Homos giving each other GI parasites

There is an outbreak of intestinal parasites going through the "gay community" because they're tossing salads. You can't suggest they stop eating each other's shit without being called homophobic.

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Eating shit has health risks… who'd of thought…

He blames health care professionals for not telling gays not to eat shit

The worrying part is that a lot of fags sleep with women as well. They will spread this shit to women who will spread it to straight (read: normal and mentally sane) men.

I wonder how long it will be before they start passing a parasite that causes suicidal actions to each other. With the way synchronicity is working lately I am guess not far off at all.

Very easy to spot women who are degenerates. If they are over 25 and single but have a kid - they fucked a fag. If they are over 30 and single with a kid they were DPd by niggers. If they are 18-24, no kids, single, no dyed hair, no interest in feminism or any of that shit there stands a good chance they have a solid fag radar and want nothing to do with feminine men.

Christ, just reading that Tweet by itself makes my stomach churn. Fags are fucking disgusting.


Giving gays right's was an honest mistake

Reported for not using the word cult

its what they deserve for they're degeneracy.

Yeah, who'd have thought promoting buttfucking as a social norm would have negative consequences?

can i get a list of health consequences for faggotry?


This faggot was probably taught to wash his hands after he wipes his ass but couldn't figure out that licking someone's asshole couldn't cause the same infectious result.

COULD that is.

No need to ask the CDC about diseases of faggotry. They keep quiet on that; though once upon a time they figured out what AIDS was as a gay disease before there "was such a thing." Around 1981-2.

Liberals dropping that deep wisdom again I see.

pick one


If this keeps up they won't even be living long enough to act as puppets for the jews. Unfortunately, we'll also be dead before that point.

to quote Duke Nukem "Eat shit and die"





They eat the poo poo, they get the disease.
Just another reason to gas the fags.

If you simply threw faggots or whatever other weirdos there are into the bog this wouldn't be happening. Its really easy to do and protects your folk from their disease, also the body of the fag will slowly be filtered into the landscape, safely broken down over the centuries. As well on a decade's basis you'll be able to feed the bacteria which will create larger clumps of iron in it and this will gain you higher amounts of bog iron from the bog you seeded.

reminder that jews are trying to normalize asshole and shit eating as the new form of closeness and partner bonding among couples

sage because i am disgusted

Or instead of wasting perfectly good land, you incinerate faggots and trannies and remove all chance of infection through cleansing fire.


I have also noticed this. Did ever see that protestor with the sign that read “Trump doesn’t eat ass” as if that is an insult.

You know Leyendecker was a fag right? Probably not the message you wanted to send with that post.


Im with this user

fire and electrocution is the only way to cleanse them i dont want all that soy mixed into the ground

i am aware of the irony



Heil dubs demand an answer, and that answer is this article written by a former faggot, and it's brutal as hell. archive.is/whe5z Like the last thread i posted this, made an user delete his entire Ecci collection because he saw part of that sickness in him, and it horrified him.
Also including some Dark Research into my own demons.

Little do you know of the fen. You drain the bogs and your farms will flood but go and try anyway. The bog will comeback perhaps this time closer to you.


Kinda undermines the message of the thread, doesn't it?

Why not start calling them bent or malshapen instead of gay?

That's probably one of us in honesty


A legion of sodomites

Gays are now officially nigger tier

Few years ago there was a mild outbreak of a severe Hepatitis in NYC that fags were spreading. I was slapping my hands like a trained seal because that is exactly the beginning of HIV. God willing this will be another homo plague.


Maybe they took "go eat shit faggot" too seriously!
vid related highly recommended

I do not know why. But I still think there is a way to help these men. Maybe its blind optimism, but just think how different you were 10 years ago.

We have all struggled with something at one point in our life. It may not have been homosexuality..but something else. I have turned my life around and I have also seen other people do it too. All we have to do is encourage a better future, NOT instant gratification


That's pretty fucking disgusting

Yes, user, these men need help, but only Jesus can help them. We should do what we can to expedite their appointment.

Clearly they need to drink a bleach solution, two parts water 1 part clorox. Make it believable, and say it's safe enough for swimming in like pools.

You said it yourself. We must set the example of what is right, not by shitposts but IRL actions - I don't think these faggots are used to hearing "I think you're wrong, but you can turn your life around". Just… don't waste too much energy doing that, and focus on setting the kids on a healthy path of dignity and self-respect instead, it's much easier not to fuck up a life than to unfuck it.

he seems to know the way pretty well

All I am saying is having an open discussion about how terrible homosexuality is on society/families could be the spark that lights the fire for change. Do not forget, homosexual risk are not spoken about like they used to. If anything… this destructive and hedonistic behavior is promoted.

Reminds me of the skit that Sam Hyde did where he said AIDS was gods way of getting back at the gay community for there sins.

This just the tip of the iceberg of degeneracy these sick fucks engage in.


why hasn't that been memed yet?

Also… The reason that fucking men in the ass leads to death is because of the one thing that most religions agree on that stems from very, very ancient esoteric teachings. Life is about creation. As long as you are creating, putting your full faith into the accomplishment of creating something, things go well. Do something that spits in the face of creation? You die. Life is a math equation and if you aren't adding you are subtracting.

its true, lad. The memes are real and one of the oldest memes is "dont fuck a dude in the ass"

Reminder that this thing was allowed to adopt children.

If you eat butt, you'll eat the insects they want to feed us. There's a jew behind this, there always is.

where can i find a bog or a fen or a mire or a swamp? do they exist in california?


I need to read articles like that every now and then. Sometimes I forget how bad faggotry really is. Thanks.

Part of the problem I suppose is that offering sound medical advice to homosexuals is tantamount to a hate crime in CY3. As a “community” they are in incomprehensibly poor health yet their lifestyle and the practices they pursue are never critiqued, to the contrary they are celebrated. To this end perhaps they are considered blood sacrifices to Moloch. They have been encouraged into a short life of decay and disease so as to be utilised as a societal weapon against society at large.

What really activates my olives is that very few homosexuals are seemingly aware that they are being used and that the end result could quite probably be them not only having their protected status removed but being actively banished back into the closet.

Fags are disgusting

That's an inefficient way to get a parasite. All you really need to do is drink tap water in Florida or go barefoot anywhere in the south.

If Leftards keep saying faggotry is a biological trait and not a choice, then why would they keep on insisting race is purely a social construct and not biological despite all of the clear evidence?

Sage for newfag-tier post.


They also believe that gender is a social construct while simultaneously believing that people can be born the wrong gender. It's like they're brain-damaged or something.

These are the same people forcing curriculum on young minds. People who eat shit….


To sum it up, they have a higher chance of getting STDs. Lesbians have a much lower chance of getting STDs than straights do though. It's why healthcare centers are reluctant to change policies on accepting blood / sperm from openly gay people (they don't really have a proper way to verify sexuality but asking since you wouldn't able to deduct it otherwise). But that isn't really a problem since it gets tested regularly so there is no need to be afraid of accepting blood / sperm donations.

Has to do with men, higher testosterone and penetrative anal sex. A lot of those 'studies' posted are from religious extremist and their methodology is extremely flawed to get biased results (similar to what SJWs are doing now in universities with social sciences but then 30 years ago against faggotry).

The best part about these threads are the fanatics firmly believing whatever infographic, anecdotes or extremely biased 'studies' are posted.

Nigger you're an AIDS skeleton, not an Arch-Lich, fuck off.

Jesus Christ that was heavy, but I needed to read that. The underlying theme of feeling emasculated by your childhood and trying to find some substitute for your lacking sense of masculine self respect is something that I think many, if not most young men today are suffering from in one form or another. Both an excellent redpill and some serious food for thought.

bit of a step up from fucking AIDS isn't it?

No testing is 100% without flaw. Minimizing the number of AIDS-ridden faggots donating minimizes the chances of a false negative.

After 3 months hiv is 99.8% accurately detectable. After 6 months I believe 100%.

The problem though is that hospitals can't really do more than ask the person whether he has sex with men or not, or if the person had sex with men in the past. There is no way for a hospital to do it otherwise without spying on the person. A faggot can walk in and just say 'I'm straight' and he donates. So it's important that testing is done because this happens, and faggots do contract STDs at like 4-5 times the rate that straight people do.

You have closeted faggots donating, you also have the possibility of promiscuous straight people donating. It's still difficult to minimize these groups from donating, since you have no reliable means of identifying their degenerate behavior.

Why do we let faggots adopt children?

"Eating shit is fine son, just make sure the dude is clean down there."

Gay people are just like that dude on Will & Grace guys! Gay marriage now!

Gays would be burned if everyone knew the truth of the degeneracy.

This isn't an STD. The only way that will happen is if these 'normal and mentally sane' men start eating out women's anuses

That game has some good Jew lines too. Pretty based.

It gets worse. This bunch are ground meat looking to stuff fresh meat into their grinder to feel relevant again. They need to addict children and tempt straight men or else the'd self correct in a decade and all literally die out, and the rest be irrelevant.
All you gotta do is starve the beast of new/young flesh and it will literally fuck itself out of existence.

Why are these people so disgusting.


Absolutely disgusting.

In one of the quests you get to beat the shit out of an usurer Jew that calls himself King David.
Its the excecutioner quest involving losing your honor in dice.

The Woodchippers/Grinder of Justice !! -)

Good thought!

The Woodchippers/Grinder of Justice !! -)

Good idea!

The absolute truth.

It's every user's duty to spread this information so people know the depths of their filth.

Who do you think runs adoption centers and CPS most of the time? It's usually fags and/or fag hags.

I got a friend who admitting liking furshit, how do I scare him straight?

With a bat.

Well user, I had not thought of that… but I wish it was at least surprising info.

Man that shit isn't new. Back when I was a faggot I caught roundworms from going ass to mouth and then a week later my old man sugar daddy is fucking me cow girl style and he pulls out and a bunch of worms fall out and start squirming in the shit and his pubic hair. Its damn common.
Also common are themes of death, decay and self destruction among them. my pet hunch is that kikes created faggots to lead white warrior men astray from fertilizing wombs and instead spilling their seed on infertile ground. Faggots deeply desire also to serve and service warriors and powerful men, or to be tortured and killed by them. This violence attraction and self destructive tendancies fulfils both objectives in making them the pets and servants of badass men that should be having lots of children with fertile women instead of empty enjoyment with male roasties.

is this supposed to imply that Trump rapes Nazi's?


Although other anons are gonna tell you to leave, please continue dropping insider info. People need to hear how fucking degenerate this shit is.
I've been bringing it up with a friend lately. Most people just don't think. They assume what they are told… love is love. That two men being together is the same as a man and a woman. I started telling him about the bug chasing shit, then sharing stats with him. Finally I'm telling him to stop feeling guilty for what is natural repulsion. We don't owe fags a damn thing despite the propaganda we are subjected to daily. And if they could, they'd turn him and his kids into faggots without any regard for how it'd effect their life and health.
I do feel for broken young boys with shit fathers or no male role model at all who go searching for something they'll never get in sex with other men. But once they inflict it on others and perpetuate the cycle, fuck them.

Just like that, with 26 letters I get the sense that I'm getting too old for this shit.

The Inquisitors did nothing wrong.

This is true. Reality is brutal.

If you can't get him out of there, prepare to see him degrade. Just like the image you posted, he'll be falling down that slippery slope into some really fucked up shit. You know they have a fetish that's basically cannibalism there, right? They even go so far as to corrupt as badly as possible those who would otherwise be innocent, if not autistic.

Make sure to kill yourself when you're done dumping info on this. You're already tainted and irredeemable.

Words paint a thousand HD rips user.

Society must burn, and let the ashes serve a warning to whatever's left.

Worse case scenario we have to wait until they all freeze to death and die out. The plunge into the next 100k yr glacial period is approaching.

What the fuck is the connection of the furries and this shit? I can only think they are the pussies that are too cowardly to subject themselves physically to this torture. Instead, they imagine animal-like personas they can adopt so they can experience it in their heads, emotionally.

I've also been telling the same friend I talk about here for at least 2 years now how child sexual liberation is the next frontier for these leftist reprobates. He didn't believe me then. He does now.
Apparently allowing your child to use his/her own hands in a natural and exploratory manner isn't "safe". No no, THEY need to be directly involved in the process. They will not stand for kids discovering their sexuality in their own way at their own pace, they want direct control and ultimately involvement in the sexual activity. And for it to be accepted and promoted like all this homo shit.
Notice there's only dicks in that tweet. Those are for your sons.

Thing you gotta know about faggots also is this intense drive to out do each other feuled by instagram and Recon (a fetish profiles site, and the collection of some of the ugliest and weakest faggots you can find. nobody really meets up, it's just fapping.) and also this ingrained envelope pushing behaviour. You have barebackers that cut their assholes with wire wrapped around a wooden spoon or broomstick before getting into SS uniforms and taking a room full of guys, you have week long injectable meth orgies, longest i ever heard of was two weeks day and night and it ended with an entirely different cast of people than when it started. And then we have the basic fag fantasy, an endless train of guys dicking you one aftert the other, many different windowdressings abound. Some want to be high/drunk/methed out/all at once, others want to be immobilized to a table, others want to be force administered poppers in a full enclosure pup hood or gasmask with drugs in the filters or a vaporizer, or even just a straight tobacco pipe cause hey why not. Others want to be not just immobilized and legs spread with a metal bar locked to their ankles but in full pup or pig gear and possibly being fucked by guys in full leather or in fursuit.
Anyway to sum things up, the entire point of the grooming in schools is specifically to gain enough new cocks to fill the existing sea of asses waiting to be filled and replace the asses that are worn the fuck out like a broken condom. They're even passing this awful brochure around to 9th graders here in ontario.

Don´t forget that degenerates scums already claims to be "Trad", "Fash"or "redpilled". So stay alert!

< "Don´t worry, Pol, we are Redpilled High-T Real Men and we just into Masculinity, doing men stuff! We just like you!"
< Literally parasites-infested degenerates.
Either way, great inside info (no pun intended), how many of the normie homo-rights supporters knows that kind of stuff?

Trips checked! Nice picture of r9k.

Muh role model is not much of an excuse, tho.

Stop posting your disgusting degeneracy Milo.
Reported. Get the fuck out faggot.

I'm not Milo, lad. I'm the guy that got Tribe.net destroyed with my screencaps. Its the least I can do to destroy the kike that created me by convincing my mom to have my dick mutilated and then still keeping the profits from sale of my flesh. They'll all pay a worse cost than gold ever bought.

And you worry about soldier who doing survival train.



Jesus Christ.

Hate to break it to you user but theres a porn site that allows you to buy vids of men cutting their dicks and nuts off, and if you buy the 100 a year vip membership, the owner of the site will cut yours off free if you travel to London.
No fucking joke.
Also, 1/3 of all faggots are pedophiles, and one I knew is not just a furry, and not just a hipster faggot, but also an abdl. No joke. Here's his twitter : twitter.com/KaroPup and here is the incrimiating evidence from his secret inkbunny acct. and a face pic of him.

I don't give a shit. You're posting degeneracy.
In my book you're still a goddamn faggot and a degenerate to even save this vile shit on your computer even under guise of "evidence".
Get the fuck out with your clickbaiting degeneracy.

So you'd rather cover it all up? Stop looking for truth? Take the bluepill and drown yourself in comforting lies with a clean cut flavor in targeted packaging? I see you kike. I see you and point at you so all may know what you are doing here. You want us to give up and stop looking.


They're eating shit and spreading disease. Even death is not a deterrence to these people. They'll be launched into the sun with all the others.

No trim your degenerate shit on you pics so it doesn't include your disgusting picture of faggots you fucking degenerate.
"Spreading the truth" is just your sorry excuse to post this shit. You're still a faggot.
Now die of aids or something.

Amen to that. By the way everything in this song is true, especially if you find the antifa tumblr of that cuck eating shit.

I honestly can't imagine how dead inside you must have to be to want to cut your dick off. I mean, even trannies are gaining a pseudo-cunt in the end. I have to assume there's a whole set of guys who only want these dick-less dudes tho. I guess that's the motivator? I'm done thinking about this shit tonight. I'm feeling ill.

Why do they do it? Pure nihilism. Super bottoms. They've resigned themselves to a state of being used until they are worn out and discarded. The thought that they would lose their ability to have a family and sire their own children is such a long term and abstract notion to their broken and shattered souls.

This is really sick shit. No wonder Der Fuhrer gassed faggots.

its all just attention grabbing. Seriously, that's all it is. and is right as well, this one even auctioned off his fucking nuts to the highest bidder.
Theres also a lot of fucking overlap between the dickcutters and the satanist bugchasers for some reason.

fags reproduce by children abuse. Its not biological, its a mental illness. So any hope that natural selection would eliminate the issue is naive. the only solution is execution.

So what's your story? I have to assume you don't think you were born gay. I saw a documentary on Jewtube a while back where some guy hung outside gay bars and asked random dudes if they were born gay and most admitted to getting fucked as kids and "converted". Seems legit since every fag I've known personally had a similar story. Molested by a family member or such.

Satanists are the edgiest fucking larpers around. I'm not surprised at all by it tbh.
t. occultfag

Boomer parents, and the only reason I went faggot was hormones and being way too autistic to get with girls and even then my fucking dick wouldn't work right. I didn't add it all together until last year wirth the circumscision infographics why my cock would go soft with a condom on and I'd have to fuck with a half chub. That and dad was such a control freak he wiped my ass for me until I was 12 and taught me absolutely nothing about being a man for fear i'd not need him any more and he'd be irrelevant. That might have done it.

oh, just thought of it, an absolute dearth of human touch, and the cravings for it got unbearable. I became a drunk and smoker to cope, but after finally getting a proper role model my age, it slowly ebbed away.
Every faggot is trying to fuck the father they never had.


Which game?

Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald

It appears to always come down to the abuse. The porn appears a symptom rather than a cause. And I think the moralists are misguided in this regard. If you solved circumcision, soy products (and other diet problems) along with putting a stop to the emasculation and vilification of men in culture, you'd see the degeneracy clean up on its own.

What you are saying is borderline nonsense. How do you think you solve those cultural problems without having a societal moral ethos and a way of enforcing that law? I mean honestly do you even understand the trivium when you contradict yourself with misguided grammar when denouncing those with morals? One way of solving abuse children crimes is to introduce disincentives like jail time or execution.

A good man would lead by example and live a moral life. A moralist tries to obtain power so as to force their version of morality onto others. Today's moralists are the left. Hypocrites to the core. In the past they were the religious right, lead by swindler evangelical preachers who lived like millionaires while snorting coke off the asses of gay hookers. In the end the moralist has no intention of creating a better society, but rather to be a ruler of men.

You deserve the GI parasites you fuckin idiots.


This guy? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Haggard
Also the scam they perform was founded by an abused kid himself, Marjoe Gortner, at one time the world's youngest preacher. Heres a look at how he used people to get rich.

you are just perverting language. Moralist is a person who teaches or promotes morality. Nothing in that definition about being a hypocrite. This is why I mentioned the trivium because language is important. Define your terms use deliberate wording.

won't be just the homos with kikewood pushing arse eating to the world.


Faggots need to be erased.

Yeah. And I also remember the Satanic Panic. How Dungeons and Dragons wasn't about getting young boys playing social games together to explore their imaginations and play pretend as stalwart adventurers. No, they were occultist satanists in training. Then there was the whole Doom and Columbine bit. Where having hyper violent and masculine entertainment about being a guy ripping and tearing his way through hell was poisoning the minds of young kids. Evangelists are the worst for their undying love of Israel and Jews though. It fits the message they were teaching in the end. So long as you convince yourself that you love Jesus and pay amends, it doesn't matter how you live your life.

< Oy vey, don´t show them why homosexuality is wrong!

Pictures are spoilered.

< Muh natural instinct!
< I can´t find a straight woman to play my entirely natural fantasies with, feminism is to blame, so I´ll tie up and beat the shit out of other fags, eat it and die.
Another reason to be warry of r9k.

Another compelling argument for ovens and meat grinders.

user I am not some johnny come lately. You are fucking retarded. My entire point is to say you need to learn how to be deliberate with your words. You don't just get to subjectively redefine moralists to mean what ever you want it to mean at the spur of the moment. This is why I specifically used the terms "borderline nonsense" when referring to your statement. As in, i understood the gist of what you were trying to say but your misuse of terminology made what you where saying ridiculous. Look up the definition of the term "moralist". The trivium = grammar logic rhetoric. That was the core of my critique but this point seems to have gone over your head.


And I don't know where the fuck you are coming from where moralist is seen as a positive term. It's been a disapproving term for quite some time.

Good work, user.


These panics over BS really facilitated the degeneracy that as to come. It is just like the tale of the boy who cried wolf, normies would later dismisse legit warnings as a result of these Evangelic scums and that is not coincidental. They are either complicit or qualify for the T4 program.
Goebbels statement is even more relevant today than back then.


Anyone that has to call himself a moralist has no morals to begin with. There isn't even that big a precedent for using that term in a positive way. In those instances you say "having morals" or similar.

How can you know you're gay if you never fucked a pussy, faggot?

nobody calls themselves a moralist. The term merely means those who promotes morality. Stop defending ebonics.

Holy fucking shit. What the actual fuck.
I want to write something but i'm a complete loss of words here. This makes me hate faggots even more. And even dykes are no better. I knew some bi girl on the internet who admited to me she was molested a bit like Add sex mostly with girls during teenage, disgusting.

Thanks now i hate faggots even more and i'm glad this girl is gone of my life now i don't ever want to see her again.

I'll admit a few shits too: When Holla Forums was a new thing there was a board named /mental/ ended up in the skype chat. Most of them were either fags, trans, "pansexuals", dykes and a nigger dick loving "American Religion of Cuck™ic" girl. This chat was supposed to be about /mental/ illnesses and how do we deal with this shit. I was fucking naive and idiot to even remotely believe that would have been the case, as it was 70% degenerate sex talks, 20% video-games and 4% of our shits, and 6% drama. I want to fucking better myself not to further destroy myself, so i left in utter disgust, follow the example of a cool schizo brit guy who saw where this was all going.

If any of you fucking degenerates read this don't even bother talking to me again fucking fags and enjoy your gut worms and AIDS. One day, God will smite.
Holy fuck i realized that still have the skype group photo album of all of them. No i'm not gonna fucking post i'm deleting it and putting them behind me. No hard drives on earth deserve memories of degenerate filth ruining this civilization.And makes us all space-age unworthy

I remember when fags were sharing this video to show how "backwards" homophobia is.

All of this completely ignores the fact that Fags are a known high risk group for HIV infection. Not to mention the fact that the tests for detecting HIV requires several weeks to have passed since infection for it to be detected.



corea pig disgusting

did you know MRSA wasn't created by penicillin, but its all thanks to the fags that it even exist.

God, the face of that woman holding the 'Trump is a fucking nazi-rapist' sign while shamelessly smoking a cigarette and wearing tattered jean shorts.

Men, why did we allow women to get this bad?

>< Muh natural instinct!
>< I can´t find a straight woman to play my entirely natural fantasies with, feminism is to blame, so I´ll tie up and beat the shit out of other fags, eat it and die.
No, mate, its the natural instinct of men to copy the best men of their tribe or family or clan. Most faggots only had their mothers or weakhearted/minded men to take after. Second most of the bdsm fag shit is a perversion of the relationship between the Master Tradesman and Apprentice, the Grizzled Warrior and the Greenhorn Rookie, the Jaded Veteran and the Fresh Recruit, Pepe and Wojack. Its an old set of archetypes, which makes its perversion incredibly transgressive. But such things are destroyed in this world, but the instinct shines out and demands to be fed. Demands to be loved and cared for, even if it's just covered in trappings and empty masks.
Every leather daddy wants a rookie to teach and mentor, and every leather cub wants a Caring overseer to show them the way.
Fuck the kikes for all this, they shall pay.

The fuck, this is some disgusting shit, they deserve what they are getting.

Oh and if any of you feel the fires of rage smouldering cold and need fresh fuel for the hellfurnace inside you, this podcast full of faggots butchering christmas music and inserting complete degeneracy will probably do it, complete with the very first "transnigger"

Niggers call men raised by women "bitch made". Surprisingly apt I think.

Women crave to be rutted by wolves of men, but all they seem to create is gelded puppy dogs that wait on their every whim but one.

They don't have the common sense because the mother nature took it away from them because they are cancers on mother nature.

Unprotected anal sex increases the chance to get HIV. This is because the anus was not meant penetration. When these fags fuck each other in the ass, they incur small wounds inside their colon and rip small veins which causes them to bleed. Blood from an infected person contains a high amount of the HIV virus. The blood enters through the urethra and mucus membrane and will infect the other person.

Not so much with Vaginal penetration, even if the woman is infected the chance of getting HIV is very low, unless you have wounds on your dick, but still the chance remains low. Vaginal fluid secretion contains a very low count of HIV and most of the time is not enough to enter through the membrane in the urethra.

Human face is divine, animal face is earthly.

Oh ,forgot something important/ Most faggots are initiated into fag sex by a chickenhawk. Chickenhawk is an old fag struggling to feel relevant that offers questioning young men booze and "exploration" Unfortunately, its more like he's exploring their asshole.
Have a graphic song about the entire definition:

Death cannot come soon enough for these disgusting freaks.

huh, turns out buttholes are unclean, who would have thought?

This is why I recommend, shit man, I pretty much demand that any of you dealing or have a family member dealing with an issue requiring blood to make positive that a family member who shares the same type is the one who gives it.

My son had an accident several years back and required two liters of blood which is, in essence, half a bodies volume for a young and athletic young man. As someone in the healthcare profession I am well aware of how piss poor both the oversight and especially selection/screening is for blood banks so there was no way he was getting any blood outside of ours.

Seriously guys, do not trust blood banks. If an issue comes up in your family, make positive you're giving the blood/or someone you absolutely know.


How is the contraction method different to hepatitis? Did sex-ed left that out too?

This. That's why monstergirls are masterrace fetish.


The occurrences were more or less based on actual child abuse by (((satanists)));
(((therapists))) just tried to murk the waters with disinfo and exaggerations that would be used to spontaneously discredit future reports.

We should thanks God for AIDS and that kind of thing.

Would have been nice if it remained to the original two groups.

God did us a favor and targeted blacks and fags and we fucked up the process.

Perez continually representing how crass and vile the homos are openly. They're sick people….

And he was allowed to adopt a child, let that sink in.

AIDs was created by the CIA though

AIDS was well known about in the late 70s and early 80s for those of us who were alive. It was initially called "Advanced Leprosy" and then "African Leprosy" because the initial reports were it was contracted by butt fucking monkeys. Then it became known as the "Gay Disease" and it truly was as it seemed to only target the fags from the San Francisco area where it was heavily taking root.

I will never forget the issue in 1986 where it was shown that a guy named… fuck I think it was Padillo. Jorge Padillo but could be wrong as it's been awhile. Anyhow, Padillo apparently stole the contents of the blood bank at St. Mary's (SF) and through his job switched them into some outlying areas. One being Napa and the other being Vallejo. From there AIDS exploded in Vallejo and the rest was, as they say, all she wrote. That was how I remember the events as I was alive and watched it all unfold. These "history" write ups on it are complete bullshit. Another thing was Reagan wanted to get rid of the fags… as in he wanted them gone and was not shy about saying it.


I absolutely refuse to eat out my wife for similar reasons. The stuff that grows and gets in there is stuff you really do not want in your throat. Hell, I get (minor) rashes down there after normal sex unless I take a quick shower immediately after sex.

Point being: your body is a set of multiple, disjointed ecosystems. Treat it as such.

I've recently discovered that a good Chunk of Gfur Artists hide a massive degree of Pedo/Bugchaster themes in their 'art'.

To list a few on the "literally pedobugchaser nutjob"- there's a fucking reason why there are neon-green furries with glow in the dark cock with biohazard tattoos, and It only recently clicked with me- Bugchasers.

To list a few of the known offenders
Sashabelle/Sasha/Sethpup (actual molestation victim, does gay cub)
Edis Krad/ (Fond of Pedo scenarios, crossdressing/tranny cub, sharing networks via kik and social media, has written disturbing accurate cub porn complete with grooming to boot)
Possibly Aval0nx
A number of artists who ran in those old as fuck comic series before Patreon and kickstarter were a thing- nowadays you'd find them directly at the back of any porn sites gay furry search results- Includes a Circumcised Jew bat and some other kid getting into the GAY in the middle of winter in the snow- a Tranny kid getting fucked by his younger brother- Softpaw Magazine- one artist who uses the classic Triangle swirl pedo logos everywhere, was known for cub and basically was a massive NAMBLA virtue signaller for it.
Rov- recently started doing cub- a number of themes relational to the pure homo scene
Wolfblade/Sydneysnake/Wuffamute Confirmed for having done Bugcatcher stuff, (evenwith biohzard tatttoos was a part of the running pre-paysite comic scene, is obsessed with cubs, incest, lockerroom gym highschool daddy play faggotry)
Zooshi- just look at the vacant eyes, slavery- etc…
That fucking kike behind the recent Cub snuff porn with blowjob vomiting, child diembowment through cock, rape and incest, and draconic jew-vibes.

Actually- sod it, if the artist is Jewish does cub, or anything under Incest, Jockstraps, Daddy play Lockerrooms highschool harnesses with the mandatory gay hat, cigars, biohazard tattoos, bareback dry/hurtcore/snuff they're probably Stealth Truefagfurfags.

It's actually far more hidden in that group than anywhere else- because of how it is so well hidden into the nonsensical bullshittery that makes the furfaggots what they are.

Ironically- the ilk of Doug Winger is probably more traditional than how that community turned out

Not trying to be a dick here bro but that isn't normal. Unless you're talking about friction rashes there is no reason a man should get a small rash around his cock after fucking a woman if she is hygienic.


I disagree user. I think there's something inherently sad about it. It's all ALMOST beautiful, but something's off. It's all so shiny and glossed over and there's something perverse about it. In the soul of this artist it's dead and embalmed. I think it's a lesson demonstrating the difference between idealizing something out of ambition and aspiration (Third Reich propaganda) and idealizing something out of instinctual knowledge of its value but filtered through "fetishization", an ideal and a life only hoped for in art and kitsch, not striven for in reality.

Fags repent meaning turn from their ways or bake on 425° for about 18-23 minutes.

So the Xavier scene is actually legitimate history then.

Ah, I memed this as a reality about 2 years ago. Glad to see others have taken the hint.

Now that brings back memories. Did it only have one issue, or didn't it have a few? No worse than doujins, though.

I call every OC out that I see. The spaghetti and asshurt is monumental. I've been warned or banned a few times. Shit is worth it. e621 is a great place to drop a subtle inflammatory comment and have people get into ass overload

Didn't know that, more details?

Also I've pretty much assumed that any popular artist (say 800+ watchers or 50,000 views on FA) is a massive cunt on principle; I've fallen out with more than a few once they've gotten popular enough, through no fault of my own. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that the vast majority (90% or more) are into weird shit or outright awful people behind closed doors

Also this seems like a good of thread as any to point out this guy

>Major in (((developmental psychology)))


It's very much legitimate. The first reported issue outside of SF was a woman who needed transfusions due to a medical condition she had. She was straight and her husband was a flight attendant. She inevitably died and her husband later went on to have sex with a few people during his work. All of this took place because Padillo infected the blood banks with AIDS connected blood and, from there, it slowly spread around the globe initially and eventually became rampant in the 90s.

Important distinction user.

Those RWDS galleries are literally the stuff of nightmares. It is tormented enslaved souls who possess the meatsuits that possess the fursuits that assist with the degenerate pursuits.


Do you have any documents about Jorge Padillo, his spread and this woman's death?

my eyes

Some old guy that comes into our store once in awhile (he was formerly an electronics engineer I guess), I've mentioned this before.

Anyways, he said Toronto used to just fucking dump mortuary blood into the sewerage, which made its way unfiltered into the Great Lakes. Apparently there was a scare during the 1970s, when the HIV was at it's peak. Technically because of (((the gay community))) it's at its peak now, but I digress.

Basically it was known as "the wasting disease" then GRIDS, then HIV/AIDS, and now unfortunately, "the gift".

No and ironically I just scoured the net and even looked into the archives from the local paper which had dozen upon dozens of articles about that very thing in that year and nothing. It's clear they scoured it much like they did with other things such as the MAO-A connection to niggers and faggots psychological primary source reports that existed before the Nigadent took office.

I have no way to prove it and the only thing I can do is write what I was alive to see and read back in those days so people will have to take it as they will unfortunately. Although I am sure one of you tech types with great skill in that could find something if you do your thing.

Anons this thread makes me unhinged, how long until we can kill fags in the streets?

This is why you archive everything, with multiple copies

Yet the black population in america is largely a matriarchy with a bunch of boys raised by single mothers, what a shock. White boys have a similar, but not massive, issue with single moms too, but their side effect is that they become simps since they have no role model and the schools berate them for being white boys.

This is why you do not give women rights.

We're talking about information before the internet was even in existence but, yeah, you're absolutely right.

A crippling gastrointestinal infection is the least scary thing these fags can catch.

so this faggot found himself a nigger fresh off the boat and opted to stick his up tongue up their ass. my what a reasonable fellow. when sthf the vast majority of these fags will be dead within a month.

This is an enlightening thread, saved a lot of info pics.

Not even on Holla Forums can I escape MUH SNOUT
It's still degenerate. Two of those images are just animal bodies with human heads.

That dubs post should have included pictures of happy men and monstergirl families.

It doesn't happen often, but thrush is actually pretty common. It resolves on its own in a few days. She's quite hygienic, but a vagina is still a dark, moist body cavity with a microbiome.

You all keep going on about how whites need to start families. You need a married sex life to do that. So why not bring some useful advice to cleanse your brain from all the degeneracy being posted in this thread?

How the fuck is archive.is and its admins still alive?

Agreed, it is. I just think it may be a friction rash rather than related to anything as the only medical potential in such a situation, outside the big issues, is a yeast infection which many men end up with without even realizing it because the woman does not properly clean her twat. Not saying that is the case here but just saying it is fairly uncommon for a man to have that issue unless it is friction related or yeast.

I am shocked!

There aren't many with non-shitty art and yours is the proof.

Interesting you bring this up as I was thinking about this lately when I noticed several links from certain papers are no longer working on the site.

It made me wonder who the admins are, how the typical commy tech trash isn't yet controlling them/or if they are for data mining on what people are looking into, and so on.

Very rare to see a tech group allow anything but their narrative or without certain groups not looking to fuck them up in some way so it definitely does raise a good point.


Gee, it's almost as if nature itself has some form of counterattack for extreme levels of heidonism and having 15+ sexual partners as complete strangers.

artists on /monster/ are still learning.

Community is a word people like to throw around when what they really mean is group identity. The black community, for example, is full of people who don't know each other, and if they do know each other they don't like each other.

The gay community is not like this. The average gay has literally fucked more men than you or I have met. That's not just a community, it's something like a macro-organism made out of dicks and self-hatred.

Just throwing it out there but can't he be sued if someone gets ill and claims they believed his "beauty tip", ate some ass, and he acted as a professional without any disclaimer thus causing an infection in a person who believed him?

Pretty much every state holds civil liability negligence laws for those who maintain a large audience position while not being licensed to give advice but who instruct or suggest followers to do something which leads to a bad result.

That's why you put several tropic levels between the sodomites and human food.

Best definition to date

Pic related read

More ire to be molded into cold hard hatred.
Never have I loathed anything more in my life.

And I didn't even click on a single spoilered pic

What if it ends up in a watershed that provides drinking water? Incineration might be safer.

Beachfox, for sure. He lives for all of that, also does snuff and vore too. One of his characters actually has the biohazard tattoo above his navel and goes bareback without his partners knowing. All hidden in plain sight.
Also one should not forget Zorro Re. ho le shit.
e621.net/post/index/1/zorro_re cub
And you were not kidding about EdisKrad. he's deleted his FA gallery and set his inkbunny to friends only, but his e621 pics are still up, and what a picture they paint. I'd like to put the finishing touches on it with his blood and bile painted on the canvas with his hair tied to his severed fingers.

If someone tells you to eat shit and you do so, you really think it is the fault of the one doing the telling? If you're constipated and someone tells you to shove a knife up your ass to break it up are you going to do it? If you are a dumb enough nigger to do it, is the white guy offering you a life-tip really to blame?

Well if there's missing articles, then they've gone and taken them down (((for some reason))). Even if every article was up, I'd be more suspicious, because that means something is keeping the controversial evidence afloat, either a controlled OP, or a hanging wire that can be snuffed out at any time.

Hence why you have redundant copies. Even if it's physical, you should photograph it or scan it, if it wouldn't destroy it.

how to stop being a furfag? please help, i find the artstyle interesting but its all fucking cancer. i just want muh huwhite 2.5 children damnit i didnt ask for this faggotry to infest my brain.

These didn't faze me at all.

Anyways, first and second are obviously gifting, third just looks like a smorgasbord of creepy fetishes (latex TF and that sort of thing seems weirder to me than straight up gore+snuff), not sure what's wrong with the last two, other than just being cub porn. You can find that anywhere, though.

Five years ago I would have laughed at the thought but given the girl who was sent to prison because she told a guy he should kill himself when he told her he wanted to kill himself I think the line is muddied massively.

Nofap and noporn, user. ASAP.
Delete all your furry porn, cease masturbation for at least 6 months, only think of normal human girls if you're gonna think sexually. YMMV, but if it goes well you'll be a lot cleaner by 6mo. Might take longer if you don't get aroused to human girls anymore, though.

fuck. thanks for the advice, i'll get on it. i dont save any of that faggotry, too shameful.

Do it user. I had a similar predicament to you before, and I am very grateful to have just gone to nofap/noporn.
Also, if you have any fetishes in furshit you really like (eg. uniforms or something), feel free to indulge it within humans, as long as it isn't porn induced, as in a fetish you don't like outside of the novelty.

Im attempting to drop fetishes entirely, i've got a host of them that i get fucking repulsed by after each fap, im fucking done with it, Iron pill nao.

What is "tina dick?" Jewgle is unclear.

Yeah those fetishes are definitely dropworthy, if they repulse you after. They will go with nofap and pornfree. If you have any interests that don't repulse you, once you go on the 6mo-1yr purge, then you could try those. As long as they aren't degenerate of course.
Good luck user.

You want real horror, check out paraphore. First ever flash based text game to accurately model a jewish utopia where permanent death does not exist and the laws of nature are suspended and you can indulge in every kind of degeneracy imaginable with no permanent consequences, and since death is now meaningless, all the degenerate behaviour that usually create corpses in piles, now just is a harmless vice. Like This is for sure Jewish. You have soulless fleshrobots in the shape of toddlers whose sole purpose is a sex toy or punching bag. You have open cannibalism. You have people literally living in sewers and complaining about people being too clean, you have almost everyone being some kinda hooker as something to pass the time, you have children that have been 6 years old for 60 years, you have the only currency being pills that knock people up with rapid pregnancies, and you have literal brainfucking.
I am not making any of this up, the aryan species needs permadeath in order to exist as we should, lest we cease to be human.
here's the file, best to have strong vodka for your eyes, and jalapeno peppers for your mouth when viewing this. expirebox.com/download/670d8da65cbfa8417049ea9daf64b165.html

Godspeed, Comrade!

You too user. Just don't ever give up on your cleansing, because the final result will be better than you will ever know with furshit.

There is nothing wrong with a man wanting to be the dominant party during sex. I am not talking about chaining her up or any weird shit but most men like to be men and part of being a man is knowing how to take what they want which women really like as they so rarely deal with men like that now a days and the typical woman wants to be in the submissive role.

So don't come down on yourself for any normal desires if they are merely along those lines.

Thats not a fetish male dominance in the bed is normal, im talking weird superfucked things i'd rather not post here mostly because i know for a damn fact this board is compromised.

Thanks for the explanation, have to tell you all these seeming changes of word meaning lately that it makes me happy this one at least means the same. Shows how wary I am about how the fags and other fuckheads have gone after everything including word meaning that I ever question it to myself.


First of all it's fucking disgusting.
Second of all, you're a fucking faggot for doing so. You're instincts should tell you it feels wrong for you.
Third and most importantly, it gives you throat cancer.

You better tell me or atleast hint at them. I have seen everything. Checked

Here, I recommend this pdf, It will help rewire your sex drive to be more in line with natural sex, and show you da wae.

He means lack of ability to keep an erection while flying on crystal meth. Tina is code for meth, and addicts call each other "friends of Tina". I like to imagine her as a stunningly beautiful dominatrix where men will slowly give up everything to spend time with her. Their money at first, then their families and possessions, then their homes, their looks, their pride and dignity, and finally their health and their souls. A legion of rotting zombies all at her beck and call, ready to kill people for pocket change just to see her again.


If you would lick a hole you would suck a pole.

PDF appreciated user, assuming it's quality can be vouched for. While I am grateful to personally not need it anymore, I'm sure others will benefit.

The kikes are breeding dedicated individuals and communities that will get back at them. Complete ethnic cleansing and extermination is too much to ask, but one can only dream.

Ooh, neat. Source for that? And is there a similar affliction for cocksuckers?

There is no feces in semen. There are considerable issues to eating shit while semen is merely made up of proteins, amino acids and a few other things.

That archive article was so disgusting I needed to stare at a dozen Norman Rockwell paintings to cleanse my palate.


It's shit like this that still has the fucking furries wonder why they are still despised. There's a lot of weird fucking shit that makes so many people, including me, retch at the sight of it.

Allow me to sum it up

Honestly, these stupid fucking books wouldn't be needed if women's rights were taken away. It's that fucking simple, you take women's rights, and civilization will restore itself pretty fucking quick.

Yeah a few other things, like HIV.

There were successful Human to Chimp artificial inseminations carried out early last century (and brought hybrids to term.) Imagine the hybrids are better models for bio/chem weapons modeling/cheaper than bushmeat. One gets loose - intentionally or otherwise - gets eaten (or fucked) and Bingo Bango Bongo.

True, very true. Definitely can be and I assume very common in the fag pool.

Shit you know this is actually a pretty damn good theory right here. Especially after the recent heat map issue which showed some serious complexes in Africa within countries that in no way would be able to afford them let alone build them.

Makes me wonder as it's been awhile but I seem to recall the Clinton Foundation being heavily embedded in Africa. More than anywhere else from our investigation if memory serves.

Right. They get domestic violence and obesity instead.


Are you trying to say that fags are not grossly overrepresented in HIV infections? And if yes then why do you like manmeat in your anus so much you disgusting queer?

This stupidity still shocks me.

Where did we go wrong?

They seem to rape each other and straight people as well.

Mods you having foreknowledge of illness increased the evidence. There is no balance here. I am not stopping until you’re all in a graveyard digging your own holes.

Do you really want to know?




Eh, maybe some self-espoused moralists, but CS Lewis was a moralist

God I love justice.

it's amazing how much Holla Forums knows about degeneracy.

well he was both an abused kid and the runt of the litter. I'm literally named after the priest that saved him from being beaten to death by his father. He had no clue how to parent except for buy children stuff., thats it.

forgot a few things

forgot a few things. (((They))) are trying to fetishize normal working class wear now to drive the working classes into gay bars and…. Fuck forgot to spoiler.


I used to notice that the faggots were at least attracted to feminine /cuteboys/, like traps. This shit comes in fads. ABDL became the fad just a few years ago. Now, Pupplay is the fad. Buit a new fad seems to be emerging, and that is "Hypermasculinity" (aka bears and shit). Since I make effort to actualy observe and mentally catalog this shit, I really think I'm right here about the fads. In 2012 you had a rise in Vore fetishism. This seems to have fizzled out in 2015. 2015 saw ABDL. In 2016 you had a rise in pupplay and gimpage. This has not yet fizzled. And now you have a rise yet again, this time in bears and "hypermasculinity". All these fetishes are tied in with other ones, (such as hypnosis and gluttony) but these are the main ones. Perhaps Hypnosis is also a fad, but I am not sure. Plushification seems to be rising too.

Pic related is "hypermasculinity", and this image is very typical of others. Notice how the cigarette smoke steals their min. Notice the gradual progression of fat and muscle. Ciggarettes, Beer, Ale, and other "masculine" things are usually the cause for the transformation. It almost always is a transformation.

I feel that I should add that in addition to this, the people that are more into the "bear culture" rather than this hypermasculinity have seemingly adopted the disney film "Brother Bear" and turned it into a pseudo-religion. They've made a fictitious fraternal order called "The Brotherhood of the Bear", which is common in erotic stories.

looks like Blacksad fanart, i actually read the graphic novels this was based on. pretty good stuff.

It's called "Bara" and it indeed is on the rise.

Never read blacksad, but reguardless this is a typical archtype of the "hypermasculinity" fad. They have been hypnotised with a masculine object (in this case cigarettes, but usually cigars or ale) and have slowly been transformed. And look at the perversion that they have transformed into, ths moery of "masculine". And they admit that this is absur, but is any of this even "masculine"?

Yeah, but the people in the fad now call it "Hypermasculinity", implying that it is the most masculine a person could possibly be.

Oh, that's how they're trying to describe it? I remember a comedian saying "What could be more masculine than fucking a bloke?". We are truly weimar now.

Hyper is a specific thing regarding super huge cocks and weight gain or growth. So hyper masculine would be getting super fat with trappings of male life sprinkled on.

you'd get the oy vey you homophobe treatment.

I know what hyper is. It usually ties well with macro too. But in this sense, "hyper" as the prefix to "hypermasculinity" is using the correct latin prefix. It is the same as "ultra". I know this because all the artists usually are on twitter.

If this was people being "super fat" with manly things attributed to it, then it would be using those terms. These people aren't fat fetishists, they're different.

a good place to monitor trends is cuckchan's /trash/, lots of generals and lots of posters.

I've been into that shit for as long as I can remember and I can confirm that most so-called hypnosis fetishists don't actually give a shit about trance itself, they're mostly just fags, trannies, and cucks who see hypnosis as some magical thing that will help them fuck up their lives faster. Outside of a few less shitty hypnotists like Nikki Fatale the scene is a complete dumpster fire of bad inductions and degeneracy, and I can't recommend it unless you're autistic enough to read clinical textbooks and research papers for the sake of a fetish.

hypermasculinity is just another tool to demoralize straight men. its been subtly pushed in media for years, how often do you see the depictions of a hypermasculine male in film and tv who turns out is actually a fag. it serves to seed the idea that being overtly masculine is gay.
the jack "i fuck men like women" donovan is an example of the faggot who proclaims his degeneracy as a source of masculine pride. homosexuals are like women in that neither can be trusted as a voice in any important matter, the fags are worse because their obsession and very existence revolves entirely around death and decay.

I'm actually in support of hypnosis and hypnopaedic learning. I am thankful that there are hypnosis fetishists. Have you ever read "The Erotic Engine"? This book attempts to make the claim that our current state in technology and the way that digital, long-distance communications developed is due to the fact that people wished for easier methods to trasmit pornography. I feel that the current developments in hypnosis is being improved soley by the fetishist community. Eventually, they will do all the dirty work (pun not intended) to perfect the art so that hypnotherapy becomes easier and commonplace. If you wanted to learn a bit about hypnosis, there is a board on Holla Forums.


I have listened to many hypnosis tapes, some out of curiousity and some out of want. The fetishists seem to make one non-fetishistic tape for every 5 fetish ones. You should try to listen to some of these.

Sadly you are right though. Many hypnotists are retarded, but the popular ones are popular for a reason.

Yep. Yep.

Seconding this.
Not only that but you don't want to get some spic blood in ya. Keep it in the bloodline.

Why would any of you know or care about these degenerates in the first place? Fucking furfags.

Yeah that part's nice, but then you get below the waist on a sphinx and it all goes south.

That's not an actual tweet. user was meming it up with the tweet in the OP.

What said, but also probably steer clear of the petting zoo.

Because you can't accurately have a case to hate something without understanding of it.
Many of us here began as very "open-minded" individuals whose interest and quest for knowledge on any wide array of subjects ultimately led to despising many things which we were initially treating as merely neutral information.
It's ironic therefore how so many of us experience being called closed-minded or ignorant by people who have far less knowledge of whatever given subject.
No, my open-minded self-education and voracious consumption of information is what led me to this "closed-minded opinion".
many here are also former or continued degenerates, as evidenced by several posters in this thread

Former degenerates such as myself are your friend as they have knowledge of the other side.


No thanks, even with the new BO and RetroShare /hypno/ is still a clusterfuck of sissies and degenerates who know fuckall about hypnosis except that Shibby is a talentless samefagging whore. I've deletedd most of my hypnosis files except for some comfy KismetVideo clips and the closest I do to interacting with hypnofags these days is checking for Skypenotized updates.
Someday I will give back to the hypnofags but in the meantime I study and apply what I learn in other fields as practice.

Stuff I learned through my hypnosis kink was an important part of swallowing the redpill. I'm still a degenerate for unrelated reasons but I'm slowly healing.
According to a therapist some of my (non-sexual) psychological issues are usually a sign of trauma and goes away with treatment but I don't remember anything that would have caused it. My sleep problems are the only thing holding me back from nofap and being able to sleep like a normal human being for once in my life would be wonderful.

Hypnotism is falsely presented anyways. It is not a magical means by which you can get someone (a prude, or a virgin) to do a sudden 180 and become a raging homosexual or slut. It is both about control and loss of control. The allure that a loser can dangle a stopwatch in front of a girl, or send her a spiral gif, and she will now fuck the loser. Or, that the victim and eschew all responsibility of their actions by saying, "I didn't choose to have 3 dicks in my asshole and snort meth, I was ensorcelled. I did not enjoy it. I did then, but that was not me! Do not hold me accountable for my actions!"

I think those who don't charge for hypnosis and make their files FLOSS (upload them to youtube too) are much better in quality. They have true love for their art, and they're very into it. The fact that they make them FLOSS also shows their dedication to the culture. But then you have degenerates charging $50 for a single file, getting irate when someone shares it, get butthurt when people critisize it, and then throw an autistic fit and ask for boards like /hypno/ to be deleted for copyright infringement.

Yeah, that's the mundane's view. In truth, you must accept and trust the file to work. it is not like in a movie or some kind of story where a person watches a video and all of a sudden has an urge to go outside naked and jack off on women or other weird shit. However, despite it's fetishistic overtones, Hypnosis has many benefits and heavy potential.

You can't make people do things they legitimately don't want to through hypnosis, but given enough time and patience you can condition them into wanting it. Some hypnofags fantasize about worlds where everyone is conditioned in this manner but the truth is that we're already living it, it's just so mundane that nobody notices.

I feel that is a fetish in itself, a giant societal change. It makes sense for those on the fringe to want a change in society, but in their confusion they fantasize about a fetishistic sexual utopia. This is more and more common as well.

That's not hypnosis, that's coercion. If that were so, there would be more passive people rather than those who scream and yell at their TV.

Everything you said is wrong. My ex girlfriend has natural hair, 23 years old, no kids, but shes fucked one nigger and multiple "bisexuals". The latter are hard to avoid these days, to be fair. So many soyboys around here.
I was raised by a single mom of two kids. She didnt fuck niggers or faggots, she was just a golddigger and traded in my dad for a richer older man. Then when the older man was bled dry financially, she switched to another old man with a big salary and big house. Shes too old to upgrade anymore and that fact seriously depresses her.

>not all _
Good lord the newfags are getting bad out here.

Holla Forums is a board of peace, fbi man
as for those Holla Forums fags, they're a fucken powderkeg

ffs I could imagine wearing that jackal gasmask on the Day of Rope, why do these fucking perverts need to ruin everything?

They ruin these things, as like a foreboding sign of what will get them in the end
Nice dubs, checked

Faggot. You share her shame for even being with her once.

OK, back on track guys, how can we get this spreading and turn russiagate into israelgate?

Easy. Just try interacting with the community for a bit and you'll immediately want to not have anything to do with furry ever again. You will find that furries are, for the most part, horrible people. And I don't just mean the general reasons they are usually hated for such as deviancy, autism and degeneracy - they are genuinely bad people with rotten souls, zero self awareness, completely delusional perception of the world around them, hypocrites, extreme materialists and narcissists - this is why they need to hide behind the facade of fursonas, fursuits and all the murry purry bullshit.

t. former furfag

The gay cowboy dynamic was primarily created by the film "Midnight Cowboy". That is, it wasn't the intention of the film Midnight Cowboy but the Gays saw it, and its release was during the rise of the LGBT movement. If you study """Gay History""" it really paints a picture of their progression of mental illness. All of this is self-confessed too. They know that the gay cowboy began with a mini-fandom for "Midnight Cowboy"


Lets Get Bowel Treatment

Sometimes I forget that, unlike any almost every other site on the normal web, we are a hurtbox, a place we come to see the worst truth this world as to offer, to burn our eyes and scar our mind.
We are not seeking good feels or reassurance, but we want to build up our conviction that we are right, and They are wrong. They, as in (((they))), as well as their useful idiots, wich are sadly the vast majority.

See this post, open every spoiler, read them, and remember them every time someone spout bullshit about universal love and preach acceptance.
A sane society will, or rather would, never "accept" this.

only homo-erofascism is acceptable

Jack donovan is trash and the fact that his book gets unironically shilled here sometimes is a source of neverending disappointment for me.

Stick your head in the oven.

and i though the drag queen hookup bars were fucking degenerate.

completely agree, faggots cannot ever understand anything about masculinity because they can never move past being a child. when i was younger and the fight club movie came out i found a copy of the book and read it. it was eye opening because before then i never really considered the existence of faggots and yet thought it was bizarre how many people misinterpreted it. it was clear the whole thing was a faggot who was unable to come to terms with masculinity and being a mature adult.

Source for this claim plox.

Yeah, gotta find those faggots on non-GMO diets so you can eat healthy fecal matter.

new mene

So I am wrong because your of your opinion? Got it…

Guess they will have to switch to a nice low-cal vinaigrette when they toss those salads.

Dark Researcher has already explained that he's far worse that that. He's the product of artificial insemination by a crooked kike (((doctor))) who substituted his own (((sperm))). The guy is half-kike and hates (((them))) with an insane rage for what that kike (((doctor))) did to him.

Don't worry, Holla Forums promised to send Dark Researcher off in cleansing fire in one of the previous threads.

You got a few things wrong. One, I'm a quarter kike. Two, that doctor used his students and colleagues as a bank and liked mixing half bloods with pure whites to muddy the genepool. Three that son of a bitch destroyed all the records so I cant even find the sire and confirm. And four he got sued for intentionally infecting people with HIV.

And five, I had no idea any of this occurred until I was 12, when mom told me. And six, if I was half kike the neurosis/autopilot would be so bad I'd never have stopped drinking and smoking. It would be total hell.
Get your facts straight before talking shit. Remember where we are.

in every furry community there is an Elite that literally controls all the shots, and all the parties. Who can fuck who, who can hang out with who, who can date who, and who can be invited to who's parties. They keep a blacklist and if anyone on that list shows up to an event, that person is removed, or the party is taken to one of the established "furhouses" and the food and booze with it even if the host paid for it. And then if they complain they are banned too.
The entire thing is lefty centralised control, and not just capricious but cruel and unforgiving. I got fucking banned from this sack of fruits and nuts in 2009 and its the best thing that ever happened to me.
These elite are called Popufurs and they are the source of most furry drama.

I forgot to to post the rest of the pictures in the article. One, of a typical Chieftan, the other of the typical camp whore.


.. the prophecy…?

Has anyone on this board ever had sex or has friends who have sex lmao

user, I'm sorry but you're a raging fudge packing peter puffer.

Why are we still here?



i think you're retarded


That guy is a CIA agent.



But you can clean up a guys ass the same way lmao

LEL it goes for hetero asshole lickers too.

I always assumed "Eating ass" was a homosexual meme invented by jews

Oh fuck, even discovery is starting to push the idea that parasites may be good for you. They released a video a week ago. Pre-emptive damage control.

You never get the poz out.

Anybody got kill all the gays and the faggots webm? This thread deserve it.



(now dead) homo spilling the beans on what gays actually get up to.
As a non-gay, if you try to explain this shit you're just screamed down as a "crazy bigot", hence it is handy to have the words of these traitor fags to fall back on.
They're traitors to the CultMarx undercurrent of their subculture, which says that everything is nice, rosy and healthy.


Not really.
Just like aids is almost exclusively a homo disease.
The parasites need to spread from an already infected vector. Generally, people in civilised countries don't have parasites crawling through them.
Various studies have been done which show homos in the US are spreading a parasite which is normally only found in third world tropical countries. They must go there as sex tourists, eat the shit from the anuses of village boys they pay for in the middle of the jungle, and then go back to spread it to all the other faggots.
Number of men a faggot shares shit with is 500-1000 on average, that's why about 50% of all homos are expected to catch HIV during their life time, and why homos on average have a 20 year shorter lifespan than normal people.

Imagine if all media worldwide was shut down.
They couldn't push anything. All agendas would take years to pass on, and by that time people would have already forgotten about it, become bored with it, or decided it made no sense at all.

Is this a collection of primary school teachers chatting on the school's website?
How brave of them.


Could have saved yourself a lot of typing there. That's instant degeneracy (AVOID), no matter the age or any other factor.

Christians and Muslims united against jewish homosexuals
Is this pride, anons?

That's still sodomy, degenerate.

Talk shit to me after you've bred at least three children, christfag.


So much for the myth of the monogamous gay.

Scold me all you want. It's not my fetish. What can I say? I'm a loving husband like that.
If you actually had 12 kids, you wouldn't have time or energy to waste on shitposting. You have anything else to say, or can we get back on topic now?

that's what a cuck would say


With a gun.

women are stuffing wasp nests into their snatches, too. some people were just born to die in ridiculous and idiotic ways.

Something I forgot to mention. Rimming an asshole is the gold standard of pre anal preparation among devout faggots. First you shower with them, then you both douche each other, then the top rimms the bottom and massages his muscles to relax him and make it just slip in. It honestly feels amazing, but one problem with it is a tendancy to get whatever is passing around at the moment. West Nile, Cholera, the flu, this nasty dehydrating hard cough that causes you to endlessly wank for some reason while coughing so hard you see stars, and even roundworms the fags will get it from tonguing assholes.
They're living disease vectors. Theres atleast 4 different strains of HIV out there and some of these faggots get rock hard at the thought of collecting a new one they don't have. Let that sink in.

I guess by your logic serial killers, rapists, and sexual predators have a "certain" look too?

Popfurs suck, but it's changed now. Now, you have a literal conspiracy/monopoly where only 4 people own the top 5 furry websites. Popfurs are literally jews.

Holy crap that's disgusting. Parasite-ridden homo degenerates are all getting the rope. Every goddamn one of you.

How fucking new are you? archive.is/ASAJr

Do they fuck little kids too? I heard rumors from Vivisector (Furry drama site) that the proprietor of Elliots Spring Gathering (furry con) is a rich pedo bastard and will pay for the plane tickets and admissions and hotels of certain kinds of male underage Furries, as long as they don't come with adult supervision. Bit suspicious that it was scrubbed off the web, wish I 'd capped it. Then we have Dragoneer the pedo, and I'm damn certain he actually is because of the commissions he has had done, and how Furaffinity's site is a huge mass of Spaghetti code that is "Fixed" by adding more storage and possibly more hidden unindexed child porn, and then there's Uncle Kage head chairman of Anthrocon that always seems to get drunk with little kids in his lap…

Gays are much likely to engage in such degenerate behavior.

Aside from the obvious difference in body type presented here, I still don't get how someone looks at a dog face and gets turned on.

That is EDIS Krad.
We have a trifecta here, we have children, sex and Jew shit(Scat, genital mutlilation and deadly sex)
And also we have another image that reinforces my hypothesis that fags want to service or be killed by handsome warrior men. Seems someone has a crush on Vulpes Inculta.

This here is some bottom tier degeneracy I can't into. Fuck you Holla Forums! What are you doing exposing my chaste mind to this depraved filth? Sure, Jews are shit, but how can any man be so fucked in the head to think chasing bugs and tearing open your asshole is a good trade for dopamine hits that are substituted for a masculine role model? How do you get so off track to think this is ""right?""

Lurk Moar

Big thing of it was that furries in 1999 were just like Trekies, that is annoying nerds who were anormal but ok enough. There was porn, and the porn was normal(ish). Any fetihs shit was deliberatly made to be funny. Now it's 2017 and furshit is progressive, 99% about porn, and CHECK YOUR FUCKING PROVLEDGE. JUST BECAUSE MY FURSONA IS FAT DOESN'T MEAN I'M FAT. I MEAN, I AM. AND I DO HAVE THIS DIAPER FETISH. BUT REGUARDLESS, JUST BLOCK AND MOVE ON. YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO CRITISIZE ME OR EVEN LAUGH WITH ME! I HATE MYSELF AND AM A SENSITIVE FAGGOT WHO DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THAT VORE IS WEIRD AND I WANT PEOPLE TO JUST ACCEPT IT WITHOUT LAUGHING. AT. ALL.

Never heard of him. What I was specifically talking about was the conspiracy between e621, furaffinity, the rest. All these main furry sites are in a monopoly of like 5 people, all friends, and all a cabal of popfur retards. I think Wikifur is the only "main" furry site out of this inner circle now-a-days.

Furaffinity was recently sold to IMVU, the secondlife ripoff. Inkbunny, Weasyl, E621, yeah I can see their owners literally in bed with each other. It's not a nice image.

Furaffinity was sold to IMVU without consent to others involved, and the guy who sold it is still managing the site without the others. IMVU, as I see it, only owns it in brand now.

Wow, holy shit. At least Whitekitten knows how to make "decent" snuff. His shit is so baphomet, while this is just so blunt and meaningless.

I agree, Mot does a better job with that demon hare of his.

Some old memes should have never fallen out of popular usage.

mate, you ain't seen whitekittens stuff. That one is like national geographic, he doesn't just have issues, he has anthologies. Most of it seems to be a mix of heavy duty mommy issues combined with absolute rage against women and feminism. Like that jews are a dying race guy but with a focus on pregnancy complications and gore out of The Binding of Issac. I'd not be surprised if he was the inspiration for that game… or if he was part of MKultra brainwashing, there are some parts that look really familiar after reading the gunderson report…

Fuck you wordfilter! *that ASSHOLES AND ELBOWS guy.

Could you two do me a favor and snuff one another? Be careful not to fuck up the timing if you go for an active method cooperatively because I'd hate to see either of you need to hurt yourselves.


No favors for you user, now Common spic, I'd kill because he only looks into this shit for ways to attack whites and advance his own mongerel spic blood's interests. I'm dissecting it to see what makes it's heart pulse and brain tick, not acting like a carnival barker for a show called "White Girls Fuck Dogs".

And why the fuck not? In this jewmasculated culture, masculinity is rare and places like Holla Forums that can cultivate it. Hell, even the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack brands itself a masculine incubator for pre-teens.

You know that normal men have homoerotic thoughts occasionally?
most well adjusted males in a relationship with a female realize this and say to themselves."well,that was interesting,but it's really not for me".

There is no such thing as a 100% pure heterosexual.

Most heterosexuals fall somewhere around 80% straight 20 % bent.

The term,"gender fluidity" reflects this.

Now ignorant individuals with little self awareness who have a normal fleeting same sex thought are repulsed at the ideal that the may be gay,they may even think they are gay when they are not.
So they repress it and it is expressed as homophobia and they may even be violent to real homosexuals.

but I don't think that is the case here with you user

Accept who you are user.
Stop the self loathing.
This is the way nature made you.


I am a homosexual who finds these public displays(pissing,ass eating,etc) of gay sex as a reflection of a society descending into decadence.

Keep it to the bedroom.

Even there,no anal fisting,shit eating,etc.

Intimate,joyous sex with someone you care for is what every person should seek in life.

I repeat from earlier.. many of these creatures are in educational positions….

I'm going to let you into a little secret, user. Something most boys here have figured out but don't talk about in polite company…

It's normal for young 14 year old men such as yourself to fantasize and think about stuff. It's even normal to self-explore your own body and touch your butt. However, thanks to the Kike's influence on society itself they've convinced everyone that these natural explorartions automatically mean that you are probaly gay. And this is why many people never leave this boyhood exploritory phase. Kikes also like to fantasize about this transition period, as they are pedophiles after all.

You are a faggot, you are retarded, you miss the point. You rpobably thought you "always knew" you were gay, or you "always knew" you were different. Well, it's either for the reason I just said or it's due to other circumstance such as you had no father and your mother (or, considering most modern millenial families) Grandmother/Great-Grandmother became your role-model. You probaly acted very feminine from a young age, attempting to emulate her.

There are reasons for gaity, and the homosexual should take every effort in his body to self-correct his own degeneracy.

test: ashes and echos
test: asses and elbows


kek. there we go.

Waving that under a TERFs nose should be interesting.

going through puberty while watching cartoons will do that.

I would say that picture is missing 80's/70's furries, but it still gets the message across. fucked up degenerates infiltrating anything always leads to the loss of aesthetics. egotistical fucks want everything to be just as ugly as they are (inside and out).

By Wotans singular eye, this thread requires a serious bogging.

b32098 needs to go first.

to make (((them))) stop, and finally have the right to build our homelands. ending the abuse and exploitation of our people and all people (true anons) everywhere.

Then disprove them.

Gay shit is gay, even if done with a woman you raging fairy.

Will anons one day forsake their homelands to build their own outer heaven?
A land where they can shitpost for themselves?

R.I.P. in pozz, Applejack. ;_;

Yes they do.

and what is supposed to be wrong with that?


We have none to blame but ourselves for not remaining vigilant.

Replace "vigilant" with "violent" and I'll agree even more. That's how I misread your post the first time.

HIV Among Gay and Bisexual Men
Everyone who is not an exclusive heterosexual makes up about 2.1-2.7% of the population. With about 1% being homosexual. So the number of dudes that fuck dudes would be around 1.3% at most. So if they account for 56% of new infections they are 43 times more likely to be infected.

The total number of these dude-fuckers shall we call them who are infected each year is 28,200. Given that sexual activity occurs between 15 and 45 that means that in that time 846,000 of the sexually active dude fuckers will be infected. Their total population is about 4.095 million at the most. Of which 55% will be within that 15-45 age group. So about 2.25 million of them are sexually active in a given 30 year period of which 846,000 will be infected. So about 37.5% of their sexually active population will be infected in their lifetimes. Now before you say “but that is just niggers and spics”, look at the data, even when only accounting for whites the rate of infection is still 31%. Which is admittedly better than 37% but still not great.

Homosexual Men Have 50 Times Higher Rate of AIDS

One in Five Gay, Bisexual Men in U.S. Cities Has HIV

Report Finds Black Gay Males in US Worst Hit By HIV-AIDS

STD Facts - Syphilis & MSM

Viral Hepatitis Populations - Men Who Have Sex with Men


if only someone taught them

considering that faggotry is the parody of femininity, they probably rationalize this as a perfectly good thing and that they've become "pregnant" now.

Why do they have to ruin guns too?

No man, "getting knocked up" is slang for getting infected with HIV, that's how the code works, instead of giving life, yer giving death.
Its also how these two images work. Note the biohazard tattoo on that of the top, signals "giving the gift"
Beachfox is an avid bugchaser and it shows up in his works.

Kill yourself, faggot

I always thought is was just a general pornography jew meme.

But you're not alone in this sentiment. Asslicking strikes me as immensely disgusting, and an obvious forced meme.

I hate faggots and hate kikes. But. I love my ass being eaten (by a woman of course).

Gay men are some of the most disgusting degenerates on this cursed Earth…

That's not just mpreg autism?

Yeah I fucked a mudshark too but Id never bring it up here.


You just did.

Damn user that was deep. 14 year old girls go nuts for this kind of shit.

Nope. Note the biohazard symbol on the puma's navel. He's HIV+. He'd not have that as his cutie mark in this picture if it weren't so.
I've also actually heard bugchasers talk about pozzing someone as "Breeding" and refer to the Giver as the Daddy. It gets pretty damned obvious from how they talk about it what that refers to.

So what you're saying is that if someone has a biohazard symbol on their fursona, and they aren't a neonfur or into that weird nuclear-waste assisted hyper/macro/herm transformations then he's probably a bugchaser? Or are you saying that all parties I'm thinking of are probably bug chasers?

I will never understand people who gain pleasure from literally eating shit. We need another good old purge of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Exactly. They are all bugchasers with a a very few exceptions. Deffo bugchaser if the biohazard symbol is in the underwear zone or on the back shoulder, those are the places most visible in the darkrooms and "maze" areas of a bathhouse.

Sort yourself out, son. I, too, fell for the "everybody's bi, lol just do what feels good" meme of the 2000's. I even fooled around with some very girlish-looking near-trap guys (no trannies, even my bluepilled self had innate red flags in his head), but didn't really enjoy it at all. No ass stuff, fortunately. I now consider myself not "ex-gay" (which has exclusively Christian connotations), but as a "survivor of homosexuality" (something we ought to meme), and determined to make the kike pay for his crimes against biology.
Of course, if our end result ends up as unforgiving as Harold Covington's, where the smallest mistake made by a confused teen growing up in a sick, kike-infested society is still worthy of the death penalty… I'll just have to go full Turner Diaries and not survive the revolution.

Actually they don't. That's why they're called fags.

Smug feminist thinks this is just "bro science".
Doesn't realize the cunny-cancer link is well demonstrated in scientific studies as as well as the CDC's own data.
The risk for men who engage in cunnilingus is vastly higher than the risk for women who perform fellatio, simply because of the nature of the vagina in modern women as an open festering wound.
HPV contracted through cunnilingus is now the primary cause of throat cancers in Western men, ahead of all tobacco related causes.
Around 45% of 20-25 year old women carry a cancer-causing strain of HPV.

I haven't kept up with him for years. Where did he say white teenagers get the rope too?

is for

Apparently I am retarded this morning

I used to think such opinions were superstitious nonsense, but I have become convinced they are literally controlled by demonic forces. It explains the barbarity of the harm they inflict upon each other, its unnaturalness, and the uncontrollable compulsions.

I despise what they do, but I pity them as people. For us to survive they may all need to die, but I don't have any hatred of them.

The best thing that we ever did for the homosexual was forcing him to stay in the closet. The moment they had sanction to indulge themselves their lives went down the sewer.

Watch the documentary "The Gift". It's made by a shitlib woman who wants to be as sympathetic to homosexuals as possible. In spite of this the takeaway is that intentional HIV transmission isn't just a fetish subculture. It's the mainstream.

Is it similar to Mount&Blade?



Think Low Fantasy Heroes of Might and Magic, but with openended quests and ethical decisions that can bite you in the ass later on. Heres a sample of a Lets Play with an actual German Speaker that explains the lore and meanings of names and narrates the story and legends in taverns.

When I was a kid and graffiti artist, I wanted to get a modified bio-hazard ( since it's also my initials, might as well make it mine, right? ) tattoo on my shoulder. I'm glad I dodged that bullet and grew the fuck up.

Good that you grew up. Heres another few examples of biohazard means poz.

Also another i just found with multiple varients of POZ warning tattoos. A rose with thorns, "other Toxic effects" and Biohazard. this one is scrubbed off the net save for my copy, wonder why?

No moderately right, right, or far right gays like "The gay community." The people waving rainbow flags are that bad.

One, I was defending you. Two, I knew you'd correct any errors. Three, … … … that's new. I knew the bastard was a kike, I didn't know he was that bad.

I love anonymous hurtboxes. We claw each other to bits and recondense from the smoke, getting stronger every time.

When centipedes just aren't enough…

WHY? Are they just that stupid?

One of the most redpilling things I've read on the rainbow pill. Fascinating to see the examples of Weimar pedo gay degeneracy from almost 100 years ago. Also huge eye opener on the furfag shit.

Big respect to dark researcher. I will add my own research into this soon.

There's so much to unpack and understand here. The whole scenario of older breeds younger to refresh the gay pool is the first step in realising how paedo culture is becoming Normalized.

No, we promised him cleansing fire as his reward for helping ferret out and oven the kikes. He gets the cleansing fire after the kikes are dead forever. Apparently, being 1/4 kike fucks you up enough to want the ovens. This user expects the first round of GAS THE KIKES to eliminate nearly all of the bog-worthy. THEY'RE FUCKING KIKES!

And don't contaminate the environment like that. The faggots of old weren't running around collecting every plague they could find to better worship Nurgle. Cleansing fire is the only option. We must incinerate the plagues, not leave them preserved in bogs. NatSoc cares about the environment, remember?

oh god furfag stuff is cringe.

… is a description of a group the propagates by spreading memes rather than the genes of its members. Catholic priests (excluding the pedos) are another example of this type. It was discussed in the book Virus of the Mind. Killing all such groups is a bad idea—-Anonymous itself is another example, even though some anons have children, too.

The HIV Case in the supreme court: scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/1300/index.do

river deltas probably. we have a lot of coastal wetlands which is sort of like a swamp made out of ocean but usually they're fenced off for environmental reasons or maybe just because nancy pelosi hates you and wants the states natural beauty all for herself who knows.

i mean the spics leave garbage literally everywhere so every good fishing spot within 100 miles of my house is strewn with old beer cans, bait cups, blunt wrap packages and other detrius so there might be something to it but leave it to a jew to think they can own nature.

Yep. And here is also some pics we can troll Mike "kike" Eunuch with. Man, I wonder what Himmler would say to these freaks slamming (injecting) liquid meth in full NSDAP regalia before having an orgy.


So if a faggot like you could revert back to a non-faggot moral state how did you do it and how could we convince other fags of their degeneracy?

That's what makes me the most upset. It's so obvious and yet normies fall for this shit.

Know how they rebuild a gut biom.

Having you eat more shit.

Blind facial recognition study on convicts selecting for Podestas is 80% accurate, selecting from lineups of around 2-3 dozen a time.

They are all submissive and will respond to the dominant power, similarly to women.

Sad truth is most HUMANS are sheep and need father figures, and this is built into us on purpose to teach us about our need for a holy creator who will love and lead us in our best interests.

You will create leaders, and some of them will have upright moral character. Your ability to discern who has moral authority to lead will determine your success.

I had a gf from Saratov and I did lick her butthole once after we showered. I'm not a big fan of giving oral sex but it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Am I a degenerate now? ;_;

Not much terrifies me, but this thread, and all the shit you guys found sure as hell did.

Anal sex has NEVER been appealing to me, and I have no idea why this fetish is so prevalent among heterosexual men. When I used to watch porn, I would exit the video or skip over that part the moment any sort of anal play was introduced, and neither have I ever engaged in that with my wife. Anal anything is dirty and not sexy, and the mere thought of putting my mouth on an anus invokes a gag reflex.

its another retard bot

Not quite but close.
Funny thing is you have to be a certified donor for that.

Why the fuck do you have these saved to your computer.
Why the fuck do you have any of this saved to your computer.

cheque issued to 904199

o noooooooooooo

How much of a thirsty fuckboy do you have to be to even consider that?

I do too, that mask was specifically made for great vision in dark enviroments, and looks scary as hell, especially to niggers.
Imagine a small company of these purifying chicago.

How'd i do it? A fuckload of introspection and having an extra Y chromosome, as in XYY. I took longer to mentally mature, but grew physically mature faster. I looked 35 in my early twenties. I was suddenly suprised by being marked as "gay dead" halfway through my twenties, even with the heavy alcohol and psychedelic experimentatation. That gave me a lot to think about, as gays are totally lacking in any self awareness and are merely acting on instinct, and thats where the circumscision comes in.
Removing the sheathe of the cock destroys all the nerves that not just provide pleasure, but also send updates to the brain on everything the dick feels and that signals traffic is vitally important in fulfilling the instinctual quota the gene imposes on us as humans. Without that signals traffic the brain fells the loss of androgens and seminal release of ejaculation but doesn't realise sex has actually occurred, so it demands you do it again. And again and again and over and over and over. But its like making minimum payments on a credit card debt, as pointless as fucking for virginity. It also destroys the ability to penetrate with a condom on, as the cock will just deflate from lack of sensation. Fucking jews and circumscision advocates will all hang, I fucking swear it.

Faggots are only interested in other guys because they're all trying to pay the hidden debt with each other, but it can never be paidoff, only down a lot, thus the brain demands greater and greater involvement and novelty to keep going.
Why else do you think the kikes do it to themselves?

Yes, faggots ruin fine equipment all the time in their ever greater search for infinite cummies to fill the infinite debt. Only way to fix it though is to give them their foreskins back.
Yes that is cum on his mask, yes it's someone elses, and yes they were also wearing that kind of mask

Holy shit this thread is still up lmao



I read this headline to my Boomer father, and the look of horrified disgust on his face made me feel good.

There is no justification for the absence of my legal right to kill these horrific monstrousities.

Perhaps you are a gay.

Exactly, and here's the opening warning screen listing all the contents of the flash.
it also gets worse, as the rapid pregnacies aren't actually real, the only children that come of them are just the same soulless fleshrobots (literally called Fuckmeat) you can literally buy anywhere. Its a total upending of nature.

Dude TRS is just like us.

Damn, you're retarded.

They actually believe sticking your tongue up another man's butt is safe.

You need to kill yourself. You've gone too far jewboy. Whoever fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster.

Leave it alone, he's a faggot Jew of course he lives to pervert language and morality.




fucking lel

Trips demand a checking!
Photo is from a protest by the Church of Euthanasia demanding more sodomy and white suicides. Hell, they even had Vermin Supreme in attendance (Boot on head guy that runs for President every Year and promises a pony to all citizens and other bullshit)

absolute_state.jpeg my dude

God fucking damnit.

Jews have a natural affinity for shit. To them it's like a pleasurable experience to take a shit. Leave it to them to have eating ass as one of their terms.


Checked, the reason kikes like getting assfucked is because its like taking a perpetual dump.

Must I even bring up Shmorky/Cuteosphere?

It's because they fucking allowed it in the first place. There used to be a D&G meme where the two faggots talk about how even though they're fags, it's unethical and wrong to adopt children.


Where'd you find this?

Fetlife. Whole nother circle of hell.

Freshly capped from a book about the Weimar Republic, Voluptious Panic legiochristi.com/static/lit/Voluptuous_Panic.pdf

Oh please have mercy on me.
It is invariably human curiosity that leads me to almost compulsively uncover every single of those spoilers.
Please, stop.

Anal sexual acts were forced by the Jewish porn producers into the heterosexual sphere in order to lessen the disgust the public felt for gays. Same tactic they're using with all the interracial and incest porn. It's normalization.

the "I Like to Watch" vid and interview are pretty fucking hilarious, though. Also, I don't think its specifically whites, I thinks its "all humans" (they include nonwhites in this category for some reason).

I have to admit, their "We are the Veal" sign made me chuckle. Are they still around? Twisted fucks



I met a very mentally stinted "babyfur" once over IRC. I talked to him, and he told me his mother caught him playing that game. He told me his mother thought himself to want to abuse children but in truth he fantasized him as the child. He also implied that his mother enables his own Adult-Babyness, lets him sleep in the same bed as her, and even changes his diapers. He had another odd fetish, he wanted to be bathed in tomato soup. I beleive this person was at least 17 and at most 30, though he would not tell me. This is the modern world.

Sauce on those LGBT facts? I'd love to spread that picture around, but only if it's accurate.

The only grace to be seen in people like that and this world, is that they are a sign that this world will be having it's "1933" very soon. Any day now….

Romans and Greeks were fucking others in the pooper way back when user. Just because something is bad doesn't mean its stemming from the same source.

He would have known all this about fags if he actually tried to understand the religion.

It's still degenerate.

You fuckwit, I am so fucking sick of retarded niggers like you.
Rome and Greece's history lasts hundreds of years. By your logic, the Medieval Man were all tumblrina nigger faggot normies shitposting on social media. Kill yourself.

Those sailors will fucking die, you delusional sodomite.

I wonder why the fuck /k/ seems (or used to) so fixated on that shit no pun intended :^).

I used various sources. Any of the facts can be easily backed by finding a source with.Google. If you really have trouble, look up lgbt facts infographic. You'll find similar ones with sources included. I just made this because I wanted a better aesthetic.

Source? I don't see a difference between uncircumcised and circumcised in terms of how they fall to degeneracy throughout history.

There's a fucking reason why the most popular trannies on the internet are almost all cut.

Before AIDS was called AIDS, before HIV was isolated, the CDC was calling it "the 4H disease" because it affected heroin users (improper needle usage), hemophiliacs (clotting factor contaminated with virus), homosexuals (dat buttsex), and … Haitians (wat).

Why were Haitians early carriers of AIDS?

Am I supposed to be upset? Thank the Lord for inventing AIDS.

In case anyone doesn't trust user's link, you can try this one. eye.swfchan.com/search/?q=paraphore

Here are links related to this degeneracy.

Their site: paraphore.com/
Their Patreon: patreon.com/paraphore
Their wiki: paraphore.wikia.com/wiki/Paraphore_Wiki

Basically what said but they left out the fact that it's some virtual world the player's character interacts with from some sort of shelter. The AI gets knocked up by you somehow and produces a dickgirl you can molest among other things. The entire game is sickening. It's amusing that Patreon allows this stuff but banned 8ch from their service. What bothers me the most is how Patreon removes accounts for creators they deem hateful but allow babyfur, lolicon and shotacon artists.

One word. Cannibalism. And a second thought of two words: Voodoo Rituals.

Yeah and many of them were called out on it.

His strategy "I'm a reformed fag" his text, though is pornographic,

I've been warning about it for years, the kikes are legitimately using homosexuality as a catalyst for the next plague.

Heres some examples of Biohazard tattoo = Bugchaser

Didn't read the thread but was just telling a coworker the other day about the dangers of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections from the gay lifestyle and he flipped out on me talking about it's ok to eat ass if you wash/shower….

I laughed at him.


Do you not know how to read or are you a shill?

It's even spoilered you absolute faggot

I don't know if I'm misunderstanding your post but Fight Club is not a Jack Donovan book


No, but Chuck Palanhasdnfasnfasdf (who wrote FC) is a vocalfrying flaming faggot.

Greetings new friend, always lurk two years before posting. Never forget that place is the hurt box, so even if you think you've seen it all, it's only a matter of time before you witness something that will really activate your almonds.

Oh, and remember…


This isn't it. It is passed from 'adults' to child through literal kiddy diddling, not indoctrination. There is a lot of overlap between the pedo community and the gay community - most pedos are men into boys (check the dark web for affirmation). The best I can describe it is that it implants a mind virus into the boy that sits dormant for years (like a decade) until it eventually culminates in gradual self destruction.

Terrible stuff.


Yep, this has been known since 1868 when Sir Richard F. Burton translated the Arabian Nights tales into English, and he included a supplemental three books on the manners and dress and often fucked up sexual customs of Arabs, like Pederasty (fucking little boys) rampant sodomy and extreme depravity. Like holy shit, holy fucking shit, It makes me flinch and I'm the guy posting all the gore and visuals.
Specifically: jrbooksonline.com/DOCs/PartD_pederasty.doc You'll have to download the .doc file, but it is super fucked, like fucking sandniggers.


>{NOTE: This detail especially excited the veteran's curiosity. The reason proved to be that the scrotum of the unmutilated boy could be used as a kind of bridle for directing the movements of the animal. I find nothing of the kind mentioned in the Sotadical literature of Greece and Rome; although the same cause might be expected everywhere to have the same effect. But in Mirabeau (Kadhésch) a grand seigneur moderne, when his valet de chambre de confiance proposes to provide him with women instead of boys, exclaims, "Des femmes! eh! c'est comme si tu me servais un gigot sans manche." See also infra for "Le poids du tisserand."}

Anyone have any redpills on the mathemticsl/statistic proofs of virtually all gay men being pedos? All my shit is on a HDD with no PC to access it atm. For a good cause. If not this thread needs a bump anyway.

I have a video on the subject, undercover interviews of pedo faggots.


Bumpin this thread with a chair force officer being a babyfaggot. All from twitter.com/Drakedasheep/media

uh oh


why did you necrobump a thread that was near the end?

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This made me feel ill tbh.


Elvin Class #1


Is it just me or is the guy trying to seduce me?

cause it's working
please don't throw me in the bog

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i got this from a vietnamese salad i got from a street vendor in colorado.


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Consider how much brainwashing ones needs to undergo to remove the natural revulsion that any humanoid feels towards such acts. Only a constant media bombardment can override such a primal disgust.

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It's important for fags to adopt children so they can make more fags

go to bed Mike

God damn I hate neu/pol/.


Whatcha sliding Moshe (1)?