Rumor has it there are at least 4 additional memos to release, and they are worse than this one

Rumor has it there are at least 4 additional memos to release, and they are worse than this one

I'll be happy about that only after they release this one. Trump and the rest of the decent people are sitting in a hole in the ground right now, from which they can govern. Sitting there with their families. Gee, I wonder why. But it would all be a LOT BETTER if they would get the ball rolling and at least release the first one. But whatever, this is interesting:

I'd like memo 2 to be Uranium one.
I'd like memo 3 to be pedophile roundup.

I'd like memo 4 to be a real 911 disclosure.

I'd like memo 5 to be vaccine disclosure.

I'd like to throw an investigation into child sacrifice and how the CPS enables it by stealing kids via whimsical charges against decent parents.

I'd like memo 6 to be a roundup of corrupted college professors.

I can't ask for more when we don't have even one released yet, but if I could, how about an FBI investigation into Google, Facebook, and the American bar association? Yeah, THAT. Truth be told, I can't put it on a page, but baby steps at first I guess.

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The push behind this "memo" stuff seems very artificial to me, though perhaps I'm being too paranoid.


Dr. Scheuer predicted all of this exactly as it would unfold months ago. If you don't already read his site and listen to him when he's on that terrible radio show in Virginia and they put it on Yt once a week, well worth doing.
(and no, he isn't a kike, he's a Hungarian Catholic)


Memo 1 hasn't been released.

Always willing to listen to this dude. What did he say? Link?


You noticed that shit eating grin too, talk about out of place. I chalk it up to your typical hen female just glad and excited to be in the group as per female nature.

I am more concerned about her sweater having an 8 logo.

It's so much more than that.

Close but not an 8.

Source of the tweet?

inb4 the deep state is going to flood us with conflicting memos to discredit the original. At this point I'd gladly take a memo confirming that Obungo used his presidential powers to spy on Trump. Once we have that evidence and monkey man in chains everything else starts falling into place. Not even the most retarded lemming can ignore "Wow if Trump was right about that, maybe he's right about…" And then everything else.

It's her shitty necklace not a logo on her sweater. She's wearing one of those huge ugly afri-nigger necklaces.

I'd like to at least see the first one and the aftermath before seeing more

I heard memo 4 simply says 'Traps are gay'.

We'd all like to actually see this damning memo, user. However, I'm not sure talking about this is smart. Would it be smarter to hint that there could potentially be even more damaging information further down the line or keep people clammed up to surprise them with an investigation?

All things given, I think it's more important to inform the public to garner support and sway opinion in the case that something big DOES go down; if yet another investigation crashes and burns, how long will it take before the little people start finally waking up and demanding answers?

100 years since balfour
65 years of holohoax
50 years of JFK
17 years of 9/11

wake up? ever? maybe never?

We are the little people m8

You're a big guy.

For jews


Nonsense. They will wake up when the 24/7 conditioning machine gets turned off.

There will likely not be some huge "awakening" by white people that manifests in even majority acceptance of a white ethnostate. If it hasn't happened by now, it never will. Mass redpilling seems an impossibility, because even in the early 1900's when white Americans were WAAAYYY more race conscious and jew-aware than they are now, they were still led astray in less than two generations. It's possible to influence normalfag opinions and make them more racially aware, but most cannot be truly redpilled.

The masses exist to be herded, nothing more.

I still want the fucks held accountable for the fast and furious crap. They helped arm the fucking murderous beaners that flooded the country.

I do hope someone is keeping a tabs on all their assets and making sure none of it is being sheltered anywhere. That belongs to the people they stole it from.


he predicted all of it because of his former involvement in it. hes ex cia. pretty easy to know what is going on if you were the guy in control of the scam like 10 years ago.

not to downplay his obvious use as redpill material on cia fuckery though. the an fucking hates israel and is not afraid to be vocal about it

I love rumors , they're great. They always lead to something or other

Only 5% of people rule and influence their own group. It has always been this way. The average man is adapted to adopt the customs and social cues of his own group - however destructive or perverse they may be.  It is a successful evolutionary strategy and one which is deeply ingrained in the human psyche. One could give many examples throughout history (or indeed in every mundane human interaction) but the fallen West and its doctrine of neo-liberalism is the perfect contemporary example of it on the civilisational level. People follow it purely because they know they will be awarded social status for signalling the correct opinions. Many intelligent people will even be able to convince themselves that is what they in fact believe, even when it can be demonstrated that many of those beliefs are logically contradictory. But the great mass of low to middling IQ people simply do not care for truth at all - they are not able to think to that degree of abstraction and it is simply not useful for their immediate survival. They are content to look no further than have they got food on the table and a TV to watch. The picture behind the quote is a little pompous but you get the meaning.