Is it possible for Blacks to swallow the red pill?

I was just wondering because I've noticed that a good amount of the blacks that I have in my AP classes seem well put together. I figured that a high IQ nig nog would be able to understand that they are different and the injustice to whites going on.
I have this one nig that I sit next to and he is actually valedictorian of his class. Would it be worth my time to try to red pill him? We talk regularly and we both have a mutual respect for each other.

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No, niggers are walking talking diseases. They are wholly negative in every respect. They can be used as a biological weapon against Israel and Jews the same way they are used against Europe, America, and all White Lands. But no, they can not be redpilled, the same way a termite can't be redpilled.

No. You cannot reason with a population with an IQ average less than 90. You can with its elites, but not the population.

you might have individual success getting them to swallow pills with only some of the active ingredients, I have had great success with the jewish question

You aren't aware of what you're actually doing. Those niggers aren't actually learning about the reality of the Jew, they're simply having their animal hatred redirected to the Jew, which is of course a good thing, but don't make the mistake of thinking that those niggers are actually learning anything from you.

Damn, I wish they could. Some of them seem like they could've. Oh well then.

You shouldn't be browsing Holla Forums, you're too naive or stupid to be here.

"redpill"? In what way?
If you mean getting them to stop hating whitey, or to stop demanding gibs, anything like that, you're dead-wrong.

Blacks, as dumb as they are, are actually acting in their own self-interest. They want free shit. They can easily get free shit. And the more they shame whitey over slavery and jim crow, the more free shit they get. Likewise, black nationalism will NEVER take off. Blacks know damn well deep-down that they can't create societies and that they're objectively better off leeching off whitey. Why do you think they constantly want to invade white spaces and live around whitey? Not even blacks are dumb enough to be fooled into thinking they would do better if they were separated into a black ethnostate or sent back to liberia.

The best you could do is maybe redpill them on the kikes, but they'll always just see kikes as a type of white person, so it's all the same to them.

In my experience many blacks already know about the JQ or at least the banks they just assume whites and jews are the same/act the same.

But wouldn't that be why I'm asking the question? So I can understand?

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Who cares? We CAN teach niggers that jews were the slave owners, slave traders, slave purchasers, etc. But anything else is irrelevant and COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to our message. We don’t want blacks united racially. We want them as weak and disorganized as possible. If niggers are still killing each other when we start to take back Africa for good, we can pit them against each other to protect more white lives (and fewer white resources).

Many are probably too stupid to fully understand, but sure, some could.

The problem is the ones smart enough to recognize the truth of the things we talk about would also recognize that they're much better off living off whitey, and thus would still be against white nationalism.

A nigger with significant white admixture should be able to understand the basics. But there's little point, the general nigger population will never understand even if a tiny minority of them can. Best case scenario; you redpill him and he ends up never being able to fit in with other niggers or the only white people who want him around (i.e. leftists).

The only useful redpill they could swallow is the fact that they would be better off being shipped back to Africa to live under reestablished white colonial governments. That would take generations though. The living nigger population is far too addicted to gibs and kike-driven 'we wuz kangs' agitation to ever accept their natural place in the world.

Not possible, purple pill AT BEST

It's important for blacks to know that they have been jew bioweapons, slaves and patsies from day one.

Whitey sided with "filtly niggers" *once*, ONE SINGLE TIME, after a kike tried to blame the rape->murder case of a white girl on the black watchman by trying to bribe the black janitor.

And they created the A D fucking L in response to that incidence.

The court case of Leo Frank had the following defense, among others, I'm paraphrasing but you get the idea:
This heinous crime could not have been committed by decent white folk like ourselves, we are civilized and a boon and never do anything bad.
The vile negroe, however revels in violence both for sport, entertainment and for coin.


But the persecutors wouldn't have any of it and hanged the kike. Hung him high, oh how I would love to be able to travel back in time to see him getting put into the gallows.
If it would cost me my life to witness it then I'd still do it.

File exists, but it's great, check it out, although if you're black then you'll hate the podcasters for celebrating nigger anguish, too but the important bit is the case itself and the reality it reflects.

But yeah, same with all the shitskins in Europe now, same exact deal.

Both shields for jew crime and direct weapons against the white population.

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There's literally no reason to redpill them. Our end game is a nation to ourselves. They will never leave peacefully, no matter how "redpilled" they are.
The best thing to do to blacks is to honestly convince them further that whitey is evil and we need to be separated. Polarization is the only tactic you should be using on other races. But it's mostly pointless, since it's not like their opinion matters anyways.

This is a bait thread.



Direcciones sur America

Even the most `intelligent' black is a scuffed sneaker away from a cat 5 chimpout.

Niggers want gibs me dats and think jews are white so no