Swiss Journalists Expose How CFR Controls Most All Mainstream Media

Holy shit.

For those just joining us: This is history, hopefully not repeating.

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You kids dont remember what it was like pre-9/11; your access to information is way more filtered and harder to come by over things like Google and search engines and mainstream sources. And the fact is you don't know what ot was like before the rise of online troll armies and govt and corporate sponsored manipulation of online discussion. The rate of change of how much this has grown, even in the last 5 years, the last 10 years, it's UNBELIEVABLE. You don't remember how democratic the internet used to be, and how free the majority of information was, as a rule.

The internet was 95% white males prior to 9/11. Computers were still too expensive for shitskins and too nerdy for women. One of the main reasons it was so much more tolerable.

Didn't we just have this thread?

Oh that's right, Assange tweeted out the infograph.

Nice datamining bait.
Of course, by responding to that bait I've identified my age to a 20 year period, so it doesn't matter anymore.

I do remember what the world was like pre-9/11. Information was fucking hard to verify, and counter-arguments were impossible to find outside of paid circulations or events.
Word of mouth is what drove the spread of information, so you were SOL if you didn't have that crazy uncle.
The mere thought of going counter to the holohoax was a massive struggle in itself because of peer pressure and the relative strength of mass media.

Then 9/11 happened and everything accelerated.

It's gotten better in some areas, but worse in others. 10 years ago the internet was still very decentralized. Today twitter, google and facebook control most of the internet and if you're banned from these sites, it's like you don't even exist.

It's impossible to find anything that is remotely close the truth on google. The "algorithm" has a massive bias by design that it didn't have 5-10 years ago. I think it's getting better overall, but the censorship that is coming from giants like facebook & google is quite demoralizing.

This, this right here. The internet in the late 90s/early 00s did not have them infesting every… fucking… website with their bullshit.

If you have to dig as deep as Bitch McCuckold's wife being Sec of Transportation to cite shocking CFR membership in Trump's White House (Gorsuch is not part of the White House but another branch of the government entirely. He's also the only white protestant on the Supreme Court in a country that is majority white protestant and the only living Supreme Court justice that is consistently good), I'm going to doubt the severity of the "dozens of members" claim. If they are there, they're janitors or the political equivalent. I'm much more concerned about the fucking kikes in the White House than CFR shills.

How much longer are old jew propaganda mediums going to be relevant? They're masters of a dying empire.

This is absolutely right.
The original google algorithms were top notch. Even the early Yahoo/Altavista engines were quite good.
The early search engines were very similar to the current boorus in terms of tagging and cataloging.
It wasn't just the tagging that made the original search engines good. Every page had relevant results, which forced you to dig through random pages.
That is one of the few things I miss most about the early internet days.

The modern search engine has zero transparency in how it works, and even less ways of interacting with them, which fits with the overall theme that NPCs have destroyed the internet.

The only countries sending their people into extinction are the U.S. and E.U nations. But look at crutches guy and those muslims throwing rocks instead.

it's all true. google searches for very general terms will now show you multiple results from the same website instead of a wide variety.

if you really care about access to information i encourage you, and anyone else, to contribute to InfinityPol at >>>/8pol/

Not National Geographic?

Really activates my almonds that behaviour that was shunned as "for nerds" even women and whatever else try to go for it

Like the gamergirl thing

Pic related is (((Richard N. Haass))), President of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Why user

The project I most look forwards to and strive for, after the creation of the Thousand Year Reich of course, is the purification of the internet and finally establishing it as what it's meant to be: unfettered access to the glorious truth. Any topic, any issue, across all of time; all of humanity's collective knowledge accumulated in one place and categorized for the masses to be able to educate themselves on whatever they care to learn. Someday the media, the internet– information itself, will not be controlled and oh-so-carefully mixed with self-serving lies and doled out by (((they))) who do wish to see our men flourish and prosper. The only good in the world is truth.

My god, those damnable kikes will know that there are younger people AND older people on Holla Forums!? We're fucked guys!

Jello covered this in 2000.

Don't hate the media, BECOME THE MEDIA.
They already know who we are, so why not get louder, and Louder, And LOUDER


Hitler was a stooge of the transnational capitalists, with no concept of how money in his time (and ours) really works. He also was a megalomaniac: though judge for yourself. The reason Hitler was able to take absolute power in Germany was because of the brownshirts. What I see when I look at Holla Forums is irrational frenzy being purposely stirred up by those who would like to see demagogues come to power once more to stifle liberty and ensure the position of greedy psychopathic perverts. The people that are perpetuating this over here are thinking irrationally, or not thinking at all. Or thinking like a megalomaniac themselves.

You say that, but I'm here waiting for Trump to send me to the FEMA camp.

You are mentally defective.
Then go back where you came from. Reported.

But generally fuck "social media". The only people that need a social image are politicians. The rest of us have what's called a life and we go out and are a part of what's called society.

Lol good luck then!


(((jello biafra)))


We know.


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Pepperidge farm remembers user.

It's funny when you think you can control a politician and he turns out to be the man of the people instead. Still butt hurt about your father losing so much of his wealth? What's your point, Hitler even worked for the government in the Weimar as a military intelligence officer following the disbandment of the German Armed forces because of the Treaty of Versailles. He worked there for less then a year, their grievous mistake was appointing a nationalist to spy on a far right nationalist party, which he would join that same year. That is also why we know that there are SIGINT officers from various governments and various agencies of the IC community who know the truth because that is all we speak, that is why we sustain moderate protection under the guise of 'monitoring extremists' meanwhile we get shilled and trolled by constant brigades.

You clearly don't understand public speaking and the danger people faced back then, the left were constantly attacking others in the streets of Germany back in the Weimar which is why the brownshirts existed, they allowed Hitler to be secure so he could speak to the people and be protected when the antifas came for him. Once he was elected the brownshirts were dismantled and the German Army battalion who always traveled with Hitler and select SS officers where assigned with the security of the Fuhrer.

The current governments are stiffing liberty you cognitive dissonant retard. What is the patriot act? What is the full blown corruption by government officials who sit in their position their entire lives? Have you watched the news in the last year? Who are the rich philanthropists undermining the constitutional republic at ever turn? While the media spouts we are all democracies and tries to ignore constitutional documents proving otherwise. You see, because when we want a man of the people to rise to power, suddenly we the people are the bad guys. You are clueless on whats coming in this century, this is only the beginning. If you think Trump is bad, just wait, you better keep that economic system afloat or kikes will hang from trees.

they look like old lesbians


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Has anyone ever noticed that he's basically a lithpy bizarro Alex Jones?
Like a smarmy younger uncle.

nice post lad, kek mit uns.

Better a pure dictatorship than a corrupt democracy


this, internet search has been dumbed down to rely on masses of data to make some kind of prediction what you want instead of handing you the tools and options themselves.
most google search results are also trying to sell you something these days, or they're chock full of ads and inane rehashings of the same info you get anywhere else.
the old internet was a wonderful wealth of information collected by hobbyists and enthusiasts who were eager to share things on their personal pages, not for monetary gains, but simply for the joy of it.

CFR membership is over half Jewish iirc

Here's the original link to the Swiss Propaganda Research Center:

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So you're saying that everything changed when the Sandnation attacked?

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