Getting to the root of it: How do we stop people on the right cucking for Asians?

You've heard it all before, probably. The conservatives who have to preface every attack on something like affirmative action with a "but it hurts Asians the most!" or perhaps the ones who talk admiringly of "Asian immigrants" and how they wish "all immigrants" could be like them.

This may seem like a minor issue, but it's endemic among not just the mainstream cucked right, but tons of red-pilled or semi red-pilled right-wing communities: HBD types practically worship Asians for example.

How do we stop this? Legitimately. It's not some small thing. It's part of a wider problem where whenever a white person tries to assert him or herself from a position of strength, they have to preface it with some sort of qualifier about how they love chinks and bindis, or what have you.

Bear in mind there isn't a single racial group in the US that votes Dem at higher rates than Asian Americans. These people overwhelmingly supported AA in the 1960s when it fucked over white public-sector types (cops, firemen etc), they created "AAPI" organizations with PRC cash back in the 70s (this is all confirmed in declassified FBI docs), they are overwhelmingly the most likely race to be engaged in espionage, and closer to our hearts, they have an outgroup preference for our white women that makes black men look like endogamous types who love their women.

Really, how do we get to the root of this? Asians have no place in any white nativist movement. End of discussion.

By bringin them up from the loser level. It's only loser men who get the yellow fever and we need to make them understand the importance of improving yourself instead of wallowing in your self-pity and pick a literal whore for your wife.

Get all the shitskins out of America so the jews don't have to brown nose another host.

This isn't even about yellow fever.

It's a sign of how morally bankrupt conservatism is that their criteria for ingroup inclusion is "people who earn a lot of money"

Putting the (imo large amounts) of shilling from actual Asians and white men who have thrown their lot in with Asian women aside, I don't know why the ethnocentrism of Asians doesn't put people off a lot more. If they don't consider you one of them why should you do the reverse? You're making room at the table for them when they've shown literally zero intent on doing the same for you.

I think you're actually more on the pulse than you realize. Asians often complain of being seen as outsiders even by white liberals. This stands in contrast to say, Jews, who are able to blend in more effectively even with Anglo whites these days.

But with Asians, even more liberally orientated whites seem to have some instinctive aversion to them. They're weird to us *as a group*, they seem strange, alien and creepy in a way that no other race does. Not even blacks.

It's one of the mistakes the materialist libertarian/cuckservative types make. Their assumption is that because Asian civilization is advanced, and White civilization is advance - that we're basically the same because of those objective material facts.

But East Asians really are the most alien, distant group in the entire world from a white perspective, and if you live over there you'll realize this eventually.

Well yeah, they have nothing left.

I keep hearing that asian women treat white men like celebrities. Jokes on them I hate ching chongs.

I actually know a Chinese dude in his 40s dating a white woman who is in her late 30s. He's a good guy but a perpetual manchild obsessed with video games and other numale stuff. She's Chad leftovers, quite literally.

The funny thing is in spite of the "Asian American community's" cope-tactic of insisting "AMWF" is superior, the only other two such couples I know are 1) Exactly the same. 30-something nurse dating a doctor who I'm pretty sure is a virgin, but hesitating on having kids with him since she's worried about mixed children and 2) Generic ugly weeaboo couple.

Gold-diggers and weeaboos. Those are the only two categories of women who show any proactive interest in Asian men. They have precisely zero physical sexual appeal, and they're the only group of men on the planet who will actively complain about women going for looks rather than money, since they know they're incapable of competing as far as the former goes.

Here's the interesting thing about that: It reflects the fundamental differences in white/asian pairbonding approach. Asians are almost solely focused on money, and it leads to fairly stable, if fairly miserable/loveless/sexless marriages. Whites instead tend to place a lot more focus on physical/emotional connection in someone. The problem is that Asian dudes, as you say, can't compete in terms of physical attraction. And their default method of pairbonding (marriage after buying a house and car for their shrew) doesn't work in the West, because the West doesn't really work like that.

So the sort of White women who end up with Asian men are a specific type, in my experience at least. Either asiaphiles who are perpetual children, or ruthless status-seekers.

They're not worth it. I know a lot of nice Asian girls but they're all after one thing. And they're not even fun in bed.

I work at a busy place and the amount of rice mixers is alarming. The worst part is that they aren't even your stereotypical numales but guys who totally look like someone you'd imagine NatSoc to be like

I regularly post anti-chink propaganda and insult the gookfuckers.

I don't know what else to do.

It is a big problem.

Mister Hitler I'm 1/8th Oriental, should I only go for white women? (blonde hair, blue eyes)

Yeah, I guess.

No you should not breed and dedicate all your time, efforts, and money to fixing the demographic issue and preferably go down fighting the racial holy war.

Don't shit up any lineages with your gook genes.

Also I have blond hair and blue eyes but I'm 100% white, 400 years of Dutch and German ancestry.

I hate the way Asian Americans have this tendency of humblebragging about how amazing their parents were, and by implication how white parents/families are shit. They rarely explicitly state it, but it's usually something along the lines of: "Well our parents love us, so they urge us to do well academically, that's how they show they care" (keep in mind these are ostensibly liberal people).

It irritates me for two reasons: One, coming from a tight-knit Southern Euro family, I don't like the implication my parents' love is somehow less meaningful or real than theirs because theirs held a whip above their head before every violin class and two; it's just bullshit. Their parents don't do this sort of thing "out of love", but because they view their children as a pension plan for their own old age. It's purely self-serving, there's nothing altruistic about it.

Another thing I dislike about Asian Americans is how they never seem to display emotions other than passive-aggression and outright rage (when they finally snap). It's like their emotional palette is limited to the most sinful and wicked emotions: Butthurt envy, a sense of entitlement, outright jealousy towards people who are superior in some regard etc.

Stop calling them Asian Americans. No such thing. The only Americans are white.

Sorry, yeah. Slip of the tongue. Asians living in America. I use the qualifier because their pathologies are distinct from those of their Chinese and Korean cousins.

I've noticed this too. Bear in mind you're talking about people whose closest interaction with being empathetic is watching some cheesy life insurance ad at CNY.

Same with any non white children. They hold over whites that cause white parents don't really beat their kids senseless compared to other groups that the non whites are better off in a toughness and character stand point, when it's ironically proven to be the opposite

The absolute state of Southeast Asia is an object lesson of the dangers of allowing a Chinese minority into your country. The Chinese in these states (Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia etc) essentially run the entire economy from top to bottom, they operate as an almost completely exclusive ethnic group, with their own language schools and virtually no interaction or mingling with the "natives" except on an "employer -> employee" dynamic. Moreover, as the PRC grows in power, they're becoming increasingly open about the fact their real loyalties lie in Beijing (as they always have, it's just that before they couldn't rely on PRC back-up so they kept their mouths shut, same reason there's a resurgence of ethnic Chinese nationalism in North America).

That part of the world will become one of the first flashpoints for Chinese dominance. The history of SEA is already littered with pogroms, which unfortunately failed to displace the chink, but there's genuine hatred brewing there (see the recent Indonesian furor over Ahok potentially becoming Mayor of Jakarta) and it's going to come to a head sooner or later.

I don't have much admiration for SEAs, but when my flip friend (I used to work in Manila) tells me about the contempt with which the local "intsiks" treat him and his kin (which he contrasted with the relative kindness of Spanish Filipinos), I couldn't help but feel a little bit bad for them. Chinese people are monstrous in a way Blacks and other chaos-creating races aren't, in that they just insinuate themselves into a state and gradually carve out their own de facto ethnostate within it. Usually by intermarrying with local females while keeping their own women off-limits to foreigners (this is the real reason East Asian men in the Anglosphere are so perpetually butthurt, incidentally).

That's interesting. One of the criticisms of white kids is that they're lazy, which is probably true compared to the whites of yesteryear, but they're still the most likely adolescent group to have part-time jobs and things like that.

I'd look at Molyneux's stuff about child abuse. No matter your opinion on the man, he provides good info such as how abuse can lower IQ.

Interesting you bring that up. I'd have dismissed "peaceful parenting" as crackpot bullshit if it had come from a lib, but the fact it came from Molymeme made me look into it more, and it does seem to have some truth to it.

I wonder whether some of the weird mental illnesses associated with Asian Americans can be attributed to their parenting styles. They seem to have a love-hate relationship with it in that they'll talk about how their parents fucked them up in frank moments, but reverse that when it's a westerner talking about it into a "you don't understand asian culture!" spiel.

Yeah. SEA chinks are just about the most blatant fifth column on earth, outside of the Zainichi trash in Japan. And they still have the audacity to rage about how the people they treat as de facto servants don't accept them as co-ethnics, you know, despite living complete separate lives in gated communities and despising them when they're among their own.

If the US intel agencies had any sense, they'd devote the next ten years to stirring up ethno-nationalist feeling in Southeast Asia. There's fertile ground there.

Sure it is, it's the lowest of men in our circles who try to appeal to us that their shitty life-choices is somehow right.

They still live under the white guilt burden, they are losers who don't take pride in their blood and heritage because ultimately, they still believe the jewish lie about whites being inferiour and we needing diversity and going after only people of your own blood is wrong.

The sort of "naturalized" Asians abroad have always pissed me off in the way they do things. They love to play both ends against the middle. They enjoy their minority status and won't hesitate to use that wherever and however they can, including calling anyone a racist at the slightest perceived transgression, yet their own behaviour is extremely exclusive.

It isn't exclusively about yellow fever, plenty of whites in relationships with other whites cuck for asians too.

There's a good example of this in how they'll ostensibly give support to black nationalist movements and what have you, but the moment one of the brothas questions say, Chinese/Korean profiteering in Black neighborhoods with their beauty stores, or the behavior of ethnic Chinese in sub-saharan Africa, or Chinese profiling them in their stores, then, well… They can perhaps understand those things, but in essence it's a return to their own ethno-nationalism.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Mei Zhou brings home a black guy to her apparently liberal, DNC-voting father, on that note.

This AAPI outrage politics is always driven by Chinese and Koreans, never Japanese. And rarely Southeast Asians.

That "Chinese" group includes Taiwanese and Hong Kongers incidentally, who aren't your friends. Regardless of "le mainlander" memes you may have heard.


Stranger things have happened nibba, Japan is knee-deep in FDI in Vietnam.

I have faith in the Japanese that they'll play things the way they always have done, leveraging the west to maintain their relative isolation from mainland Asia.


Hello Kim/Chang.

That's a really great D&C thread, more subtle and less retarded than but that's not saying much.

It's a gay-jew invention because arranged marriages ensuring both parties are within their social standings and have an easy path into independent adulthood thanks to dowry is oppressive, not to mention, requiring women to be virgins until marriage is sexist!
Unlike western parents who are delusional boomers thinking that pension will magically come, courtesy of federal reserve and Social Security

Me the neglected, beaten, and abused white kid who had all this done to him by neoliberal parents who bred for some reason they can't explain.

How? Courtly love originated in Medieval Europe.

Yeah, exactly. For all your bluster as overseas Chinese about how united you are, the average Chinese actually doesn't give two fucks about Chinese outside of his immediate kinship group.

That's not the kind of society we ever were, even before our societies got fucked.

le based asians

Sounds like they don't suffer from pathological altruism.

It enables female hypergamy by the really easy excuse of "finding the right man dick and a beta to leech off of". The unsubstantiated rhetoric of female "independence" or "empowerment" despite women lacking the ability to take responsibility for their own actions or female tendency to go against security and good sense and instead chase after serial killers, cult leaders, or other scum. - that's what "searching for true love" is.

Have you ever seen "fan mail" James Holmes received AFTER shooting up a cinema, or the post-mortem surge of popularity of Elliot Rodger?

Neither did Europeans in 16th century Europe, nor 5th century BC Europe for that matter.

Why is it binary thing? Europeans walked a middle ground throughout pre and post Christian eras, not devoid of empathy, but not pathologically attached to it either.

Have you ever dated or had sex with a woman? Women like dominant men. The spread of the various pathologies you describe is attributable to the decline in traditional masculinity, traditional western masculinity, for which we don't need to go back to a bunch of 5 foot 3 sadistic, yellow-skinned weirdos to find appropriate reference points for.

And yet European women were just as chaste as any other women on earth up until the 1960s or so, you know, without the whole business of concubines and inhibiting sexual selection.

Incidentally, assuming you aren't a chink, the reason whites are the most attractive race has its roots in those very selfsame sexual selection pressures that are created when you allow for some level of independence in pairbonding mate-choices. While its absence in China is the reason most Chinese men are hideous goblins: When your entire system of pairbonding is based on coercive, monetary-driven aims, then ethnic groups like the Cantonese are what you end up with.

I remember you posting the exact same thing in an earlier thread. So what is your background? And D&Cing what, exactly?

Yep, definitely large amounts.

having spoken to a couple of indonesians i do feel that there is a storm brewing. they way they talk about the chinese sounds very much like the people on this board talk about the jews, lots of emotion there seems to be a genuine grievance

That behavior of Asians abroad sounds similar to jews.