Feminism strikes again, this time against formula one grid girld

Fat old guy hags at the women's sporting trust pressured cucked sky sports to drop grid girls. Continue to piss of traditional fan base with horrible rule changes.
While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 Grands Prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms.

"We don't believe the practice is appropriate or relevant to Formula 1 and its fans, old and new, across the world."
There is a poll on their website asking if the firing of sexy women grid girls for the sake of fat ugly feminazis was a good idea or not. You know what to do pol

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have they gone after good ol' american cheerleaders yet?

implying they're in the same house as a man

The old feminist tradition of putting women out of work.

This. They usually pair up or become flat out lesbians and try to change their appear to physically look like men. Its revolting.

Good, women shouldn't be encouraged to go in public with their tits and ass hanging out, getting rubbed on by some fat slobs at a sporting event for a couple of shekels. It's peak degeneracy.

Only this doesn't happen at all, Schlomo.

yes it does. And even if it never did, it's degeneracy for women to walk around like that anyways.

I don't know what kind of cosplay slut comicon bullshit events you go to where this happens but this doesn't happen at sporting events as mentioned. They literally just stand there unless they are cheerleading.

pls go

still degenerate garbage

you first

Good. Spectator sports are a cancer upon our people.
The front two are trannies anyway, which isn't surprising. The kikes behind F1 are in on the agenda to pump trannies to "manly men".
The gay subversion manual "After the ball" specifically describes that manly men should be the first to be targeted for subversion.



Let the normalniggers lose their ciruses so they have nowhere to hide from reality?

It might have an unintended consequence: revert back to the norm of a decade ago. People are definitely getting fed up with this Jewish/Marxist shit and it will reach breaking point soon. The problem isn't having them turn against the freaks, they are starting to do so already, but to get them go all in against feminism.

This could very easily and sadly I think it will, turn into a push back against the third wave but an embrace or acceptance of the second wave. Its how GamerGate started for many anons, revolt against the ridiculous feminism but being OK with the "reasonable" feminism. Luckily GG blew up here and Holla Forums was here to guide the newcomers to the light.

This stuff with the grid girls, girls at a men's club, pay dispute at the BBC and even all that #TakeAKnee shit with the NFL is all getting people pissed off.

tl;dr we have to make sure we get normalfags to go all in against the Marxism.

People agreed, people disagreed, there was decent back n forth. Proud of you guys

With this change the amount of women in formula 1 is going to drop 1000%. I'm all for it.

Formula 1 is a soyboy sport anyway. The age of it containing actual risk is long gone.


I think this could have the same effect as the Nigger Felon League, where a lot of normies are turning out because of how they (the core fan base) is being disrespected by uppity niggers. This will probably turn away old fan's, making them realize its just bread and circuses.

F1 girls are hot and remind me every day that I should stay straight instead of succumbing to nigger race mixing or being gay in a part of the country where there is ZERO incentive to stay straight.

It's too bad fat men and old ugly ladys want to run the fun boys have. Can we at least point the finger at jews?

gotta be either LA, portland or san fran

am i close?

nope it's harrisburgfag here

Well, this sucks. I really enjoy the women they add an appropriate highlight to one of the world's greatest motorsports. F1 will certainly drop in importance for me now in favor of road course motorcycle racing.

Moto GP still has the girls.

pennsylvania is that gay, huh? i had no idea. i couldve sworn you were talking about west hollywood or something


Women command army of (government) thugs armed with guns to the teeth. They hold man and their money by the balls. Its men's time to work in kitchen (after a day of job).

I'm with ya. Though I'll still watch the sport, I'll just know it's cucked out in favor of fat ugly dikes. Feel sorry for the winners who won't get a room full of babes congratulating them upon winning. Lot of closet fags and mgtow fags in here want women suppressed like religion of cuck.

So cucked that seeing women before and after a sporting event detracts from his ability to focus on said sport

What the fuck are you talking about? How does "incentive" come into play? If you're straight you're straight. You don't need incentive to be straight. You sound like a closet faggot or something.

Isn't F1 just a Jewish ponzi-scheme and advertisement cascade? All the major teams are sponsored by them and they all run on secular banking heavens (Abu Dhabi, Monaco, Sakhir).

you wont find a kid that was fucked in the ass grow up without homosexual tendencies



I'm listening.
Stupid bitch. Women can't think, and need to shut the fuck up.

stop projecting cuck

kikes are really losing the plot


Formula 1 showing off their tastes.