Redpill Oppertunity

Co-founder of fusionGPS(the piss dossier firm) claims that "Putin uses jews to control the world" if we can spread this around the far left we can use their hatred of Trump and russia to turn them against the kikes
The soviets were heavily involved in the holohoax, the bolseviks, etc. this could get them started on the path to everything. Worst case spreading this claim discredits the piss dossier and the russia narrative.


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sticky pls.

While it sounds like a good opportunity, these peeps are about to be proven to be liars.

Isn't that what Shareblue have been saying Holla Forums is for months now?

Yeah basically. Dumb fucking niggers didn't know that we knew about it 1 year ago. It was their "nuclear option" I couldn't stop laughing once they started pushing it.

You do not play chess with
1. Holla Forums
2. Don
3. Collective energy surpassing Montauk chair and USS Eldridge
(None of the listed)
(All of the above)


so how do we get this idea to spread among the left that "putin uses jews to control the world"? the breitbart artivcle itself is a on starter since leftists won't read it but we need to get them talking about the claim and that it comes from the same source as the trump/russia piss dossier

Eat shit, you motherfucking spambot.

This thread shall serve as phosphorous.
Beacon. Watch closely observe the death squirms of our opponents
Excellent idea on stickying it.

How about bringing back the whole Crimean thing? The Ukraine was both the bread basket of the Soviet Union and their most prominent source of Jewry, I'm sure Joe Public would be convinced that (((merchants form Odessa))) helped the Russian armies enter the borders without shedding any blood.

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if we can send them on a short cut to the JQ by using their ridiculous russia hysteria I don't mind at all

Actually the best method to link the jews to it is showing how Trump, Kushner, and Putin are affiliated with Chabad. Normalfags ate that story up that (I think it was Huffpo) had to edit the article photo from jews to Putin or Trump. Some normalfags on twitter were even asking if that was the real Trump-Russia angle, that Trump and Putin were connected through jews.

Then the media dropped that angle and went back to using the piss dossier.








Oh this is gonna be good.

how do we tie it all together, and more importantly how do we get it to the left? does anyone have any sockpuppets on twitter or anywhere that we can use for this?


Not the only thread being spammed with this gibberish. This is what you get when you hire poo-in-loos to write your bots.

Hmm. A pincer movement on the kikes, huh?

while this is a concern, the people on the far left will always believe the whole trump/russia nonsense even after it loses in court or anything else, besides which normies already consider the JQ to be a "conspiracy theory" so it's not like we'd lose any credibility. If we can redpill them we could upend the whole political dialogue and turn both sides against zog

saying it isn't enough user we need to actually do it

at this point, with hollywood being torn apart, saudi royalty being arrested, and soros in legal trouble, i think they're just short on funds to hire decent shills.

Major damage was inflicted in the Hated Enemy. Who else needs to be taken down?

the kikes, thus this thread

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Why has this faggot not been banned for shitting up multiple threads?

They are THE history finest survival experts. At best you can de-throne them, but don't expect them to actually fail to survive.

Your mods are fucking incompetent cunts you stupid twat fuck yourself Bernie 2022

Many liberals are impervious to history. Keep it simple for the Lefty mind.
evil Russians, enemies = Jews
I doubt they can grasp much more.

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To the extreme

we merely need to introduce them to the idea of the jewish problem, their madness over trump and russia have provided us with an oppertunity to do so. How far they go from there depends on them, but this is a chance to point them in the right direction

I've been meaning to make this to ensure the kikes don't have this entirely predictable campaign slogan at their disposal, but you inspired me to get it done. I want you to remember this when what ever commie nigger they put in to campaign loses because of this specific image.

will bernie even live that long?

I’m curious how the bot thinks Bernie will be elected president in the middle of a term, but maybe he really only means the 2022 senate race. He’ll be 80 and senile then, so the perfect jewish candidate.

Ignore the derailers/spammer shills, get to spreading this lads. Fire up those fake accounts. This is a solid idea and the shill response shows that they realize it is too.

we still need to think about how to package and spread this to the left, we need to organize and plan this out

white people are the most bloodthirsty, intelligent, patient and cunning killers the planet has ever seen. The jew has no chance to survive.

Just ignore that little genocide being committed on us right now and the utter complacency–and complicity–of our race in it.

Putin is so all-powerful that he can defeat the Killtons, the US Intelligence, and instal Trump. And he would have got away with it too, if it wasn't for a bunch of lefty faggots and honest journalists.



Kill yourself.

Whelp that's a major slip up on their part - and if we can get this into the mainstream conception - having both a known source on Left and Right pushing about Jews. This is bound to shift the overton window even further.

Ask yourself who would be more useful to break the conditioning of, gun wielding right-winger Christians who've bought into the muh greatest ally meme or soyboy leftists that will run at the first gunshots.

I'm confused as to your implication.



Here's your pump up music -sorry too lazy for hooktube

America is so polarized that each political wing reflexively goes against whatever the other is saying. If you convince a bunch of leftists that kikes are being used by Putin to run things a lot of right-wingers are going to dig in even harder defending kikes. Particularly when the source is some retard promoting a fake watersports fetish for Trump as well as the equally idiotic premise that Putin controls the jews instead of the jews themselves running things.

Wouldn't this only embolden them? They already want to strike at russia, I worry that if this gets memed into reality that their strategy would simply be to sidestep the kikes to do so. "blah blah the kikes are simply misled, but if we take the problem out at the root they will see the truth" or so.

Agreed. Read somewhere that each and apparently every civilization that ever existed has an expiration date of 250 years. USA is at that 250 years date.


getting tge truth out about the kikes is always the top priority

kike shill, go away

reminder: Holla Forums is a trump shill board.

join us at >>>/8pol/

ignore all kikes

he says on a post about taking advantage of trump hate and using it against the kikes

you mean /polk/ 2.0?

We're disorganized and lack an honest leader. If we were to see a man start the war of words, we could organize in weeks.

Rethink that, retard.

there's plenty of things we can do as we are if we'd simply be more active

Active = you are FBI. No one would ever genuinely want to perform actions in the real world. You simply glow in the dark.

So Putin's Jews gave us Drumpf? Is that correct, comrade?

not in the real world you retard, I mean in general. This thread is a perfect example the OP is about doing something yet nothing actually happens

that's what we want leftists to believe

When you're too lazy to switch IPs during your CTR shift

has it ever occurred to you the point of their shilling is just to keep us from getting anything done? ITT there seems to be a lot of shilling and anti-shilling and little being accomplished

The first thing I see is a Hammer and Sickle. That took about two seconds to figure out. Fuck you.

I'm not surprised

Yea, this thread is being shilled pretty hard.

that's because OP had a good idea that could redpill people on the kikes

just gotta meme it

yeah, god forbid a trumpnigger would ever read the board FAQ. keep sucking israeli dick, turkroach.


polk is pretty much a natsoc circle jerk, which is fine, but nobody wants to visit a board where the owner is going to bitch at you for not posting in the correct thread even though there's like 2 posts a week…


I'll bet we can get every last one of them to lash out with their backs to the wall. It will be better so we can crush them utterly.

Every other group should be placated with peace agreements and not provoked nor dealt with dishonestly. It is of the utmost importance that we wipe out the rats that always carry the plague.

I expect Jews will hang on another two centuries or so before they are finally eradicated. There are alotta things gonna happen between now n then. This DOTR isn't the end of Jews, just then end of their much-vaunted innocence.

And ultimately what will be eradicated will not be their descendants, only their subversive ethnic ideology. Jews will no longer be cohesively Jewish.

And not long after that, wars on Planet Earth cease.

a bunch of nazbols have no ground to talk about "sucking israeli dick" is sucking russian kike dick somehow supposed to be better?

I have no interest in participating in another /leftypol fringe board. What happened? Did your comrades disagree with you, censor you, and kick you out? I wouldn't worry about it. After all; they weren't true socialists and they don't advocate for REAL SOCIALISM am I right comrade?

DC Banger

>> :

don't kill yourself

jim watkins on suicide watch

I was a leftist in my teens and now finally it can be useful.

Leftism is all about compassion for the underdog as portrayed by the media (however most actual leftists don't like any MSM because it's corporate).

The angle is this. Russians, Israel (don't call them jews call them Israelis. Jews is a trigger word that makes them think of Nazis etc) and Trump. Trump Israel connection is easy then just find some Russia Israel shit which will be equally easy. Make it about persecuting Muslims and refugees. Russia is helping evil bad man Assad kill the poor brown people for Israel or some shit while trump condones it. Call them racist. Make sure you use their buzzwords like capitalist, billionaire industrialists, workers, and so on.
Also remember they will be reading this.

I actually think Glenn R. Simpson is probably more correct in his analysis then people are willing to give him credit.

We may be stuck in this cycle.

This. If it's not the truth, then it will ultimately fail.

Get rid of the jews on the left and we return to the real left, the left of old. Libertarian left. The left that put slaves in chains.

If there is anything that white people stand for throughout history, it's freedom. Time and again, this need for freedom has been enslaved by hostile Semitics, but white people throughout our history have always stood for freedom. If we adopt a Leftist political stance, it will be one which emphasizes freedom and self-determination.

Else it will just be another Semitic control scheme.

The jew is the symbol of entropy. Man is the symbol of creation and life. I cannot help but feel like a gommunist for equating niggers of indo-european descent with actual indo-europeans though. Something about the trusting nature of the aryan and his 'tryst' with creation just makes us eternally vulnerable to kikery via their authority over lesser races. It is truly a shame as a phoenician to be the ancient cousins of this sick underground death cult. Perhaps we are genetically returning to scythian conditions via cultural/social/psychological osmosis, and the kikes will awaken to find the aryan as the true 'global-ist' and 'internationale' that they themselves have been imposing as. We must beware of the fine line between marxism and natsoc worldviews, and the zog's attempts to emulate whitey in all aspects for the purpose of freudian/steiner-ian 'id magic' (social engineering and dilapidation of the conscious psyche via ideas, identities, idols, ideations, idioms, idiocy, etc).

Not trying to blue pill anyone, but all this rhetoric of violence is compromising our integrity. The jews must self-destruct - it is the only way. We must stop stopping it from happening, not by doing things but by stopping this unnecessary action that is put into our heads to make us internalize jewry.

Mods, can you please fix that?

It doesn't make us look good

This is very good. We must spread it.

What you said is almost an inversion of reality
Remember it was the lefts hammering of Palastine and the 1% that created Holla Forums and modern antisemitism

holly shit lurk more faggot.

Isn't that an oxymoron?
What part of his post indicated he needed to do that? It sounds more like you got triggered by his memeing.

The part where you promotes that "Kike on a stick" bullshit. Everyone knows Jews worship the pagan gods of Babylon. That the LARPing pagan shit is literally fags and Kikes pushing new age bullshit to subvert European people.

fyw Neo Pagans are not really Pagans they are Atheist to respect the necessity of religion as a social tool purely from a utilitarian perspective and like to roll play as Odinist so they can pretend to be "hard core" but they reject all tradition. Usually they are moral degenerates and have a chip on their shoulder about Christendom.


Problems is that they don't get taught about the past. I suppose that's why so many whites are lost or confused.

Excellent material right there.

There's no diversion like religion. The issue at hand is triggering liberals with a strategic little redpill: Russian manipulation equates to Jewish manipulation. And this statement backed up by what the libbies want so desperately to believe in: Fusion GPS.

The problem is that jews want exaclty that. They want other jews to suffer while controlling the narrative, to create more antisemitists to straighten their power, already a thing in ukraine, where russia is considered zionist and jewish, but still ukraine itself is controlled by the jewish olygarchs just like russia.
I promise you both ukrainans, jews and non-russian slavs would jump on this train, but its not going to end well, it will backfire.
How it works - jews get more victims of antisemitism, russia gets hated even more, ukrainans hold their position while ACTUAL JEWS will remain completely unharmed and use this to shill victimhood once again.
Fuck, if you shill this hard enough, UN itself would jump on jews but never repress their liberal values, it is a potential escalation with enough muslims and anti-zionists in the government anyway.
You can only harm jewish billionaires in their pocket, and their funding, by teaching people to boycott everything jewish, including liberal fundings, and forcing them to go out of business. That's one of two parts of a fight aside of getting rid of them. They love shekels more than they love themselves.

do you ever get tired of this pilpul nonsense?

Speaking as a former hardcore fourteen eighty-eight-er, the Jews aren't a cohesive group. Unlike people that are merely content with having confirmation bias validate their paradigm of the world, I actually studied the people I thought were my enemy, only to realize they're western society's greatest ally.

When we allow ourselves to be guided by a hateful ideology, and our only goal is to spend decades looking for a sliver of evidence of any conspiracy whatsoever of people with Jewish inheritance–not even people which are truly Jewish in their reverence for God–committed to a conspiracy against our society, we completely ignore the house nigger right under our perfect noses, and the man allowing him to fuck our wife between our ears.

Jews without reverence for God, and Jews with reverence for God are two entirely separate groups of Jews acting independently of one another.

Jews without reverence for God are Jews by inheritance only. They include men like Soros, which can be quoted as saying he's an anti-semitic Jew raised in an anti-semitic Jewish household. I know what you guys are thinking: "Ah-ha! Even kikes know kikes are shit!" Not so fast. You implicitly know that Jews by inheritance only and the Jews in the "the goyim know, shut it down" memes are two entirely distinct groups, believe in yourself. So which group is the real set of Jews? Is it the set of pussy hat wearing Jews by inheritance only that have completely abandoned their people yet commit sins in their name because it is their birthright to do so? Or are the real Jews the ones that, at worst commit welfare fraud so they can support their 30 kids and stay home reading the old testament and derived writings?

Pick wisely, your wives and daughters can't resist the allure of big black cock as it is, and they'll practically be mandated to breed black when your Jew witch-hunt fails.

It depends on what you mean by reverence for God. Peter Schäfer's bombshell book, Jesus in the Talmud, underscores the hostility of those who today call themselves Jews towards the Messiah whose crucifixion they clamored for two millennia ago.


this is so pathetic

I didn't mean to post that yet.

Agreed. I don't believe in a worldwide conspiracy; I do believe that how they interact with the world is a result of their worldview and how they see themselves. There is a reason why they've been so persecuted through history, and it's not because they were hated because "they told the truth." They have a history of control, usury, and taking advantage of gentiles, which is compatible with the Talmud.

Wow, you're so smart. I really wish I was as intelligent and all knowing as you.

Oh. Hi JIDF. How's the weather in Tel Aviv? I'm going to be visiting Herzliya in a few weeks on vacation; maybe we could get coffee?

I see. You're just another dick obsessed Jew.

it's not a "worldwide conspiracy" and it doesn't have to be it's a bunch of separate groups conspiring (hollywood, the mass media, bilderbergs, rothschilds, isreael, etc.) some working together some not on top of simple nepotism and biological in-group preference. Even if soros doesn't get along with israel or everyday jews don't consciously hate white people it doesn't matter becuse they're all working toward the same end as a race.


do people not know that bannon is an israel shill?

What a waste of hitlerdubs. Your christian so-called savior was a kike. Christianity is a kike religion

It really wouldn't be that hard to turn the left against kikes. We should do it and make the rabid left turn on their masters. We can say the jews are white supremacists.

You can't turn leftists against the kikes. Socialism is a kike phenomenon

seriously did they stop paying people for this kind of thing? the quality of shilling has gone way down

Reported for intl. This is the best you can do?

Checking these glorious digits.
"We will not tolerate anyone in our movement who goes against Christianity. Our movement is a Christian movement."
- Adolf Hitler

This is some pretty weak bait.
If you were a true "1488'er", then merely the fact that Jewish pests EXIST in your nation would be enough, regardless of how 'cohesive' they appear.
But this type of arguing ONLY ever comes from Jews, so all of that is null.
You've been found out, Shlomo!

While we should always tell people about the kikes and it's working, people are waking up, there is still a group that thinks ANY news about the jews is a cospiracy theory. They are boomers mostly, or people who have been brainwashed with holohoax propaganda at least for decades.
We should make news about the kikes as normie-friendly as possible in such meme campaigns as this one. We need to "unlock" this group for our message. We need to convince people that not all news related to jews are conspiracies, bring up validatedfacts and quotes from normalfag sources like wikipedia, facebook, so on. Linking them to Putin or how the jews control their hated Trump (i do not want to start a fight whether Trump is or isn't controlled, but the leftists hate everything related to Trump so they won't stop hating Trump when they discover he is related to jews, but just might stop hating jews when they discover they are related to Trump)
Slowlybut surely, such mindcontrolled people will start discoveri ng things about the jews and if they take an interest in them, we should supply them with information. This is good meme potential.
webm unrelated

The Führer is watching us here in this thread.

Paul Nehlen is literally the answer. While a little younger than a boomer, his way of presenting facts from a Conservative, Christian, patriotic hardworking American perspective is very amenable to boomers.
The fact that (((they))) are persecuting him so strongly only further proves his point.

Also, Pat Buchanan is still around, and while a generation behind boomers, his works and commentary, especially "The Unnecessary War", are very well-reasoned, reasonable, and normie-friendly.

David Duke is legitimately the same way, and a boomer, but unfortunately his name has been so smeared over the years that many won't listen to him.
However, once people DO listen to him and realise that he's NOT a hateful racist, it is a dramatic eye-opener for them.

This is one of the weakest attemts at misdirection I've seen from a shill in a long time. And if you are not a shill, just a "seeker of truth", then you seriously need to re-think your approach. You seem like the guy who is so proud of himself and narcissistic that you disregard mountains of evidence for a jewish conspiracy just for a "enlightened centrist" worldview. You seriously need to study all the materials in /pdf/, the stickied mod thread on 8ch and see that there are people who know much more than you and have come to the same conclusion that almost all of anons did. Git gud, faggot, then post.


You do not see the enemy because you are the enemy.

So, are you a former Marine friend? You remind me a little of a former Marine.

Back to half with your kikewave crap.

Eat shit moshe, you'll burn with the rest.


but looking at this thread I think we're disappointing him, ITT we've made no memes nor tweets or any other specific progress on the idea in the OP, most of the replies in general seem to be derailing

for the Christians pushing the scofield bible is heresy meme is very important.

there is some quote near the beginning that says "god blesses those who support israel and got curses those who oppose it."

That is only in the Scofield bible.

I have seen many people quote it.

It's in every (actual) bible*. The Scofield Bible differs from previous versions in that while it has the full King James Version text, it also has Scofield's (((annotations))), which is where the false interpretation of that verse comes from. It's an OT verse which has been abrogated by the New Testament's new covenant. There are dozens of verses you can use in the NT that convert (((christians))) into Christians in a heartbeat. Bar none, the biggest shilling campaign on Holla Forums is against us working to turn zionists into actual Christians. The jew fears the Christian and the National Socialist in equal measure.

*Versions created since the King James–such as the ESV, NIV, ASV, and NKJV–are (((updated))) translations that openly change the entire message of the Bible and are therefore heresy.

Every redpill swallowed is.another day a kike doctor stays away

SOTU, Memo and democratic assassination attempt train wreck.

OK, back on track guys, how can we get this spreading and turn russiagate into israelgate?

clear example of why the holocaust SHOULD have happened.
this kike is such a nigger

we need to repackage it as a normie/leftist meme

Dont want to rain on your parade sir, but…

Every. Single. Time.

I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be a parody.

Ya there such great people that’s why they’ve been kicked out dozens of nations throughout history. You’ve been wrong this whole time Holla Forums

Ha! If you actually went outside and talked to real white women you would find out they’re more prejudiced than most men. Women don’t want some ooga booga chimp that’s going to treat them like shit and leave them in their moment of need. And the few dummies that actually do race mix end up in fucked up relationships where they’re girlfriends can see it and avoid it like the plague it is. Women want a well rounded >white< man who’s full of virtues. Stop watching porn/tv and go to the romance novel section and just look at the covers to see women’s fantasies.

Your obviously a Jew or a shill. Please commit shotgun suicide live on kikebook

It's not 2008, Schlomo.

Poe's law.

Don't worry. We are the history's finest gas experts.

No. Worst case is it absolves jews from wrong and strengthens their victim narrative which further hinders exposing them as the world's foremost liars, frauds, murderers, and baby foreskin eaters.

Fugg this is exactly me. Once I found out jews were lying about one thing, I asked what else they lied about? Then I can into history where I picked apart more lies. One by one it unraveled. Rabbit hole is deep. Who has time? I think you're right. Inforgraphics and videos aer prolly best for normies.

Man believes what he wants to believe and disregards the rest.

*the boxer plays quietly in the background*


That's the thing. If you figure out one lie the jews give you you'll have easy time figuring them all out. The rabbit hole is deep but that shouldn't discourage you, that's exactly what they want.

Is it a coincidence that christianposting always gets you the hitlerdubs?

Racial Jews and religious Jews are just as cancerous. Send them to Madagascar and have them racemix with the corpse-fucking niggers, that's a good trick.

David Lane was a real person.

Top kek

Infinity Pol
No turks. Just right.

Latest: Info on Nunes memo, approval ratings, resignations
Latest: Stock market tanking. Recession on the way.
Latest: Russia/Turkey collusion in Syria, Ex-President Ahmadinejad still under house arrest, Jews want more pressure on Iran


Pic related
Another angle is to highlight the trump intel leak.
but that is old story
So…capitalize on this, the source is Israel and Trump intel was sold to Russian, and now….
Israel is working with the Russians!←–bad for USA

Its another attack on Americans by Israel and Russians!, stopping "our ally" working for Russia is USA "Awakening", the new "MAGA", and sadly Israel "greatest ally" doing it.

Meme (must be leftist friendly):
When your wife/woman cheating with Russians secretly (feminist/mgtow)
When your friend/ally shake hand with Russians (general public)
When USA life depends on Israel and Russian instead our yourself (communist)
When Russians helping Lebanon and you are not (human rights)
Israel on Clinton behalf secretly deal with Russians ? (centrist)

now, go leak a new leaked dossier, ready up your "leftist friendly" infographics

"1488er" as an anti-White slur was coined by the TRSodomites, probably Eunuch.

Trump is a kike loving Zionist traitor to the
White Race. He needs to be gassed after
his entire family is raped and killed.

Hi nigger

Thank you for summing up TOR posters in a post

I don't want to make a new thread.

Interviewer asks people their reactions about Trump quotes that were actually Obama's.
Bias exposed.

Used wrong link

Before I read the rest of this I just wanna say that I think this is a dumb idea. It'd push the right away by associating the JQ with muh Russia lunacy.

you're wrong anonshill. anyone on the right who isn't already in the know about the kikes and their schemes would see the left blowing up against something that they have already, via BDS, blown up against. it would be simplicity itself to direct the energies of the BDS groups towards the OP angle. this will simply cause the right and other conservatives to see the left as ever-more the lunatics, while the few on the right with enough brainpower to puzzle things out would dig deep enough and realize the truth. it's an excellent win-win situation for us by which i mean actual anons not shariablues such as yourself

Not seeing a flaw.

Rome lasted 500 years, 1000 if you count Byzantium.

Only a kike could twist someone's words like this so harshly whilst avoiding an actual discussion. Your tactic is shit you idiot.

"Good" ideas are usually well thought out and hold up under scrutiny. Bad ideas are held up by echo chambers and shouting matches. This idea does not hold up as the only defences are, "it's good" and "everyone who disagree with me is a kike"

The jews are self-destructing. We just have to finish them off this time.

Now this is an inversion of reality.

You’re nuts.

I am not from Shareblue and I voted for Trump, come up with an actually intelligible response for once in your life you lazy faggots.
Pure wishful thinking. Mental gymnastics award goes to…

Or you could try to explain why he’s wrong, since he isn’t.

Heretic, larper or just a pathetic newfag, who knows, but this is metastasized garbage.

oh, well, since you said so i guess i have nothing else to do but believe you, since no one from shariablue has ever lied about anything ever before.

i already did. if you can't figure that out from my first post then guess what?! you're shariablue too!

but i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you're a fucking idiot, because i'm feeling generous. you can thank me for the spoonfeeding later. BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions and refers to the concerted effort, led by academics and other left-heavy institutions, to Boycott israeli businesses/products and people/businesses who work with israel, force businesses and people to divest holdings in israeli capital, and sanction the state of israel due to israel's actions against those poor widdle innocent sandniggers

if you can't understand how that would be a solid benefit to everything Holla Forums stands for, then you're either a shill or you just flat out don't belong here.

This is all you’ve said so far.

trump never said its okay to be white

you're dumb


It is a meme you reddit scumball.

Your mockery of christ and a bag of shekels suggests you're a fellow with a big nose…

So I see you came before me, I will archive the link for you and add my two cents.


Attention you niggers, (((breitbart))) has recently published a highly significant article that is in dire need of interpretation by a forum such as this and fine gentlemen such as yourselves.

Before any of you NIGGERS are going to reply with „gas the kikes race war now“ or various allegations of shilling going, let me assure you that I am a fellow Aryan who selflessly seeks to enlighten fellow humanity, which is WHY I AM DROPPING THIS KNOWLEDGE ON YOU NIGGERS. Please excuse the aggressive vernacular, but it is needed for preemptive purposes (read Schmitt).

With that said, let me first introduce my simultaneously EMPIRICAL and EVOLIAN approach to understanding the questions of race, spiritually, culturally and physically.

Purely biological racism is a notion that has some merits, which however has practically been disregarded by every rightist politician until now and this forum especially, so please do not accuse me of diluting the cause of NS, rather, I am defending it.
Practical, pragmatic approaches to worldly questions are a trait of heroic aryanism because we stand for actual, tangible change in this world rather than spiritual idealistic pipe-dreaming.
Therefore, when in South Africa a black tribe aligns itself with white people, that is an opportunity to exploit and not to disregard. When East Asians align themselves with Germans, then that, too, is an opportunity to use for the greater good.

While we may theorize about a primordial, biologically pure race of god-men, today in the darkest hours of the Kali Yuga there has been miscegenation to such an extent that you will find biologically pure norsemen of the utmost degenerated character and on the other hand you can find impure men of fine character amongst the lesser races, even the Jews.
NONE of you conspiratards will be able to offer me any other explanations for Jews such as Gilad Atzmon or Uri Avnery because even though they are Jews, they are honest and open about their intentions and actions.

The conditions of this world age therefore have led to a situation in which both culture and spirit and physiology are no longer aligned. IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to find degenerated culturally muslim blonde blue eyed men or Appolonian Jews in a black man’s body, even though I, too deem the last option very outlandish.

This leads to the situation in which the world’s religions are today no longer enough to identify their adherents, but rather containers for different cultural, spiritual and physiological strains of humanity.

As Judaism is not monolithic and there have been „court Jews“ over the ages, discuss: What exactly is Chabad Lubavitch, what are their intentions, how come Putin is aligning with them, which does (((breitbart))) want to discredit this as a „conspiracy theory“, who benefits? It is obvious that Lubavitch and Putin are one faction that is against the „globalists“, but what exactly is their goal.?

Tying into this when it comes to Russia is of course Alexander Dugin. Is his intellectual framework which grows more influential by the hour a return to Tradition (even though by own admission „dionysian, not Appollonian) or is it rather a new globalism and a strawman which will usher in the false kingdom of the Antichrist?

And what the fuck is going on in Astana, this capital of the Eurasian Union?

new here. Words of THOugHT. Star Wars. Force. Redpill poison w/o green tablets. Sheep of Tatooine: Behold the Empire. Jedi Awaken. "Not the crimes you are looking for." Mind Tricks. The Kybalion. Finance, Military, Religion. Movement incomplete. Without Spirit: Just another regime change>all part of same plan>power consolidation. 7 principles. Learn to think. Force is hidden and used against us by Empire.

new here. Words of THOugHT. Star Wars. Force. Redpill poison w/o green tablets. Sheep of Tatooine: Behold the Empire. Jedi Awaken. "Not the crimes you are looking for." Mind Tricks. The Kybalion. Finance, Military, Religion. Movement incomplete. Without Spirit: Just another regime change>all part of same plan>power consolidation. 7 principles. Learn to think. Force is hidden and used against us by Empire.>>11225703

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you're still a shill. you're still going to get the rope. you're still losing and we're still winning and all you can do is cry about it.

Fucking kill yourself. Literally blow your fucking brains out. You had a bad idea, it was called out, and you sperg out like a liberal because the bad men proved you wrong. Take stock of your life, you pathetic slime. We won’t be doing what you say. It’s a shit idea. It runs counter to our goals. Find a different website.

it's patently obvious you're kiking up this thread because you know how big this is. everyone here already knows the truth putin is in as much of a bind as trump is so what OP posits as an idea is by no means a lie. but you already knew that.


What's our message:
Gas jews racewar now?

Reported. Lurk two years before posting.

Just make a #blamerussia thing go viral
Like the whole Thanks Obama thing did.

If every normal fag is #blamerussia for all kinds of shit it makes the dems even more foolish looking

CIA nigger found, cross reported

cheers user.

>>putin uses jews to control the world
Maybe its a translation error to be more like

And the waiting kike inserts himself into White conversations. Like always. How whitey has gone to the ends of the Earth trying to finally be rid of Judaism but (((you))) always show up.

Good old Yuri was the guy that started me on the path wholesale years ago. It's been a slow transformation but definitely a linear path since the day I watched his lecture. Over and over since. It's a powerful redpill.

Everyone with half a brain knows this. It's the hook to the rest of the kike essay.


So, as you may see by my flag I won't be having much fun with guns any time soon.
But yet, I think you guys may be knowledgeable on belts:
I wanted a new belt and then stumbled across the "cobra types", and thought to myself: "I need that in my life".
So, I guess if I am buying such a belt I should go all-out?
Well, I'm not sure.
What I do know, is that I'd like to wear the belt as a regular belt, so
(is that a bad thing, also, are there normal-looking pants with wider belt-loops?)
(but it isn't *that* important, I just don't want too much attention)
(is that even possible, I ask, because my cheapo belt (canvas) bent and folded on the belt-loops above the bum)
(is it necessary/useful/cool? I like the idea of being able to theoretically use it for securing myself/roping down in emergency or something)
(But feel free to also link other models, if the knock-offs are just as good/if there are better alternatives)
(something like a rubber band strap/little loop on the main strap to hold it(the part that stand off over the buckle/the unused bit, if you know what I mean))
(I might want to put stuff on it, even if not much, it'd be cool to have a full-fledged belt)
Well, there it is, pls help me.
(Pic related, my belt now, I want something nice for everyday wear)

can the mods please edit OP's subject line to spell "Opportunity" correctly. ffs

Also show them this video and the picture of where all of the "death camps" (gulags) were found. (USSR controlled eastern Europe). I think this is one of the things that really made me realize that maybe what I was always told really was a load of shit, it was a nail in the coffin.

Putin basically admits that 80-85% of the first Soviet government was jewish. (I've heard it was more like 95%) and then bring up how that's obviously a conflict of interest if you're going out of your way to get the jewish friend of Alfred Hitchcock to be brought in and guided through your Potemkin villages to shoot a "documentary" while you're stealing money from the Russian people in order to fund the original israeli colonies.

You can segway all of this into the Synagogue of Satan / Greatest Story



The only people who hate Trump and Russia are anti-Semitic losers who live in their mothers' basements and want to blame someone else for their fucked up lives.

"It's easier to say it's not our fault is or it's it's the Russians they intervened they interfered it's like anti-semitism the Jews are to blame you're an idiot because the Jews are to blame right."

Read the sticky, Schlomo.


Thank you.

I'll just leave this here.

I have a pill for you:

Putin is in control and he is using the poor helpless jews to do it lol

This helps how?

Who are you going to "redpill"? Liberals? HAHAHA. Those kikes at brietbart. LMFAO! Get real.

Besides, all that Fusion GPS dildo said was that Putin works with Jews. Well DUH! The kikes buddy up to every powerful man, that's how they've manipulated the goyim for thousands of years. Quit getting your news from Kikebart for fuck sake.