Train Carrying Members of Congress Hits Garbage Truck

Get in here faggots.

Other urls found in this thread: Gilbert Station Rd Barboursville VA&ei=yzVyWv6IL4vv5gKA1JHYCA&start=10&sa=N&biw=1920&bih=949°04'38.4"N 78°43'00.3"W/@38.0773451,-78.7173022,149m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m14!1m7!3m6!1s0x89b3862dea50a48f:0x9086f096c38b74fc!2sCharlottesville, VA!3b1!8m2!3d38.0293059!4d-78.4766781!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d38.0773445!4d-78.7167545


Pure fucking coincidence I'm sure, kffp


Apparently flake was on the train and there was a fatality but that sniveling little wasn't it. Fuck.

Reminder pic relateds happened.

One dead. Ryan was on the train but survived.

Sounds like they hit a Democract bus.

It's like my Ayn Rand novels

Oh yeah I'm sure Jeff fucking flake helped carry an injured person to safety jesus this fucking faggot immediately getting in front of cameras and claiming to be such a Good Samaritan


I sincerely hope this was white people who did it in response to the GOP condemning whites as terrorists when Antifa caused the violence and forced all the protesters to walk through a gauntlet of piss and shit and aids blood and bats and knives etc to get to the rally. Those are the real terrorists, officially recognized by the US gov.. the guy who got his fucking hip blown off by antifa terrorists blamed WHITES.
Its too bad they all didnt die.

First picture is a misleading, and very typically jewish title.

Thats why I highlighted the actual important part. The house and senate voting unanimously. Its not about Trump.

The only times Ive seen them vote unanimously was in support of Israel, and condemning whites at Charlottesville.

Hope it was an accident

Look at you sitting on your ass spitting acid like a bitch. That would be very stupid, and it is a very unlikely theory.

(((Garbage Truck)))

You sound like Ricky Bobby.

That's what I call….

taking out the trash

Can't wait for the q larpers to come here saying this is proof of some crypto bullshit

just read article and none died


maybe next time, garbage trucks of peace when?

They're really going full steam ahead in pursuit of driverless vehicles - starting with utility vehicles like trains, garbage trucks and long distance trucks.

The idea is to remove humans from the control loop of all vehicles, these "tragedies" just form the basis for the thin end of the wedge to be inserted. Enjoy driving while you still can.

Wow, that's totally something that could happen by pure coincidence and not suspicious at all

and yes, the alleged 'trucks of terror' that we saw all last year and the year before are part of the plan

Thats actually a pretty astute point you have there.

I have seen EU documents pertaining to this. They intend to have mandatory kill switches in all new vehicles sold within the EU by 2020. I'm sure you can find similar plans for America.
Sadly it's a difficult point to discuss because as soon as you implicate "Trucks of peace" as part of the operation/hoax/psyop, regardless of evidence, you risk a ban for "defending pisslam".

So who died?

Some irrelevant board broke the story first and no one but you noticed. Thats why youre irrelevant, and this is THE board for serious National Socialists.

Nobody cares about your chocolate bar bullshit, faggot.

You sound like an American nationalist.

do you think this sounds like an insult?

Youre not from here, Im not going to tell you why, but no one is falling for your bullshit.

Blacks are American. Reported. Its civic nationalism, and if you lurked 2 years youd know that. Andrew Anglin says hes an American Nationalist, and so does Ricky Bobby. You are Ricky Bobby, and a self described not Natsoc.
I really dont care if youre stupid and wrong, all I care is that you go be stupid and wrong somewhere else instead of pretending to be one of us.

You stick out like a sor(os) thumb bud.



check the posted timesyou niggers were 20 minutes behind, now get the fuck out of here you disingenuous faggot and go fellate a gun

you stupid cunt,how about you post some info relevant to the thread other than your nigger tier crossboard posting. fuck off.


Correct. Cue the typical shrieking from israel-first shills trying hard to fit in.

Paul Ryan survived. my excitement is gone

I guess chanting USA and declaring your allegiance to anything/one other than Israel got a few kippahs in a twist.




what is a "queer family" or a "trans family"

What a coincidence.


Just outside Charlottesville

I really don't understand why folks aren't equating this to a deep state attack. It's obvious to me:
Am I just overly paranoid?


Just heard it was a charter train, not just a public train that happend to have Republicans on it.

I think it's more like many of us don't care if it was "deep state" attack. Nothing of value would have been lost.

nah just the right amount, in the other thread looking at the suspected truck company the contact info is all first names, the web development group (blue summit productions) that made the site has a virtually nonexistent online media presence which is odd for a self proclaimed digital media company, and said web development company also specializes in "drone flying services"

Does garbage truck imply it was filled with Dems? Cose i read this quote on twitter… "Hello, you have reached the Democrat Suicide Hotline. All agents are busy…"

i can't tell if this is an ironic shitpost or not but if not dude get your name and email the fuck outta here and lurk


what did he mean by this? kind of thing that you could get someone kicked off Patreon for. Then it's no more e-shekels!

That was my implication, user.

lol so in shitlib zombie minds a train crash with people you don't like in it is the work of female god?

TY for info, 1st post, followed your advice for quite some time now, for some reason thought only i could see my information… And yeah it was a crappy attempt at being funny, you know making new friends etc

just keep observing, 2 year rule, especially with glowing niggers running amok on this borad

That sets them up to make them really cheap guided bombs as well.

I was hoping for worse honesty as a first reply, thought id get a "hope you die in a fire with ass cancer" or something


And nobody on the train got hurt so in effect she's saying "thank god some random garbagetruck drivers got fucked up". She's also too stupid to realize that Gowdy is a whole lot more powerful in the judicial system than he is in congress.

oy vey

did you just migender xi/xir lol no but seriously that's a "man" posting that utter drivel

Kill yourself nigger. Take your halfchan cringewave shit with you.

Punishable by death.


He's taking on the position of Attorney General?

Definitely don't mention the company that has been granted the contract for security against hacking on all driverless vehicles is based in israel.

Its a blurry area, in regards who when its muslims and when it might just be Mossad. To absolve muslims of any wrongdoing is incorrect, but there is a possibility that outside forces besides muslims are pushing trucks of peace specifically, or even orchestrating the attacks themselves. Jews I mean.
If you look at what the muslims were actually doing with all those suicide bombs in Iraq etc, it was trying to provoke a civil war between Sunnis and Shia. In Europe, the only difference is they want a war between Sunnis and Europeans, or Christians.


Is the Train punishment over the memo?


>Drone team shares an address with




Keep your false hype to yourself.



this was actually my feeling as well. This (((accident))) sent a pretty clear warning. There could easily have been 5 or 6 deep state fire teams on site who could have just assassinated almost half of congress.


If Trump was appointing people to clean up the mess of Washington, why the fuck would he appoint somebody like Wray? Could this just all be political theater? And just yesterday I was reading reports that the memo shocked Wray to the core, and today he is saying it contains inaccurate information and paints a false narrative. WTF happened in the last 24 hours?

That’s funny, I don’t remember saying that. Can you reply without a strawman? Of course you can’t. You don’t have a goddamn clue what’s in the memo. NOTHING you’ve said is true.

i don't know mate, but it is pretty much ALL theater. even if most of the memo is true, there's going to be SOME bias baked into it due to who put it together and the coalition of the useless will seize upon it to dismiss it outright.

Nice blackpill it like the deep state has done anything else before. Ill guess ill just sit at home and do nothing and watch netflix. :^)






It's, a host company.


They fucking pulled a Micheal Hastings on that truck didnt they?

Like fucking clockwork.

look at the "technical contact" section of the timedisposal

litterally, it's

How big is's business?

Thanks for admitting you’re a paid shill.
Yes, that’s exactly what you’re saying.
“Wait for the memo, goyim! Then the ZOG will arrest the ZOG!”

and it's literally highly coincidental that the drone services department of the media company, which has barely any online presence, that created the site for the trucking company who's vehicle crashed with this chartered train full of political legislators, also happens to have a tech address at the same facility.

literally,highly coincidental

Sorry; I don’t want to misunderstand. Are you saying there’s a nefarious correlation that the media wing of a company is hosted through the same service as the rest of the company?

while the company itself, is suspicious, sells websites as a buiseness. Anyone with a credit card can get one.

no, i'm pointing out coincidences. I'm saying nothing. I want to know who died in the crash. was it the driver of the truck? if so, further investigation into TIME DISPOSAL may be necessary.

And I am pointing out a falacy. is one of the largest comercial website marketplaces online.

By the way, shirlock, of fucking course the truck driver died. He got hit by a fucking train.

That is some very interesting data user.

Don't bother, he's here to derail. If anons want to dig they will, they don't need this kind of jewish convincing.

there were 3 people in the truck you fuckwit, it's a valid question.
why was it stopped on the rails
in the backroads
where a chartered amtrak was headed. this wasn't a public amtrak.
why is the trucking company's website a tad off? Notice anything strange there, maybe with the contacts?

i'm not trying to derail i saw this info in the other thread and decided to bring it here, it's a tangible link to open further hypothesis.

>preemptive anti-Q astroturfing intensifies
Holy shit it's obvious when you say this in every thread.
How does Q consistently post photos from inside the White House?
Holla Forums bought the astroturf, has been successfully neutralized, and is missing out on the the biggest habbening of our lives
((They)) don't want us involved and it's working.
>inb4 ban and more obvious gaslighting

Questioning Gowdy retiring at the same time the FBI asking the president to not relase the memo with a coincidential train crash with infuentual GOP lawmakers wanting the memo to release makes me a blackpill shill?

You idiot, I know it's fishy, however I am stating, with facts, that multiple websites are indeed run via

Most garbage crews run in pairs, fox has stated as well as most congressmen that the crossing barriers did appear to be working. The tracks cross on a raised crossing, and we know the truck driver died as fact, there were many congressmen who are also actual fucking doctors attempting to revive the driver. The rear engine of the train had 3 wheels off of the track, while the front engine nearely completely derailed. I am not disagreeing, this stinks to high heaven, but you are looking in the wrong direction and look stupid trying to claim a link based on

Here is an easy one. You say that Q posts pictures from inside the White House. Are they from areas part of the public tours or restricted areas? Proofs? Must be shills since marshall law and the other Q-uack posts totally came true. ;-)

Its been proven you can remotely control a car. Many Chrysler models had a bavk door you could remotely control them via the 4g signal built in.

i'm of the firm belief that scrapers are utilized to determine plants and patsys and that this incident is a prime example because of the highly suspicious nature of the web media developer being virtually nonexistent in media and the site of TIME DISPOSAL being a mish mash of babble in the same vein as the shit we've seen when looking into shell groups discovered with james fields/crashed helicopter, alefantis, finders, fake services with Harvey in TX, etc.

Holla Forums has been lobotomized, 90% of posters are redditards now

Notice there is ZERO discussion anymore, it's just buzzwords like CIA agent, shareblue, shill etc. Arguments are never deconstructed, which is how shills were unable to infiltrate in the past.. they were intellectually besten

>(((truth))) is a blackpill kike
You do this in every thread you want to kvetch in and get BTFO every time. Have you learned nothing?

This has never happened, so suck his cock back on reddit. Reported.
No, we didn’t fall for your LARPer.
lol suck kike cock
Oh good, you admit it.

I didn’t say you were.
I said nothing about you blackpilling. Truth is not blackpill, man.

And who could possibly be responsible for that…
I miss 2014.
Redditors are responsible for those, interestingly enough.
Those’ve always been here.
I still do it. I get banned for doing it (because questioning what a redditor says instead of accepting it as gospel means that I’m a shill for some reason and they report me), but I still do it.

I actually say the exact opposite of what you claimed, but go ahead and keep failing to control the narrative here.
I’ve learned that you kikes cannot help but out yourselves, particularly when anyone so much as questions your claims (never mind refutes them!)

Yet you're forgetting big ones including cal cargo, which was discovered by mistake. Look into the names of the company owners, including liscensure ect. Arguing about a site is like reverse looking up an IP adress that leads to a VPN provider and screaming "I GOT YOU NOW!!!"

Thanks for outing yourself.

This isnt some trendy club you stupid nigger. They rape, torture, mutilate and eat our children and have been doing so for thousands of years.

i would love to look into the names of Blue Summit Productions, but for a media company they are incredibly difficult to find a single fucking trace of.

It has always been cyclical. Something big happens and we get a flood of newfaggots, they refuse to lurk, it takes a year or longer to redpill them, they finally take the full dose of babby's first redpills and then declare themselves redpilled, something big happens and we get more newfaggots, they refuse to lurk, newfag class of the last happening are still newfaggots that refuse to lurk. Very few ever ascend to greybeard.

Your blackpill 'truth' is not the truth. You have not even begun to see the full truth. The truth is much worse than you have any fucking idea about. And the truth is that you blackpilled faggots who refuse to stop being newfaggots are worse than the bluepilled morons. The truth is that things are really fucking bad but we HAVE the power to stop it, and the bullshit seeds of doubt that you faggots sew helps the kikes accomplish so much more than they can on their own. Your uninformed and untempered passion is unwittingly performing magic for them.

The memes are real, they are magic, and they are fucking powerful. If you weren't a disgusting newfaggot you would know that.

was trying to see if i could find tax info on them. accidentally hit the wrong key instead of backspace… pic related came up


That murder was even more blatant than Seth Rich or the Vegas shooting lies. Just outrageously in-your-face murderous.

Congress is in on it. The number of people who aren't can be counted on one hand. How does killing the complicit threaten anybody?

Blackpillers are as bad as cucks
Fucking prozac addicted helpless sadsacks drowning in self-pity. While cucks want their race to die because they're suicidal and want everyone to die with them, blackpillers want their race to give up because they've given up on trying to live, and want everyone to mope with them

I guess I'll help since you faggots don't even know what you're doing.

Virginia has been the often ignored battleground for the past decade. Notice how many anons are from here.











You dont ignore them thats why. No one is stopping us from talking. Shills and retards are only effective when they are engaged.

thank you jesus


What are you failing to comprehend here? You’re a fag. You act just like liberals and jewish paid shills. The only complaint you have is reducto ad absurdum. Are you literate in English? Where did I say “don’t fall for hype”? I said not to fall for FALSE hype.
Holla Forums is a board of truth. We deal in truth here. Truth is that which can be substantiated. The claim to which I replied cannot be substantiated, hence I called it out. Get the fuck over it. If you want to suck fantasy cocks, go back to reddit where cults of personality are more important than fact.
Off-topic lol

1. Truth is definitionally not a blackpill.
2. Citation fucking needed.
Sure thing, moishe.
Mhmm, I bet it is.
Yep. So will you use it? No. Have we used it at any time in the last 70 years? No. Do you get called FBI here for wanting to help people use it? Yes. Do you get called a CIA shill for trying to organize people to out the literal traitors in government? Yes. So what do you plan to do? Go on. Tell us what you plan to do. (in before “You’re FBI for asking for plans!”) How do we make people see? How much more slowly should we be redpilling people, shlomo? All you ever whine about is “too fast!” When will even a single city have its local government’s traitors taken down? I’ll keep waiting. You’ll keep not doing.
Sure thing. Whatever you say.
Great job. Let us know when your bippity-boppity-boo manages to manifest nooses out of thin air and cause the kikes to accidentally slip into them. If you have any actual plans for fixing our countries, now would be the time to provide evidence that what I have said is wrong. Because it’s not wrong.

As though shabbos fight shabbos in private.


Watch the SOTU, those purple ribbon pins.

Hey, faggots

This guy probably made comercials for these companies.

It's becoming clear after this incident and the baseball game shooting that the Republican lawmakers are being targeted for assassinations by Obama / deep state holdovers. It seems prudent that they should avoid gathering in large groups in unsecured areas, and if they travel to events they should do so separately and with armed guards.

Do they say “Time’s up” on them?

I'll add, they actually had ones printed with the words TIMES UP, on them as well. They muddied things with the purple. They keep throwing more and more things on there they blame Trump for.

After this I will no longer Carlos.jpg derail.
He recently posted pic related. Confirmed Trump's brand of pen on top of White House letterhead (presumably the order releasing the memo). Off the top of my head, he predicted: the NYC failed bomb; Alaweed's arrest; McCabe firing, and more.
Just pretending to be retarded, right?
I'm caught between spoonfeeding and giving proofs. I'm just imploring Holla Forums to look at the source material and make up your own minds instead of following the (rabid and blatant) astroturf. His board is here >>>/greatawakening/. Don't go to the research board. It's full of the actual people this faggot just puked out.
I just want a rational, methodical assessment of the facts by Holla Forums (even if it's anchored) instead of all this amygdala sperging.


Heres the propery card for the address listed on their website.

idiot, i just said blue summit is who i was trying to find info on, you find a name associated with them and you'll be making progress



I missed part of of the screen grab but it was sold on 2/2017


Read the next post and follow the links.


I had to go to kikington post to confirm because those image look so fake for some reason… like the pins aren’t being lit in the right way… But you’re right. That’s very strange. Thanks, anons.

That picture proves very little. anyone with a printer could make official looking letterhead and HD photos are taken of all of Trump's shit every time the press is let within 100 meters.
It would be nice if we had a big guy on the inside but I'm still wildly skeptical of Q.

that brings you to BSO which i've already been on, follow the link yourself there is NO MENTION OF BLUE SUMMIT PRODUCTIONS.

There just so happens to be a boyd hauling owned by a Boyd Mccauley who is C/O of that 261 Industrial Drive

Jesus christ are you daft? Look for blue summit outdors on youtube, compare it with what you get with what you get when you follow the link from baby bear, another company associated with blue summit productions.
This guy quit his job to fish on youtube last year.

It's the white border that the pins have. It makes them look 2D and poorly photoshopped on.

Hows prosac treating you?

and this is the guy who made and registered the website of time disposal?

That address is a house. Cant store much equipement at that house…

Nice ad hom. Way to prove me right. Fuck off.

Interesting if you search jewgle for his house…many many trucking companys come up… Gilbert Station Rd Barboursville VA&ei=yzVyWv6IL4vv5gKA1JHYCA&start=10&sa=N&biw=1920&bih=949

The day is coming when we will drown you yids in the blood of your children.

It's not.

jesus these propaganda campaigns are so lazy now

Boyd is the owner.

Did we get a confirmation on a fatality, or is that still a rumor?

There is a hashtag for Time's Up on twitter.
Wearing the badges ahead of the SOTU address.

I called his number and no one picked up

just whispers in the air
1 fatality, yet three in the truck from the same whispers
The driver of the truck. How about that.

You have no gucking argument.

Normies are saying it's a hit job.

Thanks for starting off with a strawman so we can just ignore everything else you’ve said. Now how about you hold an actual discussion, shlomo? Or is that above your pay grade?
Provide proof of your claim.
Didn’t happen.
Didn’t happen.
Listen and Believe™

lol of course this is coming from jeff flake so im skeptical by default

It's not that far fetched. Small buiseness owners don't like to spend much on advertising, even more spo in buttfuck nowhere virginia.

How can anybody have a disscussion with anybody if each of their responces is "its nothing".

Estrogen from the serotonin in Prozac turns them into estrogen-ridden faggots. Like literal kikes.

I've also seen what a train does to an interposing vehicle, so I'd be more surprised if he survived.

Digging deeper. Check this out.

That's why we filter by ID here. Shills make themselves known on their first posts, just filter by ID+ so you don't have to listen to their BS and the anons who take the bait.

Reported. Go back to reddit where they believe The Memo will roll itself up and suck our cocks just for existing. You have no argument, no refutation, and nothing to back your claims.

Don't forget to archive it.

the domain was registered in 2008.
Is the BSO guy Gene Ware? if not, then it isn't the same guy

Youre the niggers here controlling the discussion while im actually digging into the fucking company. Faggot

They are going all out threatening families, arent they?

i'm not talking about doubting death occured, i'm talking about misreporting involving WHO died and what two people got out of the truck

Declare DNC a terrorist organization.

That’s why we need more childless, disaffected men from our generation running for and getting into office. The more suicidal the better; if you can’t be blackmailed, they can’t stop you from naming the jew or even just repealing their laws.

wtf is going on here. Look at the dates and the debtor on the bottom


I just did, but its always fun distrscting them feom shilling something else.

It's a garbage truck company, which means Democrats and unionists.

Reported for continued spam. Thanks for admitting you were lying about the hype.

so was this the deep state yanking the collar on their bitches to remind them who owns them or was it a rouge libshit that wanted to strike at the "Neo-KKK-White-Nazi-Supremacist-Corp."?

The truth is not a black pill. What you are pushing is a black pill and not the truth. You are so fucking moronic that you think that the power that we have to stop it is chimping out and getting yourself killed after taking out a handful of kikes. The power that we have is POWER.

yeap you will never get it. It is all about gestalt and you are gestalting up a blackpilled scenario. Such fucking stupidity. LURK YOU FUCKING MORON.

Look at the location… Its a gas station. Also says he bought part of the land of the church behind it.

Don't forget the car that tried to ram the Presidential motorcade. I think it was a nigger, they drove down an embankment that was too steep trying to get on the highway and failed.

Dubsman speaketh true.

Wew if you filter the shills with ID+ this thread’s only got 40 replies.

Former Bernie Sanders surrogate (((Jonathan Tasini))) and CNN talking head Jonathan Tasini celebrates the train wreck. Also refers to God as "her".

Whoops, put the guy's name twice. Sorry.

Wow i didn't know CNN endorsed people like this it would be a shame if they were goaded into denouncing him

This reminds me of that guy who tried to set Assange up about a year ago, met with Obama several times at the White House and when a random user discovered/exposed him he messaged the user stating something like:

"We control the drones" and some other shit claiming they controlled both drones and vehicle kill switches if memory serves. Point being, the same assholes in the tech companies who support ANTIFA seem to also be the same people who, somehow, are connected to controlling such crucial and deadly systems. Fucking ridiculous.

Correct. He is Speedy McCauley, the son of the owner, Boyd McCauley. Dad uses son for all video/web needs except drone-related.

That name ring a bell, need to check WikiLeaks as we have discussed that name here before user. Fuck what was it for… definitely was fairly recent when it came up during on of our investigations.

It is a insult you patriotard.

I actually have been being pushed heavily to do so for that very reason in my area and not to blow myself but have a ton of support despite the fact I have been back and forth about wanting to swim in that pool of shit. The biggest factor and bottom line though is that I simply have zero faith in the current vote collection/counting in the state of CA and, even worse, CA now has switched to a system which makes it even easier to fraud the system by forcing mail in votes.

It's a bitch at moment because there really is no way around that and no way to assure things are correctly done through oversight.

Hey guys, this is really odd and is bothering me but perhaps I have tin foil on at moment. This was posted here the other day about West Virginia and Amtrak is heavily emphasized by the OP:

Shows routes and the works.

This is a demoralization thread.
(Only partly joking)


you dumb nigger antifa is also considered a terrorist group before that.

secondly supremacy groups are allowed to exist and demonstrate. The KKK holds regular rallies as does BLM. The only difference is PUBLIC support, not LEGAL allowance.

Either ur a shill trying to get others to abandon Trump for not being total 1488 already.
Or you're an idiot for thinking Trump can ever go full 1488 before even half of his first term is up. Patients skywalker.

I'd quit hanging out with my fellow Republican congressmen in large groups.


As a long haul truck driver, them dubs are worrisome. Then again, automated trucks and trains can and will be hacked to no end.

What is nothing-burger distracting us from?

Fuck was anyone hurt

They're fucking taunting us posting here like that. But it makes sense now when I look at this (last three posts is my call of the symbols)

This kike posting here about the high speed rail let's us know their ultimate plan. Extend the DC cancer growth outwards, turn the state into a suburb of the capital, and in doing so, invade one of the last ultramajority white states left. Think of it:

- west Virginia is white
- it's poor
- it's been beaten to shit in the past, in loving memory. The entire state got ruby ridged over coal shit.
- people remember and are pissed off and we'll armed
- it's an hour and change down the highway to the fucking white house, super strategic
- but turn the other way and you have mountains to go through, it's a fucking wall, no one goes there

A United west Virginia pulling a rebellion would be a nightmare. They could launch raids on central command with impunity. They've lived in kike enforced poverty and isolation for two hundred years so carpet bombing won't phase them. Terrain is so rough that all your armor won't be worth shit, kiss off bombs too, they're dug in shit deep.

Jews want to cut off the last viable route for the launching of a white counter offensive. And they'll do it the best way they know how, they'll build infrastructure out to start enabling the "resettlement" of several million non-whites and cuck liberals.



The reality is that you won't have access to transport if you've been a bad goy. No car, no bus, no taxi, no train etc. without an RFID chip and then you have to be on your best behaviour or face having those luxuries revoked.



It's too bad they failed.

Well the reason I first posted how it was odd to me was I saw it more like a means to communicate and plan an event. It just feels very out of place that WV of all places comes up while having Amtrak mentioned multiple times and showing routes.

Global report.

Another thing to add to my previous post. This was a train carrying high ranking officials of the country and would have had an escort of both air and a ground unit to shadow them. My point is the roads would have been closed and the air would have spotted the truck as these Congressman are given escorts.

So the routes and everything in that thread I linked just are very suspicious.

Wake me up when a train hits a truck full of congressmen instead.

I'm not even sure the train did hit the truck and it wasn't the other way around. Look at the damage. Why would the train have impact marks on the side like that

Judging from a picture of the wrecked garbage truck I saw, it looks as though the train clipped the back end of it. Phoneposting so I can't get the image for you sorry.


For real, if I get the opportunity to clean up my city civil war style, I will take it. I've trained for too long to let that pass me by.

That does seem to be some shit. Interesting that he seems to be supporting the rails and rail lines. Weird thing to consider but what if (obviously not likely, but very interesting), Trump/republicans had done this on purpose. It makes it look suspicious, as though the democrats did this (which lets be honest, it almost for sure was, and the info on the company's address being the same as some Clinton shit was pretty fucked up), but holy shit man, the ultimate false flag.

He tried to derail it. But he's dead now. The train will roll. And smash any trash that gets in the way.

Yeah, you'd better believe the zionist fellation train won't stop for a silly little thing like some ethnonationalists!

liberalism is so petty in nature.

Garbage trucks can have a lot of tonnage if they are full or near full. It's not inconceivable.

Look at the picture the OP fourth post (first picture) which specifically shows every crossing point in Virginia.

In my opinion, zionist can have zion. They are going to need a place they can be loyal to. Just like everyone else.

I did some spying via google maps satellite for the supposed location of this garbage dump, and turns out there is no dump. At the location, there was a large, in-operation mine, and it was also next to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It gets even weirder from there… I recommend using satellite imagery on this one, boys. Fire up that heat map on the location of where the train hit the truck also and see if there are any single lines that go to the site and then leave it in the same direction as that may imply someone scoped out the site for the attack. Fuck it boys, I'm all in on this one.

Zionists get the rope. It will never happen, but that's what we believe here. Support it or get out.

God is a "she", huh? That would explain the constant demand for ass kissing with no payoff.

Has anybody noticed that the paint liveries on the locomotive dont match from that one picture of the front of the engine (old amtrak livery) versus the side picture (new amtrak livery)?

Which intersection did this happen at exactly? Interestingly I can't find any news sources that specify this (wonder why). The images that I've seen make it look like the train stopped basically right at the intersection when it hit the truck, and the truck was knocked away from the tracks. The physics of this aren't really making too much sense to me and I've been on an Amtrak when it hit a small pick up truck before. The real jolt actually came from the train hitting its brakes. A dumptruck would probably feel more significant, but I'd bet the train would see it, brake, then hit with slightly less velocity. People would feel the intense braking first, though… The accounts of those on the train are strange. "Felt like we hit a boulder." That doesn't fit my experience, and doesn't make sense to me based on how a conductor might manage the situation.


Holy fuck. What is the source of each image? The second I saw on MSNBC.

Crossposted from 4chan:

There are plenty of instances of violent incidents happening to large gatherings of Congressional Democrats too…..

There are plenty of instances of Democrat leaning Supreme court justices dying under suspicious circumstances weeks before they would be the deciding vote on key cases…..

There are plenty of instances of Republican IT staffers committing espionage or being murdered after leaking damaging information…..

Right?°04'38.4"N 78°43'00.3"W/@38.0773451,-78.7173022,149m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m14!1m7!3m6!1s0x89b3862dea50a48f:0x9086f096c38b74fc!2sCharlottesville, VA!3b1!8m2!3d38.0293059!4d-78.4766781!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d38.0773445!4d-78.7167545

I get it now. I understand exactly what this is. This is an attempt to control the narrative. The thing that makes the most logical sense in this scenario, in light of the text before the crash, was that this was done PURELY FOR HEADLINES. I don't know how they got the truck there, or who they convinced to do it, but this was purely an attempt at controlling the narrative. Obviously I will push on to find specifics, but I know now that the things worth investigating are likely the individuals driving the truck and whether or not they have ties to Clinton campaign people, unions (fucking probably), or anything… worse.

(((Bill Kristol))) is an irrelevant loser. I doubt he'd be in on something like this. Besides the more plausible information is that the screencap was taken by someone in a timezone west of EST.

Also to consider. There is no blood on the windshield? I mean I guess it's possible but given the damage the vehicle sustained and given the reports are a train hit it (not the other way around) the body would have likely been smashed all over the cab.

Unless it was the truck that struck the train and didn't endure the moving impact.

The Passenger Cars & the Engine with the damage were heading west and stopped about 500 feet past the crossing after the crash. Another Engine was brought in from the east to pull the remaining passenger cars away.

Thank you. Based on the lay of the truck, and the train stopped before the crossing in all the images I've seen leads me to believe the truck may have been parked (possibly abandoned) on the small crossing to the east.

YES. Then I was correct about the lay of the vehicles. OK, so now who owns the land by the smaller crossing?

How many kills?

There is also a road hidden to Google maps but you can see in the picture above linked from "Ed O'Keefe" twitter. See how it goes up that hill? That is hidden by trees on Google maps which means it would also be hidden by air/drones.

Not necessarily. Depending how the truck was hit (as was stated before, it looks like the train clipped the backend of the truck). That could have caused a violent ejection type scenario. If the blue tarp is covering the body (possibly it does look a show is sticking out) then that would support an ejection and therefore no gore in the cab

I had noticed that, but I can't stop getting hung up on the physics of this. The train was going in which direction (east to west or west to east?) because there is no possible way the truck should be where it is if it was hit by the train at the intersection that we are being shown in pictures by the media.

I noticed the no blood on windshield as well. Worthy of note.

Trump called it a "rough hit".

like the derailment in portland, was likely a message
was the architect and her husband on the train? or was this from (((elsewhere))) to remind the untouchables that they're very much touchable?

Look I have to say I am starting to think there were two trucks. This is the picture on Breitbart provided by Massie's wife:

That is a different everything.

Why is the media empathizing that it was a train full of republicans?

The comments of that site and the_conald are all saying it was a hit job.

when you go to an event like this do you just grab alll the jewelry you own and put it on? what's up with those fucking rings

meant to quote this post


You seriously reported someone for saying they were an American Nationalist? You have autism. No one here is a Civ Nationalist and you know that, They are laughed out of here on their first post. I don't give a shit about what Anglin is or any of the e-celeb faggots. I just consider myself an ethno nationalist because the National Socialist party isn't really a thing anymore

very interesting way of saying that thank you for speaking for me

Oh yes because the fucking president of the united states should have openly supported people that are considered the new KKK by 90% of America and embraced them, what a great and totally reasonable plan. God you shills are sad

What would you expect them to say?

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What the fuck

Okay, time for a 1chan shitposter/ actual locomotive engineer.
Perhaps it was the jews, perhaps not. Probably not.
I have seen far too many idiots race my train at the crossing, including of all mother fuckers, Scott Pelly.
I have also seen a garbage truck race a Metra train and lose in Chicago, train won, even though it wasn't a fatality. (Shame!)
Before someone goes "lol jewz", the company I work, CSXT, for is being raped by, you guessed it, jews.

I'm gonna post some links here, unbroken, just to prove some people are really that stupid.
Go ahead and post some red-pills here about Mantle Ridge, have fun, hope the bad English doesn't scar you for life.

Bicycle vs. Train at high speed

Something for your near gore fans. It goes exactly as you would think.

Oy vey, he was just a nut job that drove too fast… heheh… so fast that his engine ejected from the car and landed 50 feet away…. well, he was moving EXPLOSIVELY fast… heheheheheh

There were two: semi, and the dump truck
These kikes wanted derailment and massive pileup…or maybe just to rattle our reps.


What is this? I can't tell if this is pro or anti Hillary.

It's a parody of a specific well-known comic, and it isn't obviously pro-anyone (except maybe Bernie). There were a lot of butthurt hot-takes when it came out from non-comicfags though.

Yeah given the pictures and video there is no doubt there were two. That changes things and truly does make this appear like a coordinated attack.

Probably pro.
The whole thing is silly though

Wow. That kike will hang. All the kikes will hang. This year is the year I really realized how bad the kikes actually are.


I can't tell if this is bait or you are actually this dumb…

Perfect Privacy LLC is a company that protects peoples information from people like you. They put their address in place of the registrants address…..

I don't know demon's faces. which kike is this?

(((Chucky Shumer)))

I guess you could say the democrats are going off the rails on a crazy train.

Can someone Strava that location?

It's a shame that 8ch is the only place where things like this get talked about for more than a minute or two.


Why haven't they released details on the driver/passenger yet? Both fucking light gates were down and the fuckers parked on the tracks where CDL folks don't stop.


Trying to dig in kikebook etc. but I'm getting a heavy soyboy antifa feel from the guy.

now does christopher foley work for Time Disposal?

Amtrak 145 is a Heritage Unit.
I.E. a locomotive painted in an outmoded or fallen flag livery for P.R.

Look on the bright side: Hunter Harrison is still dead.

He does. So did the other two who were in the truck. The Time Disposal posted a memorial for him qnd a gofundme over on their faceberg.


How (((convenient.)))

It's a warning.

Put these statements together.
1 - drivers are less good than robot driving (computer ai whatever)
2 - humans have fear even when zealots, robots have no fear just programs
3 - you can hack any computer if you acquire the skills for it, any encryption that seems to good to be hacked yesterday is being hacked with ubiquitously available freeware tomorrow
4 - society is best disrupted, by trucks of peace, we can blame Religion of Cuck™ to deflect from jews, to deflect from shitty government

The conclusion is self evident.

what a coincidence (((again)))

>Crashing this train

I am pretty much convinced this was a coordinated attack to derail the train at this point. Few things of note:

1) There were two vehicles if we go by the photo provided by Massie and Lee (both on train). One shows one truck and the other show what appears to be a short rig. They are without a single doubt different and they each ended up on the opposite side of the track given the photos provided.

2) The timing is simply too "coincidental" and like I was once told during training, there are no coincidences which, at this point in my life, I believe to be true after fighting it for years.

3) The location of Charlottesville is another factor we simply cannot ignore given the previous issue there and how well they closed ranks on a very clear false flag situation. Not to mention a helicopter randomly "crashed" which we never heard shit about.

There is other shit and a recreation I am making much like the Seattle recreation but, all in all, the final resting spot of the trucks indicate and the lack of any residual injury (blood, etc) on both vehicles make this seem overly suspicious. Especially in the case of what was found about the history of the company.

Would you? Could you? On a Train? Wait for further instructions.

https ://

Memes are real. >(((they))) expect one of us in the wreckage.

What is this? This is old I assume?

Apparently a hacked Emergency Message broadcast in NY, but then the next day a train crashed in NJ killing one person.
It was sticky'd on 8/pol/ a few years ago when it happened.

Fuck that.. yeah.. I could totally tell a story here but there is no fucking way anyone would believe it. Bottom line, yeah, I definitely recall that time period and the issues in Jersey, Baltimore, Cleveland and NYC and the message ISIS made public.

I never knew about the message there though, incredible…

Oh hi juden

Enjoy your report

the memes jack

That's chutzpa. They want to be paid for trying to assassinate our people. That's like the (((Saudis))) asking to be paid for flying into the towers. Or the kikes demanding payment for the ship they blew up.

Its even ballzier when you consider there is no way in hell a kike would part with a fucking shekel for any job that wasn't done right let alone trying to get them to pay you fairly for work you accomplish. Uff da.


Fuck that kike. Smug piece of shit


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Time Disposal

the only driver name so far seems like its "dana"

Naylor is his last name. It's a guy named Dana Naylor.

Hes married, in his early 30s and has no social media presence I have yet found. Here is the GoFundMe they set up. He looks like he dyed his hair or some shit from their wedding site:

Well, now we know the names, time to get to work.

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Interesting point. In fact we may even be more pure blooded European at this point. If that is true than we are some of the last pure blooded Europeans on the planet do you realize that?

perhaps when people see a million niggers inside their shared taxis, trains and planes will they start demanding a white ethnostate

It's too bad it didn't take out all the traitors in congress.

i think you are right
just that cianiggers are hilariously incompetent
I guess the Trump Train really can't be stopped


Tell us how you came upon these pictures user.

i thought hook embeds were working now?

At 0:58 it looks like they are checking angles and setting the truck on the tracks to determine where it was hit. Shit… they think it was sitting there?

by the way the cab and chassis ended up thats where i assumed it was hit as well, the drivers side rear was struck by the left front side of train engine…..blasted the garbage bin off the chassis and spun the cab/chassis to the truck drivers left…


thats the rear engine of train…train was traveling right to left and truck was coming downhill across tracks and tail was clipped…..what i dont get is that the garnabge truck was riding parallel with train same direction for like 500ft with almost full view of tracks

The ethnic groups in Europe are much older than the countries named after them and nationalism there always meant creating a nation state for that group exclusively, even if it never existed before.

Hitler talks about that in Mein Kampf when he points out the difference between dynastic patriotism (in the Habsburg Empire for example) and ethnic nationalism. Simply put, non-Germans are not Germans and never will be.