Well well, here it is - what may be the most important tweet ever issued by anyone

Well well, here it is - what may be the most important tweet ever issued by anyon.e

Bill Kristol has certainly admitted the truth!

Ha ha ha, this is too good, I am putting it on top!!!

Fucking Rothschilds are so fucking pathetic. I used to think, at least we have a truly evil villain. Almost cool. But listening to these fucking pampered shits bitch about Trump just disgusts me. I wonder how many times this faggot David has vomited in anxiety this week.

Probably about as many times as he has eaten another man's asshole.

I just can't get over how fucking sad they are. Maybe they're trying to generate free energy by making Mayer Amschel spin in his grave. Hey, at least David knows how to make pruno for his future butt buddies in prison.

When our opposition is this fucking retarded, it gives me great hope that we can win despite their near limitless assets.

Maybe wait until something actually happens before you assert they're going to prison. How many years has it been since internet shysters like "Drake" started fluffing that mass arrest storyline?


From their disrespectful comments about the Don, it sounds like they're already living in a prison of their own making. You can almost hear the Seinfeld theme while reading their blasphemous rants against President Trump.

And that's why they'll never get their developmentally stunted paradise where all the people are brown and so is the water. Which would only last a few years before they self-terminated out of boredom anyway.

That's not what you said and no, it doesn't really read like that. It just reads like jews laughing at their weak goyslave.

Shitty non-white countries have been shitty and non-white since pre-history. China stagnated so hard that a country of millions was conquered by a handful of Brits.

This is why we need to be mindful of false flags and hoax attacks, we are too eager to promote them when they seem to fit a convenient narrative.

Have a bump
Be wary anons

Their grapes are mechanically harvested and crushed, not good for a premium price like they command, and they have so many bug guts and shit in them that they dump the sulfites in so it doesn't rot from bug juice.

It's swill.

Yeah sounds fucking disgusting tbh
Lager is the white mans preferred beverage

I wonder what else goes on at their vineyard?

It seems that there is baby in that wine

He posted that at 11:07? The crash didn't happen until 11:20 and he lives/works in the same timezone. WTF?

excuse me, uhhhh wtf?

It displays your time, not the poster's time.

This user is correct.

Which one of you madmen did that!?

That intense Jewish paranoia is how they have stayed on top so long.

When will this turbokike learn to shut his fucking snout? FUCK he needs to go.

People just don't give a fuck anymore. A kike can try and kill me. A kike may manage to succeed eventually. I'll just wait for him on the other side to finish the fucking job.

Twitter is full of these lovable violent extremists. A website after my own heart.

I don't think even the WW2 Jew Overlords were that smart or cunning after reading some Lenin, Marx, and Trotsky. I think they were just really, really, lucky. Because those three don't sound any different from what the "weaker" and "indulgent" Jews and good goyim of today continue to push. Verbose, pedantic, words, words, words that I doubt they fully understand, with more time spent blaming other Communists for not being Communist enough and very little time spent fleshing out their own visions, tactics, and strategies beyond "Just do Communism harder."

Not even 1, but 2 Rothschilds going full retard on twatter shows that they're uneasy about these developments.