Trump's speech interupted with Shut it down

Trump's winter republican meeting speech was just shut down but CNN feed.

It seems the video goes black and then they either say "shot is down" or "shut it down." It went down on all networks because they were all using a CNN feed.

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I did a quick search over who has this trending and only Voat mentions it.

Checked and praised kek.

Jesus that's sad. CNN knows that the SOTU speech was really really good.

Was it? I tuned after 10 minutes and all the clapping.

This is really the best timeline.

I saw something by Glenn Beck today talking about how the SOTU has become too much of a pep rally where half the people don't want to be there.

I'm glad you made this thread. I was thinking about it, and I think it's thread-worthy. Someone posted it on another thread. it's incredible to have "shut it down" happen before a broad audience. The kike is outing itself!!!

< Glenn "nigger fucker" blech
Gas that kike-lover.

I wish Trump would let us burn CNN down.


We'd have to nuke Israel for CNN to vanish.

Sounds like "shot is down" but CNN is known to do this all the time. The question is, why cut him off? What would be the point? It just makes them look more incompetent.

It broadcast in its entirety shortly after he delivered it on cspan but it was not live.
I was watching tucker he broke away from his show to the speech then poof but tucks never said anything about it.

They panned out before it happened which requires a human so there was human action and not just a photon hitting the wrong wire.

The second shot is down sounds very "we did it, it's done."

You must be really new here. CNN pretends to lose link when someone says something they don't like on a regular basis.

No shit. I never said they didn't. It's not like Trump was about to go off and start red pilling. I'm just wondering why they would shut something down when Trump wasn't saying anything that would scare them.

Voat threads for those interested considering they got a four hour head start.

The last video is one of my all time favorites. Paul voters were based as fuck. Not in the "best we're gonna get" vein, either. Fuck the kikes.

All the fucking time….

I was watching fox and Washington post live streams , tucker literally said just before the speach , if we are in a commercial break and the speach begins we will cut from commercials "that's how dedicated to the news we are " …. Halfway through trumps sentence they cut to a did dead faced tucker who's reading a prompter.



Voat is cucked

(((pure coincidence)))

Camera zooms back away and someone says Shot in down, shut it down.
Maybe Camera man has done this because he is persuaded to do so.

CNN being be the only ones with a camera. Where the hell was Fox?

Does Trump know they cut the feed to his speech? Would be a shame if he were to deny them access to his future speeches

Glenn Beck is a cuck and a race traitor. Did you expect anything less from that faggot?

Haha you're right. a man's voice can be clearly heard talking over the Presidents voice saying "Shut it down, shut it down." at 27sec to 28sec. Use headphones.

Kek. Looks like Holla Forums was right again.

CNN has satellites that are allergic to truth.

Owned by "the force is female™" disney jews.

Glenn Beck is still around?!

He didn't seem too frazzled, but also gave no reason for the feed dimming out.

Can't Ruck the Tuck

All it takes is one buttrustled twitter employee or one commie CNN employee to shut shit down. They've been fed so much bullshit that they happily censor ideas the corporations tell them to, and do it in a way to give (((TPTB))) an out. There was never an order, there was never a direct demand to censor it. It's just censored.
They are the goodest goys. Some of these faggots took to kike subversion like fish to water.

You can hear a faint note of pleasure in the man's voice as he says 'shut it down'. Check it out for yourself. I'm sure he was no goy, personally.

Typical tricks from Schlomo Shekelstein, but they've completely thrown all caution in the wind. The oven sings to them and they respond in kind.

He did have that nasally urbanite tone, but I can't tell between kike voices and soygoy voices anymore.


Funny how it says CNN on the test screen but it's got ABCNiggers in the corner.

oy fucking vey

Here's the (((Washington Post's))) upload of it to jewtube incase normalfags think it's fake:

Thanks. I don't think it will help, not with normalfags. With those on the edge of redpilling, perhaps. Normalfags don't want to know the truth, for this simple reason:

Their own subconscious haunts them. They know they cucked over an entire generation, and now two generations, and perhaps a third. They're in denial. They don't want to see what they really are.



You mean the salt-left?

All those lost shekels must be affecting their ability to pay their equipment maintenance.

Trump was red pilling Americans on MS 13 and more, so CNN decided to pull it.

Run away from conversations you don't want to have.



Someone please tell me how to clip these together and I will.

First vote I ever cast was for Ron Paul in the 2012 primary. I got so disgusted with the establishment after seeing how he was treated by the media that I couldn't bring myself to vote in the general. Ironically, I wasn't even a libertarian then. I got my first redpills back on 4chon /new/. I voted for him because he was the only person running with any real integrity. Hell, user, think of where we might be right now if we had 8 years of Paul instead of Obama. No Federal Reserve, with the entire country aware of how skeevy and kiked our financial system is. Qaddafi would still be in power. Syria wouldn't be in ruins right now. ISIS would never have been a thing. There would be no excuse for a (((refugee crisis))) in Europe.

I disagree with libertarianism on a fundamental level, but goddamn do I genuinely love Ron Paul for what he tried to do. If you aren't aware, he has an internet show where he uploads ~20 minute videos every weekday. He may not be a National Socialist, but he has had a consistent message for decades. He was the last man in government who remembered what America was always supposed to be. It's a breath of fresh air to hear an accomplished elderly man speak what he truly believes.

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Glen "Magical Underpants" Beck

This. If only McVeigh could ride again.



More like Can't Cuck the Tuck.

checking those dubs of beginnings
that would be great
as president he can put his own newschannel on tv
i think there is a law for that
fuck ccn



Windows Movie Maker
its free and probably already in your computer