Ashkenazi IQ > Whites IQ > Niggers IQ

Ashkenazi IQ > Whites IQ > Niggers IQ

Niggers blame you, and you blame us.

To us, you are just a bunch of niggers.

Thanks for the holocaust by the way, it was a fantastic eugenics program.


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Higher IQ and all the jew invented was the fed. Everything else was white people.

Well I guess I can see your point, OP. After all, you did build civilization for us, abolished slavery, gifted us with science, infrastructure, technology and modern medicine.

Oh, wait. Thats what we did for the rest of the world. It is strange to me to see someone who is actually openly proud of being a parasite.


actually we did most of that but stay delusional if it makes you happy


What makes me happy is the current rise of nationalism on a global scale. You can shitpost all the way to your grave, for all I care. You are losing.

I've heard Irish is above them all, even the Jews.

100 to 115 is not much difference nor that much of anything. 130 is another species apart, same for being above 6 feet tall. Let them fight for the lesser scraps if it makes them feel better.

We cuckchan now


Garbage. All garbage.

It's too late. Your women fucked you over. There's nothing to do about it.

You have no future regardless of what happens to us.

Holy shit! You guys are literal gods! If you did most of all that shit you could have easily steam-rolled the whole planet AND taken a nation all by yourselves… so uh… why haven't you? Why do the superior people insist on living in countries that have always despised them and never wanted them there? Why can't a people that are so superior manage to hold on to a country of their own?

The only sources I've seen talking about higher Jewish IQ are Jewish sources. I have seen plenty of peer reviewed scientific literature on deadly Jewish genetic diseases. Not to mention a lot of famous jewish scientists, like Einstein, were plagiarists. E=mc^2 was formulated by Poincare, a white man.

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lets me know we are making you sweat.

The holocaust never happened.
But it will.
I'm excited for that day.


Dont know what point you were trying to convey with that post, my woman has never "fucked me over," but we both know this is a very low effort bait thread, and I'm sure we all have better things to do. Good luck trolling newfags, it really helps out with the fluidity of conversation on this site when you idiots trap them all in one thread. Hasta luego, juden.

What the fuck are you doing bumping to a shill thread without 1. not replying at all and 2. reporting?

It doesn't matter.

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Also the porn industry and payday loans. Whatever would we do without these massive boons.

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Off topic.
How do you report it?

Well in that case, I'm telling mom. Now I'm just bumping to spite a tattle tale.

Such a low effort thread. Typical of kikes/niggers.

My IQ is higher than yours.

IQ =/= Moral behavior. You can see immoral behavior across the IQ board, but its scale and scope increase exponentially with high intelligence. Well, you can tip the scales with sheer numbers.

However, you think in averages. That's a mistake. There are around 30 million Jews and 800 million whites. Take the >115 portion of the white population, and it still trumps the jewish population by amount. So no, IQ does not explain why Jews own all of the media companies.



Also, it's very convenient that you leave out Asian IQs, which are superior to Kike ones.

Also, it's very convenient that you leave out Skin in the Game and History.

Also, it's very convenient that you ignore the reality that IQ is not everything,

Also, it's very convenient that you ignore the reality of White Innovation, Discovery, and the exploring spirit that created a lot of the things that we take for granted.

Also, it's very obvious that this kind of bullshit talking point is something that a (((Jew))) or NRxtard would say. How's your anus, Irving? Still reeling from the rape I gave you on the Alt Right Blogspot Disqus?

ITT: Delusional "We Wuz Smart n Sheeeeit" cumskins refuse to accept the truth.


Only corruption and Nepotism explains Jewish media control.

The truth that whites invented pretty much everything? That white ruled nations are by far the most prosperous and peaceful of all?

Niggers are 15 points on average lower then white average, Jews are 5 points higher and are significantly smaller. There are more white geniuses then all Jews.

I like how OP is ignoring this post because he knows it's true. Sage for replying to myself

To the kikes, "superior" IQ supposedly doesn't have to be restricted by things like morals, lab tests on animals, and even humans should have made you realize that much.

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The average IQ of israel being below average suggests otherwise.

Forgot to sage
And that's "list", not "lost"
Sorry for the typo, niggers.


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Nope, this meme is based on the fact that they give themselves more prizes for being smart, not on actual IQ tests.

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who told you that mooshie? Your uncle shlomo shekelstein?

Feels like I have been here so long that I've been called a newfag more times than you have hairs on your balls. The quality of conversation here has dropped so low that the only entertainment I can get here anymore is arguing with pimple faced teenagers in shit threads like this.

Does it make you feel like a big man to bully anonymous people on the internet, anonymously? It got old for me a long time ago.

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Considering how easy it is to roast kikes that come here, I'm beginning to think cremating 6 million kikes during WW2 was actually possible and that the holocaust may have happened. Not really.

Japanese and Koreans have on average a higher IQ than Ashkenazi khazars.

But I'm not mad, dipshit. I'm bored. Your pedantic attempts at insulting me have failed. Do you know where you are? We have the thickest skin on the internet due to intellectually brutallizing one another idealogically for years. But I guess you would have to have been here for a while to know that.

Nice digits.


In a literal kike made thread, you find this to be the biggest concern?











Why haven't jews invented anything but circumsicion and usury then? Yet whites with our supposedly lower average IQ invented basically everything. Why haven't jews produced any great art? Ect.

I like how all these faggots say its bait, they KNOW its bait and yet simply cant help themselves and reply. This place is so predictable.