This is the best collection of National Socialist Inspirational videos on youtube I have found so far. There are more I have, but have been removed from youtube. I urge everyone to take a look at these, and listen to him speak.

There is nothing more powerful and better capable of capturing the moment than actual audio and visual to truly make you feel and understand this history.

Shameless bump, you need to watch these and share these.


Cities bombed to shit look so similar to Afrimerican cities taken over by niggers.

Stop listening to the internet radio jew.

Its like 20 minutes in total.

It can be like this again.

I dont have any links, but here have a few webms


WLP was right. If only we had a thousand of him.

Rockwell was a Christcuck. He deserved to be shot, just like every spiritual Jew deserves a bullet.

Really good video. Thanks.

oh look, it's that pagan user who posts angry things against Christians


Reported for intl.

Just like in Rockwell's day, we have aut-kike shills pushing the same line that it's simply an ideological struggle, and that we're at war with the commies who embrace the "wrong" kike system, and not the jew.

Try harder, Schlomo.

meant for

Study your enemies more little shlomo, didnt the JIDF give youi a manual?

Your DNC is obvious.

>MANDATORY VIEWING of anything by government
hehehe… good!


What a devilishly accurate observation.


We all know about leftypol's plan to try to D&C pol by trying to cause arguments between Christians and pagans. You make yourself obvious by using the word christcuck. You have to go back.

Funny, they don't understand why racialism is primary.

So close rerolling

Don’t fucking help them. Being able to see a single word and instantly report the post is a lot more useful to us than having to actually read the damn thing to know it’s kikery.

wasent the greatest story never tolt supposed to get a updated version december last year, whatever happend to that?
also have some nice webm's

What has happened to Murdoch Murdoch? They seem to have stopped putting out vids?

after youtube blacklistet them they startet using this
im guessing they will make a new video in the next few days about the sotu/memo.

Neck yourself kike

If you're trying to argue against Christianity you're showing only ignorance. Catholics in Germany have always had their own party - Zentrum.

Germany had a ton of parties for different groups (workers, bavarians, protestants catholics,etc.) in the weinmar republic days it was part of the Allied attempts to Balkanize the country , Hitler had a speech where he addressed this.

Sometimes more than a few different parties per group.

user- I have been looking for that first webm that you have just posted for a very long time, thank you for posting that. Good thread, OP.