We must go on a crypto crusade against india

India has regulated and crashed the crypto market, I declare war against them. This is causing me and other to lose profits. I say we should invade india, turn the people into malankara orthodox christains, and install a malankara orthodox christian monarchy that will not regulate the crypto market. Plus with hinduism gone and oriental orthodoxy to supplement it it may finally civilize those street pooper heathens.

No fuck you I will not support your war on India if it's to impose cucktianity on them and assimilate them. You just want to racemix with them. I would support an effort however to force them to stop speaking English and to deprive them of anything related to European culture and technology. I would also support just genociding them all via simply killing them all. Also fuck regulations of cryptocurrency.

You're not very good at hiding your shilling.


Good for you. You're still shilling. Thanks for outing yourself.

I'm shilling for the reduction of the number of non-whites in the world and the increase of racially pure whites in the world. I am also shilling for white supremacy/domination, that is whites should be in charge of everything and lead the world in everything, and all other powers that would challenge us should be decimated. Oh you've caught me, I'm a shill for white power! Now fuck off kike.

Most pajeets I've met speak better English than even white, native speakers. They're aryans.

That is a fucking problem. Non-whites should not have access to white technology, languages, or culture.


It should be a crime to teach non-whites English and those who do it should be caught and punished.

Maybe you should just stick to lootboxes user.


Gas yourself imperialist faggot for using religion like that. You fags are avon ladies of the internet.


We have to go to war against all old governments not using technology to eliminate politicians and money printers.

Crypto was a bubble caused by tether. BTC going less than $1000…shitcoins to zero. See related pic of my post from biz. It's over.

Just the fact that a few money printers can bubble up bitcoin then dump it right before countries start announcing regulations against it is proof that a) things are fucked up (of course) and crypto is the currency of the future if a real revolution ever happens.

What's tether?

All of the ones I have met have been homosexuals and worse.

Saving that images, I only invested what I didn’t need there anyway.

Jokes on the faggots trying to get me to pick up their crap.

All the easy money was to be had last year. No one made any money by making safe investments in what has just become popular.

Fiat coin, meant to be pegged to USD, but over $2b has been created out of nowhere. It has been used to pump prices. There's little true liquidity if people want out.

Yeah, last six months was the possibly the biggest opportunity of human history.

you mean kikes made up a coin, and used it to buy bitcoins?

Yes go ahead and do that, faggot. Try getting a proper job and learn economics, faggot

Lastly here is a related webm


India is shit… late to party crypto faggots are shit… i cashed out in shit in 2015… still living on a yatch not giving a shit … muh missed profits wahhhh

As an Orthodox Christian this is not a good idea in any way.

Them digits and talking about Jews.

you could actually try to convince someone by saying that they printed money and then used the money to buy bitcoin.
if you make a new coin, it's value is what's people are willing to pay for it, you can't just create $2b out of nowhere with crypto currencies

You will have to be WAY more specific on how they did to convince anyone

Seriously nigger?

Nah I'm not your personal army

Also protip, only retards think tether is bad and only the braindead can't see tether being removed is a boom to cryptocurrency

Cool larp, are you done role playing now little boy?

nah just (((anglos))) i.e. white jews

no wonder you need others to be your personal army

Pakis get out.