General crypto thread

Bitcoin is falling like crazy the meme graph predicted it to a tee.

Just as Asia joins crypto

India bans crypto

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all the normies that got in in december are selling at a loss bc they think btc will crash

Yeah perhaps but it almost halved in value while Eth is staying relatively stable

But then they cause the crash.


Wow, it's almost like fake internet money isn't actually worth anything regardless of how many fucktards expect greater fools to think it is!

I was never one of those people. I constantly asked about how people are going to avoid regulation and government interference, I was mocked for not understanding the technology and now people are fucked with the general public being interested.

My questions is, if you look at the Economist raise of cryptocurrency back in like 1988 what is (((their))) next move are they tanking it on purpose, what is going to replace it.


I just remembered that the gold shirt pajeet was beaten to death by one of his nephews among others a few years ago.

Is there any currency anywhere that is based on anything except paper and social acceptance?

Because there is no way to regulate it.

Yes, gold.

I only invest in metals, primarily silver, brass, and lead.

Is that the same gold that Jews have had total control over worldwide since WWII?


I'm heavily invested in cardboard. I bought it at .15 cents a pound back in 1978.

Fact is that the only problem that encumbers gold is the derivative market, something that will cease to exist the moment anyone demands delivery and it can't be filled. Then all paper gold evaporates back into nothing.

The next crisis will be a sovereign debt and currency crisis, starting in the USA but spreading everywhere. The only safe haven will be gold.

So you're mentally ill, then.

No it isn't. You're a liar. It's up 3X what it was at last year.

On both leftypol and here shills attack Bitcoin. Why? Because both have become platforms for kikes to sell their wares. Here, op is selling fiat money. It's so fucking wonderful that they have made you who should be billionaires poor.

That's because they split the stocks dipshit. All the people who own bitcoin now have double the number of stocks at half the value. They do this intentionally so it's easier for people to buy bitcoin. Now you need half the amount of money to buy a stock of bitcoin. Retards who don't understand the stock market see the value has gone down and panic and sell. Then people like me get rich because we just hold our stocks which we now have double of.



Kiketocurrencies aren't safe, dipshit.


Bitcoin wins. It wins, because absolutely no government will bend, and partially back their currency. Until they back their fiat, slightly, at least, it's worse than Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is nearly impossible to manipulation, which is very different from the monetary system, where manipulation is baked in. It's expected, common. Behold, the reason why we must mock fiat currency:
negative interest rates

I can't wait until someone either finds a massive gold deposit or mines an asteroid and makes gold the next cheap metal you use to wrap your food up in like tinfoil. All you gold cucks get on my nerve because we need gold to power our technology but when gold is held to have high value you get situations where the supply is controlled artificially, just like how diamonds are dumped into the ocean. Pure kikery.

It's not as safe as gold, and to a lesser degree, the inferior silver, but Bitcoin is incredible. kikes hate all things not easily manipulated. This is a fact. In leftypol the kikes are always attacking Bitcoin, same as here, because they really don't want you to move to where they can't charge a fee for every transaction.

No government is so strong as they were long ago. None is capable of issuing a gold coin, a true one. That is, one with LESS gold than the face value, but at some amount greater than 50% the face value.

The reason is simple. Screwing over the population, for the kikes who control them, is the whole fucking plan.

Only Bitcoin frees us from their plan.


^ samefag shill

Your responses are all the way at the bottom, yids. Bitcoin has crashed multiple times and always come back stronger than before.

It's up 300% from last year, retards. op is a fag.

I think these shills are there, because they know that the monetary system is how they keep the kike out of the headlines. Everynone knows the kike controls the ordinary monetary system. So, if you want a loan, you'll be denied if you're hated by kikes. Want a job? The same, because of the lending system, which won't tolerate companies that hire a free thinker who outs the kike. And so, something like Bitcoin snips their control line.

XRP Ripple is the jew coin.

It's what the jews holding Ripple want, so they can dump Ripple and go into BTC on the cheap.

Lurk more, brainlet.

Yep, op is a fag. Bitcoin continues to be the only way for people in Venezuela to do business. The government there is stupid and shit.

< pretending he doesn't know about using multiple vpn
< but he knows and thereby proves he is samefag, using multiple vpn

Who the fuck switches IDs to shitpost?
You're still a brainlet.

As a tax-payer, I think I want my money back:

up uP UP!

You must be fucking laughing to the bank right now, you clever cunt.

What taxes? Disability checks aren't taxed, brainlet.

Cryptos are the banking revolution that takes the originally very useful idea of international banking founded centuries ago and put it in the people's hands.

Put cash in, send crypto to chan, chan converts crypto to yuan and bada bing bada boom, international money transfers without 3rd party banking.

My only concern is that with neural networking, A.I. and quantum computing, revolutions made in processing power could allow for a hijacking of the block-chain that is now theorized as impossible.

^ 3 samefag "cardboard" shills



If quantum computing comes along, the Internet as we know it is destroyed anyhow. No more email, no more doing bills online, etc.

There's a way around this, but the work-around requires physical key delivery.

Well, the other work-around is a completely different way of networking, that mostly hasn't even been invented yet.

kikes aren't ETH supporters sheckleberg (that is ripple because it's not decentralized), they want everyone on Yellencoin. do you forget all the wars fought to install yellencoin Central Banks?? YOU ARE A JEW, LITERALLY. STOP SHILLING JEW FIAT YOU BRAINLET.

Pic related is whom you aim to kill.

There are many shills. Just get used to it. Sooooo many shills.


Mine Adolfcoin tbh

PonziBuddy. Based on blockchain technology!


Goddamnit!!! This wasn't supposed to be the future!!

I am asking questions dumb ass. Its down you utter fucking retard I am not lying, I don't care what the price was last year this time. If I walk into any store, bank or trade I can't claim shit because of last years prices.

Perhaps regulation was the wrong word.

Didn't happen with me?

ETH founder supports white genocide

do you trade forex, or are you just talking about buying and holding physical metals? i could maybe see it with silver, but lead seems like it would take up more room than it would be profitable to hold onto.

No. But the end to pseudonymity.

Lead is ammo idiot.

It's an old saying. It implies physical.

I would add that some ammo doesn't store well at all. It's a poor investment.

Gold and silver simply aren't investments. They're money.

Meaning that we'd never have to suffer the attacks of private or public persons again.

The stores are beholden to the money lenders. Don't you get it? Bitcoin has made plain the chains which grip all. If they don't accept Bitcoin, they belong to the kikes.

The only exception is those who accept gold or silver, which are superior to Bitcoin, gold far above silver, however.

Did Bitcoin ever have that much potential to begin with?
Beyond "lel invest in bitcoin" I could never see it's appeal or any data behind it's allure.
I know a guy who mined Bitcoin so much that he made some decent money off it, but actually ended up losing all the money and being in a deficit with all profit lost because of the energy bill he had to pay.

Investment implies you want a return on your money being spent. If you plan to make a 50-year investment which involves buying gold, then it is classified as investment. But you're right in that the majority of gold/silver purchases are simply to protect your wealth from the woes of printed money.

Bitcoin is doing incredibly well. There is a drop occurring right now. This is probably the dip I have been waiting for. Anyhow, Bitcoin is up 3x on the year, which requires you to think:

call me when it falls below 7k
otherwise it's still a increase from november

WEW! Someone is desperate to shut it down.

The money lenders simply make it illegal for most normies to trade with it or over tax it.

The problem with Bitcoin is getting more people on it, the more people on it the more the fait controllers are fucked.

Irrelevant it was over 20k now its in the 9k range.

The fiat system is a communist scheme, which impregnates the mind with follies.

The government is strong, and can maintain the illusion, quite firmly. Therefore, yes, you must consider the illusion…

… over the course of 1-3 years. But longer? Not a chance. Inflation is baked in. Therefore, fiat is not money. What do I mean?

Let us suppose some commodity (say buckets of sand), which can always be sold for the same $ amount relative to a basket of goods (basically food, heating oil, necessities, generally).

Now, if we hold that fiat "money" is money then merely buying this sand would be an investment. It is not, however, because we have not had an actual gain.

Gold is the true standard. If you have more gold, you have invested, and had fortune bless you. If you have less gold (or none), then you are accursed, and have no monetary blessing.

what the flying fuck are you talking about?

Nothing is "illegal" that cannot be observed. That is the only reason thoughts cannot be banned. They cannot be observed.

What cannot be observed cannot be regulated.

Whatever is invisible is free, as in freedom.

A lot of this crap is due to people who don't understand investing at all. It's obvious, because their objections to Bitcoin are true of literally every type of investment, even starting businesses and stuff. Stupid. It's quite obnoxious.


How about you take your kikecoin, take your kikecoins slides, and shove them right up your kike ass moshe?

< your weed

gas yourself

Do you know why fiat money exists? Because (((people))) kept chipping off coins in the Roman Empire. Yes, there were (((people))) chipping off really really small pieces of gold/silver/bronze to make new coins out of every coin they got handed to.

I don't buy the fiat money = communism invention, because it was a thing before Karl Marx wrote his shit. Fiat is money because it symbolizes wealth. In the past, salt was money because it was so useful and valuable, and next to no one knew that you could have salt from saline hills, which are so fucking easy to make.

Any metal in a very limited amount in the world can be a standard. I can make a standard through vanadium. Through platinum. Though iridium.

I don't smoke that shit I was implying you do.

I said several weeks ago I expect it to crash down to somewhere in the $2-5k range and it'll take a year or two to go up to ~$100k

So what you're saying is we should be buying now? Honestly it's no different than the previous all time high of 1200$. It will get back up to 20k again, it's just a matter of time.

Amazing. It's almost as if that's the way securities markets have worked forever.


Yup. Adolfcoin has had zero drop in value on any of the crypto markets. Bitfags BTFO.

he's a retard or a shill prerending to be retarded.

Jesus will come again before that happens.

The biggest problem with bitcoin is it bred this pomposity around it. To everyone who understood it it became unquestionable. And it wasn't a bad idea. That fork shit in august should have been a huge wake up call to everyone involved that the notion of the banks being unable to touch was fallacious and predicated on the thought that these fucking kikes play by any sort of rules. They are like sovereign citizens. The sovereign citizens are not wrong in any of their assessments about the laws and all that… But then they go and think "well if I can understand these laws they play by then I wont be their slave anymore" That's like a goldfish achieving the perspective that it is inside of a glass cage, a prisoner, and thinking that changes a god damned thing.

Its normal faggot tier thinking and all Holla Forumsacks who fell for it Im not rubbing it in needs to learn from that. Never ever assume that you have figured everything out the second you do is the second you allow deceit to blind you. If you figure out, or find, something good it needs to be shitchecked constantly and any faults found need to be taken for exactly what they are, a sign.

The cryptocoins had many obvious flaws. The kikery of the exchanges, the weakness of the many forks, the fact that it is for all intents and purposes an imaginary currency. That should have been, at a minimum, a screaming cry that while it may be a good idea it needed to be further built upon. Like.. fuck all this time and no one came up with a way to transfer the blockchain data into a vector form so that you could print out your 'entirely unique money' and remove the kikes from the transfer of funds process entirely?

God has already returned, lad. He's just waiting for everyone to find him now

Quality post. I wish I was as articulate as you in English

Sure thing buddy. Just wait for the lightning network. That will fix everything. We promise!

Why? Because you accept as programming your entire mind, kike lies?

All wealth has to be backed by production. The Roman Empire did fine as long as the soldiers being paid were conquering new lands and colonizing them to establish productive farms. When Rome finally stopped expanding the inflation shot through the roof despite the gold standard.

As always, Adolf was right again.

Restaurants deserve to fucking stop existing. They're literally the land of kike.

If women were not lazy trash, the only people who would use restaurants would be businessmen traveling.

literally cries for everyone to use jewbux instead of decentralized non-controlled crypto. how can anyone fall for this?

If I want to get into cryptos should I invest in BTC? What other coin should I invest in?

No, gold did not lose value. The emperor debased the coin. He went toward fiat.

Gold wins.

And Bitcoin is superior to all fiat currencies (Bitcoin would be next to impossible to take to negative interest).

please elaborate what you mean by that

The kikes created communism LONG before marx. Mannichaeism. Google it. Nothing new under the sun.

So op is a kike, and the kikes bash Bitcoin in leftypol as well, and all of the kike media is anti-Bitcoin.

Again, the enemies tell you what it is. Bitcoin kicks the kike out.

user what if you don't have enough gold to pay everyone with though? That seems to be the problem that kikes use every time to go toward fiat.


they removed the gold from the coin
at some point, rome stopped accepting it's own fucking coin because it was worthless

Explain what you mean better please.


Well shit what a retard. But the question remains what happens when you don't have enough gold to use? Start paying with silver?

Again, they removed because the fucking coins kept getting chipped. That's why they went from gold to silver to bronze, and coins got smaller and smaller, to the point the peasants' coins were half an inch-wide and too thin to actually chip.

< blockchain is a public ledger

< all major exchanges require ID to trade

If someone were to say create an algorithm that creates a vector image based off the blockchain all you would need is a 3d printer and you could print out 'physical bitcoins' that should be next to impossible to counterfeit. There would probably need to be changes made to how the blockchain is interpretted, but imagine the relative ease of printing out a buttcoin on a 3d printer. There's a lot of ways it could be done, treat it like a preloaded money card .. a printed wallet. This way that bitcoin exists in both the computer and irl worlds and the complexity of the blockchain being printed as some sort of pattern on a 3d object would give it more of a palpable sense of value. Is this a flawless idea? Probably not, probably some variables that I havent considered I just thought of it now but could it be ironed out and done correctly? I don't see why not. If we could make it so you manage your own 'bank account wallet' and you have the means to withdraw from that account by printing it yea 3d printers are still expensive but such massive interest would drive the prices down

The best way to get rid of the banking kike is not to side step them… We need to make them entirely irrelevant.

gold backed fiat.
but gold backed as in, you can trade from one another.

You don't print more money, you burn a 10 bucks bill to make 10x1 buck bill, then burn the 1 buck bill to make 100x 0.01 bucks bills, and go on forever, because a fixed amount of currency will deflate as the economy grows.

You can't run out of money to pay people, just split it into smaller and smaller portions

Do you know what fun?
If you meet a stupid bitcoin miner on faceberg buying shit like GTX 10X0 cards en masse, dox him and throw the information to IRS
Tax applies to bitcoin, the coins you farm and purchases one makes.
That being said if you meet a obnoxious bitcoin fag, just dox them and point taxmen at them.

i deserved that
didnt even think of that

The market instability will force us to aim towards a more unified, safe and stable currency.

One angle that everyone tends to forget is that part of the reason that they moved away from gold is because when ever they infest a nation the kikes wind up accruing such a large percentage of the gold that they have de facto control of the entire economy simply by ensuring that there is always much, much less gold in circulation than there is debt. If we switched to gold right now the value of the kikes actionable wealth would instantly quadruple and they would be able to play games just as much, if not more so, as they are now.

There is only one solution, and it is final.

So in other words create problems you have the solution for.

Really moshe?

Eat shit hebe.

Why wasn't this done before?

Because deflation actually helps removing concentration of money in large amounts in smaller groups of individuals.


can the united states tax you for any money you make outside of the united states?
As in: If you have business in Russia, can the united states tax you for your profits in Russia?
Because technically, bitcoins are not anywhere, and it only becomes taxable when you use a exchange to trade bitcoin for dollar or dollar for bitcoin, but if you only buy/sell/profit with bitcoin, it shouldn't be taxable

Even shithole countries tax you on money made outside of the country no matter where that money is made. Some countries relax this if you make money exclusively in a country for a certain time period.

If your net worth increases in the country its taxed. I don't know about American tax law enough to express any thing about it, but common wealth countries certainly do.

They are called "denominations". Essentially, include smaller ones. Silver is commonly used for things that are nearly worthless. I highly recommend seeing whatever the current rate, in gold (silver where more reasonable), is of various items. how many gold coins, per year, are you paid? What is the dimensions of this stack of gold coins? And in silver?

All repatriated money is taxed, yes. Foreign profits are taxed if brought back to the US. That's why there are trillions of dollars sitting offshore.

If we switched to the gold standard right now the world would be saved. The knock-on effects would be mere growing pains.

Just saying various European countries including Sweden, France, Germany, Finland, Spain and host of other countries all of whom have their own organizations dedicated to tax people, buisinesses, transactions, goods and services.
Oh did you know Russia introduced a taxation and regulation bill in Russia last december. Putin HIMSELF wanted to regulate bitcoin
IRS is just a example.
You could go full soviet on your cryptomining neibor and sic taxmen to investigate unusual purchases, hardware and unregulated influx of currency.

< bumping the thread

Can someone please post that graph?

I will not support the crypto jew

Bitcoin didn't crash, tard. It's fucking up 300% on the year. op is a kike, and you will see the same kike threads on leftypol, bashing Bitcoin, because this place is owned by the kike.

It did crash under 10k though down from around double a month ago, tard.

Here you go

Jesus mate you are beyond retarded.

Thank you.

if this is the graph, then it is incorrect until bitcoin reaches 5k

the 'bubble' (or the 'take off' part of the graph) started at 7k

Not to be a dick but people have been sounding like you the entire week.

Volatility is not the same as a crash. lel

What we had was institutional investors who bought big, with the goal of dumping it super fast, causing a panic. However, the exchanges (LOL) weren't prepared for such a massive amount of selling. This created a market halt. There is, I assure you, much butthurt over this.

You have people who see a chart like this who have never even seen a stock chart, or perhaps even charts ever before. It's highly obnoxious, because it is so enormously funded by a wealth of ignorance.

It's pseudonymous. Therefore it cannot be observed.

Sorry wanted to add we are between fear and capitulation tbh

so you mean to say that an incredibly volatile commodity can fluctuate over 50% over a period of months? no fuckin waaay…

PROTIP: price action is how you can make money trading. dont bitch about it because youre stuck on the wrong side of the trend. if it didnt move, no one would make any money off of it.

I'm trying to figure out how this would be implemented with free flow of capital, since if there's x amount of gold backed dollars in circulation, and the country is productive and receives 5 dollars in profit from another country, but that country doesn't deliver 5 dollars in gold, there will now be x+5 dollars in circulation and every dollar is worth less.

Bitcoin can't be in a bubble, until it reaches the point where Satoshi matter, where whole Satoshi constitute a shared investment between investors. This is an important concept you may not be aware of (Bitcoin is thus incapable of being a bubble, unlike fiat currencies - this is the "digital gold" aspect).

but your own image predicts it falling to 5k

where you to be correct, it should already be at 5k, and it is not

of course, like in global warming, you can just extend the downfall part of the graph so that you can never be proven wrong

I don't understand tbh.

I'm going to explain, in very simple terms, why inflation is absolutely necessary and why an economy built on deflationary crypto cannot function.

The USD is a slightly inflationary currency. This means that people's holdings of USD effectively decrease over time. If you sit on a million dollars' worth of USD, you have less money next year than you do this year.

Woah! You better invest that USD, then! You better put that money- directly or indirectly- into building factories, employing people, doing research on the next generation of biotech technology, anything, anything that isn't just putting it into a vault and letting it depreciate. (On the other hand, you can always just put your money into a different hedge of value storage, such as gold.)

But let's say that the idiots shilling this garbage actually got their way. Let's say - just for a moment - that fiat went the way of the dodo and only Bitcoin and other deflationary crypto was the only valid form of currency.

Why would you ever invest in anything with your bitcoins? Why would you put thousands of bitcoins into any productive enterprise that builds factories, does research, farms crops, employs people? Bitcoins wind up being destroyed faster than they're created, after all! You'd have a good chance of losing money, rather than making it, if you choose to invest with bitcoins rather than just saving them.

So money doesn't get invested anymore. So factories aren't built, people aren't employed, private enterprise collapses because nobody's willing to put in the capital to get it started.

Obviously, hyperinflation isn't a good thing either - but if people have no reason to spend money rather than simply holding onto it, there's no point in using it as a medium of exchange.

Bitcoin, like the jews, can never be anything other than a parasite.

Supply and demand. More demand for gold, the higher the value of gold. It's not complicated. We're not dealing with atomic levels of gold per dollar here. But if we were, it could be backed by the supplemental, silver.


no, but atleast our "federal reserve notes" have value backed by the nation and its military.

it fixes the problem with money of overprinting, but fails to neglect the larger problem, which is that it has no constant value. like always being tradable for 1oz of silver per dollar or whatever.

and yes, I invest my bitcoins into bitcoin mining, I pay 0.24 bitcoins today to get 1.16 bitcoins in a year (that is, if there is not another mining revolution that obsoletes my current investment)

All bubbles have involved items not particularly divisible. For example, a real estate bubble involves plots of land that cannot be subdivided. This leads to people getting stuck in an investment. With Bitcoin you can literally cash out a tiny portion of the investment. This means nobody is stuck in Bitcoin. And so, if we theorize that it could be in a bubble, it would be a bubble which has never been observed in history. So it's theoretical.

Gold never has experienced a bubble, in truth. Relative to paper, there have been fluctuations in the price, but there are many things we can say here. Gold coins/bars can readily be sold, and fairly arbitrary amounts can be had, and of course it can be melted down, in an extreme situation, to any portion.

This quality seems to prevent bubbles.

lower to middle class people shouldn't need to invest a cent, they should be able to budget and save the money they earn to use it later. Kikes realized that if they could force all the little people to gamble to have a chance at retirement they could increase their profits. Now, if big companies go under they drag all the little peoples savings down with them knowing that the public will make the government prop them up. Inflationary currency destroys the capitalist system of failure and ensures that kike business men always stay on top

In the past the value of fiat to gold would sometimes crash due to economic problems and people would perform bank runs to convert their currency so it wouldn't be worthless, which led to further problems. How do we stop this whole banking cartel system?

never print more money than you have gold, so that you can never 'run out of gold'

it's this fucking simple, yet it's something the kikes will never do, because your problems are not their problems.

if you need more bills, print increasingly small amounts of, like milis instead of cents

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it."

Hahahahaha! You do realize that most lower to middle class people have gigantic piles of credit card debt?

Holy fuck, can you imagine being in debt in a deflationary currency? That's a Jewish wet dream, right there. Not only will these poor suckers be paying an APR of 25% a year, they'd be making constantly less and less money- assuming they're still employed!- on top of that.

That's due to usury though.

Apparently nobody in this thread understands whats going on here.
Enjoy the fireworks.


The Romans never experience runs on banks. Runs on banks are only a problem with fiat, not with backed honest money. The reason a run on the bank is a problem is that banks don't have as much money as they have in deposits.

Example, say you have five customers of Mini-Bank. Let's say each customer has $100 on deposit at Mini-Bank. That's $500 Mini-Bank should have. But Mini-Bank will do things (legal!) with this money, and will only have, say, $200 in truth. A run on the bank means the bank goes bankrupt and some customers don't get their money or some of it or whatever.

With backed, honest money, this is a total yawner, because you can just get gold if/when you need/want it.

A mere kike sideshow.

Fuck you're a good goy aren't you cunt.

Nah, I just like messing with fags on faceberg an people with poor opsec. If you understood what bitcoin miners are doing to graphics card market, you'd know

And, what, we're going to make that go away with a transition away from inflationary to deflationary currencies? If bitcoins were the only currency, every loan would be usurious.

I can't believe I need to explain Economics Fucking 101. I know that Holla Forums doesn't understand economics but watching that happen here is sad and hilarious.

Let's say I want to invest bitcoins into a productive enterprise. I do this by granting a loan, of course. Now, I want to get more bitcoins out than I put in- otherwise what the fuck is the point? I'll offer you 2500 bitcoins now (for whatever reason), you agree to pay me 2750 bitcoins next year.

Of course there's always risk involved, even when investing USD, but what the fuck are you going to do to pay me back 2750 bitcoins next year? You better have some damn fine business skills to grow something that quickly. You better start selling products pretty fucking fast, too, because the prices of absolutely everything in the world are going to steadily decrease (because, again, deflationary currency). My measly 10% interest has effectively turned into 30%, 40%, 50% interest right before your eyes.

Of course, if I'm a Jew, I can just hold on to the investment indefinitely, and the deflationary nature of bitcoin will lead to you losing pretty much everything you own to pay off a fraction of your rapidly increasing debt to me. (Credit cards already do this now, but this'd make it even faster.)

Can't confiscate a brain wallet :^)

(Yes, for those who don't know, it is quite possible to create a wallet that you only store in your brain - it's not ridiculously difficult either).


If you're not one of those obnoxious fags and know your opsec you're fine.
Just saying what I did in my past time after bumping into Faceberg yoloswaggot dudebros doing this shit.

That's awesome. Seriously, though, the IRS should ask for records from Newegg, TigerDirect, even the graphics card manufacturers themselves.


So, lemme get this straight, Bitcoiners fucked with your vidya, so now you have gone to the dark side and allied with the juden to save 50 jewbucks when you want to play Call of Jewry, Modern Holodomor without sacrificing advanced shaders as if they were some children of the goyim?

You vastly overestimate the police.

Could have a negative interest rate, you owe me less each year (but it's worth more due to the rate of deflation) and in the end you never pay more than the original amount you borrowed.

I seriously can't understand gaymers that don't know how cheap used video cards can be bought at a fraction of a new one. The only ones complaining about bitcoin destroying the video cards' market are the ones who can't into buying parts.

The idea is that loans would be replaced by that old, pre-semitic tradition of saving your money until you can actually afford something.

where my XMR boys at

But why would I ever make that deal? If I have 2500 bitcoins, and all I'm ever getting back are 2500 bitcoins, why the hell would I let you borrow 2500 bitcoins? There's no profit, just risk!

Cause I'm not a jew.

My video card is 4 years old & third hand. oh no I can only run Witcher 3 on "high" fml wtf i hate bitcoins now

It's impossible to build anything decent thanks to those fags when GTX prices triple to quadruple. This applies to to CPU market as well. Running 3+ virtual machines in CY+3
That and CAD

Who said anything about police? Tax evasion is handled by much higher parties.

And frankly Plebbit is all over this BTC craze and cry ''No, they are bitcoins dad!"
Besides it put a dent to jobless leftypol fags who mooch on bitcoins too.
I don't like the idea of societal parasites leeching off taxes and making undocumented money on the side. Do you?

As a coin holder I find this extremely exciting.

I honestly thought this thread would turn into "whats in your wallet", I'm disappointed

I fail to see how loans only capable of existing in an inflationary currency have any impact on deflationary currency.

Can't we just kill the kikes and burn all their buildings? It would solve anything, beyond these shitty band-aid solution which is only pushing back the only inevitable solution to our problems?

Wouldn't you like to try out this new bitcoin credit card, goy? 0.0% APR for the first year, goy! Unless you can't pay me back, in which case it's 20%… also I'll need a lien on your house and car, but I'm sure you'll be able to pay me back… hehe… won't you, goy?

Thanks very interesting

Oh wow, so credit cards are still jewy????? perish the thought.

Was the only barrier in the past to deflation the limit of subdivision? If the currency is deflating then you would spend less and less on goods and services, but over time the small subdivisions would grow in value and everyone would benefit.

It's all the fun and profit of being evil without the consequences of hurting people!

that's like saying they own the internet because they set up their own vpn or intranet schlomo.

i am the living embodiment of regret

It goes both ways you stupid fuck, the cost of making your products also go down, meaning you make more products, which you sell more of for 'less'.
You end up with more bitcoins than you started with regardless of inflationary or deflationary coins, thus you can pay back regardless

Are you stupid?

Yep, we're definitely in the "fear" stage.

January is over but the "January dip" hasn't stopped…

I find memorizing two 256 bits numbers pretty hard.
Although considering that I never try to memorize anything due to how easy it is to just write down, maybe it's much easier than someone would assume it is
How long does it take to memorize the public and private key?

No, the kikes are, when money inflates, guess who is getting the new money to spend and who is having their existing money devaluated?

Tax evasion is merely handled by police. You underestimate the laziness of kikes.

You have to buy the equipment first, then make the products on it. Depreciation is pure hell in a deflationary environment.

Somebody, somewhere, is ripped off (hopefully a pajeet or chink). Bitcoin does not create value. It's a zero-sum game.

But, congratulations - and I mean it.

After you've impregnated your wife and bought a place for your children to live, put some of your money to a good cause, such as the whites in South Africa or Donald Trump's re-election campaign or, shit, the longevity fuckers at because you're not getting any younger.

I don't think you understand what makes a bitcoin. Controlling the ability to transfer bitcoin requires possessing the private key corresponding to the address from which you want to spend. You can already print out paper wallets that act just like preloaded money cards. The blockchain only determines where the value is in a way that can't be spoofed.

This is the exact argument I hear trotted out in econ indoctrination classes and it's fucking weak. You are delusional if you think that a slight increase in the purchasing power of our money over time quenches our thirst to invest in projects to improve our communities, our people, our race, and our nation. To think that we would instead huddle in a corner clutching our money as its value accrues by pennies a day…why, that evokes images of a particular (((type))), wouldn't you say?

those are excellent digits, and thats an excellent point.

The fuck kind of coward bitch do you take me for? I'm not going to just toss money at the things that matter, I'm going to eventually step into the arena of blackmail and assassination we call politics myself to help fix this place.

Trump's re-election? Fuck outta here with that. I'm gonna fund my own election to land inside DC and help him out personally.

I have bought vials of test that would now be worth 6 - 7 grand… mfw i feel you mang


Actually it's handled by IRS Criminal Investigation Division in United States.
Other countries including Russia and former slav bloc have their own system
If you're panicking about bitcoin bubble why are you here showing your assblasted-ness instead of investing something that has actual value? You know like gold or silver

How are you guys so fucking clueless about investing you don't know what a stock split is? split&ia=web

No it isn't. It's just police, in the end. Sure, they may wear funny badges, but it's just down to police. You really underestimate the laziness of the kikes. You must come to understand how the system truly works. Outfox the police, you've outfoxed the whole fucking kike system.

GFL then

I've heard bitcoin can integrate any and all of the advantages of any other coin and so we should just stick to bitcoin for this reason. Is this true or is bitcoin truly a flawed design that can't be fixed and some other cryptocurrency will prove to be free of these flaws?

Gold is just a metal. Its worth is subjective.

This is anarchism-tier, "MLP could be real"-tier delusional thinking. Don't make me laugh. If people actually did this on a grand scale, jews wouldn't exist, fiat wouldn't exist, and communism could actually work. Your econ teachers are probably the only ones in (((college))) telling you anything like the truth.

Meanwhile actual shit investments: Apple & Google. Pic related. Today.

How fucking retarded are you? An amazing conductor that can be worked WITHOUT HEAT, that is not rejected by the human body, and never fucking tarnishes no matter how long it's exposed to the elements… Yeah, sure shiny is the important part. Fucking kys, you're too stupid for Holla Forums you worthless nigger.

How about instead of tormenting 20-something nerdy white guys you go torment some illegal chink immigrants or something? sheesh

The monetary value you assign to anything is subjective. You have described it's functional value not its monetary value to me. I even said earlier in this thread (click my ID) that I hate you faggots who stockpile gold and want to use it as a currency specifically because it is needed in electronics and other things also because as soon as you treat it this way as a hold of value then you get kikes constraining the supply dumping gold and diamonds into the ocean to keep it scarce. Then when we actually need that resource later we're fucked because we can't get it back from the bottom of the Mariana trench.

Gold and diamonds deserve to be devalued by flooding the supplychain with these resources.

It like you goyim have never run economic simulations or played on a game server with an economy and understood the dynamics of scarcity, time, risk, and responsibility in setting the prices of things.

< print more gold!


Get a job, that's much more reliable source for whatever degenerate shit you do.

Kike ^

See how he makes up lies, with zero evidence? That's a kike.

Sure, like "Korea banned crypto" a few days ago only to be revealed shortly after that it was fake news and only unregulated/illegal activities are banned. This is more of the same, lügenpresse on overdrive.

But most of all, see how the kike is far too damn stupid to come up with an argument.

user, I take it you do not know how /baph/holes work

It would be pretty lulzy to have a large country ban Bitcoin. Zimbabwe banned Bitcoin, but Bitcoin ads run alongside stories in their news, stories about how the bank has forbidden Bitcoin. Quite lulzy.

You can mine more gold and we could potentially synthesize artificial gold or produce it via alchemy.

Also bitcoin is far better than gold because while more gold can be found and created all the time bitcoins have an absolute limit plus many bitcoins will be erased from existence just because the drive they were on was lost.

Monetary value is subjective it is something you assign to things based on scarcity, time, risk, and responsibility.

Your gold not always have the same value. Depend on your life situation the thing which might have the most value might be a day with an attractive woman, or some bullets, or food, or some land and a house. It varies depending on your dominant desire at any given moment.

I know exactly how it works and I nuked your shitty board before. You do nothing of value anymore but destroy your own people. What have you guys done with the endless antifa dox released? Nothing at all.

That's absurd. What good would it be if it could be changed at the will of an (((authority)))? There's already enough problems with (((Blockstream))) promoting shitty scaling solutions, essentially forcing people onto second, cumbersome, less secure layers like Lightning Network.

Essentially, yes. The foundational principles of Bitcoin are solid. Unfortunately, bona fide conspiracies involving some of the developers that joined the project and censorship on major discussion forums (most notably /r/bitcoin) have castrated BTC. This led to a schism in the community and most early adopters have thrown their weight behind the forked currency Bitcoin Cash, BCH. I'm among them if that wasn't obvious You also have Ethereum but there are huge concerns down the road with scaling and centralization. And Ripple is distributed by Ripple Labs, whose primary business model involves servicing banks.

Am I supposed to be taking you seriously?

Really? They are the ones who could most benefit by it. They should be doing as North Korea and trying to get a supply of it. Zimbabwe currently has no functional monetary system at all whatsoever and had gone back to the old barter and trade system of the neolithic.

what the fuck I did not write anything in name or email field the fuck is this shit why am I being trolled like this???

Yeah, people there still use it. Whites, in other words, and ones with some white blood.

Yeah sure in whatever world you live in. Civ nat cucks,

tbqf, Mr. cec, I have noted similar events as well. These may be implanted by the CIA, along the route to our computers. Shitholers, the lot of them.

Last I heard Zimbabwe had begun trading with US dollars after abandoning their currency. Admittedly though that was years ago, and an African country under Black Stalin probably wouldn't even be function enough to use another country's money.

I hate civic nationalists but these people are a step away from being full blown NatSoc and are also very inconsequential in the greater picture. There are so many higher priority targets to go after.


Which crypto is most resistant to centralized control by some regulatory body? I personally am really having to re-evaluate the worth of bitcoin if governments can control it because the whole fucking point of cryptocurrency was to prevent exactly that.

Could be a problem with Holla Forums but I am also have noticed multiple cases in my past of trying to talk to someone and they never receive what I am actually saying to them and I never receive what they were actually saying, that is, some intermediary prevents us from actually communicating and stirs up trouble and tries to turn us against each other. Didn't find out it was going on until later. They have the means to intercept communications and toy with them like that.

Yeah because you can totally dismiss the other stuff I said just because I acknowledge one possibility as a kind of joke (but not really).

Paracelsus produced gold via alchemy. Deal with it.

Should I get bitcoin if it gets really cheap again, like at $100 or something? Could it bounce back up?

Also, you may find yourself redirected to one of the nasty kike boards. It's freaky when you're on another tab, read the tab titles, and are like "the fucK??!!!!"

This may be the lowest it ever gets, today. 10K is a psychological level. it's below, an opportunity.

I was in it since the beggining … i sold in 2013 because the specualtors made our dream u tenable …still made enough for my boat… fuck all the cucktards who are late to the party and just shit nice things

Im drunk and phone posting… thousand sorries i will hang myself now

It's okay bud. Get your drinking under control though.

you can't do that with bitcoin

Where my FUNchads at?

I've never been a big fan of trepanation.


I kinda hope Bitcoin drops to 5k and hangs around there. One of the main problems that markets and merchants had was the skyrocketing amount that they would have to claim tax on. But they could not just sell or did not sell off the bitcoin they had accumulated every week. Therefore if they claimed they made 300k on bitcoin transaction but the next quarterly report shows it was up or down by 20-30% is a massive headake in paperwork to show where gains or loss occurred. This is why many companies do not adopt crypto currency right away. That and also the transaction fees but those will be solved in 2019 with bitcoin at least. So expect the market to bottom out then late 2018 early 2019 for it to shoot up since people will use it again for transactions. The market is also down because of the drama with ICO's being regulated. This is a good thing because so many of them are scams. This is where the meme comes from that bitcoin is a scam is from the ICO's.

crypto is the answer

Here, only a 20k FUNlet though.

Is gambling degnerate? Yes. Am I going to miss out on potentially 100x my money in a couple years? Hell no.

When the market keeps crashing, everyone will just gamble their money away and use FUN tokens to do it. Fun times ahead.

The best part about it is that there is going to be a large coin burn after they sell the rest of the coins to casinos, value goes up. After that, when the systems start running and people are playing, coins are being constantly burned forever, value slowly goes up. On top of that, we can "stake" our coins by lending them to casinos and get to take a percentage of their profits, more coins more value.

I understand how the block chain works, I wasn't suggesting that the 3d printer idea was a good one but the fact that I haven't seen anyone try to come up with a way for that to work, whether or not it would, very strongly supports my assertion that everyone saw bitcoins, said 'this is a good idea' and then centered all innovation around the principals already established by it instead of looking for every possible angle. It's less of a problem with bitcoin and more of a problem with everything about society.

This, I'm surprised so many on Holla Forums are not red pilled economically at all.

The Reichmarks, at least learn about them.



Gonna set mine at 5x leverage.

Bitcoin is burning and it's beautiful.

Bought LINK (Chainlink) with $850, sold at 4x profit

Bought CRPT (Crypterium) with $3,300, sold at 2.5x profit

Bought BPT (Blockport) with $8,100, currently worth $6,000

My wallet on etherscan:


Mass suicides when?

Oh No! Even the PonziCoin is in trouble!


This might be one of the most jewish posts i've ever read.

It was pretty bad
>Inflation is good for the (((economy))) goyim!
There's people who think that consumer lending/borrowing would still be a feature of a crypto economy, and not something crypto was kinda fucking designed to eliminate..
tl;dr a deflationary economy rewards savers, an inflationary fiat economy penalizes them

As of right now at the top of 2018-FEB: Due to BTC design vs USD design, a bitcoin crash would have to drop below $4k sustained (log trend line). At $4k, bitcoin would be at performance. Above $4k, bitcoin is over performing. This holds roughly true for all fiat currencies of the USD/FED, CNY/PBC, EUR/ECB, and JPY/BOJ [due to there being no Big-O notary difference between them; I.E. O(USD) + O(CNY) + O(EUR) + O(JPY) = O(USD) ].

At roughly double that ($8k), it will fall mathematically. It has done this fall to global log-trend in the past (irregular peaks above, never below, yet?). This has not been time-predicted, rather only account-predicted. So the question, as always, becomes: happening when? Do you think that BTC will fall below $4k, today? Tomorrow? 2018-FEB-31st?

There is a very high temperature process which can (some ruskies went digging into this) but I'm not sure it's commercially viable. Yet.

Wigger you dont understand bank runs. There were plenty of bank runs during the gold standard era.

Why 4K user? In the past year BTC had been doubling every four months.

"High temperature process". Yeah, high temperature as in supernova hot. Gold is a basic element. Most of the gold produced in the universe ends up in black holes or neutron stars.

reccomend me some unregulated exchanges laddos all i see here is a buyers market

>t. cryptokike

They did it around 5-6000°C from memory.
Nuclear corium also makes it around these temperature ranges.



proper digits and a solid point.

fuck off, no

Yes, but most of the normies who bought it bought it with fake money anyway.

And what exactly do you mean by this? I'm serious


He thinks they are "not safe" because a kike bank dose not hold them, you hold your own wealth.

Cryptos are a joke, I can't even buy any in Europoor without waiting weeks for verifications at exchanges with half a dozen documents and selfie pics that sure as hell won't be shared with some three letter agency as a potential bad goy.

Unless governments take full control there'll never be an easy way to exchange fiat to cryptos.

Now cryptos and ICO are largely shady ponzi get rich quick schemes. Sure you might get in at the right time and make good shekels but you might loose it all as well.

Try to outplay jews and jews of the orient at your own risk and don't whine about your deposits crashing and burning…

That was my point: Not likely.

When low volume, the trend matches rough log-linear. Legal exclusions rising may reduce volume.

Bitstamp will fail. :^)

Accept no shitcoins.

Find someone willing to sell them to you in person for cash.

I guarantee that someone in your area is willing to do this, if you're willing to put the effort in to finding and contacting them.

well this is the most jewish post i have seen in quite a while, excluding obivous shilling

history btw disproves your assertion, which looks like we need yids jewing our currency otherwise hebrews couldn't jew our economy as efficiently

even in a hard curency people will still invest for profits why because of bidding for positional goods
widgets usely as they may be can always be produced to outstrip demand or untill no longer in hype, but things like real estate in pleasing locals will always be bid up by people
and even in a deflationary environment the housingmarket in certain well like places will always require people outcompeting each other to get in
as mentioned numerous times throughout bitcoin threads muh tulipmania
which was an investor frenzy in 16th century holland when they had a hard currency, yet still people invested unsuccesfully and very succesfully in the VOC which netted yearly 20% dividents in a hard currency and built up entire countries
something you said was impossible

never forget get the jew out of every institution and only then can we have nice things

people selling cryptos for cash are shady as fuck

drug dealers, money launderers etc.

also localbitcoins has banned Germany

people will only travel to you from other countries if you buy 10k+

If yer in Leafland you can sell your bitcoin via and use it to pay bills or deposit it into a bank acct.

This is patently false. The decade the US economy grew the fastest, 1869-1879, had an avergade deflation of 3,6%. The dollar has been a deflationary currency for the vast majority of US history, as it has been linked to silver and gold which are inherently deflationary.

No one, in reality, bases his decisions on this keynsian nonsense of "inflation means motivation to spend". No one, who really needs a car/paddle/saw/dragon dildo thinks that "I need this right now, but if I wait 1 whole fucking year I can get it 1-2% cheaper holy fuck I better not buy it".

Gold will once again be money. Fiat currencies come and go, stocks go to zero, bonds get defaulted on, crypto crashes, but gold remains.

That shit looks real interesting, real intriguing. Every time I've looking into bitcoin it seemed like cringey garbage. >gotta pick out which wallet to use >all sound like garbage >then what exchange to use >all sound like garbage >go to coin forums to read through everyones opinions >all sound like garbage

Every time I have said "shit I need to get in on this" My gut always tells me 'dont fuck around with that which you do not fully understand'

No, corium does not create gold.

Gold is created by the r-process in a supernova, or an extremely energy intensive reaction of mercury (think particle accelerator and atoms of yield). Gold is not creatable, that's why it can be money. Getting gold out of the ground being expensive, is the whole model that bitcoin mining is based on.

If your Keynesian bullshit is true, why are Nip bankers panicking about Japs hoarding cash when they are inflating the fuck out of the Yen?

Why did people go on Nutella riots when they dropped the price?

Deflation is stimulatory to an economy. Inflation eats away at the fat.

Fuck off with your steaming Statist horseshit.

see pic
90% of people are not smart enough to pick a good investment, never mind all the scams out there.
also nice earlobe spacing

You must have made a fortune in the 80's.

Too bad quantum computing is fucking with this model. Cryptocoins are going to crash HARD.

Because the (((banks))) were issuing notes for gold they didn't have. Literally the same shit we're dealing with today, except now it's totally fucking acceptable for them to make money up outta thin air.

this was only in early stages to prevent shitminers and profiteers (such as yourself apparently)

the ledger is now immutable with the vergeltung release, no more purging of shitminers

adolfs anonymous marketplace is nearing launch i think, and listing on an exchange will probably be around same time or not long after

bitcoin is fundamentally flawed with the complete lack of anonymity and centralized development team. it is exactly what intelligence agencies would want in a crypto currency. adolfcoin is completely anonymous by default

feel free to send donations of 0.88 adolfs here RksrP8AXGtSBVdyEHyVwTNa1DadJdWa3dVQ78LBEvBEgBWgjTEFN43C4Z7An9ZuzKFQ7GttXya63rfLLBkNyrz1S1raR2Q48Z to test the network functionality

The problem with Bitcoin is the ledger is always growing and at a near exponential rate. In order to have an efficient currency you'd want it based on something like multichaindb

Listen here, negros. Never listen to any Juden shill tell you Bitcoin is a worthless coin. Cryptocurrency and the technology behind it especially (Blockchain) is the future. We are only given two options from here on in the future, because the future is a cashless society:

That's it. Pick one. Cryptocurrency is always shilled against by Jews and people not yet simply educated on it. We're still in the early days of cryptocurrency (like the internet) so of course a lot of you have ship hopping to do. Rest assured, cryptocurrency is the direction that puts a dent into the banker kike's schnoser and makes his life that more stressful.

Bitcoin will fall to a few thousand at it's absolute worse (likely ~$6k) and will continue to grow as it is designed. The waves get smaller as the ship gets bigger.

^ this

Last time when bitcoin price were stable was at 200 dollar for 1 btc. That was after the crash and then the kikes took the bitcoin price of into oblivion.

Governments don't print money because they can't collect enough in taxes to cover their expenses excluding nigger countries. They print money to compensate for physical loss of bank notes and increase in GDP. If they wouldn't do that, the value of money would increase, which will lead to stagnation and market collapse. Small controlled inflation is healthy for economy, full stability is detrimental, deflation is destructive.

Perhaps you are thinking of a chain fork. Bitcoin is not a stock. Where a blockchain forks off the main chain and fucks off and does its own thing. An example of this is bit coin cash, bitcoin diamond, bitcoin gold and such. Another example close to that would be ethereum and ethereum classic. It is not a stock split and should not be considered anywhere close to it. You are a fucking retard who just got into trading crypto, or a retard who buys shit because its the hot new hotness but knows nothing about it.

Yes it is absolutely impossible to do such market manipulation such as buying from yourself with bitcoin, whereas with real stocks it's so easy that doing so will instantly land you in a fucking jail.

It's hard to tell if you're trolling or just retarded, because coinfags are ACTUALLY this retarded.

Nevermind I think it's an actual coinfag retard.

You print a bitcoin note that holds specific amount of bitcoin on it. Could be its own wallet tied to a physical medium, it is created when you print it, and when you use it all of its worth is transferred to your account and it becomes a piece of paper. But then the similarity between bitcoin and literal monopoly money becomes too similar and normies wouldn't buy into that crap anymore, hence bitcoin designed without this sort of feature.

This is the only post in this thread worth absorbing.

Guys, do you want to hurt the jew? Then hop on the crypto train and hit him where it really hurts. In the fiat!

Well what you personally would rather do - HODL your bitcoins hoping that their value will increase, or empty your crypto vallet to invest all of that money into some business so that you maybe break even in X years or with a good chance fail altogether? If you hold, why do you think other people will do otherwise?

Is this a fucking bait? The only time US dollar was deflating was during the great depression.

Governments don't print money at all. It's totally out of their hands have you been paying attention nigger fucks sake, we've been "one world currency" for decades, although I think the meaning was lost in translation. The meaning being we're beholden to a single economic entity. The Federal Reserve is simply the American branch. World government is already here, has been for your entire fucking life - hence that whole World War debacle - it was a war for the world, & news flash the good guys lost.
This is cuckchan tier shit m8s sort it out plox

Why do I even bother? These threads are always choke full of bitcoin retards and shills.

Just make sure not to interact with cryptoshit unless you plan on scamming gullible people with it, and you should be fine. Don't attempt to "get rich" by buying and holding let alone mining, your odds of losing all of your savings and becoming a pink wojak poster are the same as the current emitted coins number to maximum coin limit ratio, i.e. well above 99%.

Governments directly request to print money, and doing it without government's request is illegal.

They won't mind being audited then. Oh wait, they've refused for over thirty years. The 'control' 'our' governments have is token at best.

This is a crypto thread. If you have a better solution, we'd love to fucking hear it.

Normal fiat currency with strong government control is a better solution. I mean just who do you have to be to praise "uncontrollability" and whatnot when it unties the hands to all sorts of stock market scammers? Either a retard or a scammer, there's no third option.

I agree. Trouble is that ship has sailed, the last countries on earth with an internally controlled financial system are being lined up for invasion. The rest have all been smashed into line, one way or another. Crypto is financial geurilla warfare; it's messy as fuck, disorganized, there'll be massive collateral damage, there's competing factions with differing visions - but it's about the only somewhat workable option we've got.

BTC is kiked to the brim though. (((David Brock))) himself is one of the biggest owners of it.

So from what i have read through several threads it seems BitcoinCash,Monero,Zcash are the ones that aren't compromised as in you remain anonymous completely and decentralized,is that right?And of course Adolfcoin but that's not available yet.

every fiat currency in history has been overprinted by governments plugging budget deficits
before bitcoin precious metals were the main monetary reserve that remained stable over long time scales

no goverment can resist overprinting fiat, because most governments still seek the passive consent of thegoverned as this is the much cheaper solution compared to full dictatorship
any ruling party or person that would advocate sound fiscal sability and curtailing gibs within budget is soon removed by someone that promises a chicken in every pot to the poor masses, this behaviour is very strong in democracies as power transition is part of the system, but even in autocracies this happens due to palace revolutions

right now all western currencies have been printed to oblivion and government budgets are still huge, mostly related to pensions, this cannot be solved without collapse, so shilling for inflationary currency at this point is being willfully retarded or drinking the university coolaid too much

what the value of bitcoin is proposed to be, is a new digital version of gold an unprintable hard currency, with added benefits of being much more moveable then gold and as such better suited for international trade
side effects of course are many competing coins and slow transaction times

yet even within our current world using conventional economics, crypto in general is already a huge improvement
obviously most detractors do not possess the wealth or position to engage in international business
but if you were you would know that the current financial system is shit for moving money in international trade, try making a payment to a shop from rural US to rural india via the banking system and try doing so via bitcoin
you will quickly see that despite all the shit bitcoin is getting for being worse than visa, it is actually very fast and cheap compared to the current banking system
now we here al know this is because of middlemen jews wetting their beaks, yet unfortenately this is not mentioned in textbooks

matter of fact is, in this current digital age, sending money should not be anymore complicated than sending an email, the kikes greed in preventing this development led to the creation of a competitor to their system
something about that age old tale of the golem devouring its master

It's already coming back.

This seems like an ignorant statement. Don't just schmucks just want to cash out the monopoly money for fiat?

I think I'd going to buy some more at $7k.

Crashing it for your protection goy.

Feels like lowering the price, so that more suckers join in for another round of fleecing.

8/10 post
Needs a smug anime picture and little bit more of sassy talk

I am using that, thanks

nocoiner detected

If you were in a year ago you would never have to work again in your life lmao.


You need to throw in Chad and Stacy while you're at it to be authentic

You know (((who))) they request it from and (((who))) they pay the interest to, right?

Worth noting that this did happen with, I believe, an english bank a few years ago. People started demanding their gold, the bank went "No thanks, here's the cash equivalent instead."

Nothing came of it. Was chalked up to just that one bank not having enough gold ;^)

Mad kike? I borrowed money at low rates in November when I saw you pumping it, made it back several thousand percent and paid off the loan at the peak for nearly 0 interest. So I just extracted a ton of money from (((you))). I'll do the same again just before the next pump - you kikes are too predictable now.

Thanks for dumping the other markets too - make sure you send the usual signals before you pump it again. K?

So fucking true. I got in just before the November pump, sold up at the peak. Kikes use their usual tricks to manipulate it, but with the market moving so quickly it's trivial to spot the patterns. Holla Forumsacks that aren't using this to their advantage are fools - wage cucking for (((them))) isn't virtuous.

Just waiting for the current market drop to complete. Then, buy back in for the next round - and they even dumped the other markets too! Thanks kikes, we'll buy up all the assets!

my exact thoughts
inefficient transaction speed
created by communists
ripoffs with shitty names

The last 12 months have been stupid but overall BTC has been fucking stupid as a whole with the pricing action. Things will continue to be stupid. Anyone claiming shit like
Should fucking kill themselves. If you were so good at charts you'd have made enough money to not need to comment on this bullshit.


Honest to goodness you are one of those sub 130 IQ brainlets that browse here aren't you?

Back to 7000 USD more like. Can we go lower ?