At what point did jews have control over America?

Was it with the end of the Civil War? The 1880s with the influx of jews from the East? 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act? 1917 with America's entry into WWI? 1933 when they put FDR into the White House?

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From the beggining. You listed several steps of their increasing influence…

1913 for full control of the country, yes. 1880s for beginning to control all forms of media.

not from the beginning franklin knew


Several good people tell America wasn't compromised from the beginning, even NS officials seemed to have some faith and admiration from the country.

However, Franklin is a satanist, "smoloko" is controlled opposition psy-op (or severly misguided at best). You just have to look at who was behind the "slave trade", for instance. International jewry had a huge power all over the world at that time already, and it's extremely naive to think they didn't have a stake at the forming USA.

Alexander Hamilton tried to establish a central bank early on, but Jefferson and Jackson kicked them in the ass until 1913.

Read Ford

There's no one point where the leftist traitors and Jew-worshipers transferred control to Jews, but it was completed only in the 2000s.

We all know the history. Progressives l, who believed that intellectuals should rule, were taken over by Marxism, the ideology that the aristocracy uses ideology to control the workers against their interests, their interests being being ruled by bourgeois intellectuals. Marxism implied that there should be no division between workers, in particular racism is bad. Racism became the worst thing even after explicit Marxism has been abandoned.

Jew-worshipers went to transcendentalism, the belief that every belief is equally valid, and then to universalism, the belief that everyone goes to heaven, and along the way argued Atticus Finchism, the belief that God gives you everything so taking pride in anything is an affront to God.

Jews took over the media at the beginning of the 20c and academia in the first half of the 20c. They crushed and coopted opposition media in the second half of the 20c and Revilo Oliver and KMac are the last honest professors.

Boomers were raised on and continue to believe in Boomerism. Millennials were, through the same government indoctrination and daycare system, raised to be bugmen, fearing saying anything the government doesn't like and not caring about anything they do itherwise because caring was beaten out of them in daycare.

Could we have turned back at any moment? No. Things happen for reasons.

In the 20s, academia was infiltrated by progressives who saw themselves not as civilized men, plural, living branches of the Tree of Life, with particular families, but as Civilized Man, mass, from nowhere, contrasted with Semi-Civilized Man and Uncivilized Man.

But that is exactly the same as Christendom and the benighted world.

The Founding Fathers knew about family, nation, and race, but priests and academics and then kikes subverted it. Once we restore our understanding of each of our place in the Tree of Life, we can restore our civilization.

They don't actually have control, they have a lot of influence, but not control.

They can't control what Timmy and Susie are doing in Nebraska.

THey can control the media and the valuations in the market and sell intel about everyone. They can't directly influence your choices unless you let them.

Quit memeing them as omnipotent omnipresent deities, because they aren't. They spend a lot of time, and a lot of money to keep tabs on people that see as threats to their dominance.

The issue is that so few people are capable of moving past their fear of the Jews and stand against them.

Very good post, user. This is one of the most important ideas to spread to anyone who is redpilled or waking up to the JQ.

Jews don't own the USA
You are believing the lies

This kike is right ….
shut up abraham told you never come here

I would say that 1912 was the year in which America defining year. WW1 was the culmination. Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald is a must read for Holla Forums.

I should clarify that by "control over America" I mean at what point could jews enforce major policy- foreign or domestic- changes in America with little or no organized pushback from Americans. I think the game was up by WW2 at the latest.

When the USA lost the war of 1812 and the (((british government))) still kept all the US sailors they had pressganged and enslaved.
The USA was a walking corpse from then on, and the final death knell was July 4, 2016 when Comey cleared Clinton of charges. We're walking in the ashes now.

They have a lot of assassins and hired thugs, and most of them have government IDs. That's a problem.

They really started taking over after the 1900s, maybe a bit earlier. Im not aware of the Jewish media takeover starting as ealy as the 1880s as


America was doomed from the beginning. The slave trade planted the seeds for racial strife and the formation of a two-party system guaranteed the corruption would take hold from the very beginning. George Washington warned congress not to form party lines and they scoffed at him. The difference was that Washington was a war hero and should have been king; while the congress was made up of philosophers, business men, and faggotry.

I've pondered this myself. (((They))) were involved from day 1 via freemasonry, if nothing else, and Rothschilds and agents immediately tried installing a central bank, just like they do when we conquor nations for them today.
(((Democracy))) is basically a freemasonic scam, and all wars are jewish wars. Without writing an essay I will leave it at that.
Jews do the same things they've done for 2000 years. Facilitate a war, start a central bank, flood the nation with people to displace the inhabitants and secure their rule, etc etc. The script never changes.

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This. Slavery was the most divisive issue by far at the very founding of the Republic. Almost as polarizing was the issue of what to do with free blacks. When you really study the past, you'll realize the racial cuckoldry is by no means a recent phenomenon.

I'll have to do more research into those profs you mentioned

This is a very good point that bears repeating a lot.

tl;dr: at the point you believed they did. Learn the con, user.

when dispensationalism began to be taken seriously and american protestants began basing their beliefs on the scofield study bible

good OC!

The American South attempted to save the world, but just like against Blessed Saint Hitler, retarded Christ cucks were trivially manipulated.

kikes had their fingers all over the Confederacy though, they had a lot of stake in slave trading

It was at the start OP.
George Washington got a loan from a Rabbi to finance his army.

Who cares now. Get in here faggots. IT'S HAPPENING!

Well you could go back to say, the start of the slave trade, slave ownership, the Civil War, etc. But if you really want to go back you should start with Enlightenment and egalitarian ideals

When they got the Federal Reserve created. From there their power grew immensely.


Checked. They were there much earlier. The Union army was controlled, indirectly, by the kikes. Their goal then as now as to kill as many whites as possible. The CIA continues this work to this day.

and that's why the CIA installed trump as president, because the foolish masses were dumb enough to believe he'd help them

It's imporatnt and I wish you good success with your thread, however, what's even more important is the question at which point they will no more control over America.

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You can't ignore the Jews with the overhwhelming power over Congress i.e the purse strings of the USA. When Jewish Banks fail at banking White America gets forced to pay taxes to failed kike banks so that the kikes can stay in business inflating the real estate markets across the Nation. Furthermore Kikes import tons of shit skins into cities so that kikes have cheap labor and don't have to hire whites.


The best way to avoid the Jew is to be definite in everything you do and leave no unfinished thoughts in the mind. Form the habit of reaching definite decisions on all subjects.

This way the kikes can't get your mind drifting and make you a drifter.

You go back to the concoction of christianity, once the west adopted christianity we were at the jews mercy, as Niezsche and other have pointed out.

Add a picture of Hitler in the veritical sequence

the stretched faces look retarded


Control is too strong a word. Strong influence is more like it; strong enough to hold sway over much of our institutional structure, but not control, as evidenced by the enormous lengths undertaken to undermine Trump and the nonstop kvetching and attacks since he has been in office.

So since the beginning then

Certainly, with influence waxing and waning at different times. Now, it is very high, but could change in the blink of an eye with the right exposure. We are nearing Weimar conditions.

As long as they stay nobodies, don't have kids or have nigger kids, and most importantly don't start a successful business or invent anything, they're fine.

Anti-discrimination laws were the beginning of the end.

Trump won because they didn't control every rural district. They control every major city. I'm sure the rural districts who helped Trump win are suffering dearly with Soros buses full of California Mexican surplus. Trump has less than three years left. If a civil war doesn't begin after Trump loses, America is lost forever. Nobody is going to come in and fight the niggers for us.

Nobody ever has absolute control. It is a relative term. Jews do control America, and they have controlled it since before it was founded.

America would never have been a superpower if that were true.

are you seriously whitewashing ZOG?

the whole reason america is a superpower is because they controll it. the US stayed out of both world wars till they absolutely needed to come in and milked the warring nations for their gold reserves, which is why breton woods happened in the first place. the US also has an unlimited amount of money because the FED keeps printing it and the US in return terrorizes the world and installs central banks and puppet goverments everywhere.

the only reason the US even survived after the revolutionary war was because the english emmidiatly opened trade with them to prevent france from becoming a power, aka eternal anglo strikes again

America would be a super power regardless.

Why do you think that? America only became a superpower in the mid-20th century, when Jews were already unquestionably in control. Nobody denies that Jews already controlled the USA in the 20th century. So the idea that Jews would prevent America from becoming a super power is nonsensical. Jews absolutely love America. It is everything they could ever want. In fact, they love America so much that they use all the power they have to force Americanism on the rest of the world. They just hate white people.

Jews are parasites. America was founded on ideas from Enlightenment thinkers, not jews. The Rubashkins of the world would have never spent money on things like public education for "the masses" that made all those innovations possible. They are almost fully in control now and the country is a third world nation, the envy of nobody.

good, except the section kennedy and reagan isn't true. kennedy actually strengthened the powers of the federal reserve. He was offed because he tried to open up an investigation into the Israeli nuclear program.

What really matters is that we're going to take it back. There is no stopping it.

Dammit Benji

Enlightenment thinkers were funded by Jews to undermine European society.

Don't worry, there are still masons aware of the problem and seeking a solution.

fuck chills this is actually the vid that made me unsubscribe. I'm ashamed, because I should've taken his sardonic voice and basic bitch mewing for what it was.

Ben was right though, Asians have a completely alien way of thinking. They have a completely different kind of fucked up view than even niggers. At least they are mammalian in their thinking.

Could I have a source for that quote?

When (((Rockerfeller))) monopolized oil.

brevard fl here.. I have nothing to back it up but the amount of both niggers and the late night sound of gunshots have doubled if not tripled since Trump got in

We've lived with them since the foundation of America. Ben Franklin granted them synagogues.

What happened was that they embraced communism/Marxism and the US gave them full control of the federal reserve in the early 20th century. They influenced Hollywood culture and took control of funds so that they can deplatform those who didn't support them. They got blacklisted due to the Red Scare though.

This. Rene Descartes' work was entirely about subversive thought patterns and cartesian geometry was only pursued because the kikes saw value in it as a form of encryption.

Seriously considering getting an iPhone now.

>Oy the (((Franklin Forgery))) doesn't count because we said it was a forgery and we're jews and we know forgeries


That may be so, however I cannot use this quote to redpill people if a simple google search will "debunk" it. I will not use anything that may be inaccurate. Inaccuracies make everything else you say seem wrong, even if it's correct.

Ben Franklin's writings (those that are published in his own time and not long afterwards) show that he regarded the jews outsiders. Obviously. However this quote has little to back it up should someone search for proof.

lol what

Franklin was a philosemite. He helped build the first synagogue in Philadelphia.

Yeah because Jews were completely fine before that. Kill yourself faggot.

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this is the correct answer

The Reagan assassination attempt was actually because of some thirsty Jodie Foster fan who wanted to impress her after she made some anti-Reagan comments.

Other than that 9/10 would share.
is the general timeframe. Culminating with the Establishment of the Fed.

you're glow is blinding (scatter to the winds)
Reagan's assassination attempt was an attempt to put a Bush in office. Reagan was forced to get rid of his initial vp candidate and replace with a Bush in order to gain the RNC support. The Bush family was connected to the Hinckley family.
Just a coincidence… right?

Friendly reminder that jews had a hand in the trans-atlantic slave trade.


I didn't know that.

Here's the video.

They weren't bad until they took control of our banks, academia, and politicians. I could do away with entertainment.

C'mon you can't honestly believe this.

What does it matter? They've been in control for quite some time, to argue over when exactly it occured is to argue over whether the chicken came before the egg.

I'm not sure whether you're a kike or merely misguided. Either way, you'd do well to look to history before America entered the global stage. You'll find kikes controlling great segments of the world well before the modern era.

They milked the cow from the beginning, but they gained full control with the federal reserve act. From then on they only took actions to maximize profit and lower the revolution odds, which is why they love shitskins so much, they are shields for them, because they are few and would be defeated in no time, and they know it, so they built a shitskin army against us.

Kennedy passed Executive Order 11110 which called for the creation of silver certificates, which would have taken power from the fed. Reagan also campaigned on weakening the fed, hence the date in the graphic being before he actually became president.

Noted. I'll try and find better images to use, or crop the images better and put borders in the blank space.

Someone else brought that up when I originally showed this image, the reason Hitler isn't included in the list is because the quote at the top covers that.

This. The main financial backer of the American Revolution was called Haym Salomon. He was, as you can tell, very much a Jew.
Sage, this thread is cuckchan-tier.

this is a myth from what I've read, Kennedy was simply not a friend of Israel, and especially not a friend of a nuclear weaponized Israel. He thought he was the actual decisionmaker, he didnt know his place in the jewnited states administration and had no clue what is necessary to prepare for a revolt against the deep state, because he was a lefty faggot.

reagan wanted to hustle thef FED because he tought he could get bonus points for his administration if he made neoliberalism work, which it didnt, since the US was taking massive loans. the whole thing was just a trainwreck with the govt installing neoliberal policies while at the same time fighting a cold war, and money only came from the banks

Reagan was a shabbos goy his whole life.


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Maybe so we don't make the same mistakes again?

Simple, don't trust jews, there are no "based" non whites.


Obviously you can see the Jewish takeover of California and New York, and the results are all to clear to what White people are suffering there: mainly because the Jews have jacked up the prices for goods and services way beyond belief there that White people cannot live there anymore. But this is most clear: Jews stick together win the war against us; White people in general do not cooperate and stick together, for it is a "every-man-for-himself" mentality with White people. That is why we are defeated by the Jews every time.

there has been a surprising drop in noggishness since the election here in Chicongo.
The future belong to us PLVS VLTRA

(1) The end of the 100yr war at sea, (2) combined with the now surplus of ships+ports+crews+privateers, lead to (3) releasement from all forces opposing the intercontinental migrations and international trade pressures. (4) This coincided with the exile of jews to the Spanish netherlands (present day Antwerp+Brussels / Belgium), the (5) acceptance of buy-out of penance dues by the King of Spain (i.e. the jews bribed their own way out of being genocided again by giving some of crown's kiked-away money back), and the (6) funding of explorations back to the 'new world' via Christopher Columbus et al.

A similar pattern is seen with the rise and fall of the French and British ability to extend power into the seas during the revolutionary war and second privateer / final pirate phase. As power rose on the seas and violence hindered accounting to the Americas, internationals fell. As the last of the wars wrapped up by1830, the seas openned up again, accounting became stable again, and international shilling was unopposed again.

Another wave was seen after the USA civil war, which again produced the same sequence. After the seas could no longer test men, and military will to power and might lost, "free-trade" and international kike-bastardizations of accounting once again ruled.

Note that this analysis only applies to the movement from one region to the next. Intra-national follows different mechanics better modeled by each locale's size and accrued power deltas between demographics of Whites, Asians (jews), and Africans. Internal system capitulation/corruption has already happened by the time economic booms are visible whenever internal military might is absent, and in such cases, each boom co-insides with internal relative dysgenic expansion gains, followed by busts (ie false booms breed invalid people, and the bust is the truth finally unable to be hidden and more).


They have major influence, but they are constrained by the necessity to conceal it. This is why they freak out when they are named as Jews. They know that the population never consented to be ruled by them and would rise up if aware, so they have to rely on manipulation to serve their agenda. This is why media control is so important to them - the power to shape the narrative is hugely valuable in a democracy.

The good news is that this makes their power fragile. If enough people wake up and stop playing ball it will evaporate overnight. This is what happened in Germany in 1933, and it will happen again soon, I'm sure.

Or just deminish the influence and power of large urban centers. Did you know every major large urban center in the US has a "white" population that is upwards of half, or more, jewish? Same for London and Paris. This is where media is based. This is where voter corruption occurs to control the politics of a state/country. This is where jewish cosmopolitan identity is projected onto the country from, and where white European identity is demeaned as low class and stupid. Weaken the large urban centers and we win the social war, and from there we win the political war, from which we win the financial war. So long as they maintain prominence like castles in a kingdom, we can't do anything. They'll just bring in a million more muds to their cities each year and manipulate them into subverting the democratic process against the will of the rest of the population surrounding the cities, like dictations to peasants. Cities are the single worst element right now. They are where all of the power is.

Just figure out when the degeneracy started. I believe it started before Woodrow Wilson's presidency. It existed for sure after WWI though, during the 'Roaring' and degenerate 20's.

Are they all half jewish? I always assumed that I know a lot of jews because my home town is a jewish enclave and I used to be a commie which put me in social contact with jews, and because being autistic I don't have a lot of friends. I don't think that half the people I randomly meet are actually jews.

There were lots of jews in college, but since even then I didn't think of full jews as people, I didn't think about how many of the people there were jews.


Besides commie, also used to larp as a bisexual in the aughts for the inoculation against accusations of not being pc. I got away with calling people I didn't like jews, saying I wish the holocaust had happened, saying nigger out loud, and so forth.

Lookong back, the GBLT community at my school was full of kikes, and some young women who wanted to hang out with powerful men who wouldn pretend not to want to fuck them immediately.

I wonder what percentage of kikes are GBLT, compared to humans. Sure seems like GBLT and kikes are concentrated in the same areas.

Sadly, the kikes I know personally are all looking for Aryan women to defile. The biggest reason I want out of this area and the relationships I have here is I just can't pretend that I'm ok with that and I can't pretend to be an intelligence asset for the Aryan community when the kikes obviously know I'm not one of them.

This kid I knew in high school's dad claims to be a Lutheran of Norwegian descent, whose family changed their name to an Anglo name to assimilate. Dude married a kikette and had one child, who is marrying an octaroon.

Every day he wakes up and insults not just Trump but America and the White race on facebook.

I don't know if he's a kike, or just an ordinary boomer liberal. I think his normal White marriage makes it likely that he's a traitor instead of a kike.

It doesn't really matter which boomers are literal kikes, though. Boomer genocide will come to every boomer that doesn't have a GenZ grandchild to vouch for them.

< X is controled opposition!
That one again.

It wasn't always subverted but "traditional" America was ripe for subversion before that subversion happened.
British, German Empire, Austro-Hungarian empire and France too. Only Hitler's Germany was hard enough wood not to be the target of termites.

Wrong order. Race is #1.

actually the natural priority is
family (bloodline) > nation (breed) > race (species)
because this ensures the survival of the fittest, aka those who manage to reproduce the best genes

Not so. Family ≠ eugenics.

Race is #1, eugenics #2, nation is #3. Family does not come before that, period.

Maybe your family is traitors. You don't owe any one person unconditional loyalty, but without your nation, you are nothing. Boomers have this retard idea that they're induhviduals from nowhere and when they fuck up America they can leave. America is my only home. Nation first.

The human race is what all of our nations are. We come from the "corded ware culture" and ten thousand years of evolution in northern Europe that led to our superlative traits compared to the animals. Marrying non-humans is beastiality. Killing humans is a greivous problem, we must not fight brother wars until we have dealt wth the non-human crisis.