Swedish Election Action

On the 9th September, Sweden is going to have a general election. This may be the last chance Sweden has to stop itself from falling over the edge before it’s too late.
The Sweden Democrats are the third largest party in the Riksdag. They aren’t perfect- a lot of the old guard is still from back when they were ethno-nationalist, but these days they're more election-conscious and have a pro-israel stance common to the european right- but they’re anti-migrant, anti-handout and pro-justice for rapefugee victims.
If we can get them into office, it’s not going to fix all of Sweden’s problems overnight- but we need the SD to start putting Sweden right and push the overton window. And we have just under 9 months to make this possible.

We've been putting threads up for the last month over on half-chan, and we've had quite a bit of success and even some public attention.
But the next phase is going to involve handling media attention and spreading redpills. And to do that, we need something more then the neo-reddit that 4chan's become. We need oldfags.
We're not going to bring this back to you. I didn't realise how bad the shill problem was untill i started trying to make a difference, If this is what 4chan used to be then I don't want the same thing happening here.
But we are going to need your help, spreading the material we make & helping us make it out of the data we gather.
Here's a sample of it, along with some posters we've made.
The aim is to make 2018 to europe what 2016 was to america; only to learn from the mistakes of the aftermath. We can't do it alone.

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We need all the help we can get in this


SD needs 50% for any political power whatsoever. That's what people needs to know, the seven other parties are colluding to keep them out of power and thus out of stopping the immigration.

Everyone percent matters.

Some motivational salt-mining videos to keep the spirits up. I remember watching the election that year, had a huge smug face for weeks.

Fuck the traitors in the government. We never asked for this!

I'm betting on around 35%. They are consistently lied about in polls (notice a (((coincidence?))) ) and the support for them and anti-immigration is bigger than ever, swedes just keep shit like that qiuet unless they are drunk or together with "safe" people who won't ruin their lives over it.


This is who we are dealing with. The second they bring violence into this we will trample all over them and take back our nation. A bunch of post-faux-hippies thinking they are "good" people.

I'm accelerationist on this. Maybe Sweden needs to fall and be completely destroyed by muds in order to wake up the rest of the west.


No, if Sweden falls the rest will follow. You're basing your complete trust on the ones in charge of your governments, they have the same agendas as the ones in Sweden and if Sweden is proven to be succesful in getting rid of it's native population, they will accelerate their shit too.

We've been discussing the other day that if SD were more explicitly pro-swexit, then we could amass even more votes.
Is there a way to make them so?

There are plenty of examples already.
People simply don't learn, user.

The question must be asked though. What is better for our cause? A Sweden in flames, who begs Norway and Finnland to save them and restore order… or a Sweden that's hanging on at the edge in chaos?

Fighting back should always be the only option

Neither. The only thing that will help our cause is a strong Sweden fighting for it's people.

Lämnar lite länkar (första bilden) som kanske kommer till nytta..

I am an accelerationist myself but I hate these stupid oneliners.
The closest thing to what you are describing would be the scenario where they control the politicians, military, police, etc against our interests and it is not going to happen anytime soon. The other possibility is demographics which is looking grim but In order to fall, i.e beyond recovery you would have to uphold the status quo for a long period of time and simultaneously force everyone to stay. Demographically It would be a gradual happening and at that time other countries would already have choosen their path. Even if you expected one of us in the wreckage brother there are still other ways to wake the world by using Sweden. Law and order is already going to be a set topic for a long time similar to how immigration has been the number one elephant in the room for ~10 years. Are we looking at Britain 2.0 police state or military presence in the suburbs? But you can't just snap your fingers and say "look at Sweden, completely destroyed" without a large bulk of people still remaining or the rest of the west in similar conditions.

Who cares if our comfort level drops to zero for a while. See

saving these

Sweden has really become a Orwellian hellhole the only Grace they have is that they have an election to redeem themselves.

good luck sweden

"Maybe" the last chance? There is no maybe at all, it is the last chance given the current issues. Good luck to you all, this is the moment your country either repairs from the damage or ends.

The most desperate situations always were fixed with blood and fire.

I like the "ikea look" these things have.
Should make a "Country repair kit" poster in the Ikea style with a swastika alum key.

SD has on the official public positions has turned into a cuck party anyway. Even the "moderate" party seems to be more hardcore and first suggested using the military to clean up no-go zones.

There's no getting off this ride in a way that doesn't lead to bloodshed.

1st crap edit

The Nordic Resistance Movement is also running and they are not chucked like SD. You can help mine for them directly from your browser:

Swedes haven't cared about moderation for nearly a century. They just flip between extremes.

They're also not going to break 5%.
their strength is Journalism. They've been leaking whistleblower stats for a while. But the most that's translated to in terms of activism is police-escorted marches, and they can end up like pic related.
The SD isn't the main goal here. It's getting the public to vote them into office in the first place. If we can do that, it's goig to be a net benefit for the Swedish right, including NMR.

Swedish children need to be liberated from the hell adults have made.

What we need is a frontfigure.
Right now entranced swedes view truthtellers as a cancer so being a figurehead equals constant danger.
Yet, nothing conquers truth, so relatively quick things would change.
What we need is a way to provide security to a figurehead who appears out of nowhere and levels with the people.
Wanna do it? Wanna win?
Sverige, bli ett FOLK igen stå upp för varandra igen! Backa er broder

Translation of the first pic?

This is the text it was translated from.

The party leader of SD has called for outlawing NMR. You are delusional if you think you can advance the interests of native swedes by voting cuck.

True, but it's all lies anyway. None of the 8 parties in government now will do anything about it.

You're delusional if you think we can vote our way from these problems.

Accelerationism in practice is indistinguishable from selling out to the enemy.

Accelerationism is exactly what the kikes wants, simply because they know people are starting wake up on the JQ.
Just stop shilling for that shit.

Swedes are mentally fucked. Same as Germans, the French etc. They won't vote to save themselves. Their countries are in, and allow me to co-opt the leftie meme, late stages democracy (rather than capitalism). They've gotten to the point where they're so dependent they'll keep voting in the same way to keep that dependency going, even if it means in the long-term exterminating themselves. I will guarantee my left arm these dumb-fuck Swedes will vote for their extermination. Well, not so blatantly. They'll vote for a bomb wrapped in a nice little gift box. Just like the Germans did with Merkel. Just like they'll do again in the future.

Ever read that steinlight article where he proposes jews slow it down? Accelerationism should wake people up no?


Democracy is a lie constructed to hide the truth that organized and armed violence has always been the only way to achieve a great change in national direction.

Whoa there, do you expect that general populace has a say in any matter in a country that has access to nuclear weapons?
Democracy is a facade, the epitome of D&C kikery where at best uninterested masses manipulated by (((the media))) vote for whatever sounds good, at worst a secret cabal runs things while the populace glances at a poll and thinks everything is fine.

Why vote? There are no anti dollar parties.

Already happened in places like South Africa and Haiti. Accelerationism doesn't work.

Dipshits and kikes on Holla Forums love it though since it screws over whites.

Thats true but thats not the point I am making. The point is that the sweden democrats are blanda upp cuckservatives, not nationalists, and that OP is a typical swedish idiot who likes to yell slogans but has no clue what so ever about what he is cheering for. Lenin succinctly named his type of dumbass as "useful idiot".

Sweden Democrats are willing to compromise on *immigration policy* if they are offered political power by the establishment. That's the kind of traitors OP is advocating for. They wouldn't fight the establishment when ALL the established parties joined together to exclude them when forming a government last election, they wouldn't disband the government over the biggest military security leak in the history of the country, they're open to the idea of banning the only national socialist party in sweden.

They deserve the rope, not votes.


Shove those through google translate, and don't listen to the dipshits shilling for the Sweden Democrats on this board.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is following Hitlers footsteps, building up a core group of fanatical national socialists, willing to die for their beliefs. It doesn't matter how many votes anyone gets in the next election, the only thing that matters is that more people wake up and volunteer to bleed for their own volk. That's what the Nordic Resistance Movement is going to accomplish, regardless of the result of the election.

messed up the post, whatever, I blame captcha and painkillers, polite sage

Sweden must go up in flames to prove a point.
The women will be raped and the men will be beheded.
Fuck Swedes.
They sacrificing their lesbians and soyboys to the immigrants will save the other Nordic countries. These people are headfucked for the rest of their days unfortunately.

I dont recommend posters
the regime will have commissars patrolling public spaces to tear them down in election times.
Stencil and a spraycan is much harder to remove

don't forget Ebba Akerlund
she was 11


Danmark borde annektera oss och införa lite av sin immigrationspolitik tbh.

Hi again.
If the results of the election don't matter to you, then don't partake.
If you want to start waking some Swedes up before that civil war you're so desperate to get going, then stick around for the majority of the campaign and just replace SD with NMR when it comes time to shill.
Simple as.

Just like Rhodesia and South Africa. Third time's the charm! No worries slaughtering ten million people and thousands of years of history. The greater good!