The Jews Framed OJ Simpson and Staged a Race Trial To Cover Up That Ron Goldman Was a Coke Dealer

The Jews framed a race trial involving O.J. Simpson, a mudshark, and a Jew to polarize the American people, just as they did in the Scottsborough Boys Trial.

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Get out and stay out.


OJ got tired of the Jews taking his shit; tired of the deal he made with them. They threw him in jail. 7 years for tresspasing with a gun?
Niggers rape white women and get probation.

Nice thread OJ

OJ got tired of his ex wife cucking with a kike, on his dime.
it all comes into focus now. The presumption has always been that she was a floozy - i in addition to a coalburner… but coke whore makes more sense. It'd take a jewish coke dealer to go after some blonde bimbo with a couple mullato babies.
jesus christ its more disgusting than I thought

when it comes to killing kikes…

what does that even mean?
nice repurposed cuckservative talking point

OJ got tired of the Jews taking his shit; tired of the deal he made with them. They threw him in jail. 7 years for tresspasing with a gun?
Niggers rape white women and get probation.>>11212093
I reveal a Jew conspiracy and you're nit picking words? Facebook I called her a mudshark in the first sentence.

Yes OJ is innocent. He’s out looking for the real killer as we speak……

Sorry I'm exhausted and out of BrainForce from infoJews, I reveal a Jew conspiracy and you point out I referenced American people is cuckservative, which I admit, it is. But shit dude I call her a mudshark in the first sentence.

The real killer is mafioso Joey Ipps.
Everyone in LA knows this.


You realize the Jews (Goldman family) get all the money from that interview.

Big if true.

No shit Sherlock

Race War in the 90s, that would have been fun. There was a whole lot less browns in the 1995 then there are today, I doubt jews were stupid enough to think starting a racewar back then would have been good for them.

What do you think the Civil Rights were an attempt at? The Jews shut down Lincoln Rockwell and Malcom X and Farrakhan and chose commie nigger Mike King

Maybe she and Goldman owed someone money for coke?


A long time ago there was a website that alleged the coal burner was ass deep in coke debt colombians were dispatched to settle an unpaid debt with extreme prejudice OJ saw the shit go down then stumbled onto the after math and freaked at what he saw.
It also alleged the LAPD was paid protection money by the same mob so they had a vested interest to not pin the blame where it really laid.

I disagree completely the kikes have never wanted a racewar because whitey always wins those, far easier in 1965 then in 1995 like here now in 2018. Only the slow bleed can take out whitey completely, that's what happened in India the jews have data on how its supposed to go, (((Civil Rights))) was just another step in getting more browns into the country though our so called altruism.

Was it Colombians or the Yakuza..either way that story always felt like it had a ring of truth to it but obviously not the Yakuza. More like the Jews. Joey Ipps loaned a lot of coke on a front and was not repaid. Ipps is connected to the Jews through the Mafia.

If the blacks turned on the Jews how do you see the Civil Rights going down…it would have been better imo..GLR vs Malcom X vs Farrakhan…Farrakhan killed Malcom X for being a nigger and agreed with GLR, I think we would have seen niggers sent back to Africa and/or put on a reservation.

Beaners not nips

This should be an op spread via soc puppets. Golems must always be turned against their masters.

Pick one. Niggers back to Africa in the 60s, user you dream. We had already fought a war to end racism in Europe with WW2, Civil Rights went perfectly for jewish interests just like in the 80s and 90s with all the stories outing whitey as a racist and media to promote whitey to racemix. Only here now in the teens of this century do we have the tool of the Internet at such a level to fight back against the jews in such a way unknown to them and maybe even us.

These 3 articles the Jews hate and try hard to cover up share boys

The link in the OP doesn't work, but I doubt it mentions this. OJ had an ex-IDF kikess for a housekeeper, who got into a physical altercation with Nicole in the weeks leading up to the murder. Only her first name ("Michelle") is known, and she's never brought up. Even in this old article that mentions Nicole slapping her, she's just referred to as "another maid".

Really makes you think.

Good luck trying to get Holla Forums to see through psyops where the villain belongs to a group Holla Forums hates.
The kikes know this, they know perfectly well that to make a psyop be automatically accepted by the right, and traditional "conservatives", all they have to do is cast a nigger as a the bad guy, or these days, a fellow jew (think Weinstein).

If the link doesnt work in OP, give it a min and then refresh, server issues.
I've heard of the maid but thought it was too wild an accusation to put in the article. The Housekeeper could also be a drug connect or a simple Sayanim.

Remember guys, when you go out murdering yids, bring a pair of extra small gloves and get them bloody too. That way you can point at the precedent they set up with exonerating evidence that doesn't fit. Worry not about the blood under your nails as that is just coincidental circumstance from being in proximity to the travesty you witnessed and they need to be looking for Cinderella.

So the kikes made him commit more violent crimes after the innocent man made his way back into the world?

The blood was never identified under Goldman

I used to work with a retired LAPD officer who was a cop at the time and close to some of the prosecution. when they found her, not only was her tongue cut out but there a bunch of coke shoved into her vagina.

It could be the blood of christ. If the gloves don't fit, you must acquit.

Well, it wouldn't have been the first time kikes blamed niggers for kike crimes.

I can only think of one instances where proper justice had been delivered to the kikes, and that was the lynching of Leo Frank.

Kikes got so butthurt that whitey listened to two filthy niggers instead of "good white men like the jews" and hung the rapist/murderer kike high that they created the ADL, and have been terrorizing and dictating "morals" to the west since.

They literally make claims against others and cite other kikes' statement as a get out of libel free card. I hate these fucks so much.

The sanhedrin didn't disappear, it was simply expanded to include all kikes.

and they killed 2pac and biggie to cause a nigger gang war.

You know, I vaguely recall hearing something like that back then. I was in high school but my grandfather was obsessed with the case. He hated niggers but always thought something else was going on. Was the tongue and coke thing omitted from auto pay or did they never release it publicly?

*autopsy spell check. apologies

Usually I would just call OP a fag, but if there's a guy named Goldman involved you really have to wonder.

This pretty much dove tails into what I posted here
They were sending a message.

Wouldn't be surprised if a jew was involved, but OJ still killed her. At the very least he could go and start killing some kikes.

Wait. Why is the CIA shilling against OJ?

Cute story, but fails the Occam's razor test due to coal burning.

Fung said there was blood at the scene that was unidentifiable…can you explain that?
Can you explain why OJs defense team sat on his phone records, which if released, would have immediately exonerated OJ.
What about the fact that Shapiro was ready to throw Khardashian under the bus and talk in closing arguments about the Joey Ipps/Jew Mafia cocaine connection if shit went down hill?
There's a lot I couldn't put in the article, such as the ex-IDF maid because I can't prove.

BTW the autopsy makes no mention of a sliced tongue or vaginal penetration, so it was most likely omitted.

a coal burner died and a nigger killed her as typical

OJ isn't agent 47, he's not killing a bitch and cutting her vocal chords in one slash.

He's a nigger. He would have beat her face in then set her on fire.

Use your head


Good. Seeing niggers getting shot by even the dumbest of beaners is very entertaining, too. Rap """"""""""music"""""""""" artists are a kike creation anyways.

Any sauce on the maid's ties to Israel? Or remember *how* you learned this? Perhaps she had ties to the (((Russian))) mob, and had Nicole's number after she crossed the line.

I was in high school when the trial was on TV. What's strange to me is how, even in the South, it was completely talked about as a White vs Black thing, and no mention was made, at least around me, of Goldman and his press-loving father being Jews. Goldman being a Jew, and getting cut open in Brentwood, Jew-central, changes the entire context of the murder. Here's Goldman, dating a "shiksa" who was married to a black athlete. I doubt he had much sympathy among the glitzy LA tribe. And recall, you didn't see many if any Jews coming to the aid of Goldman's father back then.

Now, even back then, I lucidly paid attention to
and I was perplexed, but here were two wealthy "white" lawyers who seemed not just giddy to defend OJ, but legitimately invested in his innocence. Especially Dershowitz. Now of course I know Dershowitz is an elite Zionist Harvard professor, who was on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express without his Jew wife. Again, Dershowitz vs Goldman Family changes the tonal subtext of the case. And Jews back then knew this. I wonder how Israelis perceived this trial?

A Jew is brutally murdered. Elite Jews defend the accused murderer. Biggest trial in modern America. Jewish father vowing vengeance all over news, stirring up white gentiles. Reality TV is born. Tabloid culture is now politicized. Race relations never fully recover. OJ was the rare nig athlete who successfully became an actor, including in the conspiracy film, Capricorn One. Meaning he had more Jewish ties.

Reminder: Bill Cosby's son was murdered in cold blood, no robbery, in California at night, by the son of a famous Jewish mobster who himself was convicted of butchering two other Jews. I've heard for years, Cosby got redpilled by this, that he hired PIs, and Louis Farrakhan assisted and comforted him. Years after, Cosby begins endorsing Nation of Religion of Cuck™ on TV. Suddenly, groupies start accusing Cosby of rape. Etc. And Hollywood Jews like Howard Stern, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, they all seem oddly obsessed with Cosby's ruin.

Nice post. I should also note another night club owner (Jew) Brett Cantor was killed in the exact same fashion (knife attack, same pattern) a year before Nicole and Goldman.

Look 1 day ago, Goldman wants $70 Mil from Simpson

Updated the Article - Contains new information, some of it from here, thanks for the help guys. Let's break this wide open and use it to turn the niggers against the jews

Alan Dershowitz still defending OJ in the Jewish press decades later:

OJ is the only reason normies know who Dershowitz is

Michael Jackson was framed for hating the Jew so it's definitely possible.

Jew Me Sue Me
Kick Me Kike Me
Everybody Do Me

So, a month before OJ's acquittal, a white friend and co-worker of Ron's named Michael Nigg (kek) is murdered at night. His murder remains unsolved. Check this…

Goldman lived only to 25, and spoke about opening his own night club, inspired by his Ankh tattoo. On a waiter's salary? The night he died, it was known at the restaurant he was visiting Nicole's condo after work, because Nicole's mom had left sunglasses there earlier that same day, and he was returning them. But here's the thing, I find no reports of police finding these glasses on the scene.

Added to article, thank you.
We need to discover what happened to the other 15 or so waiters.

Very curious detail I came across. So the mother of Ron Goldman, Patti Goldman, had previously been married to a powerful Chicago lawyer with deep mafia ties who himself went to prison. She reportedly had several kids with him, not including Ron. This man's name is
and there are detailed records of him online. I don't know if he's Jewish, but isn't Glass a Jewish name? And Chicago was always Jew HQ. So, in 1985 Glass was arrested for stealing $8k from a safety deposit box belonging to his mother-in-law
See newspaper clipping: >
The same month Ron is murdered in '94, Marvin Glass is in the same area, supposedly attending a graduation. Also of note, apparently Ron's sister Kim Goldman dated Michael Nigg, his co-worker who was murdered by unsolved headshot and not robbed in '95.

There's also speculation that Fred Goldman received cash when he married Patti that belonged to Marvin Glass, exceeding $300k. This is a very interesting connection.

Tombstone for Marvin Glass, who died in 1997:

Also, and this needs a fact check: Apparently Fred Goldman and Patti Goldman (ne Patti Glass) both have Jewish mothers named
I noticed this too, when I came across the newspaper article in my previous post about Marvin Glass stealing Patti's mother's money. More importantly, this means Patti Glass' maiden name was Patti Goldman, before she even later married Fred Goldman and gave birth to Ron.

Very odd. Btw, I have solid research skills, and wouldn't shit out nonsense ITT. This is a rabbit hole worth exploring. It's said Fred Goldman may even have had ties to the Jewish mob in Chicago in the '80s. I wonder if Shapiro or Dershowitz knew of Marvin Glass before the OJ trial?

Excellent posts, I added last night about Patti Glass. I will add more to the article. Thx for all the great research guys

Ron was a Confidential Informant, the question is on who..Glass?

Also OJ has been involved with the drug scene for a very long time. There are rumors of drug activity with OJ in Buffalo with his buddy that was in the Bronco Chase. Cowlins? Or whatever his name was


Serious question, how the hell do you suppose Soros has been able to stay breathing given all the seriously powerful people he has pissed off. The guy must be better protected than the fucking Pope if you think about the shit he has pulled and the fact he is still alive.

Soros is the face of the agenda of International Jewry. By putting all the Cultural Marxism and Niggers/Kebabs flooding Europe on him it takes away the attention from other Jews, like Barbara Spectre.

When Alex Jewns starts calling you a nazi 100x a day something is fishy.

He killed a coalburner and a kike (possible drug dealer) gigolo. He's a hero for that.
A sane society would have lynched him the moment he talked to this White woman, so he not faultless. But he did well in what people hate him for.

More information on Marvin Glass, and Fred Goldman

From Chicago Trubune, 1986
So Marvin Glass, a Jewish lawyer with heavy criminal history and underworld ties, was accused in 1986 of attempted murder on his former law partner, using a convicted robber and low-rent thug. This means Glass had a serious vindictive streak. Also, was his former law partner Pritzker a fellow Jew like the Goldmans?

Note that Glass was sentenced to 8 years in prison in 1986, meaning he'd get out roughly in 1994. This disgraced Jew gets out, he reportedly is dying of AIDS (from prison relations?), he's spotted in California in 1994, and Fred Goldman mentions Glass several times in his book. Motive? Fred's wife's children with Glass tell him that Fred is abusing them. Marvin suspects Patti Glass was screwing Fred before he was jailed. Perhaps Patti took hidden money etc from Marvin, or took a lot in their divorce. Fred is a Jew like Marvin, crossing a cultural line. Marvin decides to kill Fred's son, as revenge for mistreating Marvin's kids. Fred's son is highly visible in '94, driving Nicole Simpson's Ferrari, partying with her and LA ritz, and slinging coke from his workplace.

Interesting that Marvin Glass, one degree of Ron Goldman through his mom, is never mentioned by Alan Dershowitz or Shapiro, OJ's Jewish lawyers. Certainly they'd know of Marvin in due diligence. Reminder: Marvin even has a menorah on his gravestone as photographed in prior post itt.

Source on Marvin Glass:

Here is some other fuckery to consider when looking at the nigger in the hands up dont shoot original photo.
Those are leather gloves which fit the boons hands perfectly.
The fact that the widest part of the palm is in the glove means they fit when they dont fit like with a womans glove you cant even get your hand in it let alone all the fingers in the finger holes
Faggots in la never have to wear gloves have no idea and fell for nigger lawyer speak.

t. winter glove wearing michfag

Anyone have further background on this detail? In 1993, Nicole's coke-buddy and Ron Goldman's ex-boss Brett Cantor had his throat slit at his home, in a non-robbery. His tongue was reportedly tied around his neck.

>Steve (((Edelson))) converted his Frolic Room on Santa Monica into Dragonfly. It enjoyed a lucrative run until the day Edelson’s partner, Brett (((Cantor))), opened the front door of his home and had his throat slit.

Great research man! I will have to break down all the glass stuff to put in the article. There is a lot there. Including motive. All I could find about Cantor is what was shown in the BBC documentary, he was killed in the same fashion as nicole.

Thanks bro

Yeah, never aspired to travel this rabbithole, but as I said, there are power Jews above and below the OJ trial.

More tidbits on Marvin Glass

Fred's book references to Marvin Glass would be very interesting to see.

Pablo Escobar and the (((colombian mafia))).

Wish there were links to sources on that site. If even 10% of the stuff there was provable it would be prime redpilling material.

Details on Fred Goldman's alleged abuse of his step-children fathered by Jewish mob attorney Marvin Glass

Reminder: Fred is the step-father to three of Marvin Glass' children

I also read that Ron Goldman's plan to open an LA nightclub wasn't a mere pipedream by a struggling actor/model. He reportedly had drawn on schematics and had interior decoration plannings for his club, inspired by his Egyptian Ankh tattoo. On a waiter's salary.

Like I said, fun story, but there is no actual evidence of any of your claims. I smell a professional publicist drumming up a rumor to influence pending litigation.

It might explain why the Khardasians were adopted as the Jew media poster children - some sort of blood debt paid for whacking the patriarch.

Note: Ron Goldman's mother isn't Patti Goldman Glass, it's Fred's previous wife
She was estranged from Ron and her daughter, Kim Goldman, for most of their lives, but received a hefty sum from Fred's civil suit.

Why does this matter.
Because it means if Marvin Glass was involved in Ron's murder, he wasn't killing a son of his ex-wife Patti, only Fred. It also means Ron wasn't technically Jewish, like Marvin and Fred, if you follow the Jewish mother matriarchal line of though.

Fred Goldman is a shady character, no doubt about it.

Except Al Cowlings, OJ's Bronco driver and friend, was indeed on record as being the driver/guard of the heir to Jewish mobster Myer Lansky, a quick search will confirm.

Or that housekeeper could've been a (((Colombian)))?

Good shit user. Keep us posted. I think vindictive mobster ex husband freshly released from prison enacting vengeance on cheating whore of a wife and child abusing step father to his children by offing said step father's actual son and coke slut sugar momma is a decent theory.

Seems silly, but hey, they're kikes.

I was never aware of any of this, and I was in my teens during the OJ trial. This opens a new perception on the matter for me. Toss out anything else you got, I'm all ears now.

Checked. Same here. Chemistry teacher put the reading of the verdict up on the tv. Looking back now, that whole drama with OJ and Al Cowling in the white Bronco seems more like OJ was spooked af and didn't know where to turn. Its easy to say "well if he was innocent he should go to the cops." but LAPD was even more notorious for being corrupt back then. If he knew it was drug or mob related, those are the last fucking people you'd go to. I dunno, just a thought. Thread has my almonds activated.

The entire thing played out like a drama from the start. The whole OJ driving down the freeway in his Bronco deal was surreal at the time. It was far bigger than was shown to us goyim.

Not sure if not kike, or real user blinded by hate.


This is GOLD. Meme this from your fake nig Twitter acounts. Don't harp on 'Da J00s'. Be subtle about it.

Holla Forums is now arguing that a nigger didn't murder a coal-burning whore.

What's the world coming to?

This is your excuse to go nig in Israel, nigs. O.J. was your god. Are you going to kneel while jews keep tearing down your gods? Go make their temple smell like Chicago, Detroit, New York, New Jersey and Baltimore.

It hurts the kike narrative. Niggers offing kikes, even in meme form, can be used for profit. Of course kikes like you know this, and try to push the base form, and deny the higher forms.

Thats too kind

Nebuchadnezzar the fuck out of ALL kike temples, but slay their respective kings instantly, instead of imprisoning them. They subvert, even behind bars. Ask Jehoiachin…..

Listen, not in a hundred years did I expect to doubt OJ Simpson's guilt here. Literally only after I found this post, with its focus on Jews, did I think it'd be entertaining to entertain fringe theories. But like I said, even as a teen, I noticed how certain "whites" were hogging the narrative, including Fred Goldman. Even for a mourning father, there were comments in the 90s that he was an insincere sap. But many justified it by thinking he was a white gentile. Simpler times.

Now, imo OJ was involved with cocaine dealers. He knew Nicole's coke circles, he also knew she was a coke whore. He knew Ron was driving his wife's Ferrari. But he wasn't a chimp nigger. OJ knew people who knew people who could kill Nicole. He was too vain to think he could ninja-step and murder her, then escape. Think about if you're OJ. Most of us think, Dumb Nigger. That's that. Very few niggers commit cold blooded murder, unless it's a hit job. OJ's resilience decades later supports he isn't mentally ill or retarded.

But he hated Nicole. So he had little remorse. He becomes huge suspect. He knows about her coke shit. He cant admit it though to the public. He doesn't know Ron Goldman. Suddenly, Dershowitz and Shapiro are telling him stfu. LAPD is pressured, more than ever, to solve case. Entire country thinks OJ is guilty.

I think OJ is 20% guilty but even he doesn't understand or know the killers. Jews saw a field day. They got OJ off but hanged him for life.

Excuse this statement. I meant high profile niggers. Not in general. I just don't see OJ hanging outside Nicole's condo, wearing gloves, with a knife. And killing two people like swift work. Then running away. Is he that obsessed with Nicole? This guy acted in Naked Gun. He had powerful lawyers. Outside a condo is not a crime of passion. Clearly he'd be the FIRST SUSPECT. He'd know that. He's a nigger. It makes sense he'd panic.

Oj didn't do it
His son did
But he killed a coalburner and a Jew
So not really a crime anyways

Great posts will be adding all the marvin glass stuff to article. The family hates their real mother and crossed her name out at Ron's funeral.

I did some more research and more needs to be done on this, but it appears Johnny Cochran got Judge Ito his first job.

I pointed that book out in the first paragraph of the article. OJ's son has no real motive. There is serious smoke here. So right now the theory is Marvin Glass, Jew connected to the mob, killed Goldman's kid as revenge for marrying Patti Glass…

I was thinking however, the Marvin Glass Revenge theory..doesn't connect with the dead waiters at Mezzaluna….what the hell was going on there? That's what I think we need to find out

Khardasian tried the BIll Wasz hit, but Wasz didn't fall for it.
You're good at painting mind visuals, remember Kato Kaylin (spelling) and the constant questioning about him hearing a loud thud?

What was that dude's deal? Never heard of him again and he looked straight out of a Hollywood chick flick.

AJ Cowlins and OJ had drug activity dating back to their time in Buffalo.

Sources to focus on:
-Marvin Glass
-Dead Waiters at Mezzaluna
-Brett Cantor
-Ron Goldman's restaurant (Do you have a link to the plans?)
-Look into OJ's phone records, they were either sealed and the defense couldn't use them, or the defense never made an effort to get them but apparently his phone records would have immediately had the trial thrown out as it proved his alibi.

An example of the publicity around the case

Big Jew Howard Stern freaks out about OJ Not Guilty (1995)

Well, the only other dead "waiter" that was ever identified was Michael Nigg. Michael Nigg and Brett Cantor both knew Ron Goldman. Remember, Nigg dated Ron's sister Kim.

And restaurants, especially in LA, have huge turnover rates, and drugs and dark money fuel the city. Waiters work late in LA, so by average they're more prone to risky, unhealthy lifestyles, and murder.

So, I think Marvin Glass remains the focus, he's a key if not THE key.

This, my friend, is a plausible motive, means, and modus operandi. Maybe Glass hired a hitmen on a lark, like maybe he only planned it when he got angry in LA. Maybe Glass didn't order the hit exactly, but was in communicado with drug dealers in LA, and Ron was brought up, Glass implies Ron is a snitch. Keep in mind, Ron and his friends were still traveling to Chicago circa 94, and probably running coke. Ron's workplace had another restaurant in Aspen, coke central if you've ever heard Joey Diaz on Joe Rogan's podcast.

The fact that Michael Nigg and Brett Cantor (a millionaire) were not robbed, and murdered execution style like Ron, yet NEITHER murder was ever solved by LAPD is telling. They die in the year before and after Ron. Coincidence?

Cantor in particular was murdered to send a message. And Nicole and Ron were as well. Again, ex-boyfriends like OJ don't usually hide in the shadows, knife two people outside a house, and flee. Especially millionaire niggers. They know the cops are calling them no matter what, lol. OJ would pay someone. Shoot them.

How many millionaire niggers have committed murder outside a condo using a knife? That's cartel Jihadi serial killer shit. Was OJ wearing a ski mask too? Everyone knows OJ, witnesses are a threat. He murders them outside? How did he know Ron was visiting Nicole?

OJ lies to his kids for decades about not killing their mom? Lol.

If you're Fred Goldman, and the entire world believes OJ murdered your son? And you're a narcissist like Fred? You're a money hungry Jew? OJ is your meal ticket for life. Marvin Glass is a dying of AIDS. No use to you.

Of course. I remember as a teen, Kato suddenly got a fucking movie deal, during the trial. It was announced on the E! tv channel. And the movie was called "New York Minute," and had a budget of around $10 million. They even showed this poster, a mock poster, on the screen. I remember trying to find out if Blockbuster had it, it was like a joke among my friends to see this, but the movie was never released iirc. I mean, this was the decline of America, that my childhood has a vivid Kato memory.

It’s pretty clear Stern was a CIA/Mossad psyop. Probaly still is but he’s lost most of his influence on pop culture. He’s irrelevant now. The Stern-psyop s would be another great thread. As we continue to dissect and analyze the jewed up 90’s.

More likely explanation is that Stern is just your typical, filthy perverted Jew. As for OJ, he didn't deserve jail, he deserved a medal: a coal-burning whore and a Jew in one?

Go back and watch/listen to some of his shows from the 90’s. It will become clear that he’s intentionally carrying out a psyop. Then watch/listen to his 911 show.

Also, I’ve listemed to all his shows again. They are on file sharing networks. I’m always on the road so I have hours to burn. I listened to every single show from 1993-1997.


i used to listen to Stern on way to school when I was 8 or 9. Luckily, I was old enough to ask my grandfather if he was a Jew and he responded: "no, he 's not a jew, he's a jew fuck." I can't relate to people on here who talk about "getting red pilled." I was taught to despise Jews from the time I could talk.

As far as Stern as a psychop…what would they be using him for in your opinion? too much fucking alex jones bullshit here. According to only definitive history of the CIA ("Legacy of Ashes"), Carter cucked the CIA and they've never recovered or been able to do anything well or efficiently.

Stern was heavily pushing lesbian acceptance in the 80’s-90’s. This was a gateway to homosexual acceptance and finally to transgender acceptance. That’s just one example. His access to millions of the white working and middle class males made him an ideal psyop conduit. Do you think the kikes are going to not weaponize something with that much influence? You can call it “Alex Jones shit” all you want. You’re being a naive bluepilled lemming if you think kikes aren’t in constant psyop mode when it comes to pop-culture media.

Also it’s likely a tavistock kind of op. Some kind of spooky “research institute” not directly connected to the government/Mossad/CIA. That’s how most of the massive kike-ops work. So probaly not “CIA” or Mossad officially.

At lower-to mid levels, CIA is almost free of jews save for the "mideast" dept simply bc it doesn't pay enough for high kikery. Before 9/11, how do you convince an ordinary, White CIA agent making $55k a year to A. operate within in the US, against their policy B. Push degeneracy within the US for no discernible reason.

Read Dr. Schuer or listen to him talk about life in CIA. For example, the "rendition" bullshit Scheuer knew it was eventually going to be his ass in front of the congress getting grilled, and told them as much to their faces.

It's not like the 60s anymore where they can test LSD on random degenerates. After all the failed Castro stuff, Carter cut off their balls and they never really are back domestically. It's not all that secret user, all in books if you willing to search through it. for fuck's sake, guy who supposedly shot bin laden is doing fax jews shows bragging about it. Read a few books on the CIA, actual books (pre-9/11 and less fucking alex jones) most were more than happy to give interviews.

this could be, but I still don't see it with Stern, I think just a filthy jew appealing to White men's worst impulses, as jews in Eastern Europe have done for hundreds of years with booze, whores, gambling, etc.. It's in their Jew DNA.

yeah, The CIA is often used as euphemism for the Jewish global cabal. I actually never used to use it because I felt it was a deflection technique used by professional
Conspiracy theorists to soft-peddle Zionist-jewish power. There’s the public CIA that schuer was part of and then there’s obviously a more far reaching network of private contractors and special interests that’s infest the government. They make the policy that that the CIA(the public CIA) carries out. Kay Griggs says it’s more of a military Intel and Mossad relationship that runs the show. She says blaming everything on the CIA is misdirection.

My god this thread is dredging up things I have not thought about in years kay griggs interviews butt fucking military mandatory advancement spaghetti

OJ did nothing wrong

Their necks were nearly cut clean off. That sounds like muzzie related. They like to smite necks. OJ got out of jail the day of the Vegas shootings. That's kind of wierd.

OJ hasn't exactly been on search for the "real killers". If he had an issue with jews, he moved to Florida.

OJ hated, hated, hated drug use of Nicole and didn't want that around his kids. OJ was astranged from his father. He was very much, his way or the high way and stopped talking to his dad for those reasons. He was also very loyal to his inner circle including the dream team that helped him get off. They were very loyal to him. It was like an entourage that all made a lot of money off him. They owed him one as he felt. His close friend Al Cowlings probably helped, and OJ made sure to cover for him. He was pissed about her new druggy boyfriend. He confronted them and things escalated. Goldman's made sure to get his money while their prosecution for the 1st degree was extremely poor and lack luster. However their civil case extracting money was top notch. Btw Shapaero's son died of drug overdose, allegedly of course.

A lot of people made a lot of people off OJ and that case. It was just a big racket. Misscarriage of justice was not their main priority and the city didn't mind avoiding riots which also cost money.

follow the money.

It was his son

Kay Griggs clips of her interview start at 19 mijutes in the YouTube vid posted here

Look at the comments on the article, it's getting spammed to hell lol. I updated it with the Marvin Glass shit, what else should we throw in guys? Its clear the Jews are pissed about this

I think the whole Bronco thing was staged, the driver was AJ Cowlins who was connected to Lansky

OJ is on the phone? He wants to go to his mom house for some "Juice"?

If you or I did this shit the police would just put rumble strips down and end the chase