Children using broadcasting apps

Have any of you seen these app? I caught my little sister on this app once (not pictured) and the amount of messages she received was horrendous, my parents felt they failed as parents when they found out about this, but I really don't think it was their fault as they're completely tech illiterate and old as fuck and a simple app like this is too abstract for them to comprehend.

The amount of girls that are corrupted by sites like these, where they want to experience an innocent time and get "famous" are introduced to extreme sexuality and often do not know how to handle it and some often seem open to it because it is a new experience for them although they do not know that it will absolutely corrupt them. I'm thinking of doing a video these kinds of apps where I just go to random live streams and record the amount of disgusting shit that is sent over to girls as young as 7, I've already seen penises video called and broadcasted to these young girls. A lot of these young girls already know about such things due to the openness of the internet with porn plastered everywhere, but apps like these bring them closer to the real world where pedophiles lurk and will not hesitate to jump on your children and say ANYTHING to get them naked.

Here's a screenshot (a website promoted by some streamers I believe, for example Ice Poseidon) of which a young girl is talking to this brown man, innocently, of which he later pulled out his cock and came while the girl just looked in confusion, of course I could not screenshot this or do anything but report him to the chinese owned "" admins, with other pedos in chat goading them on being powerless to stop them, the police to have teams DEDICATED to prowling streaming apps ASAP.

Other urls found in this thread:

I would say do your video. Dox the guys involved. Share it. Law Enforcement isn't going to do shit. Especially since most of these fucks are poos and sandniggers.

It's fairly simple user, don't let your children use electronics, if other people do then it's their problem.

I was thinking about this problem just yesterday. Collective unconscious, hivemind, etc.

These live streaming services are what pedophiles are using all of the time. Forget TOR, this is where pedos go for their quick fix and where they follow young girls and make them feel popular. It's grooming by proxy. It's not uncommon to see a young girl with at least 50 followers the same way you used to see camwhores having followers.

Parents being neglectful, that's another story.

Savannah Marie

Obviously this is a hole that were the rats have access to minors to start their grooming.Be vigilant, and lock down kiddos technology. RWDS pedo fishing when?

And this is why they are turning to shit like this. It's seen as a gift when most of the shit on computers work like skinner-boxes to keep you to come back. Our mothers were kinda right back in the day, staying too long on the computer is not good for your health. And certainly not on the internet considering most of the shit is adult material, especially on social stuff like streams where the drecks of society roams.

Why doesnt Apple or Samsung come out with a smartphone with no cameras, cut the pricepoint, and market them towards kids? Growing up when cameras first appeared on cellphones in elementary and middle school ive seen a lot of stupid girls send nudes at that age then then get spread around the school.

I knew a few girls who suffer from anxiety and got messages from complete strangers threatening on email there lives unless they send nudes, and them stupid cunts end up doing it. Young girls shouldnt have cameras connected to the internet.


That's right kikes, I'm gonna outjew you. One way or another the young will no longer have your hands or beady fucking eyes upon them again.

might as well drop them off at a NAMBLA meeting

Why would they? It's the constant need for validation and feedback that gets people to buy these products in the first place. They don't give a fuck about kids. Hook em while they are young and you have life long customers.

Well, it's his sister, so she'd be safe there.

God damn it 8teen, this is serious discussion

Look at the chat and you will immediately spot all the goatfucking pedos.

Can tell this isn't Jews doing this, there are no foreskins involved.

Listen namefag: it is always the jews.

This is on the parents. They can't just hear their kid beg for an electronic globally connected toy, buy them one, put it in their hands and expect all is cool.

Fucking retarded that they would allow kids on such things and especially so with all the pedo filth running around.

Naw, we know it's some Goy Pedo. Some Shabbos Goy.

responsible parents shouldn't be giving their children internet access at all until they turn 18
and if you're gonna do that, then at least don't let them have their own phone or webcam until they turn 18

I need to teach the kids about my way, the way of the devol.

How about we make this thread into a collection of practical advice on how to prevent this?

Get this AI face swap tech shit down and youll have yourself a really good op to take these fuckers down

I wish people like you would rethink what you put as the OP image. Makes the thread look like a honeypot.

Fucking kill yourself.

Children shouldn't stay near internet or recording devices to begin with.
These parents who buy fucking iphones to 6yo who can't still wipe their asses by themselves deserve some major ass kicking.

The fundamental issue is that those young sluts are attention whores. They know their bodies are objects of desire, so they use them as a gambling chip in the popularity arms race. The fact that those nudes go to unintended recipients is a risk they know and take.

Rope yourself nigger.

streaming site for gaming

streaming app like periscope for making quick, live vids

this is pedo creep beyond belief
hang all pedos

entrap the pedos with edited kids video and record them being degenerates
get them to dox themselves by revealing plone/adress/email/name
make video and send it to their surroundings plus police, explaining in the vid that you expect the pigs to do nothing so you also send it to everybody else

bonus level: have a good enough opsec posting through tor and uploading to jewtube by remote controlled zombies in a library that you are not caught when some pedo gets randomly suicided

That's because they failed as parents.

The fuck were they thinking letting their children near computers or smartphones unsupervised? Do they also let you play with chainsaws unsupervised?

I lurked a board called for like a year or two before it finally got shutdown and they had threads for this stuff every single day but they also delete their own posts constantly so the board always looked dead but it was actually very active every day.

I have always been too chicken to join their groups though and I had a 7 year old girl show me her tits (didn't ask her to do that she just did) and I just told her she should get a white husband and marry him and love him for life and went no further.

My biggest question is why is kik and these other platforms including youtube and google stuff which is all honeypotted and compromised so bad, why are pedophiles able to do what they do without any concern? I've seen them at it for years and I'm too chicken to get involved in it myself and just stick to Tor.

Hell I even just eventually lost interest altogether concluding that sexuality is too dangerous and I'd rather just continue to research things and devote my time to stuff that isn't women (or girls).

You can do this easily to the many non-white pedos but the thing is the police don't care and are complicit in all of this.

If you manage to fuck over anyone it'll end up being a white male who liked to fap to loli and got baited into 3D.

The only pedophiles that ever get targeted are whites while the police and legal system don't give a fuck if a nigger or arab is molesting girls.

Try to just arm yourself and kill an entire arab rape gang and be a hero, I myself can't get my hands on a gun because of a record.

t. knower

because these platforms are made by kikes, for the enjoyment of kikes and the ruination of the civilized white world
promoting pedophilia is in their agenda

This is fucking awful.

Literal kike that wasted a get.

Obviously can't read despite seeming literate.

Not only that, but their skulls are thinner and they absorb the radiation even more than we do.

Sounds like a good idea, but what detriments could it possibly bring to the child? I doubt anybody actually looks at the subhuman children (I could be wrong, but this is one of the few cases where I'd rather be ignorant).

I've been on the internet since I was 5. The problem isn't letting your kids on the internet, the problem is not giving them some direction and getting them interested in good sites and books and so on.

A 7 year old girl doesn't have tits fucking pedo.

I skipped this the second I saw /jb/, but after actually reading it, kys.

t. fbi

there are many other things one can do beside using a gun
household chemicals and high-school-level scientific knowledge can do wonders

quietly without leaving traces search wikipedia for a table of explosive detonation velocities, grab some infos on AN and TATP, test your skills by making some batches of no more than 100 milligrams to avoid stupid mistakes
then discover the beauty of the concept of fuel-air explosives, compound it with the realization of what could be made fuel, discover new vistas through tidbits of knowledge like the surprising info that a 1/1000 part of ordinary paper ashes is a combustion catalyst for powdered sugar…
you can begin to calculate recipes in price per kg-equivalent of tnt

They do these days… and she also was not that attractive of a girl.

If you want I can show you the super secret current hideout where they are coordinating the CP spam attacks on various places from as well as tell you their current set of keywords they use.

Oh and also I could expose to you guys a Japanese cp ring that has come to my attention very recently if you want to btfo out of japs.

How did you know? wtf.

I don't have a place to operate where I can start producing explosive materials unnoticed and I would need approval for conducting a false flag too. You seen the ISIS videos that train people how to make explosives from household chemicals btw?

Seriously though I'm injured and can't do shit except be a keyboard warrior for the next 2 years.

Also if I ever got to be alone and unsurveillanced for extended periods of time there's a lot of cool weapon ideas I could work on.

Do not have wireless internet in your house.
Do not buy your children electronics.
If they get electronics, fry them.
Have one Winblows PC to use with K9 Web Filter installed on a non-admin account.

Just go be Amish.

Also sheltering kids from the world is a good way for them to be unable to deal with the world when they are out of your grasp.

I for one am going to train my kids in the way of shitposting from an early age.

As long as little white kids stay off it, it's a good containment site tbh.

Information can do a lot of damage these days in the right hands. If you want to do actual damage, what you need to do is have actual evidence of the pedos doing pedo shit like sending dick pics to minors. Once you have evidence, dox the fuckers, then when you have a headshot, addresses, telephone numbers and EVIDENCE, start working your way up the chain to find the major kike pedos. Then dox those fuckers, then drop the info here.

I can show you guys a case of a little boy being sissified and forced to suck his dad's cock. Honestly can't wait until this guy is suicided and the kid really should just be mercy killed.

Will only post on request though.

Dude what the fuck, no. Nobody wants to see that.

I'd suggest going the old NA route. They did that shit a lot - think Stinson Hunter but with brutal violence.

Don't post it. Just fuck off, fbi/pedoscum.

All pedos, fags and trannies are the result of child abuse and/or porn exposure.
Stop masturbating

post dox and proofs/links to /baph/

You're a fucking degenerate and you should be castrated. No Holla Forumsack wants to see that shit, you outed yourself just by suggesting it.

Hope you die alone, you filthy mudskin.

I wouldn't post it here just link you to where they are storing it. They also have cambodian sex slaves there and other fucked up shit but it's this blond haired little boy that looks like Trump's son being forced to take hormones and to suck his dad's dick that bothers me the most and btw this isn't stories it's explicit images of exactly this happening with his fathers writing about it under the pics. I hunt these guys and track them all over the place.

mp44 is one of their latest codewords, look that up in an imagesearch at your peril

You wouldn't know these things if you weren't actively looking for CP, torfag.
What's it like knowing you're a degenerate faggot and a pedophile?

What the fuck is this? Whoever you are, kill yourself before someone else does it for you.


Ah the magic 18 number. It's truly remarkable how men and women suddenly become wise at that moment.

If you aren't dealing with these issues in a way that's better 'zomg stick your head in the sand it will go away!' until then you're on a fool's errand and your children will pay along with you.

Kill your parents for dereliction of duty. White girls don't want to "become famous" unless they're craving attention at home. I'm guessing both your parents have jobs. That makes it your responsibility to set and enforce boundaries for her. If anything, it's good practice for when you have a woman of your own to lead Holla Forums requests you not fuck your sister

As for me, I got my son started with supervised shitposting over Xbox Live when he was six or seven. He can hold his own now, and he doesn't give away our home address anymore.

not only that op but apps like kik empower pedophiles and exploit children and teens
children as young as 9 are sexting adults on kik and the government and fbi wont touch it

Who do you think is actually using these apps?

I kind of don't want to give you guys their main hive where they coordinate as you'll all act retarded and out yourselves quick and they will relocate.

Seriously guys chill out, a bunch of Australian men circlejerked around me when I was like 10 whilst making me make horny noises in my little boy voice, and I thought it was weird and felt uncomfortable about it but it wasn't that big of a deal. It was when my mother found out that my life went to shit, I was taken out of school, and I had to deal with hysteria and shit for the rest of my life. That truly fucked me up a thousand times more than the men circlejerking on me. I really hate faggots btw and only have ever fapped to women and girls and that only began after a very long time because I was traumatized young so I identified as asexual and hated sex for the longest time until a woman older than me eventually painstakingly made me fap to her and then I started fapping to other stuff too. I felt no pleasure in it and was sad and disgusted when I first jizzed myself as an adult man. It has taken me a long time to try to get comfortable with the idea of sex. Ok that's my story. Oh also pics were taken of me and my sister when I like 6 and she was like 2 or 3 and it was pissing stuff not sexual but still I later on as a teen when I started to think that was weird and wrong went and got the pictures from underneath the carpet and destroyed them all with my sister, we shredded them up and flushed them down the toilet, the toilet almost got clogged but thankfully we got rid of it.

So anyways I'm fucked up all from this and yeah I've even fapped to little girls but teens are way better and I don't know I am a very confused person.

Thing is I know where the pedos are and I can help you guys in strategically taking down people. You should know btw that everyone is a pedophile, like you'd be surprised, it is very common. If there ever comes a time where the taboo is broken or aoc is lowered and people feel comfortable to come out about it, you'll end up finding most of the population is all pedophiles.

The police do nothing. It is very rare for them to do anything. Many police are also pedophiles.

In the (((current year))) though there is still some anti-pedo sentiment and I'm willing to help destroy gay pedos, jew pedos, non-whites pedos, and even white pedos if they are leftists but if you just want top write me off as a pedophile and whatever then I can't work with any of you and have to continue my tracking operations alone until a time comes that a real Pedo Death Squad is formed and I can hand them all the info.

Also my country's legal system is retarded. They'd punish a pedo by making him have to do childcare community service. They're known for doing stuff like that.

an incredibly large portion of american youth and pedophiles/exploiters, the amount of CP stored on the kik apps servers should be enough to close the company down but they are (((protected)))


Thy don't. But if a country wants to draft men at 18, they kind of have to consider them adults at 18, because otherwise they'd be drafting children.

Fuck knows how women think they deserve the same consideration.

this has been going on since the beginning of the internet you dumb piece of shit. AIM, yahoo messenger, etc. the only difference is the addition of the camera.
do you browse these sites to do what? look at little girls? you still haven't answered why you were there in the first place. self righteous pedophile lmao.
that's why you spend time with your kids instead of locking them in a room with a tablet and phone while you work 10 hour shifts salary at shekelstein's slave job making 12.34 an hour.
no. they don't. there isn't the money in this. the best method is to form a vigilante group to cockblock and ruin these pedophiles personal lives. but then again. what is the point? you're only stopping the men, but not the little girls who are no doubt already conditioned to be sluts for attention. you can't fix that, you're not their father.

it's a common misconception that pedofags have preferences. if they can they'll make due with little boys or little girls. this has been known since forever.



gay pedos need the gassing, do not click on this, it is boy that looks like Trump's son being sissified with hormones and forced to suck his dad's dick, I have to share because I want people to understand that those little boys who are taking hormones and changing gender are also being raped by older men…

Contact white lolis whoring themselves to pedos, friend them and act like a better parent than the ones neglecting them, teach them not to be whores. Drop gradual redpills.

this man is a pedophile. 100%

You know when women and men do those weird freaky SJW haircuts and stuff that intentionally makes them ugly and they intentionally try and get fat and cut themselves and stuff?

A lot of the time it's to try to make their father or whatever lose interest in them. To make people stop sexually lusting after them. It's because they're molested.

If you want to meme something, meme that all the antifa and sjw were molested.

You know when women and men do those weird freaky SJW haircuts and stuff that intentionally makes them ugly and they intentionally try and get fat and cut themselves and stuff?

A lot of the time it's to try to make their father or whatever lose interest in them. To make people stop sexually lusting after them. It's because they're molested.

If you want to meme something, meme that all the antifa and sjw were molested.

t. pedo who normally posts that pic and filename to shoo away antis

Goodluck with whiteknighting them just to watch them end up with another man though… we need to reclaim the white aryan loli before it falls into the hands of shitskins and such. Also we need to emphasize that you only have sex with the person you marry and that this brings happiness and also to only ever marry in your own ethnic group.


That just means they're hypersexuals that will fuck anything. Most of these leftist LGBTBQQS&Metc. retards would fuck anything.

I for one would only fuck a girl who is at least 9 years old and only if she is unusually developed for her age.

That just means they're hypersexuals that will fuck anything. Most of these leftist LGBTBQQS&Metc. retards would fuck anything.

I for one would only fuck a girl who is at least 9 years old and only if she is unusually developed for her age.

No she just sent tit pics in the email and asked me to get on cam with her but I just sent her eunice and told her she needs to marry a white man.

We're all pedos itt that watch each other very closely for CP scraps because we aren't chad enough to go out and claim our own loli.

Somebody needs to bring "To Catch A Predator" into the 21st century. Use apps like this to lure degenerate pedos into FBI stings. Then post it all over the internet and normie tube.

There's actually already a guy doing that look it up on vice.

10/10 opsec

tbh that's why I did not pursue her since the email is not secure

also a few weeks later her channel was taken down and her email went dead

parents probably caught her

They could even use those insane CGI overlays where they take some random kid's face and perfectly map it to say anything they want. Blur the video a little bit like it's a shitty smartphone camera and nobody would even notice the seams.

If you're serious there's communities and researchers dedicated to this shit. We aren't going to click on any honeypot links here no matter how bad we want to rope these fucks. We've got enough problems. You might try /baph/ but they are chaotic neutral mostly and might not give a fuck, especially if you sperg too hard like you just did. They used to have a dox thread where you could post some info and they'd do the dox for you if they were so inclined. not sure if they do that anymore tho. board was empty last few times I checked.
Or you can try v/pizzagate as there are some active researchers who frequent there and actually do some good work. But try and be less fucking creepy about it. Just frame it as pizzagate/child sex trafficking related in your OP, drop the info/dox (related social media accounts like twitter, faceberg, etc. are very useful to them) about the perpetrator(s), give them a less graphic idea of what's happening and some leads and GTFO. There are people there who aren't afraid to go to CP sites and catalog, expose and report them who might see it. I wouldn't post direct links though.

Those are your options shy of trusting feds and waiting for actual Pedo Hunting RWDS.

Yeah no. Maybe everyone in the sick world you we brought up in is. I'm sorry you got jizzed on and had a fucking lunatic mother but don't go projecting that shit on the rest of us. Sounds like just the sort of thing that a pedo would brainwash a kid into thinking so he had nowhere to run to.

You think most of us would've found Holla Forums if we just got internet access at age 18?

This is the way it needs to be done. Don't take any chance of getting yourself exposed to some child porn made by some stupid kid; if you want to hero, try to finagle some idiot adult to send explicit pics to a child. Entice them by sending stuff that might be safe to hold, just like they do on American Predator or whatever that show is called. Pic related.

I like your style.

Or she met someone irl and now lives in Arabia.

Thanks, Rothschild.


No police should be concentrating efforts at jailing parents whose children go to the 18+ area on internet. These fucks needs to learn about responsibility.

No you should properly learn tech. Smartphone is great tool to track what you kids doing. You can check where are they every second, ability parents 20 years ago could only dream.

Kill yourself, you fucking pedophile.

What is wrong with that?

Don't give your kid anything with a camera attached to it.

Essentially this. A kid will see shit on the internet but so do adults. It's important to guide them and explain to them the bullshit that goes on online. We can do that because we're tech literate, unlike our parents back in the day.


what d oyou think of the season?

based jews tbh

What a larping faggot.

Puzzling. Aren't livestreams insecure as fuck? Pedos must be stupider then I thought.

With responsible parents, none of us would need Holla Forums.

Money and food falls from the heavens like mana to the truly righteous among as, am I right?

Calling someone else self-righteous while being a retard on a pedistal.

are you implying giving your 6 year old a phone with a camera and no parenting is a good or moral choice in any fucking scenario you sick fuck?

Parents are to blame. This is why children should be treated as property until the hit 18.

inb4 some cuck spergs out that 15 yo females are children



I'll pass, faggot.

what did he mean by this

I know 12 year old girls that get fucked right now by 20 year old boys, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

You failed to check my quadruple dubs of truth, fag.


No. But you're a cuck.

Let's see you explain how this is so, kike.


Let's drop the bullshit. You won't elaborate on your post because it's a load of shit, it's simply the goto "argument" for filthy paedophiles like yourself.
Believe me when I say this, you are going to be killed eventually.

Wew, back in the oven you go

Let's see you explain how this is so, cuck.

You seem tense, are you tense, kike?



Stop posting pictures of degenerate whores and stop thinking with your dick.

i'm a woman

LOL in the USA you live in a Nation where the men of that Nation are too cowardly to even enforce their own borders. The USA is a nation where the men are so weak they bend to the will of failed Jewish Banks and voluntarily hand over their hard earned money so that kikes can keep their banks in business after they fail. Furthermore a Country like Sinapore puts drug sellers to death. In the USA in every major metropolitan city you have 24/7 open air drug markets because the men of this Nation are cowards. Plain and simple. Law enforcement won't even do anything about it which is why we have multiple Sanctuary Cities chalk full of illegal spic invaders. Once we man up as a society and start punishing these crimes with instant death and ignore the Jewdicial system then we will get change. Until then we just live in a society full of cowards.


I noticed this with periscope. I actually did guilt one little white lass into getting off but there are no shortage of them. Every time is these brown rats who prey upon them but ultimately its the parents not doing their jobs. Absolutely disgusting witnessing these things.

Young girls females shouldnt have cameras connected to the internet.

Just a quick reminder that all of these apps are owned by Saudis.
In case you didnt know, Saudis are also the primary market for CP.

police DO care. They are fraternity members of (((Freemasons))), which explains why they are complicit in all of this.

Who is this semen demon?

If only that story were true.

Why would the companies and govt give up their spy devices for any reason? I bet the NSA has every girls underage naked pic ever sent stored somewhere. We are cattle and dolls for their amusement. They are sociopaths and they act like they are in a video game simulator.

tits don't make females adults you consummate faggot. that is the province of the mind which only the white male can develop. women are eternal children which require a strong minded husband to care for them as property and guide them through life to fulfill their biological role, otherwise their natural tendency is to fuck up everything just as wild dogs would tear apart your house. get with the program or eat a box of tacks manlet.

Yeah they insecure af but pedos gotta go where the kids at and also many countries don't give a shit about pedo. The ones that have to stay entirely in secure channels are the ones in countries where they might get ganked for pedo.

If you won't impregnate girls that are sexually mature (and yes they reach sexual maturity at like 9 these days) then you should not be surprised you'll never get a GF because all the other men will steal the girls before they even make it to 18.


Me the not American watching Americans talk big but never do shit.

It's simple cut use of Internet and social media.
Block app installation, set parental password and all that.

t. sandnigger

It is very fucking much their fault.


If they didn't raise their kid to turn down men coming onto them then they fail. Blocking your kid from internet is a fail.

Not entirely false. This guy only killed two but read the way he conducted himself in court. >prosecutor going on about "hunting down vigilantes" >guy interrupts "this country was founded on vigilantism"
My kinda dude

Not understanding the things that your children are doing is also a fail. It allows a shadow of deceit to enter between your parenting and your childrens development. Shit like that is exactly what got us into the fucking situation we are in.. parents letting their children frolic in fields controlled by the kikes.

I have known many cases of oversheltered kids that turned up all fucked up and soon as they were out of grasp of their parents they went full criminal/whore/degenerate/race-mixer/etc.

You have to prepare kids to actually hold your values and practice them and stop assuming kids can't be responsible for much. Once they're above 5 they're basically mini-adults and will behave very mature if you treat them right.

There are always solutions willing to present themselves user.Not to mention smashing pedo kneecaps is the best of optics to present to the general public.

School requires you that 12yo have acces to the internet.Hell, I had to use the inetnet over 10 years asgo in order to make my presentations.
Let alone the effects of not having access to internet would make you the number one social outcast.

You are just discovered miracles of
You must use and don't use internet at the same time. It is the only way to live in the 21st century. Doing contradictional things simultaneously.


So many kikes itt that don't know Holla Forums is a white nationalist pedophile board.

So the "naughty christian schoolgirl" porn cliche didn't come from nowhere?

This is is best revenge against helicopter parents. Just imagine them rolling around in now powerless anger.

I cannot think of a better way to describe the modern west than that pic, OP.
An aryan girl being exploited by scumbags and minorities.

Yeah, I saw how much the police "cared".

Y-you mean I should… doublethink?


Unfortunately hordes of white male police enforcing this action with guns in their hands ready to kill everyone who is against this degeneracy are missing from pic.

I have an impulse reaction to think "lets make sure she doesn't have access to such a thing" but that way of thinking has been decimated in the west.
I still believe it's the proper approach. If kids aren't hanging around those online places things like this cannot happen.

Things need to get a lot worse before they get better. There will be auction sites where you can buy these girls and no one will do nothing.

Lets see, we had Omegle(?) in the mid 2000s, we had something (tinyChat, maybe?) from late 2000s to early 2010s, we had YN in mid-2010s, and Periscope in mid-late 2010s. There has always been this type of shit, what's changed is what percentage of it's users are under, say, 12. Late teens using this type of shit is norm., but the really young using it is a rather new phenomenon (coupled with our internet age where, you know, your 2 year old needs an iPad, your 6 year old needs an iPhone to call mommy when to pick them up from school, your 13 year old needs her macBook for "school" projects, etc.)
Honestly, OP's image wouldn't be that bad if the following happened: she got the notion that what this freak does on the internet is repulsive & that they're subhuman. Sadly, due to our sex-positive modern-era, this type of experience will just push her to flaunting herself more and more as she grows up (after all, she'll think "I've seen people do it, people tell me this kind of stuff is OK, so it must be OK for me to do.")
Also, to those who want these types of people caught, good luck. It wouldn't be hard, I doubt people in YN threads on 4chan used 7 proxies when using, but no one recorded all the IPs that went to CP livestreams. All that happens is that mod man comes in, shuts it down, and the cycle repeats (i.e. faggots in a thread intice people to do things for "likes" and "thumbs up", i.e. conditioning, with the worst thing happening being a ban).
tl;dr FBI doesn't care unless you're a politician for whom it can be latter used to blackmail you. Also, this issue is just kid with neglect issues (or not) wanting attention (interpreted as care/love), being taken advantage of. Fixing a branch issue is removing all pedos/subhumans, fixing the core issue is fixing the family shit where their kids are neglected and left to their own devices.

"Asian gangs". European's are having a lot of problems with those asian gangs.

Sweden and Belgium, Year 2068.


psst, it probably already exists, just let me ask my slave trader about this… also if any of you want to buy a white woman we got new stock every month

You're assuming that the internet is what is needed to instill value in kids these days. It's not.
The best way we can shun degeneracy right now is by mocking and shaming it as well as having no association with it.
But the world has changed a lot, I know.

You also now have hordes of rapefugees that are in white countries and can set up dates with girls they met on "sites".

You can't change it.,

Cousins found their daughter's (11) mobile full of nudes and masturbation videos.
Turned out she was being groomed by an adult Pakistani.
Cops caught him waiting for her in a car outside the school.
They're middle-class, which is why they found out what was happening. Girls who belong to single mothers or live on council estates are as good as lost when this happens because father is either absent or more interested in his tinnies and niggerball, while mother sees her daughter's blooming sexuality as the first step to securing a council house of her own (sluts get a free house in the UK, as soon as they get pregnant or have an abortion.)

This. If a white Chad with good intentions does not get to her first, she will be raped and sold off around by immigrants.

Find me proof they exist, and I'm not even talking about all the pseudochads who breeze through life leeching off of whatever casual sex and respect western society feeds them.



get help or stay indoors and keep using your computer

Why shouldn't he be given a "loli" tot take care of?



periscope is pedo land

got any more videos?

wait, masturbation videos from guys? or guys were getting the 11 year old to masturbate? so glad the police caught the fucker but i'm completely confident he'll get off without even a slap on the wrist. western countries are absolutely pathetic when it comes to punishing refugees

but that is a BASED black man! #IStandWithIsrael #Maga

I actually love hebe and teens, anything younger is sick. Forgive me for being such a degenerate

She should know better, though your parents could have educated themselves. Your sister knows right from wrong, whatever the environment. I would have spanked her.

I think I found it. Some asshole just got finished doing one of the largest CP dumps on >>>Holla Forums , bumping every single active thread with two images each at most. In another thread. somebody requested a link and was provided by another user.

Tor posting for obvious reasons, and I recommend that you do not go to that site over clearnet.

this is why we have to destroy those who sexually abuse kids, to prevent the behavior from spreading
i hope you can get your life together, maybe see a therapist
or make it easy and kys

Also, it´s not only the free broadcasting apps.
Free fashion 'magazines' contain mind pozz too.

I missed it. Well good thing.

(was meant as a reply to )
It's part of a network of sites including and They all seem to be managed by the same person or group of people. The /hebe/ board on 155chan is simply titled "RIP librechan", which was the place that our defunct >>>/hebe/ board migrated to once Jim booted them off.

Once again, do not visit these places over clearnet.

You lads don't know how bad it is.
Remember Pedotube? All that fucked up Spiderman Elsa shit?
The fact there's a pedo ring on Youtube (seriously, just search in 'webcam video' or something along those lines and they're almost always young girls doing shit like gymnastics with a shit ton of pedo comments).
There's shit like Younow where girls twerk for a bunch of sweaty Indian pedo scumbags and sometimes show bobs and vagine. There are plenty of white girls doing this too.
Let's not forget sites such as Periscope and other such streaming sites where girls can be infront of their camera doing all sorts without their parents knowing.

Parents need to sort of their children, the very idea they can just give their 5 year old daughter a fucking iPad and expect everything to be fine is beyond me.

Babies can be seeing shit like hardcore pornography for all they know. Back in the day it was edgy to look up images of bikini models on a slow ass network speed. Nowadays kids can be stalked by Pooinloos and expose themselves on camera.

Remember Amanda Todd? That girl who an hero'd because she was blackmailed with indecent images of herself or something. I remember normies crying about it and pushing for regulation on the internet… As if they *want* to be controlled because they can't make decisions for themsleves in order to protect their own children.

Don't blame 'online bullies' for this shit, say it how it is, the parents are neglecting common sense

And one more thing, just for the record, these assholes knew about the symbols before the Podesta emails leaked and the Wikileaks release of that FBI document. They were once among us, maybe not on Holla Forums, but still within the realm of this site. Makes my skin crawl.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting


What are some of these broadcasting apps?

I agree with the sentiment, as someone who has been corrupted by pornography and cursing on the internet I don't think I will allow my kids to use any online features of whatever devices they may have

They already do. A lot of people are getting vanned for "promoting a sexual performance by a child", i.e., saying "take off your clothes" in a video chat.

The problem is that a lot of these pedos are brown and the long arm of the law doesn't reach into their shithole countries.

Sounds like the right wing death squads need to go on a world tour, if you catch my drift

One trip to periscope will verify this and then some. Granted, its like 90% poos and muds saying this shit to literal little girls, but still. This needs to be known to everyone.

and jpg4
and other filenames + 4
those will get you CP on youtube
there's also youtube channels that have shitloads of subscribers and seem to have no videos and nothing on them but they are CP channels


I'll just tell you.

It's tinylotus cult.

That's the central hive.

Sex is good

My intent isn't to restrict but to build methods of making audit trails in the event something goes sour, and educate with the knowledge they will disobey so hopefully what I teach will make them less of a dumbass when disobeying.

That's because they were removed by jewish pediatricians…
get a better name and trip you troglodite!

If you want to be responsible, don't bring people into a world you feel you have to hide from them. If you're too stupid to teach your kids principles that will keep them safe in life, and need to practice censorship instead, just don't procreate. We don't need you adding your poisonous retardation to the gene pool.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Did you already forget how cruel and discriminant kids are? For them your kid would be that "that poor boy whose insane father doesn't allow net. Point and laugh." That peer pressure is insane. Social cripple and been just a little of cripple hurts kids development immensely. In the end you could find your kids sucking arab cocks in the back alley so they can afford buying smartphone with net on the black market. (as kids nowadays own nothing besides their bodies)

It is sad that it is the near retarded christcuck contingent and not the atheist racial/biological realist fedoras who are breeding…

Who is that hoe? Some twitch thot?

fu k off kike