RYAN STABS TRUMP IN THE BACK: "Memo does not discredit Mueller."

For the 100000000000000000th time in his long,traitorous,worthless career,the deep state puppet Paul Ryan caves RIGHT WHEN THE MEMO IS GOING TO BE RELEASED! Unbelievable. He's playing defense for the Dems!



I never saw anything that suggested Trump said the memo discredited Mueller. Back to the over for this bread, it's half-baked

Did anybody ever thing that Ryan wasn't completely jew-owned?

really opened my eyes, OP

that 'garbage truck on the train tracks' message rang through loud and clear from his (((masters)))

Sure fucking did.

yeah, that line has worked so well on us forever and normies so well of recent.

He has such a despicable ratlike face. There's no way in hell this guy isn't at least a quarter Jewish.

Is this memo ever going to get released or are we just going to let politicians tell us what it says and make up our minds on how we should feel about it? I don’t give a shit about what Paul Ryan says. I can read it for myself and make a pretty good analysis on my own and of course always come here to get more information about it.

What role did Ryan have in releasing the memo?
But yeah, expecting a cuck not to cuck is being a cuck.

Wow, so not unexpected !

Seamus is at it again.

Does it even matter either way? Not to excuse this faggot but even if it doesn't, the investigation is obviously going to lead to nothing anyway. Anyone with half a brain already knows the whole russia narrative is bullshit.

2 ways to look at it;
1. Mueller is secretly with us, if that were the case, we wouldn't want him prematurely removed.
2. Ryan receives a bag of Soros money in campaign contributions. I know, so I'm sure Trump knows. He's gotta keep those dollars rolling in, so he's gotta do the job. The memo says what it says, so when we read it, we'll know what it says regardless of what Ryan says. Everyone knows this The memo release has nothing to do with Mueller directly, it is just a segway into; The Obama admin /DNC/FBI are/were corrupt. That is the narrative that will be expounded upon

If anyone ever hoped Ryan was anything but a (((globalist))) puppet, he is an idiot.

Why is everyone being so hyperbolic, we've already determined that this had to do with the misuse of FISA during the election to spy on political opponents. Why would that have anything to do with Mueller's probe. Ryan is a faggot for giving them a headline, but think it through.

Fucking faggot. Children all over his twitter page.

They aren't telling you what to think, they are telling you how to think.

what a coincidence

Who is this faggot and why does his opinion matter?

Ryan coming out and saying its nothing goy only gives it more credibility tbh

lurk moar

Lurk 10 years before posting

it's pronounced "hurnl"

They really are banking on everyone ignoring and getting killed at the superbowl.


Make it 20 years.

The cynicism and truth is many layered in this one.


I'd like to read his full response and not just one quote out of context. No, I don't trust Ryan and know he would stab Trump in the back first chance he had an opportunity. But, what exactly has Mueller's investigation revealed so far? Nothing on Trump or his campaign and everything about Dem corruption all the way to Obongo. So, in that context, the memo would not discredit his investigation.
No offense op, but you are not stating anything that people who browse here don't already know and you are acting like a hysterical cunt about it. So, I think you are just trying to fit in or sew some gloom and doom. The day just started.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

No it’s the KIKES you fucking redditor faggots

dabbing Jew is a traitor, whodathunkit?


Just drop the fucking memo you fucking cunts, i'm sick of these games.

Botched face lift or shrunk his scalp to hide hair loss, Mel did something because he didn't have dumbo droopy ears when he was younger.

Good looks and good personality usually go together hand-in-hand maybe not in high school but usually after they've matured

>that 'garbage truck on the train tracks' message rang through loud and clear from his (((masters)))

Holy shit. Were they attempting an irl version of the "into the trash it goes" meme on the "Trump Train" meme? Because all of those Repub.s were headed to a meeting with Trump.

Some brave patriot needs to kill this traitorous piece of shit asap.

Jane Blowers.

Is that a Smart Car?

why would it discredit the investigation? The investigation is still solid, this merely redefines the suspects list.


In the age of information words can do a lot. We know the memo is only tangently related to the Russian probe, but now there's another headline out in the wild underplaying it to normalfags. Good job, Ryan.

This slimy fucking turkroach. He is technically correct: the memo does not mention Mueller at all. It just proves the entire reason for his investigation was based on illegal premises.

The purest of coincidences that the garbage truck referenced Time along with the traitors announcing Time was up of course.


Sadly, law enforcement following orders regarding investigations aren't discrediting him as an employee in any way. They do it all the time and following the chain of command is expected. Someone needs to go after the one that directed his investigation and gave the orders if they expect anything to get done. It does however indicate that he will always follow orders and personal or lawful judgement will not be applied and as such will never remain a completely neutral entity when it comes to enforcement of applicable law.
But that's ok. It is still evidence they are trying to play games and the contents of the memo while not against this particular investigator directly for the specified uproar, there is likely a casual connection they can tie to other events that haven't been brought up. Remember, kikes do their damnedest to get you to focus on one issue when they have several fires going, especially when one of those fires is out of control. They continue to believe if they can deny just one flippant statement because it isn't PURE PROOFS while providing none they can end the original argument. This is how they think they can mitigate the memo's potential destruction.
I'm carving the stories of these days in stone so no one will ever forget the last days of the hebe

I don't think it discredits Mueller but it certainly discredits the whole basis for his investigation.

It's Time, Disposal. Baby.

Rest In Piss to all the traitors

To be fair, they're all kikes. And this is a kike system meant to look over a white nation (incompatible, rest assured) where we expect some law and order, some sort of real checks and balances for the kikes in the form of ballistics. And gov kikes don't want their gov kikes making all the gov kikes look bad, so off to the lynch posts it is.