The kikes are crashing the market

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Nigger nobody is going to click that.


i saw that crytpo had fallen as well

Good, I have plenty of money to buy the dip.


Call me when it’s 40. Call me when people are rioting. Call me when there are runs on the banks. Call me when withdrawals are frozen. Call me when literally anything happens.
Nothing is ever going to happen. The economy is untouchable, uncrackable, and foolproof.

Nonsense, what you're saying is that 2008 never happened. The only way to crack the economy is to become the economy.

That’s funny, I don’t recall 2008 being the time when we killed all the jews and burned the federal reserve buildings to the ground with the employees inside. I don’t remember it being the end of fiat currency. I don’t remember any institution actually being destroyed. I remember trillions of dollars being created out of thin air and given to the people who failed as a reward for failing.

Fuck off.

Kek damn them

It showed that the Jews can't control the system indefinitely. That they had to find an outlet for the inversion function of the inflation or the whole system would collapse.

The whole Obama administration was a setup to solve that issue. Create a domestic enemy that would cause economic drains to push the inversion function back into the credit system instead of the general market.

Instead of people worrying about their losses in equity, they were focusing on illegal immigration and buying firearms. The whole of the alt-right and survivalist groups were the bubble.

Taking credit for the (((stock market))) was probably a mistake on Trump's part. (((They)))'ll certainly use it against him when (((they))) crash it.

Must be Russian hackers.

What's weird is gold and silver should be the inverse but they're crashing with it.

boomers btfo

Yep. The kikes are crashing it no survivors

"Pure coincidence."

That's how you tell that it's a credit created crash and not an actual crash crash. It means that the banks are paying to crash it.

What that means for you is, BTFD. It's not going to stay down.

I guess Trump will have no choice but to declare nationwide martial law when the nigriots start.
What a shame.

Wait so crypto, gold, AND stocks are crashing all around the same time? Didn't even check gold yet but what the actual fuck?

Yeah pure ( ((coincidence) ))
Nice timestamp double 14's - decent

Various banks just got fined a pittance and six non jew traders a little bit a jail time for manipulating gold & silver yet here it is again plain as day. What a surprise, no deterrence whatsoever.

Pure coincidence.

Gold and silver markets are just as controlled and artificially propped up as the crypto markets. When push comes to shove, the floor falls out from under everyone. Shiny rocks are no different.

Oh that's interesting. I would assume that the kikes would be trying to move their assets to precious metals in order to make it easier to move their wealth out of the country.
Instead, they're trying to crash it right now.
I suppose they are trying to create a panic and profit off of that, but I don't believe that they would try to ruin their favorite way of taking wealth out of a country for a (somewhat) possible gain.
The kikes are either extremely confident in this move, or are incredibly desperate right now. I hope it's the second one.

You don't know what you're talking about, there's a paper gold and silver market, that's how they manipulate things.

They are starting a war. They are crashing everything to do it. What they don't realize is how unnecessary they are.

Who is ready for the American SA?

You think a Tribe member would ever spend a day in jail for screwing a goy over? That only happens when one Tribe-member that is of a lesser family screws over a Tribe-member of a higher cast family.

Like some Italian/Sicilian Tribe-member screwing over a Cohen or Russian family member. They have rules too.

Showed who, exactly? Not us. Certainly not normalfags.
And they did: type some zeroes into a computer. They solved it. The banks can never fail, ever again. All they have to do is type some numbers, and with the laws they got passed post-‘08, it’s legal now.
It’s not as though the immigration is the result of any economic treason or anything…

Pres. Trump's cutting taxes after 8 years of astronomical debt. Do we know for sure if he is aware of the Cloward piven strategy? It's hard to tell if he is being goated there.

Ya know.. thats the only reason zero's exist right? zero's give kikes that extra edge when it comes to fraudulent accounting practices.

guys even my israeli tech stocks are down i'm swimming in red what do?

Invest in brass and lead.

To shoot yids with


It's all speculatory baloney. I think a lot of wealth was idle for the Obama years and then unleashed with the promise of MAGA, but a select (((few))) decided to pump up that wave into an absurd bubble.

I've always assumed that crypto would skyrocket when the economy went kapult

I guess they can crash all of them at once if they want

It showed me. I cant do your thinking for you.

Typing zeroes is what caused the problem, and they know that. The issues are systemic and structural. There are zero ways to fix it outside of blowing bubbles.

Actually, the immigration is the direct result of economic treason. Money laundering plus human trafficking. The cartels are willing to pay big money to the Jews and politicians. The Jews, Mormons and politicians only see dollar signs. It's the very definition of economic treason. To push the drive into the 2A and survivalist community only made the decision that much easier.

Sell the survival con, and rig the immigration game while creating a soldier class of underlings using drugs bought cheap from the cartels, and the usual methods to keep people silent.

The only reason no one speaks about any of this openly is because of fear. Fear of the Jews, and fear of the cartels.

Big thing to note: there has been major buzz around the major tech stocks (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) trading near correction levels. In other words, their stocks are too high compared to their profits, and people are expecting their prices to get corrected or drop significantly.

These stocks are also the largest companies on the market. For one-day reports:

To be fair, Amazon came out ahead. Way ahead.

The entire stock market, hell 95% of our economy is based on speculation. Shit like that and the repeal of Glass-Steagal are the reasons why Goldman-Sachs and other banks are allowed to completely crash our economy on a fucking whim if they feel like it, or completely destroy the lives of millions of American citizens so they can hit sales goals.

Amazon profited from the cryptos. They had their clouds running miners for several months.

I'll just leave this here

if it's the big one, the only shit worth a damn is what you physically possess.

which is why is a prudent move

weren't (((they))) just hyping Crapple's Q4 earnings?

(((crash it down)))

Well fuck what a waste of time.

Crypto will recover. It's only crashing because they created a bubble in December. Along with the announcement of regulations they are trying to cause a panic and a mass sell-off so they can control the market. However – anyone can start their own crypto, and part of the purpose of crypto is its usage for discreet payments. It's also deflationary So they can't control the market because anyone can create a new form of it, and in addition the transactions are anonymous on purpose and difficult to monitor. As long as some folks hold on to it and use it as a method of exchange it will hold value. It's divisible at a level that no other currency has been historically so it can still be used for practical day-to-day transactions, unlike previous deflationary currencies, which will strengthen it over time

Look, redditor, when you have anything to refute what I said, feel free to post it. The economy cannot collapse on its own, ever. You will scream impotently about how this is a “blackpill” without ever refuting me (because you can’t). None of us will ever physically rise up, even peacefully for the sake of artificially causing a run on the banks. You would call me “FBI” if I called for that. So you’ll just sit here impotently and delude yourself into thinking that facts (which hurt your feelings) are false (because they hurt your feelings).

ok so economics is not my forte at all but last time i checked POTUS Trump has had the DOW on an increase steadily since he's been in office, with all time highs busted by newer all time highs. any dips that happen still don't bring it down below these numbers, correct? it's interesting to see outlets already trying to blame POTUS for this when clearly this artificially induced drop still retains higher numbers than anything pre election

These two statements counter each other. I hope you're a true believer and spent everything you have on crypto.

Will Trump claim responsibility?

why you mad? This just made stocks cheaper. Now is the perfect time to get in.

What about the removal of the original uptick rule?

(((drudge))) and MSM will hype the 666 number. It but is only 2.x%. Far from a crash and a long way away from any circuit breakers.


You are legitimately retarded. Being able to divide your money into smaller and smaller amounts because it is more valuable is very fucking different from having it stolen by new issuance.

It's like not being able to tell up from down. How can you even be alive while being that stupid?

Got to have something to cover up "The Memo" until sportsbowl starts on sunday.

According to your logic slicing up an apple creates more apple.


yes but cryto is not a tangible commodity like apples. Apples provide real world sustenance. Your body requires a certain number of calories per day. Bitcoin is just a block chain where the value is subjectively determined by market demand. You are in some sense dividing by Zero.

Looking back 1 year the dow is still up 28% overall. But a 2.5% drop will be hyped like trump broke everything.
It is still UP 28% from the day he took over. .

I wonder what the shills are up to right now. I hope they're killing themselves.

If your currency was deflationary, why would you ever invest your hard earned cash in a relatively risky investment when you can have it safely accruing value doing nothing?
And don't start going off and start saying it would be an altruistic venture or it would work if the kikes were gone. If altruism was enough to drive an economy, communism would've been a functional system. And if the kikes were gone, why not just forego bitcoin altogether and just have a work based economy?

Kikes never learn. I hope they crash the market, hard times make hard men.

Buddy, I have already physically risen up. I will stay light on details for obvious reasons, but you're far behind the curve.

It's not my fault you're not doing anything. You want to do something, then build a network of people you can trust, and start learning how to use surveillance equipment. Learn how to program and attack wifi systems.

You never divide by zero bitcoin though. If you have 0.10 bitcoin worth 10 USD, and the value goes up to 20 USD, and you have to withdraw 1 dollar, instead of withdrawing 0.01 you withdraw 0.005. The amount you have stays the same, you just utilize a smaller amount.

I love how they fucking spin things.


these kikes

he's not wrong–Tarski_paradox

there's that image of the pizza delivery with special instructions and he orders 1 pizza and gets 2 pizzas it works m8.



This doesn't have anything to do with the memo or Trump. It's just a minor and expected correction.

Yeah, it's related to rates. No one serious is worried about this little dip though.

No it's more like:

Do you think this is just a scare tactic or this the beginning of our 1918? I ask because I have several hundred dollars laying around and I am thinking of buying in to the crash.


Scare tactic. I expect to see it up by at least 200 points on Monday, barring a (((North Korean))) attack of course.

What about a super bowel (((terrorist attack)))?


That might still happen, although given how fucking incompetent they all seem to be it wouldn't surprise me if they accidentally blew up the DNC Headquarters.

that is why I said "in some sense". While the block chain grows making computation more complex this creates artificial scarcity yet the chain is still theoretically infinite. Moreover, due to the value being subjective (based on market demand). Then in that sense it is trying to cutting through a cloud. The whole concept is ephemeral in real material terms. Thus the analogy of dividing an apple to the advisability of bitcoin is in practice nonsense.

They wouldn't attack the Owl, but somewhere else during the game while everyone is distracted seems possible.


its almost as if the Globalist Banking Kikes only can influence ±600 points of the Dow Jones if they want to not cause a real crash but want a headline for CNN.

Both of these are what I was thinking.

No one dares attack the Owls on their own territory. Not even the Snakes will go after them.

Fucking hell..

and supply. Divisibility only effects the calculation of prices and allows people to buy less valuable items instead of having to buy them in bulk.

During the game, the US is probably the most vulnerable of any time. Hundreds of millions of people parked in front of the tv.

Someone wants to desperately covert the memo.
Did they run out of MkUltra'd patsies?

If there is an attack it will be at some bar or concert either during or after the game for maximum chaos trafficking potential. Same exact thing happened to that Ariana Grande concert, remember?

oh please you are ignoring my point. I am not saying anything in regards to how supply and demand effect price on a market. I am saying that the analogy of comparing bitcoin to an apple is inappropriate due to its intangible nature.

that sounds like a super spicy burrito

so bitcoin is like
Godcoin secured by the spiritchain.

I do.

I work in finance and this isn't too big of a deal, so far. I remember there was an incident with China a year or so ago that caused the DOW to go down 400 points. If this were an actual crash there would be people talking about institutional failures within the financial markets. Instead this is just a (((crash))) where things go badly for no real reason, and presumably either retards made stupid trades or a giga-kike ordered it. Although if the DOW hits 24,000 then this might be pretty serious; there's been a lot of talk about a market correction, and this would probably be it. I guess it's better to have it now, so that there's no surprises during the 2018 mid-terms. Plus the memo getting actually released is going to cause them to try and pull a Brexit-tier market crash. In fact this is probably the exact same shit as what they pulled during Brexit. It's literally nothing, but my shekel senses are on alert.

I'd prefer to join the American S.S. What will our Wewelsburg be?

Doing it all week, it seems.


at least we get to hail

This is the Jewish shemita in action.

Okay then.

All digital networks, easy to subvert and use to hypnotize and coordinate a reaction all at once.

I'm not saying I would do this, but someone with enough knowledge and capability could do so. I wouldn't dare attack the Owls myself on their own territory.

If they wanted a real attack to spur a new conflict, that would be the way to go. Thousands, possibly tens of thousands dead. Blame it on ISIS, or whatever group they want, hackers.

Okay that is enough of this thread. I don't think I should suggest vectors of attack for anyone anymore. This is territory that could get someone in trouble for following anything I have stated here. I do not advocate any of this. It is purely a hypothetical exercise in my mind. Anyone that takes this to a real world event is doing so on their own volition.

Faggot had a million mobilized, educated, woke Germans and what does he do? Sends them all to Russia instead of finishing off the Tommies.

Why was Hitler such a faggot?

You first Schlomo. You already admitted the mods are Muslims and Jews, and I have screen captures of a Mod admitting that I have HIV before lab results were even discovered. This after I have direct evidence from the TRS Jews admitting the same.

Let's see who wins this battle. The guy saying I have AIDS, or the guy presuming that I am a threat to society while having no evidence of it?

No fewer than two months worth of recorded footage in a Physics class along with all of those cellphone GPS records proving you were following me around.

Along with plating that ginger in Calc2 and the Antifa freak in the Black Charger that also ended up following me to Wendy's the day I bought that POS with a Pol sticker, and watched the guy pull the GPS tracker off of it.

I am going to school. I am not paying you anything.

You can follow me to where I am going, but you're just going to run into people that don't like you. You'll run out of popular support before I run out of time. Even if I am dying, you will fail. You know that it's too late already.

Can someone fill me in on this talk of "Owls"?

Neo-SA soon.

Is this bad or what?

It's good if you like rope.

so is this the worst political scandal in US history?

You did'nt answer my question kike

It's pretty fucking sad, tbh. What's even more sad is how Britain suicided itself for the privilege of sucking jewish cock.

so far


For who exactly?


Hes fine on that, his core base doesn;t give two shits about the stock market and normalfags are the prize in this war, not actual important fucks. Its between us and (((them))) now. The economy crashing just opens up more chances for us to begin moving.

Question, why does the market always decreases at the end of a decade?



Good summary, finance-user. I tend to agree.

What are you on about survivalist con? That shit was an natural progression out of the white population that was smart enough to realize something is very fucking wrong with our nation and society. Once most took a deep look at it, they realized it cannot continue, but noticed nothing is being done to fix the problems. Whats more, they noticed many with sound solutions had tried and failed for years to fix the problems, at that point most of sound mind realized this shit is fucked, but they and the system relies on this shit continuing rumbling along just fine in order to survive. Logic dictated that once the game was up the system would stutter and die, leaving them and theirs at an HIGH risk of death. Since white, most decided to be proactive and start trying to hedge their supplies and support to up the chance of survival, thus the prepper rise exploded. That evolved thanks to a few thing into everyone realizing that hiding wont save them since the system is coming for their shit when it collapses. Bundy ranch was the turning point when most realized they were actually not alone, and if you are not alone, instead of hiding, you can attack. The foundational issues against the system can be pushed over the edge by those aware of their problems, namely the same ones prepping.

The movement transformed from an reactionary protection focus into an proactive aggressive movement. Huge numbers of preppers are the core from which Trump drew support from in the face of overwhelming system attacks. And most of them had similar views and overlap as us here thanks to the endless loss of faith in this systems government, media and society.

As far as an soldier class out of spics, let me point and laugh. A threat to the cowed masses whom are ignorant, but not to any prepper, trained soldier or even just an pissed off motivated white neet. They at best are an supply depot for aggressive whites before they realize how fucked they are. Long before modern tech they lost thousands to us when objectively our tech was rather similar, today, whites are an order of magnitude more capable and deadly than at any point in history. What is available to the average burger makes worrying about an shitskinn horde an joke. The war is between us and our jewish led soyboy faggot problemglasses catlady mob.

pure coincidence, goy

do not underestimate the brown horde
What they lack in intelligence they make up in raw violence.

I'd rather deal with soyboy faggot problemglasses catlady mob.

In an all-out scenario they fold quick

Check'd and heil'd. I was just thinking the same thing. Same day as the bunker busting memo comes out the Dow drops negative satan trips? Too fuckin' weird.

The pivot to truth.
Tag that, faggots


The Satanic Fucks can't help themselves.
related image next


Tfw dumb Christians get upset over their little "Satan" number but use meme magic, which is really practicing real gnosis (not to get mixed up with (((gnostism))) ) magic, which they would consider Satanic.

Get a load of this neophyte.

Woooooow, that sure is (((coincidental))).

This is the Weimar, and all thats missing is economic pressure to bring about an uprising of ethnonationalistic Whites. Let it fall.


You got me I suppose as I've only truly been into it for a year or so, but the further down the rabbit hole, the more amazing it is. I'm taking that picture, I might even replace the image of Saturn's north pole on my phone's background with it.

Also, I forgot, I meant to tag the guy above you in that as well, I didn't think you were a Christfag.

This silly fuck.

Tread carefully little ones.

You do know that the Christian God says himself he loves getting dubs and trips infact he loves the number 7's

Samefag that made the blunder above, here. Thanks user, I wouldn't begin to practice in my current state as weary as I am (I even set aside my favorite crystal as to not give it anything unnecessary to it's purpose).

I do, yet they deny their true liberator's number. Did you know the new testament makes references to multiple gods of old? It's quite humorous, the correlations.

It is late where I am so I am going to rest, I'll check back here tomorrow.

I went though a phase like that. Please don't take anything you read too seriously. Please. It's embarrassing.
What's at the bottom of those rabbit holes?
kike misinformation, and twisted history

You can go fuck your own face, cause you ain't no hierophant of mine.

By fucking 30% across the whole fucking board, with nobody going up. That's fucking notable, because where the fuck did the money go? This means that DIVERSIFIED holders, sold off their whole fucking stash, and it didn't go into another coin, and it started right after the SOTU address. The kikes pulled out, they know the heat is on, and this day belongs to Anubis.

Also it could be because the mines have to move out of China to Canada. Or maybe ICO's that are the real scamers are starting to be regulated sot hey are flooding the market and cashing out while they can. Read around FFS and stop being a low intelligence hornblower.

Wasn't crypto, specifically bitcoin, banned or put under strict controls in India, Russia, etc.? The guy who founded Kapersky came out and said bitcoin is a intelligence community asset designed to be dollar 2.0.

Have you lived within the borders of the Soviet Union? Without Hitler there's a good chance all of Europe would have.
Have you read Mein Kampf? Are you a kike?

Mines shutting down, decreases inflation, making prices go up, not down. Also the chinks aren't selling off unannounced assets that their government doesn't know about. They're liquidating realestate and many are actually putting it into new ICOs to launder it. Just because they have trouble with their home banks, doesn't mean it matters.

They're a small share overall. The thing about this, was that it was ALL of the coins, and at all hours. At least 1/3 of the coins sold had to be from major investment portfolios.

No they are relocating. They have not "stopped mining".
This is the fraud that must be cracked down on. Countries are starting to do this and this scares the alt coin suppliers. Bitcoin itself has corrected in value since many where using it as a medium to scam people on other cryptos "and it worked". Since the miners are moving to Canada and they must submit the amount of cash value they are moving, It's best to move something thats worth little now and pay low transfer fees on it then wait 4 months when you are situated in your new place to boost the price back up. This is a play to save on taxation for the miners. Lets say i want 10% of your million if you move it out to another country. But if that million you had drops in value by half then when you move it i can only get 10% of that 500k. Once you are moved, if your 500k then shoots back up to a million-plus you just got around me jewing you and infact you just jewed me.

I think you mistook what I said for that stupid thing women tend to do where they buy crystals from (((online shops))) and wave them over each other as if it is going to do something because the color is "magic" (I probably misunderstand this, but I've never seen any results out of them, whatsoever). I don't buy crystals, I come across them in the wild. Sometimes I divine the crystals, which isn't hard because they resonate quite strongly (my favorite one came out of the middle of a stream). I use them to store and transfer energies (qi, chakras, human emf, what have you).
Also, the thing that lead me to all this was drawing the same symbol repeatedly all my life, in both kindergarten drawings and college notebook margins alike, until I finally came across it on the internet one day. That symbol lead me to Saturn, which lead me to finding most religions worship it, which in turn lead me to secret societies, that lead me to discovering the black sun, which lead me to the tablets of Thoth and the Vedas, and I'm going from there. Were it not for various peoples destroying ancient texts or storing them away like the (((Catholics))) on top of whole civilizations being washed away by rising oceans, I'm sure this would be a more fruitful journey, but it definitely isn't a phase.

BTC is recovering.

Bitcoin is crashing because it was doing its usual crashing thing, which it has already done 5 times before (at least). You're watching the media scrabbling to try and find or assign a reason to the natural Bitcoin lifecycle. They'll do it again in a few years when it's continued to follow log trends for a bit to ~$90k and started crashing to ~$70k. There is a zero percent chance the poo crackdown 'spooked all the investors' as the MSM keeps claiming, that's just them building a narrative.

A buddy of mine got heavily invested in mining this shit, and I told him this is designed to take place of major world currencies so ((they)) can turn off your wallet when you disobey. Dude stopped talking to me. Now bitcoins down like 5 grand since, Good on him.

I don’t get it, why would you not invest in the future?

Good point however I know there is a document out there explaining how the British created a patriotic/warrior class at the end lf the 19th century. Anyone know it? Point being it has happened before and they thought it was organic. I'd say anything fomenting race war without specific focus on the jewish hydra/both US parties/NATO establishing marshall law in the US is suspect. Most civcucks are like this.

666/33 = 20.18181818….

More numerology (((coincidences))) from the (((elites)))

Do they have a bunch of math fags sitting around in a dark room thinking about how to fuck with people or what?

Nothing like that.

Who knows? But it's likely akin to jews shilling for the 6,000,000 number on the holohoax. It has special religious significance to them. Furthermore, look at conspiracy videos that point out occult/numerology coincidences in pop culture and media. Without getting into any super elaborate conspiracy theories about why they do this, it's pretty obvious that they purposefully insert occult symbolism everywhere. They might be doing it just to fuck with us and make us paranoid, but that doesn't change the fact that they do what they do.

Howdy tall. You are the best.

Are you fucking retarded? Your retort first, has NOTHING to do with my statwment, and second, is nonsensical. How the fuck does a computer mine when it's not plugged in, you god damned retard. Despite that retardation though, you should re-read what I said five or six more times in hopes of understanding that less mining = higher prices.
Just start over.

Jew nigger, you click that shit all day. Heck you're probably logged into your jidg jewggle account now. Fucking idiot.

Thinking the phone system will be up hahaha.

When the fake jew economy implodes, it's shitskin hunting season.


It is down a 1000 points now, this is no joke, it is 1918.


Watch for the kikes who own arms manufacturing.

The audacity of these kikes is through the roof. The market's have been blasting off for the past year and a half because of Trump, and now there's a little 2% correction and it's ANUDDA SHOAH!!!

you remind me of niggers that order pizza cut into more slices because they are very hungry

Time for Wallstreet to occupy Guantanamo

666 is the amount of silver (((Solomon))) collected to the treasury, yearly

Why contain it?

Oy vey the kike casino lost 4.6% of its """"""value"""""" for (((absolutely no reason whatsoever))). How terrible.

i guess your buddy stopped talking to people with oppinions on things they don't understand

That and the preppers were also white traditionalists as well, huge families, strong social bonds, and high industriousness in terms of high boredom leading to inventing shit and making new things out of random parts.



clothing, right?

I doubt they're pricing work boots and work uniforms for this economic (((metric)))

Examples are abound, look at African wars. Chaotic, evil and without sense of what comes after. This is what you get when cities crumble with too many niggers in it.
How many survived when Stalingrad was over? We'll have examples of cities where the rate of survival will be about 5% and most of them young men of a certain group per particular city.

Nice honeypot link kike