The 4 Page Fisa Memo (Page 1)

The 4 Page Fisa Memo (Page 1)

Here is page 1 of the 4 page Fisa Memo. I also uploaded the full 99 page document the 4 page memo came out of!

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Working on it right now…

Through the course of our investigations we have determined that the Democractic National Committee was Breached by an individual named Seth Rich. At the time of the breach, Mr Rich was employed by the Democratic National Committee at the time of the breach. During said period of employment. Mr, Rich broke into the IT Server Room, and transferred the files from the server to an external hard drive. The investigation concludes that the transfer rate of file was consistent with a local breach; and does not align with assertion that the breach occurred through a transfer over the internet.

If true, we know he was murdered and why. The entire DNC needs to be thoroughly investigated and people need to go to prison. Fuck the evil libs. They're a disease that needs to be eradicated.

Welp, they've already retracted the names of whom Brennan and Clapper met with regarding the transfer of files to Wikileaks. So much for full transparency. This is how our tax dollars are abused, in addition to burning down entire communities in California with aerial high-energy weapons and funding ISIS. Years ago, people would be raging mad marching in the streets over these events, but again, our tax dollars are being used against the populace via EMF to keep us docile and sedated. Pathological characters who don't even qualify as human, plotting their sinister plans to destroy nations and people on this planet.

OP in the future, get all your links and uploads in order BEFORE you post a thread. people will be less inclined to call you a bitch that way

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The FISA Memo

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I'll wait for an official release and compare later.

If that is actually it I will eat my own dick with a fork and knife. This is obviously a hoax.


This is the 99 page FISC memo from ages ago NOT the 4 page FISA memo retard. Stop watching Alex Jones.

I think its more likely this is being pushed to distract from the incoming real memo rather than being pushed by over excited Alex Jones fans.

Proly, but still good advice.

this, my guess is that it's someone on the left wants to get us all hyped up so that we will be disappointed and lose energy when the real thing drops and isn't as extreme.
Be patient and wait for the real thing, it won't be long now.

The 4 Page Fisa Memo (Page 1)

Here is page 1 of the 4 page Fisa Memo. I also uploaded the full 99 page document the 4 page memo came out of!

It's the same fake "leak" that been popping up on here for the past week or so

Reported for hoax.




IF that's real, the video of the first page says that Hillary Clinton and Tapper were among the people who knew Seth Rich leaked DNC info to Wikileaks and that they used MS13 to murder Seth Rich.

not much in it..i remember when everyone is 1st talking about they were saying its disgusting, made those who read it sick, and will shake americans to the if it was something damning, instead it's some bullshit verifying what was known 20 years ago.

yous got trolled again, is nothing there.

At the time of the breach, Mr. Rich was employed by the Democratic party at the time of the breach.

Bullshit. Nunes has better than first grade grammar. This was written by a child.

It's been on the DNI website for weeks y'all. It's redacted but yes the MO is clear >>> sedition and treason.

The seth rich leaks were not 20 years ago. They happened around the time that Bernie was losing the primaries to Hillary. He was killed in Summer 2016.

If you google for 'seth rich' at the moment you will see lots of liberal mainstream media sites 'debunking' the seth rich story. They would look very silly if that all turned out to be real. People would certainly be fired from those organizations.

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This isn’t the memo.

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