CBS46 Fires Anchor Ben Swann After He Announces Return of “Reality Check”

CBS46 Fires Anchor Ben Swann After He Announces Return of “Reality Check”

>UPDATE: On Monday morning CBS46 fired journalist and anchor Ben Swann. In an official statement, CBS46 General Manager Lyle Banks stated, “Ben Swann is no longer an employee of WGCL-TV, effective immediately.”
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how unsurprising
wont save the establishment from the memo, though
and the establishment being purged is gonna help pizzagate actually get investigated

wasn't ben swann investigating seth rich before he went offline? if not apologies i just swear this dude's been on my radar before

I legitimately thought he was suicided when he went dark after the Pizzagate video.
Based Big Ben will land back on his feet I hope

his spot on the pizzagate deal was most liekly the nail in the coffin for him career wise, no kike run network full of pedos is gonna hire a guy trying to point out the pedos to the public, i hope he doesn't accident himself to death with 9 shots from a bolt action to the back of the head while lifting weights and injecting too much heroin, all while jogging,

The CIA controls all TV affiliates, and also all radio stations with syndicated broadcasts. And the kikes? They control the CIA. :^)

this is exactly what's going to happen

Do these people have to see a child abused by some big name politician or celebrity for them to fucking get it? I bet some people would even go as far as to make excuses for them as well.

Word is Pedo Dan’s takedown is imminent too.

whose word

the WORD of the LORD brother user

Some people are so horribly attached to the idea that everything is okay because their livelihood isn't immediately affected that they will deny all evidence that suggests how bad things really are. This doesn't apply to all normalfags but certainly a portion. I had a long talk with one on the issue and got him to admit it was true, but he added he chooses not to believe it because he refuses to believe that the government and the media is that disgustingly corrupt.

Some normalfags do choose the bluepill. I'm happy to say that of all the normalfags I've attempted to redpill he was one of the very few that consciously rejects it. Faith and belief is too comforting a delusion that they will consciously reject facts and reality.

See you're approaching it wrong. Before getting to pizzagate, you have to get them thinking of how they would blackmail a politician. It's amazing how receptive people become once you have gotten the gears in their head turning.
I tend to say..

Cant hide forever. He'll turn.. He'll turn hard.

They scare

I hate the DBZ artstyle so fucking much.

He's been a very bad goy. I wonder what they'll do to him.

…out a 33rd-floor window.

This is true. They're everywhere. Even on sports radio stations on the East Coast. I won't go further into that, but it's very apparent now.

FFS…one man dares to try to do actual journalism on TV…


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Its the answer

Did somebody say big toes?

Swann's firing if reported on social media should be an opportunity to get more normalfags to watch the report. Maybe also have the DHS "The Signs Are Everywhere" video tag along.

Stuff like this tends to make people bigger if they keep it up. Good luck to Swann.



Are you lost?


No but thanks tho



Chocolate starfish

(((They))) are in full panic and trying to derail and fuck over the thread since it is already a sticky. They know this firing brings back attention to pizzagate. They are so stupid because by doing this while the memo stuff is out, it will make people more receptive to the idea of pizzagate being real.

Ben Swann is the best MSM reporter out there. And yes he dug into Seth Rich, Syria, Podesta, and many other real news stories. PizzaGate is what got him shutdown iirc.

Last I checked he still has his own youtube channel. He's probably the best gateway to the truth for regular people.

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A fucking joke


He died somewhere between passing the 9th and 11th floors on the way down. A doctor arrived to pronounce him dead at the scene 9 or 11 minutes later. The ambulance crew then schlepped me to the local nine-en eleven for a NyQuil and Sudafed run. Fuck I love my suburban semite speedball.

You mean to tell me you couldn't even code a bot to spam our board instead? And you call me pathetic? Enjoy your self-imposed life as a sweatshop worker.

You're getting paid to actively protect, through subversion, the most evil people on earth.

I've injected some meth so its effortless

Bit antisemitic

Israel>Holla Forums

It's nit a (you), it's a cheap bot. Fun fact I met the maker of the real thing recently, the dude who created IBM Watson. Fucking super mega autist.

I'd feel bad, but the world would be better off without you. So, y'know, I don't.

Lel if you say so chap

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Being a poo in loo makes you 0% so you really shouldn't talk

I'm convinced you're the same person

The pic got me in the feels, fam.

Announcement here.

Nah I'm not. I'll grant you maybe he is a real person, I only read the spam replies where he drew the Masonic apron with text. But as for my speedball joke, I thought that was clever. Am I not funny?

Also, back on topic. Ben Swann wants pedokikes and their mason familiars dead, an Aryan man got hired by the Jew and he is fuming, his air of invincibility forever tarnished! Sad, sadder even than his mutilated dick nothing is sadder however than your genetic origin schlomo, you're a hybrid of Mongolians and niggers, literally trash upon trash, kys.

He will be given Superbowl tickets, then he will be one of the casualties of the impending false flag at the game.

Legit human bean bump. Fuck all the kike bots infesting this site, ESPECIALLY this thread.

What ya hiding there Chaim?


if is blocked (or just being a cunt) you can save it to then use to save the .org link.
It just takes a little while.

…and will point it back to the original page too, so nothing is really lost in the process.

You could also try the other domain,

I just realized something. Pic related.

^ remember, Joe Biggs got fired for talking about it.

He'll be selling filters by the end of the week.



Yeah. Interestingly, it was exactly one year ago when he "went dark" last time.

Crowdfunding this would be a great big FUCK YOU to the media owners.

Where do we donate the crypto to fund his new show?

For reference, say the following phrases:
There are no good jews.
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
All copies of the Talmud must be destroyed.

This poor guy, if only he called a suicide help line

I bet he'd be blocked from all of them for hate speech, or some other ridiculous charge.

Well that's enough to tell me it is true. And I was unsure before.

I thought he was dead.

Trump is gonna put all the pedos against the Wall

Poor Trump can't do anything against the deep state, please don't blame him for not even trying

Sessions has been going after low level childfuckers fairly successfully, though. Not that Trump gives a shit, but at least something appearing to be good is happening.


Jesus no shit. Not much discussion, just retarded attacks on a reporter that got fired for doing the wrong story.

Now I want to fund this even more. DASH crypto appears to be the way. Looking into it now.

Stop trying to meme yourself here ben

At best, journalists should be researching news and delivering interesting, and relevant stories to their audience. There is nothing wrong with that, and some people care about arts and sciences, entertainment, etc.

I find it really amusing that they shitcanned someone for trying to actually do their job, those silly kikes

Might be funny in this case but they have been doing this forever, and hatred itself is the jewish belief system (even hatred of themselves).

I can’t see how your that amused. Not trying to antagonize here but corrupt moguls censoring someone threatening to expose them or their friends seems pretty banal and expected at this point. I’ve also come to my own conclusion about all of this in that in order for all our wild conceptions about a worldwide Jew, Jesuit, shabbos goy secret conspiracy against the planet to be true, I think it’s a sort of corollary that the pizzagate stuff is necessary to enable its continued covert function.

Until this guy actually posts something more than a crypto commercial, it's just a marketing stunt.

Journalists have always been evil liars.

“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

No, please go on. I've been catching onto that over the last few years myself

THIS. And you must also point out that to join this elite group at the extreme top of the pyramid you must ritually burn all your bridges with everyone else, even God in one simultanious instant by doing the worst, most blasphemous, most horrible most inhuman thing possible. Ask them to name it. Give them five guesses. if its not Gang assraping a child while in satanic robes and masks before crucifying him in mockery of Jesus christ and draining his blood into silver vessels to be mixed with LSD, and then a mock communion service held wiith fresh baby flesh and baby blood complete with future victims included in accordance with the Gunderson Report,, and the teachings of Aliester crowley and an number of Qliphothic necromantic ritual manuals, that date back hundreds of years, keep saying no. hammer it in that the satanic panic was just early coverup of this security system of secrets bound in mutual blackmail, with everyone having each other's blackmail.

I independently theorized that (((they))) were using taped pedophile encounters to blackmail politicians and business leaders like 20 years ago. It's just too good a scheme to pass by.

It descended from the French Resistance's indoctrinations, which involved kidnapping and brutally torturing to death Nazis while the whole thing was photographed.

It's also part of Mau Mau initiations.

It's not only necessary, but absolutely how the show is run.
International power networks *can't choose friends that have loose ends.*

Im going to follow him and hope he goes full independent

that's what they want you dumb goy fucking CHRIST

What if Ben Swann and Bill Still team up and form a new news agency from the ground?

If I wanted to redpill a normalfag friend or family member I'd sit them down and maybe show them these things, roughly in this order.

They had to step it up once they legalized homosexuality. They used to out them with that, but yeah, it's a given they're going to out them with something. There is no other way to maintain an evil unnatural system except doing this. Anyone who doesn't understand that is a total moron.

Isn't it against some laws or something to just fire someone for no real reason? Can't this guy sue or at the very least get a plush unemployment package for a few months?

Just after he drank an entire bottle of vodka and recieved extreme head and body trauma by accidently falling down stairs repeatedly.

Because it's a matter of kikes devouring their own, and also the fact they're so predictable at it. They have done so before and they will keep doing so, making them easy to manipulate.

Sure and he'll be entitled to severance. Except kikes are fantastic at deflecting this sort of them. Expect a statement like


Dutroux case + Zandvoort coverups had high ranking politicians involved and there were several ties pointing towards the Dutch royal house being involved as well.

A bunch of members of the Belgian police went to court and got convicted on charges of corruption. But I don't think they ever scraped the bottom of the barrel on the Dutroux case and a lot of higher ups got away. Dutroux himself wasn't a 'powerful / wealthy' man who could finance such a coverup that happened.


Cucked yamcha needs to be a more popular meme

MSM reports to the contrary, it wasn't the jogging that got him digits, it was the extreme oxygen ingestion that occurred when he bounced off the garbage truck that careened him into the Congressional train which catapulted him into the stratosphere. Common mistake.

on one hand I weight whether the United States government should just collapse and then on the other hand whether all JEWS should to be mass murdered…. choices, choices

You mean Dan "Thick as a Coke can" Schneider?
Dan "She's dead, help me hide her" Schneider?
Dan "If you want the part, give me your fart" Schneider?
Dan "Tie some rope around the fighter" Schneider?
Dan "If she struggles, she gets tighter" Schneider?
Dan "Quietly step into the van" Schneider?

That Dan?

I have a question about that, though. If these taboos are how they keep people under their thumb, why do they enact the slippery slope? Would they not eventually run out of blackmail material if everything is accepted?

Dan "bend over to get over" Schneider
Dan "pizzahut" Schneider
Dan "age on the clock gets the cock" Schneider
Dan "the candyman can (get you over)" Schneider
Dan "Circumcised Cunny Crusher" Schneider

the beast has been summoned!


Dan "fuck'em like a chimp" Schneider
This one might go over people that don't know chimp raping habits.

My sister only started believing that Hollyjew and the MSM was full of sex perverts and pedos once the Weinstein shit started coming out.
You'd be pleasantly surprised how many people that redpilled on Hollywood.

Yes they do. They cannot think for a moment or picture anything at all, I suppose that's what hours upon hours of TV does to the brain.


I wonder how he feels now that he knows that the ebul racists were right all along and that the very institutions that made him a celebrity are conspiring cutthroat child raping kikes.

He literally reality checked himself to death.

Thank Ronan Farrow for all of this. Any goy who's grown up around them, and even some of half and quarter ones, are some of the best sources for premiere info and insight into how they think.

Welcome to Holla Forums, newfriend.


Intriguing choice of lettering

Wow, a decent journalist does exist?

Meme the fact the he got fired, on half-cuck and socials will get people watching the video.

The idea is that by the time it's all OK, things will have been so completely twisted that revealing to the public that some famous figure is a child fucker won't matter to them. It would by that time be so universally acceptable that it would be like saying now that virtually everyone in Hollywood is gay. What response do you get?

Well.. Not anymore

Journalist is not a protected title

Massive Pizzagate Dump
Ben Swann
Full Awan/DNC scandal timeline

Dubs of justice checked.

Ur doin the mem wrong

I like how they're all holding some addiction/vice up to demonstrate how society has their attention and values compromised, a smartphone, Starbucks, cigarette, etc. but the nigger in the front's only vice is that he's a nigger.

pic related

Disgusting tramps would still impregnate thoughboth.

Dubs of sad state of women checked :(

Why not do both?

The latter can't happen without the former. Do you know anything about how the world works?

Uh, yeah. Watch his interview.

Times up boys.

4cuck is fully weaponized.

I fear that also, but think about it. Even if they do, they are running into a corner themselves, as this guy is known and as sure as hell we and others will point out how it's a "coincidence" that he got killed.
The kikes are running out of options and are getting stuck in a corner. This is literally damage control since just throwing him out is the thing that will do the least damage to them. Kek mit uns, anons.

I forgot I had donated to his site last year after he released that story but I was reminded by a sudden refund of that money which arrived this morning. Are the kikes completely burning his professional life or is he going completely dark?

That site was his only source of income from his independent work and it's practically unheard of for someone to refund year-old donations.

Definitely spoopy.

Reuploaded image without my accidental self-dox.

Yes. I have a normie friend who is fairly intelligent and a great debater. When pizzagate comes up in convo he literally makes excuses and degrades the evidence. For a person who claims to be so fact-based as him, he ridicules any idea that there are truly evil people in powerful positions. His brother does this to a lesser extent but I think secretly believes it but doesnt want to disagree with his brother.

Anyway, its always fascinating to me how, if shown strong evidence of something terrible, people go out of their way to refuse to believe it or outright ridicule it. Same goes for 9/11, etc. Reminds me of what Yuri said about being so demoralized that a person cant come to a conclusion.

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to the realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. He rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.
– J. Edgar Hoover

The press isn't reserved for kikes. We are the press.

Isn't he involved with cryptocurrency? We should start an operation to finance investigations and spread it to communities with more financial resources, ie halfchan. I know, I know. Night of the long knives is coming, don't worry.

In this day and age, it is a hidden vice too. To most people, anyway.

If the God Emperor has been paying attention, he should give him WH correspondance clearance or at least some kind of a job. As far as I can tell Ben Swann was the only name in the MSM with journalistic integrity behind it.

Can you up a higher res version bitte?

Why does no one remember the first famous one he did? All the newfags were introduced to the pizzagate one, but he was known before this. For example, he showed that the President did have the full right to ban people of a religion (Muslim Ban) and he proved in 2012 that the Youtube Video that HRC claimed was responsible for the riots in the Middle East was a falsehood


Just the beginning. Surely they're going to lean on these small players to get info on the big ones

underrated tbh

R.I.P. Ben. Not seeing these cianigger pedo faggots lined up against a wall is the main reason I think trump is a good goy.

shit forgot to say kikes also

Only guy to give an unbiased overview of the pizzagate situation gets blackbagged for several months and now they're disappearing him again.

Color me surprised.

People still deny the Franklin deal where republican neocons were implicated. This is from yesterday.

Oh and let me point out the thread was shoah'd at this point. Why?

Was this in Cali, I think I know the gal on the left, lol

Well yeah, but what will be the new method of blackmail? Literal human sacrifice?

nice thumb nail


There are two kind of journalists, presstitutes and people out of job.
Just take the pulitzer winning ones on scandals that shook america… they all now work for 3rd rate if not outright self published.
Robert Parry: Iran-Contra guy, the MSM used on that part of his work to sink the president, but let the other part completely in the shadow (he largely investigated and reported in detail how the CIA is running the international drug trade), ->self published.
(Died recently in suspicious circumstance, while a leftist it dared took the "sane path" while dealing with trump related news which got him so much hate from the left it's not surprising).
Seymour Hersh: (Mỹ Lai Massacre, Abu Graib), blog published by a third rate publication.

Larry Nassar almost gets his ass kicked before serving a 160 year sentence

Notice all the glee actors ignoring the actor who an heroed's paedophilia? Must be incredibly common in the media where you have d-list actors just ignoring it like he only stole a kitkat

I tried telling some folks i know about it and most of them just dismissed it saying "I don't want to know that"
Most agreed that the goverment was corrupt in some way but they didn't really want to accept that things have gotten that bad

These people of whom you speak… You realize that you have the duty to kill them when the power goes out and the race war starts in earnest, right?

Right before neatly falling inside and accidentally locking himself inside a suitcase


The truth in this is funny, but shouldn't be.

He just tweeted this out. Here is archive of article



The Franklin coverup… talk about wasted opportunity. Didn't the lead investigator die in a plane crash?


Maybe he can go work for Crowder. Or we can fund the guy independently using patreon bucks.
Hell, maybe Vox Day'll hire him like he did the comic book guy. Call it Vox News.

Vox already exists, as a progressive publication run by goons.

No need, those types of people will then join or commit suicide as soon as they realize what is happening.

Do you actually like that Israel-first ultracuck? He's more of an enemy than the average leftist.

people like Crowder and Alex Jones are fools but they are not our enemys.They help steer normalfags and older people towards the way of Holla Forums and nationalism. For many it's their first step towards the redpill.

No, they're our enemies. And if they're fools, then you're one yourself. They know exactly what they're doing.

Get out.

*if you think they're

I am well aware they are ZOG controlled Opposition, my point is that they get normies who would come to this board and see Hitler and be scared away and leads them towards that direction. I don't know how you could argue that getting more people redpilled is a a bad thing.

*leads them towards the direction of white nationalism, Holla Forums, Nat soc etc.

It's essentially a stepping stone for them. Without that they are scared off by their years or ZOG anti nazi programming

I don’t see how you can argue that lying to people is redpilling them. Either they see the truth for what it is or they’re too stupid to be allowed to live.

Which is the same thing you get from shabbos goyim like Jonestein and Crowder, arguably more so than the MSM in the case of Jones.

There used to someone like that on FB (when I would still use it). Anytime something about Soros came up, he'd be there to "debunk" it.

Made me even more suspicious since I later heard from an ex-employee that he's taken Soros money.

Does that mean we’re journalists?

If you post about current events, yes,

Also, fuck the captcha, it's racist against drunks.

Wow never head that one.

any way we can help this guy?


Great exploit.(pic related) One i use most commonly myself.

*”You ain’t the first, and you won’t be the last.”*

Thanks, I was trying to find this.
Love how he phrases everything and emphasises certain words..

Fuck off. I can spot your dog whistle a mile away, Comrade. You'll get the rope soon.

Stop being a retard.


William Pierce himself said that you need to have them tied to a chair while you beat the ZOG out of them with a table leg.