Group of Progressives Write Letter To Democrats Demanding They Take Trump's Amnesty

Shills will say otherwise, but it's a good deal. I trust Trump, he wouldn't have offered it if he didn't think so.

That’s why Trump wants the border funding put in a trust, he knows these kikes lie about everything and they’ll re-open the floodgates for the beaners the microsecond the have the power to do so. It’s sickening how the Democrats jerk off so hard over brown people.

I hope you burn in hell.

After the 2030 we will be able to end chain migration and that's 600,000 people a year. By 2033 we'll offset all 1.8 million of the dreamers and everything afterwards will be a net gain.


Kill yourself

no more than 5% would last long enough to actually get in, there are a lot of hoops to jump through

The federal government DOES NOT deport illegals even though the laws tells them to. They haven't done so in decades. MORE LAWS ON THE BOOKS SAYING THE SAME THING WON'T CHANGE ANYTHING! Get it through your thick skull you fucking simpleton.

Brock is a cheapskate so I know he's not paying you overtime. Do you do it for free?

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Even assuming that the federal government would try and deport every single dreamer spic that violates their term of stay (they won't), over 25% of them are in California, which will shield them in every way possible. The democrats, liberals and kikes who control most of this countries bureaucracy are more determined to keep these spics than conservatives are to get them out of America.

In short, ICE would really have their work cut out for them, even disregarding the possibility that the (((9th circuit))) would hogtie this law in the courts for years.

Why don't you take them into your house if you love them so much, yid-boy,


we've got a month to see. They've got until March 5th, and will likely bring it down to the wire before making an official decision.

Of course they'll accept it. It's a great deal for them. They're just holding out for a better deal, but this one will do just fine.

No, it's a terrible deal for White America. It is an absolute kill shot and this is all theater to sucker in Whites before the hammer drops on them. The Democrats kick up the biggest stink in the world, oh it's awful, it's horrible, we can never accept it! Trump gets portrayed as super reasonable and the Democrats give in and accept it.

The end result is millions of amnestied spics on top of the already completely destroyed demographics of White America. There is no possible way to fix the demographic avalanche coming without active removal of all illegals and retroactive revocation of citizenship from anchor babies and their descendants. That is only thing that can fix the demographics.

What is being set up is a giant make work program for the wall which in 10-15 years time will act as a Berlin Wall moment for the brown inheriting population.

He offered it because he knew they would never take it.

Now the Kikes are faced with a choice on this:
A) Tell the Dems to accept the deal, satisfy their current base, but lose access to unlimited spics via Chain Migration for an estimated 1.8 million spics, 12 years from now.

B) Tell Dems not to accept the deal so they can keep Chain Migration and continue to get unlimited spics, but piss off their base and lose Amnesty for DACA recipients.

Either way the Kikes lose one way or another.

Even if they don't agree to the deal, we'll still get the wall, and end to the visa lottery, and chain migration another way. DACA is expiring in a few days, too. This puts Dems and their kike masters in a tough spot, where literally every option fucks them over.

And shills here will stomp their feet and scream that "DRUMPF IS CUCKING OUT ON AMNESTY!!!!! DON'T VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN!!!!!!" like they think we're as stupid as they are.

You seem completely oblivious as to how bad the demographics ALREADY ARE. We need to physically remove people, not just slow it down.

They absolutely will take it. Feel free to screen cap your post and this one together.

Prepare to be disappointed.

You're missing the real takeaway here. A professive group wants to take the deal before the next election. This means that the progressives are scared of the midterms. The opposing party almost always sees gains during the midterms. It's basically a meme at this point. One that the MSM would normally be shilling by now, trying to get everyone to expect that outcome so it becomes more likely. But they're not doing this, they're in damage control mode already and it hasn't even happened yet.

This is good.

The deal on the table makes them citizens, supposedly, after 12 years. Now, that will never stick in the courts and neither will any of the other restrictions, but it will most certainly not grant them citizenship in time for the midterm elections.

They want the deal because they already know the real demographics. They have all the time in the world and want the amnesty. They will undo everything else he's done in a few years and knock down his wall if they don't manage to hold it up until he's out.

Regardless of what Trump or the libshits may have in mind with this deal. It's almost an absolute certainty that without a physical wall / e-verify / immediate deportations Democrats will absolutely flake on their end of the deal.

There is no way they will hold up their end of any bargain once they are back in any form of power

Correct. Once you understand the two-party theater and the long-term goals of zionist capital, Trump's positions and proposals make a ton of sense. White America is basically used up after the last 20 years. Half-nigged, doped up, marrying with Asiatics and happily working for the kikes, and everybody who isn't is getting anti-israel and getting their fast.

Trump wants to make sure there is a domestic latino force of zio-murderers who can soak up defense contracts hunting down Whites in America while his jew family watches it on TV in Trump tower.

Not surprised, y'all were likely boycotting it like the rest of you mindless drones.

They were silent all night but that was the one thing they could not control themselves over.

Oh but they're just magically going to come around because "DRUNPF IS A CUCK AND IS ACTUALLY EXPECTING THEM TO ACCEPT THE DEAL"

Stupid kike drones.

Yes, booing sells it. They will take the deal.
He is the exact opposite. He is moving in on White America for another killshot just like Reagan delivered.
The kikes are all in Trump's administration and his family. He even let a special kike out of prison.


For the retarded among us, they're not going to take the deal because if they tried to Trump would load the thing up with a ton of legal guarantees and so on, he'd give them a piece of legislation to sign with all the loopholes blocked and no way to wriggle out of anything later. They won't take it for that reason alone, Trump still has latitude to sabotage the process however he likes even if they were to try accepting.

Are you retarded, a non-white, or a leftist? Either way, you do not belong here.

Watch the shills rage at this

They are selling you. You are being sold on their resistance. It's to make YOU feel good, like you got a good deal, like you put one over on them. You're a mark.

So what you are saying is that Trump is one of the greatest masterminds of our time. Or is it that the entire system is at his beck and call? Mind fucking blown, my fellow user.

I'll go with Option D: All of the above.

Trump has been the steam valve in waiting for a long time. He's been owned by the Rothschilds for a long time. He's just the salesman here to make you feel good about getting your head on the block. He even apes campaign slogans from Reagan.


Don't forget to post TrumpYidWall.jpg too.


Kek. You're an idiot.

Hot damn it's finally back, i thought you niggers would never post trumptoucheswall.jpg again after choking too much on your tears. What made you reconsider? Mayne an user from /baph/ should dox your personal home addresses again for this special occasion.

I can only think of one man who could possibly get us out of this mess. I'm sure he will make his move soon.

Would you prefer Trump's address to the UN in which he threatened global war against "revisionist powers"?

Rand is fully on board with Trump's amnesty. I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here except mine some old meme territory.

He's just playing politics.

I've seen a bunch of comments on even NYT saying they were hoping this would be the thing to break Trump's base, I imagine Shareblue had a momentary pang of something resembling hope and had an involuntary twitch in their shilling muscles.

I get the feeling that shitlibs are still gonna pitch a massive fit, even if they get some form of amnesty.
Gonna rub the fact that burgers are getting a wall in the faces of the shitlibs I know.

I love Liberals who shoot themselves in the foot. I love all the Liberals. Do they think the President is like them and never reads opposition literature?

The dems have been fucking up pretty constantly for the past year+, they'll find a way to screw a themselves.

Why don't you explain to everyone exactly how he would stop them from undoing it all later when he is no longer in the White House?

It's a shit deal, and I hope the dems are retarded enough not to take it. DACA just expiring would be the best scenario for us.

Holla Forums needs to play both sides via sock accounts:
post as a moderate shitlib demanding this deal be accepted, because muh incremental gains
post as hard left shitcunts demanding total dissolution of all borders.

this is a wedge point that can fracture the left and weaken them. hop to it lads.

The base will eat them alive if they compromise.

If they honor the deal and dont just recind it once trump is gone.
Who despite pissed will still vote at least 3/4 democrat and the 1 being a mix repub, green or abstain.

Big talk, what have YOU done to make that a reality? And no, calling ICE is not YOU doing anything to make it a reality, its you using an external group, a group vulnerable to kike subversion all the same, to do what YOU have not done YOURSELF. Rely on your own hands, mind and heart to shape the world, others may follow, but if you refuse to be the one to march forward, you can revel in the shit like everyone else.

While nice, trump seems to keep to his word, at least more than dems, and I would not count on repubs to scrap daca, rather they scrap the wall.

Yet still vote for them, the only way to keep a lib voting dem and its not even foolproof is them to attempt to kill but fail with only injuring a normalfag liberal, and even then that would not convince many as they will rationalize the attempted murder with shit logic.

Who gives a shit.
The only important ones are the independents. And those by far favored Trump' speech.
Trump is STILL in full election mode for 2018.

I think Trump wants to "look reasonable" to the fence sitters and his cuckservative party members, and wants his supporters to loudly disapprove of any amnesty so he can say "oh well, I tried but the American people don't want it, and I was elected to serve the will of the people :^)".

In other words, realize this is a just a game here, and loudly disagree with any amnesty in the normiesphere. Tell Trump what he wants to hear: amnesty = no more support for the Republican party = no votes or support in the midterms. And of course, the cherry on the top: The left will get really asshurt over the Dems not quickly accepting the deal while it was still on the table, and will not go out to vote during the midterms.

Democrats need Spics for future votes since Liberals don't produce kids and niggers reproduce as much as they kill each other, so Trumps plan is to burden relationships between Spics, Libs and Democrats and have them swing at each other with this DACA deal fuckery while getting fence sitters on his side by appearing reasonable.


This is the biggest problem with the deal, rags like the NYT are already advocating for it on the premise that all the stuff the Dems are giving up can be walked back after they regain power but its much harder to "undeport" someone.

>and then immediately violating the deal when they recover the White House
This is exactly what posters here said they would do if dems ever accepted an amnesty bargain. Democucks are predictable as fuck. Trump should not offer amnesty at all, even as a fake deal with many things attached to keep dems from accepting it. Because on the very slim chance that they DID accept it, that would be an instant demographic suicide.

On the upside, granting amnesty to criminal border crossers would likely accelerate rope day as the people will learn there are no peaceful solutions to white genocide.

It's interesting that this particular group of leftists has finally figured out what Holla Forums has known about the immigration debate for the past decade. I've got to wonder whether any of them will start to question whether the side that's consistently lied, cheated, and subverted the will of the people over more than half a century might not be on the right side of history.

At any rate, Trump's come out and said that the 'deal' he offered was just put forward to get congressional Democrats to admit that they care more about fucking over White people than protecting the poor innocent brown chilluns. He has no intention of seeing it pass, and neither does the House of Representatives. By all means, put pressure on him from the right, but believing despair shills who have, over the past 3 years, gone from insisting he was throwing the election to insisting he was going to take out Assad to insisting that amnesty was definitely going to happen is just idiotic, especially considering the fact that none of their canned lines includes a suggestion for action that doesn't glow in the fucking dark.

I'm curious as to whether you think you're accomplishing something.

Thank you

wasn't rand also on the open borders train before trump?

He still is. Rand is pure lolbergtardian down to his mitochondria. He doesn't care if we have to take infinity beaners/mudslimes/KANGZ or if Jews control every lever of power as long as nobody has to pay taxes and you can smoke weed in public while playing with remote-control recreational nukes.

Their controllers make sure to insulate them from the truth and condition them to act irrationally when they encounter it. You can peel them away, but it takes a couple years. The fear of being ostracized keeps most of them in line.


Twitching corpses should be put to rest.

Trips of Truth confirm this train has no brakes.

No. 1.8 million spics will turn into 5 million the way they reproduce. Here’s a reality check not every spic breaks the law or at least gets caught doing it so don’t act like they’re all going to get deported because they fucking won’t. You know what works even better than a wall? Not incentivizing spics to come over here by handing out gibs, making companies afraid of hiring them, and making them afraid to be here in the first place. Don’t get me wrong I want the wall too but it’s a moot point if means keeping nearly 2 million spics here. Let DACA expire and let’s get these spics out.

fuck off kike. those are not illegals they are spic invaders.

It's funny to watch the last remaining white boomers on the left try to appeal to logic that only works in a world where whites are still in control of the left. I wonder how long it will take for these lost souls to realize the impotence of their political position, I honestly think they may keep making appeals to white reasoning all the way to the grave at this point.

All I want is to someday be there in person to witness the lightbulb come on in one of these boomer's decaying minds. The look on their face when they realize they have been completely marginalized by the brown hordes they once defended is going to be priceless. Nothing is more inflated than a lefty boomer's ego and the realization that they no longer hold any power will burst an egotistical bubble that they'd been inflating for their entire lives.

No user, every single last one of them is a gangbanger and every single one of them will get deported by the BASED federal government. And there's no possible way the courts and bureaucracy will hamstring such efforts.
Didn't e-verify get slashed from the amnesty deal? And it'll be a cold day in hell before anyone on Capitol Hill so much as touches the gibs train.

The fact is we don't need a deal to get all that shit done. Always say no to amnesty.