Mel Gibson Is Making Passion Of The Christ 2. Here’s Why jews Should Be Worried

Mel Gibson Is Making Passion Of The Christ 2. Here’s Why jews Should Be Worried

It was a cultural phenomenon that raked in $600 million at the box office and is still the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. Years later people are still questioning just how anti-Semitic “The Passion Of the Christ” really was. Mel Gibson, the star vehicle driving the movie to its bloody, sadomasochistic conclusion, famously refused to hire any Jewish consultants to oversee the film. The Jews in “The Passion Of The Christ” relish their cruelty, kicking Jesus when he is down, while the Romans of the film are shown occasionally behaving with compassion towards Jesus. There was concern about how this would affect inter-faith relations, dismay that the film perpetuated the anti-Semitic idea that the Jews killed Jesus, and a entire ADL Q&A page about it.

Now, Mel Gibson is planning to do it again. Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus in the first film, confirmed to USA Today that he would be reprising his role in the sequel. “There are things that I cannot say that will shock the audience,” he said. “It’s great. Stay tuned.” In a November 2016 interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Gibson reported that he already begun to work on “The Resurrection,” as he was calling the sequel.

Mel Gibson’s never been the biggest fan of the Jewish people. “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world!” he shouted during a 2006 DUI arrest. In 2011, he pled no contest to battery charges against his girlfriend. On his TV apology tour, he confessed that “Lebanon and Israel had been at it that day,” and that “the Jews were not blameless.”

Mel Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson, is an outspoken holohoax exposer. In 2003, he told the New York Times to “Go and ask an undertaker or the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body. It takes one liter of petrol and 20 minutes. Now, 6 million?” Mel Gibson has never denounced, or acknowledged, his father’s words.

Is the world ready for a “Passion of The Christ” sequel? The polarized political landscape of 2018 is very different from the environment the 2004 blockbuster was created in. Can a movie like this, propelled by the star power of a man known for his anti-Semitic views, ever achieve the same level of worldwide acclaim as its predecessor?

“I don’t understand why after 10 years it’s any kind of issue,” Gibson complained to Variety recently. “I’ve also been around long enough to recognize that Hollywood will welcome back just about anyone that might bring in a dollar,” Joshua Malina, West Wing actor and one of Gibson’s most outspoken critics, told the Post.

“The Passion Of The Christ” established that there was a market, both American and international, for religious oriented films. It practically created that market when it received a slew of endorsements from a who’s who of American Christians, including a disputed one from the Vatican.

Will Gibson market his films at evangelical Christians, newly empowered in the Trump presidency, and run the risk of alienating more moderate and liberal viewers?And more importantly, in this era of increasing anti-Semitism and hostility towards Jews, does the world need “The Resurrection” at all?

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Despite the meme, Mel is unironically /ourguy/.

Bump for Mel

High energy man.

Good to see that they still admit that anti-semitism is inevitable. They never learn.

How long until it gets released?

Im sure the jews are totally scared of jew puppets propping up the old kike on a stick

You're six posts late, Chaim. No matzos on break for you today.

Not a christfag myself, but I'll definitely pay money to see this. The first one was an incredibly moving film.
plus, fuck the kikes sideways.

What is Holla Forums's opinion of Mel's best movie?
The one he's starred in, specifically.

I watched all Mel's Mad Max, and 2 was pretty good, but I'm wondering if that's his absolute best.

Mel Gibson is literally the only (((hollywood))) actor I like.


The Passion Of The Christ is genuine kino.


1. Theaters don't release films they don't WANT seen.

2. Jews own the theater chains.

3. Gibson was punished for a slight misstep in naming the Pharisee, a group that Jews aren't even related to in theological lineage (Pharisees were pro-Roman Jews, Zealots are the Zionists). The reason… because they didn't blame Rome outright and Jews want to take NO responsibility for killing one of their own.

4. Gibson was punished for trusting a Thot, which the Jews jumped on because they're hateful people in general.

5. Mel Gibson's last movie was more WW2 demoralization propaganda staring a gay Jew.

6. They want you to see this. They want you to believe a Rabbi saves.

7. Catholics are Marxists. Gibson is not, but any promotion of Catholicism is a promotion of the Military-Church-Government-Finance complex that is killing/enslaving the world.

He's been in a ton of movies. Maybe one of the Lethal Weapons?


Faggot, do you not remember how much kikes bitched about this movie?
You can try to act like this is 4D chess all you want but even kikes I know personally were kvetching to me about it.

>Mel Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson, is an outspoken holohoax exposer. In 2003, he told the New York Times to “Go and ask an undertaker or the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body. It takes one liter of petrol and 20 minutes. Now, 6 million?” Mel Gibson has never denounced, or acknowledged, his father’s words.
Holy shit the brass balls of this guy.

Don't grace the shillpost with those trips. You know this thread is going to be 500 posts of "muh kike on a stick" posts.


How will you accident them?


Braveheart, hands down. Followed by Gallipoli.

The Patriot obviously

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Messed that up.


I think he's done a lot of good movies, but without thinking about it too much, I might have to agree on The Road Warrior, I've always loved that movie which is honestly surprising considering I didn't really care for Mad Max.

pic unrelated.

I have no patience for christcuckery, but I support Mel in his endeavor to rustle kikes. Wonder who's gonna dare to take the role of rabbi Yeshua, didn't turn out too well for Jim Caviezel and his (((Hollywood career))).

Juts to clarify, I meant Mad Max as in the first movie, not Mel's character.
(Some dumbass is bound to get the wrong impression.)

Nice try christfag. Christfaggotry will ways be a jew tool to depopulate and racemix. Go back to /christian/ or leftypol, they're virtually indistinguishable.

Whenever christians gain a majority they institute sharia law and "crusade" against whites. More europeans died tonchristian hands than to muslim's. You're a disgrace to humanity

tsk tsk Chaim. Working on shabbat. Rebuked!

Definitely going to see this movie

I don't even know what that word means. I assume its the equivalent of the christian sunday

bump for based Mel

6 gorillion narrative was consciously meant to supplant THE sacrifice: Christ

Functionally secular places like Scandinavia stand to benefit from Varg-posting, but so long as these Judite pretenders insist on subverting natural law, self-consistent Christianity can't be cast off without gifting them the historical firewall against their perfidy.


They'll kill Mel this time if they have to.

there are some people here that use so many hebrew words they must be jew

Oh user, how little you understand about your death cult and the hatred its caused

You've assumed I'm a christfag. I'm not; I am religiously agnostic.
Regardless, provided Christians maintain an understanding of the fundamental importance of race and fight the onslaught of progressive kikery - which, for the record, most did until the Church was subverted in the last century - then they're welcome to their beliefs. I know Christians like this, and they're good people.

Oy vey, you meshugge shegetz, I only use words as kosher as the knishes my bubbe z"l would make.

Go Mel!
So much kike kvetching in this thread holy shit.

Yeah, that improved things a lot… No wonder you think the church was only subverted in the last century…


I've stated my position on the Christianity issue, and I'm not going to shit this thread up further arguing with a D&C faggot.




There is no Christian jew to jews, nor is there an orthodox jew or atheist jew or pagan jew or hindu jew or self hating jew, or anything like that.

They all get the same blood rights of being able to "ascend" to israel and "descend" into foreign countries as they see fit.

I think Hitler even said that, pointing out to the many jews who had become nominally protestants. Makes you really think about the early "prophets" and church leaders…


When you get flak you know you are over the target. Shills don't waste time on things that don't matter

How rebellious… I mean, how dare people complain about movies! Must be kikes for disagreeing with it!!!

Wow Chaim, you must working overtime today. Are you getting paid for It?

Uncle Mel is unironically the best actor and also a national treasure. God Bless the kikeslayer

Oof. Whatever the fuck it is you are, you're very good at deriving from the point. Makes people question if you're even from here. Thoughts come to mind when this term "christfag" is being used by more than one ID.

Yeah, I consider Christianity an early hollywood sob story of a carpenter that got tortured less than the average prisoner in mainland Europe whose only purpose was to transfer all of whiteys spiritual and philosophical achievements onto some foreigner while allowing jews to practice usury and calling them the chosen ones, etc.

Christians will always protest this, but I look at reality and nothing else.
Christiany was not the greatest enemy of jews.
It's as simple and brainlet as that.
Reality itself attests to it, but hey, how can it be a bad religion if I go to heaven because of it, right?


(Checked and heiled)
Yeah, Mel is definetely a good guy for doing all of that.

Just like with the church in Germany.
If "Christianity" really and truly and utterly was the biggest driving force and source of power for the nazis.
Then why is the church not banned, but Germanic runes and co are considered hate symbols?

All this organic posting :^)

Nobody is trying to shill a product here, just kikes hating it (despite making money), hehe!

I think it's pretty organic to consider Christianity a , thankfully dying, anchor (to say the fucking least) around the neck of the west while still praising Mel for hating niggers and challenging the holohoax.

Kikes hate and fear Jesus. He called on man to be better than soulless animals seeking pleasure and chasing their greed. He chased the (((bankers))) from the temple with a whip. He exposed the synagogue of Satan.

Kikes are scared people will read the words of Jesus and start chasing them

Lethal Weapon 1, Braveheart, Gallipoli

> He chased the (((bankers))) from the temple with a whip
Only because it's illegal for kikes to apply usury to other kikes.
He probably hissed that they need to go to Europe for this kind of shit.
And they did.
And the ((( monarchs ))) made great use of them.
Yes. Of course.
Hitler also killed 666 gorillion of them.

There are no greater philosemites than Christians, reality, again, confirms this.

He exposed other jews for not being "true jews"… Kikes obviously hate christ for pointing out their lies and calling them to improve, but they don't really care if the gentiles are charitable and "turn the other cheek", they hate and want to destroy white people, the race, not their "denomination", they could care less if some nigger builds a singing church in africa to go oooga booga halellujah - beliefs are of secondary importance to them.

This gun b gud. Get kampfy.

The amount of jews associated with the 1st film makes me seriously doubt just how damaging kikes actually found the film if they were willing to green light it on so many levels.

Thanks to the latest scientific experiments, we are now able to see jesus christ as he exists in the year 2438.

Kikes will let their greed overrule their common sense. They probably thought they could green light the movie then sanitize it. The only problem was they underestimated Mel

Kikes killed Jesus. Kikes also called out Bibi. Jews jew Jews all the time. Jesus was an egotistical mage, and his time is up anyways. He predicted the end of his reign.

Then came the day of Unleavened Bread on which the Passover lamb was to be sacrificed. Jesus sent Peter and John, saying, “Go and prepare for us to eat the Passover.” “Where do You want us to prepare it?” they asked. He answered, “'When you enter the city, a man carrying a jug of water will meet you. Follow him to the house he enters, and say to the owner of that house, ‘The Teacher asks, “Where is the guest room, where I may eat the Passover with My disciples?”’ And he will show you a large, furnished upper room. Make the preparations there.” So they went and found it just as Jesus had told them. And they prepared the Passover. (Luke 22, 7-13).

Luke and his comrades thought that this was simple meaning, but no. This was actually Jesus the Mage speaking of events long-off. He is clearly saying that the next passover (that is, the end of his reign as the "King of Kings") will end when the Age of Aquarius (the water-bearer) dawns. After all, the age of Jesus was the age of Pices, especially true for his symbol of the fish. My belief is that the Age of Aquarius came to us in 2012. This is why we so suddenly see the sharp decline of the worship for this egotistical mage.

You christians must come to understand that you are men, and you musn't worship false idols such as a divine "king". Your entire religion shows that you only live to serve Him. Every day, I continue to find sympathy with the phrase "Even if God did exist, it'd be nessesary to abolish him!" And no, I'm not an Athest. I am a hermeticist belonging to the "New Thought". I've seen others post here with not as nice sentiment, but I am begging you Christians to realize that YES, Jesus had created many majick spells you and him both call "acts of God", and yes he was an alturist, and perhaps he was wise to his own people but you're essentially saying he was a 'based Jew. He was an Egotistical Mage whom perfected his craft, was crucified by his own people when he started speaking against them, then knowing he would eventually be betrayed he managed to solidify his place in history by making the Age of Pices his own.

If you disagree with this, what is your alternative? "Jesus Christ was born to die. Leave it to men to levetate his own to idolize."

Oy vey! Shalom Shabbat & Mazel tov to (you) schmuck!
Is this prOVEN for (you)?

Top tier trolling. Almost entirely lies.

Theatres are not all owned by Jews.
Jews will always make money even if it is to their own detriment, also Jews do not own all theatres. As soon as one gentile Cinema starts showing the film, they are obligated to show it to lest they lose out. You see the exact same thing with the mainstream media who completely ignore stories until the story gets big enough on other platforms that they HAVE to cover it, lest they expose themselves / drive people to real news outlets.
Pharisees ARE related to modern Jews. There would be NO Judaism without Pharisaism. The Pharisees were the ONLY sub-sect of the Israelite faith that followed the Oral Torah (which would become the Torah). It was this Oral Torah which became the foundation of the Jewish faith after the Romans destroyed the Temple. The Temple is required for them to worship God, the Pharisees said they did not need a Temple in their Oral Torah, Christians had Jesus as their Temple. So after the Temple's destruction we see pretty much every Hebrew become either a Christian or a Pharisee - and later on the Pharisees would simply refer to themselves as Jews.
Gibson was punished because he named the Jews. They definitely used everything else possible to attack him, but do you really think they were concerned about him slagging off some woman? Plenty of actors and directors outright rape and molest women as has recently proven; they do not give a crap about that. They only used it because Mel has been working against them specifically.
A true story about a man who single-handedly saved many American soldiers? It exposes to some extent the idiocy of the war, whilst simultaneously promoting honour, duty and morality - even in the face of a world that disagrees with you. It did not even push pacificsm despite the main character's beliefs, and it justified his pacifism as a pact he made with God after a certain event in his life.
Top kek. There is literally a push today to have the New Testament labelled 'anti-semitic'. The Jew has always hated Christians and Christianity more than ANYTHING else.
The Vatican might be the whore of Babylon, just as America, Britain, Germany, France and Sweden might be under the occupation of the yids; but that does not mean that every American, Briton, German, Frog or Swede is a jew-servant. Equally, not all Catholics are Marxists - and actually very few considering the fact that the ideas of the Bible outright oppose Marxism on every level. Take for instance the temptations of Jesus.

Oral Torah would become the Talmud*


LOL! no

These weak ass arguments

How do you make a sequel to this? Does Jesus go to Dennys and gets dragged off by CNN?

Not going to go into your argument about theathers, that post was questionable, but:

This is a lie. Jews hate the white race. They don't care if some black person is a christian or whatever, in fact, they even push christianity in Africa and help them set "missions" there, hand-in-hand with globalists. They do it because these missions feed the people there, oppose contraception even in Africa and even directly import these people, their christian "brothers" from these places, into Europe - all to gain more "followers", no matter the quality.

You can say that all denominations are corrupted and not "trur christianity", and it's true that people in these places and denominations are good people, but that is because they are white, not because of some christian doctrine. You just need to look at Mexico to see this… Ultimately, of course christianity is not entirely compatible with bolshevism, they are two different (jewish) things, but it's undeniable that you can find many similarities among them as well as traces of the jewish mentality…

Yeah, and the Christians took up the proud semetic tradition of persecuting heretics where the Sanhedrin left off and later on the Muslims jumped in and really put their back into it.

How new and unique; it's not like Greek and Roman writers had been writing about that for hundreds of years by the time rabbi Yeshua came along.

>He chased the (((bankers))) from the temple with a whip.
For where they were doing business, not what they were doing.

And his followers and offshoots and all flavors of Abrahamism have been doing the same for thousands of years. A Jewish heretic screeching about orthodox Jewry in the first century is the same as Martin Luther screeching about the Catholic Church is the same as Hasan ibn Ali screeching about Yazid I.

Christianity is the host organism of the Jewish tumor.

No in this one Jesus goes to Hella/Hades (paganism) and saves the Jewish (((Prophets))) then comes back and is shows everyone his zombie body.

Mel said "it's going to be like an acid trip but with a spirit guide".

Which is also paganism though, since only Wotan has the powet to bring back the death.

Logically the Father in heaven Jesus orginally talked about is most likely Wotan and Christianity was a trick by Wotan to destroy the Jewish faith, or atleast to lessen it's impact.

Jews hate all people, but do Jews persecute and genocide the muslims that live all around them? Do they bother the atheists and agnostics? They are out for Christian blood, both white and otherwise - and it is undeniable.

You might well be right about non-whites not managing to do Christianity 'properly', but the fact remains that the Jews still hate them more than they hate non-Christian non-whites. Also do remember that to the Jews, Muslims and non-whites of the world - all of you white men are STILL an always will be Christians.

Oh look you changed all the parameters. Never said hollywood wasnt run by jews, I said not all theatres are run by jews and that if one gentile theatre showed the film the jews would be losing out on money - and they will not risk that for the reasons I listed before.

Good job lad. You're going to burn.

Different names by different cultures. There are certainly some differences in old religions, no doubt due either to demonic corruption or human idiocy misinterpreting things - but there are a remarkable amount of similarities that indicate that the original Creator God has been the basis of most religions, and it just got distorted after that.

One thing we can be sure of is that God does not like giants.

I'd forgotten about that one. Pretty good acting actually.

While there are many positives of Christianity. One issue is it's belief in Universalism and equality of the races.

If the European peoples are to have any belief system it should encourage the values we on the right know are needed for a stable and happy society. Chiefly racial-segregation, racial differences and the facts of nature.

Hitler had positive Christianity but I know little about it's implementation.

Yes. Look at Palestine.

Jews hate muslims and try to destroy their lands. Jews hate christians and try to cuck them. Jews hate pagans and their book commands them to destroy them.

There is not a single thing jews don't hate. Jews hate the world and they need to be exterminated.

If you do not see the difference between land-grabbing and genocide then I guess I cannot do much. I would ask that you do some reading before coming to Holla Forums though, it is endlessly tiring to have to educate people on the entire history of something. It has been on-going for over a thousand years - did you know that when the Sassanids conquered Jerusalem, the Jews living there paid the conquerors vast sums of money just so that they could personally torture and execute the Christians that they had once been forced to live next to? Not to mention the fact that the Jews had invited them to come in and conquer it in the first place. Do note here that the Sassanids were WHITE, it is Iran pre-Arab invasion. I'm not saying that they do not hate whites as well, but they clearly hate Christianity so much that they would try to purge fellow Semites who hold that ideology over the actual whites (and note also that this wasn't just opportunism, the Jews had invited the Sassanids in and opened the gates for them).

You see similar things happening all over Europe, specifically Spain, where jews open the gates to muslims and make deals with them all so that they can harm Christians. Jews hate Christianity. Even if they do not hate it more than whites in general (which I think is idiotic because today they see all whites as Christian as default), it is not really relevant. The main point here is that Jews hate Christianity. Certainly they try to undermine Christianity just as they try to undermine all of our governments and histories, but I'm sick of seeing idiots post stuff about how Christianity is a Jewish ploy against us - they hate Christianity!!

What do you have to replace it with user?
It's all fine and dandy moaning that Jesus was a jew but that isn't going to win many people over.

Contained in Christianity is an entire set of moral lessons and ways to live your life. You can't just throw the baby out with the bath water. If you offer nothing practical to replace it apart from LARPing in robes it shows your complete ignorance on the importance of religion in social order.
That's why I can't take you hermetic LARPers seriously because all you seem to do is draw your magic circles and contribute nothing of practical use.

Oh, you need to "educate" me on a lot of stuff, I see… The Sassanid royal line was infiltrated by jews. One of their emperors even was the son of the daughter of the Jewish leader in Babylon - the center of that empire. Jews controlled it through usury and money-lending.

Yes, they asked the Sassanids, who were remotely white, to invade the area held by Christians and "free" their lands in Judea. But they had done the same, with even more ferocity, in Pagan times of the Roman Empire. Do you forget that the greatest jewish revolts where fought in that period? That the pagan Romans destroyed the jewish temple, killing millions of kikes? That they had to do it because the jews would fanatically revolt and murder every pagan gentile they found (Kitos War)?

Do you see jews working overtime to kill niggers? Do you see they corrupting churches in Korea? The idea that jews hate christianity and jesus more than Hitler is a myth and a ridiculous falacious one, and even irrelevant, considering jews hate everything. Lurk More.

"And to such men the commandments from Sinai were offered as guiding lights for their lives! Can one understand why these men laughed when they heard those commandments, which demanded that they not commit acts they never would have dreamed of committing? Can one understand that they raised their swords in wrath when the monks told them that they were "born in sin" - these best of the Goths, whose very name means "The Good Ones"?"

"Cannot one understand the unspeakable contempt with which these noble men regarded those who promised them a reward in heaven for abstaining from doing things which, according to their own nature, were beneath the dignity even of animals? To such men the commandments were brought; men infinitely superior in human dignity and morality than the monks who brought them. For countless generations they had lived far above the moral plateau on which the commandments from Sinai then operated." (Heinrich Himmler - "Voice of our ancestors", 1933)

Oh, it's almost like the National Socialist perspective doesn't exist and you don't want to lurk into it… faggot

Don‘t get your hopes too high.

The jews are kvetching, but they are kvetching all the time, even when the gentile have prostated themselves into the dust, handing over their gold.

Mels film was as “anti-semitic” as the bible, it followed word for word. Next is resurrection, so expect many based jews, but no mentioning of zealots, sicarii, pharisees…

>Fellow white people, those goyim Christ cucks were such barbarians, much more so than the reasonable jewish authorities acting against a law breaker, and you don’t want to worship a kike on stick anyway.

As said, to the Jews the white man and the Christian are the same thing. Even if I am wrong on this point, it does not particularly matter if they hate whites more than Christians specifically (though I do not think it is possible to measure that due to them perceiving the two as one and the same), but let's assume you are right -

IT DOES NOT MATTER. My point is that they hate Christianity. Your original point, way back, your filthy goal-post changing yid - is that Christianity was a jewish ploy against us. It is clear that they hate Christianity - perhaps not as much as whites, but they hate it. They hate Christian non-whites more than non-Christian non-whites. Christianity is not friendly towards Jews, Christianity has frequently been called an anti-semitic religion, the New Testament as the most important of anti-semitic texts, and Jesus even as the first anti-semite (which is obviously not true, but the point is they REALLY hate Christianity and want to shut it down). I'm not saying that Christianity hasn't been corrupted in various areas, just like everything else that the Jews hate - but it is not something they like.

This inherent hatred of Christianity because it is the 'Jew's weapon' needs to go away - it is not true, there is zero evidence for it and an overwhelming amount against it. That is what I am truly arguing.

(Now watch as this yid tries to change the goal posts AGAIN)


That's not how "logically" works. The Father as mentioned in both the Old and New Testament has very defining characteristics especially noted by his actions. Yahweh is not the only semitic deity, but the writers of those books used him as an onni-powerful being. To claim that your interpretation is somehow logical in the face of basic and thus information that contradicts what you said is ridiculous.

Whilst the next film may not be quite so anti-semitic (although it still is, just doesn't quite have as much impact when it's not Jesus himself calling them the children of the devil and informing them that they are not going to heaven), it will trigger the hell out of the Jews because it attacks all of their weapons against us. There will be attacks upon petty sorcerers, upon homosexuals, effeminate men, liars, usurers, the cowardly, fornicators, perverts, hedonists, parent-haters and gossips. And all of them will be told they will burn in hell for their evil.

Student-types have been bawling their eyes out over this stuff for decades now, expect it to be ramped up to a whole new level when a hugely popular film comes out featuring it

The most christian western nation and has the most jews.
But the whole world, really.

Just because kikes leave a "Christian" country after it has been sucked dry for a bit doesn't mean the countries are antisemitic.
And most of the "persecutions" did not end in a complete annihilation of the local kikes, but only in getting kicked out.
Although at this point I am wondering if "kicked" out is even true, probably something the kikes invented themselves to paint the party that kicked them out "antisemitic oy vey there is no jew or greek in christ, these people that kicked us out weren't good christians oy vey let us in, welcome us with open arms we are the chosen ones"

But, again, what really and truly makes the most sense is just that.
>oy vey these people, these ((( antisemitic Chrsitians oy vey))) totally kicked us out (actually we are now 'descending into your country' because we have decided that that is to our advantage, so we stirred up some clearly controversial shit in the old country and used that to rationalize the stirring up shit we used in the first place jewish 101 fellow white people)

Reality > apologists that bought the savior sob story hook like and sinker.

Christianty don‘t believe in equality of races, that would be against scripture and Jesus word.

But Jesus replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.” Matthew 15:27

The woman was a Greek of Syrophoenician origin. She asked him to cast the demon out of her daughter. He said to her, "Let the children be satisfied first, for it is not right to take the children's bread and to throw it to the dogs." Mark 7:24

Chaim, your script about accusing Christians as marxist and race mixer don’t hold water.

That is, because you have to answer jewish shills/bots.

Quoting Himmler isn't an argument user.

National socialism is a political ideology not a religion.
The state shouldn't be the object of worship nor should the leader be considered divine. As a corrupted leadership just leads to mindless obedience that furthers the state of decay.
National socialism has it flaws as well, socialism no matter where it has been implemented has destroyed societies. Charity should be the responsibility of the individual and not the state.

You didn't even read my post. No where did I say or imply that the kikes hated Jesus more than Hitler. Your either retarded or a shill.

No wonder the film did so well.

On a side note I watched Mel's interview on Joe Rogans show the other day. His dad is still alive and you can tell they are quite close. I wonder if in his final act we can meme Mel into making a movie about the holohoax exposing everything?

I've never seem a white person saying this. But to your credit, you stick with the same talking points, repeating them thrice now.

This is outright false. As proven again and again. They don't attack churches in thirld world country, in fact, they even align with them, as they are major propornents of socialism. Their very book and talmud tells them to murder all pagans and "destroy all their temples" (something all abrahamic religions carried). They will kill a white, whatever his denomination, over a christian nigger every time. The main proof they hate non-christian whites is their hatred towards pagan symbols and towards the Third Reich.

Yet, all the christian nobles in europe had "court jews", and were more than happy to enjoy their "services" in money-lending and exploiting the peasantry. The pope even invited and maintained the jewish communities in Rome and Italy, when not being himself a jew (up to the 17th century). The popes and their pedo-cult, which also consented with usury privileges and even the Rothschild banking practices… Same with protestants, anglicans and whatever…

A good reading for you could be "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin - a conservation between Hitler and me" by Dietrich Eckart and "A real case agains the jews by Marcus Eli Ravage".

Jews do hate christianity, because they see it as a horrible misinterpretation of their traditions. Jews would also hate a bolshevik Israel, does it mean communism isn't one of their ploys? Look at Paul of Tarsus, the "apostle to the Gentiles" - who did so with the consent of the Elders of Zion - and stop shilling your stupid "christian identity" crap on here…

You want to see a jewish "Jesus movie"? It's called "The Last Temptation of Christ" in which they depict Paul as a raving lunatic and Jesus as "just a man" who fornicates and says "it's all made up, I made it all up". It is the most scathing depiction of Christianity and it was made by kikes and is a kike's wet dream. You'd probably like it since you're a kike faggot shill.

Fuck yeah, based Mel.

great post.

Call others retards…

Funny that you quote the Syrophoenician woman passage:

A Syrophoenician woman came to Jesus, crying out, "Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is demon-possessed and suffering terribly."

Jesus did not answer a word. So his disciples came to him and urged him, "Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us." He answered, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel".

The woman came and knelt before him. "Lord, help me!" she said. He replied, "It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to the dogs"."Yes it is, Lord," she said. "Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master's table."

Then Jesus said to her: "Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted."

So it basically reads:

I would really like to hear an apologist about that. It really sheds light on christianity and based jews…

There was not a single reasoned argument in that entire post.


That's retarded logic, America is the richest nation on earth that's why Jews are there.

You should look at my past posts before calling me a jew, ad hominem is an easy argument for a brinlet to make but it takes energy and time to make a reasoned case.

Colossians 3:11

1 Corinthians 12:13

They do, they promote “success Christianity”, evangelical Christianity, Voodoo cults in Catholic South America and are particular successful in Brazil.

Oh and that passage, do show that christians, and indeed Jesus, does differentiate between races - between racial jews and the goyim "dogs"…

Very insightful…

So what you are essentially saying is that what is written in the Bible is not there? That what Saint Ignatius, John Chrysostom and the Church Fathers said never happened. That what Martin Luther said was a fabrication. That the blood sacrifices were just made up.

Burn in hell you disgusting yid. Christianity is something that the Jews have always hated, it is undeniable.


That's exactly how it goes.

There is neither jew nor greek in Christ.
Says so right there in the bible.

Most western nations are Christian and heresy is frowned upon. Hence the many denominations vying to be the most devoted to ((( Yahweh ))).
This enables the jew to antagonize Christians if they wish, to the point where even the Christians get angry.

Then the jews point at that anger and say "see, these people really ARE antisemites, homophobes, xenophobes and co, we are leaving now, after all we have been persecuted so much. Will you let us in? Other Christian country?"

"Of course we will, we will give you shelter, we will take in your huddled masses as per good Christian doctrine, not like those depraved people who have persecuted you. Come to my bosom and suckle to your hearts content"

(( Don't mind if I do for a few centuries, but then I'll sponsor some shit in your country too, like extreme faggotry that is as gaudy as possible so you can't help but get angry and then I'll point out how backwards you are. Hehehehe. Amen. )))

and hateful, of course.
Very unchristian behavior, by the way. For shame.
You'll go to hell you know?


Works every time.

Yeah, your claim was Christians, Christ preaches equality of all races, which is patently false as you had to admit.

If I grant my dog a treat he was begging for, i don‘t make him my equal or like my children.

Citation needed

One must never forget the origins of christianity.
It was initially a heretical sect of judaism.
Now it is a staunch ally of judaism.

It is a memetic virus that transforms its host into a transmission vector to spread the virus further.

Great improvement, christ differentiated between racial jews and gentiles - and told his disciples he only went to save the jews…

Are you sure you're not a kike? I mean, your nose is showing… You just admited Jesus, by healing the Syrophoenician woman's daughter after she admitted jews were the masters and gentiles the dogs, didn't make gentiles equal to jews in christianity…

How do you recognise a foundation myth? It fulfils three functions.

1)It explains the origin and structure of the world (and society).

2)It defines ultimate good and evil (and from those definitions are derived the values that are used to justify the holding of power).

3)It determines what is held sacred in that society.

For modern Westerners the story of WWII has become their foundation myth. It fulfils all three functions.

1)We live in the ‘Post-War World’. The lines on the map, the institutions, the sense of what era we live in, all arise from the starting point of WWII.

2)Ultimate evil is Nazis. Ultimate good is opposing Nazis. The values derived from these definitions are anti-racism, equality, diversity, anti-nationalism and so on.

3)The only thing that is held sacred, that cannot be denied or mocked in the contemporary West, is the Holocaust.

The problem is that all three functions are backwards or negative.

Instead of the origin event being one of fertility and new life, it was a conflagration of death and destruction.

Instead of ultimate good taking the central position in the story that slot is occupied by ultimate evil. Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler, the personification of evil, holds the centre point of the WWII story.

Instead of that which is held sacred being something mysterious and sublime it (the Holocaust) is an obscenity.

Having a negative foundation myth means the tree of life for Westerners is poisoned. People don’t realise it but the bounds of allowable thought and the orientation of ideas are all downstream from the myth of the society. As long as our understanding of who we are is determined by this negative foundation myth the only direction is down.

List of different people.
Muh Christianity is makes no distinction between races and preaches one world ideology.
Yeah like the Olympic movement everyone can participate, under their own flag.

Because Christians believe in one creator who made men and dogs and different races and different languages, they then don’t believe in differences.

If said Creator, God calls all the different races, nations, men of different status to believe in him as their creator, then it’s even more evidence that Christians believe in equality.


List of Catholic Missions in Africa by jews

The Jews sacrifice their children to Satan… They are worse than wild beasts. The synagogue is a brothel, a den of scoundrels, the temple of demons devoted to idolatrous cults, a criminal assembly of Jews, a place of meeting for the assassins of Christ, a house of ill fame, a dwelling of iniquity, a gulf and abyss of perdition… The synagogue is a curse. Obstinate in her error, she refuses to see or hear; she has deliberately perverted her judgment; she has extinguished within herself the light of the Holy Spirit…

[The Jews] have fallen into a condition lower than the vilest animals. Debauchery and drunkenness have brought them to the level of the lusty goat and the pig. They know only one thing: to satisfy their stomachs, to get drunk, to kill and beat each other up like stage villains and coachmen… I hate the Jews, because they violate the Law. I hate the Synagogue because it hates the Law and the Prophets. It is the duty of all Christians to hate the Jews.

It is the duty of all Christians to hate the Jews.

Are you sure you're not retarded?
I mean, your inability to distinguish me from Jesus is showing…

Going a bit far to ask kikes to actually preach christian missions… They do finance and support it, though, be it through the UN, their "charities" or direct funding. Also notice how the Jesuits were founded by ethnic jews (a common pattern among christian groups)… Lurk moar on that subject and find the links, will be something quite insightful for you…

So it's ok if Jesus says goys are dogs?

Now this is positive christianity. Remember, it's everyone's duty to hate the jews.

Even if Christianity gets taught in other countries , so what you are saying it causes a possible a red pill against Jews? You get more suspicious of Jew tactics , Marxism and lack of morals.

have fun hating Jesus, then.

If someone made a movie about mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker the kikes would be all over it praising it. They hate white people more than so-called anti-semitism.

This speech was made by one of the most important Christians of all times. His teachings form a large part of the basis of most modern (assuming we discount the last 50 years or so if jew filth) theology. He is venerated in every Church, be it Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox or even Lutheran Protestant. He is not alone in this view of the Jews.

I'll also add that Jesus was a Judean, which is notably separate from a Jew. A Jew is the modern term for Pharisee, that is one who follows the Oral Torah or, as it has been codified today, the Talmud. Jesus outright condemned the Oral Torah as evil, and denounced the Pharisees (who are the Jews of today) as the children of the devil who are disinherited by God.

Excellent post.

They made Hitler their god, an anti-god. An evil they have to fight and make sacrifices. Sacrify their children, like the Aztecs had to, so the world don’t come to an end, otherwise that evil Hitler might rise again and swallow them all.
They have to offer the virginity of the daughters in bizarre sex rituals to niggers, otherwise Hitler will posses them and all the former sacrifices of the “finest generation” would have been in vain.

That is not a bug, but a feature:

It sounds like you're saying Jesus wasn't a "true jew" and that he attempted to reform judaism by calling divergent sects, like the pharisees, deviant from the true jewish religion.

In the end, early christians needed something to differentiate themselves from jews, like that quote. You also have many judaizing and pro-semite quotes by Christian leaders. What matters most is action, though, and these never done enoughly by the churches…

Just a curiosity, mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker was also fucked up by jews when he started his career as a (((prophet))) and had to get rid of them in order to estabilish his religion, because the jews were doing everything they could to fuck his plans and siding with the polytheists Quraysh from Makkah.



There is no greater philosemite than the average Christian.
And Jesus remains jewish, I'm afraid.
Hasidic jews will probably rebuke self hating jews and the like, too.
They're still all jews an still give one another blood rights.
Right now one kike is bleeding another kike dry with shitty phone bills in Israel.
Guess the based Israeli phone companies must be some sort of saviors then? For strongarming other kikes into paying horrendous fees and legal matters.

So your claim was false.

Could you show me the jewish charity supporting Catholic mission in Africa?

How does the UN support Christian proselytism in Africa?

Oh the Jesuits conspiracy…

Don’t know what that has anything to do with allegedly jews bringing Catholic Christianity to Africa.

The Jesuits founded to fight Protestantism and support Catholics in Protestant countries, are for sure a source of (immaginated) butt-hurt for Protestants.

You claimed falsely that Christian do not differentiate between people.

What is your objective?

Why did the allies use it as propaganda?
Why would it even work if what I'm arguing wasn't true?
Would you be roused by propaganda that your entire country knows is false because they, too, are the greatest enemy of the jew?

Really makes you think…

I didn't claim kikes were going in person to Africa to preach catholicism (although some actually do), but that they support these missions. Several jewish billionaires donate money to such efforts, and that is just one of the several cases. But keep the kvetching going, dishonest kike…

By aiding food-relief, health services and providing security for these missionaries, that often enough get killed by the nig-nogs they try to "convert"…

Yeah, goy, don't look at that… Nevermind the Jesuits are actually on that list of christian missions in Africa…

And you still refuse to answer if it's ok that jesus said goys are dogs…

I got too caught in the details of this thread. Was stupid of me.

To everyone it should be plain to see that Mel Gibson's anti-Jew Christian films have caused much butt-hurt amongst the kikes, and even spurred on a shilling attack. Good job based Mel.

(As an aside did any of you hear about based Mel's interview with the BBC?)

Is it really disinfo? I had no idea. Apologies if that's not real.

Shlomo tell me more about the 6 million…

Does it?

Your News Wire is Sorcha Faal-tier. It's run by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, David Icke's former webmaster who had the first fag-marriage in the UK. It's alleged that he's a heeb, but I haven't seen anything definitive.



Your words

Who is the kvetching dishonest kike?

But they are no kikes

To Africans, not to Catholic charities for Christian proselytism in Africa.

Never heard of the site before, was told about it by a friend and I guess they never double-checked it either. Good to know though.

Good luck Mel, you glorious bastard.

Indeed. The (((Bible))) is constantly reminding the reader of the jew and gentile distinction. It's exceedingly ridiculous how christians on Holla Forums ignore this. The reader is constantly being faced with how the jewish main characters deal with gentiles. It only gets worse when they bring out their delusional head-canon that the original&early christians weren't jewish. The lengths they go to try and establish that makes reddit fan theories look brilliant.

The punchline is the book Acts where Saul of Tarsus makes one of the biggest and most emphasized distinctions between them -the jews who were just starting christianity- and gentiles who they sought to convert. It's so in your face that its context is self-evident of the fact that he is telling his fellow jews how they should convert gentiles. It's bulletproof, laid-out, not even a jewish lawyer would attempt to defend it - semantics can't save it from saying all that needs to be said.

Some quick google search reveals several cases of what I said. Now why don't you go and lurk moar into that subject, as I've told you to, since it would really benefit your dumb shill ass.

Facts, and you just admitted to it in your previous post (but said it wasn't "true christianity", because it was protestantism)

You, in fact, I know who you are because your asshurt shilling is already notorious here, so I know I'm wasting my time typing this because you're retarded and a jew-apologist.

My link, the first thing I randomly came upon, just disproves that. And that is just one example of something which is notorious…

Christian troops defeated Germany to install that very lie and they didn't object to it because Germany was considered anti Christian.
That's why they were able to conscript so many to fight Germany in the first place.

The Bible, old testament and new, is literally "Jews are God's Chosen people - the book".

Even Paul of Tarsus, when he preaches to the gentiles, say they could be saved, but jews first…

The vast majority of the people who fought to defend National Socialist Germany were Christians too, but I guess that's something you want us all to forget?

That is patently false. It is Paulus who sticks it to the jews, telling them that the gentiles don‘t have to become jews first, to become Christians.
That is the background of the often misatributed “jews or Greeks” quotation. He said to the jews don’t believe you are something special in the eye of God.

Bro, stop the christ-kvetching. It's literally the text of the bible as said by Paul (and it was a pain for him to even preach to the gentiles):

So? Christians fought christians. One for jewish interests, other for white interests. Whites were, almost entirely, nominally christian at that time (and they still are today, atheism isn't a valid thing). All I see is whites dying in a war, shamefully.

Also, mp4 related
The opposite is the case, it was just another foot in the door for Germans to throw off the anchor of Christianity.

Germans have been paganistic throughout time, to this day.
Therefore there is also no "neo paganism" for Germans, only retro paganism, if anything.

I mean. Our "statue of liberty" is a pagan warrior and one of our Emperors (who was Christian but against the pope and so forth and was one of the last Germans to be put to rest in the "Germanic way" by getting his flesh boiled off the bones so they may be transported in a sanitary manner to be buried AT HOME and not in the "HOLY LAND" because that was more important to him. He is also connected to ravens and paganism as well. Because, again, Germans are not Christian. )

So he helps to save nigger lives, not to convert them to Christianity

Same as before, no promotion of Christianity.

Who is dumb?
Baseless claim


Well, a Crusader anyway.

Anyway, Christianity has never truly conquered Germany, but after some time you simply get sick of all the faggots attacking you because of it.
You know, like it is today with jewish golems.


Soooo you mean The Resurrection then. Because unfortunately for you, I don't believe Internet memes are legitimate historical knowledge, and I own and have read The Programme of the NSDAP.

These are a few examples of the official National Socialist Programme. You will never find any references to building paganism. No Catholic Church is more accurate to say than Positive Christianity. It's easy for mouth breathers to be confused and mistake "Positive Christianity" for "No Christianity" when there were that many Catholics in Adolf's Germany. Stop being a stupid LARPing nigger. Adolf being a Godless pagan is probably from Catholics who were butthurt at being heavily criticized for their idleness against Communists, and you're playing right into it.

Pagan warrior?

He was the fucking emperor of the fucking Holly_Roman_Empire_, who died on the way to the holly land, to crusade against the enemies of Christ.

Sometimes you jews are overdoing it

Take your pills

He is helping them to convert the niggers to christianity. He can't personally convert the nogs, because he would have to convert from Judaism himself, you retard. And again, I said they are "promoting" christianity in africa, not directly preaching. Giving aid to christian institutions and their work is promoting them - what do you think the niggers will do after they were kept alive by these charities?

You can, and should, lurk yourself to find infinitely more. But again, why am I wasting your time with your kvetching non-white ass…

Anyway, I'm not going to argue with retarded apologists here, let them enjoy their movie (and /christian/ sure loves Pedowood Jesus movies - soooo BASED), Mel is at least tolerable…

Just remember where you are.

It was preached to the "Jews"(as in Judeans, not specifically the Pharisees) first and they would reject it. This is Old Testament prophecy, and also why Jesus says that he is ministering to them first, and that he was sent to speak to the Hebrews. They were always going to reject Him, and in turn He was going to then reject them. Jesus Himself says this. This is all in the Old Testament as well, Isaiah even goes into detail about how the Gentiles will inherit the faith, and Jesus says that the Pharisees will be replaced with other nations.

Some of the Christian converts from the Hebrews then went on to claim that they, as Hebrew-Christians, were superior to Gentile (AKA Greek) Christians. When Paul says "there is no Jew nor Greek, we are all one in Christ" he means that your nation of origin does not matter in relation to God. It is not saying that all races are equal. It is saying those Christians with Hebrew origin are not more important or special than those of Greek origin (Greek being used because it was specifically a point of contention in the areas where Hebrews and Greeks lived alongside one-another).

Why are your kind so opposed to the truth? Why do you have to lie about absolutely everything?

That was not the statue he was referring to… Damn, how dishonest you are - aren't christians supposed to be honest?

His claim was correct, a statue to an emperor, who was a Germanic warrior and even fought the pope in battle, doesn't change that. Barbarossa was known to lead the anti-clerical Ghibelline faction and oppose the papacy and (((merchant classes))), he was honored even by the NSDAP and several pagans, as were some of the nominally christian kings like "Henry the Fowler" and "Frederick II".


I have abandoned Christianity precisely because I realized that the religion is a controlled opposition. Mel Gibson isn't perfect, but he's still fucking awesome and I hope his movie causes the maximum amount of butthurt possible. I only wish he would make a movie about the spread of Christianity through Europe and how it displaced native religious beliefs, show just how much pagan religious practice has survived 2000 years of occupation, and show what European society was like before Christianity entered Europe.

b20d95 is one of those types of shills that defends by not actually defending a particular topic. This tactic is about side-stepping the main issue and trying to dilute the exchange until it's about minor details. Notice he never got back to you about the "dogs" comparison? He drops debate points along the way he can't risk disputing until you're the one feeding him stuff that he can just say, "debunked."

Figures ((they)))'re sending some shills to back up the christians.

I suspect that Hacksaw ridge was completely mangled in post-production and was tampered with in casting
It was legitimately shit.

You realize that Arminius, the statue I was referring to, the statue of the Pagan Warrior lived about 2000 years ago, right?

And Barbarossa was, indeed, connected to paganry.
There were many disagreemens with the popedom and co.
Again, I look at reality.
And, he promoted Christianity in his ways, Europe has tried to make Christianity less kiked since day one, hence the many denominations.

As I said, after some time you get sick of the other guy attacking you.
That's when you say:
You know what? I am convinced, I'm a good Christian now, and to prove it, I'll even become a missionary now ;^)

And, once more, reality argues for me.

If Europe. If Germany had fully embraced "Christianity" to replace "filthy pagan ways" then it makes no sense for any sort of paganry to have survived and be venerated as much as it is and STILL is today
Even to this day people lament the lost bits because of Christianity and are actively searching for it.
Our everyday life is so full of heathen practices and credos that they don't even stand out anymore.

From naming your children after dead relatives to smashing earthware on the ground before a wedding or to putting ash wood into ships to naked figureheads on the front to naming nautical speed knots because witches used to sell wind contained in knots. Et cetera.

Anyway, hopefully a better video to demonstrate Arminius, who lived almost a milennium before any crusades were going on.

Yet, when Paul (a jew) rebuked them, he had to remind that to the jews it was preached first, then to the gentiles… So that, and other passages from him, is saying that jews are indeed "special", in relation to God - which chose them to preach first, to appear first, to send the prophets no to the gentiles but to this vile race of semites (and I'm repeating what Hitler said here).

And again, I knew there was this apology, but there are many other things that do speak out for the points I spoke, like:

You can't just ignore half of my post, especially when that half specifically defeats your response. It was preached to the Judeans first, yes, BECAUSE THAT WAS THE PROPHECY. The prophecy goes on to say that they would reject Him, and in turn He would reject them.



We have a lady statue, too, of course.

Also pretty Völkisch, but I suppose there's a little cross on the top of the crown so all the oak leaves and stuff don't count. ;^)

I didn't "ignored it", I complemented it that even if it was prophecized that they would reject (which makes little sense), they were still chosen to be first to receive… And you ignored half of my reply, by not mentioning the post I alluded to.

What I will do is ignore the passage you quoted, because it has nothing to do with anything said in this thread…

Do you know who was Europa?


A Greek goddess.

eeeeh. Non-Christfag here . Didn't part one end with him dying on a cross? What can the sequel be about? Will it be like ghandi II?

Does the world feel safe to you?
I know that an ethnically cleansed world would feel safe to me.

I am, therefore, not sure if I can accept your analogy and remain convinced that Christianity has been one of the greatest philosemitic poisons the west had to endure.
If not the worst.
And only one of which all other scourges derived from.



It's pointless to discuss Biblical prophecy when the Bible and indeed the words of Christ himself have been proven false. Christ spoke to his people about the conditions of the end of the world. He said that when Rome collapsed he would return and the final trump would blow calling all souls back from the dead for the final day of judgement. The world was supposed to end after the fall of Rome and it didn't. Jesus was wrong, which means God was wrong, which means Christianity can and SHOULD be discarded. We can remember it for it's historical lessons, but no one should actually still believe this drivel.

But Jesus only "freed her", that is, exorcised her daughter, after she begged him, showed "great faith", and said in analogy that gentiles are "dogs to the jewish masters", just as Jesus had said.

I'm sure there is an explanation about this (there is no way Europeans would pull up with christianity for over a thousand of years otherwise) and I heard some confused stuff about her having great faith, but she always had faith and willingly came unto Jesus, who, always healed jews who came upon him, but this woman, he made her claim inferiority, the "scraps" of the jews, and would have leave her daughter to be demon-possessed otherwise. And I understand, Jesus not wanting to do charity and save "gentiles" who didn't believe in the God of Israel, but this woman came to him believing on him and calling him Son of David, I don't understand, how can people claim this is a "benevolent jew"…

Because they can't, and this is a main problem with having a "christian identity". "Inside every christian, there is a jew" - Pope Francis.

Not to mention.
For that analogy to make even remote sense the guy who cleansed the country has to die and everything must fall to pieces.

Rome still lives in the Vatican. The whore of Babylon still owns the world. Which-ever one you take to be 'Rome', they are both alive. Therefore it is not proven false.

The material world is not 'safe', but thanks to Christ's sacrifice we have a connection to the Divine once more. This makes our souls 'safe'.

You take it to mean that Jews are the masters, I take it to be in line with Biblical prophecy. It was not that Jesus did not want to do charity, if you knew much about the Bible you would know that the whole thing is full of metaphors, foreshadowing and parables. One can and should take this story to mean that what-ever you are doing, should you encounter someone along the way who needs something that is unrelated to your current purpose - you should help them. Also that faith is what truly saves people.

Your reply here is retarded. Christians do not dispute this because it was a prophecy that ended with the fact that God would replace them with us.

No. The analogy has nothing to do with Jesus sacrificing himself, it is referring specifically to the fact that a man might have one purpose - but that it is right for him do good that is unrelated to that purpose. Are you even white? How the hell did you not get that?

I enjoyed The Man Without a Face

Based Mel, can't wait!!

I'm already good with Valhalla and the other worlds, etc.
No need to hang out with a "judaist" from the desert, FOREVER, but good on ya.

Vince Vaughn is Holla Forums approved


Kek, excellent use of Todd posting.

God created the different nations for a reason, destroying them via miscegenation would be working against God. Considering kikes hate the Lord and this is something they push on others, it’s obvious that it’s satanic.

Now where have I heard that before?

There are christians who take it literally and proudly proclaim Jews to be God's chosen people because the bible said so.

The cuckery…

Obviously, as even Jesus said: "This is why I speak to them in parables: ‘Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand" (Matthew 13:13).", but your explanation there just doesn't do it. Yeah the prophecy and stuff, but he broke the prophecy, and only did so, something unrelated to his purpose as you said, after she begged him and claimed the inferiority of the gentiles. He would leave the gentiles demon-possessed then, otherwise.

Christians are God's chosen people because the Bible said so. I made the point that however you look at it, one can make the argument that Rome still exists to this day - whether as a good thing, a bad thing, or a barely relevant thing; it is still around. Thus your assertion that nothing is real because Rome is destroyed is nullified.

Do keep moving the goal-posts though. You've only done it 25 times this thread!

I already addressed your second point. Stop re-framing the same argument and presenting it as something different. The purpose of the story is to show that you help people you encounter even if you were on a mission to do something else.

With exceptions
Neither shall they take for their wives a widow, nor her that is put away: but they shall take maidens of the seed of the house of Israel, or a widow that had a priest before.

Ezekiel 44:22

Why don't you people just go worship a tree and leave politics to grown ups?

What the fuck are you talking about? I've never said anything related to that. Oh and you didn't adress my point(s), and I didn't get your explanation to Jesus calling gentiles dogs, I'm not asking you to repeat yourself, I'm just saying this is very weak and unconvincing of the thing you're trying to sell.

And this is correct according to every self-respecting christian denomination (zio-protestants, aren't that, apparently), but even the new testament attests to "Jews special relation to God (of Israel)", not just in that Paul quote I posted before, but I think there is also this direct quote (will look into it later maybe)…

It's called keeping up appearances.


Mel always had my respect but WEW LAD

You know how I know you are a faggot?

Sequel? What?
Just go back and retell all their other fucking bullshit stories where they are the supposed victors and expose their lies. Or get your revelation on and murder kikes on screen. Hell tell some of the shit that the kikes removed which tells the truth about what kind of fucking people their heroes like solomon were. Not just the apocrypha the christians removed but the pseudepigrapha the kikes fucked with as well.



If there was a shekel to be made from that, you can bet some kike would break out of line to snatch it.

It doesn't matter how you move the goal posts by (((Interpreting))) the bible. Jesus was describing an event that HE HIMSELF expected to happen in the near future. Not 2000 years later. Not 3000 years later.

"Some of you sitting here today will still be alive" "Surely this GENERATION will not pass from the earth before all these things come to pass"

Christ himself said when the end times would come. And generation means a fucking generation. Christcucks are so delusional they will imagine anything and reduce their entire holy book to poetry as long as they can avoid being proven wrong. Well you are wrong. Christ was wrong, your religion was wrong. Gods can't make mistakes.

Not that I'm particularly Christian, but you really have to separate pre- and post- Vatican II Catholicism.
The church of today is not the church of Hitler's time. They got the pope, and that fucked it.

I thought you fuckers were supposed to have high verbal IQ

Despite Mel Gibson's balls against jewish community, movies about Jesus are just as heretical as babylonic idolatry for having a leisure to change the scripture according to movie script and portray Jesus on looks of actor who's playing Him. This makes people imagine this person as Christ. Everything in hollyjew world is disgusting no matter the cause.

the reason gibsons christ movies are criticised while hollywood christ movies are promoted is because jews can portray themselves any way they want in their movies

The odd thing is, it takes a hell of a lot longer than 20 minutes. Even modern jet blast crematoria take a few hours.

There's no way ovens 80 years ago could reduce multiple bodies at once in mere minutes. Just an obvious jew lie.

As fantastic a performer as Mel is, you guys are fucking retarded if you think any successful hollywood stars are on our side. Mel is a degenerate ("I DESERVE TO BLOWN BEFORE THE JACUZZI"; real quote from on of his tantrums), because that is what is required to achieve success in the jew owned cesspit called Holywood.

I know of a way. Set up a waste oil/diesel foundry. You can get those to chew through a corpse/bones in minutes. Crematories are designed to be efficient and cost effective and use the gases available. 1400 to 1800 degrees is what you get. That takes a bit longer to reduce the bones to carbon.The problem is the sheer numbers of bodies. Lots of loading into a large number of furnaces or you have to create large furnaces and start pushing the bodies into the bucket like at a foundry. But at that point you may as well just use the steel foundry for your tanks to deal with the bodies. Dump bodies, dump metal, heat to molten then you can remove jew and while your tanks are powered by their dead.
One of the biggest problems with kike lies are that we have better ways of getting to the numbers they are striving for but we never implemented them.


this mel gibson movie isnt about that though and even if you're staunchly against any non-eoropean religions being adopted by whites you should still be able to see the utility in this. two steps forward and one step back (if you even consider it to be a step back. how does christians seeing a christian movie harm pagans?) is still a net gain.
dont worry - paganism will always be at the core of whites no matter what is laid on top of it. it goes all the way down to the dna level. have faith

i bet they would never show yhwh in a movie like that.
at least they dont have jesus as an alien dressed as a faggot and fighting crime with spiderman and the hulk like they do with norse religion

had to change it because the last version was not entirely clear. could have maybe been interpreted as the word blasphemy being said by the "odin" character, similar to the wh40 heresy memes

Who is responsible for (((Christcuckery)))?
>"Dominion Theology" (universalism) of middle ages spawned from British empire to rule over all races, promoted by (((Jesuits))), (((Church of England))), Protestant Churches
Jews did this.

Jews own the publishing industry, not the local cinemas. They commonly jew the cinemas whenever they can, too. Example: The Last Jedi and its absurd pricing.
Blatant lie. The pharisees are the only group that had rabbis, rabbinical doctrine and held talmud to a high value. Or rather, back then, the oral torah. They stopped spreading judaism to the goyim after Christians started practicing it. They even have celebrations over winning the Sadducees. You are a proven kike by this point, but I'll go further.
Archive link proves you wrong, and his open and public comment about the jews and the wars. What do you take us for? Or have you been inbred one generation too many?
Didn't watch it because of the gay jew, so can't say about the overall message.
No they don't.
Laziest blameshifting I've seen.

A Lebanese princes a semite

If “Pope Jesus-is-a-failure Francis” said it, then it must be true. Core Christian believe, even if the Church taught for nearly 2000 years the opposite. But hey, what are traditions?

BTW try to use your favorite search engine for “perfide jew” and laugh what they present. The jews are as dedicated as the shills here to gaslight us about what the church teaches about the broken connection of the jews to God.

“Primitive medieval art”:

Special as in “cursed”

Ha, if you would ask people around the world, Christians or not, were is the home of the devil, you bet they wont point at Rome.


personal goals for dotr include stabbing some seditious kike through the chest with the pole of an American flag

That's the opposite.

What are you on about? Puritans, protestants and the likes are the ones removing culture. Orthodox and Catholic churches keep the local cultures alive and thriving. Even under heavy pressure. Spain fought for 800 years, Russia for a century now. Protestant countries are removed from history, and it has a very simple reason behind it. Translation. The simple minds of monolinguals view the Bible as an equally simple book with only one meaning -which, of course, was accurately translated :^).
Having pagan features =/= being pagan.
Pagan Europeans flooded Pagan Rome, destroyed pretty much everything. Christians arose as Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German principalities. Among many others, of course. They were known for preserving knowledge. Nords were known to burn books, as they saw no value in them.

Pic related.

Vatican II, not that it was not kiked, is more of a boogeymen (just like the jews are khazars meme) to distract people. Cuckery going on there started thousands of years ago, not just from the jews in the early church, but to the destruction of european culture, and sales of indulgences (which Hitler said proved the church was led by jews during the middle ages).

Here are some quotes from popes about jewish ritual murder of children:

Kind of like how a stuffed dodo and insects in jars of alcohol are "alive and thriving".

It stands in direct opposition of the claim that Christianity conquered Europe and replaced "superstition" with the one and only universal truth.

If the universal truth is "ABC" and you end up with "ABCD" then your truth is not pure anymore.

It's a simple principle but Christians willfully ignore this.
If I were to turn this around and come to the /christian/ board and posted someting pagan and they'd see a cross in there or something that fits into Christian iconography then they would totally claim that it's all about Jesus and co.

Especially if the D was the original truth native to the people of the lands.

In other words, Christianity remains to be nothing more than a veneer that sept in more in some places and less in others.
And it's also the reason why paganism survived, even without "scripture" (after all, the Eddas came much later), it wasn't replaced, it was merely painted over.

There is no neo paganism, that's a kike invention like wicca.
Only retro paganism.
2000 years are N O T H I N G in the scope of human history and, in fact, 1000 years later everyone will laugh at it.

So the judaizing of protestants mean the erasure of european culture, how surprising…

Obviously. Yet the devotion towards saints, virgin mary and holidays and symbols is still there (pic related - a very "christian" shrine). It gets even more close when you realize our pagan forebears knew about God, the creator. Monotheism/Polytheism as a dychotomy and Idolatry (pagans worship muh trees and shrine idols) is actually a kike-crafted meme - thus they had some many books, deturping European custom and saying it was "demon-worship" and a superstitious culture that deserved to be exterminated. Very open knowledge circulated in pre-christian times, but it was contained after the Christian subjugation of Europe - and was indeed one of the reason the shadowy elites behind christianity went to such efforts to destroy all traces of the ancient culture, to the point where we have to go to ruined places like Pompei, that escaped the deliberate destruction inflicted by the hordes of jews, arabs and copts swarming out of the desert, to find it's remains.

Oh and the claim that "nords" burned books is bogus. There were over 18.000 libraries in the Roman Empire, that the christian burned and looted, hoarding the books that they found useful (like certain philosophy ones they could use for church) and keeping it away from the peasants (remember, literacy, even of the bible, was forbidden to the folk). These books were mostly church history and deturpations of European culture - the nords had no use for it in their tribal societies (you may as well as complain the Third Reich burned degeneracy kike books).

NatSoc Germany burned vile commie propaganda and other jewish filth.
To call them books to begin with is affrontery against the preservation of wisdom and integrity of language.

Now it becomes really ridiculous. The Church made the victims of jewish ritual murder Martyrs and Saints!

It's funny how christianity needed 1700 years of inquisitions, backed by certain "shadowy elites", and execution of entire heretic sects to maintain itself, and, when these elites were shaken off it, the entire cult quickly fell into irrelevance and mockery… To degenerate kike atheism, mostly, sadly…

Indeed. I have never seen a more volatile ideology that has the gall to call itself the one real truth than Christianity.
There's probably a new denomination sprouting right now.
It really needs constant exorcism and reality inversion lest people immediately turn away.

That's why even things like santa claus or tooth fairies are easier believed even by children than the one true god.

Then again, children do have a sense for actual bullshit and sense that tooth fairies and santas make more sense than that.
They hate church from birth and have to consciously be changed to accept it.

The people forced the church to make one or two saints out of them while the popes were in damage control, and, at the first kike order, removed all mentions of the (William of Norwich), which is extremely infuriating, indeed… Although I never understood the mentality of celebrating the rape and execution of members of your people, or how they even allowed jews to live there again and did not go out to exterminate them all over europe… next they will celebrate girls raped by "migrants" as saints? Dont get it…

I even saw some "Shalom Church" once, made by niggers. Without the pope to enforce dogma, there are like thousands of meaningless denominations, and all claiming to be the only true one and the correct interpretation of the judeo-christian tradition…

It absolutly is Jews and Christianity is Jewish idolatry.



Jesus was a Rabbi and is called it many times.
The Talmud was written hundreds of years after your fake Jew god Christ.

Christian cognitive dissidents right here.

No, he got drunk and acted like a drunk, talking shit to a Jew cop and his whore wife. That's it.

Catholics are Marxists now - fact! Before this they were a esoteric gay pedophile cult. The people who fall for their black magic are just stupid animals.

This is our Black Panther hahaha.

No it's (((their))) black panther. Magic rabbi saves the world.

Idea? This isn't an "idea". It's a biblical fact. Just because it's inconvenient for them doesn't make it untrue.

Four years, queer. You’ll never crack us.

Fucking WEW.


Non-denominationals were the white man's attempt to retake a few shekels for themselves. Sadly they tend to act just like kikes. Inherent flaw in (((organized))) religion.

(((you))) may never be cracked but we have the hearts and minds of the youth. And your Rabbi-Jesus is a dying religion.

Yawn. No one cares, yid. Reported.


You see, there is legitimate NatSoc criticism of Christianity, and then there are shills shilling shills, like this gentleman and the retarded ones responding to him

Don't fall for kike tricks so easily…

Yawn. No one cares, yid. Reported.

Phyletism as a heresy was primarily to address apostate Judites from recapitulating the Chosen:Goyim dyad as a bloodline/-cast within the new revelation.

The foreskin eating volcano demon god of the Judites (phyletism) inhabiting the synagogue of Satan /=/ Christ taking on the sins of all and transmuting them (Absolute; to the contemporary Persians, officially an avatar within the Zoroastrian continuity. Ireland and Airyanem Vaejah are cognates for a reason .)

Supercessionism is Christianity as such for the very reason the Old Covenant - and circumstances leading to Christ supplanting it - were phyletistic – our God, as opposed to the God. Natural law: Occidental, Aryan.

Dual-Covenant = Spencer, Zionists, and Neocons (Samaritans might be the only subsect with any valid claim.) Kike-on-a-Stick meme goes here. Positive law: Pharisaic, Semite.

Dual-covenant is for faggots, and has historically always been for faggots in the West, even as the Reformation opened the doors to it. This is why Christkebab is the easiest d&c derailing vector, no one knows their own history. The Christ-killers are not, nor were ever 'The Chosen People' and only got memed by the introduction of the zionist bankrolled Oxford Scofield Reference Bible turn of the last century.

Christianity is and forever will be the historical enemy of Talmudic, Christ-hating pharisaical Judaism. Counter-signalling it beyond Varg-posting beyond bantz shows a fundamental inability to make the friend:enemy distinction (which, as Carl Schmidt said, is Liberalism as such.)

Great apology-posting. Thanks for informing me that it's not all jews, but "muh pharisees"!

at least you didn't say they're khazars, so good going, and obviously dual-covenant is bullshit to every self-respecting christians - kikes all worship falsehoods and satan - Now, wouldn't be better to stay away from all things middle-eastern, instead?

Whenever there is a thread on Christianity, the same images appear, armed with the same claims. Likewise, this happens with Russia threads, (used to happen with) election threads and anything that repeats.
Rather than seeing it as screeching of some autistic neckbeards from USA, I'd rather see it as a group of shills. I even saw one of them using the inquistion as an asset to hold against Christianity. Here, it has no power. Among the democratic masses, though, it is a powerful talisman of fear, not at all unlike the dreaded nazi card.

We've always had overlap with /x/, /fringe/ and all manners of weird people and ideas, explanations. It happens when people seek. Be it flat earth, aliens - you name it. We disagree on those, most think they are trash, others take them in as signs of greater history (we've been lied to before). Regardless, they are irrelevant points to identity of the userbase. Ethnicity (race, nation and tribe), language, ideology/philosophy, class and religion have always been sources of identity for people throughout the ages.

The only thing this board agrees on, is the extermination of Jews and the eradication of their power. The closest idea that approaches its importance is the idea of 'home' or 'people'. As a testimony to the "anti-racist" propaganda, equal and opposite reaction thrives here. So we've come to not only accept, but to honor the existence of our race.
So the Jew sees this group, he has two motivations.
Expand the notion of Jew - "These billions of people are also Jews! Go after them!"
"These Russians are not really White, don't believe them!"
It's very clear, very simple. It doesn't need to be complex, it doesn't need to be true. For four years now, they have been pushing these same claims.

Note their difference from larpers (Americans with no tribes and no nations, only race) who are usually very superficial and legitimate European polytheists and esoteric people. All of us have been damaged and erroneously led to believe false history. To a varying degree. Be it the myth of the flat Earth, dark ages, evil crusades and inquisitons- we've all had our fair share of them. Varg of course, applies the evil crusades to also encompass the northern crusades aimed towards Finns, Baltics - by the Swedes and Germans. Being the victim seems to pay off, but I warn you, it is only in the false translation that the meek shall inherit the earth. The more accurate translation means; those with power who choose to stay their hand shall inherit the earth.

Truths: Vikings sold Europeans to Muslims. Vikings served as the Byzantine Emperor's personal guard.
Stop playing the blame game. We kill the actual ethnic, ugly, ratlike jews, then we can sort out these differences.

It can be both tho

You know exactly what I propose we repleace the Christian Moral with. Also, you have not rebutted my claim to the FACT that Jesus predicted the end of his reign, and his reign has just now ended. Even if Jesus were the Just, he by his own confession has left, and has left recently. Going forward, Jesus (thankfully) no longer rules the realm of men. You as Christians must decide what to do now, while we hermeticists already rejected the so-called Morning Star (that is BOTH morning stars, Jesus and his brother Satan).

Christianity is alive in the living parts of Europe.

It may be "alive" but the flame is but embers now. It has died, and will continue to die until it is fully estinguished. Only then will the White Man look to the true religions of his ancestors, and not those from a nation foregin to him. Whether it be Odinism, Celtism, or a reival in the Roman Deity. These religions are all similar thoughout Europe with their changes. Rome knew this. This is why when you christians make mems about Varg and people saying sarcastically "[…]and all of Europe was united under the religion nown as Neo-Peganism!" it's actually sort-of true. The customs and rituals from Greece are the same but varried in Rome, and in the realm of the Celts, and in the Nordic Odinists. Their variations seem strong but they all worship the same Gods (plus or minus a few) under different names. To my knowledge no other geological area as vast as Eurasia has this comradery.

That's the civilization of Europe, not the faith.

Romans didn't exactly like the druids, in fact they slaughtered them despite having the belief; Cuius regio, eius religio. They very clearly absorbed Greek pantheon and heavy influences from Gauls (Celts).

Well, you justify that you have homosexual polyamarous babyfurs on twitter saying they're christians but don't believe what other christians believe. You justify the Cathloch's hate for their own religions leaders. You justify the growing sentiment for skipping weekly church. You justify the growing internal hatred that Christians have in their heart for Him beause he isn't "helping the starving kids in Africa" and they're being abused themselves in some way. Explain the rise in the "Christian Communist" movement. "He drempt me up a God, and called it 'Christianity'."

True Christianity is Dead and at its sole now is but a brand name, easy to appropriate and exploit. The reign of Jesus the Mage is gone.

Eastern Europe, the ones who lived under Jewish atheist tyranny for half a century and longer, are the ones holding tightly to the old faith. I ignore the dead sects. Why would I care for a dead god? Nay, living God for me, amongst the living.

Have you ever contemplated, that no one is going after christians because they are jews, but because they follow jewish ideas? And that they often preach "christian identity" in opposition to NatSoc ideas? They are the one who shill here, and even have their containment board, made by non-whites (korean), for a reason.

The main thing leading people into believing in a false history is christian historiography and church apologism - The pedophiles circles that run the churches? "Kike lies!", the deliberate destruction of European culture by the Christians and the shadowy elites behind them? "The dark ages never existed, it's a liberal myth!!!" The killing of thousands of europeans and christians over differences of interpretation? "The inquisition Dindu nuffin, are you saying it's like the fable of the holocaust hahahaha stop playing the victim!!!" The protestants being judaizing zionists who circumcize themselves? "Not true Christianity!!!" The pope selling indulgences and doing all sorts of kikery? "Muh Whore of Babylon!!"

Stop, it gets real sick with time.


Truths: Very christian venice was a major slave port of Europeans, the Frankish Empire, main responsible for spreading christianity in Europe, ran a huge slave-trade to the arab world through Verdun, all done by jewish merchants who had several privileges granted by the christian nobility with the consent of the church. The byzantine greeks sold massive amounts of European slaves to their arab enemies who attaced them yearly. Most of the Vikings sold slaves to Frankish markets, and these were captured serfs, who were basically landless enslaved peasantry in the hands of christian nobles - so it makes a lot of sense to move the slaves of your enemies to further countries and get money from it. They also raided and enslaved muslims, just as well.

Stop playing the "christian historicity" game and see the bigger picture presented, for instance, in National Socialism.

Druids crossed the Roman border and actively promoted uprisings - they had to kill them, and only partially suceeded at so.

After their freedom was achieved via Gorbochev reforms, they looked for answers and found Christianity. They had to overlook alternatives. Christianity was essentially forced upon them because they knew they needed a Religion but thanks to them being a part of the Hermit State they were so desprate that the majority of them simply thought "Older is better" and reerted back to the religion of the Zar. Reguardless of the Eastern European's Christianity, they are still a hermit state in culture.

To fully explain my views on this would require a political lecture about the history of the Eastern Bloc and the psychological rammifications on the populace. I don't think I have the time, and you don't want a random stranger giving his perspective.

Religions don't just die out like that. They always require a new replacement. I'm seeing the first counter arguments to Nietzsche's "God is dead", and I'm seeing them in Eastern Europe. The side that chose not to welcome Muslims. The one that doesn't want Religion of Cuck™ to replace its faith.
They were always Christian, just like the Georgians were.

In fact, eastern countries are probably among the most pagan countries in Europe.

Russia has "dual faith" and Poland can't stop it with werewolves and witchers.

Also, paganism is unkillable.
You could eradicate all religions and spiritualities on earth.
The moment it starts thundering in the sky is the moment where a new thundergod is formed in someones mind.

Not the god from the Bible.
Monotheism is unnatural and not even Christianity could uphold that, hence the trinity and co.
Of course they hadwave it to be 'all the same' but that is nothing more than delusion.

Nietzsche's concept of the Death of God is a wholly productive one, not one of shame. His belief is that we killed God by stopping the belief in him. Therefore, we are on our own in this Earthly realm and we are left to our own devices. This is where we are and it needs no rebuttle.

Truly think about the phrase I've taken as a minor personal axiom, "Evin if God did exist, it'd be nessesary to abolish him!" This phrase, though said by a Jewish Anarchist, holds truth nonetheless. Should there be a divine and sentient Creator that chooses to meddle in the lives of his own creator, it would be nessesary to abolish such a being and to instead go our own way. Such thoughts of a single sentient being is grotesque, and outside of the religion of Abraham this prying-eye type of deity doesn't exist. Nietzshe has been quoted as saying that he would not respect any God that requires constant praise. Abrahamic Religions require this, but Odinist religions only request respect. From the getgo, your YHWH requires you love him unconditonally, despite the things he has done, he asks not to test him, and he asks you to have blind faith.

Even if YHWH was real, and was God, it would be nessesary to abolish God in this case and allow men to go their own way. Thankfully, God is at least dying and the populations are looking to the Truthful alternatives, such as Odinism, Druidism, or my own Hermetics.

>not knowing the difference between the inherently satanic and cucked (((Protestantism))), (((Catholic Church))), and ethno-churches like the Orthodox Churches that are the original church and unchanged for millenia

It's kike doublespeak, they know good and goddamned well what they've done.

Yes. This is the purpose of marriage.
This is a typical wish in marriage.
This isn't actually the case. We have been given testimonies, personal experiences and theology, so that we may believe. In fact, faith itself is a gift from God. We've presumably received varying levels of spiritual experiences with this Kek phenomena. Though I've felt much stronger, personal and concrete presence of God.

Why would you think this? It sounds Jewish.

Top fucking Kek.

Unlike the entirety of the old testament?

Everything you've said in this post is dumb. Why would you be in marriage with your God? You misunderstand my ask of "test". You misunderstand the concept of "blind faith" and you misunderstand the context of the axiom. Overall, you are simply clingling to your bible desprately, refusing to see an alternative viewpoint that is actually older than the Jewish Religion. If you began to enter the sociology field of comparative religions you'd see this almost instantly.

Do you recall how the Reservation in Brave New World has a mass compolation of religions, primarilly inspired by Christianity? How all of these religions sort of clumpped together over the years to where the original canons are long lost and the oral tradition thinks things like Moses and Jesus are the same person and mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker is brother to the apostle John and there's Indianism mixed in? Well, Christianity itself, and its predecessor Judism is but a compolation of various religions of the aincent period. However, where Brave New World is mixed-up religion thanks to forcibly sending all these various people of the Earth to live in single reservations for thousands of years, and destorying their holy litrature and dforcing an Oral Tradition, the Jewish religion has alaways been a jumble on purpose. This was always the goal, to combine the various Religions near them, in an attempt at controling other tries through their own religious belief.

Besides this fact, the entire concept of Christianity (and the other religions of Abraham) are completly foregin to the Aryan and are born out of a Semetic Region where they stayed until the rise of Christ. By accepting them, we were saying that we believe the Semites wiser than our own. Why can you not realize this?

Great retort. How many years after they came into power in Rome did it take for Christians to start punishing the practice of indigenous European religions with death? How many temples to Greek and Roman gods did they leave open? How many sacred oaks did they leave standing? How long did it take Christianity to destroy traditions stretching back into the dim mists of history?

Whatever scraps of culture weren't stamped out under the heel of semetic boots are a pale shadow of what they once were and once meant.

The Christian Mennace continues on. Look at what they did to the Third Codex of Archameties. They found it, they destroyed it, and they replaced the entierty of the now destoryed pages with Abrahamic Prayers. Then they put a cross on the top.

There are only two people butt hurt about the Inquisition.
Jews and
Prots trying to emulate the jews.

See, typical jewish insincerity.
The Church did forbid Christians to be involved in the slave trade, which was a tradition coming from the antique. So the only people doing slave trade in early medieval Europe were jews and northern pagans, Vikings. They could transport their pagan human booty through Europe from pagan Slavic eastern Europe to i|slamic occupied Spain and southern Italy until the Church forbade that as well – horrific Christian universalism.
The jews cried holo caust and pogrom and in fact at roughly the same time jews were expelled from many places in Europe.

That is totally nonsense.

Ah, so, then genocide is justified, if committed by noble pagan Romans anyway. Only “Roman borders” in Galia and Britannia?

I do not.
Nope. You've given yourself a horrible axiom, and you live it. Why would you do it?
Oh ho, hoho. Do they grow you in some factory? I bet you're from USA.
I write in response to what you write, not in response to what I see.
that is actually older than the Jewish Religion.
Do you know why it is called the New Testament?
Older =/= better.
Read the theology.
If you turn humans into cattle, you downgrade them into ape cattle, not to a single cell organism.

Hey, it's the blamegame! Everybody is the winner, especially the losers! How long did it take for Germans to flee the Huns? What event stopped the Viking slave trade (selling Europeans to Muslims)?

Don't see how you interpret that as permitting miscegenation. I interpret that as:
- Don't marry sluts
- Accept only a virgin of your race, or the widow of a priest (still virgin, still of your race).

Um, what happens after Christ rises from the tomb? I only seem to recall at the end of Passion he is alive again and we see the hole through his hand where the spike was.

He reappears to his disciples, trolls them, blesses them and sends them out in His name, full of the Holy Spirit.

But you're right, I guess. Catholics don't care about protestants and other non-conformist christians being murdered massively due to interpretation differences with Rome, even if they were european…

How dishonest can you be? The Venetians and Franks even signed a treaty regulating their european slave-trading areas: and you just admitted they run a whole line from eastern Europe to muslim Spain. The fact that they let kikes do it, doesn't improve things… And you have to remember that 95% of the European population were factually slaves at that time, landless and starving, being subjected to all sorts of abuse, like "prima noctae", while christian instituted nobility and clergy lived in luxury.

The cult was a very specialized class that promoted revolts against the Roman Empire - the romans suppressed it and killed a few thousands of these priests - not a "genocide", an act of war and imperialism. It was a vile act, but you have to see the other perspective, putting down the revolts they would cause would kill thousands more…

But anyway, you're already turning into denial - the post, and I'm contradicting myself earlier by continuing to reply to you, especially after you kept silenced after I repeatedly called you out for being a non-white…

Are you serious about the Hermetic stuff? If so could you point me in the direction of any good information about it? Btw I think the other poster is right, in that if christianity falls, something else will replace it. it could be a sort of pagan thing or something else, but it has to be something, the average man needs religion, I think.

He is known as Sigurd Fåvne's bane here
Also what movie is this from?

That's exactly how it goes in the Bible. Who was Pontius Pilate?

The best starting litrature is "The Kyballion". "The Kyballion", written by three individuals under the pseudonym "The Three Initiates" felt that it was finally time to expose the secrets of hermeticism. Hitherto, Hermeticis was a very cryptic philosophy. it had to be thanks to religious oppression, especially of the Cathloc Church.
When the rule of Catholism opressed them, this was when everything went secret and Hermeticism became an Underground. You already know some of hermetic cryptids. For example, the concept of the Philosopher's Stone that could transmute Lead into Gold began as a hermetic riddle refering to the ability to mentally transmute. Jews then took this literally (though they knew what it actually was) and then tried to pass off their alchemy scam to rich Kings and Queens.

It was decided by these "Three Initiates" and their temple that the world state finally reached a point to where they need not hide their own beliefs for fear of persecution by the moralist and the religious. The Kyballion is essentially a summary of the basic Hermetic beliefs, decrypted and presented in technical form.

After reading this book, it is recommended to follow it with "The Arcane Teachings" by William Walker Atkenson (whom is believed to be one of the Three Initiates). To compare the two; "The Kyballion" is like Basic Arethmatic while "The Arcane Teachings" is like Calculus in their complexity.

Looks good.

Thanks user, I'll read as much as I can before bed. I used to scoff at anything not "scientific", but after all I've seen with meme magic and the appearance of so many synchronicities in my life, I think it's time to learn. Thanks again.

Oh you mean like ancient white myth and archetypes? The sort of thing that got made into Beowulf and Lord of the Rings? Gee, I wonder what we should look to for wisdom…

"New Thought" rejects Pantheism and Sentient Deities, and claims to be proven through Science. Hermeticism is fundementally a philosophy that can have different interpretation. It wholly is an attempt to understand the universe. Majicks comes second in the Hermetic World-View, though Hermetic Majicks is its own field.

You Odinist lurkers would like Hermetic Majicks, I'm sure. This goes again with my comment that the whole of Europe is united in spiritual belief. For example, the "Hammer of Thor" is just a reworked Quabbalistic Cross, and many Odinist rituals (my sourceook for learning them is The Rites of Odin by Ed Fitch) are simply the same rituals of the Hermetic Magnus.

However, there is a rabbit hole that many new-found hermetics go down and that is assuming that all Hermeticism is Thelema. Thelema is the Hermetic Off-shoot created by Alister Crowley. Many people believe Crowley is the key to Hermeticism because of his contributions to the modern practice. While I thank The Master Theron for his contributions, I do no agree with Thelema. I am also often annoyed at the Thelemite. For example, the book The Magick of Alistrer Crowley: A Handbook of Rituals of Thelema by Lon Milo DuQuette lists many Hermetic rituals as solely Thelemite Ritual (e.g. The Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram). Study Crowley's works, but don't fall down into this realm of self-stupidity.

Keep trying, guys! I'm sure it'll work the 1000th time!

Is that real? My god thats some spoopy meme magic.

You're the only dumbass in the thread replying to him. Dumbass.

One of the most revealing things about christians on Holla Forums is they pathetically believe that whites could not be moral without the "example" in the jew book. If you take that delusion to its fullest extent, that means that the jews are moral people, and whites would be morally bankrupt without the jews & their jewish influence.

When you take a step back and realize that every time a christian on Holla Forums advocates for christianity and the bible as the progenitor of white morality, it's the most revealing sign of christcuckoldry. They completely believe whites could not be moral without a jew telling them how to be moral. And by extension that means jews are more than capable of being moral.

Jews. Moral. What a fucking joke.

Couple points of failure in your suppositions.

1) The people that wrote the book aren't the same people that now call themselves Jews.
2) Even if they were, the essence of the religion is revealed truth by a supernatural source independent of race or origin; a transcendent good.
3) Whoever that lost people are, weren't good enough for their own religion anyways. The old testament is a history of orbital bombardments by the god they supposedly served.

Oh and they also claim there is no religiosity outside it, everyone was just "pretending" before "benevolent jews™" showed them the way…

See here:

Like clockwork… As if they filthy semitic rag was any different thousands of years ago… Even Hitler relates how the Old Testament contains mostly a tale of how Jews swindled the Egyptians and then genocided their way into Palestine, since they were "G'ds chosen people", he called it the "book of hate"…

3 is not a couple.

Aren't the same in what way? They're jewish, the writers were jewish. Many christians have tried to rewrite history about this but it always falls flat on their faces that the people the bible is about is jews and their dealings with "gentiles." Contained in both the tanakh and the old testament are the same stories and the writers of the new testament were jewish.
No it isn't. Not even the slightest. The problem with suggesting a supernatural origin, especially with any of the books in the bible is that we have the names of the authors for many bible books. Why would you bundle books supposedly given to man with ones written by man? And then to further complicate this is that many of the stories are blatant plagiarism.
So on one hand you want to suggest that they weren't the "same jews" but then try to mediate this by saying they weren't "good enough" for their own religion implying it was ever good.

You have a lot to sort out. Until then do not even consider yourself redpilled.

The word Jew was not invented until the 16th century, and is the result of a translation error committed by English scribes who failed to correctly translated the world "Judean" during the creation of what would become the King James Bible.

Judeans are an extinct race of Aryan/Europoid that has zero blood relation to the existing Jewish population, the Ashkenazi Khazars.

All instances of Jew in the Bible should be replaced with the word Judean. Jesus was King of the Judeans, not the Jews. The Pharisees were not Jews, but their oral teachings would eventually be used to create what would become the religious texts of the Ashkenazi Khazars, hundreds of years after Christianity was founded.

Jesus was not only not a Jew, but it was literally impossible for him to have been a Jew. The descendants of the Pharisees would not intermarry with the Khazars until hundreds of years after his death. Furthermore, he was a Galilean Judean of the line of David, a totally different and separate bloodline from the Pharisees.

The overwhelming majority of shill arguments presented in this thread rely on the ignorance and lack of education of their targeted audience to carry the day. They assume the layman will have no knowledge of Old Testament genealogies, and they hope their opponent believes the "Jews" really are the people of the Old Testament, and not a relatively recent mongrel race descended from a totally separate bloodline. To argue that Jesus was a Jew shows a rank ignorance of both the Bible and the nature and origin of Jews as a race. To argue that Jesus was a Rabbi, ergo he is a Jew, is absurd. Rabbi meant teacher. He would have been called sensei in Japan, but that doesn't make him Japanese.

Shills have been making the same arguments to derail and hijack for the past eight years. They are just as flawed today as they were when they started using them. It's not the Jews, it's not the Jews, it's not the Jews. You know who's responsible, don't you goy? That's right, it's those damn Xtians. Filter, report, and move on. Don't waste your time talking to astroturfing interns from Tel Aviv with a folder full of Hitler memes. The NSDAP was a Christian organization that refused to tolerate anti-Christian sentiment, and no amount of reposted war propaganda or agiprop can or will change that. If Christianity was really a semitic con, the Jews would not have expended such immense efforts to destroy it.

Also, Mel Gibson is a cool guy. I'll probably go see the movie.

1) Modern "Jews" are Khazars.
2) At least try to know what you're shilling against. The bible isn't all divine origin; it's a compilation. The transcendent origin is responsible for parts of it, not all of it.
3) The people were always fuckups, whoever they were. The religion itself, if delivered by a higher good, found the people practicing it wanting. How is this difficult?

You're intentionally conflating a lot of bullshit and then trying to play gatekeeper on what constitutes 'redpilled'. Faggot/10

yup, it was a thread about somesort of russian celebration or protest or something, got some good oc out of it.

Disinfo. Especially works on christians.
So based jews like Ben Sira is transcendent? His works are good enough to be featured side by side with the plagiarized divine works of God? How is it that only a jew can be transcendent?
Why would an omni-powerful being not know they were fuck-ups? Funny how he didn't seem to mind when they were bitching about Babylon before destroying it. I'm curious though. Do you have a handy guide that separates the individual books by divine and not divine origin? Is it conveniently separated by known author versus not known author? That would be great, thanks.

What part did I conflate? You're the one trying to justify contradictions. If you're upset, you should be upset at yourself because this is the kind of feedback you would get if you talked with honest people and not the circlejerking cucks at Holla Forums - oh wait I meant /christian/. There's no difference these days.

Your hand slipped in that post twice. I'll let you guess which parts.


Thank you for coming forward and admitting defeat.

Jesus was circumcized and repeatedly called "Son of David", tracing his lineage all the way to the house Israel. Isn't that jewish now? Khazar bullshit is literally misinfo that (((they))) spread - yids aren't "turkic".

This is your mind on "christian identity" lies, he even claims the NSDAP was a "christian movement" despite having enacted "Kirchenkampf" and surrounding the party with pagan symbolism, having a swastika as it's very flag.

Nobody here is saying it's not the jews, we're calling out your apologist lies that you spawned from the very beggining of this shit thread, while you complain about people posting "Hitler memes" and defends the old testament jews as BASED. I hope you get banned…

Oh Bullshit. The jews are trying to persecute whites, the white race. For the millionth time. The jews also ended communism, doesn't mean they weren't behind it. The jews also killed the original french revolution leaders by counter-coups, doesn't mean they didn't set the whole thing… Lurk for 2 more years.

All can be one in Christ. Yet this does not mean everyone is equal.
See: Matthew 25:14-30 The Parable of the Talents

It's a (((Hollywood))) movie, so

On the other hand, when Passion 1 came out and South Park did an episode on it, I fell for the blue pill, hard. It wasn't until about 4 years under Obama that I started to wake up. Anyways, good luck to Mel. Those kikes have it coming.

Get fucked.

I need to have someone explain to me how a sequel would work if Jesus already was crucified in the first movie?

All you're doing is proving that everyone in this thread trying to derail it with kike on a stick D&C is a literal brainlet in addition to being a shill.

Find even one example of the word "Jew" occurring before 1604. Even one. Not something we translate as being Jew from a totally different language. The explicit word, "Jew."

You can't. Because that word did not exist exist until the mistranslation of Judean during the creation of the Authorized Version.

Weren't they referred to as hebrews back then?
Or the Yiddish?

Cry more, kike.

Wow, it's almost like that's exactly what happened and what the Bible depicts.

You can literally find the term on Shakespeare's work, predating that, and just all over. What the fuck are you lying and kvetching about?

"The term Jew passed into the English language from the Greek Ioudaios and Latin Iudaeus, from which the Old French giu was derived after dropping the letter "d", and later after a variety of forms found in early English (from about the year 1000) such as: Iudea, Gyu, Giu, Iuu, Iuw, Iew developed into the English word “Jew.” It thus ultimately originates in the Biblical Hebrew word Yehudi meaning "from the Tribe of Judah", "from the Kingdom of Judah", or "Jew". The Jewish ethnonym in Hebrew is יהודים‬, Yehudim (plural of יהודי‬, Yehudi)."

"On the Jews and Their Lies (German: Von den Jüden und iren Lügen; in modern spelling Von den Juden und ihren Lügen) is a 65,000-word antisemitic treatise written in 1543 by the German Reformation leader Martin Luther."

Shut up, idiot.

You're trying to make a bunt into a home run. One user and you investigating the origin of the word and the investigation itself does not equate to you making an accurate declaration about this thread which was inevitably going to be about shitflinging.

Whoever first came up with this theory needs a nail gun to his temple. Whoever this was, was trying to extrapolate this theory from what he thought was a translation error in the KJV when it was actually intentional, as with all other KJV translation changes, into a foolish theory that somehow the biblical jews were white when there's original greek and hebrew copies that present all evidence to the contrary and multiple languages having their own name for the jewish parasites.

They were referred to as both, and a few other names besides that. But never Jews. The term Jew would not exist until a thousand years after Rome fell, and the religion the Jews claim to follow would not be codified until nearly two hundred and fifty years after the death of Christ, making Christianity an older religion than Judaism.

The Merchant of Venice was believed to have been written AROUND the year 1599, give or take a few years. To say nothing of the theory that Shakespeare didn't write the play at all, and it was actually penned even later by Bacon or possibly other ghost writers. But I'm not a Baconist, so meh.

Sorry kike. Try again. I'm sure if I'm so wrong, you won't have any trouble finding an example of the word Jew from the thirteen hundreds or so, right?

A statement which agrees with everything I said and contradicts nothing. Ludea, Gyu, Gui, luu, and luw are not "Jew."

Your source even agrees with me that the word is derived from Judah.

The truth really makes you salty for some reason. Got a personal stake in this, Moshie?

>copypasta from (((Kikepedia)))
wew lad

No, no, let him switch to his other IDs and dig himself deeper into the hole. Don't interrupt him while he's fucking up.

Here are a couple more

Fair enough, enjoy this picture while you wait

Of course you deliberately ignored it and just kept cringing on… Not that you could lurk for 2 minutes to debunk your own ridiculous statement… The origin of the words is from the tribe of Judah, not the roman description of "pharisees", as you stated. The reason few mentions of the word jew exist before the 17th century was because the language hadn't develloped to call them as such untill them, and call they were called Iew in Middle English, which is essentialy the same thing.

So much for christians being somehow "honest" and not more kikes kvetching endlessly and spewing easily debunked falsehoods…

It always amazes me how long threads like these can go before someone mentions the National Socialist campaign of suppression against Christianity, Kirchenkampf, led by Alfred Rosenberg, who sought to replace every cross with a swastika and every bible with Mein Kampf. In his masterpiece, The Myth of the Twentieth Century, Rosenberg explains that all of known Christianity is a subversive cult propped up by Semites such as Saul of Tarsus. While not directly attacking Yeshua himself (because he didn't have access to the Dead Sea materials which prove that Yeshua is a fictional, Semitic idol rather than any man of Aryan descent), he attacks any sect of Christianity which relies on the bible and doesn't decry Saul as a filthy kike opportunist for being anti-Aryan nonsense. With what we've learned since Rosenberg's time through genetic studies of the Semites disproving things such as the Khazarian narrative as well as the Dead Sea materials showing that Yeshua was not an Aryan (or even a single individual rather than an amalgam of Semitic cult leaders, there is not a single reason to tolerate Christianity in the slightest.

Also here is a line from the "The Prioress Tale", from 1389, with a spelling of jew, with the same meaning, in middle-english:

">Fro thennes forth the Jues han conspired"

I could waste another minute lurking, but it's on you to see your own lies… Kike

The perfidious Jew, ladies and gentlemen.


Might explain the Egypt issue. Where jews were driven from Ancient Egypt for proudly declaring they worshipped the Egyptian equivalent of Satan.

You just proved christian fanatics are, in fact, semites…

I swear, hard to pretend being that retarded…

Switching to yet another ID doesn't work when it's obviously you and you continue the same pattern of posting all the rest of your IDs adhere to.

Nobody from Holla Forums would sage a thread about Mel Gibson assblasting kikes, yid. Didn't they teach you anything before sending you here to shill your D&C bullshit?

I'm tired of playing this game. You don't have a refutation or an argument, and never will. Filtered and reported.

I'm also filtering all of your other IDs as well. Pilpul doesn't work once somebody understands the trick.

Try harder, yid.

All that kvetch and denial. Can't refute a single fact about his word bullshit he claimed, or even read a single ancient latin work about the jews.

No self-respecting National Socialist would put denomination above RACE and shill in such a lowly, semitic-minded way.

Cry more kike, reported for not even trying.

And he even projects the ip-hopping he is doing unto others - as if he could be even more of a kike, he goes full chutzpah. Just your typicall d&c jew shill trying to spew his bullshit and de-rail any actual discussion. Try harder next time.


Back to reddit faggot.

blood father

Sometimes I doubt when I'm told a shill IP hops, but come on now this is too obvious


Four years, queer.

The first post was literally the yid. I have 42 replies already due to calling out all the repeated kike kvetching on this thread, and I would ip-hop?

The other posters were organic, unlike this screeching yid:

To the trashbag oven you Jues.

I've said nothing I could be proven wrong about, nice try though

He even reported you, it's typical d&c yids trying to stir up trouble in the board, get anons to shit fling even more and stiffle discussion. It's all but organic, just noticed them by their dishonesty and don't reply (as I did…)

Woops, I must have misclicked. I honestly lost track of what I was doing midway through.

lol four years

You were wrong about that.

They've been caught doing it red-handed when the stupider ones forget to rotate the IDs. It gets really insidious when you notice that they will often argue with themselves as a derailing tactic, astroturfing an argument out of nothing. The goal is to change the topic of the thread and draw people into the "fight" on both sides.

Notice we're not talking about Mel Gibson, Passion of The Christ, and salty yids anymore. But there sure do seem to be a lot of salty yids here with us, doesn't there? Pure coincidence, I'm sure.

Here is your (you)

I always sage christcuck threads. I first posted in this thread 16 hours ago. You give yourself way too much credit.

There's more proof of christcucks doing that than anything else. Last year there were plenty of threads where a christcuck would make a claim and then 2-4 posts would come in, always be the same IDs, and they would all say the same congratulatory statements to the one poster.

That was going to happen because the core issue is christianity as the original jewish subversion. Mel Gibson making a sequel is amusing, but what will really matter is how that affects how people view jews. Best overly-optimistic scenario is that it for real awakens christians to their alleged innate jew-hatred but the problem still remains that they're worshiping a jew - and their first opponents will be zionist christians who worship living jews.

Going by this thread where you have posters on Holla Forums inserting their tumblr-tier head-canon that the bible jews weren't jews or that yahweh was wotan all along, or only through semitic worship can whites be moral, the real redpill on christianity has yet to be taken on Holla Forums where it's a requirement to be wary to jews and their tricks. How we use the sequel to our advantage depends on how we're able to get past this old jewish trick called christianity. As said before, the sequel topic went back to this because there's too many differing perspectives.

You can attribute it to shills, but that just becomes a lazy excuse when you clearly don't have a firm grasp on meta discussion.

That's the very definition of what the 0d506e ID and his back up 00509a is doing. Started during purely sliding replies then got to astroturf and entirely faux argument about the word jew being a mistranslation by posting an all red-text reply pretending to be a triggered christian, which somehow gathered several replies…

Requesting ban.

Still haven't learned anything, huh?

The best weapons to use against kikes are their own golems. If Christianity is truly a kike tool, then it is of utmost priority to subvert it against them.

That would be an interesting discussion to have but the problem remains all of the posters on Holla Forums who haven't accepted the (((true))) nature of christianity, which would hamper discussion. Luckily we have a real close example of this to emulate.

NSDAP Germany had a two-pronged approach to the christian problem. One was raising paganism while subverting christianity. That way you have an outlet for christians leaving christianity, and you neutralize the christians still holding onto it by making them adhere to a lesser form of your ideals. The result was Positive Christianity, the psyop to neutralize christianity, and Kirchenkampf, which was really more about purging chrisrian zealots actively trying to undermine NSDAP germany and in the background promoting paganism.

A basic outline for this on Holla Forums would be to continue discussing redpills about the (((true))) nature of christianity which will give us a cleaner outlet for discussing the christian problem altogether and why it's jewish subversion, and giving christian baby-sized redpill chewables along the lines of what christian apologists try to feed us here. In other words convince christians to be against jews because jesus. This will only really work on devout christians from non-zionist flavors, thus limiting the effect of it.

Overall until there's more discussion on this it's way more efficient to just continue redpilling Holla Forums posters who still haven't digested the redpill about the (((true))) nature of christianity and watch the redpill leak into the mainstream as do all redpills eventually do.

The problem with that idea is that our resident Christians have already been exposed to all of that and have consequentially already done the mental gymnastics and achieved the state of doublethink necessary to keep being simultaneously pro-Christian and anti-semetic. You can bring up all of the evidence and talking points you like, but they've already had to hurdle all of them to get to where they are now and at this point their responses are so predictable that they might as well be copypasta.

Yid harder, intl. Four years of spam isn’t enough.

Of course, the best part is how this faggot never gets banned. If you ever wanted proof that the mods are kikesucking degenerates, it's the continued presence of the "hi intl reported" spammer.

The trick to good spam is to not get emotional, dipshit.

Its actually written by William Walker Atkinson. You can read everything else he published free here too:
Also, pic very related.


Yeah, implying Veronica and Simon of Cyrene were romans.

There is a more recent Jesus movie, where Jesus is portrayed by a muslim actor; he and the apostles were brown people, while most of pharisees were white; also, the miracles are shown are mere coincidences.

Seriously, explain how there can be a second movie if in 1 Christ performed the sacraments, died, and rose? There is nothing left to tell unless it is about how he re-appeared to the disciples before Canaan or it was about before he was persecuted.


I hope it's about his travels around the sea because that's some dope shit.

Was that the one where they worked with the ADL and intended for it to be the "antidote" to The Passion.

It's like he foresaw his future, a man who will be pursued forever because his very existence disrupts the status quo. Many of his movies repeat the same theme. Watch Braveheart, Mad Max, The Conspiracy Theory… Even the movies he directed follow the same idea, someone who unwittingly moves the wheel of fate and changes the world, and pissing those in power in the process.

You may already know many hermetic axiom already, thanks to many members of the pop culture having followed it, especailly during the 60's and 70's. Syd Barrett became a hermeticist for a brief period, and John from The Beatles joined the realm of Harra Krishna which has some shared ideals. Thanks to people like them, the visage of Hermetic Understanding at least is an ember in the public conciousness. Led Zepplin's Jimmy Page became a very active member of Thelema, Alister Crowley's civil liberterian offshoot of Hermeticism. In fact, "Starway to Heaven" is a spell made in traditional midevil-stlye riddle. I never realized this until I began to study.

Look at the lyrics, for example. Realize that they are actually spell-casting instructions.

"There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold
And she's buying the stairway to heaven"

When performing the Quabbalistic Cross, you are expected to imagine within your mind assending (growing) to the heavens.

"There's a feeling I get when I look to the west
And my spirit is crying for leaving"

You face west in this spell, and vibrate the name of the god with the sign of horus. Vibrating divine names is said to sound as if the universe itself willed it out of you, as you are speaking soley from your spirt.

"And it's whispered that soon if we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason"

Follow the sign of horus with the sign of the enterer, which is the sign of silence.

Isn't it amazing?

Not everything you disagree with is mental gymnastics. I could deflect and just throw it back at you.
Remove holiness, and you are left with opinions and memes.

I've come to see the fedoras and LARPagans toss their spaghetti all over this thread. You did not disappoint.

Actually, everything you said was just more mental gymnastics. The closest literal definition of Holy is, "something evoking religious awe," as Holy is basically slang that came from combining two greek words together. This is yet again another example of christians inserting their head-canon to fit into reality where it does not apply, as even within your example you didn't have any set definition for Holy. When you attach so many meanings to it, it loses whatever set meaning it would have and it emphasizes the underlying need you have to attach that word to everything as if it had importance and relevance.

Funny, Holla Forums used to say the same thing when they were tolerated around here. Just replace the strawman terms and you basically have the exact same bait post that's completely interchangeable. They would leave a post just like that when they had got shut out in a thread and all they had left was runaway bait.

History is mental gymnastics? Context is mental gymnastics?
Words have meaning, you dumb AI.
No? The more beautiful the world is, the more I want to experience and observe it. The more holy it is, the more valuable and worthwhile it becomes. Take your inflation to where it belongs; hell, with mammon, zero sum, nihilism and all the rest.
It does have.

They were never tolerated here. That's also a good thing.

I guess (((those))) may have something in common at least in who is pulling the reins of power in any of his movies.

Well then I guess it's a good thing that I never made that claim. I'm curious; how do you, personally, get around the issue of Jesus's extensively documented Jewish heritage, the semetic pedigree of the Christian god and the numerous protections extended to Jews by Christians throughout history if Christianity is supposedly compatible with Holla Forums?

Conflating your head-canon with history doesn't make it history and removes context. You're delusional and a liar.

Desperate platitude, and laughably odd failed strawman.

You're clearly living in your own delusional world. Nothing you said was relevant to what this exchange was about.
Another pointless platitude.
Not even you know what you were saying.
English is either your second language or you were never intelligent enough to communicate properly, hence your christian faith.

From 2014 to about the middle of 2015 which includes the brief period before they had their containment board and were brash enough to openly challenge Holla Forums, they would come post here, sperg out, and then make posts at the end like 8a0ab3's one and only post in this thread so far.

Non-issue. Not only can it be easily subverted against the jews- all their demands, all their goals can be subverted to mean the opposite of what they are doing. Go against degeneracy, do not practice usury, do not revolt, do not enslave etc.
Let's say the Jews want to rule over the land. How do they know this is fulfilled? People obey who they classify as Jewish. Christ qualifies, and requires the opposite of what every other jew demands. Not only that, but He was the king of the jews, so the highest of the jewish authority. No other jew can challenge Him as an authority, none of their demands carry any weight. In addition to this, God isn't limited to humans. He even makes this point- if we, the non-jews, also are to refuse the call of God, He will make new followers "out of rocks". Implied evolution here, I think. Also, Christ literally stated that Jews are the children of Satan and are responsible for the murder of every good man, since the very first.

Curious case you are making here. The jews lost their ancestry in 70 AD, and turned matrilineal - as opposed to the Old Testament, where everything is patrilineal and patriarchal. They are matrilineal (sin), inbred (sin), mixed (sin). They lack the temple, they lack the sacrifices, they lack the priesthood and they lack the arc of covenant. They have no claims to the title they are using. What remains is some inbred Turkish ratlike spawn of Satan.
Enough about them, though. Christianity works like God. You may have heard of the burning bush, no? But it wasn't consumed by fire. The meaning of this, of course, is that Christianity elevates a culture to its full blossom and bloom beyond its limits. As can be seen by architecture.

Wars needed money and spies. Purely pragmatic, realpolitik - disgusting and sinful. The Jews were regularly caught doing what they do, were limited to their ghettos, routinely banished and killed. Not only did Vatican ban Talmud as satanic (immediately after they found out it existed, mind you), Luther wrote about the jews.
If you can't see anything valuable in Europe in-between 33 AD and 2018, I'm not sure you are compatible with Holla Forums.

I'm not monolingual, and words do not lose their meaning even if they were born out of a synthesis. However, translations often do lose their meaning because of the illiteracy of the readers. Hence Storge, Eros, Philia and Agape are reduced to a single word in most European languages.
False. I used another ideal to describe the importance of another. The fact that you saw no such thing implies that you do not see their importance. Further justifying my comparison of you to an AI. Artificial being, whose all needs can be fulfilled with McDonalds, Hollywood and Memes.
I'm seeing a pattern here. No, it isn't one of a single standard.
It is my second language, and it does make sense in regards to the latter portion.
Arrogance is irrelevant.

I remember that, but didn't they get banned? Back then we had the different mods who banned anything not strictly natsoc, and it pissed people off. Later it was revealed that one of them was in fact, Holla Forums. That's what I remember, at least.

Those sorts of undesirables never truly left. They are the ones continuously propagating hatred against non-Christian traditions while spamming about LARPagans this and "you're intl for repeating facts about the National Socialist policies of suppression against Christianity and the implementation of Aryan religion within the Reich" that. They are the ones who repeat lies about Europeans having no civilization before Christianity or Odinists drinking semen while crying about D&C whenever someone brings up anything about Christianity's destructive influence. Most of the actual Christians left to go to their containment board because they aren't nationalists and find our views distasteful to their faith-based palate; the rest remain silent about their religion because they've seen all of the arguments presented against continuing to participate in a foreign, subversive cult and have no way to counter them despite also being too weak to break away from their conditioning. Posing as Christians is one of the favorite pastimes of the rootless shitposting hoard and it is a plague which will cloud the board until pro-Christian posting is made to be banned and deleted on sight. Such a thing would be fully in line with the campaign of Kirchenkampf which the National Socialists undertook due to Christianity's role in undermining the German state, just the same as Christianity is used to undermine this board through shitposting and the spread of falsehoods constructed to keep men enslaved to the Semitic hegemony.

Name one.

The persecution of the shamanistic caste and those who studied traditional medicine-making, resulting in the loss of various remedies and cures such as one which has been rediscovered and found to be more effective than modern pharmakike poisons. To say nothing of the wisdom traditions lost due to the attempted genocide of such castes.
The implementation of a puritanical culture which overturned the appreciation for natural beauty and the human form which was pervasive throughout European cultures.
The reduction of the agrarian caste to mistreated slaves under the feudal system, headed by Christian monarchs and their Semitic moneymen.
The erasure of the foundation myths of European cultures to be replaced with the foreign myths of another race which contain a set of values which are unsuitable for our peoples and have a degenerative effect on our societies.
Even something as simple as the prohibition of public baths which led to increased mortality through unhygienic conditions, to things as grave as the obliteration of consciousness of the racial soul and the replacement of such a concept with the idea of the universal soul which opened the door for Semites to infest nations and prepared the way for the brown hordes.

Or you could read Rosenberg's The Myth of the Twentieth Century and realize that the list is essentially of the same length as "things that have gone wrong with our nations since 50 AD."

No user, (((it))) is always an issue. (((It)))'s also core component of the religion.
None of that stopped them from carrying on their sacrifices.
Another pointless platitude.
None of that mattered as even in your own prior example they were still there.

The only value is what occurred in spite of christianity. The end of the roman empire began with the holy roman emperors who saw fit to kill and destroy pagans and their places of worship. The slowest progress ever seen took place in Europe up until the Enlightenment where the church's influence was extremely low and the acquirement of Ancient Greek and Roman wisdom and knowledge. A European society relying on the knowledge and wisdom of its ancestors proved to be way more valuable than the religion brought by semites.

(((Projection))) was a term invented by jewish psychologists to do the, "I know what you are but what am I." It's not only juvenile but dishonest and you relying on it reinforces that. You thus forfeit on that point and prove I'm correct.
That's one of many ways they lose their meaning. Thanks for proving my point and illustrating how you think it's okay to warp definitions.
What you were doing is a lazy attempt to appeal to emotion when that is a mask for what's actually important which is the facts. Your "ideal" is not evident of anything. To think your feelings on something matters is a sign that you are mentally defective.
You need to finish learning english because it only makes what little sense you are making sound even more senseless.
Permanent bans no matter the board aren't permanent.

Being the rock that jews built their proverbial temple of influence on white civilization, the destruction of Europe's spiritual identity. the restriction of information, records, knowledge, artifacts, and self-governance of societies that placed christianity above its own self, and the dissolution of racial identity. And that's to name a few.

Just popping into the thread to ask which denomination Mel Gibson is.

I can't seem to recall the name, but I remember that their central idea is that the Catholic Church has basically been taken over by Jewry, and therefore not to be trusted.

Jews had their synagogues in Rome, Greece, they were spread even as far to the East as India. They had access to Roman citizenship, which they could buy, control over senators including Cicero, high mercantile positions before Christianity. They formed mobs of Greek fanatics to kill Christians, implying similar control as in USA of today. That control is a follow-up of Napoleon's war that freed the jewish populations and promoted equality among all he conquered and 'liberated'. Of course, this is European sin opposing Christianity, resulting in the ideal of equality, leading to democracies. WW1 was the end of European monarchies (Christian model). After that, nothing good has happened.

>No user, (((it))) is always an issue. (((It)))'s also core component of the religion.
I disagree. I already said one reason why. By their fruits you shall know them.
Human sacrifice is also a sin. One that the Old Testament goes against. You might think otherwise due to jewish actions, but in reality Talmud and Kabbalah are their holy books. Talmud exists to subvert the Old Testament, and Kabbalah exists to gain power. As such, they are completely divorced from Christianity, and in polar opposition to it.
Your life seems quite pointless.
Then why isn't greatness happening now? Why didn't greatness happen despite Weimar?

>(((Projection))) was a term invented by jewish psychologists to do the, "I know what you are but what am I."
It's a real phenomenon and structure in human minds. Jews do it all the time, so often in fact, that the Poles have a saying: The Jew will cry out in pain as he kicks you.

You need to learn the ability to contextualize. You were implying that stupidity leads to Christianity, which is arrogance, given that you are obviously not Christian and are making such a statement.

Gibson is Catholic. After per Vatican II, their leadership has been mostly subverted. Masons (they larp jews, but value beauty) and Jesuits (jews) took over. However, it is a massive institution, and like all institutions of this age, is corrupted at the top, not at every level.

Hate to say it but Hammurabi's code "eye for an eye" is far more powerful than Matthew 5:39's "turn the other cheek" bullshit simply from a game theory standpoint. If we can't put the balls back in Christianity then we need something new.

If Mel actually said it's going to be like an acid trip then it sounds stupid as fuck. Hope I'm wrong though.

That's not all there is to Christianity. Unless you understand the context, you're a caveman trying to build computers based on blue prints.

That's how they got senators to support (((christianity.)))
Reverse of the truth. That's what they did to pagans. The inverse of the truth goes so far that the christian martyrdom stories were nothing more than propaganda.

Your reason was invalid because you consciously ignore on of the most telling signs of a problem which is jewish origin.
The longest lasting and biggest subversion of whites is a pretty big jewish fruit.
Was it a sin first before it was bad? There's stating the obvious and then there's stating the obvious through a religious lens.
And as such, they include the Old Testament in their books and just call it the Tanakh. So much for subverting their own books. I used to believe that last part too until I looked it up for myself and found out that it's just a lie christians spread to pretend they're against the jews.
That explains why they tolerate christians.

So that's why you used it to dodge having to explain why you apply your delusional reality to life and try to make it apply as facts.

No thanks. I prefer facts. Contextualizing is a missionary tactic where you dress up a bible story to make it sound more appealing and that removes the original context and all of the important details.
You keep abusing the word arrogance because it's probably one of the few words in your bilingual vocabulary. The reason why I said you make even less sense because of your limited english skills is because you make every little sense to begin with when defending christianity, and that's on top of your dishonest attempts to side-step issues and focus on a sanitized context. It's obvious that you not only rely on that tactic but you're perfectly aware of how disingenuous it is to tell something in a way that is removed from its original and accurate context. In other words, you are consciously and intentionally dishonest.

Then give the full and accurate context of something. You can't. Because you're dishonest.

Biblehub is a great place. It gives you access to resources. The embed is also a resource, but I doubt you'll watch it. I'm not here to educate you. You're not here to learn.
Right back at you.

It's the age old blame game. You want to be the poor old jew at the border, seeing their success. Viking slave raids ended after they converted (by themselves). They sold Europeans to Muslims.

Respect our axioms a bit.
Moral evil =/= obvious.

The original context was lost in translations. This is post 16th century stuff. Even afterwards it was usually understood. Takes a special kind of retard (one bred in USA) to miss the mark (=sin, literally and by definition) as badly as contemporary protestants do.

Vikings were forcibly converted from the Northern Crusades.
Muslims were already doing that just fine by themselves.

Funny and ironic how you were bringing up AIs but you sound like a bad translator.
It's arrogant to assume people don't know something is bad because they're not christian. Your next post will be a lazy attempt to establish how christianity invented morality for whites thereby implying jews can somehow be moral since after all, they created that religion.

You can go back to the original source. The original source for the bible is the Hebrew and Greek versions.
The problem isn't that you think no one else but you knows what 'sin' means but that you think no one knows human sacrifice is bad because they're not christian.

Those were done by the converted Swedes and Germans, though. Targets were Finns and Baltics, you stupid nigger.

15-30% of Finns were Orthodox by that point.

And I would trade any of the knowledge and experience, honestly. I might not go see it myself, but it's not difficult to figure out that breaking up kike monopolies on information is always a good idea. Gas the kikes.

Yet I've referenced the reason plenty of times. Monolingual retards with low iq (around 100) assume that the simplest translation is the one, even though it loses nearly all of its meaning in the simplification process necessary to translate it. Theologians have known for millenia, and keep on knowing. Yet you, the internet atheist, do not know. This isn't our shame, it's yours.

Read up on the (((Christianization of Scandinavia))) which mysteriously is not categorized as a crusade and predates the crusades against the muslims. That's right, the priority was killing the vikings before killing the muslims. And you still fail to realize that that is a major part of the northern crusades. Whites killing whites in the name of the jew.

At this point you don't even know what you're referencing.
Hey, it's not fair to insult your based niggers that are brothers with you in christ.
You say all of that but then emphasize the importance of (((contextualization))). So which is it? You want to use the simplest translation that has lost all its meaning for the importance of converting others or use the correct one and that way you're being honest? Thanks for admitting your hypocrisy in a poor attempt to gloat. What's most amusing is that you think you're being smart about it which probably means you know you're not smart at all because even within your own religious knowledge you're wrong.

And yet you have no clue what you’re talking about.

Not everyone is a protestant/evangelical. Read the Greek and Latin Bibles and the theologians.
The Vikings unified under local kings. They weren't killed or mixed out of existence. They changed their own beliefs. For some reason you think of this as an extinction event. They weren't crusades, they were local wars among locals.

That's not accurate either. Before the christians went to forcibly convert scandinavia they tried converting them the slow way for a few hundred years. Missionaries were the ones who usually instigated the fights. Since the christian converts would get supplied by missionaries and the pagan groups were scattered, it was a matter of time.

Doesn't really matter now does it? Because you can look all around you and see 99% of Christians have misinterpreted it as a call to be a cuck. Again, it's just as I said:
But whether the Bible really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either authorized such weakness and flabbiness as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist in its current form.

Don't come on here and say stuff like this, faggot. If you can't back up your shit GTFO; this is a comment worthy of approval seeking plebbit. Facts win the day here, not your flaccid attempts at personal attacks against anonymous individuals.

The people hating on Christianity in this thread are very simple. You don't seem to comprehend how European society is tied to Christianity, and by abandoning it, people abandon our social norms and ideals. That's why nearly all outspoken atheists are marxist filth. If you don't have a system to replace it (a realistic one, not your little fantasy), then you're advocating for the wholesale destruction of all European traditions, social norms, and ideals tied to the religion. Right now, Christianity is the only remnant of our culture left that still reinforces some semblance of how our ancestors thought it best to live. It's the only widespread ideology that makes our family values, our community values, our traditions etc. relevant today. I'm not a Christian, but I'm not abandoning European Christian culture, because it's the only thing left that's not big government, urban cosmopolitan inanity.

What you're saying is a direct contradiction to what the National Socialists enacted. They had a system with which to replace Christianity, folk spiritualism based in the revival of Germanic traditions and rituals. Did Kirchenkampf lead to a destruction of their values, or were they flourishing to such an extent that the Zionist world order had to mobilize the Christian armies of the nations under its control to destroy Germany?

Christianity reinforces nothing except submission to Semites and the acceptance of globalism. There is not one single positive influence to be gained from tolerating it, and all who suggest otherwise are fools or traitors.


How to out yourself as a non European 101.

Yeah, and that was in the '30s, before modern media and before education was widely subverted. That was before social sciences. That was before diversity. That was before feminism, LGBQ etc. What culture do we have left? There's nothing outside of existing structures like Christianity, and that's what "atheists" have been attacking, and for good reason. It's the only thing outside of museums that contains some semblance of European heritage.

Even after the destructive campaigns of the Christians, even after the distortions of the Semites, even after the tragedies of Marxism and Capitalism, the folk have kept their traditions alive in many nations. Local festivals and community rituals; ancient lore and stories passed down generation to generation. What's more, we have the records left by the National Socialists themselves and the methods which they used to regenerate their nation. Beyond that, there are still honest men out there digging up the traces of our ancestors to figure out how they lived, a process which gives us more knowledge to work with today than was available to the National Socialists in the 30s.

Of course, to top it all off, the ultimate source for such things is the racial soul itself. In the beginning, our ancestors had no past on which to rely for guidance. The blueprints for what they built can be found in the blood of every Aryan. The forces which shaped their beliefs are still extant in the world as well, though you have to step outside the bounds of Christianized, urban society to find them.

Stop trying to be a victim, that shit doesn't work here. Scandinavians made their choices and it's pretty clear that local kings converted and passed their new faith along, that's just history. Monarchs like Guthrum are a good example of that

1000ad was a dark time for Christianity given the Roman collapse, environmental conditions, and pagan resurgence/constant raids from northmen.

Ultimately, pagan kings converted via contact with their racial brethren, the Saxons. Yes, there were organizations like the Teutonic knights in central Europe, but Scandinavia made their choice as much as the Saxons, Franks, etc.

They're secretly smelting their ancient artifacts in Sweden. Anyway, you and I are coming from different perspectives, so we're going to see this differently. I can't agree because I don't see things the way you do. To me, it's all downhill, and we either preserve or wind up worshiping a big authoritarian government that controls our lives. My concern is more with demographic replacement than culture, because culture is a lost cause to me. That war was lost. I mean, sure, we can love the "nation" (people–I'm an Ethnic/Racial Nationalist), but our ties, to me, will only ever be Ethnic/Racial, outside of a few existing cultural ties and ideas. The ancient world is the ancient world, and it's no longer our "heritage" because we're too far removed from it to ever feel like it's ours again. We can feel proud of our ancestors, but my personal feeling is that a void has been created that can't ever been filled. A century of "progress" has destroyed familial and communal links to the past to every significant degree (unless you're in some small village somewhere where the average age is 60). Urban cosmopolitan jewish identity and propaganda is the new mainstream. The only thing I feel a connection to is other European peoples. European history has become nothing more than a bragging point and a rung on a ladder to me. When I look through educational material, I feel no more linked to the content of our peoples historic way of life than I do with a tribe of niggers in Sub-Saharan Africa. I feel like "this is proof of our potential and what makes us better," but that's it. So I want to keep what we have left, that we all have some connection to, because looking around, there's not much else, and no one is exactly interested in looking back. Forward to me is an even greater void to be filled with government. Just like the USSR.

You're on the wrong board then; Holla Forums is a National Socialist board. Your clinging to Christianity, disdain for authority, and nihilistic view are at odds with the ideals of that ideology. /christian/ might be more your speed.

No it's not. I've been here for years. You're the loudest, but you're not the sole point of view here.

[citation needed], and even if this was the case, it was

Bah, you're just a kike. Or a double digit IQ metalhead.

It's not about being the loudest or the only point of view, it's a matter of being the correct point of view which is in alignment with the truth. It doesn't matter how long you've been here if you've failed to learn anything. Holla Forums is a National Socialist board.

You're a moron.

Massive issue.Jesus was a jew preaching a flavor of Judaism.

Please expand upon this; I have no idea what you're trying to say.

Okay sure.

The goyim waiting on them hand and foot, you mean. Not other Jews.

No, he absolutely does not. Jews not recognizing Jesus as the Jewish messiah or King of the Jews is kind of a major point in Christianity.

Which is part of why they killed him for being a heretic, like they did to lots of others.

Except that Jews write him off as a misguided heretic. If a charismatic homeless man leading a small cult claimed to be the second coming of Jesus, would you take his word for it? Would the Vatican?

pic related.

Literally the same kind of intra-Jewish religious infighting that has been going on since the first temple. The split of Israel and Judah, the Sadducees and Pharisees going at it, Karelites, Hasidism, the list goes on. There's a list of Jewish heretics and schismatics as long as your arm out there and Jesus is just another one of them.

Complete nothingburger of an answer; none of that has any bearing whatsoever on the fact that Yaweh is a Jewish tribal deity.

Enough about them, though. Christianity works like God. You may have heard of the burning bush, no? But it wasn't consumed by fire. The meaning of this, of course, is that Christianity elevates a culture to its full blossom and bloom beyond its limits.
That also does not address my point in any way.

Ah yes; it completely slipped my mind that buildings such as the Parthenon, the Pantheon, Petra, Persepolis, Karnak, Angkor Wat and the Ise Grand Shrine would never have been built were it not for Yaweh and his followers.

Fair enough.

Yeah, they were so persecuted that multiple popes wrote papal bulls protecting them and they were shuffled from country to country under the watchful eyes of the church instead of being taken behind the woodshed for acts that would have engendered genocide (or at least cultural extermination) if any other people had done them over and over again for hundreds of years.

Yeah, and didn't stamp out - or even forcibly convert - the Jews. The fact that that same courtesy was not extended to millions of Europeans that refused to abandon their ancestral beliefs says a lot about the Vatican.

And yet protestants more than anyone else gobble Jewish cock like there's no tomorrow. Talk is cheap.

Of course there's value in it. The value, however, comes from the people. Europeans built wonders before Christianity, during Christianity and will do so after Christianity. How about you - do you see anything valuable in Europe prior to 33 AD?

We do not seek peace in order to be at war, but we go to war that we may have peace.

Don't use Jewish rhetoric to gauge the level of actual antisemitism. To hear them tell it the world is a giant oven and there are seven billion Hitlers stoking the flames.

Including enforcing it by torturing and murdering people who didn't attend mass, or even ate the host wrongly… Or woman and kids who kept their traditions. Not to mention the set-up of instituted nobility, which left the landless formerly free peasantry starving and exploited, while the nobility and clergy lived in luxury.

Nigger, the Saxons were nearly exterminated to convert to christianity, fought years of wars against foreigners trying to impose it on them. Even the Franks only converted after a massive civil war, and they were isolated in their faith and influenced by over a century by the already christian Goths/Burgundians/Gallo-Romans.

They only had an aggression, and specifically targeted monasteries, because they were carrying a systematic attempt at converting and disrupt their society (and these monasteries had the hoarded goods they took from the peasantry). The christianization of Scandinavia did not end slavery, in fact, 95% of the population was factually enslaved under feudalism - in conditions worse than ancient scandinavian thralls (the Norse had no slavery system).

The Vikings sold slaves mostly to the christian Franks, who took several slaves from Eastern Europe and even run a big slave trade, operated by jews with the consent of the church, to arabic Spain through Verdun.

The destruction of most of ancient scandinavian culture, and the instigation of civil wars there by the christian missions - as the explicit purpose of the bishopric of Bremen established by the Pope - are facts, and not an advancement for whites… It was the suppression of one the last (well, before the Baltics) free strongholds of the European people. You're the kike here for celebrating this.

20 minutes x 6 million = 228.159105 years
is that right? damn,

Name the degeneracy preached or practiced by Jesus.


"Learn" does not equate to adopting your perspective. I have my own, and I'm content with it.

Right, because pagans dindunuffin and torture was frowned upon in the medieval era. Give me a break, you make the same nigger apologies I can get from CNN.

Saxons were a widely spread tribe, Charlemagne totally did genocide some tribes while the Anglo-Saxons converted mostly peacefully.

Your timeline is totally fucked, pagan Norse tribes began to widely raid/pillage in the "viking age" because their land was not producing like it used to so they would leave or raid. Christian missionaries that went that far north were generally killed outright or tortured to death.

Norse are cool, Saxons, Burgundians, etc. were very cool as well but you're oversimplifying their cultures and being a norseaboo with communist undertones. My family is descended from Norman petty nobility, the history of my people is very colored by the same historical context you are focusing on. History isn't kind to uncivilized tribes (that's exactly what they were btw), only when we unite with purpose and look at the majesty of Rome, the ingenuity/intelligence of the Celts, the unflinching loyalty and sense of duty of the Germanic peoples, and the tenacity of the Slavs as all pieces of the same European puzzle can we throw off our people's enemies.

I have no problem with you being pagan, I do have a problem when you purposefully take aim at many of our people at the expense of our true enemy. This thread is about a Christian who is showing exactly what jews are according to original Christian sources and you cry oppression while immediately attacking your racial brethren that bring up the jewish question. Why should anyone take you seriously?

Christianity is nothing more than a tool belonging to the true enemy and Christians are nothing more than servants of the Semites. Those who promote the enslavement of our peoples by defending Christianity are traitors. After all, the original Christian sources were all written by Semites like Saul, as pointed out by Rosenberg in The Myth of the Twentieth Century.

If you want to praise Mel for calling out kikes, go ahead, but in the same breath you should chastise him for adhering to a Semitic cult responsible for the destruction of our cultures.

There was a thread about TMTC a while ago that showed Hitler's thoughts on Rosenberg. Hitler didn't take Rosenberg seriously, I don't either.

I never claimed that Jesus was a degenerate nor that he endorsed the same; I claimed that he was spreading a type of Judaism. I thought it went without saying around here that traditional Semetic values are incompatible with traditional European values, but apparently Christians haven't gotten that memo yet.

The so-called viking age more likely came about because Charlemagne forbade Christians to trade with heathens and Scandinavia - the peoples of which relied heavily on trade with continental Europe - became impoverished as a result. Monasteries and churches were also targeted in large part because in any given area those places probably offered the largest concentration of valuables. Of course there are also a number of other probable hypotheses, so I'd say the safe best is to just say that it was a perfect storm.

Gee, I wonder how northern Europeans managed to form a dim opinion of Christianity in the 8th century? I mean, Charlemagne was nothing but a respectful and tolerant neighbor and neither he nor any arm of the church ever did anything to offend or anger anyone in northern Europe.


He took him seriously enough to continually grant him important offices ranging from serving as the head of the party while Hitler was imprisoned to being made minister of occupied eastern territories, as well as posts which gave Rosenberg great influence over the nation's culture and education system. That's in addition to the Kirchenkampf campaign to suppress Christianity according to Rosenberg's views.

And that's a good thing.

Christianity not only propelled the white race to it's peak, but also kept society and culture intact and anti-degenerate. Do not conflate Christianity with the anti/post Christian society we are living in now. The jews successfully infiltrated catholicism(not Christian) and made an image where it is the leading Christian religion and tells people to cuck themselves.

Fuck off with your historical revisionism.

Wrong. You are conflating the "Christians" who are southern neocons (((best ally))) retards who only read the scottsfield bible. In the gospel, the Gentiles are the new chosen people, not jews. You're also stating that Christianity is some sort of 4d-ultra dimensional kike dreidel.

No. Historically, jews and Christians have always hated each other, with jews persecuting Christians ever since, and still do now. Christians before the (((takeover))) used to persecute kikes.

Yes, who were hated, persecuted, and killed by jews. They defined themselves are Christians.

Yea, cultures in living in straw/wood houses and doing pagan rituals white Christian societies flourished Literally no different than africa.
Face it. Christianity help the white race move to great heights, and the reason why the world is so shit is because of the effects of a POST-Christian society and the many confused and kiked Christians who teach that jews are still somehow special even though they killed Jesus and are (((best ally))).

Christianity destroyed the noble cultures of Europe and the degenerate world we live in today is a direct result of Christian ideology. Pre-Christian civilizations include those of the Egyptians, Persians, Greek, Romans, Thracians, and a host of others known for the beauty of their art and the wisdom of their philosophies. Christian Europe was only ever a shadow of the achievements of the pre-Christian era; even the greatest cathedrals paled in comparison to the megalithic temples of the past and were only able to be built due to the initiation of the builders into secret societies which preserved pre-Christian traditions, as evidenced by the references encoded in such structures to the superior knowledge of the earlier civilizations. The Third Reich was a post-Christian state and the absolute pinnacle of civilization since the time of the megalithic cultures. Those who defend the foreign, subversive cult responsible for our degradation and enslavement are traitors. You will hang.

Blaming the human for a leech.

Because the kikes couldn't get away with banning it


Are you really that retarded? Then you gonna say the inquistion dindu nuffin…

You're spreading christian historiography, out of ignorance since missionary activity in Scandinavia started in about the year 500, and you also don't care about Europeans being genocided, so I think I'm wasting my time here.

Because Jewish-controlled "civilizations" are kindness? The "uncivilized germanics" took down the Roman Empire.

I have no problem with you being a christian, but, as well as this thread, don't come here to spread "christian identity" bullshit and shill "christian historiography".

Now that's plain idiocy, Hitler defended Rosenberg from furious calls by christcucks. His ideas read a mirror or Rosenberg, who was definitely a major influence upon him and the NSDAP. The claim Hitler dislike Rosenberg comes from a single table talk passage, by Speer (who betrayed the NSDAP later) that said Hitler found Rosenberg's work hard to understand - and that was something Rosenberg himself said in his own memoirs. Some argue Rosenberg could have gotten to a higher position but Hitler liked others more - but that has more to do with one's capabilites, as an intellectual rather than a leader.

The white race reached it's peak in spite of it. Christianity led to the Dark Ages, no less. And the complete wiping out of the ancient cultures - something which set europeans back.

You can't possibly say the results of christian doctrine, like flagellants and such, were responsible for the greatness of Europe…

>Christians before the (((takeover))) used to persecute kikes.

Persecute as in, sending your "court jews" to another country after your populace forced you to? Yeah, great stuff… The most they did was try to convert the jew (and even in Hitler's time, many jews were nominally protestant, something Hitler always pointed out that didn't matter)…

Yeah, and Paul persecuted christians before "switching sides", with the consent of the Elders of Zion, to preach that religion to the gentiles as a tool against the Roman Empire - and that's not me saying it, I'm quoting Hitler here. A good read is: "A real case against the jews"…

The Christian populace also lived in straw/wood houses, as do the christians in Africa today. Even the churches, which they built with the goods they stole from the hapless european peasantry, were inferior in architecture than the pagan temples they destroyed.

You're retarded, aren't you?

Hitler exterminated political catholicism during Kirchenkampf. He spoke heavily of the Centre party of Bavaria (the Catholic one) as a tool of the jews - that same party was his main opposition inside the Third Reich (look at the votes map) and is the one of Angela Merkel today.

Italian Fascism, which is not National Socialism, was anti-clerical. They, as well as the NSDAP, had to make several deals with the churches, because they were afraid they would be exterminated by them otherwise. That video was literally some kike trying to blame christians for "muh nazis" so they cuck. Lurk 2 more years.

And some of it's members were excomunicated, even Degrelle who was formely a political christian, adding to the lie of that kike - who even had the ridiculous audacity to claim Goebbels, a fierce church opponent, was excomunnicated for marrying a protestant and not for calling out catholicism - he was only prevented from leaving the church by Hitler's orders not to cause more dissent.

The Wehrmacht had Gott Mit Uns in their belts due to the prussian tradition - they were not a NSDAP organization and the generals were a separate branch, not entirely loyal. The SS, a NatSoc organization, had "Mein Ehre Heisst Treue" in their belts - they didn't keep those christian traditions. The treaties with the churches were due to the churches fear of persecution - that was carried on regardçess by Kirchenkampf.

Stopped watching there, stop believing kike propaganda.

Because there is some use to it, maybe? Especially considering the majority of it's worshippers are in third world countries?


If it doesn't include degeneracy or other evil things, then what is the problem?
What do you know about traditional European values?
Indian numbers, Semitic Values, Roman law, Greek philosophy— Memes are not genes. You're like one of those old generals who went against the use of cannons and guns.

We can educate them. Besides, it's not that bad, either. Where do you think the nationalist voters come from?
It didn't. It's mostly the case in the English speaking world, too, and only fairly recently.
Fatalistic view, don't you think? I don't see you making that point about nazis, vikings, Romans or anybody else.
I agree 100%.

Buuuhu my kike infiltrator TV preacher is so uptight

Public bathhouses were common in medevial Europe. Uptight Prots in Scandinavia go full frontal nudity in their saunas.

Wonderful pagan Rome had actuall slaves toiling on the fields and invented serfitude (from latin servus, servant, slave)

While this is a mongolian bone carving forum, in Europe, no shamans Fingolians extempt

Don’t deceive yourself. The alternative to Christianity in Europe is |slam. No childish atheism, no Druids, no Odin. The religious need of the people will be fullfilled, European culture destroyed, because it is pre!slamic and therefore forbiden for the adepts of mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker.

The people here and everywhere else arguing against Christianity want the |slamification of Europe and the destruction of its culture.
The shill here is very clear in his statement that 2000 years of European culture is shit in his eyes and needs to be buried. The pagan larping, I’m not believing him be serious for one word.

He is either a kike or a rare educated mudslim.

You are a jew doing black propaganda, falseflaging as NatSoc, trying to gaslight people into the believe that Hitler and the NatSoc did hate Christians, like the jew do.

no thanks

how do you faggots think he got back in?
kikes don't forget

I think this is a reasonable conclusion, though I'd phrase it differently.
Calling it a "trick" seems odd. Christ explicitly denounces the proto-Judaism of the Pharisees (it's not modern Judaism, because the Talmud hadn't been written yet, but modern Judaism is its successor). It's not a trick, it's open conflict. Revelation calls them the Synagogue of Satan.

Hey, nigger, if you read the 25 points of the NSDAP you will read that the party "stands for Positive Christianity", but is not bound by any particular creed.

Now Positive Christianity is a thing, mixed with Gnostic/Germanic elements it openly called the christianity of the churches as "negative" and anti-german and preached for the rejection of the bible as a "jewish book", both old testament and new, the replacement of the cross, a "symbol of death" with the Swastika inside churches and the worship solely of the "aryan personality of Jesus" and the German blood, preached by an exclusively german clergy hierarchically submitted to Hitler.

"Positive Christianity" was designed chiefly by openly pagan Alfred Rosenberg and was enacted hand-in-hand with "Kirchenkampf" and the persecution of christian institutions and execution of priests. It was seem as a step for the eventual replacement of christianity by a new religion, compatible with germans, after the war. It was, regardless, mostly abandoned by 1941 because they saw no point in strenghtening christianity.

And that is without going into Hitler's personal statements about the church, even on Mein Kampf calling the advent of Christianity a "regretable fact". A good read for you would be "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin" by Dietrich Eckart.

that's what Christianity pretty much already is, retard


Basically this, except the starting point of point 1.) is the end of WWII, not the beginning

Everything in the modern world is a direct result of the bad guys winning and the good guys losing

"As a Jew, Paul certainly knew that of all the peoples of the world the Jews, first and foremost,needed their souls saved. 'Go not … to the Gentiles, … But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel,' demanded Christ (Matthew 10:5-6). Paul ignored it. He went to the Greeks and the Romans and brought them his 'Christianity.' A 'Christianity' with which the Roman Empire became unhinged. 'All men are equal! Brotherhood! Pacifism! No more privileges!' And the Jew triumphed."

"The revolutions of vulgar predisposition were, for the most part, thework of Jews; and those with loftier tendencies were soon subverted into a darker course by Jews. In the case of the struggling young Christianity, for example, the Jews, quick as a flash, began hanging onto its coattails. Consider Paul, properly called Schaul, who was a rabbinical student. That Schaul first chose the Roman-sounding name, Saulus, and then had himself renamed Paulus gives cause for thought. Still more, the fact that in the beginning he persecuted the fledgling Christian community with first-rate ferocity. I don't know: mass murderers who later become saints is that not too much of a marvel?"

Yes, this is totally what the churches preach. Their are our greatest allies!

Forgot to say, the first quotes come from "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin - a conversation between Hitler and me" by Dietrich Eckart.

It's antithetical to the very foundations of western civilization. I don't know how much more of an example one needs than the cultural vandalism which makes American imperialism look like amateur hour.

More than Christians, apparently.


you're not European, are you?
in the last thousand years Christianity was irrevocably changed by European pagan traditions

Hitler, Eckart and Rosenberg weren't Europeans, I guess…

In the last thousands of years the European pagan traditions were changed by the semitic fanatism of christianity - which involved the murder of millions of whites - is the correct perspective here…

Reminder to all D&C shills that Jesus Christ was not ethnically, religiously, linguistically, or culturally Semitic in any way:
Also reminder that European Christianity took Jesus Christ's noble but naive lessons to the kikes in the region and combined them with European Pagan festivals and events. The resultant religion caused White Europe to band together for thousands of years, resisting Arab Mussulman invasion.
Please attempt another method of attack. We're not going to fight each other over religion again.

I didn't ask if they are Europeans but if you are, faggot
I guess the answer is no

Oh yes, I see who is the non-european here…

It's not like the Roman Empire had a lot of trouble dealing with arabs… I guess if the Soviet Union subjugated us and made us band together, we could defeat muslims like they did too… Listen, nobody here is trying to "divide" Holla Forumsacks, we're just pointing out that "christian identity", above race, and the millions of fallacies they spread is a ploy and has no place here and in a NatSoc board.

So you're just going to deny the existence of Western civilization 33 AD onwards (or at least, 300 AD)? As a Christian I do not need to reject what came before. Not in its entirety, at least. Instead, I can see the process as growth, as gardening - nourishment and fulfillment of the local culture. Protestantism and iconoclasts in general are a destructive force, but there is a reason they are considered heretics.

You treat them as if they were. That Europeans didn't exist since their conversion to Christianity. This is obviously wrong, and reeks of North American heritage. Your notion of race moves along ideological boundaries, not biological.

Obvious rubbish

Dirty forger:
They lived on government hand outs because they could not compete with their little fields against massive slave labour fueled latifundias
The massive slave economy of Rome led to its sociological breakdown, no more farmer warriors and authentic, invested Roman citizen, instead of titular, Romans in name only.

Only 30 Percent! Were personal property, the owner could do as he pleased, fuck, mutilate, kill.
BTW pater familias had same life and death power over his family

Other nigger falsehood. Basiclly all Roman slaves were white people, the majority Europeans. Nigger slaves were very rare and a exotic and decorative accessoire for the rich.

Only the Viking slave trader… Celts had slaves as well and a very stratified society.

None were slaves and there were practically no slaves in Christian Europe until slavery was abolished world wide (in name).

Petrodollar is already dead (China and Russia - soon it will expand to Syria, Iran), and RussiaInsider is openly talking about the Jews.

I wonder how his dad feels, assuming that's true?

This is why they make memes with a kike holding a jesus handpuppet.

If they didn't forget, they would learn. By learning, they would avoid another shoah.

Not even close. They worship mammon, themselves, materialism, socialism, globalism. They have no transcendent values. In fact, all points at them worshiping the 'god of this world', satan.

It's a yid god.

Then why is the holy land yid land?
Why does every major character in the OT have a yid name?

As per the usual.

Talmud proves that they worship rabbinical doctrines instead. Rabbis won their own g-d. They murdered our God.
Britain gave it to them.

Weirdest strawman I've seen. Especially since many of us struggle with the desire to enter hell.

Good thing movie theaters are dying and everyone releases their movies on the internet now then.

Are Germans Yids? All those -bergs and -steins… I was wrong the whole time!

Also, there is absolutely zero difference between whatever semite mental gymnastics that you might be trying.

These allegedly "non jewish people":
Mutilated the genitals of their children.
The foundation was built upon a near child sacrifice.
The god drowned the entire earth.
The god scattered people and gave them different languages so they cannot cooperate.
The "non yids" cast curses upon Egyptians that destroyed harvests and killed firstborn children.
Et cetera.

Wow, what a difference. Praise jehovah.

Europe isn't fucking vikingland.
They took German slaves too and you don't see me stomping my feet at that.
I don't care what Vikangs do.
You think Vikangs were the only pagans in Europe? And everybody else just had their thumb up their ass?

I didn't post all those videos and whatnot for nothing, you know?
Pagan warrior statues.
Raven emperors.
Pagan customs still done today.
Et cetera.

It's ridiculous.

I also didn't use actions to judge those "fake jews" from the Bible for no reason either.

Not a strawman at all.
Would you remain a christian if that's your only reward (living a good Christian life) and every nonchristian goes to heaven instead of you because they didn't get to live a good life on earth?

No, absolutely not. I just recognize the fundamental conflict taking place.

Misguided and egotistic, if unexpectedly tolera-

Aaaaaand the mask comes off. Your idea of "not rejecting what came before" seems to consist of destroying anything that conflicts with rebbe Yeshua's teachings and then preserving the withered husk left behind and acting like you've done the locals a service. Although I will give you credit for honesty for "not in its entirety".

Memes are the DNA of the soul. You should really read more about meme magic.

How on earth did you get that from my reply?

The irony of a Christian accusing anyone of this is staggering.

Long before Jews existed.
Creating all nations of the world, which are thereby holy (until they start doing something horrible, like sacrificing children).
Wrong. Moses didn't curse the Egyptians. God did. The mistake of Egyptians? Keeping the Hebrews in Egypt.
The sacrifice was prevented by God, who said that He would offer the sufficient replacement (Christ). So God went against human sacrifice, and would end the practice in whole.
Egyptian priest class practiced it. Good thing Christianity bans the practice, as it means slavery. Quite apparent in USA, imo.

I agree. Good riddance, Vikangs. Nobody should miss them.
Why not?
Why not? It's not like the other pagans didn't practice slavery.

What is your point? That we are pagans no matter what?

Also, at least according to Wikipedia: This practice lasted in the 6th through 11th centuries until formally abolished in 1335.

So they did that for 500 years, fair enough.

Using that as an argument against paganism in general is stupid, though.

It just opens you up for "Catholics are raping children in the anus".
To which you might say "That's because they got corrupted, they were cool once, this makes Christianity cool!"
To which I would say: "Well, the Swedes were cool before they traded slaves. And the OT is older than that and that's full of degenerate stuff".

To which you'd say something silly and we'd be arguing forever because you really need that heaven.

And god's a yid.

And so he sacrificed his only begotten son, et cetera.

Once more:

You're essentially asking me, if I would be a satanist/Luciferian. To exchange my eternal nature to a temporary shooting star. No, I would not. I could not - by definition. It's what Rock stars do. Or claim to do, anyway.

How can the truth be antisemitic?

No. I'm asking you to be a Christian that simply doesn't go to heaven.
Which you said isn't what it's all about.

But that, of course, is a lie.

As opposed to 95% during medieval times? And these serfs had to ask permission for their lord to even travel to the next village, had to ask permission to their lord to marry (even if they were lower-class nobles), and sometimes had to give their wives on first night as "prima noctae". They were forced to give most of their produce as taxes, pay mandatory church taxes - which could include even forcefully sending their children as "tithes" to monasteries - they could be executed for not attending mass, tortured for reading books and judicially killing for being witches if they stayed too long in the forest. The church had a monopoly of law and was tried in different courts, so they were effectively above reproach from any abuses. The peasants could be drafted forcefully into their lords armies to fight petty wars, sometimes against the lord's literal brother, and hanged as deserters otherwise.

Oh, but the Italian rabble that was incorporated into Rome later lived on welfare handles… While the original citizens, even of lower rank, all rose to become massive elites - the empired worked for the (roman) people, as opposed to feudalism, which worked for the personal property of nobles, in detriment of 90% of the population.

Conquered in wars. The majority of slaves in Rome were other italians. But if I recall, due to the empire being most populous in the east, the vast majority of those enslaved in rome were of semitic stock or egyptians and other north africans.

Read Tacitus Germania, the thralldom system they had, which encompassed less than 10% of the population, was infinitely less opressive than the slavery practiced all across the christian world, including Ireland and England, which they did not introduce…

That offered a solution in faith matters, if you lurked, but instead you're a lazy ass non-white.

Funniest thing I heard itt. Khazar bullshit is a kike meme too, yids aren't turkic, they are the same hebrews, forced to take german surnames by the state

Yes, they couldn't convert the goyim otherwise. Shame the majority of american christians, and christians in places like Korea, mutilate their children… But yeah, there is no defense of the actions of the old testament and the hebrew genocide against middle eastern peoples, prophecy or whatever. Hitler called out strongly the entire thing…

Or christians for that matter. Many pagans, and christians, didn't, though, and slavery was ended later because the majority of the populace were factually slaves through feudalism.

To celebrate the hebrew depredation of Egypt and the subjugation of the Norse people, one of the last free european ones, by foreign incursion is simply wrong to the National Socialist perspective.

Pretty important point because it BTFOs niggers and co, too.

Nigger, Europe wuz serfs and they did alright, youz just a dumb groid.

I see. However, I would raise you a few points in favor of the Christian model over the Antiquity and pagan models.
Rome was in a state of void, similar to post-WW2 West now is. I think the problem is in the fact that you see this current state of affairs as a permanent system in place in Christianity, rather than a complex and spiritual issue in the hearts of broken men.
I disagree, obviously.
This isn't evil. It's stating one's position. As Christians this is our duty. To garden the world and its nations.
I hope you didn't lump me in with iconoclasts. They are poverty incarnates, spiritually and in every way possible. I feel the same hatred for them as I do for ISIS, who go destroying historical monuments. Iconoclasts and protestants are focused on destroying art and beauty. This is what I meant, I'm not sure how you read it.
I can see that way of looking at it. Though I view it more as us being portals for ideas, and some of those idea beings being symbiotic with us. Christianity and religions in general seem to do this.

Nobody bothers building Cathedrals for 300 years anymore. Or any other buildings for that matter. Nay, it's all about productivity, equality and materialist rubbish of that sort. I think the Western soul is damaged, and it is not by Christianity. In fact, the problem with Christians is that they sell their Christianity to avoid public shaming and punishment.

Recommendations? Are there actually any good books on this?
Races are biological reality. They follow a hierarchy. Purely biological concept. Hierarchy, however, is ideological. This is why many idealists are against the race, as they see the hierarchy first, and shun it in their revolt against the Almighty.

Serfs had 1/3rd of a year completely free. It's more freedom than any wageslave today has.

Which is not to add that they lived easy back then, but that today's slaves are completely exploited by the (((chosen ones)))…

If semitism is anti-truth, obviously. They are not even semitic biologically, nor does that extend to any other group claiming to be semitic. Just the jews.

Isn't that what you are always claiming us to do? I can choose between hell and heaven. It's not an easy choice. You see it as a carrot, but let me tell you. The carrots are on the side of hell.

In addition to this, you only remove the option of heaven from me. Would I end up as nothing (a desired outcome), hell (a desired outcome) or an undesirable outcome? Or will I cease to have an option (undesirable outcome)?

None were slaves and there were practically no slaves in Christian Europe until slavery was abolished world wide (in name).

Europe had no serfs, we are not Russia.

No, they had not to ask for permission, otherwise the massive settlement movements in Europe and the grow of the cities would not have been possible

Crazy jewish sex fantasies.


10 percent!

A man can dream, can‘t he?

Keep your cooky crazy jewish fantasies away

Take your pills Shlomo, did you wash today?

The Germans regularly killed witches, the had law books full of different punishments for witch craft. Stay away you semitc sorcerer or you gona end in the bog!

You are clueless.

Clueless I say.
Of course they were exempt from any military service.

OK then I‘m content, that basically all of France (Gallia) was a massive slave colony, were the former owner could now toil on their own land to the benefit of the foreign owner, perfect jewish dream.

Vikings, pagan Vikings were massive slave trader

No and Hitler had no intention and made no effort to replace traditional Christianity.

In fact the Nazis did strengthen traditional Christian festivals, the Christmas market in Nurenberg, it’s Christian ceremonies, as they are today was shaped by them.

Oh, here again am I replying to you, who remained silent after I repeatedly outed you as a non-white spic.

There were ALSO slaves in Christian Europe - 10% of england by the 12th century were slaves, the other, 80%, serfs. Oh, and Russia was quite similar to medieval Europe, except conditions in Europe improved shortly before the Renaissance…

They had to ask permission to travel, this is a fact. They had to be authorized to even settle places like Prussia and Pommerania. Know what you're fucking talking about, faggot. Here, even kikepedia is a start:

Yet, you find customs in places like Pommerania, where the bride dresses in black and the ugliest way possible - ostensibly not to call the attention of the lords - guess they did that for no reason and everything that points out oppression is "kike fantasies"…


You can't not love the man.


There were barely any slaves in Europe, even in the oversees slave holder countries, like Spain, France or England.
Other claims are baseless and nigger revisionism, as an excuse for gibs and nigger import, cultural appropriation. Some few, dozens or hundred POW are used to construct a nonexistent “slave holder society” in Europe.

Russia is a totally distinct, in culture, law, a Asian despoty

>Here, even kikepedia is a start:
None of your claims is substantiated in that link.

It is.
Are you mad?
That is rape, sex outside of mariage in Christian Europe! They put your head to your feet, even if you have been a noble. Bluebard is not just a fairy tail, but an actual story of a nobel serial rapist in France, who got caught and killed.

"According to the Domesday Book census, over 10% of England's population in 1086 were slaves"

And the serfs…

Yet it retained the feudalism prevalent in medieval europe up to the 19th century, in an even more abrasive fashion…

My claim about serfs requiring permission to trave, quoting from the linkl: "Further, a serf could not abandon his lands without permission". You can find it all over elsewhere…

There were no bastard children in Europe, especially by nobles… Retard

Somehow even on this imageboard, on the ass end of the Internet Christians are still cucking like crazy. Visiting their containment board really is depressing. It's nothing but a bunch of cucks throwing Bible quotes at each other and virtue signaling how tolerant and inclusive they are. It seems that such people are more interested in attracting new adherents, and eradicatig other branches of Christianity than anything else. It basically is Holla Forums in all but name. Even their talking points are similar; X doesn't represent true Christianity, real Christianity has never been tried, etc. Race doesn't matter one bit for them. For some unfortunate mongrels Christianity must be their only lifeline connecting them to broader, European identity. Threaten to cut it, and they go haywire everytime.

"According to the Domesday Book census, over 10% of England's population in 1086 were slaves"
Poor post-invasion Britons.
Problem is the term “slave” is extended beyond that what the Romans and we today think a “slave” is. So it’s semantic, semitic game playing.

It had never western feudalism, it was a despoty.

It talks in detail about Russia, mixes legal, political, sociological systems, which have nothing in common.

Moving the goal post

There was never legal rape in Christian Europe.

And, again, you don't care about whites being enslaved and genocided - because you're not a white.

The only one kvetching here is you. The term "slave" in the domesday book meant exactly what it means today, and there were still the other 80% of the english population who were in analog-slavery through serfdom…

It had serfdom…

Where the fuck did you get that from? It's clear in the link that it was referring to western serfdom. How can you lie so blatantly? Moreover, from the same article: "Any young woman who wished to marry a serf outside of her manor was forced to pay a fee for the right to leave her lord". And these were just some examples from the first link I clicked on…

I don't think rape was legalized anywhere, except on slaves (and serfs)… Regardless if it was legalized or not, it was practiced, as evidence by the peasant customs…

You shizo jid

Not even your own source supports that.

You can‘t defend your opinion without resorting to forgery:

Mel is officially back.
Fuck yes, Mel.
This is great news.

Exactly what freedoms and choices did the average citizen in the middle ages have compared to a Roman citizen during either the Republican or Imperial eras?

The average peasant was not much better off than the average roman slave if at all and serfdom (I fucking dare you to say that serfdom isn't slavery) persisted in western Europe into the 19th century. It was taken off of the books in Germany all of 45 years before it was removed as an institution in Russia. And while we're on the topic of slavery, how 'bout them colonies? I seem to recall Latin America being quite Catholic even to this day and also consuming slaves by the tens of millions to fatten the coffers of the old world while the church sat on their hands and proselytized to the natives as their coffers filled up in turn.

Christianity did not invent the concept of a kingdom.

Are you implying that all labor was unpaid before the advent of Christianity?

Present in European thought well before Christianity.

Rome was in a decline for a number of reasons before Christianity came to power and arguably their state at the time was what allowed Christianity to gain the influence it did. Their situation was not improved, however, by forcibly uprooting institutions that had served them as a society for a thousand years through fat and lean and enjoyed massive popular support even as they were being destroyed.

Actually, I don't. What I see is Christianity is doing what its always done and changing with the times to stay relevant (ie. the liberalization of the christian institutions is in step with the broader liberalization of society; nothing less and nothing more; if and when the pendulum swings the other way for a few generations the church will follow) but this time nobody is buying because the newer generations have an equivalent and much more entertaining thing in their pocket and on their desk. Christianity's new spiritual competition is Facebook and cable television and it's losing to them in a bad way.

So in other words, you're claiming that Christians are obliged to spiritually terraform the world in the name of a Jewish god. And what of those who resist? Are they written off as weeds and killed in the name of this Jewish god?

Oh, so you disagree with the actions of the early church in their destruction of anything even vaguely "pagan" that they could get their hands on? With their desecration of the honored dead? I'm getting some pretty mixed signals here, given your last sentence.

They probably have more zeal for life than any other group of Christians; there's nothing like a divine mandate to destroy to put that spring in your step and chip on your shoulder.

The point of contention is how "beauty" is defined and where it is found; the church fathers wrote extensively of the beauty of god and Christian belief but also took great joy in destroying every priceless religious artifact and temple they could find, many of which were ancient even when they were destroyed.
The only reason that Christian iconoclasm slowed down at all is because they started running out of things to destroy.

Good talk.
Sage and reported for d&c shilling


Yeah keep blatanting lying right where my source disproves you. According to the Domesdsay book England comprised 65% people in some sort of serfdom, 12% freeman and 9% slaves, and that is on the link I showed you. Only 14% of the population was outside some form of it - and that was before the implementation of feudalism by the Normans.

A question, why did jews reduce the number?

Slaves weren't citizens. In addition to that, they governed themselves in addition to being governed. This was a weird idea. It has to do with Christianity.
No government handouts taking away your livelihood. Granted, slaves don't get to complain. Peasants were represented in the governing organs in varying forms. If there was voting, they had votes- obviously less than nobility and clergy. Neither serfs nor peasants lived on the goodwill of their master. Murder and rape weren't legal. That's a big deal, I'd say.
Depends on the area. Finns and Baltics were treated as slave by the Swedes, for example - but they weren't serfs. Serfs were not bound to their land.
True, but Christianity developed the idea further than any other. With maybe the exception of China.
Hellenism was on its dying breaths. Once again, Christianity is a whole level above and beyond in its marriage with Logos.

Government handouts and slavery were also removed. Not just pagan temples - after the fact that they publicly started murdering Christians.

Yeah, and many Christians do not like this at all. Replacing dogma is actually having the opposite effect of what is intended.

Those wouldn't be taking Christianity's place, if they didn't have (((foreign religions))) preaching their anti-Christian propaganda.

How? Iconoclasm is the ban of religious imagery, and the acts that ensue. It's a heresy, been for a long time. Christian churches and monasteries got the same treatment by protestant hands in 30 year war and after, in the French Revolution and in the Russian. Oh, and in most Jihad. If anything, I have a single standard. Beauty is divine, history has a purpose.

Not quite. We terraform what we can. Our job isn't to save the world, our job is to be an alternative. Doesn't matter if we are in power or in slavery, we do what we can.

On the contrary, they have zeal for death.
Kinda funny that the straw man against Christianity is a group of heretics. Not surprising, though.

It's not a zero sum game.
This I know of.
This I haven't heard about.
No, they were killed and converted to other sects. They hated iconography, especially in the East. Christian paintings? Absolutely not! They would treat this image with contempt, because they see everything as competition with God. Except themselves, of course.

Slaves weren't citizens (so weren't serfs for that matter, they were "subjects", something which remained in most places until the 19th century) but very few were slaves before, and the idea that self-governing has to do with christianity is ridiculous.

In most cases, only freeman could be represented. Murder wasn't legal even for your slaves, in most of the roman period, but the serfs could be physically punished and imprisoned or tortured by their lords, that could simply oppress them to the point of starvation (a lord, for instance, could ask his serf to pay him a chicken, on certain occasion, but requiring a certain quality to it, like "being able to jump a fence", as they pleased…). Serfdom, just like slavery, was also inherited by your family members…

The idea of an absolute, divine-appointed king that could just do as he pleases? Yeah… Look upon germanic kingship, the ages old custom of selecting the king and queen, religious in nature, among the best and most honorable. The kingship ideas under christianity were degraded ones compared to the older.

It's not an easy, or smart, thing to defend serfdom and absolutism, m8.

Government handouts (spoils of war) to white people is a bad thing? Slavery persisted up to the late middle ages - and was only nominally removed because most of the population was already in some form of bondage - serfdom. Serfdom was much more effective. Do you think people nowadays aren't slaves, because they work on wages under capitalism?

Oh and the "murder of christians" by the Romans was a bogus. Even Hitler said the Christians had no right to complain, after what they have done to the ancient world. Christianity was fully recognized by emperor Gallienus in the 200's, they could erect their churches and have their hierarchy unnoposed. The Severan Emperors, who were circumcized priests of Moloch and part-jewish (Rome was a shit), showed some nominal support for it and were educated on it even earlier on, as did emperor Philip the Arab. The Decian persecution lasted for 1 year and even the later one of emperor Diocletian was very tokenish and limited (and compare that with persecution by the Roman church of whole heretic sects, like Cathars, Waldensians and so on, and the religious wars, like the Thirty Years War that killed almost half of the german population). Christians love to victimize themselves, with the whole "martyr" thing so you can't fall for that when analyzing history - they even purposefully attacked people with clubs to get killed in the name of christ -

Anyway, look at things like the "Edicts of Theodosius", who punished people even with death for just looking at the ruins of the temples they didn't caniballize.

I am not Christian and I have never believed in god. But why you are spreading such misinfo. Phariseic Judaism gave birth to Rabbinic Judaism. Both groups guve huge importance to Oral Torah, nowadays known as Talmud.

My guess, going by the sequel's name, is that it will be about Christ's resurrection and meeting with his disciples to give them their marching orders to go out and make christian converts.

For all user's in this thread arguing over the minutia of Christianity and Judaism. All you need to know is that the kikes are liars and theives. What they can't lie about they steal from others and claim as their own. They have no honor, no shame, and no morals that they wouldn't gladly corrupt to get ahead. This is all you need to know. Nothing based on their beliefs is worth being a part of. You do not need their "bible" to guide you in this life.

Mel is obviously jewish.

Nobody has ever needed Talmud or Kabbalah. Christianity is needed, you shouldn't deny this. Take a look at Eastern Europe, the devastation they faced and are now healing from. Except, the socialists and atheists are not making a recovery.

they left enough clues in the remaining 66 books to find the Truth if we desire it. His name is Yahweh, His name was taken from original manuscripts 6000 + times. They don't want us, His children to know His name. Adam was the son of Yahweh. Yahweh in the flesh ( the Christ)was Yahweh. Religion is an abomination. There are other Holy books, Enoch wrote over 300, I found 5; they are amazing and there's a book of Jasher. Remember, Pentecost is the key to our Enlightenment, the filthy parasites fear this most. Don't believe your 501c3 gov't controlled churches. We white Europeans are the Children of Yahweh.

The jews thrive on perceived anti-semitism. they need it to stay relevant.

What we need to do in to increase ACTUAL anti-semitism and not just increase the amount of perceived anti-semitism.

The kikes bitch about how everything is anti-semitic because they know that as long as it looks like it's true, they will always have power.

Our job is to not only make it look like it's true but to make it actually true.

This. I've personally afflicted tens of people, who in turn affect several others.

not the guy you're replying to but I guess I just throw in my 2 cents
Even though such instances existed, it certainly wasn't the norm, nor was it approved by the church, rulers mistreating their subjects certainly isn't inherently christian either. On the other hand, christianity did put a special emphasis on the rulers responsibility for their subjects, such as the ruler having to take responsibility for his subjects sins and piety on the day of the final judgement. A common mistake when looking at medieval christianity is ascribing practices to the chruch that were already in place when christianity spread, such as ban on desecreating bodies (making the medical study of corpses impossible). This should also be taken into consideration when talking about the development of absolutism.
The height of the churches power over the monarchies was in the medieval ages, and during that time there simply were no absolute rulers, nor is the concept of absolute rulership a christian idea. I think you're confusing divine kingship with absolutism. The christian kingdoms in europe were always council monarchies, sometimes with a stronger more capable rule, sometimes with a weaker less capable ruler, but in no case could he just do as he pleased. He always had a council of noblemen and clergymen that would decide the important matters of state together with the king, and this decision was binding, a european king would have to face repercussions if he acted against it. But I'd argue that this wasn't inherently christian either, as it really is just a continuation of germanic customs, which had their flaws aswell but that's a different discussion. Absolute rulership in europe first came into being in france, as the french monarchs managed to gradually replace their nobility with royal officials and established their own state church under a nominally catholic banner that is of course just the simplified version, not taking into account the effects centralisation and the reformation had on it.
In it's essence, absolutism has it's merrit, but not as a monarchy, I'd a agree with you on that. However, serfdom is another story, I certainly wouldn't call it a good thing, but in the context of the ancient and medieval warrior society, the power is soley in the hands of the warriors, so it's just natural that in feudalism the warrior class owns the land due to them being the only ones that can provide saftey.
Getting mere handouts while the oligarchy conquers foreign land for themselves and ships in slaves to do your work without pay? I'd say they're a bad thing, it's the same thing as getting cheap electronics while job security goes to hell. And sure serfdom and slavery were quite similar, the main difference being that serfs had a few more rights in terms of family and a day off a week, but again, I see it more as a necessity of the society, for romans they were the workforce necessary to maintain their standard of civilisation and for the medieval aristocracy, see above. As for today, wage slavery is an artifact of economic parasites and the decline of our civilisation, it's neither necessary for the economy to function properly, nor is it a natural result of the challanges our society is facing.

I'd agree that christianity wasn't really victimised, but calling christianity the sole reason for the decline of the ancient world (maybe I'm reading this wrong, but that's what it sounds like to me) is just a bogus claim, sure it led to more strive where unity was important, but the challanges that led to the demise of the ancient world were far greater than some bishops quarelling over how many facetts god has and wether or not you can depict him in paintings.
I'd agree with you on the Cathars and Waldensians although they were primarily a threat to the power structure of that time, and not soley a religious threat to the catholic church it's stupid to reduce the thirty years war down to it's relgious roots. The reformation, that lead to the break in church authority and all the nonsense that followed, wasn't as much about theology as it was about control of church estate by the monarchies, and the thirty years war itself wasn't as much about religious freedom, but a manifestation of the struggle between the nobility and the emporer that tried to estabilish his absolute authority within the real. The habsburg emporers just also happend to control the papacy, so of course it wasn't far fetched for the princes, and everyone else who seeked to oppose the pope or the house of habsburg, to break away from the church and establish their own state church, taking ownership of the churchs estates along the way. Most of them couldn't care less about theology or the religious roots, that was just something to rile up some peasents.
>they even purposefully attacked people with clubs to get killed in the name of christ -
That's an awfully jewish thing to say

Yes, ideally. Very few belief systems would approve that (like Judaism does). But the abuse by nobles, and even by churchman, was so prevalent that they even had terms in places to describe how they "enjoyed inflicting pain on peasants". Sometimes they did this even in name of christianity (the massacres of heretics, and tortures of them, for instance). You could argue this was not due to christianity - and it's true, but you have to remember the church instituted landed nobility, they consented in establishing and maintaining the feudal order, preaching it was the duty of the serf to be a serf, and indeed that his purpose in life was to serve, while the nobles had to fight, so thus he needed to obbey his lord. Christianity consented, in practice, to this, as was my point to the other poster, who was trying to say how christianity was an improvement in that regard…

Another true observation, but again, ideal. The great despostisms of Russia, for instance, were established in the name of christianity and the absolute monarchies were some practical results of it. But ultimately, the religion and it's teachings is not an entire correlation with the government, as you also said, feudalism arose also because of natural causes and so did absolutism. But again, my point was that christianity did not really improve things in that regard…

A bad thing, indeed, that they were only getting handouts and becoming an obsolete force, not taking part in the conquest of new lands, but what was the alternative? Letting them starve? Reduce them to slavery too? The bread supplies were only prevalent in certain big cities, Rome and later Constantinople.

It wasn't - after the "Crisis of the Third Century" the decadent Roman Empire would have fallen regardless (or reinvented intself under Germanic supremacy). The problem was that christianity led to the extermination of the continuity with the past, while allowing a small "shadowy elite" inside the roman empire to use it to maintain it's power after the decline. This "roman-christian" elite (with other elements in it, I may add) deliberately caused all sorts of acts in the "dark ages", that led to the situation we have today.

Without christianity, the Germanic societies that conquered the Roman Empire wouldn't have integrated jews, or for instance hardly any foreigners, in their midst. They would have continued their own cultural (and religious) development, without the semitic stain, and maintained their much freer ages-old tradition, as Hitler even said on Mein Kampf, that were deliberately destroyed by the christians - hordes of jews, arabs and copts swarming out of the desert to destroy every trace of european culture, and kept it's knowledge to themselves, to the point that to even find the remains of the ancient world, we have to go to ruined places like Pompei… They also deturped and even destroyed history, and portrayed our own traditions as vile european superstitions, a culture that deserved to be exterminated…

It was literally fought over religious interpreations and the reformation. The influence of the church is a theological debate on it's place, I would argue. The most telling thing about the Thirty Years war was that catholic powers even funded the Swedish army,and in fact even allied with the Turks who were invading the east, so to let the bloodletting could go on.

A conflict between "parts of nobility" against parts who supported the emperor doesn't kill half of the population of your country, doesn't get foreign armies to burn thousands of towns, doesn't get the other side to hate each other to the point of commiting attrocities against civilians because of their denomination, and end up diving a nation up to this day - and these were your christian "brothers"…

Well, they were certainly non-whites, as the majority of early christians, but to attack people "for christ" in the hope they kill you does illustrate my point that the christians, or at least their historiography, love to be victims and that you can't really trust their accounts of persecution - that indeed may have had a reason,,,

It does very much, but the special dynamtic of the thirty years war was that it was a self perpetuating war that paid for itself. The army's that swept through germany weren't all zealots, not even mostly, they were mercenaries, making a killing off of plundering the lands through demanding war contributions in such a mass that they could field armies of a size that would not be reached again until the beginning of the 7 years war, and all of that at the beginning of the 17th century. Sure there were terrible attrocities such as the slaughter of Marburg, but in most cases the cruelty wasn't a result of religious zealots but of mercenaries who's primary source of income was plundering although religious differences may have eased their scruples while doing so, but mercenaries aren't exactley known to show particular mercy towards anyone. Why did so many people die? Not because they were killed in battle or lynched for having a different faith, although those things certainly happend. Most of the population died of hunger and diseas, caused by the horrific amount of plunder that the various mercenary bands, that both sides employed, commited. They didn't care about religion, they didn't care about whom the land they were on belonged, they demanded contributions, or they plundered without remorse and without caring about the further survival of the population, as was usually done in previous wars of conquest.

Sure, if by religious interpretations of the reformation me "who get's the funds of 1/3 of my land that are the most productive due to monstaries, the church or ME!?", then sure, the princes were real zealots, otherwise it was all about power, at least for the princes and monarchs. England is the best example, anglicanism is QUITE literally cucked state church catholicism, the whole process of reformation was about looting the monastries, it wasn't much different in Germany, just that defiance of the habsburgs absolutists ambition and the papacy played another role in motivating the princes to convert, and well plunder and conquer, just look at how it started, the actually religiously fueld peasent revolts and the reformation were half a century past and suddenly a pretender claims the rule of bohemia. If you look further into the conflict and the factions involved, it becomes awfully clear that they all have ulterior motives other than, "that monk sure is right/wrong about indulgences!", the French wanted to limit the habsburgs power and competed for holdings in northern Spain, the Swedes and Danes had territorial ambitions in northern germany and the Jews lended money to every conodottiere that fucking asked. Also look at the results, the treaty of westphalia wasn't just about religious freedom, it first of all strictly limited the monarchs power and solidified the sovereign position of the princes.

I'd really like some examples of peacefull non-white migration of christians into europe, sure spain comes to mind, but the ethnic complexion of parts of spain largley is a result of conquering peoples. And I don't think a germanic europe would have been jew free either, the main reasons jews always got back in into countries was due to the ruler letting them back in for some favorable loans, the jews complied so they could exploit the rest of the population until they were cast out and the circle continued. I don't see how germanic rulers would be less affected by greed.

I have to disagree, the russian situation was in my opinion a result of the special russian character, being a combination of a harsh climate and relentless enemies sacking the land for generations, leaving a very rough and raw population that can only be ruled through byzantine despotism, which was the primary influence on the russian monarchy. And byzantine despotism is practically built on the pagan concept of the godking, so once again not really christian. Also as a side note, the russian peasents never really properly converted up until the 19th or even 20th century, they were mostly pagan in practice with a thin layer of orthodoxy slapped on top of it. They still had pagan festivals, and considered jesus christ, the father and the holy ghost, to be real living creatures on earth that rule everything in a titan like fashion.

I should have probably read that more careful, but the argument I would make is that christianity wasn't really just a destrutive force for the pagan virtues of europe, it certainly destroyed a lot of our cultural hertiage and essentialy erased the complexities of the pagan religion, but on the other way around christianity lost it's passive oriental character when it spread throughout europe, merging the helenic, pre talmudic jewish and pagan virtues into a very potent culture that wasn't constantly burdend by petty tribal warfare and blood feuds. Ultimatley this new christian culture was superior to paganism, precisely because it was able to absorb the virtues of the pagan character, mainly heroism and valiancy perectly embodied in the idea of the christian knight without being weight down by hindering superstition. My primary point is that european christianty regardless of it's sad and pathetic modern form wasn't alien, nor is it completly jewish, it is an amalgamation of various cultures that was on the long run able to give europe direction and strength. It has deteriorated, almost everything does, but saying it was never great is a very jewish thing to say.

Not shipping in hordes of non white slaves, it's really one of the dealbreakers when it comes to slavery vs. serfdom, serfs are a homogenous mass, feudal lord's couldn't import norther africans to work their fields, instead they had to rely on the personal bound of families under his domain which keeps the whole thing more racially homogenous.

Oh looky here, its a Kike!

How do I know? He is blaming Christians for the acts of the Muslims.

Hellenic/Roman civilization continued after Rome fell, it continued from Rome to Bactria, also known as Afghanistan, which was at the time an extremely civilized land.

The knowledge and the culture were very well preserved during this time, especially by the Christians. But noooo, you absolve the Muslims of any fault.

Fuck off shitstain.

Um, what the fuck?

Non Whites invaded Spain, slaughtered raped and genocided the Germanic/Celtic people that lived there, a people once as blonde as Germany in the 30s, into the bastards they are today.

From a Christian perspective, it is easy to see why jews would hate Christianity; envy, Satan's lineage etc. However, from a kike perspective, why are Christians the prioritized enemy? Do they really need to get rid of Christianity to receive their messiah?

read the rest of my post, I clearly contradicted my statement afterwards, stating that the ethnic complexion of spain certainly isn't the result of peacful migration, but of conquering non white peoples invading it

Post-Vatican 2 filth Catholics are. Most aren't.

Gas yourself for your bullshit.

Everyone who names the jew is their enemy, and christianity used to have a fundamental awareness of the wickedness of the jew, although not in racial terms. Also destroying christianity left the population open for subversive materialism and jewish control of their vices, so these go hand in hand.

Also Sage for religious D&C. This guy probably doesn't even know what a Marxist is. He just hates Christians.

He also ignores how Hollywood is trying to push heretical Scofield bible shit with those movies and trying to push philosemitic lies.

Probably one of those Satanist faggots from O9A.

Never trust a Satanist.

Because Christ was the Savior of the world, Messiah to the whole world, not exclusively to the Jews. His message to the Jews was entirely critical. His entire spiel was "Quit using the law to be assholes. Quit being greedy douchenozzles"

Fuck off with the D&C you kike shill faggot.




Fuck off larpagans and athiestfags.

But wouldn't the discussion about monasticism and the church owning 1/3 of land for the pope be a theological discussion, even if there are other motives to it?

There were several causes to that war, but religious interpretation was central - it would not have happened without it - and these do not explain the fact Germany was permanently divided, to the point were generals advocated against annexing Austria up to 1938 because it would "upset the Protestant power"… The "sectarianism" allowed each part to de-humanize the other, their not just christian but also german brothers, thus they didn't care the mercenaries commited such attrocities. And this was not just in Germany - the english did the same with the Irish, genocided them…

That's not what I've said, but they didn't get it from the Slavs, Swedes or even the Mongols. As you've said, they got it from the Byzantines, because they claimed to be the "christian emperors"…

Very far from it. It's an oriental (middle-eastern) concept, "dominus".

They didn't really up to today. You could say that about most european peoples, although Russia especially is a case

What continued was christian civilization, in a very oriental fashion. Look at the art of Byzantium, does that look very european to you? Now compare to the art of the ancient pagan world, or that of the renaissance (of pagan ideas)… And this is not me saying it, you dumb fanatic, this is common knowledge. Let's look at what Hitler said:

Also "Bactria" was overrun by steppe nomads long before the fall of Rome, what flourished near that was PERSIAN civilization.

Mudslimes just finished off what christians left… Nice deflection, though…


Now, for non-white christian migrations into Europe, which is a hard thing because there weren't that many non-whites near europe, or indeed much reason for people to take and feed foreigners in the past, these includes parts of the christian population of Eastern Roman lands overran by arabs, especially the Alexandrians, taking refuge in Byzantium. You could say some Armenians too, who were settled in Greece. North Africans in Sicily and so on. If you look at Early saints and popes, several of them were North Africans, for instance, who came to live into Europe or elsewhere.


> the quote being an out-context exerpt taken by a (((journalist))) of an otherwise unrecorded speech he gave to a group of clergy in 1928. Not only that quote is probably a mistranslation of him

Sure shlomo

Table talk, 1941-1944 (ed. 1953)

You could quote more made up statements

I guess I was right, these quotes do indeed trigger the fanatic, who puts denomination above race, and even above interpretation of history… Yes, yes, these table Talks must a fabricaton, even if they are corroborated by several people, including other authors, and the actions and inspirations of the party. Let's just ignore the fact they were on orders of Hitler, collected by his closest associate, honored even in his last will, who had two secretaries just for that, and were planned for his memoirs. It must be some kikes conspiring to systematically quote what is said elsewhere out of context to make the "natzees" look anti-christian (and we all know they don't love to do the opposite, so to get christian to cuck). I mean, it's just a coincidence that these quotes mirror exactly the writings of the known inspirations of Hitler, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, and of party ideologues, like Rosenberg and Eckart, who were very close to Hitler in the early 1920s…

The only larper here is you.
You're not even European, much less German.

I am asking you if you would remain a goddamn Christian if nothing changed except being able to go to heaven for being a Christian.
Everything else is the same, if you want then you won't go to hell either, fine.
But it's about not going to hell.
Your only reward for being a Christian would be living a Christian life, not going to heaven.

But you would still keep:
Superior morals.
Superior teachings.
Art and music, hymns and other delights.
Spiritual fulfillment on Earth.
You would still have blessings.

Et cetera, you simply would not go to heaven, you would just stop existing after death.

But no Christian really cares about these things, they're ends to a means to go to heaven.
Just because you feel that that is too difficult and that there are many temptations doesn't make it any less true.

It just adds to my claim that Christianity is pointless shit and jewish mind trickery that does nothing, but you stick to it to hang out with a jew forever.

That's the ultimate truth, not Christianity.
Without heaven you realize that "superior Christianity" is just kissing the ass of a jew for no real reward and all that apologetic bullshit for all the pozzed bible passages and actions of "holy men" and co would not be worth it.

So don't act indignant or surprised if people like me who do not believe in "Heaven" are not impressed with Christianity either.
Especially as the "ultimate truth".

It's not. It's a kike scheme that requires constant upkeep and apologetics or blind faith that disregards all problems just to hang out with a kike.
And he remains a kike. Their behavior is 1:1 verbatim the same.

You see, that's the great thing about not being a Christian.
I have no ball and chain around my spirituality because some people did something.
Pagan beliefs share some frameworks but can vary quite a bit.
This is not a problem because, as I also stated before, no brainer stuff like "you shall not kill" regulates itself.

If you start being too disruptive then others will fight you naturally.
And local beliefs are just as potent as "alleged global ultimate truths", especially something alien and fragile and riddled with problems like Christianity.

Which, again, only means anything to you because of heaven.
Maybe if you'd be an atheist you'd spiral out of control, but I doubt it.
It's just as stupid as to think that the average Christian would start murdering people left and right if "thou shall not kill" wasn't a commandment.

Maybe some would, but then that's probably a relief because something shitty must have bothered them for a long time they couldn't do anything about otherwise, lest they lose access to heaven.

It's like killing all jews.
That also acts like the removal of a seal that lets the world breathe again.

Unless you maybe believe that you should turn the other cheek or that the meek will inherit the earth, or some bullshit.
Or having to love your neighbor and other things to domesticate the gentile so you can rape him in the ass and then claim that there is no jew or greek and co before Christ, and if you think otherwise then you wouldn't go to heaven ;^).

It's not like the land wasn't owned by the church afterwards anyways, just that the princes could cash in the money for themselves, for the princes it really just was about extending their own power, sure there are always some exceptions, but on the broad mass they couldn't give a shit, the best proof for that is that in the various petty conflicts proceeding the war, the Schmalkaldic League turned out the be useless, and more divided by material struggle than united by relgious conviction.

I completly agree

That's confusing symptom and cause, the whole reason the reformation spread as far as it could was that it provided the princes with various political opportunities to extend their power and oppose the emporer. Granted if the emporer hadn't tried reigned in the princes there would have been no war, but he didn't do that because he was such a faithful catholic. Religion played a role for a lot of the people that went on to die and fight in battle, but the primary motivation for a war is almost never what the people who are actualy fighting it believe in. I'm not completly dismissing religion playing a major role, but I'd see the power strive as the more important aspect, as it usually is in most conflicts.

The german situation, called "die Deutsche Freiheit" was always about a strong nobility, and to an extend independent cities, balancing the power of the monarch, it certainly explains why, after loosing the war for total control over the empire, the habsburg controlled part of austria became a more seperated part of the empire. And it also explains that it took as long for germany to unite as it, did because, among other reasons, the nobility was strengthend in their rights and unwilling to give in in favour of a central authority. The whole war left the empire as a static unreformable construct that would eventually collapse as it would face a strong enemy such as napoleon.

It's not wether anyone cared, they certainly did, it was wether anyone could keep mercenaries from doing what they were doing. The fatefull problem of the war was the dynamic of a self perpetuating war, the war was devestating for the entire german population, but those fighting it, made a fortune and became immensly rich and powerful, Wallenstein is the best example of this. Neither side could allow themselves to reign in their forces as the only way that their armies could be maintained was due to them being able to plunder and raze everywhere they went.

To my knowledge pre christian middle eastern cultures count as pagan aswell, and this is what I've been talking about. And as you said, it's a middle-eastern concept that far proceeded christianity, thus saying they were christian kings and therefore their despotism is christian, is a falacy. But here once again my original point applies, christianity always to some degree adapted to the cultures it spread to, therefore eastern christianity is very different from western christianity in it's cultural and political manifestations.

I can't really order whom you're adressing with what, so I'll just asume it's this

Eastern Roman lands were hardly comparable to europe in terms of racial and ethnic homogenity. It's really hard to put the early saints into ethnical and racial categories, so I can't really say much about that, but a few churchmen are hardly a significant enough population to make an impact on the ethnic complexions of the land. The Northern Africans in Sicily, on the other hand, came there with the arab invasions

It wasn't, monasteries and massive landholds were completely wiped out from places like England.

And the Crusades were an "expansionistic" attempt by Frankish nobles? I mean sure, there were other motivations and even Luther sided with the new protestant nobility over the revolting German Peasants and Baptists, but to put the causes of the conflict elsewhere is to underscore it - why didn't these happen before, if they were just power struggles? Because they were theologically united…

And because the former protestant and catholic factions hated each other.

The Byzantines, and indeed the pagan Romans under Diocletian, one could argue, took over a semitic babylonian custom of despotism. It was transmited from the Byzantine Empire to Russia because they claimed their emperorship, above the ranks of the petty Kievan Rus principates, as a "sucessor" to the Eastern Romans.

My point there was that the christians, at least in the east, took this eastern custom from so early, it became attached with their traditions, as did so many other elements - and this custom spread to other peoples because of the spread of christianity, although only to justify a factual situation…

My original point there was not that christianity facillitated "refugee" type migrations, although they did happen in part in the middle ages,but that the Germanic groups who conquered the Roman Empire, because of christianity as an unifying factor with the conquered populations, became assimilated and lost their former identity, their tribal bonds (and they didn't take foreigners before) - which wouldn't have happened in that scale otherwise - the "Goths", thus became "Spaniards" and so on…

It was very hard to have movements of people seeking refuge in the past, because of tribal differences (although these unifying things were weakened in part, due to christianity) and "more people to feed" - the people would sell themselves into slavery (as in Russia), or, as was the case, serfdom, for protection. The whole conflict in the dark ages severely limited the mobility of people, besides, so you had people in Spain, for instance, becoming Castillians, Leonese, Gallicians and speaking different tongues even.

That the early saints and churchman were africans and such is of a small importance because these movements, even of churchman, ceased during the middle ages (except the ones of "missionaries" to pagan lands, and papal legates). The northern Africans in Sicily did exist before the arab invasion, in fact the arab invasion there was even called by the treasonous governor, who was formely a North African landholder, but they were majorily the upper, greek elements of society and died off hugely during the arab invasions anyway… Oh and in regard to some movements these include britons fleeing to Gaul and Spain, Spaniards fleeing the arab invasion to Gaul, arabs of sicily and albanians being transported into Italy, Romanian migrations, Byzantines fleeing to western europe after the turks and so on - although the only non-whites in reach were the turkic cumans and bulgars, who were non-christian and taken by christians not for religious purposes… But yeah…

I do not understand. You said I would be banned from heaven, so how could I have access to the kingdom of God? You treat it the same way those sub70 IQ fedoras treat God - as "sky daddy".
You seem to think that I work on a simple binary. I want to go to heaven, true. I want to go to hell, I want to not exist and I want to exist forever. I also have desires for the fates of others. I'm not a benevolent entity. I'm a human.
Would I feel offended by God in this situation, or thankful? Would I react to that, and in what way? I can react in many ways. I'd presumably start by researching Christian philosophy.
I also remember you stating that others would go to heaven. This one is clearly an insult to me, personally. It is very likely that I would see this world as hell after that. I would likely rebel against God in this situation. Not that I don't ever do it otherwise.
I will answer this: I am not a jew. I do not operate on a binary AI meant to maximize personal or collective power nor gain.

No, you are larpagan. You have no standards, as you said.
Truth is in the eye of the beholder, right? You can just choose to see things differently if it gets troublesome.

I don't know.
Ask the six gorillion Christian denominations and things like Mormonism.

The madness of the golem that is being told that someone refuses its semite promises of heaven.

What kind of golem would build something beautiful?
Did you miss my intentional signaling that I'm actively refusing heaven all the time?

You have it on earth via Christian delights, you numbnut.

Not that you're even the same guy I asked the question to begin with.
You're just another jewish facecream victim with 30% less penis, living in a land devoid of pretty much all European customs, a jwish penentary and slave island, following flavors of Chrsitianity no European would be caught dead with.
Not even the degenerate Catholics.
Not even they are as retarded as the average foreign/American Christian.
Tragic figures that are fed the trash we have stripped away from ourselves for over 2000 years.

Heaven is the state of Christian being, dumbnut.

I'm not American, we Christians banned circumcision as mark of slavery. American heretics didn't care.
Finland didn't even change the name of Yule.
Where did you gather that I was American? Where did you draw that filth on me?

Europeans built and created these things.
Europeans are not Christians, they tried it and it failed, that's why it couldn't stick and the old pagan ways managed to scrape along because of that.
I mean

Not even Yule was renamed.
That's how effective Christianity has been.

Not a chance.

That is a statement so stupid that it almost, ALMOST tops the claim that Europeans venerated Jesus as a warrior.

Since I have to go now.

Otherwise there wouldn't have been the shisms, reformations and co.
Do reformations and shisms sound like "we have accepted the ultimate and only truth, honest governor" to you?
Not to me, extrapolate everything else from that.

Why didn't Weimar build great things? Why doesn't Sweden, France, UK, Germany? They're Europeans, right?

Western Europeans largely are not. The ones that breed, are.
European spirit was broken in WW2 and then mass media and public education started propagating Christian, masculine and white guilt, strawmen and blatant lies against these things. You're echoing one of them.
Most of them live in Christianity. Atheists reject both, and the whole history. They like partying, progressivism and socialism or free market economies. Completely artificial beings.

What? It's still a Christian celebration, most atheists even avoid it because of its Christianity. Elevation of the old system. Christianity is not at war against humanity and its cultures. Well, protestantism and other Judaizer sects are. I bet you're from a protestant country.
Nah, you sound American, or you are a kike.

The more autistic the country, the more protestant (judaizing) it became. Not surprising to me. Autists have a hard time understanding concepts, they like boolean structures more.
You just want a simple truth.
Let me give one to you. Protestantism is Germanic in nature; the desire to have an autistic world. Newton later perfected that world view, and nowadays we have deterministic fedoras thanks to that.

But england wasn't the example I was refering to, I'm was mainly talking about the german princes, and those did founded state churches to administriate the land. And as I've stated earlier, the anglican church is extremly similar to catholicism, there was no theological figure that could have actually propagated reform in england, it was just a move by Henry the 8th to fuck the pope and get the monstaries for himself, no religious motivation what so ever.

No ones talking about the crusades, don't strawman back 400 years to when the church actually had power, those had far more idealistic reasons. And are you really implying that there was never internal warfare in the HRE? It was mostly nothing but internal warfare, the german kings and later the emporers always had to constantly reestablish their power against the nobility, the main difference in the 30 years being that this time the emporer had a greater ambition than just keeping the nobility in their place, and also belonged to a dynastie that effectivley controlled vast streches of europe, the papacy and had an excessive amount of funds.

Sure they had their differences, but why didn't the catholic factions then formerly united among each other? Why didn't the protestants form a union if it was just religion dividing them?

that is once again confusing cause and effect, the reason this aspect of byzantine despotism "flourished" in russia was due to the special conditions in russia, christianity wasn't the driving force these developments, and they certainly wouldn't have ended up any different if Byzantium would have remained pagan. And it seems that you agree on my original point, mainly that christianity always adapted to the peoples it spread through, and wasn't just a destructive force, but a mechanism of cultural evolution

Would christianity really be the most important factor here, or would it be the fact that assimilating into the system of a high culture can have vast material advantages? After all they also carried on their organisations, their laws and to a degree their titles, simply because it was a working system, already in place. And I'm not sure what you mean by loosing their identity, are you talking about their tribal character? If so what exactley do you see as the most important part of it?

We already went through this.
We've already gone through this, too.
Germanic runes are banned, the church is not. Curious.
Also, good allied Christians attacked Germany on behest on jews, because Chrsitianity turns people into golems.

Furthermore, anything "beautiful" you think Christians have built is innately against the teachings of Jesus, the savior, the messiah, himself.

You are suposed to not have churches, or riches.
European churches usually have and had both because it was pagan country. I mean the romans on their own had gorgeous and advanced architecture and culture without a single shred of Christianity in sight.
And that is just a single example.

Also, Yule is as "Christian" as progressivism and co is "good"
Allow me to pasta.

Christmas as it is celebrated in the west is the pagan holiday of "Yule" which Christians "adopted", to put it lightly, when it spread through Europe.

Nothing in Christmas is related to jesus or semitism.
Red and white is blood on the snow, because pagans used to hang up animal sacrifices to trees.
Pine tree is an evergreen, evergreens stay green even in the darkest, longest and coldest winter. Putting one up is a symbol of life persevering.
Lights on the tree is a symbol for the rays of sun, twinkling through the gaps in the pine needles on the next morning after the longest night of the year (solstice).
Christmas ornaments (the round balls) are either symbols for animal sacrifice again, if they are red baubles, or the sun, if they are golden. Green for life, again.
A star on top of the tree (although christianity substituted that with an angel) symbolizes the duty of humans to strive toward enlightenment.
(In pagan folklore, the first humans were trees in which Odin breathed life, therefore the "christmas" tree also represents us humans.)
Mistletoe was used by Loki to kill Baldur, Freyas son. Baldur was said to be immortal because "every poisonous plant, every animal, every weapon in the world swore to never harm Baldur.
The mistletoe was the only plant to not swear to never harm Baldur. Loki tricked Hodr, Baldurs blind brother to stab him with a spear tipped with mistletoe (mistletoe is poisonous).
This killed the otherwise invulnerable god and Freya swore that mistoletoe shall never be used as a weapon again, dispensing kisses to whoever near it, instead.
There are variations to that but none are Christian and make as much sense and have as much integrity as paganistic versions of this.

Christianity is jew garbage and died on the shores of Greece.
You are looking at delusions and cast away, backwards jewish mind tricks.

You think it's real but it's not, it's a trick, that's why only heaven is good about it all.
Nothing else about it is good, without that reward nobody would do anything.

Also, you seem to (willfully) think that just because people had different paganist views then that means every single individual dreamt up something for them.

That is not true, it is regional, just like Christianity is regional.
You tend to have layers, or, well, regions of denominations based on the flavor of the people.

You actually know this, but you are unable to see it as the thread that unpurls the woolen cap pulled over the eyes of gentiles.

Anyway, this thread has gone in cycles several times.
If you don't think that Christianity has been trash for over a thousand years then I don't know what will truly save you.
If you cannot accept even the possibility that it's all a jewish mind game that has the same patters as many other jewish ploys, then you'll just die a golem.

It really is as simple as that.
I don't need all this apologetic bullshit, because, as per the eternal usual, reality speaks for me.

Everything I said in this thread, even though I ended up with different IDs throughout it, is 100% true.
Or at least not willfully falsified.

Something the vast majority, if not all of the Christians who posted in this thread and opposed others and me cannot claim.

Just like all the other jewish ideas, they simply do not hold up without obstinate twisting of reality, wordplay, one ear in the other out kind of things, and so forth.

If you stick to jews, you WILL and DO lose.

I don't see Europeans behind "art" there, neither do I see beautiful cathedrals built by anyone but europeans - which further destroys your point that christianity made beauty - pagans in the Roman empire and elsewhere also had extremely beautiful temples - a more direct result of christian influence would be the illuminated manuscripts of medieval times, with gruesome depictions of torture and demons - and flagellants like this:

But you can see why people think it is - in fact, it matches what the bible says…

All true europeans breed, regardless of religion, as in NatSoc families.

It's the same case in Northern Germany or the Netherlands.

Well that is an obvious one, although people did resent the church and it's theological decisions and, frankly, Rome's oppression - even the monasteries. Now what I find particularly telling is how the people would break with the church so easily and follow their king - and when the American revolt overthrew his authority and he was no longer head of the church, they quickly became "episcopalians" - yeah, they care a lot about their religion…

Can't you see an example for what it is? It's pretty far-fetched to downplay the religious motivation of these wars, it would be like saying the Crusades were based mostly on non-religious goals - they weren't. No earlier conflict in the HRE killed half of it's population - the Thirty Years War, although was one of the deadliest conflicts EVER recorded, nothing in the ancient world, none of the Roman conquest, matched this fight between brothers - and under christianity.

They didn't. The Protestants formed leagues, like the Schmalkaldic one, and the Catholics the catholic one, but the country remained split since then.

Indeed. Christianity was not the only cause of it - it provided a justification. My point, though, was that this justification came to Russia because of Byzantium ties due to Orthodox christianity…

They already refused assimilate before - they joined together and overthrew the Roman province in the west of the Elbe. Not to mention the "high culture" (i.e decadent civilization) claim is highly questionable - the germans had their own culture and lived very apart from other influences. The fact they carried their own separate class even as christians (but which desintegrated shortly after 200 years, mostly due to their conversion from Arian christianity to Catholicism) really do tell how important it was for them.

They are jewish forgeries.

Anything not published by Hitler or the party, is a forgery. Hitlers own authentic words, the program of the NSDAP, prove you false and those post war forgeries.

Nonsense, the Russian took over Despotism from the Tatars and Mongols. The Muscovite Princes were vassals to the Tatars, got rid of them but continued their practice.

It is up today a source of sorrow for certain groups in Slavland that those oriental mores were forced onto the Slavs, in the Kiev Rus, Novgorod, cutting them off from the development in Europe.

So the recorded writtings of Hitler's closest associate, with two hired secretaries by Hitler's own orders, corroborated by everyone else in that circle, like Otto Dietrich, is not trustworthy but a hearsay report by a journalist, which was probably true but the quote was just a mistranslation of "atheistic" into "non-christian", or else Hitler would be stating obvious falsehoods because of all the party members, is totally legit?

These manuscripts were collected to be published on Hitler's memoirs and there are hundreds of publications by the party and direct Hitler quotes like here: or here:

Grow a pair and learn why they pushed "Positive christianity", deeming the worshipping in the traditions and influences of mainstream churches, all of them, as "negative". Try to understand what "Kristianism", Germanic one, actually is and why they obssessed, for instance, with pagan symbols and how post-conversion german-made crucifixes had christ with his neck twisted, just like the depictions on the ancient pagan site of Externsteine. The very NSDAP was largely propelled by the "Thulean Society" early on, and was merged with the Volkisch party in 1925 - how clueless can you keep being for fucks sake? Stop parroting church narratives here, the National Socialists KILLED them in Kirchenkampf. They ended their influence. There is no place for "christian identity" above race in National Socialism.

Not accurate, the mongols largely allowed them to retain their Kievan Rus Princedom statehoods and the Mongols weren't entirely despotic - the "khan" wasn't a "dominus" - that despotic concept has origins in the ancient near east.

What's your point then, that people were zealous christians that slaughterd each other for it or that they didn't care about the church at all?

An example from a completly different times with completly different actors involved, I don't really see how it applies, other than "people said x about x and you're also saying y about y, SO CHECKMATE" but maybe I'm reading it wrong. As for the Thrity Years War, I'm not denying that it was deadly and vicious but I've mentioned various reasons that far better explain the scale of the war, and why it started around that time, than just religious differences. That it happend under christianity doesn't make it a product of it, although christianity couldn't provide the unity necessarry to stop the violence, so there's that.

Those alliances weren't even stable during the war time and didn't mean shit afterwards, I mean why didn't they poltically allign if it was primarily about religion, why continue with the heavy federalism when you could unite with your brothers in faith? Why accept a catholic emporer even if he's powerlesss and why remain in the empire at all?

Or maybe, you know, they were geographically quite close to one another. How should have orthodox christianity spread there in the first place, you're not making much sense with this.

That was on their home turf, of course the tribal leaders wouldn't give up their authority in their ancestral lands, especially if the roman seeked to turn their warrior society into a mercantile one, but leaders that led parts of their people to conquer already developed lands would be far more inclined to adapt in order to expand their own power. I've also never said that a higher culture is better, just that it provided matrial advantages that can be quite appeasing to tribal people. Arian christians weren't just germanic people, although it is understandable that arianism was more appealing to germanics due to a more pagan like theology without this whole trinity shit that just confused most people. But here again, I don't see how your argument of germanic people wanting to seperate themselves and them voluntarily converting to christianity fits together. They weren't converted by the swords and forced to abandon their customs, most of them converted on their own.

Since when? Christian kings used them. I assume they switched over to Latin alphabet due to it being hip and cool and stuff. Just like the lingua Franca changes.
Austrian priest got sentenced after reading the Bible - reason; homophobia. Imams, though, I'm fairly sure they won't receive such things, nor rabbis.
Now those very countries are being overrun by niggers, muslims and mexicans. Of course, USA and Germany helped the formation of USSR before this, and USA practically armed the Soviet Union against Germany. Many Russian, Ukrainian and Polish Christians joined the Reich in its campaign against the Soviets and US heretics.
A. Mass media, B. Americans. C. Heretics - They were banished from Europe for a reason.
They all fell for the liberty propaganda even in WW1, and it goes on today. Meanwhile Russia launces a holy crusade against ISIS, which USA funds. Curious how that works out.

Why not? Because of that one rich man? You sound very much like Judas, who whined about Christ spending all those shekels on incense, when it 'could be used to help the poor'…
You mean despite :^)
Yet I do not need to deny it.

I know about European Christmas and its origins. I know of Saturnalia and I know of Midsummer. I do not see your point. I do not see the conflict.

So what are you opposing?
Once again, rejection or denial of two millenia of history, arts and development.

This thread has plenty of papal quotes. People wanted their jews, they got them. I'm not interested in keeping them alive, Americans are.

Only the American heresy has those patterns, you dumb animal.

This is, by the way, a very leftist thing to do. All golems do this

Table talk are forgeries.
Why do you think a state who did forbid authentic Hitler works like “Mein Kampf” would allow the spread of Hitlers ideas in the form of “Table Talks”? “Table talk” is nothing but calculated black propaganda, letting a “puppet Hitler” voice opinions the jews wanted to hear from “him”.

Nothing found after “1945” is authentic. All part of a massive work of fiction. It is like those kikes dressing up as “Nazi” and act outrageously, Hollywood Nazism.

The propaganda is mainly aimed at us, though. So that we wouldn't unify, so that we'd have all these fringe elements (demographically insignificant) demanding that they be given monopoly on world views.
Consequently, whenever there have been fringe elements in nationalist movements, they have been side by side with the Christians, not at each others' throats.

That they didn't stop from killing each other due to being fellow christians - in fact, that even encouraged them to kill other europeans.

Religious differences were the main thing that strated it - that was my point…

And not later on…

Moscow is pretty far from Byzantium. They followed the Orthodox rite because it was the richest country and they travelled all the way there to fight as mercenaries… Closer than Rome still…

To rule over, not as a part of it. And Arian christians were, distinguishably Germanic in some parts, because that sect never reached the places the Germanic conquered.

They, once converted, still didn't chose to convert to the religion of the masses they ruled - they kept an identity, even then.

That makes no sense, because their propaganda is usually designed at making NatZees your common white folk and neighbour, and even as christians, to associate your identity with it and make you feel "guilt".

I gave plenty of reasons the works were trustable (but they are, not, of course, a "source material"), and I've heard the "forgery" argument many times now (always from fanatic people in denial) and, frankly, they may as well as be irelevant due to all I pointed elsewhere.

Look at you denying things, or to even hear arguments, out of pure "identity". You sound like the SJW here

The crusades were carried largely by proto-masons and were not targeted at "defending europe" (they could, you know, march 100 miles to Spain instead of 1000 to some meaningless kike land because duh bible). In fact, the crusades were a detestable failure, many young nobles just gave up all they had to travel all the way, leaving nothing behind, just to die of dysenteria in some desert at the age of 20, childless and defeated.

Hitler, once said, that "what he wouldn't pay" to see the face of the preacher that called for the "Children's crusade", implying he was a jew, and that the crusades weren't even interested in re-taking Rome, but their main objective sounded like the bloodletting of europeans. (It was on Dietrich Eckart's "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin").

Religion of Cuck™ did uplift the sandniggers, a bit… It was not more advanced than Europe, but instead christianity sent the Europeans behind what they were in former times, as even Hitler said…

The vikings had their freedom tainted with Semitic influences. Not that they were "poor" after that, quite in fact they became elites inside the christian world, but the loss of Germanic culture was indeed something regretable.

And the Aztecs, look at Mexico now… What a nice place… Not that they wuz gud bois and sheit, but the christian missionaries destroyed every trace of their culture they could find - and out of pure fanatism - they were complete subjugated, but they had to erase even their history, depriving from knowing it. It is quite telling of what they did in Europe, back when they were even more fanatically early christians, and when these early christians were non-whites who hated europe, it's culture as sinful, and Rome…

This is blatant innacurate, most churches welcome it… Globalist pope and so on…

Retaking Jerusalem*

It is either a moron attracted to Hollywood Nazis “Gas the Jews”, swallowing the whole kike story and regurgitating it, like retarded “devil worshiper” in a crazy inversion.

Or it is another “Goldman” full in his role as an actual Hollywood Nazi, trying his best to be as disgusting and repellent as possible for the biggest number of people. Christians are the biggest number of people and even if many in Europe are at best lapsed, “cultural” Christians, few like it when someone pisses on their culture and history “MUH CRUSADES” or their ancestors.

So I think it is the second option.


I'll write up a summary from start to finish on how everything you believe in is fundamentally wrong.

Here's the start though:
It begins at the fundamental corruption of the spirits that come naturally to people whenever they are exposed to the natural world and how everything "Christian" that comes after is, in actuality, the larping.

As in, if someone who never heard of Christianity or European paganism before hears a rumble in the sky, then ttheir mind fills them with the natural, default, truthful imagery of a thundergod or thunderspirit of some description.

This is the default and undying template that reflects spirituality in its most base and essential and truest form.

Then some missionary comes along and tells the person that what they are believing is actually the biblical yid god.

THUS starts the larp, this thundergod is made into a larping yidgod.

Same with all the "saints" who were spiritual figures of people before and were turned into Christian larper figures.

The notion of Christianity is therefore false from the very root.

The pope himself saintified some creatures now.
Like Martin Luther King.

Some sort of Nigger savior who is now being made a Catholic larp figure.

In the case of him he was probalby a Christian, but the notion still stands.

Many of the European saints were pagan heroes that the people were pressured to accept as "you realize that it was actually yahweh who worked through them right? If you don't think so, well, we're just gonna harass you forever"

Just like it's difficult for nations to stand up for themselves today having to fear some golem nation to come bearing down on them.

It is typical jewish reality inversion to call pagan the larpers when it's the real true core of everything Christian, as I said, it all started as a larp that the natural spirits are actually "God".
Which is simply false.

But you care about nothing like that, you are corrupted by heaven to the point where you wouldn't even be a Christian without it.

You are fully jewed, and it shows. You are dishonest to the extreme and evade everything critical, like the heresy of going against jesus who says that prayer should be private and nobody should be rich, for it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a richfag to enter heaven.

Yet it is very rare for European christianity not to be the extreme opposite of that, because it was pagan country, not despite.

Celtic knots alone outaesthetic most things, and even warped and ruined interpretations like Marvel comics still cannot go below a baseline of making everything Thor and co extremely impressive because it's what people innately expect and feel about.
Even if Christians themselves write about it, like Lord of the Rings which has things like Elves and co, they are incredibly elevated and beautiful because otherwise nobody would believe his shit.
Paganry is innately extremely impressive and full of beauty, that's why the renaissance had such an uprise in beautiful art.
When nature came back into pictures, beautiful women, high veneration of beauty instead of ugly homunculi icons.
And I don't use homunculus as some sort of metaphor, baby jesus was often considered just that, a little MAN.

Anyway, you care about nothing of this.
You shuck and jive eternally because, again, the biblical holohoax has you by the balls so bad that you cannot be turned and will die going nowhere but oblivion.

To elaborate on that.
Because you might ask:
Well why is everything beutiful Christian?

I'll tell you why.
Because whitey is inherently autistic about his fiction.
Case in point, My Little Pony Fanart drawn on canvas in oil.
Countless hours spent discussion who is best girl in some anime.
Infinite headcanons of some story, etc.

Something you don't find most other tribes doing.

All that beauty you see in Churches can be easily substituted with the original pagan notions.

Hell, the Sixtine Chapel could look like the fucking Roman or Greek pantheon if the names were erased and aliens wandered in, they wouldn't think it was yahweh but Apollo and Zeus or whatever.

This is, because, once more and again, Christianity was the biggest rage for a while, sometimes more internalized and believed than not, depending on the people, but it was still just paintwork over something else.

And this paintwork has crumbled for over a thousand years now because people realized it was shit.
You're ( ) just impatient because you're yiddified to your bonemarrow.
You think 2000 years is a long time, when it is not.
But children think a year is a long time if they themselves are only a year old, because one year is as long as their entire life.

Entities like Perchta/Frau Holle are even older than Thor and co and she's remembered even today, even through the "Christian conquest".
Our gods have been with us way before we even lived in mud huts and they have never left us.

Yeh, the Christian fanart is impressive because it was made by people who were already advanced, or else they wouldn't have been able to create everything you like so much.
Again, people have been skiing in the mountaints about 4000BC, Romans and Greeks and, believe it or not, pretty much the entirety of Europe was advanced.
Even the slavs, look up their pagan things, big colorful lodges, etc, certainly not mud huts and some people call Slavs not even white.

But it just couldn't stick, because it was a larp since day 1 and autistic Europeans, not just Germans, chopped it up into weird denominations that eat god flesh and co.

Oh, and so many Christian laws that weren't in the bible but made up completely because (((monarchy))) and ((( clergy ))) just made shit up as they went, etc.

But, again, this goes in one ear, out the other.

You are the larpers. Christians are the larpers.
It started as dressing up river spirits, harvest gods, death gods as the same yid that never made sense since day 1, hence the trinity and co, etc.

But you don't care about such details.
You don't care about reality and why things are the way they are.
You just shrug and say "how can Christianity be jewish if I go to heaven? ;^)"
Then you do some mental gymnastics so you have a shot on getting the last word out so you don't look totally defeated, but you don't care about anything not even Christianity itself if it didn't give you the reward of Heaven, and everything will be erased by the time the thread dies.

Gradually, I began to hate Christians.

Right, I forgot to add a little music as well.
Listen to some Wagner and tell me if this kind of "non church hymn" music doesn't inpire.

Same with shit like Holdts Mars and co.
Once more, people, even after 2000 years of Christianity (unsurprisingly because, again, it's a blink of an eye and in the future, eventually, we will go back to the natural and true order and glory in full) and atheism and Cultural Marxism still would not accept a squalid fetid story or depiction of the native European pantheon.

It's glory is unkillable, as are the natural gods and spirits that surround us.
They are not yid god aspects. Thinking they are is the real larp.
And I am not a larper.

he's done alot of great movies, Get the Gringo was amazing to me.

Also if you wanna watch a decent movie with your parents Hacksaw Ridge was a glorious uplifting gorefest, highlighting the brutality of WW2 and the power of faith at the same time, also Mel didnt hire a single black person, only white men and japanese for the whole movie cast, including the back of house, did alot of it in australia too.

Blood Father is another good one.

You neo-pagans love to harp on the primacy of the Volk and tradition, but when it comes to your gods, you completely ignore the fact that all the peoples of Europe are by now, traditionally Christian. It has been centuries since the last public sacrifice was offered on the altar of a pagan God in Europe. If your gods were true gods, why could they not protect the things that were sacred to them?
if the Jews are that much more powerful than the "gods of nature," then you're saying that the latter are worth even less than the former.

In truth, Christianity gave birth to the white race. Before Boniface felled Donar's Oak, and before Patrick lit the new fire before the king on Holy Saturday, there was no bond between the tribes of Germany and Ireland. It is lunacy to think either that race is something as superficial as physical appearance, or that religion is somehow shallower than (i.e., a product of) race. An actual religion can only come from the Godhead.

How do you explain the Roman Empire then? For most of its time Rome was a Pagan state. It only collapsed when Christianity took over shattering the realm into smaller pieces. The unity was gone the moment Judeo-Christianity took power over the continent. For decades the Franks were a mess of warring states fighting each other in the name of petty kings and religious differences. Visigothic Spain was so united and ready that it collapsed overnight. Sicilly and Malta were occupied for centuries by the Moors. Rome itself was sacked by Arab raiders. The Byzantine Empire lost Egipt, Palestine, Syria and vast swathes of Anatolia. That's Christian unity for you. When Pagan Rome existed Mediterranean Sea was the mare nostrum of the White Man. Christianity cost us the entire Northern African coast. Whites were already great before Christianity. The history of Europe didn't start with the day rabbi Yeshua was born. We accomplished great things before. Alexander the Great carved an incredible Empire for himself. His stunning victories and military might are an object of study to this very day. He wasn't Christian. Julius Caesar won battle after battle and is a role model for any army commander. He wasn't Christian either. The works of Cicero and other ancient writters are just as relevant today as there were thousands of years ago. They weren't devoted Christians either. Europe was free of Semitic influence before and will be liberated again.

Geez what a dumb faggot you are

the West is dying. The historical and cultural legacy that animated Western civilization is atrophying. This is particularly the case in Western Europe, where elites see nothing particularly valuable in their cultural heritage,

According to Huntington, the Western heritage is rooted in “Greek philosophy and rationalism, Roman law, Latin and Christianity,” a common culture with penchants for the separation of “spiritual and temporal authority,” the rule of law, representative governments, and civil liberties.

Because Western elites, the “Davos men,” do not cherish or even particularly admire the unique Western cultural inheritance—Christianity in particular—they did not see civilizational criteria as a basis upon which the West should form post-Cold War alliances. We have thus done precisely the opposite of what Huntington recommended: we have meddled, sometimes aggressively, in other civilizations, and we have repudiated more and more of our own heritage, replacing it with a mishmash of multiculturalism, universalism, globalism, and anti-Christianity.

Hmm, who are the Western elites, the “Davos men,”? Where do they come from? Where put them in charge?

Europeans cannot be neo pagans, just like World War 2 has not ended, paganism has never ended.
There is no other explanation for it existing after a "full conversion to Christianity" other than my claims that Christianity was a varning that was painted over paganism but did not seep into the roots.

I have covered this multiple times in this thread.

There is no Christianity in Europe.
As I said before.
The larp starts by claiming that natural spiritual entities that form naturally by existing in the world are actually some aspect of Yahweh.

It is simply not true, Christianity is jewish larpage and has, so far, not worked on anyone, from mighty whitey to blithering mexican to hentai fapping japanese.

They still flay people, they still have amaterasus, and we still have our paganism.
Because all of these things are the natural gods of the respective people.

A reason why the useless nigger is still a nigger no matter how many hospices and churches are built in Africa.

Also, you're wrong about something else.

November 8, 2017 Patrick Charles Hannon.
He was killed via lethal injection in the united states as punishment for crimes.

Jesus says: Those who are without sin throw the first stone.
European spirit says: Those who sin go into the bog.

So, that's a very recent human sacrificed to the god of justice.
A good christian would never have done this.

But, again, enjoy your empty death.
Millions, nay, billions of people worldwide have perished withtout salvation because of the jewish larp.

I'm going to the eight worlds when I die.
You won't.
Unlike you, I also still have my soul.
That's why I see all these truths and can connect with them.

Your soul was exorcised by the demon from the bible, I'm afraid.
And you know this.
That's why you cannot become a pagan. Even if you tried now.
You are trapped by ((( Christ ))) who took everything you should have had for himself.

You have completely internalized and embodied the lie that everything good is an aspect of the jew god.
And that made it true.
That way he could suck your soul out just like jews suck the souls out of people on earth.

Then why desire our change?
When was the last time you sacrificed something to your gods? Wine, animals, food etc.?

It's not desired it's what has happened for 2000 years.

Right now I am sacrificing my time.

Regardless, sacrifices are not required, there is no "one true pagan faith".
And I'm leaving it at that just so y'all go red faced and huffy and think it's all a sham so yo go into the void all the harder.
I may or may not sacrifice things or do things.
That's up to your imagination.

Just to vex you even further and drift away from the truth harder.
Because paganism is not a missionary faith.
Go into the eternal sleep that has no dreams for all I care.

Why bother propagating paganism in a thread about Mel Gibson and his new movie that has the kikes kvetching, then?

Roman Empire collapsed in 1453, when Religion of Cuck™ took over. Western Rome was economically dead, and had been dying for centuries - nobody dared tackle the corrupt ways of Bread & Circus.
What kind of revisionism is this? Romans tried to conquer Germania multiple times, and failed. They had border patrols and walls all over their Empire, including Hadrian's wall preventing the Scots from pouring in and raiding. The Romans killed the druids of Gaul, ending their faith. The Finnish name for slave, orja comes from Arja/Arya. Finnish pagans burned Norse pagan Stockholm. Norse pagans raided Europeans, those of Slavic, Christian, Finnish and other religions. Then they sold them, usually to Tatars and North African emirates.
Germanic pagans raided Romans when they could. Celtic Gauls raided Rome. Carthaginian white men waged war against Rome, and Rome destroyed Carthage, even going as far as putting salt on the land so that nothing may grow there. Romans killed Archimedes and destroyed much of his technology.
You may have ignored the great migration period and completely overlooked its effects. Visigoths in Iberia couldn't last because they weren't truly tied to the land.
That's like blaming paganism for all aspects of Christianity. North Africa was lost to Religion of Cuck™.

There was never a unified Europe. EU (=kike) pipe dream is to have a unified Europe. There have been different faiths, tribes, nations and empires competing on the continent throughout history, and presumably long before it started. You are a naive Rousseau-fag who believes in the noble savage. Oh, and the Christian period has been the brief moment Europeans weren't largely slaves.

I have done very little propagating. Telling people that someone is more alive and prevalent everywhere than the other party things is not propagating, it's telling the truth.
I don't think I made many posts where I asked people to become pagan. Merely that christianity is just a paint over the real deal.

But, because it's so easy, regarding sacrifice, everyone who ever hung up a bauble on a Christmas tree sacrificed something to the pagan gods.
Especially red ones.

And, no, they're not symbols for (Christian) apples, as some seem to believe.


Christcucks always construct this particular strawman as if their faith hasn't been splintered into a thousand competing sects, none of which even come close to describing the truth of this world.


If National Socialist Germany fell, does it mean it was wrong? I guess God hated them… You could say in an hypothetical future

You have a very misunderstanding of the jewish nature and question, and of what european really means in general…

So they didn't unite in the Teutoburg forest? The Irish High Kingdom did not predate christianity? And it's not like they had much of a bond later, the Thirty Years War, fought over religious interpretation, killed almost half of the german population, their "christian brothers".


You know these concepts were not missing from ancient religions, right? Guess (((who))) wants you to believe otherwise… Your last lines sounded exactly like a defense of paganism as the european religion.

Yeah why remove a semitic stain to our identity, and the influence of a corrupt pedophile-filled institution that is actively working with the (((globalists)))… We take issue, not much with Christianity here, but with "christian identity" shills that want to put their semitic religion and "denomination" above RACE, parroting false chuch narratives and historiography and so on…

Rome had lost 90% of it's landmass by the year 700.

Did not end their faith, or indeed the druidic cult that persisted outside it's borders.

Semites who invaded europe.

You do realize that the Christians Franks, Byzantines and Venetians, for instance, ran a massive slave-trade of Europeans (mostly run by jews, to whom the church granted privileges) and that the Norse mostly sold slaves to the Franks right? The slavery practiced by them paled in comparison to what was done in mainland europe - in fact, the tribal germanics didn't even have "slavery", but much blander system of thralldom. They did not change the slave networks they come upon in the British Isles and Russia, for instance, they were mostly glad to draft the locals into their armies…

Over 90% of the European population was in bondage under serfdom, the landless peasantry starved and were exploited and abused in many ways, while the nobility and clergy lived in luxury…

Yeah guess why people think the claim this BASED Pedowood movie about muh Jesus is "sticking it to the kikes" (nevermind they will profit from it) is something extremely naive and that doesn't belong in a NatSoc board?

We can agree Mel is likable, but fawning over his "redpilled" movies like "Braveheart" and "The Patriot" is not just utter bullshit, it's actually blue-pilling and reinforcing jewish motion-picture as a valid means of entertainment. It doesn't belong on Holla Forums but on Holla Forums of all places.

Could it also be that the "christian identity" narrative, and not RACE, being inorganically pushed here since the very first post is something extremely counter-productive and against NatSoc ideas?

Yeah, go figure…


He descends to the underworld for three days, then comes back to Earth for 40 days and then ascends to the heavens.

Downboat denied.


That "ironpill" comic is fake.

My one true faith is self evident by having survived the attempted conquest of a larp ideology.

The more bible thumping someone is, the more opposed against European paganism one is, and this covers all aspects of Christian "zeal" the less of a soul one has and the less of it survived.

Only those that still had veneration for the European spirit carried on the "Christian" faith, which, over time, became more and more pagan again.

Nobody would suffer bible thumpers back then for long, evidently, since those have long died out.
What has always remained from day 1 was the European spirit within.

The spirit that forewent "utter poverty and simpleness" and "being meek" and "being private" or "being ugly".

The renaisance was probably the largest step that showed that the spirit of Freya and co were still in the people, because those people were the only ones with souls.

Only people with souls can connect to it all and have an innate drive to be like the European gods, and not like the sob story kike carpenter of squalor and boohoo I get hurt all the time boohoo.

Again, this is self evident. If these soulless ones had been the majority then we wouldn't have gotten beautiful churches and co.
No grand crusades the war focused gods would have conducted themselves, but instead meek little faggots, despite "Me bringing the sword" or "being an angry god", it requires much apologetics for these passages, like everything.

In the context of paganism, being aggressive is nothing unusal.
Again, souls.

The soul of the European people lived in the people who made everything anti Jesus, anti private, anti poverty, anti simple, anti meek.

And this soul is the real gods acting through the people, even if the people themselves are not thinking about it.
The only way to lose ones soul is to become fully Christian with nothing but contempt to everything else.

Then you just turn into a drone, a bible belt grandma who annoints microwaves with oil and gives her lunchmoney to televangelists.
These people have their souls utterly exorcised.

As have all the anti pagan, anti European, deluded golems in this thread.

I cannot propagate paganism to you because your soul is gone, either fully or too far gone to return you.

What I can do though, and have been doing is, for the umpteenth time explain how paganism carried the torch, was the core inside the people.
That's why there was no "conquest", that's why we still have all the customs. That's why beautiful art of nature and women prevailed in the end.
And that's why people are returning to the old gods more and more simply by realizing things like that on their own.

On you this has no effect. You lack the soul.
You just want to go to heaven, you have swallowed mammon in the shape of a jewish carpenter.
Just as FIAT money is not really money but people believe in it, your jew idol is another form of mammon, spiritual and utterly debasing and rotting.

That's why the more Christianity is in someone, the worse and golemized they become.
Empty people who cannot live anymore.

I cannot propagate this to the dead, those who are alive are naturally alive and receptive to this and internally propagating it "for themselves" by acting like they act.

They might be called Christian, by themselves or others, but in them is the defiance of jesus, defiance of degradation and instead an unconcious desire to make things beautiful and grand, instead. Inspiring.

A Christdrone cannot do that, the more pure the zeal the less capable.
Again, reality confirms this. I bet you wouldn't want to hang out with a total bible thumper, either.
Even the theologians have more soul than those, hell, in fact those might be the most hopeful, even if not all of them know it.

Or, to summarize with less words:
Everything beautiful you see in Christianity is the work of Europeans that had the pagan soul in them that drove them to defy Jesus and not pray in silence, make graven images anyway, amass riches and filigree, build huge structures, adorned with art and craft.

An utter devotee to Jesus would not have done that. These people rotted in the muck.

While the people with soul still remembered the old gods and put it under the umbrella of Christianity to not having to deal with golems and to placate those who also had souls left by giving them elevated beauty that is not found in the Bible.

But instead in the European soul, and, again, it is so ingrained and self evident that not even ((( Holllywood ))) can get away with changing their degenerate cartoon SJW versions of the old gods into something too unimpressive.

So you think that Hitler went against Christianity by painting this
Got it.
That spirit you are talking about is not pagan, it is Divine Inspiration. The Germans did not practice rapine and slavery, they did not start sacrificing lives to their pantheon and they did not start the practice of idolatry - on the contrary, the change in soul is the sacrifice of those things for something greater. Even the alleged blood worship of the Germans did not seem to occur, as proven by their close ties with India, Japan and Finns. Christianity is meant to garden the spirit in such a way that it does not grow in degeneracy -be it slavery, rapine, orgies or the like -, but into its full and intended form.

Honest talk: Your problem with Christianity is the same as mine; protestantism and its simplistic approach to theology and the Bible - largely due to inaccurate translations, which are not a problem among the Catholics and the Orthodox. It has rotted the opinion of the Church and Christianity. The Orthodox church has practiced iconography since its inception. Do you consider the Orthodox to be pagan or Christian? You see the full blossom of what you consider pagan, in Vatican. Whereas the protestant countries have largely denounced all aspects that made them human; the spirit.

This isn't even a secret, or any kind of esoteric knowledge. It just happens that the English speaking world isn't Catholic, Greek nor Roman. You merely parrot what the protestants accuse of being pagan, to be the extent of paganism.

Our problem with Christianity is that it centers on the worship of a Semitic idol and a Semitic tribal deity while spreading globalist, Semitic degeneracy in place of European virtues. Hitler understood this, which is why Alfred Rosenberg was appointed to lead the suppression of Christianity in Germany and to reform the education system as the basis for a change in culture to venerate Aryan ideals instead of Christian degeneracy. The bible, every translation and the original, is trash best used as kindling.


Idolatry is fine; taking a Semite as an idol is treasonous and communion with a Semitic idol through the ritual consumption of its flesh and blood degrades one's soul to be closer to that of the Semites. Idolatry isn't inherently bad, but it does have consequences. Of course, most Christcucks don't even believe in their own rituals, so the spirit cooking with Yeshua doesn't really register with them consciously as appalling.
The erasure of the concept of racial souls to be replaced with the "There is no Greek, Jew, etc…" nonsense.

What? Nazis built churches, they didn't destroy them.

August 26th, 1933 Hitler said he didn't pay much attention to Rosenberg.
"I must insist that Rosenberg's "The Myth of the Twentieth Century" is not to be regarded as an expression of the official doctrine of the party."

Hitler was adamant the National Socialist movement was an expression of true Christianity.

"National Socialism neither opposes the Church nor is it anti-religious, but on the contrary, it stands on the ground of a real Christianity. The Church's interests cannot fail to coincide with ours alike in our fight against the symptoms of degeneracy in the world of to-day, in our fight against the Bolshevist culture, against an atheistic movement, against criminality, and in our struggle for the consciousness of a community in our national life, for the conquest of hatred and disunion between the classes, for the conquest of civil war and unrest, of strife and discord. "

He was a great admirer of Karl Lueger, getting his anti-Semitism from his Christian Social Party in Austria.

Your arguments have been repeated time and again so let's break them down.
I'm attacking Christians because they're the real threat
Sounds pretty similar to:

What are you on? Read Genesis. Noah's sons are granted the racial souls. / The racial souls are explained in the myth of Noah. This is how Christians viewed it until the post-WW2 egalitarian propaganda kicked in.

Oh, and Jews are of Cain. They pretend to be Orientals (Semites) when it is advantageous to them, and Aryans (conquerors) when it is advantageous to them. However, they are murderers and liars.

Nope, it doesn't work on niggers and co, for they have the spirits of their nigger gods.

As usual, you can be summarized as

America is an utopia, china is an utiopia, etc.
The good Christians coming over to bomb Europe was utopia.

Gee, it's almost like Hitler had to disavow Rosenberg's views in order to prevent a Christian rebellion, or rather, to prevent further insurrection from Christians. If Hitler didn't pay much attention to Rosenberg, why did he continuously give him high posts within the Reich including putting him in charge of Kirchenkampf (the campaign to suppress Christianity in Germany) and the education system?

They have their nature as servants. When they were under European guidance, they thrived. Ethiopia, of course, does indicate that they, too, can be shaped by higher values.

Your world view can be summarized as cognitive dissonance.
See? Absolutely ignoring Russian and German Christians, and the Catholics before them who tried to halt USSR. No, the US and British Christians are the true ones!

Here's an interesting read for you.

Catholics saved thousands of National Socialists from the Allied forces after the war.


I know this is bait but:
Religion of Cuck™, dumb fuck.
The white population grew in number and expanded technologically during the height of devout spirituality and religiousness in Christendom. It's no surprise that atheism, hedonism and nu-christianity has brought about our current state of absolute degeneracy. It is clear you are an Religion of Cuck™ apologist and more likely than not a kike shill.

There's propaganda based on truth and there's propaganda based on lies, I suppose every propaganda piece used to incite emotion against an enemy is always true according to you even though it implies that Germany was coming to "stab Bibles and crush Churches" when none of that even happened in Germany itself. Don't be such a deceitful retard trying to play dumb, shekelmongler.

Kirchenkampf was a method to remove competing parties interference in political matters. Hitler was totally right to attempt this. He mostly succeeded and dealt with the pope on a political level instead of having to give up some sovereignty to the church.

This is seriously a wikipedia-tier understanding of history and goes against literally everything said by German leadership before, during, and after the war. You're just taking Allied propaganda and repeating it as fact even though they admitted making up reasons to go to war. I also notice people who make these arguments never feel obliged to actually respond to other posts, only picking a small part of the topic and making yet another claim that has been thoroughly debunked.

I don't think anyone is attacking you for being a pagan. You're wrong because you're factually wrong. Read some Zundel or watch Greatest Story Never Told.

Outright lies. Christianity plunged Europeans into a period of ignorance and slavery which only began to abate when pre-Christian knowledge began to filter back into Christendom through the Muslims who had preserved Egyptian, Persian, and Greek classics. Christians were akin to Maoists, murdering the intellectual elite of Europe and attempting to destroy the wisdom traditions tracing back to the antediluvian era by labeling all such knowledge as having come from Satan and its exercise through things such as folk medicine as witchcraft. Even the cathedrals and splendor of the Vatican itself are entirely based on pre-Christian architectural concepts and esoteric traditions.

Or ya know, we could go with what was said by the man in charge of dealing with the churches as well as the education system who had once been party leader while Hitler was imprisoned and made minister of captured Eastern territories

Also I'd like to point out that these shills always like to devolve the thread into some ridiculous shit like killing all Christians to fix our issues, which means the majority of the white population implying Jews wouldn't like nothing more than this. The actual solution is to use the tools already set in place to show the readily apparent Jewish hatred of Christ and Christians to turn them against Jews and become properly anti-Semitic. From there an explanation that Christianity is older than Judaism as Judaism is simply collected works of the oral traditions of the Pharisees and was not a recognized religion until later. Hebrewism's logical successor was Christianity. From there the next step would be to return the importance of racial identity to Christianity as it once was in the past interracial marriage was illegal kind after kind God's destruction of Babylon

The only liar is you, Religion of Cuck™ did not preserve knowledge you retard, they stole it. And how did they steal it from a purportedly "anti-knowledge" Christian Europe, because Monks were cataloging and recording everything they could into libraries you historically illiterate shitskin.

They stole it because they took over places like Persia and preserved their collections, not from Europe which was in the midst of a dark age due to Christian zealots.

I'll just leave this here.

Oy vey

lol your head canon doesn't add up because now you're implying that all knowledge was apparently stored in Persia (nowhere else though held under white Christian territory, nope) and those brilliant Muslims guided by the late muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker (piss be upon him).
This is such a shallow, fedora-lord tier comment that's been debunked years ago since before Holla Forums existed on halfchan that it's not even worth my time. You are historically illiterate and over simplify grand swaths of events in order to give Religion of Cuck™ favor as well as justify your assertions, pathetic. To think the dark ages was only "muh zealots"… actually read about the collapse of the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages (which wasn't even the height of Christendom anyway so it's irrelevant).

No, it's not.
Only Europeans did European things, because of the European gods, spirits and soul.

Again, I live in reality and don't need memes and apologetics.

The world is clearly different, artwork is different, they even paint jesus as blacks, indians and even aboriginals.

How is that not making all the spirits of the nations larp as ((( Christ))).
That's literally the modus operandi.

I do see.
You have no soul left and there's no "I sign my contract with accepting Jesus into my heart here" and nothing else.
Your spirit was hijacked by kikes and remains hijacked by kikes.

It is tragic, but, like many foreskins, it cannot come back.
Those who have lost all connections cannot reconnect and are doomed to never exist, just like jews when they die.

This, too, is the truth.
You are physically and spiritually unable to truly connect to the old gods.
It is literally impossible for you, even if you tried you'd feel like a fake.

Scientists from the olden days too, all had to oppose the church. Everything good and beautiful had to be wrested out of the hand of the church who opposed it.

But the true European spirit prevails and the blink of an eye that are 2000 years, which aren't even the full amount since it's been going downhill with Christianity for longer than just a few decades ago, will pass.

2000 years is nothing, nothing at all.
You merely live in the here and now and the hollowness inside you is replaced by jewish wonder and boisterousness of "2000 years wow so long", like a child that is 1 year old and to whom another single year is an entire lifetime.

1000 years from now, 2000 years, 10000 years from now we will be free, doesn't matter how long it takes, but Christianity is not the soul, it was an autistic experiment of kikery trying to reposses the aspects of other people.

But I've been over this numerous times now.

Reality is how it is and reality stands in direct opposition of Christian claims of being the core and in direct support of my claims that the spirit of any people, even niggers, are beneath it because it's merely kike larping.

Hence the spirit of people persevering and paganism not having perished but thriving again since it has been driver of everything good and glorious since time immemorial.

Mel Gibson was right about the Jew. His dad was wrong about cremation. Full cremation of an adult human at an average weight of 180lbs takes about 2h30m. for mind you, one body. Now 6 gorillion? Oy vey Hitler must've had super ovens!

The Germans were known for their industriousness, perhaps there is some secret super ovens still yet to be unveiled after a lucky Jewish man creat-er finds the blueprints one day.

Where have I given the Muslims favor? They are barbarian subhumans of the same race as the Israelites. However, the truth is that they had enough sense to preserve the wisdom of the civilizations they took over. Christcucks were ordered to destroy European cultures by the Semites controlling Christianity.

He is pulling a “Goldstein“ on us by pretending to be a pagan and “Uncle Hitler really wanted to gas the Christians” as you could read in allied propaganda.

I don't know if you're retarded or a kike. Probably both.

These were very informative videos. Thank you user.
I still wish the guy had chosen a different name for his channel even after watching his latest video explaining it. They'd be a weapons-grade atomic redpill if the benighted could get past the name of the channel, but it's just too blunt. It hits people with a consummation they've been pre-programmed to reject before they've even been exposed to the primer material that might help disengage the negative response.

Sure m8

That is a very caricatural vision you make of your ancestors. The claim of "idolatry", that they literally worshiped the altars and things they made is an obvious deturpation made by monks and early christians, and is easily debunked by reading any ancient source about the germans, who will state their beliefs and how they wouldn't even build temples, not to fall into idolatry and confine the Gods to a single place and roof, although the practice as claimed by the early christians may have had some ressemblance to the disconnected worship of the Roman lower classes.

Protestantism is just more of a problem because it's judaizing, it's more focused on the semitic roots of christianity, which are it's main problem. Catholicism is not lagging much behind, with their corrupt globalist structure, pedophilia, and zionism support…

But that is a very constructive interpretation. And partially rejected by what was later said on the New Testament. just have to look at their "missions in Africa", how they want to convert anyone no matter what, something Hitler opposed very strongly.

Ethiopia is a country founded by semitics, not africans.

The very party programmed said it stood for "Positive Christianity". Now what is that? A concept mostly develloped by Rosenberg, which openly called the christianity of the churches as "negative" and anti-german and preached for the rejection of the bible as a "jewish book", both old testament and new, the replacement of the cross, a "symbol of death" with the Swastika inside churches and the worship solely of the "aryan personality of Jesus" and the German blood, preached by an exclusively german clergy hierarchically submitted to the fuhrer.

That is the real christianity they were talking about, a Germanic "Kristianism", a rejection of church doctrines and worship infused with Germanic "pagan" elements, meant as a transition to it's eventual replacement. The speech you quoted was one of his repeated attempts to "win-over" Political Christianity supporters and such after 1933 - you can even read on Mein Kampf - the churches did little to oppose degeneracy in Europe, prefering to set missions to Africa - but us National Socialist will protect you christians from bolshevism and atheism…

Source needed, bro. He spoke very strongly against the christian parties, not just in Mein Kampf, but elsewhere. Most agree many of his influences were from the Volkisch pan-germanic movement of the early 20th century, like the Germanenorder, the Thulean Society and several publications. The main ideologues of the NSDAP besides Hitler were Dietrich Eckart, called the "spiritual father" of the Third Reich, and Alfred Rosenberg - and look at they wrote… Other inspirations include Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Wagner - none very christian people…


Swastika, all the symbols (two sowilo runes in the SS, for instance) and even the parades and festivals they held (volksthing, harvest season and so on). You just have to look at one parade, one party gathering to see how "christian" they were, with all the images there…

They were, for instance, obssessed with how german crucifixes, after conversion, depicted christ with a turned neck, just like the images of hanged Wotan in Externsteinen, for instance.

Churches, christian educational groups and publications were closed during Kirchenkampf.

The same principle that they use to host "refugees" today… The pope had a long hostility towards the NSDAP, see: "Mit Brenender Sorge", catholic high clergy making personal attacks against Third Reich Officials and even propping up militant groups like "The White Rose", effectively siding with the Rothschilds and the Soviets over the european people. Political christianity was the main enemy of the NSDAP inside Germany, before they took power. See:

This is falsehood. The european population only recovered from the decline during the Middle Ages by 1500. The height of art was during the Renaissance, of "pagan" european ideals, and even that was partially suppressed by the church during the Counter-reformation, leading to "Baroque art". The height of sciences only came about when christianity no longer had power, after the Bourgeouis revolutions.

The party doctrine explicitly rejected the bible as a semitic book, calling it the "book of hate" and advising it's eventual removal from the churches in favor of germanic elements. They were literally executing priests during Kirchenkampf, the allies wanted to use christianity to rouse people against the Germans…

That was it's main reason, indeed, but, when done by people who surrounded themselves by other symbolism and affiliations, and who had a defined program (defined by no less than Rosenberg) of influencing and controlling the churches with "Positive Christianity" and Germanism, going besides it, trying to explicitly introduce elements of the German blood (because christianity was "negative" and not of the german blood) and pagan/gnostic ones, then one really gets to thinking…

After the early christians destroyed an estimated 18.000 thousand libraries in the Roman Empire, several of it's public buildings, statues, works of arts and all the temples of other religions - even punishing people with death for looking at the ruins.

Some christian monks preserved some stuff that was usefull to the church, like 1/10 of philosophy that wasn't against it, and evne then, they had a monopoly of literacy and even reading the bible was forbidden to peasants. They registered some of the European traditions as a way to deturp them, and portray it as a "sinful culture" that deserved to be exterminated… It was a propaganda effort, as can see by you fanatics repeating claism like "pagans wuz idolaters who literally worship trees and demons haha"…

The only retard here is you repeating church historicity out of pure fanatism. The Dark Ages were never "debunked" besides your own fanatic purposefully blind cuck-circles, who believe the lies of apologists and ignore all the attrocities commited.

Even Hitler said on Mein Kampf, how the advent of Christianity meant the destruction of the much freer ancient world - but hey, we are "kike shills" for trying to install the NatSoc perspective on you "christian identity" cucks and yeah, you're cucking your own ancestors by blindly following this semitic doctrines

You know, though, that they executed thousands of priests during Kirchenkampf, right? Not that Hitler wanted to "gas the christians", but he took several steps to exterminate the influence and doctrines of the churches during the Third Reich's reign and to have spiritualy being led by party members, under Germanic influence, not the semitic one emanating from Rome and the Judeo-churches of protestantism…

The "Ironpill" comics are so bad, it was made likely by a few couple of posters back then, who had so many innacuracies and outright gay stuff in it…

You also speak like reddit, and maybe should stick there…

One thing that really ticks me off of christcuck posters is that they outright lie - they are not just ordinary people assessing their beliefs, they fanatically go by saying that the "dark ages was a liberal myth", that the destruction of knowledge never happened or that it was the muslims and that their church, whatever they see as the true one, dindu nuffin and never will. For them CHRISTIANITY was what made europe and that it's an european religion and not just reformed judaism - and everyone who says otherwise, or even try to state the distaste of the nsdap to the churches, is a "shill", a "kike" or a "muslims" trying to persecute them and "divide" the posters here… Truly some sort illness of the mind - and made by the kikes no less…

This music is so beautiful ;-;

Do you really expect an answer from /POL autists who can't even wipe off their own drool?




The idea that christianity caused the dark ages is indeed a liberal simplification and myth. Your beloved muslims did not preserve knowledge. They destroyed it, and knowledge persisted despite them. And pretty much caused the dark ages by fragmenting the west with their conquests and privateering.

The destruction of Christianity has long been an aim of the kikes, kike.

The funny thing is, that's the way they're portrayed in the Bible too.
But hey, making a movie accurate to the actual Scripture is anti-semitical. How dare you filthy goyim not alter your beliefs to fit the modern political climate?

You would know a lot about that… because you're a mexican. Anyway, you know (((who))) is behind the governments of even these third world places - anti-clericalism is, or at least used to be, one of the signs of them… But to use their persecution of it as claim that the country is "atheistic", when it's firmly religious, is simply ridiculous.

Italy had straight commie governments, does that make it a less christian country? What you see in Mexico is the proof that catholicism did little to change their, subhuman, nature. They keep beheading each other and so on, and these drug-dealers and outright masonic mafia leaders, as in italy, use christian symbolism and claim to be "devout" and such. Thus, you have these syncretic cults popping up, and they do elsewhere in places like Brazil…

Well, it's a daily reminder as it was posted and debunked at least 3 times here, but that is an out-of-context remark written by a journalist about a Hitler speech in 1928, to members of political christianity, to which there remains no full transcripts. The quote would be blatantly untrue, since you had people like Himmler, Hess, Rosenberg, Darré, Bormann and Goebbels as either openly non-christian or making direct attacks upon the christianity of the churches (as "negative" christianity") and members of political catholicism. It was refering to "one who attacks christianity" as in "atheistic bolshevists", which was recorded elsewhere and wouldn't be false as there weren't any such members of the NSDAP. The quote is also likely a mistranslation because, as far as I recall, it was not a german journalist publishing these.

Here is what Hitler said on the Dark Ages:

Atributting the dark ages only to christianity is indeed a simplifcation, but to deny the systematic efforts carried out at the destruction of culture by the christians and the "shadowy elites" behbind them is something naive, and which no NatSoc should engage on. And there are more about it by Hitler and any NatSoc author, and I encourage you to look upon that.

The kikes don't want to destroy christianity, they want to subvert it. They see it, especially as the majority of christians are non-whites, as a valuable tool in their world domination.

Cool story bro. Citation needed.

Your pleb caricature of what the dark ages are is retarded, is a myth, and is supported by myths.

The term itself was used by christian writers to describe the fall of the empire, christian by the way, as a dark time.

The Byzantine empire, where most of the west's knowledge survived, a christian empire, was savaged by Arab conquests, and that is where much of the knowledge has been lost.

The popular definition of the dark ages now, where science is said to have stopped, is definitely a myth spread by lefties and kikes.

That explains why the bolsheviks burnt down the Synagogues and left the churches standing. Oh wait. It was the other way around. The Marxists have an intense hatred for Christendom, and has always aimed to destroy it.

The collapse of Rome was the true cause of the dark ages.
It resulted in the destruction of most organised centres of education and relatively safe travel over long distances.

Christianity managed to help Rome limp along a bit longer in its final days by ending excessive waste of resources and manpower on religious rites.
But it isn't helpful to us.
All semite faiths must go.

This is how you spot a jew. It works every time.

That is the average estimate of public and private libraries in the Roman Empire, which were mostly destroyed up to the year 600, many by natural causes, but also deliberate destruction by christians of texts, and indeed wholes places, they deemed as "sinful", and, yes, a number of them, probably about 20 to 30%, survived under the Byzantines, which is how the arabs got so many texts in the first place, not because they were somehow "wise" or their religion any less destructive than christianity. The arabs, however, did not place restrictions on these texts, like the church did with even the bible, mostly because they didn't have to deal with the actual classical world and pagan romans, and allowed people to translate them and put them to use - that is why (((they))) can claim that many of the concepts in these works were preserved and rediscovered by the arabs…

To even find undesecrated remains of the ancient world, you have to go to ruined places, like Pompei… The results of this, definitely semitic, aspect of christian mentality included, sadly, even deliberate burning your own art works because of "vanity", and were found throughout christian history:

You should look into it.

So the decline there was a myth? Even if you don't agree on the causes, there was a material decline due to the fall of the Roman Empire, the population was halved, trade stopped and so on, besides the effects of christianization like the destruction of symbols and ancient culture and the imposition of dogma,… So even if you can argue that not to be a bad thing, it's not a "myth", as even Hitler noticed…

The marxists also hated capitalism, does that mean lolbergtarians are the way foward? The Soviets even clamped down on faggotry, does that mean faggotry is our thing? It's not exactly a correlation, and you have to remember the jews also ended communism, doesn't mean they weren't behind it.

I've seem kikes prop up the church in third world countries, because the clergy are proponents of socialism. Things are not a duality. What I think many people do point out, is that there are several similar teachings between both things, probably steeming from the common jewish mentality that originated them both, if for different purposes. A good read for you would be, again, "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin - a conversation between Hitler and me" by Dietrich Eckart.

Wait, so to say the christians destroyed 18,000 libraries, you simply took the estimate of all libraries and pretended the christians destroyed them all even if you know "many were destroyed by natural causes", and " 20 to 30% survived."

The fuck? This is obviously dishonest.

Oh sorry, that was factually incorrect and not what I meant. I intended to say there were an estimate 18.000 libraries and they were mostly destroyed in the period of christianization (and not entirely by christians deliberately), to the point of only a smaller percentage of them having survived to the times of the arab invasions by 700.

This is the epitome of a prescriptive rather than descriptive terminology and circular reasoning.
This isn't even about christianity anymore this is about you being mentally retarded.

At least you could couch this as some biologic racial quality expressed differently in various white ethnographic blocks(ie tribes) and say that they will always excel and express a certain typical form a behavior and aesthetic due to inherent inclination regardless of what they are handed. But no its all "pagan soul did it" even when you openly admit that there are distinct differences in the behaviors expressed by different tribal groups within the larger group we recognize as European.

Likewise the double standard I see around here of lamenting intra-European tribal conflict when christians do it and not when the pagans do is pathetic.

I frankly think hate, war, and strife make us stronger than any other race. And by a historical assessment I have to say that under a predominantly Christian society our strength was at its peak. Now assess that anyway you might, twist it and massage it all you will and it won't change a thing.

And moreover look at the American whites who have nothing but christianity and their own families. They are the only population extant in any industrial nation that is breeding at or above replacement rate, 2.7 in their case. Even mudslimes and spics are sterilized by the modern bread and circuses, but those people reject modernism are in my experience all extremely racialist and taciturn, and hold great pride in their own ways.

I think that whites like them are the future if only because the future belongs to those who show up. It will be a much more sterile future filled with people who have no eye for beauty. Their warriors won't be Hans the honorable overman who loves opera but Cleetus the Chaos Space Marine who flays the faces of niggers and kikes to nail to his armour. And maybe that is how it just has to be, certainly if that does come to pass they're just going to slaughter everybody in their way.

You could say that there were always several types of whites even between tribes. There was the empathetic or social signalling faggot who we need see as the modern leftist. There was the beauty admiring warrior or philosopher. There was the hedonist. And there was the heartless bastard, the mercenary, the huntsman.

That man who admires beauty is hated by the kike and feared by him but I think that if the chain breaks and they get lose everyone will fear those mercenaries and huntsman far more. Hans woudn't stop a kike-child's head into jelly and laugh about it, Cleetus absolutely will and he can do it all day without feeling a shred of remorse.

Natsoc is just Prussianism with a new coat of paint, is is about love of ones people.

Americanism is about the hatred of ones enemies, hence which is why national socialism's triumphalism is almost unwanted and uneeded by the population I am talking about. They see it as saccharine.

I think hatred will prevail, because it needs no hope or succor. It seeks no inspiration and gains no impetus from being shared by others it merely is allowed out when not mercilessly repressed by others. Hatred endures eternal and sooner or later it will win.

As much as some might regret the loss of high culture there is a certain purity and pride to be had in unrelenting hate which has no appreciation for anything.

I must not have made my point clear enough then.

Pagan soul = the original natural spirit of any people, not just European.
Christianiy = jewish larp that goes around the world to try and hijack this natural order to apply it to jews, like some jewess mixing races to steal genes.

You still often see the underlying original race, asians with shnozzes, nigger jews, etc.
Same with Christianity and the pagan soul of the people.
Aztecs still flay and have things like Santa Muerte, Japanese do their thing, Niggers do their things Europeans of their various flavors do their thing.

All despite being "Christian" or "having been subjected to Christianity".

That's all I'm saying here.
Christianity = jewish larp that exorcises the original soul of someone, or a people the more they accept it by the book.

It's not like I'm picking or choosing that "everything I like is pagan" or "everything I don't like is not pagan".
Again, this is reality. Reality is that way.

Once more, if Christianity had been accepted and all the European souls had been vanquished, then we would not have public churches, beautiful artwork, riches and co.
Because, as Jesus puts it, it's easier for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle than a richfag to enter heaven.
And to keep prayer private, and so forth et cetera pp .

Christianity = "That rumble in the sky is not a thundergod but yahweh. Your harvest rites are dumb. Just accept jesus in your heart" etc.
A jewish spiritual gene theft.

The proverbial jewess that cuckoos your spirituality and kicks out your original soul until you're a golem.
A golem would never have opposed the Church to increase scientific breakthroughs, or "made graven images" of anything.

Golems perished, and fizzled out. Whereas the non golemized, still at least partly soul filled Europeans made all the cool shit.
Because they defied the creed of the spiritual jew and did the beautiful things they felt inside.

And certainly we wouldn't have kept all those pesky "supersitions" and "rituals" or have pagan god named weekdays and all that.
I'm not picking and choosing that, they are THERE exactly because the people had that in them, wouldn't let go of that or channeled it into the parasite faith.

Or else things wouldn't be as they are.
I don't know how much simpler I can make this.

If Christianity, the one and only and true truth had truly replaced the heathen backwardsness then there would be nothing left of it because nobody would have care enough or have acted on it.
Like opposing spiritual leders and co.

It's self evicence, not picking and choosing.
I can only appear to be picking and choosing because things are as they are, and they are as they are because people made them as they are, because Christianity did NOT conquer their original soul, at least not fully.

But y'all need to go to heaven (and you can't go back to the roots, once exorcised) so, this doesn't mean anything, I get it.

My version will never make sense because it doesn't get you into heaven, the only thing you have left after being a golem.
To hang out with a judean god, forever.
For all eternity.

False. Not even protestants believe this. Do not make idolatry out of Christianity. Nature is a separate entity.

So trash then. Really other than the Japanese they are are all pretty much trash fit only for total and utter extermination. There is no reason to let them live.

You're fundumental assumption is that "Christianity" as you define it somehow represses this racial impetus toward certain behaviors. I see zero evidence of this, if anything the structures present under Christianity appear to have encouraged it. That just appears to be the data. Once again you simply define everything you like as "think I esteem" any every failure or shortcoming is attributed to "think I hate".

You haven't addressed my problem with our assessment. Your assement is constructed in such as way as to be untestable and nebulous

Are you retarded? Because that has never been part of Christian doctrine, excepting some group of Calvinists somewhere. I also love it when somebody quotes any source out of context. The entire discussion involving the difficultly of a wealthy man attaining grace is simply that he is more vulnerable to decadence due to his ability afford hedonistic pursuits. Given the current state of society and how the cheapness of pleasure is effectively killing in a very real materialist sense half the white population and exterminates shitskins when they are exposed to it since they are basically animals incapable of self regulation this assertion doesn't seem to be incorrect. Only a very cruel and stoic man who cares little for pleasure will not abuse his station leading to moral decay, be that metaphysical or materially quantifiable.

Also just to point this out the haplogroup studies and McDonald's work at ethnology indicate that the extant kikes are an outbred then inbred population derived from semites(pharisees), turkic traders, phoneticians, the greek diaspora, and then various European groups contributing to the individual kike populations.

You keep acting as though that dead race of semites known as the Hebrew were engaging in behaviors typical of the modern talmudist kikes whereas as far as I can tell they just seemed to be expressing the behaviors typical for bronze age civilization, including many European ones. Though as semites they were still likely a bit dumber and thus expressed themselves differently.

To be honest I side with some of the Americans, if only because they are surviving when others refuse to do so. The old soul was weak. And under both Christianity and other traditional societies the weak were coerced into adaptive behaviors, our ancestors didn't have our experience. I have come to the conclusion that cruelty is the kindness of the wise. If all the weak are allowed to kill themselves only the strong will remain. The ones who didn't even need natsoc or anybody to tell them to be strong. Most will likely be Christian simply because that seems to be their inclination in the current environment which given its hostility toward's their religiously I can't see it changing in an environment shaped by those people and thus not hostile to them. There will be others of course, but the only large population I know of is christian.

Also this "jewish soul" by which I assume you mean behaviors typical and indicative of the modern extant kikes, correct? How are they even comparable to this hypothetical population I believe is being bred? The kikes is a manipulator who has no strength of his own. These people almost shun any reliance on others sometimes to their own detriment, they see manipulation as weakness. The kike is soft and urbanite, decadent. These people are mostly rural, stoic, and don't indulge themselves. The kike creates perversity to destroy civilization. These people create a cruel and powerful if aesthetically sterile civilization. The kikes despise beauty whereas they simply have little regard for it.

And once again this appears to be a recent trend, this is not even typical of traditional Christianity but rather a new typology of a new population or group of populations being created by convergent application of selective pressure.

Its purpose has never been to replace anything but Satan and idols. Everything else is maintained, note, maintained. Even expressed properly. Perhaps even more properly since Christianity, as it spread north, increased the organizational capacity of the native populations from tribes to kingdoms, and by unifying the world views, making this process stable - as opposed to, say, the unification of the Mongol hordes.

The humanists and socialists tried to change the common habits, things like 'week' to be 10 days, though. Tried to change the 24-hour clock (from Sumerian culture; not an Indo-European one, mind you). Didn't work out. They tried all kinds of things that their "rational" minds saw better.

Christianity did manage to put a change in the hearts of European men. Have you ever collected blood debt? Ever followed through on blood vengeance?

Sup FBI.


How is this supporting your assertions? Humans are creatures of habit even beyond their predisposition towards certain behaviors, every event flows from the previous one. And given the apparently secular nature of decoration or the esteem the christian church held for certain philosophies of pagan antiquity and the natural tribalism of populations which causes them to maintain their outward character as a matter of communal pride why does indication anything other than ordinary ontological inertia?

I can't prove something this nebulous is wrong or correct, but you are making a lot of assumptions here.

Or nobody fucking cares about simple folk traditions which have existed in parallel with various pagan and later Christian doctrines not to mention major changes in political affiliation and basic philosophy. Its almost as if the folk traditions are non-hostile and thus perceived as acceptable and non-threatening to any religious or secular institution whose interest is the maintenance of the of the population in question.

That's why only weird proto-libshits like the puritians whose descendants are uncoincidently all atheists now as they only cared about social signalling to begin with or forces explicitly attempting to destroy civilization like marxism engage in the wholesale destruction of culture of absolutely everyone they interact with. One is a fucked up behavioral abberation and the other is a plot to erase society by a bunch of pathologically destructive kikes.

Rome didn't subvert local folk tradition unless they wanted to destroy and scatter a troublesome population which would not except their political rule. The same is true for nearly all political or religious institutions.

And before any of you bitch about me calling the kikes destructive while I plan the murder of every mudman on the planet, there is a fundamental difference between a weakling who fucks up a society and idiotically kills himself off at the same time(kike and liberal white birthrates are below 0.8) and somebody who puts bullets into the heads of every mudcreature he can find and takes their land to enrich himself and his empire. Races which are not total shit are to be left alone, if only for the material reason that they can resist enough that it is not worth the effort and they are not inherently hostile elements unlike say saracens.

Why do I even bother with this place anymore? I'm surrounded by dumb fucks.

But isn't what he saying, claiming that the white genetics lead to it's "pagan soul".

Nobody here is saying that, what they say is that the claim "christianity stopped conflict among Europeans" is bogus, in fact, it even gave them a new reason to fight among themselves - religion, the correct interpretation of scripture and dogma, the "true church" and what not.

Limited conflict, maybe, but whole "total wars" that kill almost half of the German population, like the Thirty Years War, weren't giving strenght to anyone.

You are conflating those who reject modernism with christians. Not all christians are like that and not only them do that.

Define "satan and idols"… you could claim everything is "satanic", especially if you have a church behind controlling dogma and certain "elite interests" beyond it

"The purpose of communism was only to end the exploitation of the workers and great a egalitarian society"…

Not wanting to go down that discussion, but this organization, or improved one, benefitted a certain people more than all else…

Read about "Vendettas" and how feuds between local people were almost preventing the populational growth in places like Greece and Italy up to the 20th century…

Because you are a dumb fat nigger paid 9737 $ per month

Or perhaps you are delusional with unhealthy power fantasies, created by Hollywood nazism. Hitler was friends with Gandhi.

Did they prevent the public display and celebration of Christianity – no.
Did they send the army to arrest, deport, murder priest and believers - no.

Even communist East-Germany was more Christian than Mexico.

Thanks for this user. appreciate it.

You're right, but you're not understanding what I'm saying. You said the very staunch persecution of christians by the Mexican Government prove it's one "atheistic" country, when Mexico's population is, in fact, very religious.

Nonsense, and before you call the 30 Years War the "Wars of Religion" like the faggots from the Enlightenment dubbed it recall that everybody fought everybody in those wars though the original conflict was drawn along Catholic vs Protestant lines that division itself was derived from politics and land interests. And eventually all religious affiliation merely evaporated. War is always about resources and control, as it should be. The reason the Thirty Years war was so destructive was because everybody and their cousin decided to have a war in the German cantons, normally the wars would cease after 20% of the fighting age men were depleted but due to the increased affluence and transportation technology of Europe, ie good animal husbandry, new forces kept poring into what they though to be a golden opportunity for gain only for their gains to be undone by the next wave. It really could be considered the first modern war in that way, total war was an aberration at the time and everyone recognized it as such.

Dipshit I pointed that out in my own statement. My point is that the only significant population I can find which is actually getting results is essentially all Christian. That's just how it is. Now European governments seem unwilling to collect statistical data to the extent that it is collected in America, possibly to hide the effects of shitskins. But I've seen zero evidence of a cohesive breeding population, Christian or otherwise, in Europe of the same sort that statically data indications now exists in America.My point was any hope of an anti-Christian or pagan population which rejects modernism is as of this time a pipe dream, there is no evidence that the basis for a such a population exists and I find it unlikely that the only population I can find, numbering over 100 milllion in this case just doesn't want anything to do with what you are offering. Perhaps some population can created in Europe, perhaps not. Things look bad but without data I can't assess the situation.

The latter doesn't follow the former.

Yes, I guess the "Wars of Religion" is just another myth by these evil liberals trying to blame the churches who dindu nuffin… We already had this discussion in this thread, but it's not like the fact that the each side dehumanized the other was what justified the attrocities carried out against civilians, their own christian brothers, dividing germans along sectarian lines up to this day, it was probably just interest in their lands! The fact that such large-scale land dispute only came to reach such massive levels of destruction after religious divisions, not just in Germany but Europe broadly, came upon is probably just a coincidence! It was the transportation lines! The genocide of catholic irishman carried out by the protestants at the very same times is just another incident of that, england ruled Ireland for years - but only after they saw Irish as "papists" did they bother to kill and enslave then hugely!

The Wars of religion in France and the expulsion of Hugenots had nothing to do with religion too, they were just the catholics lusting after their neighbours property - haha, chekm8 church-historicity haters!

Maybe because you're just seeing between christians, as in protestant sects, versus "atheists" or whatever the average wageslave in the city calls themselves. And you're only looking in America. You can point out that that's what we have, in mass, but you're forgetting all the pagan and NatSoc volkish families in Europe, all packed with children. They would even probably get counted as "white christians" in most census. You don't need "christianity" and it's ideas to have a cohesive breeding population, it would be a fallacy to say it's ideas are whats behind the slightly bigger fertility rate than liberals and city dwellers. The common trend is traditionalism and country-living.

Yes, they believe in Santeria and Santa Muerte, paganism, while the power of the Catholic church is broken, its moral teaching devalued, resulting in sociological break down, increasing violence including old school pagan human sacrifices.
Same is in other South-American countries happening, like Brazil or Bolivia.
Europe enjoys a revival of paganism too. Dismembered bodies of children floating down the Thames river or some gal getting butchered for a Voodoo ceremony in Italy, no longer ancient or exotic.

Well, the Romans totally annihilated the Celts and made great efforts to exterminate the Druid religion, coincidence? Where the Romans proto-Catholics?

Why did the Romans made divination before going to war, just coincidence? Or religious fanaticism?

Historians generally agree that extermination of Protestantism in France saved France from a similar fate as Germany.

Yes, everyone in Mexico believes in Santeria ("belief in the saints" literaly), which is syncretic christianity anyway, perhaps even better adapted to non-whites. The "pagan" practices seen in Brazil are even done in churches, like "cleaning the stepway", and "erecting the maypole of Saint something" - they are seem as expressions of devoutness.

The social erosion is not a result of the "break-up of the political power of the Church", but of kikery. The power of the church was broken in Third Reich Germany, for instance, no degeneracy there…

You're conflating voodoo and outright satanism/black magic with "european pagan customs", which is something someone like a mexican would do, considering their own customs… Besides you even see the rigidness of the catholicism in Mexico as deriving from it's moral teachings, ignoring that a lot of it is due to the europeans who imposed it on you. Tip: Homossexuality was rampant in the middle-east before colonization,…

Yeah, there aren't even celts today, m8. The Gaulish wars, which were the most destructive conflict recorded in the ancient world, and involved the genocide of entire tribes by the romans only killed or enslaved about 1/6th of Gaul - now compare that with the Thirty Years War, which killed about 50% of Germans in a civil war… The suppression of the druidic cults inside roman lands, that activelly crossed the border to prop up revolts, pales in comparison to even small persecutions of heretics by the church, like the Waldensians or Hussites, for instance, not to mention the Cathars, other early heretics and protestants… And the romans were proto-catholics - i.e it's called "The Catholic Apostolic Roman Church".

Hard to disagree with that predicament, however it involved a prolonged war nonetheless and the extermination of several good people…

You don't have the organization, the support, the resources nor the potential to do such a thing. Discard that dream and take a more pragmatic one. Such as; kicking the foreigners out of your country.

The flaw with your reasoning is that you cannot uncuck that which was cucked from the very beginning. Christianity belongs in the third world from where it came. Not here.

because the churches in tsarist russia were catholic and NOT russian orthodox, right?

Christianity and the European race were a pretty successful combination for over a thousand years.

Christian Rome was nearly three times as long lived as its Pagan predecessor and under Christianity Europeans ruled nearly the entirety of the habitable world, an achievement that dwarfed the entirety of the Alexandrian and Roman Conquest combined.

care to explain this?

Sicut Judaeis (Latin: "As the Jews") was a papal bull setting out the official position of the papacy regarding the treatment of Jews.

The first bull was issued in about 1120 by Calixtus II and was intended to protect Jews. It was prompted by the First Crusade, during which over five thousand Jews were slaughtered in Europe. The words sicut Judaeis ("and thus to the Jews") were first used by Pope Gregory I (590-604) in a letter addressed to the Bishop of Naples. Even then the Pope emphasized that Jews were entitled to "enjoy their lawful liberty."[1]

The bull was reaffirmed by many popes including Alexander III, Celestine III (1191-1198), Innocent III (1199), Honorius III (1216), Gregory IX (1235), Innocent IV (1246), Alexander IV (1255), Urban IV (1262), Gregory X (1272 & 1274), Nicholas III, Martin IV (1281), Honorius IV (1285-1287), Nicholas IV (1288-92), Clement VI (1348), Urban V (1365), Boniface IX (1389), Martin V (1422), and Nicholas V (1447).[2][3]

The bull forbade Christians, on pain of excommunication, from forcing Jews to convert, from harming them, from taking their property, from disturbing the celebration of their festivals, and from interfering with their cemeteries.

Under Christianity, Jews ruled nearly the entirety of the habitable world through their Christian proxies and now possess all but a handful of countries. Before the Younger Dryas and again afterward, Europeans ruled the entirety and begat all civilizations.
Christianity is a degenerate religion which has brought us to the threshold of extinction after a thousand years.

Hopefully he goes into more detail about how the jews went full persecution mode and hired Paul to hunt down Christians, but backfired when Jesus converted him-resulting in the apostles spreading Christianity. The kikes are still seething to this day.

>inB4 (((anons))) try to discredit Christianity

Jews are anti-Christs, for crying out loud. Stop your lies.

Go read Cum nimis absurdum.

"As it is completely absurd and improper in the utmost that the Jews, who through their own fault were condemned by God to eternal servitude, can under the pretext that pious Christians must accept them and sustain their habitation, are so ungrateful to Christians, as, instead of thanks for gracious treatment, they return contumely, and among themselves, instead of the slavery, which they deserve, they manage to claim superiority: we, who newly learned that these very Jews have insolently invaded our City Rome and a number of the Papal States, territories and domains their impudence increased so much that they dare not only to live amongst the Christian people, but also in the vicinity of the churches without any difference of dressing, and even that they rent houses in the main streets and squares, buy and hold immovable property, engage maids, nurses and other Christian servants, and commit other and numerous misdeeds with shame and contempt of the Christian name."

Jews had to live in ghettos and wear pointy yellow hats, you no good liar.

Let's see what uncle adolf has to say about that. From Mein Kampf:

"It is quite erroneous to believe that the strength of a movement must increase if it is to be combined with other movements of a similar kind.

Any expansion resulting from such a combination will of course mean an increase in external development, which superficial, observers might consider to be also an increase of power; but in reality the movement thus admits outside elements which will subsequently weaken its constitutional vigour. Though it may be said that one movement is identical in character with another, in reality no such identity exists.

If it did exist, then in practice there would not be two movements, but only one. No matter what the difference may be, even if it consists only in the measure in which the capabilities of the one set of leaders differ from those of the other, it is still there.

It is against the natural law of all development to couple dissimilar organisms; for the law is that the stronger must overcome the weaker and, through the struggle necessary for such a conquest, increase the constitutional vigour and effective strength of the victor.

By amalgamating political organisations that are approximately alike, certain immediate advantages may be gained, but advantages thus gained are bound in the long run to become the cause of internal weaknesses which will make their appearance later on.

All those movements which owe their expansion to a so-called combination of similar organisms, which means that their external strength is due to a policy of compromise, are like plants whose growth is forced in a hothouse.

They shoot up rapidly, but they lack that inner strength which enables the natural plant to grow into a tree that will withstand the storms of centuries."

Just so people know, (((Marx))) perverted the gospel and how the early Church got started in his publications.

People, when they wanted to join the Church, sold all their property and gave the proceeds to the Church.

The did so voluntarily.

Huge difference there with communism.

The commandments 'I am the LORD thy God; No other gods before me, shall not steal, shall not murder', among others, are not something communists follow.

Atheistic communists lie, murder, steal, and actively persecute Christians who believe in God. You're FORCED to go along.

Right, that's why leftists/globalists are the exact opposite of Christianity to the letter.

Should I covet my neighbor's possessions?
Should I put my dick into the buttholes of faggots/children/farm animals?
Should I allow niggers to get away with murder because muh slavery?
Should I go into massive debt to fill my McMansion with Chinese plastic?

Jesus says "no, brother." Jews say "don't worry, goy, we'll find a cure for AIDS someday thanks to all these aborted whore's babbies to experiment on! Besides we all evolved from monkeys, so go balls deep, you gorgeous faggot! Ye-ha!"

Seriously, if had even a speck of brains, you would yank your cock out of that pony doll right now and beg God for forgiveness for being such a stupid degenerate tool of the Jews.

The only similarity between church and marxists:

"I shall give you a moral foundation from which you can build your family and repent from your sins. Give me money in exchange for that."

"I shall give you bottom-tier service for everything you do in your life for generations while I enrich myself with your taxes and the food you grow based on the presumption that once me and my pals are into power for long enough we'll make everything better, but in reality its going to get rock-bottom worse"

Gee, this is a tough call Jim.

Why would I read your reference if you obviously did not read mine?

Here is another reference you probably will not read:

Mit brennender Sorge (About this sound listen (help·info)) German pronunciation: [mɪt ˈbʀɛnəntɐ ˈzɔʁɡə], "With burning concern") On the Church and the German Reich is an encyclical of Pope Pius XI, issued during the Nazi era on 10 March 1937 (but bearing a date of Passion Sunday, 14 March).[1] Written in German, not the usual Latin, it was smuggled into Germany for fear of censorship and was read from the pulpits of all German Catholic churches on one of the Church's busiest Sundays, Palm Sunday (21 March that year).[2][3]

The historian Eamon Duffy wrote:

"In a triumphant security operation, the encyclical was smuggled into Germany, locally printed, and read from Catholic pulpits on Palm Sunday 1937. Mit brennender Sorge (With Burning Anxiety) denounced both specific government actions against the Church in breach of the concordat and Nazi racial theory more generally. There was a striking and deliberate emphasis on the permanent validity of the Jewish scriptures, and the Pope denounced the 'idolatrous cult' which replaced belief in the true God with a 'national religion' and the 'myth of race and blood'. He contrasted this perverted ideology with the teaching of the Church in which there was a home 'for all peoples and all nations'. The impact of the encyclical was immense, and it dispelled at once all suspicion of a Fascist Pope."

Except that Yeshua demanded you put your faith in him before your love of family and the concept of sin is Semitic nonsense which has no place in civilized society. The message of Christianity is "enslave yourself to a fictional Semitic idol and Semitic tribal deity so that Semites can rule this world and the next, also give us money for the privilege of being slaves." Christianity is anti-moral and is the foundation of the destruction of Europe.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

Here's an example of what the Church actually teaches, as opposed to your idiotic straw man:

Athanasian Creed
Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the catholic faith. Which faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled; without doubt he shall perish everlastingly. And the catholic faith is this: That we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity; Neither confounding the Persons; nor dividing the Essence. For there is one Person of the Father; another of the Son; and another of the Holy Ghost. But the Godhead of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, is all one; the Glory equal, the Majesty coeternal. Such as the Father is; such is the Son; and such is the Holy Ghost. The Father uncreated; the Son uncreated; and the Holy Ghost uncreated. The Father unlimited; the Son unlimited; and the Holy Ghost unlimited. The Father eternal; the Son eternal; and the Holy Ghost eternal. And yet they are not three eternals; but one eternal. As also there are not three uncreated; nor three infinites, but one uncreated; and one infinite. So likewise the Father is Almighty; the Son Almighty; and the Holy Ghost Almighty. And yet they are not three Almighties; but one Almighty. So the Father is God; the Son is God; and the Holy Ghost is God. And yet they are not three Gods; but one God. So likewise the Father is Lord; the Son Lord; and the Holy Ghost Lord. And yet not three Lords; but one Lord. For like as we are compelled by the Christian verity; to acknowledge every Person by himself to be God and Lord; So are we forbidden by the catholic religion; to say, There are three Gods, or three Lords. The Father is made of none; neither created, nor begotten. The Son is of the Father alone; not made, nor created; but begotten. The Holy Ghost is of the Father and of the Son; neither made, nor created, nor begotten; but proceeding. So there is one Father, not three Fathers; one Son, not three Sons; one Holy Ghost, not three Holy Ghosts. And in this Trinity none is before, or after another; none is greater, or less than another. But the whole three Persons are coeternal, and coequal. So that in all things, as aforesaid; the Unity in Trinity, and the Trinity in Unity, is to be worshipped. He therefore that will be saved, let him thus think of the Trinity.

Furthermore, it is necessary to everlasting salvation; that he also believe faithfully the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ. For the right Faith is, that we believe and confess; that our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is God and Man; God, of the Substance [Essence] of the Father; begotten before the worlds; and Man, of the Substance [Essence] of his Mother, born in the world. Perfect God; and perfect Man, of a reasonable soul and human flesh subsisting. Equal to the Father, as touching his Godhead; and inferior to the Father as touching his Manhood. Who although he is God and Man; yet he is not two, but one Christ. One; not by conversion of the Godhead into flesh; but by assumption of the Manhood into God. One altogether; not by confusion of Substance [Essence]; but by unity of Person. For as the reasonable soul and flesh is one man; so God and Man is one Christ; Who suffered for our salvation; descended into hell; rose again the third day from the dead. He ascended into heaven, he sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty, from whence he will come to judge the living and the dead. At whose coming all men will rise again with their bodies; And shall give account for their own works. And they that have done good shall go into life everlasting; and they that have done evil, into everlasting fire. This is the catholic faith; which except a man believe truly and firmly, he cannot be saved.

not defending the christcuck; that said, denying the existence of right & wrong is bad too

that kind of stupid thinking helps lead to things like open borders because "fuck it man, whatever, it's all good!"

LOL denying the existence of right & wrong (or letting christcucks or jews attempt to redefine right & wrong) has no placed in civilized society

Nigger, are you fucking retarded? He's dead. I don't put my faith in dead men. What is left is His teachings. You and me both are intelligent enough to know what can be salvaged from His teachings and be put to good use in a good life; others are not, but His teachings are good enough that you can be stupid as a brick and by following Christianity turn out to be alright.

Only willing men enslave others. You want to put Christianity as the destruction of Europe but fail to realize the only thing (((they))) hate more than goyim are christian goyim. And it is only a cohencidence secular values are inversely proportional to how shit we become as a world; go and check the worst countries in Europe today, and its not a surprise most if not all are the most atheistic countries in the world.

Not really, the teachings attributed to the fictional figure Yeshua are no different from Marxism. This is because they were engineered by Semites such as Saul to enable the subversion of Rome. In their own narratives, Yeshua defended a criminal by accusing those who were to punish her of being criminals. Everything that's ever been close to acceptable in Christianity is simply distorted versions of teachings from Sumerian, Persian, Egyptian, and Greek traditions. Why endorse the degenerate Semitic version when one could simply look to religions which were actually practiced by Europeans?

Christianity was the cause of the fall of Europe. We would have bounced back from the instability caused by the fall of Rome, after all, it was Germanic blood which had originally established the noble families of the Republican era and Germanic blood which had kept the Empire limping along while Semites were at work subverting it. All of history is an interplay between the Aryan creator and the Semitic defiler, and Christianity is of the antirace. Its influence will never lead to anything other than degeneracy and subjugation.

sin is just kikes deciding what is right and wrong, for you

Hurr durr you goys remember that time Jesus told his followers to take up spears and start a revolution to capture the means of production away from the Romans durr durr durr durr durr durr?

I swear, you kikeshill niggers are the most desperate morons ever born. Who on earth falls for this gibbering faggotry?

/ourguy/. Godspeed Mel, I’ll be there to watch this new Truth show

Because there was never a Pagan Empire in the world. There was always amalgamation of tribes with very loose connections with one another that constantly bickered with each other. Until christianity gave the concept of "mercy" to clan families and put an end to centuries of clan quarreling. Also, converted pagan kings had benefits from a central authority, Rome, which gave preference to give power to christians than pagans.

Yeah, right.

It wasn't the constant inflation of (((people))) clipping coins.

It wasn't the pagans raiding Egypt and cutting off the main grain supply for Rome

It wasn't the other pagans (Huns) constantly raiding and putting pressure on pagans to migrate to the Empire.

It wasn't a doctrine based on conquer to keep conquering and enrich rather than use domestic produce and value.

It wasn't incompetent emperors who had power given to them on a silver platter without having ever to fight for it.

Heck, the pagans you so much love were emperors too, and even they couldn't do anything to ressurect the older glories.

Germanic blood never kept anything limping. It is one of the four cornerstones of western civilization; on its own, it crumbles; together with the other three, it makes a successful civilization. Cry all you want.

I know right? I'm engaging this faggot because there are just too many LARP'ing pagans around here denying how christianity is the only possible solution mid-term for humanity. And the more they keep crying, the more they need to research into people like Saint Thomas, for instance.

kind of funny how you keep failing to read the entirety of the post and then claim OTHERS do not know what they are talking about.

also, no comments about Mit brennender Sorge?

beware, christcuck: your wicked behavior will catch up to you eventually

saying that someone is an omnipotent god and a man simultaneously is a contradiction, even if you deny the existence of that contradiction.

also, do you think that jesus' human flesh was jewish?

If three entities are co-equal, can they also be different at the same time?

LOL this is 2 + 2 = 5 level nonsense

or rather, 1 + 1 + 1 = 1

Except the Egyptian empire which was constantly at war with the Semitic savages and left artifacts in places as far abroad as the Americas and Australia, the Persian empire, the Roman empire before being subverted by Christcucks which similarly as global as the Egyptian empire. To say nothing of the antediluvian civilization which was also a global empire made by "pagan" Europeans.
Get the fuck out of here with your Semitic lies about Europeans being barbarians before contact with your enlightened Semitic ideology.

have you ever heard of the Pagan Roman Empire? or numerous Pagan Empires in China and India?

looks like this creature never heard of the German peoples before christianity, either.

also did you notice how frequently pagan Germans defeated christian Romans militarily? kind of strange how easily "christian civilization" falls apart.

is there a reason why most countries that experimented with christianity have problems with brown people, jews, and semitic terrorism? excluding japan, a country that forcefully evicted christianity and for some reason does not have nearly as many problems with brown people, jews, or semitic terrorism.

strange coincidence, huh?

He would leave them alone if he got his blowjobs.
All he ever wanted was a blowjob..

Also a country which forcefully rejected Marxist infiltrators and is the headquarters for dozens of anti-Semitic religious organizations with branches in other countries spreading the message of Jewish inferiority. A country which has only begun to have more problems with shitskins, Jews, and other subversives after being occupied by the Christian US and forced to accept the banking cabal along with the destruction of certain cultural elements such as the divinity of the emperor. A country where a far-right religious leader was rubbing shoulders with high profile politicians while testing nuclear weapons in Australia and denouncing the US for using scalar weapons to cause unnatural disasters.

Yes we definately today use various egyptian and persian references in our culture.

If the pagans are so weak that they can be "subverted", why in the hell would you want to go back and be subverted again?

German peoples didn't create empires before christianity. They fell to Romans, who were christian. Stay mad, LARP derp.

It's not a coincidence; christianity is not perfect, but its the least worst religion. And if you don't give religion to a people, they'll worship something else. Also, lol @ you comparing Europe and continents to Japan.

I demonstrated that you don't know what you're talking about. Own up to your straw men. You're theologically ignorant, but lack the humility to admit it.

Your ignorance of what the Church actually teaches is plain to see, and your trying to use documents like Mit brennender Sorge, and ignoring Cum nimis absurdum, to demonstrate that Jews aren't actually against Christians, or that Christians are just cryptoJew cucks or whatever, only further demonstrates your ignorance.

An example; you quoted from Sicut Judaeis: "on pain of excommunication, from forcing Jews to convert".

What do you think that means?

We can't force conversion on anyone, Jew or not, as that would invalidate the baptismal sacrament, ipso facto. You must actually desire to join the Church. Did you know that? No?

It doesn't mean that we're secret anti-Christs!

Do you know how the Church hierarchy operates, and what authority or weight a limited, locally distributed encyclical on those topics carries, as opposed to a papal bull, or any other document issued from the magisterium for that matter?


Come on man, if your hand has 5 fingers does that also mean there are 5 hands? No, it's one hand.

Perfect God and perfect Man is what the text says. It's not a contradiction. A mystery, yes, but not a contradiction as you might know if you were familiar with the theology involved…

Yet you're going to cry about how Christianity has been subverted and we need to go back to being true Christcucks in order to be strong.

One, the Roman culture only gained supremacy over the degenerate Etruscans due to a migration of Germans who established the noble caste of Rome. Second, even at the height of its power, Rome was unable to conquer the whole of the Germanic lands. Third, that height of power was in the pre-Christian era. During the Christian era, Rome relied on Germanic mercenaries to hold the empire together while the only competent emperors were those with Germanic blood.

The list of religions clearly superior to Christianity is vast, ranging from the Shintoism of the Japanese and the Bon of the Tibetans to the Vedic religion of the Aryans and all of the native religions of the European peoples. Even something as primitive as the Australian Aboriginal traditions are superior to Christianity because they are based in an inferior people attempting to document truths rather than Semitic distortions and deceptions.

Stop posting and take two years to study this book.

Multiethnic empires? Of course not, their civilization was German.

German peoples didn't create empires before christianity. They fell to Romans, who were christian.

Wrong on multiple levels. Maybe you should learn about history outside of a christian sunday school.

Here is a brief synopsis; hopefully it is not too difficult for you to read:

"Germanic Wars" is a name given to a series of wars between the Romans and various Germanic tribes between 113 BC and 596 AD. The nature of these wars varied through time between Roman conquest, Germanic uprisings and later Germanic invasions in the Roman Empire that started in the late 2nd century BC. The series of conflicts, which began in the 5th century under the Western Roman Emperor Honorius, led (along with internal strife) to the ultimate downfall of the Western Roman Empire.

So you're ok with problems with brown people, jews, and semitic terrorism as long as christians are allowed in the country?

Or does Japan's forceful eviction of christianity and Japan's virtually non-existent problems with brown people, jews, and semitic terrorism not count because "lol @ you comparing Europe and continents to Japan"

Sure, no problems in Japan, other than their imploding population doomed to extinction and massive debt due to the acceptance of Jew banking, Jew porn, and Jew abortion lol fucking idiot



cryptoJews doing their d&c thing in a Mel Gibson thread. :)

This is good. Means Tel Aviv is shaking at its boots by having their propaganda arm being taken for such a brief period after this movie goes live.

This is the sort of person who is claiming that Christianity is our only option. He is not a National Socialist, he is a kike.

imaginative story. do you have a single fact to back that up?

speaking of ignorance, did you have difficulty reading that entire single sentence from that earlier post about Sicut Judaeis? it read: "The bull forbade Christians, on pain of excommunication, from forcing Jews to convert, from harming them, from taking their property, from disturbing the celebration of their festivals, and from interfering with their cemeteries." (by the way, this quote is from a wikipedia article, Sicuit Judaeis was not originally written in English)

christians seemingly didn't have a problem forcing pagans to convert, from harming pagans, from taking pagan property, from disturbing the celebration of pagan festivals, and interfering with pagan cemeteries BUT it is a christian ecclesiastical crime, punishable by excommunication, to do any of those actions to a jew?

it is probably not a surprise at this point that catholic popes bow down at the "wailing wall" in jerusalem and kiss the hands of jewish "holocaust survivors"

do you think that 3 "co-equal" "divine entities" are equal to 1 "co-equal" "divine entity"? or 3 = 1 ?

here is the entirety of that line, including the part you omitted: "saying that someone is an omnipotent god and a man simultaneously is a contradiction, even if you deny the existence of that contradiction."

no comments regarding whether jesus' human flesh was jewish?

worshipping a dead jewish rabbi as a god is not a good look.


You mean Mike Pence, the Israel first neo-cohen?


also, Japan's shrinking population is why Japan "needs" syrian refugees, right?

Yes actually, it was about the Hapsburgs, land rights which were tied to the churches since the reformed Protestant churches gave out land previously held in common for political reasons, and making an area Protestant could free up more land, ect ect.

It had nothing to do with religious sentiment, merely politics and land like 95% of wars waged in history.

Regardless of any religious conviction on the part of individual participants in the conflict the motivations are easy to see.

Years of constant rebellion which they then decided to harshly put down and used every form of rhetoric to gain public support for the action. This isn't hard to figure out shithead, this is simply politics. Politics is dirty business.

Mother fucker it is the only population with a breeding rate higher than replacement rate in any industiral nation and "slightly higher", the libshits and kikes have a birthrate of 0.9 and 0.8 respectively.

Where is the data delineating this mass of this "volkish" families you claim to exist because I cannot find any. I can't assess a claim without data, and anecdotal assertions are not going to cut it.

Also lets not forget that this preserved "volk" and "pagan soul" included those who had natural dispositions toward liberalism and modernity. Hell Natsoc was specifically about suppressing rather than eliminating those tendencies, maladaptive traits which only survived because they weren't able to be expressed in the aboriginal environment.

Modernity has applied an entirley new type of selective pressure and those not inherently immune to it are dying. And as I said the only population I can find which are immune are hardline christian. What more can be said at this point, I can only work with available data not spurious assertions based on one man's perceptions and related to me through a Taiwanese puppetry board.

That is why "hardline christian" countries have open borders & import thousands/millions of third worlder negroes whereas Japan has virtually closed borders and has virtually zero third worlder negroes, right?

I am fairly certain that is wrong and it takes more of both.

Do you remember how it was for the first movie? Jews: 'They're going to kill us all!' lol

:/ You're deliberately, and obstinately, misrepresenting the Catholic faith. I'll pray for your conversion.

Yeah I saw it, thanks.

Bothersome how all our politicians go to Israel and the western wall these days, particularly when they call themselves Catholic.

Another assertion with zero facts. Seeing how much substantive content in my posts you either failed to read or deliberately skipped (including the part that articulated that christians were OK force-converting/harming/slaughtering pagans but prohibited, with threat of excommunication, the same conduct against jews) suggests that you are trying to avoid an honest representation of catholic faith & catholic conduct.

You should strive against my conversion to evil religions of all varieties, including catholicism. People like me can fix the problems that people like you created.

Yeah, thanks for sharing swine. Your opinion is worse than useless, imo, it's detrimental.

You're the one who is shilling for a Semitic religion responsible for the destruction of our cultures. It is your opinion that is worthless here on a National Socialist board. Go back to /christian/ if you want to be taken seriously by your fellow godly niggers.

Pretty funny coming from a catholic.

lol wut? So your IQ is at such nigger levels that you think you can convince someone that refusing to associate with non-believers is equal to murdering the rich and taking their things and then living in a global collective? lol Did you learn this low-level faggot gibberish from a Muslim goatfucker? lol

It's why they need a society that puts usury and porn in the trash, women back into kitchens, babbies into bellies, and nigger-IQ pony doll pedofags like you in the bottom of the sea.

another assertion with zero facts.

looks pretty desperate. sad too.

Love all the continued support for our friend and his work user.

But that is just not true. Ancient Rome lasted from 753 b.c to 476 a.d, while the Eastern Roman Empire lasted from that, or rather from 395, to 1204/1453. And by the year 700, Eastern Rome had less than 10% of the empire former landmass. See pic related.

Sure, if you consider the British Empire as a christian country, then yes. But I would say that happened in spite of Christianity and that the use of europeans to set up globalism and spread materialist consumerism everywhere wasn't really benefical, aside from the colonization of white places like North America and Australia. And you have to see that, 50 years later, backed by the actions of the USA and the Soviets, Europeans ruled only small remnants in Africa and former colonies elsewhere - (((they))) were always in charge.

Yeah and there was no history or religiosity outside it…

But another movie about Jesus will sure show the kikes…

Again… The pope never expelled jews from Rome, in fact, shielded them from demands of expulsion and sheltered Jews from Spain after their expulsion. That is because they profitted from their (((services)))…

Oh the retardation…

This is the level of christcuck shilling that comes here?

Again, other factors added but it's called a "Religious War" for a reason…

Yes, the motives are very easy to see…

It's just politics I guess…

That is just not true and to claim "hardline christians" are the only ones who are immune to modernity and with good reproduction is beyond fallacious, it's just lunacy. You can find conservative muslims, orthodox jews and even volkisch pagans apart from modernity and having plenty of sons. I get that there is no data to assess here, because they would either count as mainline christian population, or get grouped as "others" along with buddhists, hippies and new age shit, but you can look at people living like that to find examples of what I'm talking about.

You've never been to church have you? I've seem race-mixing posters on the children's cathecism room. Hell, the UN buildings are filled with christian and biblical symbolism, for a reason. "Turn swords into ploughshares", "all nations wil llive in peace", "All nations will turn to Israel for guidance", this is your bible…

But there weren't moral foundations before? "Mos Maiorum"? "Virtù"? The writings of Tacitus?

>the only thing (((they))) hate more than goyim are christian goyim

They're really concerned with those Christians Africans…

Yes, the church was the morality in the middle ages and the kikes easily subverted it, even in the most religious protestant countries, to spread degeneracy. That doesn't mean, though, that there was no morality outside christianity. As Himmler put:

"Cannot one understand the unspeakable contempt with which these noble men (our germanic ancestors) regarded those who promised them a reward in heaven for abstaining from doing things which, according to their own nature, were beneath the dignity even of animals? To such men the commandments were brought; men infinitely superior in human dignity and morality than the monks who brought them. For countless generations they had lived far above the moral plateau on which the commandments from Sinai then operated."

You have no history, goy!

As opposed to the very united christians who never fought each other, now even for religious reason, and wiped out entire opposing sects for small interpretation differences. The difference between fragmented tribes and fragmented sects is that tribes don't think they hold the only truth and that everything else is the devil and they should conquer the world.

And again, Rome was a moribund empire. Christianity did nothing to change it's inevitable fall, but it maintained their (((elites))) in power…

And this is why you have your containment board.

Right, you're not anti-Christ because you're a disgusting sex pervert who wants to live in a world where your filthy, diseased lifestyle is celebrated with colorful flags, it's because you're a super-genius who somehow also has the IQ of a doublenigger.

You should read "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin" to see Hitler's perspective on that.

But the Church isn't subverted? Haha look at any thing the Pope says, he even praised communist china as "upholding human decency" lately.

The Germans were never conquered by the Romans, they destroyed the Roman Empire, and the christian Roman Empire at that. Holy shit, you're fucking retarded.

Japan has a similar fertility rate to very christian Italy…

Yes, Tel-Aviv is shaking at the newest Jesus movie… Now make a movie about the religious aspects of the Third Reich… Oh wait, you can't…

Reddit-tier speak.

NatSoc didn't die due to economic reasons like every other form of socialism
It actually worked

Nice to see some people in this thread that have read the source material
Following Luke/Acts would be Kino

imaginative story. do you have a single fact to back that up?

let's see what uncle adolf has to say about this. from Mein Kampf:

"Generally speaking, readers of the press can be classified in three groups: First, those who believe everything they read; second, those who no longer believe anything; third, those who critically examine what they read and form their judgments accordingly.

Numerically, the first group is by far the largest, being composed of the broad masses of the people. Intellectually, it forms the simplest portion of the nation.

It cannot be classified according to occupation, but only into grades of intelligence. Under this category come all those who have not been born to think for themselves or who have not learnt to do so and who, partly through incompetence end partly through ignorance, believe everything that is set before them in print.

To these we must add that type of lazy individual who, although capable of thinking for himself, out of sheer laziness gratefully absorbs everything that others have thought out, modestly believing this to have been thoroughly done.

The influence which the press has on all these people who constitute the broad masses of a nation, is therefore enormous.

But somehow they are not in a position, or are not willing, personally to sift what is being served up to them, so that their whole attitude towards daily problems is almost solely the result of extraneous influence.

All this can be advantageous where public enlightenment is of a serious and truthful character, but great harm is done when scoundrels and liars take a hand at this work.

The second group is numerically smaller, being partly composed of those who were formerly in the first group and after a series of bitter disappointments are now prepared to believe nothing of what they see in print.

They hate all newspapers. Either they do not read them at all or they become exceptionally annoyed at their contents, which they hold to be nothing but a conglomery of lies and mis-statements.

These people are difficult to handle, for they will always be sceptical of the truth. Consequently, they are useless for any form of positive work.

The third group is easily the smallest, being composed of real intellectuals whom natural aptitude and education have taught to think for themselves and who in all things try to form their own judgments, while at the same time carefully sifting what they read.

They will not read any newspaper without using their own intelligence to collaborate with that of the writer, and naturally this does not set writers an easy task. Journalists appreciate this type of reader only with a certain amount of reservation.

Hence the trash that newspapers are capable of serving up is of little danger—much less of importance to the members of this third group of readers.

In the majority of cases these readers have learnt to regard every journalist as fundamentally a rogue who sometimes speaks the truth.

Most unfortunately, the value of these readers lies in their intelligence, and not in their numerical strength an unhappy state of affairs in a period where wisdom counts for nothing and majorities for everything.

Nowadays, when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor, the decision lies in the hands of the numerically strongest group; that is to say the first group, the crowd of simpletons and the credulous.

It is an all-important interest of the State and a national duty to prevent these people from falling into the hands of false, ignorant or even evil-minded teachers. Therefore it is the duty of the State to supervise their education and prevent every form of offence in this respect.

Particular attention should be paid to the press; for its influence on these people is by far the strongest and most penetrating of all, since its effect is not transitory but continual. Its immense significance lies in the uniform and persistent repetition of its teaching.

Here, if anywhere, the State should never forget that all means should converge towards the same end. It must not be led astray by the will-o’-the-wisp of so-called ‘freedom of the press,’ or be talked into neglecting its duty, and withholding from the nation that which is good and which does good.

With ruthless determination the State must keep control of this instrument of popular education and place it at the service of the State and the nation."

It's a basic fact that anti-christ basementfags are sexual degenerates. Ordinary people generally ignore religion or consider it benign. Even thieves and murderers are nominally to extremely amiable to religion despite being condemned by it. The only malformed individuals who actively rail against Christians and Christianity are the one group that all other groups despise, which you well know. All perverted scum blame Christians and Christianity for the disgust that everyone has for them, and you certainly are a disgusting piece of degenerate filth. Your pathetic requests for "muh proof" are just another symptom of your repulsive secretive rot.

Yet it's /christian/ that has the "help me Yeshua, I can't stop fapping" threads.

dotr soon kike. God wills it.

Yet kiddie-diddling pedo priests are a thing.

You kikes can’t help but signal to your bosses who you are, can you? Reported.

How much could you possibly be paid for this to make it worthwhile? No one here will ever believe you.

Reported for /christcuck/ raiding and false-reporting.

Yeah, how could I… The "everyone who disagrees with me is a shill" mentality is really harmful…

let me get this straight: people that ask for proof to back up assertions are sexual degenerates, jewish, or both?

on the topic of being against sexual degeneracy and jews, how do you feel about catholic priests that worship a dead jewish rabbi as a god, molest children, and receive support and protection from other catholics?

Cases of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests, nuns and members of religious orders, and subsequent cover-ups, in the 20th and 21st centuries have led to numerous allegations, investigations, trials and convictions. The abused include boys and girls, some as young as 3 years old, with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.[1][2][3][4] The accusations began to receive isolated, sporadic publicity in the late 1980s. Many of these involved cases in which a figure was accused of abuse for decades; such allegations were frequently made by adults or older youths years after the abuse occurred. Cases have also been brought against members of the Catholic hierarchy who covered up sex abuse allegations and moved abusive priests to other parishes where abuse continued.[5][6]

Catholic Church ACQUITS Mexican priest who admitted raping 30 young girls even though he knew he was infected with HIV

I dunno, you wanna call us traitors, we can call you traitors too.

There's a difference between saying "those who refuse to stop worshiping a Semite and defending the religion responsible for the enslavement of our peoples need to hang" and "all Christians need to hang." You see, those Christians have the option of dropping their false religion and returning to the fold of a folk religion. If you refuse to do so, you've clearly put a Semitic ideology above the bonds of blood, soil, and spirit and are thus a traitor. If my religion was at odds with the truth and the good of my people, I'd have no problem dropping it in an instant in the name of total purity of blood, soil, and spirit.

because hanging traitors is itself treason, right?