HSIC releases transcript of meeting held prior to vote on "Release The Memo"

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Nunes is getting pissed which is good if this is as bad as everyone thinks it is- it is going to be scrutinized to the point of absurdity as a distraction.

The talking point already needs to be embedded (it isn't being) that the Republican's Memo followed proper investigative protocols, and the Democrat's did not. Because this whole thing will be given a hard go to de-legitimatize it. In situations like this I find myself thinking WWSAD What Would Saul Alinsky Do? to try to predict what the Maxists Democrats are up to.

Is this crap really necessary? Posting kike free first post every time a new thread is made?

There's a reason and you'd understand if you weren't such a stupid faggot and LURKED more

PDF transcript:


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No, but you'll be banned if you question it.

Reuters says the memo is being released tomorrow, so hang on to your nonexistent butts for the hype to explode into demoralization.

Reading through the transcript, Schiff is being pushy and obstinate the whole time. He makes his dislike of the White House pretty clear. The Democrats are making all these sanctimonious appeals to principles (muh checks and balances, muh national security) that they don't believe in until they need them to block a Republican action, like now. They even make a point at the beginning of the meeting to bring up Muh Russia. Looks like they were scheduled to grill Sloppy Steve Bannon today about Muh Russia and Corey Lewandowski soon. The whole thing is a partisan shitflinging contest from start to finish but the Democrats especially act like they fucked up somewhere and don't want it known.

Is questioning the necessity of something so superfluous as kike free first posts - a necessity?

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If it's so superfluous, why allow it at all?

I like how they bemoan releasing classified documents for political reasons but take absolutely no responsibility for using secret agencies for political purposes in the first place, leading to the necessity for releasing the memo. There wouldn't BE a memo if it weren't for them.

I also note that the minority memo is 10 pages while the original memo is only 4 pages. 6 additional pages of "It's totally not our fault, goy", and meanwhile, only a scant dozen people have been allowed to review the source documents at all. Kudos to the committee for not allowing such unsupported obfuscation to be released.

kek. So far the transcript consists mostly of Schiff trying to SHUT IT DOWN and being told to get rekt.

10 pages of "no u."

For fun and to create the kind of toxic board culture this place needs to keep faggots out.

After reading the whole transcript there's nothing terribly interesting here. It's just the democucks kvetching and Schiff getting his shit pushed in. All their impotent protesting implies the memo is going to be quite spicy, however.

< For fun and to create the kind of toxic board culture this place needs to keep faggots out.

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Can't help but notice the lack of SHILLS early in this thread.

Good. That is exactly what we need. The more absurd the better. Why? It will cause even more of us to find the path that leads to the room that can only be spoken of in metaphor

Computin with Putin.

Oh boy is that a fucking understatement. They fucked up so bad its not even funny. Not just them.. but the entire kike apparatus fucked up so gargantuanly bad it really is not funny. I want to say it is funny and we will have a right laff about it. But what they have really been doing all this time is not funny at fucking all. I don't know how much of that q shit was larp/psyop but I saw one thing that he said "this is so bad that it needs to be 20% public but 80% secret. If it was a larp he accidentally got that part of it 100% correct. It's so fucking bad, all of it. And even just from a normalfaggot pleb with no knowledge of the esoteric viewpoint the level of treason and all that, and all those babies that they raped and killed, Shit is going to go fucking bananas when everyone learns just how fucking evil they are in those regards. But the esoteric stuff, spoiler for a reason.. what they were doing to those children.. the spirit cooking.. the rape/torture.. all of it.. It's not an easy thing for newfaggots to consider but there are aspects of magic that are 100% fucking real. If you don't buy into it yet thats fine you can say "magic doesn't exist but these sick fucks thought it did and they were doing this stuff for this specific intent which I dont believe works".. A big portion of magic involves thoughtforms, put enough directed energy into a thought and it will materialize, memetics is the path of light side of this particular force. With that in mind imagine the creativeness of the mind of a child mix with abject torture and fear. A tulpa is a negative form of this 'thought force' Tulpa's involve encapsulating a portion of the casters soul into their 'thought form'. So, they raped and tortured these children with the intent of causing them to think such horrible/painful thoughts that they trapped their soul to roam the earth and suit their evil purposes

If the public starts hearing that shit, and if they start believing that such a thing might actually work it does, that reality will hit them so hard there would most likely be so many suicides its retard, and the negative thoughts that they would be giving energy to would, in the end, serve the kikes ultimate goal.

This is why they always seem like they are doing their best to cause a final shoah, why it seems like they are always trying to cause prophecy to happen. They think that when the whole world is united against them that all the hatred directed at them will be so intense and focused that it will be reflected back at us.

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Day of the rope is nigh

I thought they said the only hacking was Hillary's and Podesta's e-mail. Now it's boards of elections? They can't even keep track of their own lies.

That's why the truth is awesome my man. It doesn't have to remember the bullshit and stands the scrutiny of eyes
These sick fucks will hang mark my words

The memo has nothing to do with pizza.

Not on the surface.

this, things need to be so absurd that even normal people start getting fed up and looking for a 'third' option (and not the alt light cernovich path hopefully)

Well I never.

Am I just autistic or does mixing religious symbols irritate anyone else? Egyptian afterlife did not work like that.

user, isn't it more likely, pragmatic, and palatable to the public that anal penetration short circuits the nerve cluster at the base of the spine, disrupts nervous and neurological functions, and reprograms a person to be more manipulable?

Regarding the topic at hand: pic related is a good primer. (Apologies, mortification, and Seppuku if I got it here in the first place.)
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Yea that would be a bit gentler on their minds. But, thats still within the 80/20. The esoterics of all is a huge amount of information and all of it is really mindfuckingly bad, they do not deserve the slightest bit of mercy. When it all started clicking for me I realized immediately that I needed to stop digging until I learned how to shut off all emotions on the issue and even with that it feels like there is a knife in my heart.

(((They))) are trying to stall the memo by fixing grammatical errors and two specific words.
Look how fucking panicked the Dems are:
This had better be good.