Redpill me on the origin of HIV, Holla Forums. Where did it really come from?

Redpill me on the origin of HIV, Holla Forums. Where did it really come from?

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Africans having sex with monkeys.


A possible clue, or an educational piece of history anyhow, look up SV - 40 m*nkey v*rus, spread to millions through (often know) contaminated pol*o va**ine.

Oathvoided faggot confirmed for aidsposter

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Whatcha slidin, rabbi?

Stop calling it HIV.
Call it by it's real name. GRIDS.

I'm content enough on this one to say it probably formed naturally. Spreads shittily, kills slowly, mostly targets the degenerates that ZOG works so hard to protect.

If it were a bioweapon it's the shittiest one you can make.

This sentiment.

Actually is SIV and this guy is correct, "africans" already have a lot of strains of "HIV", lots of them stay there because they stay in their mudhuts or because the virus isnt capable of infecting humans. Fun fact, in some parts of africa "african" population have a 3% of SIV, another fun fact, a lots of whites having a mutation in CCR5 (delta 32 and maybe others) cant get aids, its because whites have magic powers? no, its because that virus was forced to evolve in "africans"… then why white people can get that thing too? faggotry, seriously.

Not sure if Holla Forums related (aids was create by"africans" and spreaded by faggots) so feel free to counter this sage, btw, eventually white girls being fucked by dogs will "force" canine virus to adapt to humans, are dogs to blame? The Bible already has the answer.

It originated in Africa from a simian strain which is thought to have been passed to humans through the consumption of bushmeat, and spread to a broader population through brothels in neighboring cities.


Please tell me how in the fuck so many africans have the "SIV", it was obviously propagated by faggots but is a natural virus, if that guy is correct then Ebola and friends are a thing in every corner of the planet since the beginning. "Africans" arent smart enough to travel.


Sex tourism.

made by the us government for about 5 million dollars, based off of SIVs, and spread through polio vaccines.

There's public testimony about how "we have the ability to make a disease that doesn't kill, but allows other pathogens to kill, for about 5 million usd"


This is where Lyme disease came from! I doubt they made aids there also if it didn't escape the island with the rest of their bioweapons. It starts in afrika, not the usa.

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Fascinating, thanks.

Population control for africa, made by the NWO.
It originated in South Africa, one who had big problems with invading blacks from the north at the time.
Just connect the dots. It's biological warfare.

It spread to human species because someone raped gorillas as far as I know.