>During his stint at the Treasury, Powell oversaw the investigation and sanctioning of Salomon Brothers after one of its traders submitted false bids for a United States Treasury security.[14] Powell was also involved in the negotiations that made Warren Buffett the chairman of Salomon.[15]

>Between 2010 and 2012, Powell was a visiting scholar at the Bipartisan Policy Center, a think tank in Washington, D.C., where he worked on getting Congress to raise the United States debt ceiling during the United States debt-ceiling crisis of 2011. Powell presented the implications to the economy and interest rates of a default or a delay in raising the debt ceiling.[16] He worked for a salary of $1 per year.[3]


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Lots of good news lately. Not tired of winning, yet!

user, you should know better than that.


Head of Carlyle seems to be Italian though.

The other co-chair is also non-kike:

Kike in the back in the picture.

Agreed. Carlyle seems infinitesimally less Jewed than most major investment firms. Fingers crossed.

I don't think anyone coming from a background in the MIC is trustworthy. Your mileage may vary.


Is my jewdar not calibrated or are you just funposting? He doesn't have any jewish features.


I don't think that's what he said. In any event, to get an idea of what Carlyle Group gets up to:

Your Jewdar is fine. Powell isn't kosher. Fun fact: He's the first non-kike to hold this job since 1979 (Volcker's parents were (((German immigrants))))

At least he isn't a kike for now. The last time we had a non-hebe was Volcker, who Ron Paul approved of.

Apparently he was also the last non-manlet Fed chair.

Volcker's parents were Lutheran though. His middle name is Adolf.

I was more interested in putting forward the realities that a Carlyle-connected person would bring to the job rather than excusing it all way because he happens to not be a kike.

He might start a war, but would you rather have a a war and a jew blowing up the economy twice over?

Also, big surprise the first jew Fed chair had the US taken off the gold standard during his tenure.

>(((Arthur Frank Burns))) (August 27, 1904 – June 26, 1987) was an American economist. His career alternated between academia and government. From 1927 to the 1970s, Burns taught and researched at Rutgers University, Columbia University, and the National Bureau of Economic Research.[1]

Sounds like a distinction without difference.

Madeline Albright was Czechoslovakian.

Are you saying that you can't run a war without kikes?

Whose kike parents came over during World War II. Why do you think Volcker was a kike user?

Yea we know he's not a jew but wasn't this dude part of some weird religious order, not mason something more esoteric than that.

Volcker isn't a name found in Israel either.

More like the end result is fundamentally jewish policy that has destroyed our civilization. I think I'm going to cease engaging with you at this time. You are coming across as a mil-shill.

The kikes are going to use every lever possible to crash the stock markets.

Wars are ultimately started by jews in the system, you don't have a fundamentally jewish policy without them. We'll see what this guy has to offer. Military strength isn't inherently wrong to maintain, it's who it serves that matters.

You're changing around what you're trying to say now.

Do you think that there isn't just war, that isn't jewish?

Again, you're changing around what you're trying to say and trying to veer somewhere esoteric. Confirming my suspicions that you are in fact a mil-shill. Confirms further suspicions about the Trump admin in general. One big farce.

Actually I get what you're saying, he's going to run war for profit which will crash the economy, even as a non-Jew. The authority to start war ultimately lies out of his hands, though he might crash the economy trying to start it.

user what don't you like about the military?

I'm saying our civilization has been destroyed by war and by the people who run the war economy. They have destroyed it to the point there is almost nothing left. We have been bred so thoroughly with niggers we are physically close to extinction. There is no reason to fight or support these people. They are the problem. The core, central problem.


Well, we would need to abolish war to kill the military-industrial complex. Yes like you said Trump doesn't look like he will be doing that.

It's much worse than him not looking like he's going to do that. He was a deliberate bait and switch. Dr. Pierce had this kike-alike pegged years ago.

Where do you think he will start the war this time?

Take your pick from the countries his administration keeps threatening: Iran, Syria, China, North Korea, Germany, Russia, Venezuela.

Likely but would be a second Iraq
Already destroyed
Has nukes
Too well-armed
Also probable, easy target, full of oil, communist.

Oh, and guess what, about to default.

So was (((Hermann Von Holst))). Fuck so many kikes posed as lutheran in the early/mid 1800's,

She-heeb is out does that mean audits soon?

One hopes Rand will bring it up.

But going to a jesuit school is somehow an improvement? Might as well of been educated in isreal

Well at this point the independent Feds are choosing to start restricting balance sheets to the point where they are telling BofA and Wells Fargo to go kick rocks.

I don’t see the problem getting worse under a Jesuit Fed Chair.

So does this mean heads finally start to roll now or what.


That's the only difference.

Except the Federal Reserve since 2012.

Maybe if he raises interest rates just the right amount… a system designed to fuck over everybody who participates in it will start performing miracles. May. Be.

jesuits are just as satanic and almost as bad as kikes. roman catholics are the absolute (second) worst.

Holy shit, this guy worked for Richard Schweiker during primary season with Reagan in 1976.

That guy was Reagan's original VP pick and the GOP forced him out during his 1980 run and stuck him with George Bush.

Schweiker was openly redpilled about the JFK assassination, even in front of the MSM, and the GOP wanted none of that.


Either way, he isn't actually a Jew and Volcker was the last non-Jew to chair the Fed.

Earlier this week, Ron Paul knocked him for opposing Audit the Fed. I suspect he wouldn't have been a candidate if he hadn't but what do I know. The hope for me is he would be for it, if he had enough support.

This reminds of Pompeo's appointment to head the CIA, Powell will be leading one of our country's biggest enemies and he seems better than someone like Bernanke or Clapper, but I don't know anything about him.

Jesuits were founded by a converso/cryptojew (Ignatius of Loyola), directly after the Spaniards killed or exiled any Jew who refused to convert. It's been a Jewish order from the start. Weishaupt who founded the Illuminati also was a converso, was raised as a "Jesuit".

do we meme this guy into an audit?

Fuck yeah when the time is right but theres too much going on right now.

This would get Trump even more liberal votes in 2020.

Trump is a kike loving Zionist traitor to the
White Race. He needs to be gassed after
his entire family is raped and killed.

Wait…I've seen this guy somewhere before…Now I remember.


you faggots could at least try

Venezuela deserves to be liberated tbh.

I mean even the president is Jewish.

Just fuck off, faggot.


The kikes are pissed. kek. How much damage can they do before the cunt is ousted?

Should be interesting to see where the plunge protection team redeploys their money.

Out of 16 Federal Reserve chairs, only 6 have been jews, but it's still always been a jewish entity. Powell's appointment isn't going to de-kike the Fed.

What is that supposed to mean? Did Ron Paul magically not become the leader of a massive controlled opposition operation?

I know its really tough to swallow your pride but eventually there comes a time in every mans life to admit that, yes.. he too got Bernie'd.

what a disgustingly jewish thing to say

it was (((mere coincidence)))

(((they))) are crashing it all tomorrow. no fucking way will they let a goy decide monetary policy.

Doesn't matter if they crash it. Real wealth is based on agriculture and manufacturing, not kike rent seeking. Things are different now because we are taking back our wealth building industries that were kikle doodle kiked from us over many decades.

The debt and currency system are the big problems to solve. One the one hand, we need a gold/silver reserve backed (not sure %) monetary system for two reasos 1) to stop inflation and subsequent loss of purchasing power over time 2) constrain the federal government's ability to deficit spend.

On the other hand, we have fucking 20 trillion of debt. Inflation is actually good because over time, our money becomes worth less ( in real terms ). 20 trillion in 1970 is way more than in 2018. (adjusted for inflation, 20 trillion in 1970 is like 130 trillion in 2018. ) . In other words, we may want inflation until we are debt free.

Two of the big long game global issues are energy dominance and US dollar dominance as reserve currency.


That's not how it works Retardus Maximus.
Sure, if the money is worth less, then your debt is also worth less.
But on the same measure: your money is also worth less so you'll need more of it to pay back what you owed.
Or do you seriously believe that when inflation makes a loaf of bread cost 1 trillion dollar, the Congress will proclaim: "all right people, for the price of 20 loaves of bread, we can pay this debt!".
By the time that happens, the debt as already increased to unsuportable levels.

Highly, highly underrated doubles (read: 2nd Feb) that remained unchecked and predicted the fucking future. Kek is on our side still.

Because of the fact that the debt is measured in dollars and not… bread or gold, yes, it can be cheesed by "printing a 20$ trillion coin."

The debtors wouldn't have any choice but to accept.


One of the main food companies poisoning people with pink slime and Monsanto tier shit.


Except shoot you and take your stuff.

Gee I wonder why the crashed the dow and did a massive sell off?

giving it to ghetto n-words would be an improvement
military industrial complex exponentially outscales all your racial diversionary kvetchings


littlus dikkus, read: