CNN calls released memo "explicit Russian effort" to undermine Trump/Russia investigation


>The memo is the most explicit Republican effort yet to discredit the FBI's investigation into Trump and Russia, alleging that the investigation was infused with an anti-Trump bias under the Obama administration and supported with political opposition research.
where were you when CNN became a meme of a meme?

What other choice do (((they))) have other than lie?




It says "republican effort" though.

Don just wants to sink the president like bad genes sunk his sister



That joke's not as deep as his sister.

< It's Rrrrrrooooosssyah

He's only trying to keep his head above water.

If they dig any deeper they might hit oil. And then have a mental breakdown over non-renewable energy and the environment too.


Well his sister could not

what the fuckā€¦that looks exactly like a dude I went to boot camp with.

100% a dude.

Sell eachother out as fast as they can to try and save their skin

The russian collusionn is bullshit through and through. Project veritas proved this.
Also it would be smart to make webm clips for twatter and facebook just to piss off Clinton News Network.

You know they have to double down on this bullshit until 2020, because it's the only they have, they don't even have the balls to declare war on Russia.

Do people still watch CNN? I thought they were stuck in a ratings battle with Nickelodeon or something like that. They're not a real news network.

Perfect op opportunity. Let's start to make these CNN "journalists" Ukrainian agents.

This. It's their only option. Either keep pushing the Russia line or a ton of their guys are going down. They have backed themselves into a corner.

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The actual text:

Stop clickbaiting, you nigger.

I was forced to watch CNN. I stayed in a motel on a road trip and every time you'd turn on the tv it would default on cnn. They must shell out a shit load of dough to make sure they stay in the minds of Americans.

oil spills cause climate change

Can one overdose on popcorn I'm wondering?