New Trump Tweets!

After 24 Hours of Suspicious Silence.

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kike free first post

they are all going back and it will be 'the dems fault'

CNN was already beginning to miss him

I really hope he is in a bunker right now.


his next post better just be #releasethememo. I am having some serious blue balls waiting for it to drop, and every minute he waits, the easier it is for the morons on the left to muddy that waters and discredit the memo

Oh what a shame :^)

It's tough when the guy shitting on your fake news network is also the only reason you still have ratings

The left is really going to miss Trump when he leaves office. He set a new standard for what a President should be like, and the shift to the right will only continue.

He's probably trying not to distract from the memo release

He's not going to let the brown people go.

To "blue balls" … the other party will make hay while the sun shines.

Why did that reporter get away with spilling the beans on Greenbrier Hotel?

Let us hope Trump is playing games and the end goal is to deport those fuckers.
Otherwise, … to retake America will need Civil War 2.0.

If the end goal was to deport them, he would just deport them. You will be relentlessly shilled about how his proposed standards are "impossible" for illegal aliens to reach, but it's nonsense. The DREAMERs specifically have gone through the jewish education system and are rabidly anti-White and molded in the postwar order. Along with zionist-compliant hindus and East Asian lapdog countries [and well-heeled swindlers set to be executed by the CCP] they make up Trump's ideal immigration wave. Besides the millions of israelis, of course.

All of the benefits of non-White immigration with none of the pesky blowback you get from apathetic adult Mexican nationals or hostility from Muslims.

It's insane that anyone on this board supports him at this point. I understand that the reddit fags can't actually stop being faggots because they exist in a echo chamber, but anyone on Holla Forums who still supports Trump can only be one of two things, a kike or an idiot.

There is never going to be another non-democrat President again. Trump is going to grant amnesty, thus ensuring that Whites can never win another American election. It happened to California, now it's going to happen to the whole country.

Guess you get to be banned now.

If so, we and our rage should prepare for the fireworks.

Is that supposed to prove me wrong? It's clear as day that Trump has zero interest in doing the things he promised to do. It's in his power to deport every illegal and to build the wall, yet he's not doing any of that.

What he has done, though, is get Sholom Rubashkin out of prison, a kike that employed hundreds of illegal immigrants and destroyed an all white town. Roy Cohn would be proud.

I don't see any of those Whites who voted for him getting angry right now, instead I see them apologizing for Trump and saying that he's playing 4D chess.

This. Some people get so caught up in the dog and pony show of political maneuvering, they can't see the forest for the trees.

Come on, FBI-kun. I know you're still salty your train assassination plot failed, but the jews aren't paying you to get us to do the work for you.

Rather than not having any interest in doing it, he was lying about it from the very start. He didn't change his mind or anything.

You are right.
However, there is a hidden stream of support coming our way.
A redpilled Gen Zyklon is showing up and is our best bet.
I only expect Trump will be a transitional guy until we can get our real guy in power.
Paul Nehlen perhaps?

Timothy McVeigh made every zogbot in the nation fear for their life. He did more for the cause than you ever will. If every White Man in the nation had the same will to do what needs to be done as people like Dylan Roof, McVeigh, and others, then we could have an Ethno State from sea to shining sea within a decade.

How stupid can you be? 2 million DACA spicniggers is nothing compared to the entirety of illegals in the US. He's using them as a tool to turn centrist Dem voters against the Dems. If he gets the wall and stricter immigration legislature (no more chain migration), then the 2 million are a hit that can be taken in order to close the border. There's still roughly 30 million more illegals that will be deported for good. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to get hit in order to be in the right position to deliver a knockout blow. If Trump would just be hard lining and grandstanding all his positions, fags like you would be happy but nothing would be accomplished, other than dying with your moronic principles intact. You're like a boomer cuckservative. You care more about appearances than results.

This is what a shill post looks like.

Yeah, you're not actually hearing me. Trump is going to grant amnesty within his first term. That ensures that Whites can't win any elections.

All of your arguments have been used before, and we have California as a real life example to prove that you are 100% wrong about everything. Kill yourself.

What should Trump be doing better according to you? How would you approach the situation?

Oh? How many white children did he have?

There is no pleasing liberals.

Deport all illegal aliens. Freeze all immigration as is the sole right of the executive. Build the border will existing funds under the Army Corps of Engineers. Retroactively revoke all birthright citizenship granted to anchor babies and the citizenship conferred onto the descendants of those anchor babies.

Deport every illegal in the country and get rid of birthright citizenship, those two things are fully within his power. That shoudln't even be controversial, he promised to do that, and now that he has the power to do it, he chooses not to.

He actually promised to go after birthright citizenship RETROACTIVELY, which is the only thing that can actually fix this country.

Here is a post I am stealing from another board:

His job. Meaning following the law. Meaning deporting all illegals. No exceptions. No excuses. No bastardizations. No cuckoldry to unconstitutional bullshit.

Also, not letting any judges rule unconstitutionally. Firing activist judges. Disbarring activist judges. Imprisoning activist judges. Telling Congress to impeach SCOTUS members. You know, his job. The job on which he not only campaigned, but which was already his sovereign duty.

How many non-whites were removed from the equation while a couple of zog got shook?

Oh? When. When the FUCK did he ever say this? No, anchor babies are not–and never have been–US citizens. You're right about that. But when the fuck has Trump ever said that?

We've heard that spiel for years here. If you were for real, you wouldn't be posting here except to tell us what headlines to expect in the news tomorrow.

What kind of sick fuck would bring White Children into this society before fixing it? I don't want my children to grow up being forced to watch in their Middle School sex-ed classes.

Don't you think that if he gets to extreme too fast he'd get fucked in the midterms?

That response sounds suspiciously like, "zero." White nationalism cannot be built on a foundation of nihilism. It has to be a positive force which inspires productive, generative people to join its ranks. Anything less makes you the same as a fucking allahu akbaring sandnigger.

You're a retard who can't read.

He would only get fucked by the political establishment and leftist cucks. The base white majority would be thrilled.

Faulty premise. What makes you think he's "extreme" at all? What of his 70 year history of words and actions led you to this conclusion?


don't bother, they are either shilling or refusing to acknowledge the ramifications of going full hardline

ICE has been deporting quite a lot, haven't they? He's also going after hard criminals first. Like he said he would. I don't think he's not going to keep deporting more and more spics. He'd be retarded not to just for the reason of re-election.

He did it when he was first getting his campaign underway in an interview with Bill O'Reilly. I'm pretty sure it's been scrubbed.

No. There would just be less non-White people to vote against him. But Donald Trump doesn't care about getting "fucked" in the mid-terms. He cares about entrenched jewish capital not getting "fucked". If he has to play the bad guy with some people, that's just the job description.

You're an idiot. Trump has successfully demoralized his base, why should they ever vote for him again or any other politician when he refuses to do anything he promised to do?

It will not be enough.
Non Whites have a reproduction rate higher than Whites.
Splitting hair like legal or illegal is just a political correct way to address the problem.
There are many European Whites illegal here and they are not a threat to us (may be some anons will kill me for to say this).
Sorry, but all non Whites have to go, or be sterilized.

30 million in the country + four years to deport them = 7.5 million per year. They deported about 100,000 last year.

This is bullshit. At this point you're just flat out lying.

The same people who are over a billion strong, are colonizing Western Europe like it is nothing, have their countries nearly all to themselves, and face no real cultural threat at all? Yeah, bad model.

Oh sorry, I forgot that he named Jerusalem as the Capital as Israel, so based.

The only thing that matters to us is immigrants. Nothing else matters. We can have 100% income tax. It doesn't fucking matter if the nation is white, because that goes away quickly. If illegals get amnesty, the United States of America stops existing, all laws are null and void, and anyone who doesn't start killing their "elected" officials is a traitor.

Retard probably never even read Mein Kampf. Terrorism does work, people wouldn't do it if it didn't.

The funny thing is that your post is 100% correct, yet you'll probably be called a shill.

so you demoralization faggots just willfully ignore any changes that have been made huh? he's done nothing, just a kike puppet with no positives, yep. trump is toeing the line with the shit he promised for sure, but outright lying and being disingenuous about all the kang nigger policies getting blown up in 1 year and the numerous steps that have been made is disgusting.

Of course I will. And I'll be called FBI for calling on whites to kill the traitors in government, too.

i'm sure we'll see you out there hoisting the ropes then huh?

Name the positive things he's done. Go ahead, name the things he has done to help White People.

Cock sucking is frowned upon here, Shareblue.

Your aren't clever or smart.

The election is over, retard.

Obama's policies are largely irrelevant without addressing the core problem that caused them – alien, foreign people taking root in such number inside the US as to control it. Just as easily as Obama's policies have been wiped away, so too will Trump's – because Trump doesn't care about his policies outside of his donors telling him to craft them. He cares about the long-term position of zionist capital inside the US and its ability to oppress its enemies domestically and gear up for war overseas.

first off, and i mean this sincerely and without any attempt to divide like you faggots, define your qualifier of "white people" because quite frankly as a pole/german mutt, i don't particularly give a flying fuck about italian or dutch communities as much as my own. you know, exactly how it's always been.

And filtered.

I don't even need to respond to your posts anymore.

that's it, run away from having to explain why skin color determines tribal affiliation. for fucks sake the purpose of discussion on this board is to hone your rhetoric, not run from any statement you find troubling.

oh no did i interrupt your anti trump frothing? so sorry, so very sorry.

if trump stopped making public appearances for even just a week, the MSM would collapse in on itself like a dying star

You just admitted that you can't actually list any ways that Trump helped White People, so you need to derail the thread into a bullshit argument over what is and isn't white. We all know what a White Person is.

>they are either shilling or refusing to acknowledge the ramifications of going full hardline
Putting a stop to overtly illegal things is "going full hardline"?

False dichotomy is a trademark of the jew.

Look where that got us, fuckhead.

this. he needs to do this. Obongo took vacations all the time. I'd love to see how they try to sell their narrative with literally no info to go off of.

I thought the number already climbed to 3.6 million?
will they?
according to who?

i did no such thing you disingenuous faggot i asserted that you answer the question because i sure as shit don't give a fuck about communities of people sharing my skin color but not my blood. POTUS got in, that's a heavy blessing in the first place. Gorsuch is in, jew ginsberg is going to die very soon and another nominee will get in. tax break is incredible for working class. rollback on leaftier healthcare is a godsend. honestly i just want to link multiple outlets doing their breakdown of accomplishments but you'll cry back with "helping white people only" so what's the point?

dont underestimate the memes

Lol @ this desperate faggot

individual nation's affiliated flavors of nationalism/traditionalism were not destroyed from within the same bloodline but through acceptance and tolerance of foreign actors and their ideologies. it's not accurate to assess that it's "our" fault because quite frankly none of us would have allowed the infiltration to happen if we could have.

sure thing

Some of you Amnesty shills need to lay off the Kikebart. The spics are getting deported, due in part that Congress ain't doing shit. Trump can't draft bills, so he really can't do much besides make suggestions.

in other news water is wet

they will if and when Trump cucks on the wall
Ivanka gets sad if brown people are deported

Well the dems think he can exceed his legal authority like Obama and give them all amnesty.

look at all these reactions to that statement, i care about what he's done for America as a country, jesus 360 million+ people the guy isn't going to only address the concerns of an unfortunately withering majority. yeah it'd be fucking great if we had a variety of white ethnostates only making up the country but we don't so by default any progress and improvement made is going to effect niggers spics jews chinks etc. ergo, any of the positive contributions i see will be rebutted by that fact because POTUS didn't go full 1488 and declare that only white's get new tax brackets or that zoning regulations for white schools were reshifted away from urban areas or something

Nothing to cuck on if there is no bill.

nowt what i said at all you sniveling faggot

Citation needed.

This is how shitty the shills have become


Our choices are clear.
Or we retake our land and restore our civilization.
Or we end up like Brazil or worst, like the Whites in South Africa.
Make your mind.

You need to understand that question is pretty loaded and anons here have been dealing with it for a long time. I also understand you wanting them to SET THEIR DEFINITIONS so they can't play kike games and move the goal posts because they can't handle being technically incorrect.

We're not a country. We're a large economic zone that exists to serve foreign capital and import mud people. Why should I care about America?
Isn't progress unless it gets non-whites out of the country, or whites into the country.
This retarded strawman has already been dealt with, it has no substance.

As an aside, the problem may lie in the length of statements anymore. If it can't fit in a tweet they go apeshit. The twats are easily confused and distracted. Rarely do they make it past the first couple of triggering words and look at the context before sperging out leaving you to explain for the next 20 posts that they made an incorrect interpretation and if they would just read; alas.
These are the cunts bitching about the minimum character limit to post. Technology ruined a lot of people. Polite sage for the detour.

Were out of the Paris bullshit. The kikess wannabe is fading into the shadows.

Amd they are fucking retarded for thinking like that. They will kill any fucking bill that have "wall" or "chain" on it and Trump fucking knows that. Reminds me of that kike faggot Neil Munro, all he does is post demoralizing articles on kikebart.

You're not even trying to act like you're from here.

Oy Vey! He looks too sandnigger. Please increase the contrast next time to help avoid racism.

< why should I care about America
< I

'sup moshe?

Indeed they are. Problem is most of the crazies don't know they have problems which is why the cognitive dissonance is so brutal when things begin to click. Either they become enlightened bow their head and eat their crow or completely lose their grip on reality.

Muh 6 gorillion refugees

until (((someone))) convinces Trump to drop them

did someone speak badly about your glorified shopping mall?

The CIA has as its goal killing all white people. That is because the CIA is controlled by the kikes.

Consider when they lied about WMD in Iraq. Afghanistan was also a lie. Just a way to kill more whites. We should have simply annihilated Pakistan, the ally of Israel.

There is only one thing constant about the actions of the CIA: killing white people, especially white men.

Now, how can we explain this to people who live so in darkness that they believe Jesus was a kike (when Christianity states Jesus was not a kike, but rather God)?

Oy vey, keep digging that hole, yid.

(((America))) can roast in hell. It's a shithole, I say this as a White American. The only thing that matters is preserving the White Race and White Culture.

There are more effective ways of getting whites killed than having them kick stinkbeards around. Unless it is a full-fledged war with an equal force the numbers don't make it effective beyond draining the coffers.

This is pretty much the only coherent shill angle i've been seeing since sotu.

< shopping mall
^ kike identified.

In Israel they actually go to fucking shopping malls still. Also, "shopping mall" is part of their anti-American rhetoric (pic related), despite being incredibly out of date.

America is a Jewish nation run by Chabad Lubivitch. If you have any pride in being an American, there's a 99% chance you are an anti-white civic nationalist piece of filth who hates Hitler.

what else is the US at this point exactly?

You'd only be a sick fuck if you put your kids into a public school and/or a poorfag with no ambition or values to instill in them.

Afghanistan and Iraq were about much more than getting the infantry killed. They were both about testing new tactics as well as securing massive amounts of shadow money, as well as the yinon plan. All of those ultimately serve the undermining of whites but you need to enhance your perspective.

It's also a farm that grows good goyim.


A storage bank for white genetics which is why you're doing your damnedest to destroy it yid.

Go push you blackpilled all is lost pornography somewhere else you stupid fucking nigger.

Muh, Vets. Muh, Freedums

Checked. It's highly inadvisable to put it this way, because if you say that people think you're saying "kill all whites, I want marxism".

At least I truly see.

Uh, yeah, it was, you fucking retard. America sided with the Soviet Union to rape Germany. There are four major evil nations in the world today that need to be destroyed, America, Israel, Russia, and Britain. All four of those shitholes deserve to have their entire populations eradicated for their part in destroying the Third Reich.

the people in charge (that you keep voting) don't need any help doing that

Only a retard would think that.

Sounds like something a Jew would do.

No, punish those who have pride in their evil ancestors. So long as you reject America and embrace National Socialism and Adolf Hitler you will be spared.

I don't know if you've been paying attention shit-for-brains, but white America is out of time. In ten years or so we'll be clocking close to 40% of the population, which makes immediate deportation of non-whites a necessity. That in itself wouldn't even BEGIN to meet the "end goal", so I don't know what your hebe ass is kvetching about.

Don't forget the CIA flooding white communities with heroin. All that opium had to come from somewhere and the Taliban was cracking down on it.

You'll burn, don't worry.

Is the kike still trying to get everyone to turn on USA? Figure that's easier than getting everyone to turn on Russia? kek

You do know the Chinese bring in fucktons of heroin right? And you realize they have been lacing the heroin with fentanyl of late? They have been the ones undermining the country along with the jews. Chinks hit us from the bottom while the kikes go after the "above board" middle class whites with the pills.

Didn't Nancy leave the Democratic party?

What universe are you from?

I just recall Pelosi saying that when the temporary tax bill was passed

Deserved dubs tbh. I'm sick of all the dick-teasing.

That Kike Faggot Munro on kikebart has been saying that some kosher cocksuckers in the WH have been trying to do that. All they got was more wall funding and less spics overtime.

It'd be great if he could just do whatever he wanted, but you and I both know that the kikes will autistically oppose him on literally everything he does, even when they have 0 authority and are breaking the law to do so.

He has to make deporting them look like the dem's fault, so the 9th circuit court kikes can't deny it because "fuck drumpf"

But you already know this and don't give a shit. You're just here to screech "STOP SUPPORTING HIM AND STOP VOTING DON'T VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN" like we don't immediately see through you.

wtf i love hillary now

last time I checked Hillary lost the election
Trump however is the president and hasn't done what he promised to do every night on the campaign

well he cant go on "vacation" because then they would just bitch 24/7 that hes not doing his job. probably follow him around, paparazzi style, hiding in the bushes. a couple would get too close and get picked off by some secret service guy. then they would compare him to putin again for killing journalists. even then, nothing would change.

i cant help but feel that they've painted themselves into a corner with this whole russia thing. they have been seriously over doing it with this programming. sheeples poor little brains are starting to fry out. they simply cannot continue to listen to the lies any longer. not a SINGLE GODDAMNED THING that they have been told for this whole past year has come to pass. eventually that last shred of credibility will be snapped for all but the slowest.

when this shit finally blows up in their face, they really have no other alternative. its just gotta be RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA again and again ad infinitum. it will fade out eventually im sure, but when? there are people out there whos emotional well being depends on the idea that trump is going to be impeached by the FBI or whatever it is that they think is going on.

TL;DR if this memo turns out to be everything we suspect it to be, how long do you think it will be till the programming wears off for the masses?


This narrative has been on the back burner for a while.It was prevalent in the first few months after he was sworn in.They just had to wait for a year in office to pull it out again. It's a variation of the kvetching over how his platform isn't 1488 enough they constantly spewed during the election campaign.

it's not anything resembling 1488 at all

The real reason he won't go on vacation is that he has a lot to do and is a busy-body who would probably refuse a vacation anyway.

To the shitcan you go. Been reading that shit for two straight years.


honestly the funniest thing for him to do would be to suddenly stop making press statements, tweets etc… still do his job, of course, but totally stonewall the media about everything hes doing for weeks at a time. i would love to hear what kind of crazy conspiracy theories the MSM idiots would come up with. they would all just be live on air, sweating through their shirts, stuttering, watching old GWB era infowars on the teleprompter and ad libbing shit to that

I'd like that if he planned to sue them for lying, but the last year proves he has no intention of that.


stop being autistic

These are professional CIA agents. They want to cause a rift between whites. Yet, insofar as we agree to promote the rights and the welfare of whites, we have a natural bond, that only kike drugs and faggotry can overcome.

yes, Trump is absolutely speaking for whites by spending more of his time in office talking amnesty than Obama did

Trump withdrew the US from TPP, he rescinded DAPA, and tax reform got passed.
Even if he is a kike stoogie which is admittedly a high possibility
When you claim he hasn't kept campaign promises that Holla Forums approves of you just sound like you haven't been paying attention, or that you just don't care about those things.


How about just the kikes? No white nation is evil. America, Russia, and Britain were taken over by jews, just like Germany and every other white country is today. You think Americans wanted to have our cities flooded with like 100 million shitskins on welfare? You think Russians wanted to be enslaved by jews for decades and massacred/starved by the tens of millions? You think Brits want their kids to be torture-sex slaves for inbred pakis? No, no more than Germany wanted to be bombed. raped and brainwashed. We all suffer together, and (((they))) are responsible.

< the metrics of imbeciles


Gas your self, kike fool!

< so give up completely! you've been betrayed
gas yourselves, kikes!
gas. yourselves.


I don't disagree with you, but it is not advisable to speak ill of "America," but rather to rebrand America, to steal the name. Consider what Hitler could have done with the name of Germany. He could have said, "Germany is a corrupt institution of the kikes", and he would have been right about that. It's about our vision, forward. This is our word. This is our reality. WE SHAPE IT.

That's not what he said you faggot. Regardless, the real reason why he wouldn't take vacation is that it's simply not his style. He is a workaholic. He has said in a lot of casual interviews before running for POTUS that he just doesn't like not working. His workaholic behavior is often cited as the main reason why his second wife left, aside from her being a cunt.

Thank you, user.

Owned by Rep. Justice. He ran and won as a DEM then slipped over to the R's with Trump at his side.

db51b2f is a super obvious shill, if you weren't aware of it.

Notice, the first shill argument. "Trump is a kike puppet, you're all kikes." The favored tactic of shareblue and leftypol.

Notice the call to fear, not action. Just bend over and take my blackpilling goy, all is lost. Immediate jump to conclusions, that Trump is clearly giving amnesty to all illegals and will blow Paco live on tv. What a fucking joke you are, db5.

More demoralization tactics.

Right, because only what YOU see matters and no one else. We're all just knuckledragging idiots compared to you. This is another shill tactic, to present himself as better than you and talking down to you. The shill can never get this right.

Okay Agent Provactour. Let's just start blowing shit up. Yeah okay.

Notice how he keeps harping this point, that Trump will grant amnesty to everything because California does it! Because California does it! All day long, "Because california does it!" as if California sets trends. If it did, NEWS FLASH, the rest of the country would be blue.

That's right goy! Don't reproduce until you fix society! Make sure to commit terrorism to be around your kids to make sure they don't be soyboys. That is a red alert of the highest fucking order.

Again with the "Trump has done nothing he promised!" meme.

Shareblue still functions as a demoralization branch. Nice deflection, another calling card of the shill.

Man, you must be getting sleepy.

>(((America))) can roast in hell. It's a shithole, I say this as a White American.
Yeah, (((white))). Gotcha.

No NatSoc dude actually types like that or says that kind of sentence in such a dull way. You would attach actual logical reasons to embrace NatSoc and reject America instead of blandly typing that.

I smell a rat. Classic shit, like "Trump is a kike shill!" ,"don't vote!" "don't reproduce!" "destroy the system!" "Obey California, they know the way!" Pure blackpilled nihilism. I'd tell you eat a dick, but that's what you had for breakfast so it's not much of an insult

The real difference here is that America the great power is intrinsically built on the rape and murder of the best of Europe.


That's what America is in the 20th century. That's what its entire foundational myth is constructed on. It's nice to pretend otherwise or have a desire to drift further back to somewhere skirt around it, but reality is reality.

Outside views don't matter.

That's not an outside view. That is the American perspective. The "right wing" in the country is full of shrieking harpies who never shut up about the KKK democrats and "nazis" everywhere. The outside view on America is of a violent and disorganized terrorist state run entirely for the sake of the jews.

You sound Arab.

It's not the white perspective. The non-white perspective, and the foreign white one, is meaningless.

There will never be another Democrat President again either. Trump will be the last. After he's done, it will be obvious to everyone that Democrats are communist traitors, and Civil War is the only remaining option.

No, I'm a White American. I just recognize that most of the world isn't White and further isn't American. They also are apparently not dumb enough to keep pretending israel didn't do 9-11. You have to be some kind of stupid to keep embracing the last ~20 years of US policy as good for Whites.

It's absolutely the White perspective. The average White "conservative" believes he is eternally set upon by ultra-liberal socialist "nazis" who don't ever give them enough credit for the extent of their nigger loving.


It's easy to tell. "i'm one of you goys…. but I'm 100% opposed to you, and want you to lose everything, give up control over what the CIA wants control over (narrative) and kill all the whites… but I'm one of you goys!"

Now the CIA agent goes with gaslighting. "no, all us goy whites believe this stupid shit and hate America"


Oh, you're the post on top shill. Filtered.

This is a dichotomy of motives which is not representative of the total possibility space for human motivations for political power. For example, he could have been in the real estate and money pump game long enough to realize that the only way to rocket his wealth legacy for his heirs into the next highest strata would be using political power to set up the right initial regulatory conditions for the long-term positions of his family to yield ever-increasing returns over time. IOW, his campaign may have been a deliberate lie but the motivation for that lie is up for grabs.

I guess you missed the part where white births are outpacing nonwhite births in the US again in 2016.
We are going to keep winning, nigger.

Did you miss the part where the US considers jews, arabs, north africans [including sudanese], turks, central asians as White and lets any hispanic decide for themselves regardless of whether they are actually Iberian?



Fucking this. In fact I wonder if the day off Twitter was a test run to ensure his timing was right. It's 100% true - the media will fold in on itself to the next meta level where normies can't follow and think it's all nonsense. And I know exactly when he should go dark - immediately after the memo drops, assuming it's contents are as serious and treasonous as I expect.

Just envision him spending a week or two making no tweets, statements, or appearances and holing up in the Whitehouse asking traitors and allies alike to come to him to get things done. Meanwhile, the fake news loses all grip on reality, trying desperately to spin unspinnable treason, trying to get their context to take hold in now unreachable normie minds. They might even realize at some point they need a distraction. The Mossad and deep state niggers may be in agreement, they might even try to run a false flag, but if the memo details even imply that as a tactic their hands are tied. OR, even better, Trump lets them do a false flag as a distraction. And then he breaks silence and releases the results of the investigation he commissioned during the blackout detailing false flags and the plans for the "attack" that happened during the blackout. He tells the US that he had to let it happen and shows the media lies in near real-time in the results of the investigation. And then he can make appeals to unify and get results. And then he can appoint the baddest high inquisition of the government and hang the traitors under Nuremberg rules - following orders isn't an excuse. Most of the worst traitors swore to the constitution first. He could even lynch half of congress with this kind of mandate. He could actually be the God Emperor.

As sad as it sounds TDS may actually save us from DACA.

Nice try shillstein.
We spot you, every time we spot you.

That's what I get for not totally catching up on the thread before responding. This user had the idea first:

I got carried away with it:

Working hard for them shekels. Some of you prefer the quantity over quality strategy, farming for replies.

oh god my sides






oh go fuck off. America is the best fucking country in the entire known and unknown universe

Now THAT is meme managment…