Black Lives Matter and Antifa Vow to Target Super Bowl LII

On Monday, banners were dropped by members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa during the Super Bowl LII’s media event warning that “#WeReadyWeComin.”

Get the popcorn goys and gals. It's gonna be anuddah shoah.

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Oh, and one more thing. I give you a fuckton of ANTIFA and BLM dox. Fuck them up Holla Forums.


Phone number Name Address Where found Internal File Relation to Subject Additional info Email Extra Info

7636708438 Bob Morris 14225 Garland Ave, St Paul, MN 55124 118 bobmorris weed dealer

7634822083 Brittany Cusack 1927 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404 169 no need fiancee [email protected]

7632133041 Jake Swayze, Jake Hanson no info friend, antifa

4049526195 Roman Smith 759 Signal antifa found using number in fb

6123817213 759 Signal antifa

6512397611 Mark H Franz (Max Franz) 1311 Dallager Ct, Stillwater, MN 55082 759 markfranz Signal antifa Max is likely son of Mark [email protected]

6127600893 759 Signal antifa

6129644309 Elizabeth A Valko, Stephanie 840 Sea Spray Lane, San Mateo, CA 94404 759 lizvalko Signal antifa 921

7155720380 Nathan GDC gives three addresses, diff names 760 nathangdc Contacts

6122377024 Michaela S Day 204 Western Ave N, Apt 201, Saint Paul, MN 55102 761 michaeladay Signal antifa

7608984004 David D Tucker 305 Hillcrest Dr, Apt 2, Encinitas, CA 92024 762 davidtucker Signal antifa

6176060201 Rahsaan Mahadeo (name in 0765) 2108 25th Ave S, Apt 1, Minneapolis, MN 55406 764 rahsaanmahadeo Signal antifa

9524636314 Haleigh Ziebol real person, no address data, though. Student. 764 haleighzeibol Signal antifa

6123817213 Arrived home soon after arrest, so in area 765 Signal antifa

6123854105 Tony Naffziger/Justin Michael 16820 57th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55446 766 tonynaff signal antifa

6123854105 Christopher Naffziger 3632 171st Ave NW, Andover, MN 55304 766 chrisnaff Signal antifa

6512535032 Kevin Willington 300 Broadway St, Apt 504, Saint Paul, MN 55101 766 kevinwill Signal antifa [email protected]

2182134991 Thomas Pederson (identifies self as Kayla Pederson, which checks out) Duluth, MN number, otherwise unknown 767 thomaspederson Signal antifa

6127081404 Pramila Nelson 305 W Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404 769 pramilanelson Signal antifa

6127081404 Max D Nelson 1411 Parmeadow Dr, Northfield, MN 55057 769 maxnelson Signal antifa

6122726726 Jill E Jacobson 5644 45th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55417-3019 772 jilljacobson Signal antifa [email protected]

6125167335 Kieran F Knutson 5520 Haverhill St, Detroit, MI 48224 776 kieranknutson Kieran, Leader NOT his address; Family home in DET? [email protected]

2184160844 Claire Stenvik Thief River Falls, MN 785 Signal antifa

9529133088 Adam Hulst 14327 Parkside Ct Nw, Prior Lake, MN 55372 799 adamhulst recon signal antifa

6513573581 Morgen Elliot Hughes 812 Signal antifa

7634393886 Samuel Wagner 3224 Ensign Ct, New Hope, MN 55427 817 samuelwagner Signal antifa

6127156096 Eke Obi 910 4th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 819 ekeobi Signal antifa

4154125552 Mary Holcomb 646 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 819 maryholcomb Signal antifa

4154125552 Mary Holcomb 1701 Madison St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 819 maryholcomb Signal antifa

3219148363 Kevin Johnson 2355 Reef Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903 823 kevinjohnson Signal antifa

8609937560 Will, on 0828 Hartford, CT 823 Signal antifa

Nick Kelley 826 GDC confirmed GDC

6513086328 Maddy, Madeline Rivard 179 Kent St OR 1117 Iris Dr, BOTH St Paul, MN 826 maddy GDC confirmed GDC, works at office

(?)6127249253 Jadzia Sembla/Doug Sembla 1870 E 26th St Minneapolis, MN 55404-4055 827 GDC AND activist, mentioned, works with YPAC

Taylor Kestrel, see line 85 sending stuff to GDC 835 GDC [email protected]
9529205849 Kristen Albinson 82 Woodland Cir, Minneapolis, MN 55424 826 kristenalbinson GDC, UU contact point
6123000088 Linda Mann 3706 Logan Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55412-1952 837 gdcmembers GDC [email protected] LEADERSHIP
Ryan H 837 gdcmembers GDC
Benny P 837 gdcmembers GDC
9522202281 Rachael Segouin 840 GDC [email protected]
6128013991 Christian Jensen/Alex Jensen 845 GDC
Greg Lewin 842 3rd Ave, Apt 204, Excelsior, MN 55331 846 greglewin GDC [email protected]
6127249158 Sam Adams 4540 34th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406 849 samadams GDC, organizer [email protected]
3194865181 Matt Hoecker 5502 Meadowlark Ln, Cedar Falls, IA 50613 850 matthoecker GDC
Ed Sutton 851 GDC [email protected]
3193399172 Jarrod Julius 2904 Lyndale Ave S, Apt 514, Minneapolis, MN 55408 854 jarrodjulius GDC [email protected]
Errico Hedake 858 GDC [email protected]
Bird Einar 859 Phillips Neighborhood Organizers [email protected]
6129403999 Marc Trius 2512 18th Aves S, Minneapolis, MN 55404 859 marctrius Phillips Neighborhood Organizers
Carmen Seracin 859 Phillips Neighborhood Organizers
859 Phillips Neighborhood Organizers [email protected]
Kim Hayden 859 Phillips Neighborhood Organizers [email protected]
Gingy Hidges 859 Phillips Neighborhood Organizers [email protected]
6127241608 Lauren Muscoplat 2914 15th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407 859 laurenmusc1 Phillips Neighborhood Organizers [email protected] This is more likely the correct address as it's in the phillips neighborhood
6127241608 Lauren Muscoplat 6701 Sioux Trl, Minneapolis, MN 55439 859 laurenmusc2 Jewish Comm Act
Paul Pacheco 859 Phillips Neighborhood Organizers [email protected]
James Schmidt 859 Phillips Neighborhood Organizers [email protected]
Mariana Walther 360 Genessee Ave, Paynesville, MN 56362 859 marianawalther Phillips Neighborhood Organizers [email protected]
6128728516 Jena Brune 3740 17th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407 859 jenabrune Phillips Neighborhood Organizers [email protected]
John Bruning 861 GDC [email protected]
Joanna Nunez 861 GDC [email protected]
7633506517 Aaron 863 Contacts
6122121718 Stef B 864 Contacts
7633104934 Kayla Barger 5512 Aberdeen Way, Big Lake, MN 55309 865 kaylabarger Contacts
3092878007 Tre' Bell 866 Contacts, druggie
6122221193 Dj, Dorothy S Newcomb 1 Thompson Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55118 868 dj Contacts
4147915261 Edie 869 Contacts
7636397727 Mom Ellis, his Mom 1035 Kilbirnie Rd, Big Lake, MN 55309 870 momellis Contacts
Travis Girard Erickson 871 Contacts [email protected]
2182599149 Emma Fowler 872 Contacts
7206897064 Max 879 Contacts
2183400495 Megan McNeil 600 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 880 Contacts
7634822013 Jayden Mills 881 Contacts
7634823423 Teresa Mills 882 Contacts
7636456130 Kassi Morgan 883 Contacts
6122466127 Nick Neeser 884 Contacts
3175074965 Numbers, Nick Keener 9736 Wilkins Run Rd NE, Newark, OH 43055 886 nickkeener LEADER, Contacts
7632914782 Ollie 887 Contacts work contact from his job
7636147427 Ali Robertson 888 Contacts
4793133395 Annna S, Anna Ess, Anna Stitt 227 E Conner St, Fayetteville, AR 72701 889 annnas, annaess LEADER, Contacts
7632341494 Ryan Smith 891 Contacts
2623840119 TK, T Kestrel, Amy Marx, see line 38 West Bend, WI 892 tk Contacts, GDC?
6185818013 Will 893 will Contacts
2182561227 Pat Zabinske 1927 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404 895 patzab Contacts, lives with Brittany
6128759643 Dan Ziebol 10278 Edinburgh Cir, Eden Prairie, MN 55347 911 danziebol GDC Sister is Haleigh Ziebol
3025217174 Greg Lewin 2547 Blaisdell Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404 918 jefflewin GDC [email protected]

7154566174 Kevin Fehlen 4732 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421 921 kevinfehlen antifa security, 93X
William Silvester 943 IWW on facebook
6514855981 Sam Tyler 3123 23rd Ave S, Apt 104, Minneapolis, MN 55407 943 samtyler, samtyler2 GDC unsure accuracy, on facebook, doxxing people, Number brings up false positive, will leave for later
Mark Malark (Cagle) (Jr) 1927 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404-2720 984 B-day 10-28. Same day dox was dropped. Happy birthday faggot
7637328310 Mark Cagle, likely father 1035 Kilbirnie Rd, Big Lake, MN 55309 986 likely his father
3238038147 Rhonda S Kuehl 2829 E Lake of the Isles Pkwy 1011 rhondakuehl IWW
Luis Carbajal GDC
6129403842 JL Feinstein, rn: Mark Trius 1216 Reaney Ave, St Paul, MN 55106 1101 neshsary IWW, JL Feinstein [email protected]
Anja 1106
Andrew 1106
Aine Carey-Thompson 1124
Benny Painter, Benjamin 1124 [email protected]
Sadie Cox 951 IWW Moderator
Stefanie B 1136 juicyparsons31 on Slack [email protected]
Rachel Fettig 1139
Sophia Emily 1139
William David Hart 1139
6058640319 Joshua S Barse 22766 SD Hwy 13, Flandreau, SD 57028 Notes Phone number in notes Legit, confirmed by a local. Details redacted under plebchan witness protection.
6128659625 Emily Ryan 1240 Wildwood Way, Chaska, MN 55318
(?)7638983604 Christopher Allison, Shuge 9317 Oliver Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55444-2912 944 IWW Facebook MODERATOR [email protected] Is also a musician, part time it seems, LEADERSHIP
Gregory Lucious Merritt 944 IWW Facebook member
Macks Hopland 945 IWW Facebook member
6122123348 Travis Elise/Travis Erickson 3116 S 17th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407 945 IWW Facebook ADMIN LEADERSHIP
Adam Jones 945 IWW Facebook member
Adam Josph, Adam Hulst 945 IWW Facebook member
Adam Tresca 945 IWW Facebook member
Addy Berg 945 IWW Facebook member
Alayne Beneke 945 IWW Facebook member
Alex Jensen 945 IWW Facebook member
Amy Andrzejewski 946 IWW Facebook member
Angel Gardner-Kocher 946 IWW Facebook member
Anja Helene Witek 946 IWW Facebook member [email protected]
Bob Kolstad 946 IWW Facebook member
Bonnie Joy 946 IWW Facebook member
Briana Markoff 946 IWW Facebook member
Bridget Laurenson 946 IWW Facebook member
Courtney Nicole 947 IWW Facebook member
6513154222 David Boehnke 947 IWW, GDC [email protected]

David Sundeen 947 IWW Facebook member
Elisa Teaching, Elisa Rivas 947 IWW Facebook member
Elisabeth Geschiere 947 IWW Facebook member
Elizabeth Eisenmenger 947 IWW Facebook member
Eric Levy 947 IWW Facebook member not found
Erin Dyke 947 IWW Facebook member
Frank Kennett 948 IWW Facebook member
Jan Haftek 948 IWW Facebook member
Jeff Jones 948 IWW Facebook member
Jeff Pilacinski 948 IWW Facebook member
Jessi Martinez 948 IWW Facebook member
Jessica Garraway 948 IWW Facebook member
Jim Bjerke 948 IWW Facebook member
Jim McGuire 949 IWW Facebook member
John O'Reilly 949 IWW Facebook member
Jonathan Lie 949 IWW Facebook member
Josh Allison 949 IWW Facebook member not found
Josh Stever 949 IWW Facebook member not found
Jurk Burl 949 IWW Facebook member
Kellen Roberts 949 IWW Facebook member
Louk Kahski 950 IWW Facebook member
Lucy Claire, Lucinda Pipkin 950 IWW Facebook member
Lynda Lightning 950 IWW Facebook member
Mandi Kae, Mandi Jung 950 IWW Facebook member
Martyn O'Wynn 950 IWW Facebook member
Miel Badger, Email Michaela? 950 IWW Facebook member
Nick Amanze, N. A. Onwukwe 951 IWW Facebook member
Padraig O Lonargain 951 IWW Facebook member
Renoir Gaither 951 IWW Facebook member
Ryan Voss 951 IWW Facebook member RyanReverendTap, [email protected]
Shoshi Gurian-Sherman 951 IWW Facebook member
Siege Afidelia 952 IWW Facebook member
Simon Smedberg 2737 Blaisdell Ave Apt 2 Minneapolis, MN 55408-1539 952 IWW Facebook MODERATOR [email protected] LEADERSHIP
Timothy Fay 952 IWW Facebook member
Tonja Honsey 952 IWW Facebook member
Travis Erickson 952 IWW Facebook member
Will Dixon 952 IWW Facebook member
4793133395 Anna Stitt em: a couple asks ahead GDC emails, office [email protected]
Richard Young em: Survivor Support Question GDC emails [email protected]
em: Changing IWW/GDC Structure GDC emails [email protected]
Wild Cat em: Reimbursement needed for CSD GDC emails [email protected]
Linda Leighton em: Red November Black November GDC emails [email protected]
Ryan Harkness em: Court Support for June 10th Arrestees GDC emails [email protected]
Alexander Kravitz (alias, Harvey) em: Gladiator School, Oct 10th alexkravitz, alexkravitz1 GDC emails [email protected]
em: Phillips Neighborhood Organizing GDC emails [email protected]
Anna Kunin em: 10/3 Phillips Organizing Notes GDC emails [email protected]
Jessica Manning em: 10/3 Phillips Organizing Notes GDC emails bday 2-9-91? [email protected]
em: 10/3 Phillips Organizing Notes GDC emails [email protected]
em: 10/3 Phillips Organizing Notes GDC emails [email protected]
em: GDC MEETING TONIGHT GDC emails [email protected]
Kathy Ellis 1076 Accountant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis bday 8-6 or 8-7
Mark Bray 1021 Radical Leftist Author who visited MPLS Author of some book

(?) = unconfirmed. Use info with caution. Updated by user.

Loo these faggots will be massacred by drunken football fans. They cant be serious.


Stephen Mitchell

Darnella Renee

Jeremy Hedge

Zach Malett

Gabriel Black Elk

Gabi Dobson

Austin Jensen

Denissa Gwin

Talib Asadullah Murphey

Loretta L. VanPelt

Sol Mar

Brad Sigal

Sam Martinez

Matt May

Misty Rowan

Andrew Fahlstrom

Jennifer Jenn

Rhea Smykalski

Tyrone Williams

Jamie Cruit Knopik

Martin Branyon

Lee Parker

Nitasha Lynn Washburn-Abrego

Kent Mori

Regina Joseph

Felisa Calaway

Palma Cady Cairns

Trahern Ausar Crews

Jess Sundin

Kristi Laudert

Mata Konechne

Jadzia Sembla (Doug Sembla)

Lisa Ganser

Kemberly Danneker

Sophia Emily

Pic Related

You are doing God's work son.

Just post it on >>>/pdfs/ or pastebin or link to wherever you got it from. Literally anything would be better than what you just posted.

I'm convinced that Antifa and BLM are /ourguys/ there's no way Soros is trying to actually help the Left. All this would ever achieve is pissing off the last remaining White NFL fans.

Nice. Then the world will hate them some more. Bet the nfl is pretty tired of this too. I’ll go watch the xfl rather than the nigger faggot league. I only stayed watching for Aryan GOAT Tom Brady and Lord Belichick. The hit jobs they do on Brady are straight out of the anti white Jew playbook. A lot of the stories of him cheating are promoted by literal kikes in the Boston sports media. I can’t even listen to them anymore. One even insulted his 5 year old girl. But I digress, I hope they do it. It’s up in Minnesota, cold and white. There’s degenerate psycho eagle fans there too. People are stoked on these commie fags as much anymore. Let them work on that.

And I got a pretty heavy dox on both organizations. I have worked a long while compiling a lot of it. I hope BLM in particular burns for what they did to Lance and those around him. They deserve everything they get and then some.

The antifa I straight up copied from another thread and had to unfuck the formatting.

Soros started them then the whole operation got fucked up.

Holla Forums, on behalf of Minnesota /k/, and the four men whose lives were destroyed because of their shenanigans, I beg of you. Do your worst. Show no mercy. Show them the internet hate machine of old. Make them burn, then let the drunken football fans have them.

Some drunk Eagles fans too hopefully. They punch horses like antifa does.

Being a nearby ANTIFA chapter, it is plausible that Nebraska might show up. I don't have any info on Chicago or Wisconsin. Anyone who does is encouraged to drop 'em. I will be dropping some BLM dox in a bit once I find them.

Name:AB Khim (Anabelle Mony Khim)
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Real Address: 13936 Monroe St Omaha NE 68137-4045
Mother's Address: 7013 S 176th Ave Omaha, NE 68136-2041
Work: Server @ LeadBelly: Contemporary American Pub
School: Active @ Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska)

Name: Jade Guinevere Myatt
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Lifeguard @ Armbrust Family YMCA
School: Active @ Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska)

Name: Marc Momo Whitlock
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Deli Clerk @ Baker's

Name: James W. Craddock
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: First National Tower
Address: 4912 Spaulding St Omaha NE 68104-3026
School: Active @ Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska)

Name: Brian Franck
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Hebro Tinner @ Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
Phone Work: (402) 339-6700
Address: 8303 Grand Ave Omaha NE 68134-3215

Name: Julie Hoscheid
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: International Agent @ Travel and Transport
Telephone: (402) 891-2355
16913 Karen St Omaha, NE 68135-2630

Name: Nate Van Fleet
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Barback @ O'Leaver's
Drum Teacher @ School of ROCK
Address: 4604 S 154th Cir Omaha NE 68137-511511

Name: Matthew Bryan Parker
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: University of Nebraska at Omaha
Telephone: (402) 758-2718 CenturyLink Landline
Address: 512 S 161st Cir Omaha, NE 68118-4117

Name: Kaden Trosper
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Hi Times Liquor Mart
Address: 101 Kelly Ct Apt 22 Mc Cook NE 69001-2499
Address: 710 W 3rd St Mc Cook, NE 69001-3161

Emma Skow
Maiden name: Reker
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: American Title (Omaha) - +
DOB: 1/2/1990 - (also lived in Denver, CO for a while)
Instagram: @rudegirlskunk402
[email protected] com
Work: Tax Research Specialist at American Title Inc.
Workflow Coordinator at American Title Inc. (since 2013)
Promoter at No Coast Booking (2011-2015)
Education:Associate, Database Administration from Metropolitan Community College (2014-2016)
General Studies from Metropolitan Community College (2014-2015)
Family:Kerry L Reker , Todd L Reker , Barry C Reker , Norma J Reker

Name: Earl Skow
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Guitar Repairman
Work: The Lookout Lounge (Bar?)
Phone: 402-813-2704 -
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @earl_rotten

Does the page keep dying for you guys or is it just Poland ?

I think it's just you.


The Super Bowl False Flag Attack

Terrorist plot: Attack the Super Bowl
Complicit parties: FBI rogues (op castaway, op fast & furious, criminal gun running > ms-13 > isis), Bush/Clinton/Obama (Corrupt Criminal families)
Setting: "Little Somalia"
Vulnerability: Exposure of racial/cultural/immigration degeneration (mall of america) in that area of the US before attack, when attack is attempted it confirms the racial/cultural/immigration point and opens the door to rapid and serious action. (muds out ree)

Feb.1 12:19

Filtered just because of that cancer. It sucks but the message is definitely lost when these assholes can't put in at least half the effort of a nigger.

They couldn't even protest in November. They won't do a damn thing to destroy their image.

shouldn't law enforcement agencies be keeping tabs on any groups "targeting" the super bowl for any reason?

Best of luck. I work in downtown Minneapolis and security is fucking ludicrous. The low altitude fighter jet flyovers started yesterday, Humvees have been deployed for over a week, and the helicopters are now a constant drone in the sky. No one in the entire country will give two rips if security drops the jackboot on these faggots.

Don't mess with football.

The irony is corporatization is the only reason the nigger ball players make millions of dollars.

These Filipinos are getting mighty uppity. I've been saying for a while that the yellow menace or in this case the nigger-yellow menace is much worse than the nigger/spic issue.

The security is there to protect the niggers and communists from whites who would threaten them, user.


Brinks, brooks, braps, and brips, to distinguish the four main groups.

Still, good work OP

Gender neutral horseshit user. They try not to use gender pronouns like Latino or Latina because they're faggots remember.

They won’t do anything

But user, is it really terrorism if it's nigger terrorism? I mean c'mon das rayciss.

…How is this a bad thing?

You are a cuckold.

Good, let them do it. Cause a ruckus, New England is pretty leftist, but mostly just because they still think the American left is Ted Kennedy in the 80s. This would wake the whole (very white) region up, nobody fucks with the Pats. That's a one way ticket to alienating all the Massholes and New Hampshire outdoorsmen.

They're there to protect the players and fans, they're not even considering an RWDS. Although you're right about protecting nigger players, but not from whites.

He was making a joke, aspie.

I should add, though, that they probably won’t do shit. Remember the revolution of November 4th?

Luls. It's gonna be a high of 7 degrees F here in the Twin Shitties. Hope they freeze to death.

He wasn't.

newfag detected

Top wew lads

Um, OK? I was never into any of the jew nigger ball circuses, and now lots of plebs have dropped out so this seems like a bowl of who cares? I guess it's something, whatever.

so the payed kike front?

Why did you even bother commenting?


good job outing yourself as a newfag
lurk more faggot


yea shill your right

only a fucking idiot ( Q larper) type would think a pussy commie group or groups would do anything at the highest security guarded event in the world
id beleave a foreighn military besides a bunchof welfare niggers would try ,since its there cousins n sheeit

You can leave now.

Sounds like you've never had the pleasure of confronting one of these violent groups user. Take a red pill and go confront Antifa with some Patriots.

They won't do shit.

Ya never know. I'd make sure they get plenty of pizza so they have energy for this. A bit of encouragement you might say :^)

What could possibly go wrong?

Not going to happen. It's cold as fuck and pigs are out in military force. No faggotry will be tolerated. No banners or even chants just smashed and arrested.