Remenber the whole Jewish market crash cycle thing?

remenber the whole Jewish market crash cycle thing?

Zerohedge is a kike site. He (name-game "Tyler Durden") wants to kill all whites.

Please provide evidence which I will use to expose him.

that is not at all the impression I have by reading a few of their articles every week for the past 5 or 6 years


t. CNN


Fuck off with your kike blog.

The owner is a bulgarian jew who was also banned from securities trading because of insider trading. Eat shit moshe.

and yet the jew gets named all the time in their user posts
looking at certain shiboleths and usernames you can bet a lot of /pol trolls their articles

the site itself is mostly a news agregator, only posting a few home written pieces and most of the original trio have since stopped working for it

lel they must not have a single moderator for their comments section because it's redpilled as f u c k

The question is what is Trump going to do when the rotten house collapses in itself.
Bringing back industry is a big part of it since you can collapse the financial sector if the underlying producing industry is strong and face a short recession as the rot gets cleaned.

fuck off

What, can't find an actual news source? May as well cite Haaretz.

Sure thing.


Well these rules are not being reinforced I tell you h'what. Someone is naming the jew in the comments on every other article.

Someone is naming the jew in jewtube comments sections too. Your fucking point? These assholes are shilling the burning bush for shekels.

pure jewry tactics of attacking the source to discard the information

as mentioned before zerohedge is a newsaggregator
as is mentioned clearly in the first line under the title this article is a repost of an original message blogged by bill blain of mint partners
wether or not the potential kike owner of zerohedge reposts this article and wether or not he just grabs easy shekels with his site (he does btw) do not discredit the reposted news

now go and look up bill blain on your disinfo cheatsheets so you can accuse him of being a crypto, gotta work to earn that shekel today what timei s btw in haifa middle of the night thereabouts?

Remember when Holla Forums only cared about things that had proof.

Remember when faggots didn't shit up threads they weren't interested in?

Remember when shills actually got banned?

this is so goddamned retarded. weve had like one ACTUAL red day (MAYBE two depending how you count it) since the start of the year. we are in a 9 year long bullish trend, and considering how trump has been handling business, i would have to say that we got atleast a couple more years before its all said and done. especially since tax reform just got passed.

now i aint gonna sit here and tell you that i can foresee which way the market is going (and anyone telling you otherwise is lying), but things look damn good right now. the only thing the moon could do that would affect the markets, is if it crashed into us. and then we would have much bigger problems to worry about than our equities.

Eat shit and die, you fucking shemitah spammer. Holla Forums is a board of truth.

And no, the second quote is not a reducto ad absurdum.

so what the fuck is it then? because i didnt say that, i didnt imply that, and i also happened to specifically point out that anyone who says that they can predict the markets movement is fucking lying.

i say that things look damn good because, when comparing it to an 8 year obama presidency, trump seems to be doing pretty good at letting the markets do their fucking thing. and considering how much he boasts about the current state of the market, we can assume that it is a priority for him to keep our markets prosperous. and this is likely what will happen after this fiscal year, when all of the new tax reform shit has time to actually sink in.

i would however, like to apologize (not to you though, faggot), as i meant to sage this shit thread.

1. ZH is one of the last marginally trustworthy media outlets. You just have to know the difference between the content and the sponsored content.
2. You have to be aware the the Jewish power structure can and will crash the stock market when they run out of options for fighting Trump. The only questions are how far will they crash it and how long will it stay down?