Photos of Chinese ‘secret railgun’ mounted on ship emerge online

Here's some intel for you, CIA. I know you're busy plotting how to blow up the new embassy in Jerusalem.

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Railguns, like nukes, are a Jewish trick to keep the goyim in line.

If it's true, I wonder who they stole the plans from.
Let's be real, the chinks never develop things on their own. Did some defense contractor cohencidentally leak something again?

Some (((naval contractor))) probably sold it to them.

Who do you think has been selling them plans?
Where do those plans come from?

I wouldn't be too surprised if they home brewed up this one. Rail guns are fairly simple in theory. Hobbyist's make coil guns all the time, which operate on a very similar principle to rail guns. The trick is operationalizing it. Making it shoot a lot. Making it easy to maintain. Making it cheap to mass produce rails. Unless the chinks got some space magic, rails will still degrade after relatively few firings. I wouldn't be surprised to see a nicely edited clip of a few firings over a long time spliced together with some PLAN marching song.
t. engineerfag

did a 10 year old label that picture? thats totally not what any of that shit is.
thats not how naval gunnery works.

oh goddammit. are you one of those mouthbreathers that thinks nuclear weapons dont exist?

Coil guns are fundamentally different from rail guns.


I am almost certain it was the Clinton Foundation or maybe one of McCain’s lot who did it.

Not inventing new things doesn't means they can't put things together, everything you need to know to build a rail gun is widely published in public library.
They're quite apt at putting things together.
But then it wouldn't surprise me that the parts of the US railguns are made in china…

It seemed to have been labelled by a chink so probably.

Great deal for (((them))), selling shabby tech to both sides so they can milk government revenue.

Kike free first post.

There are gobs yidtube videos showing this tech off. They don't need to steal it. What they need is shit that is less sensitive bc people don't think it's important, like how to metalurgy and manufacturing processes the housings to be strong enough to withstand the enormous force generated to shoot these fucking projectiles with 1.2 gW of juice. This shit is easy to get.

the thing is the railgun is apart from being cool sci fi tier equipment rather irrelevant in modern warfare.
when everything is said and done its a very long range artillery piece that has a very slow firing rate because of heat buildup and lack of electricity.
at best if it would be build in a metalstorm type configuration were its like 10 guns instead of one and each with an independant battery unit, then it might make for a worthwile anti air/anti missle weapon.
but that still leaves the problem that modern radar systems just dont have the range to provide targeting data that lets the railgun use its effective fireing range.
so the railgun ship needs constant awacs support wich brings its own problems of having to secure airspace.
further the railgun cant effectively counter the next generation hypersonic cruise missles russia presentet last year or the long range drone torpedo they presentet just a few weeks ago.

at absolute best conditions the railgun would be a second line support weapon that makes naval close air support obsolete but at the same time needs fundamentaly different navel tactics to use effectively.
as long as there isent a save way to gain targeting data that wont need you to split up your forces the railgun is little more then a cool looking piece of tech same as the laws naval anti air laser.

in direct comparison an arsenal ship wich 100+ cruise missles can do the same things at the same range in anti ship missions but wont need external targeting data because the weapons have there own sensor package.

so what?
modern navys dont use bismark or yamato type superships anymore that have a meter worth of bulkhead that needs punching though, even a supercarrier can be sunk with a few coldwar era scud impacts.

It's so kikes can make money user.

Everything in China is a lie, believe them at your own risk.

The navy "gave up" on the railgun as it was marketed in its warporn state. It's gotten better and it has gotten smaller. Just wait for the next phalanx. It will knock your 袜子(Wàzi) off.

Railgun is cheaper than cruise missiles for bombardment of static targets if implemented properly.

Yup, even the cost of the metal for the projectile is nothing compared to the costs of conventional projectiles and munitions and propellants. The rails are great because we got floating nuclear batteries to power them at sea. We could power shore defenses. It is a scary powerful technology that will fuck things up and very unbalancing in terms of power.
I love being white.

sure about that?
it wouldent surprise me of a railgun system would need a rather heavy duty generator to run it, if not a small nuclear reactor.
i mean yea a reusable weapons system definatly has its adventages over single use weapons like missles.
especially for static defence like this dude said were it can use ground based radar system.

This. America and even Russia are years ahead of China.

must not be aware of the ships with unlimited range for 20 years without refueling due to their having a nuclear reactor on board

They are/were powered by their small reactors.

He was simply commenting on the obviously massive power requirements for the device not that ships were incapable.

Unless of course he was referring to the cost more in which case well we already build those reactors for the ships so we're just tapping into the power already there and the costs eventually work out in favor of the rail anyway. meh

yea and these ships need there reactors to run themselfes, so the railgun needs its own reactor ontop of the existing one.

fucking hell, welp now the question is how expansive the generator and the railgun is.
pretty cool though, got a pic of this generator?
i want to know how big it is.

We have press images of the pulsed storage. The "generator" are ship reactors that can recharge the pulse system.

It has gotten smaller.

so its a battery bank.
question is how many shots worth of power it can store untill it needs to recharge and how long the existing generator needs to recharge it.
pretty small for 25 megawatts though.

I can't wait until they go full escalator at the worst possible time.

They aren't releasing those details but they have released videos of multi shot tests. With a nuke to keep it topped up they seem to last quite a bit. Nukes are constantly generating power and if you're using the rail you aren't shutting your nuke off in the water for maintenance etc. But yeah, multishots. The tech is scary.

Forgot to add, they are more supercapacitors rather than batteries because of the need to dump and fill huge amounts of energy at once.

The CIA's goal is to kill all white people. This is a "secret". Their only use for this intel is simply to kill GI Joe by setting him off to yet another pointless war.

Remember, the CIA="Kill all white people". And remember the kikes control the CIA.

hmm the more i think about this the more im remindet of the time before world war one.
right now we have a shittone of next gen weapons systems that would need new tactics to be used efficiantly.
man if shit ever happens between 2 or more modern militarys it will be ugly.

Is it just me or would anyone else have second thoughts when mixing high voltage electricity, sea water and warships?
Plus, these things takel ong to charge up. sauce vidya

Pick one.

nigga we had electricity on ships since before the titanic
when water gets into the engine room, you have a whole lot of other problems.

nah every hobby build railgun ive ever seen or read about needet a long time to charge.
it has something to do with how batterys work and that the magnets run for less then a second but with as much power as they can get.
im no engineer but just a lowly /k/ommando so dont take my word for it.

That's cute.

yea kinetic kill devices are very cool but have the same problem as all wmd's.
as soon as you use one, everyone uses theres.
the weapons might change but MAD stays the same.

Another reason the race for killing robots is on. The first military to field real working units that can handle business, even if all operated as a drone will change things entirely. If the opposing side can't field machines against them they are screwed sending their troops against them. Thus they need to escalate and they will respond with unmitigated destruction against those hard targets. Geneva doesn't apply to robots/drones. When it's all said and done the robots will probably be used as peacekeepers because they are expensive and the response to any number of them being used in large numbers in a combat situation would be costly. Support, breaching, flanking roles, etc. It's gonna get crazy. Can't wait.

Really expensive to put the tungsten telephone poles up there else it would have been mentioned. Those are saved for taking out governments as a whole.

Stay one step ahead of the breadline.

Do you not understand DC? You can't weld underwater and not get shocked. There is a reason you can be in the water with 250amps in your hands. Path of least resistance. There is a ground.
Also, they designed the system to charge fast enough to fire multiple shots in succession. Search for it and read up on it. Look for the video on the multiple shot test. The original prototype took several minutes to charge and it was single shot.

Checked. We've had stuff up there since the 80's.

Any real game-changing tech will do that though because no one falling behind will just lay down and accept it. All we're doing at this point is saving cost and making it easier.

Either that or some "American" Chink sent the plans back to his people.

that would be most likely japan.
abe dumpt billions into robotics research and softbank, japans number one robotics firm baught boston dynamics last year.
that together with there massive expaansion of there military will most likely give birth to the first military robots in japan.

Here's an effective bombardment platform:

also on a related note here's the prototype of the bog that will replace pretty much everyone working in a warehouse.

Love you bae.

yea and remember how many impacts it took to sink the arizona?
there is a reasone why ships like this arent being built anymore.


Wood decks are stupid as fuck.

beautiful parade boat and would make its construction caust 10 times over as a tourist trap.
but during combat this thing is a swimming coffin.
wooden deck, no ciws, world war era artillery.
lovely to look at but thats all it is.

Like that huge scandal that just resulted in like 16 officers being charged with treason?

In before “Battleships are outdated” lies

Fuck, I missed.

Thats not wood thats aluminum acrylic. Top of the light shit.

What if we were to containerize a Pershing 2 missile?


but where is the ship bayonet fixed to?

Put it in a shipping container.

wich would do what exactly?
suitcase nukes are a thing you know.


Bugman think he sneaky, just have shipping routes filled with containerships full of missile batteries.

Through the power of miniaturization some day there will be a glorious weapons platform that features arrays of rail guns like the Iowa class does 40mm and larger and then eventually replace those monster turrets.
To assume new technology won't replace the old reliable stuff is to attempt to board a ship that has cannons loaded with chains and you've only got arrows and long wooden planks. Wooden planks and arrows are effective to board bombard normally but these guys got a weapon that can rip your mast in half before the planks can reach so you are effective in taking the ship.

sank due to japs fire bombing the deck and setting off a magazine iirc
just like shooting a chain at the mast in the example above, there's a weapon that can exploit the weakness and that happened to be strapping a fuck load of extra fuel to a piloted plane and crashing them into the decks. Shame there weren't 40mm cannons with radar and computer assisted targeting and firing on the Arizona like how they shoot african pirates once right in the engine with 50cals when they start sailing towards the ship, or even missile defense which now is basically fry the thing with a laser

A flaw in this rail gun system would be to somehow exploit the capacitors computers - if it gets overheated or whatever won't fire. The rails also need to be swapped out occasionally - perhaps fuck with the heat sensors? Hell, just strap a 105kW laser (soon to be 300kW) and fry the entire ship.
Kinetic weapons are cool but energy weapons are the future. All the superpowers are experimenting with multiple pettawatt pulse lasers in academic settings publicly at least so once rail guns are standard expect laser weapons to be the next big thing.

They dropped AP shells on top of it with planes, pretty fucking cheeky if you ask me

It was a nip parade float/compensation extraordinaire.

A surprise attack and lucky shot that hit the gunpowder storage, which wasn't flooded and sealed as it would be during battle, doesn't really count.

Take for the example the Prince of Wales - the attack against it lasted 3 hours, the japs launched around hunderds of airplanes and the ship itself took a lot of topredos and bombs before sinking. Alas, PoW never had good damage control or AA defences, something that future US battleship heavily focused on. The Iowa in particular had the strongest AA defense of any ship afloat, even more than specialized AA cruisers.

No. You would be able to sneak the missile into china, launch a missile from a major port,launch it from trains,trucks ect.

China would be forced to comb through it's entire country to examine every old & beat up container.

the Pershing missile had a speed of mach 8,and a range of 1100 miles.

You know what makes an awesome heatsink? The ocean. kek
Seriously though they do use it for cooling along with other fuckery to get the cooling they need but it is a complex system and while there are backups and redundancies, shit happens and it wouldn't take much to kill the system critically especially with the kind of power it's got running through it.

and the torpedo hit that crippled the bismark dosent count ether i take it?
or the 4 500 kilo bombs that sunk the carrier kaga.
shit happens in war and munitions explosions is just one kind of critical hit that happens all the damn time.
fuck most tank kills are because the magazine is hit.

I hope you realize that what you just said constitutes "plans" and also there is a bajillion more details that go into design than just the theory. For example lets look at the internal combustion engine. Simple right? but no there is so much fine tuning in every component to get it all together, combustion physics, fuel mixture, piston size, composition of fuel, etc. Similarly there can be so many things to think of with a rail gun such a coil windings, voltages, circuitry, hard wiring I don't even know. There is a reason that patents for mechanisms and designs of machines exist and that is because the way mechanical objects are built around you is complicated.

where there's a will, there's a way I suppose.

modern naval assets are more or less mobile artillery and air force projection tools. the most dangerous thing to an airfield is other planes. buddy of mine in the navy said the aircraft carriers are always accompanied but they are treated like a mobile base because that's what they are. anti AA, since the days of dropping grenades in trenches has been the name of the game.
the advet of drones and fully autonomous submarines like DARPA's Sea Hunter will change the game significantly and require modern defense weapons lasers while the modern offensive weapon in most cases will remain conventional (until they're phased out from craft lifespans in about 100 years) and kinetic energy weapons.

works pretty well until you've been progressively overcharging your capacitors by 0.001% daily and replacing coils as needed writing it off as normal wear and tear from a new weapons system then suddenly you need to draw that critical amount necessary to charge and fire that railgun and your capacitors shit the bed from overheating
there are redundancies and trade secrets but tricking sensors is the easiest way that I can see

And why spend that kind of money on a non-reusable system? We also have navair doing hypersonic missiles, the x-51, etc. If you are going to be that close you don't need that kind of speed and may as well be dropping tomahawks from that platform. Rails get you better time to target, range, and trajectory compared to the conventional rounds the ships and even shore defenses, have been using. The one DRAWBACK of the rails is their acquisition of targets the big hunk of metal can't keep up with the computers. So they aren't great for anything but their job which is blowing something to hell and back before the other fucker can get in range to do the same. Different tools for different jobs. Which is why when the rail-based phalanx comes out it will be fucking awesome.

They are aware of the problems you mention and design the systems specifically to address these concerns. You don't think they just go pouring salt water into their reactors do you? Does the obvious really need to be stated?

Me, not joking either.

They already had the tesbed setup, they needed a barrel.

The DARPA Sea Hunter project is in direct response to the Chinese exceptionally silent diesel electric submarine problem
friend of a friend once knew a cia guy who spoke in public once in a while, mentioned how the chinks have exceptionally quiet diesel-electric subs and due to the shallowness of the south china sea they need to figure out a new way to detect them

just sperging out. earlier we had anons thinking you needed a separate nuclear reactor just to charge one of these. trying to educate more while getting educated as well

I can see the seas being patrolled by a bunch of sub drones powered by a nuke battery. Or even a swarm of them proceeding as sweepers in front of carrier groups.
I like what SAAB is doing with their subs based on sterling engine tech. Cool shit.

I'm confident that whenever this ship goes to sea, one fast-attack sub will be trailing it's wake, a second sub will be on its 90. The ship's prop signatures will already be recorded and loaded in for easy tracking.

I'm confident Herman is going to get his shit pushed in.

This thread makes me want to get back into CMANO.

Obama sent them our railgun plans on the way out the door. He felt bad that they snubbed him and he hadn’t been making with enough secrets for his commie masters so he sent them the railgun plans.

Doesnt bobbing up and down defeat the whole purpose (accuracy) of a rail gun, seems like fakenews

If it were more than 100 years ago and stabilization no longer existed then yes, that would be a problem.

And it fires REALLY REALLY REALLY fast which kind of helps.

remember when this was called the "sword of damocles" and not rods of god? sword of damocles for some reason got retconned

Yeah what a shitty retcon man.

The point is to launch a nuke.

Good fucking god.

America was using railguns on ships for the past twelve years. Not surprising China suddenly has them now as well given who ran the country the past eight years and China's propensity to steal and try to make/copy.

yes just like the bobbing up and down of feet and arms defeats the purpose of handguns

Railguns mounted on 5000 metric ton nuclear powered ground effect vehicle amphibious battleship tanks. They fly low enough to confuse radar and fast enough that anti-ship missiles may not track.

Newsflash: Smokescreens can defeat energy weapons.

yeah, everyone whos job is to spin around at the warehouse is fucked

Lower atmospheric kinetic bombardment weaponry when?

The Gerald Ford carriers all basically have "railguns" on their decks already. They use electomagnetic plane launchers instead of steam powered launchers.
It's fucking retarded and causes all kinds of problems.

That's why tanks have to stop to aim and fire.

When LEO stops being the most vulnerable place possible to put weapons platforms.
As soon as a real war breaks out every side is going to be ASAT'ing everything that looks at all suspicious.

First (((government))) to successfully field a space marine or squad of them will own the globe and solar system

The creation of the Emperor's finest must wait until after the parasites have been purged.

the only difference between muh DIY supercap electrogun and a military grade one is scale. I even messaged a youtuber knowledgeable about electronics and he made a proof of concept one. Nothing more since he is in the UK and thats super illegal though.

nuclear reactors = practically infinite energy

yes hunk of steel > explosive missle


this shit doesn't matter. chinks made a big magnet gun big whoop

US Marines were developing drop pods/drop troopers, but being the Marines, they didn't have the budget to complete it.

pic related

Drop pods are for pussies.

Knowing China it's either fake, too shoddy to last, stolen, aped, or they themselves released the photo and are trying to make us believe they have one.

The Chinese never simply make anything.

It was called SUSTAIN (Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion), but if I remember right the Marines called it "Project Hot Eagle", because ZOGbots though they may be, Marines are absolutely a meme cult. And I'm not saying that jokingly, a good month out of the three months at bootcamp is learning Marine Corps memes. Seriously.

railguns have the added benefit of firing projectiles at such a velocity that they supercavitate, meaning they can effectively fire underwater: would make a great anti-torpedo/submarine weapon

For example, I know there are multiple other Marines on Holla Forums. Without looking it up, not a single user will know what any of the following means, but literally every. single. Marine. will instantly know:

And that's just basic shit. If I went into infantry memes it'd derail the entire thread.

Shit, I read about that in a Tom Clancy from 2 decades ago. Diesel electric are quiet, but short-range.

The plane launchers unfortunately have to modulate the power and provide a proper amount of acceleration so they don't fuck up the planes and that can be a bit more complicated when you have to factor in different mass of various loadouts etc.
Sometimes the older way of doing things is better. If only they concentrated on updating the things that actually need fixing or updating and left the working stuff alone me might be in better shape.
And yes I'm still salty about the A-10. For what those fucking jarheads have cost us in demanding VTOL on an already overly complicated system, we could have rebuilt the A-10 tooling from the ground up and put modern versions into service.

Umm, do the terms "Recon Satellite" and
"GPS" mean nothing to you? the ship could fire accurately at a target from max range without AWACs support.
The Saab A26 is getting 18 days underwater running silent.

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The US has had railguns for years. It's not a secret at all, either.

wonder which 'Resistance' member walked rail gun blueprints out of a secure facility for fat stacks of chankoro cash

I never liked chinese food to begin with

this will awe normalfags, which is useful

The Chinese never invent anything. If they have a railgun it's because they stole US designs.

Russia exists.
Also, Quake Railgun when?


FUCK YOU China !

Chinks stole all sorts of shit including the F35 plans like 3 years ago or something.


>muh based (((Trump)))

Post anti-China pic's Meme's or you're a Blackpill shill.
Communism is For faggots.
Please post this open air "Jew arms market" anything: sources,pics etc.

Only difference between picrelateds is scale.

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Matter of fact,
Everything was hardly secret anymore since the advent of word of mouth. Now, computers tell on everyone anyway. Think about that before your muuuuhh hide my power level, I'm so Holla Forums! We all know who you are, user.