I don't know if anyone has been following this "Fat Leonard scandal"

I don't know if anyone has been following this "Fat Leonard scandal".

A quick rundown is that a military contractor called Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA) was bribing a whole shit ton of US Navy officers with hookers, cash, booze and parties for information about ship's movements. He would then use this information and use his moles to redirect carriers to ports he controlled where he could overcharge the Navy for fuel, tugboats, barges, food, water and sewage removal.

More than 440 people, including 60 admirals, are under investigation. One of the Admirals that was censured was my old CO while he was apparently doing this shit!

Here's one of the latest articles.


This article is concerning the censure of Rear Admiral Kenneth Norton, my old Commanding Officer.

Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer has issued a Secretarial Letter of Censure to a now-retired senior officer, retired Rear Adm. Kenneth Norton, following a thorough review into his interactions with Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA) in the 2008-2010 timeframe.


Shouldn't these Admirals be executed for treason? Asking for a friend.

Seriously, follow this story, and watch this happen. The justice system is fucked.

Pretty much what you said. The guy that I put into my OP is Kenneth Norton, and he was the Commanding Officer on the USS Ronald Reagan while I was stationed on that ship. I don't remember exact dates, but it was around 2008-2010 I was under him. He was Captain at the time, and the XO (second in command) would have been Commander Ravelo. Mark Rudes was the Command Master Chief (highest enlisted on the ship). Anyway, Captain Norton left the Reagan as the CO and became a Rear Admiral (one star) and then retired shortly afterwards. His punishment for his involvement was a censure. That's pretty much just a strongly written letter saying you did bad and some public embarrassment.

Now imagine if my enlisted ass at the time got busted for doing some shit like that. Taking bribes from some fat Asian foreigner to give away ship's movements and classified information and helping in ripping off the Navy for tons of cash. You would never fucking hear from me again lol.

So, since Admiral Norton was involved when he was a Captain on the Reagan, I'd have to assume that his XO would have knowledge. Possibly the Command Master Chief. So if you're interested, keep your eyes out for Capt. Ronald Ravelo. He's now the Commanding Officer for the USS Abraham Lincoln. Also Mark Rudes, unlikely though, who is now also retired.

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Whisky and whores for ships routes.
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Apparently the USS Blue Ridge was his main target for infiltration.

This is fucking insane.

The stuff of history and legend

After they nabbed this guy by luring him to San Diego and arresting him, he of course flipped.

Here's some of the officers that have pleaded guilty.


Or if you're an admiral, you just get forced into retirement and still collect your pension after giving away secrets. Two of those admirals (Kraft and Norton) were Commanding Officer's on the Reagan at one time.

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Remember the first inditement was a intelligence officer.

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the flag ship, also known as a fucking barge that never moves. I was on a DDG from 2005-2009, so when the Shitty Kitty was there. If you wanted to know about ships movements, dont ask around the waterfront, go in a shitty buy me a drink bar and ask some filipena girl. Shes probably fucking that talks too much to her. OPSEC was trash.

dont worry, he wont lol. the navy is full of retards and will be until civil war II. our entire military is soft, dont kid yourself.

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More than 440 people, including 60 admirals, are under investigation.

The Navy and Chair Force are stacked with more Admirals, Generals, and just all around general officers that are necessary. Both need to be purged. Marines are probably the best officers we have followed by the Army. Army STRONG!

Okay, you can purge the Army too except the Infantry.

Yes, but it's not going to happen.

Holy fuck this went almost all the way to the top. Which means it went all the way to the top but the CNO and SECNAV threw these guys under the bus and got away clean.


One day Holla Forums will be wrong.

that day is not today.

Someone who escaped charges but was forced to retire, and a person many people might be familiar with was VADM Ted Branch. Then Captain Branch was in command of USS Nimitz and featured extensively in PBS' Carrier documentary.