can believe this whole thing, it just seems way too extreme, like a publicity stunt or something. Poe's Law is real.

Have you ever seen a publicity stunt where a Muslim wasn't portrayed as the victim? I think this one is real but also think Zhu made it happen by probably riling the shit up. I am totally okay with that.

fucking checked
Why should I care about a muzxie or a chink on kikebook? They both need to go.



Someone needs to explain to this cunt that we have laws here and no one needs permission to take photos in public of anyone.

Chinks have no problem being racist baiters.

I see shit like this and it really makes me feel like we must all be complete pussies. She fears 0 violent backlash for what is essentially her trying to supplant our civilization with her ass backwards dune coonery.

She may be a semen demon but she has my support.

This looks shooped. I can tell by the pixels.

What's wrong with you?

Based Zhu.

For a second I thought that was Nick Cage.

If it's real, the Muslim girl should also be pressured to eat a pork chop. If she refuses she should have people banding together to have her expelled, too.

Here's he twitter with the highlights:^tfw
> Independent Thinker- FL State Director @NewRightUS - Interviewed by Fusion, CBC, RT, The Rebel, InfoWars, NBC- Political Commentator-

It's another attention whore.
Well go paypal here, anons! Show m'lady we won't let the SJWs disgrace her!

Fuck it, I guess I'll have to check my own quad dubs.


so she knows mike tokes


Underrated get.

I have no doubt Zhu riled that shit up… and I am totally okay with that.

Wow man, thats like, illegal and stuff. Muslims have feelings too, they are people, were all just humans.
Just kidding, no bully plz mods.

Pretty much this. Crusaders would lop their heads off and then have a feast in celebration. Attempting to convert white people is religious warfare, especially openly, on the street.

Semite acting like a semite, color me surprised.

Christ these mudslimes have gall.
Is her dox out yet?

you misunderstand, the sand nigger is being portrayed as the victim because she is muslim and therefor victim

why does every fucking 'white eceleb' look like they have a serious case of vitamin d deficiency going on? That shit is crucial for brain function come the fuck on people.

I couldnt do more than 45. How absolute state of absolute. Everyone who partakes in any eceleb anything needs to neck themselves


Crusaders would do the same to white people if they weren't (((Christian))).

And we would do the same to white people who betray our standards. The lesson here is that there can be no mercy towards our enemies.

What are "our" standards?


wasted trips

Youre either a kike shill or an atheist that is severely butthurt because you think christians are trying to oppress you. Fuck off with your off topic shitposting.

I don't know about you guys but having subhumans like this fight each other is perfect.

This is exactly what user was talking about in the other thread.
We don't want any subhumans in our hwhite countries.
However the reality is that they are here now. Using chinks against muzzies and nigs and pajeets against chinks (chinese men are trying to pilfer brides from india if you didnt know, male overpopulation from china) is what we need to do as we prep and train our rwds in the background.

Shouldn't you be in church?


Focus on promoting animosity between asians and muslims


We need to remind Asians that they'll become the next white people if we go down.

Wait, when did a white dude get expelled? Was that the high school kid that called ICE on the illegal beaners in his class?

Yep. Chunks don't like shitskins at the best of times

Women deserve this honestly

Women deserve to be forced back into the kitchen but not by us adopting shitskin cultural practices like the hijab

Just because they stab random people doesn't mean they don't have feelings.
Check your privilege user.

So we're white knighting for invasive chinks now?

fucking this.
the forces of cuckdom will go after asians next because A)they can't differentiate between skin color and race for whatever retarded reason, and B)far east asians (read: chinks, japs, and koreans) are one the better varieties of nonwhites so they have to attack that too.

She has a paypal and loves Trump, user. She's a based female political commentator (woman with a opinion who needs someone to give her money). Clearly, she's /ourchink/.

What do

No she is a shitskin and she has to go back.

They let her go without raping, that’s -1 point for muslims.

We have specific words you inbred nigger. Not every non-white is shitskin. Use the language of the race you claim to love properly.

Dear jesus.

being a liberal sounds fucking confusing