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OP forgot archive because OP was too busy being a faggot, please forgive.

Wasnt there already a thread on this?

There are a few Poland threads up, but none on this specifically. I did check the catalog.

Poland is next on their hitlist.

The audacity.

Seriously, this perverted deceitful people need to be purged from the planet.

Wait, even in the Cosmopolitan framework that makes no sense, are the kikes trying to enforce Polish guilt by stating some of the civilians of the time were complicit or something?

Their argument is that, despite the fact that it was primarily Germans who set up and maintained the concentration camps, there were some Poles who participated or turned over Jews to the Germans. Therefore, ALL Poles must give in to the guilt of their ancestors' actions.

The fucking audacity.


It boggles the fucking mind
The narrative:
Pretty much this bullshit their entire narrative is "you were brutally occupied and treated like shit, but yeah it is your fault too why didn't you all die on behalf of the chosen people?"

There were concentration camps, the movie theaters and swimming pools are still there! The gas chambers are a re-creation though because … uhh… we lost the originals.

By the kikes argument structure that which is an exception but they don't like it, means its a trend within the guilty party. In things the kikes don't want to promote its the exact opposite, the exception is the outlier.

The only thing taken from jews was (((there))) right to be in close proximity to European goys for less than a decade.

Sadly I'm starting to see Poland only being a few decades behind the rest of the degenerate West. I don't know how they'd be able to change trajectory without outright naming the swirling jewish interests abound within the Visegrád group, corrupting its mission. The most important operating procedure I've learned from Holla Forums in this short time is to "first name the jew", if you can't do that everything you build around the question falls apart and you get nothing.

Wow. That's some next level Jewry. I'm a little surprised. Just when I thought Jews couldn't sink any lower, they prove me wrong.

Israel is victim blaming?

Kinda gives their whole game away, doesn't it?

Not really, not when nobody who doesn't already watch this type of news will ever hear about it, in all likelihood.

We need to spread word of these things to the best of our ability, every time they happen, instead of just shitposting on our Korean rice cooking forum.

But it;s a dead circle for normalsphere
To defend Poland and remove the blame you have to say that they were victims of Nazis and/or the Holocaust
And like others mentioned , they want to kill Poland because we are the only other country that was a victim of the Holohoax and can say "How come we don't get X or are allowed to do what we won't" or even more important "Yeah it happened , but it's in the past ,stop using it's as a free out of jail card"

Sounds familiar.

There were concentration camps, just no "death camps". The gas chambers were always a lie.

No, it isn't. The government in Poland is supremely kiked. This is cover to build bonafides.

What do you expect them to do, they already got what they wanted from Germany which is becoming mongrelized. So of course they're going to try and affect other nations.

I think this is somewhat unfair to the Poles.
I'm German, though. So don't take it from me, of course.
After all, even though Poland didn't holohoax the kikes, the Germans really really did, of course.
There's no way they couldn't have been anything but disney villains.
I mean they blitzed Poland and didn't even conduct any nightly air raids.
That's how much they hated Poland and wanted to inflict as much agony and death on it.
So they took an approach of pulling a bandaid off quickly to not make it hurt as, oh sorry. I'm sorry.
I mean, they did clean sweeps over the countryside to kill civilians in brutal ways to the last child.

I mean, this has been ((( chronicled and testified by ((( white looking people))) ))).

>I mean, this has been ((( chronicled and testified by ((( white looking people))) ))).
Sadly, not many ((( white looking people ))) were around in Africa at that time because the only whites there were involved in war, which the (((white looking people ))) are unfit to conduct on their own because they are the worlds weakest and cowardly race.

That's why, cohencidentally, Rommel was a real human bean who defied orders of brutality and disney villainery.

I wonder how things have looked if all WW2 battles had taken place in nonwhite countries where there weren't ((( white looking witnesses ))) to be used as sources.

Yes, Occam Razor alone shows what camps were for.

War effort.

Can confirm the Overton window has shifted for poles. I was looking at a WWII thread on a fairly liberal forum the other day, discussing the idea that life was far worse for most under Soviet occupation than it was under Nazi Germany. Several poles corroborated this, including mention of the poles that fled Soviet occupied Poland during the war believing Germans would treat them better, to which the kikes kvetched, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE 6 GORRILION JEWS THAT WERE GASSED BY DA NAZIS IN POLAND, to which the polish response was basically,
The kvetching increased tenfold.

So hold on a motherfucking second, weren't ALL the remaining, non-American-observed-and-tested concentration camps in either Poland or the fringes of East Germany? Wouldn't a thorough investigation by Polish officials definitely destroy the narrative in at least more than half of its cases, barring the most profitable ones like Auschwitz?

WLP's speech about Katyn which mentions the Kielce pogrom and the underlying causes of it.

Forgot to embed

Well yes. There were about 3 about it. 1 was fucked up by OP but was rescued by Anons, but some faggot decided to anchor it, second one didnt even take of, third one was the one about it and now we ahve this fourth one.

Jesus OP, this is the fourth one this week!

Anyway already told you about 3 times what this means, I won't repeat myself

Except that it isn't. People will see this incident as a backstab, resulting in more right-wing parties being elected, Be it PiS which will probably loose if supporting Israel, or Kukiz.

Not a week ago the left pretty much shoot itself in the foot by doing a routine vote against the law propositions of current government which killed the abortion law they wanted themselves to be implemented and current government was nice enough to consider it. The left opposition is in absolute shambles.

It would, but it's not going to happen. Poland really doesn't want the Germans to lose their guilt, otherwise Germany might start to wonder where its eastern provinces have gone.>>11211459

Except that it is you fat nigger. Are you Polish, Hungarian.. Eastern European? Even Orban is essentially a neo-con to the Hungarians and for Poland it's the same. Just enough nationalism to keep the crowd happy.


Never forget Danzig, user.


Hey it's not like the past is fixed in stone or anything right? There are versions of the past right?

can anyone give a translation on this ,


You think that's bad? Look at what happened here in America. America was never truly anti-semitic in the same way that european nations historically used to be. And then during WW2 we sacrifice our own lives getting involved in something we didn't need to take part in, all for the sake of the kikes. We "save" six gorillion from the gas chambers and holocoasters, and we also take in a fuckton of kikes as refugees during the 30s and 40s.

And what is our reward? How do they thank us for saving their sorry asses? They immediately begin subverting our nation with the frankfurt school and communist kikery and calling anyone who didn't go along with their bullshit an "ebil nazi!!11!". They are the most ungrateful people on the face of the earth.

tfw the kikes themselves were the biggest examples of why your country (I'm not American) need to stop immigration.

Yeah, all former allied nations are now suffering in the same way.
America got hit the hardest and continues to be the country that produces the most and gets subjected the most to propaganda and co.

They have used the own laws and rights against all of the west until they had the control of them.

It's high time to take it all back.

They tried. In the early 1920s, we changed our immigration policy to significantly reduce the influx of immigrants coming from eastern/southern europe.

Now, the casual observer might think this might've had something to do with anti-polish or anti-russian resentment or something like that. Wrong. It was because there were fucktons of kikes also flooding in from those regions, hiding among the native european inhabitants. And that's why we put an end to it, although by then the damage had been done and there were already a fuckton infesting within. Most of them stayed in NYC where they made landfall, and that's why it's Jew York City now.

You mean like outlawing any questioning of the official story would have?!

That's the funny part of it. Personally I think banning an expression like "polish death camp" is retarded, but given that there's already a ban on holohoax exposure/revisionism, the argument against it no longer holds any water. Calling them polish death camps is revisionist too, so it's illegal. Want to call them polish death camps? Go ahead and legalize holohoax revisionism in general.

And look at how many jews in the US openly revel in their hatred for whites. What did whites in the US do to the jews (even allegedly, like in the case of the Germans)?
The answer: nothing. Whites gave jews the greatest opportunity any nation ever gave them. And they have fucked us harder than any nation before, at an unimaginable scale.

These people have to go: One way or the other.

Concentration doesn't mean 'death camp'. It refers to concentrating a population into certain areas. This was actually done to Japanese people in America during World War 2.

So what they are saying is, because Birkenau was in Polish soil then the camps were (((Polish death camps)))? I wonder why would a death camp have so many entertainment facilities and activities.

Didn't the Great Depression occur almost immediately after? Really activates the almonds.

First they fucked with the Russian Tsar.
Then, Germany foolishly helped them when they were fleeing.
Then, cohencidentally, a war.
Britain was at the mercy of Germany, which proposed a "white peace" (basically status quo) but the kikes convinced Britain that they will be able to pull in America to fight against Germany as well, in the exchange for palestine.
(Watch the first half of the embedded video for that)

The Brits took that deal, Germany was defeated, treaty of versailles, etc.
(Btw, at one point the German kaiser actually hid in the Netherlands because commies took over the Reichstag for a while, Rosa Luxemburg andco, so he feared the same fate as the Tsar)

Of course the Brits got stabbed in the back for that, as well.
Just look at their empire today, not much left, and, no, that wasn't Thatchers master plan.
It was the inevitability of war debts and co.

Then again, it wouldn't look so nice if the British government told its citizen that they went even so far as colluding with Kissinger , the chinese, the niggers of africa and co to boycott Rhodesia.
Boycott and sanction it so hard that it was the only other nation to reach sanctions and punishment as high as Germany did.

Well, you know how SA looks like now.

We really should just all be super tight friends.
We've all been equally stupid and paid dearly.

Dealing with kikes is a death sentence to all people who do so.
They do NOT care about anyone else but them.


This is consistent with American behavior and "war join time" from that era, by the way.
And by behavior I mean, which other countries they attacked, etc.

The scope was very ((( peculiar ))), to say the least.

By the way, have a cross refence to the Kaiser thing.
It's not just the fever dream of an "evil antisemitic jew like Freedman".

And about the Rhodesia thing:
Take a look at this team white podcast, it's straight from the horses mouth.
It's a bit long, but very very worth it.


That's fucking rich coming from kikes

>So what they are saying is, because Birkenau was in Polish soil then the camps were (((Polish death camps)))?

Yup, that's the meme they're trying to push. This is akin to saying that since 9/11 happened on American soil, that it was American terrorism rather than Religion of Cuck™ic jewish terrorism
No doubt the reason for trying to push this heavy-handed talmudic bullshit is because Poland is actually standing up for itself and going nationalist rather than spreading their ass cheeks for kebabs and niggers.


Most of them were labor camps iirc

This is all you need to do. If they have a positive or mature reaction, it means they are not actual zogbots and have preserved their mind. If they have a negative reaction… well, pic related.

*>tell them the camps were in poland not germany

It's going to take more than that to beat the money printers.

No, they explicitly want to invent "Polish death camps" existing simultaneously and parallel to German Concentration Camps Nazi Holiday Resorts, but so far struggle with naming a single one.
After all, either a ""pogrom"" called in by (((Jakub Berman))) or a barn burning down and Precious Israel being the consultant on death toll over an event which happened before Israel existed, 5000 kilometers away from Tel Aviv, doesn't have any gibs milking potential

>(((Kielce Pogrom)))
tl;dw for anyone who doesn't have 20 minutes
>Soviet Union is stressed, phonecall to (((Berman))) to do something

Also, 1500000000 million innocent jewish children died in a single barn in Jedwabne, buy my book
t. (((Jan Tomasz Gross)))

kikes helped build the british empire and when it came time to help them out in return, you were slow to act. Now they get to fuck you.

That is basically their caballistic view of things, and it has some truth to it.

literally everyone from Israel govermnent including Bibi Netanyahu is trashing Poland 24/7 since bill passed, not to mention ADF and thousands of paid shills

Somehow, my expectations of anything no longer exist. Things like make me start to realize that, more and more. What did the kikes do to deserve us?

But wait!
There's More!
All Communist Party of Poland (KPP) were majority jewish in big cities, and 100% jewish venues everywhere smaller. (that's interwar period)
and 70% of KC PZPR (central committee of Polish United Worker's Party was jewish, the other 30% includes "hard to determine" and "not jewish")
it's safe to assume (((they))) were also involved in the grand robbery of 1 billion 400 million dollars from International Debt Management Fund (FOZZ) in the 80's where median wage in Poland was 20$
2 guys were accused, one (((hanged himself))) in a constant surveilance cell, the other sat 10 years without saying a word.
TVN was founded at least partially with the money stolen.

Is this what it's like to have absolutely no guiding principles in life?

tbh user, when have they ever done anything to make them not deserve their comeuppance

What hurts the most is that thousands of Poles died because they hid jews. This is how they thank us.

God bless Polish government for taking a stand.

Also, the jewish owned main stream media is going beserk in Poland, holy fuck

We need to meme this

Lesson learned perhaps?

Yes it is, real shame beacuse Polish people did it beacuse of good will
never again

Alas, one needs to recognize kikes are not human and never were. They may have stolen a few genes here and there to muddy the waters but they aren't human. Whites need not show good will to an infectious disease, vermin, or any other threat to their well-being and future.
Polandbros will always be welcome in my home.

The Jews are pissing everyone off so fast these days that the next time pogroms start up they won't have anywhere to run or anyone to turn to for help. Every country that's lived around them despises them, every country that's tried to help them has been betrayed, and in countries where they don't live and don't control media, they're seen negatively and muh holohoax doesn't earn them any victim points.

Are you retarded?
This bill stops the Holocauster™ Industry's biggest plan after Chancelor Schroder in 1998 said that "German's repentance time is over" so it was both in the interest of Israel and Germany Weimar to find another perpetrator for the holyhoax



History is semantics, goy!

You can't pronounce 'causter' as 'coaster'. If you actually mean holocaust-er, that wouldn't make sense and only serves as an injoke to us, but if you read it out enough times it just sounds like jew NLP shit.

fucking wordfilter yourself with a gun imkampfy

1919, 1939, and 1945 are not 2018.
Sage for subtle white D&C and implying Poles, and by extensions slavs, are not white.>>11211722

god dammit im an idiot

How does remembering the german victims of communism in Danzig equate to

All D&C is D&C, and the distinctions you come up with mean nothing to me. I watch the years go by, and see you all come full circle. This language you are trying to create has already been stolen by Conde Nast and their controlled opposition. You buzzword cucks are useless at explaining your logic. Im starting to think you are leaning on buzzwords as a crutch for your lack of fucks really given. This place has turned into 9gag because of Holla Forums, kampfy, chodemonkey, ron and jim. It is a toxic time-chamber for those who care or have cared about stopping the judeo-christcuck legion. This new standard will be confirmed when this post is routinely removed with all my other posts and thread(s).

While the post you were replying to is definitely a non-sequitur, nobody cares about your martyr complex.

Very telling.

laughable cunts really

Poles are not arguing against the h0locaust. They made questioning it a crime.

Poles are trying to jump on, are already on the hol0caust train. “Poles are victims of the Nazis too!”
They are trying the same stunts as the jews, “don’t question our narrative or we put you in jail”.

Poles are just forgetting one thing…
Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi
The shabos goy is not supposed to compete with their jewish overlords.
This is not a general anti-semitic move by the Poles, but a struggle of who is the biggest victim. The Poles view themselves, among their loot, stolen property, as the biggest victims of all of them. The jews try to put them into their place.


The neurotic jew never fails to show his mental disease.

they are just seen as vermin and holohoax doesnt pull any strings

useless fucking poles

Now wrap your head around it:
All in all that shitstorm is a wonderful show of jewish hypocrisy and willingness to lie and use genocide for an extortion scheme.
Not to mention that jewish crimes in occupied Poland (soviet zone) and postwar communist state are almost completely unknown. We are alone in this fight and NOBODY in the rotten west will help us.>>11210934

maybe this is a plan b type situation. once the lie is exposed, then they may go after the poles. Most of the killings did happen in poland proper - but not by soldiers. once the civilian populations in those areas realized the germans had bigger fish to fry than prosecute people for lynching semites it did get pretty lawless for a few years.

holy shit

hey filthy yids we're getting sick of your fucking bullshit


the nuremberg trials need to be re-opened and all evidence reconsidered because it was the biggest bullshit kangaroo court in history.

the jews should repay all reparations they've stolen from germans and everyone else through blatant lies and misrepresentation of facts, and US/UK be held accountable for their complicity

Oy vey, why is there so much anti-Semitism? Why do the goyim hate us so?

Are you fucking retarded? The Polish people just elected a literal jewish banker as their PM. It's hard to have a government more kiked than that.

spent some time working in warsaw, the amont of girls i met who told me they had jewish mothers but were catholic was astonishing. weird place degenerate alcoholics everywhere

Jews blaming others for (((their))) own faults.
Pure projection.



Freedom of speech is valuable to kikes when they can peddle porn, subversion or holocaust industry.


There are so many lesser, supporting lies, that one begins to question the entire narrative.

To kikes any and all white people are the enemy. It's a pathology. They don't care about fairness with their own, much less against their enemies.

Stop anthropomorphizing jews. They do not think like us.

Dubs checked and lessons learned.

Hehe, I'm not, but sarcasm doesn't come across too well over the internet.

They truly are non human.
And, yeah, they take whatever they can get.
Even the tiniest blow against us, they take.
No matter how petty.
They need to be removed.

Pooland was, and always were cyptojews and chimps. There is a reason why it has the highest amount of jews in Europe. They might have a white ethnostate, but so do jews.

Well that's a new one.
From all the nationalists around Europe I've never seen Poles actually deny the holocaust simply because the official WW2 narrative benefits them.

Pathetic numbers. We bred our niggers the best over here.


Germany also had a very high amount of Jews before WWII, and we can see the damage that they had done even without all this multicultural agenda. The Poles might have an ethnostate now (or Christian state, and that's how Christian universalism destroys our sense of race) but it won't last for too long, Multiculuralism isn't the only way that Jews destroy nations. After the rest of us fall, it's Poland's and Hungary's turn. Two new Weimar Republics if they continue to playing the Deus Vult, Jews are based, we are also victims of the Holocaust role.
Nowadays the only anti-immigration politicians that are accepted and that enjoy a large media coverage are the Zionist Christians that are even more supportive of Israel than their pro-immigration counterparts.

Well, the jew is promising it to them:
What he does see is the increasing rise of Eastern Europe in an evolution not unlike the power shift that moved from Spain in the 16th Century, to France and England and later to Germany.

“Every couple of centuries there is a changing of the guard in Europe,” says Friedman. He sees Poland as the “heart of dynamism” in Europe today.

The Poles are believing:
According to the analyst, in the next three decades Germany will lose its status as an economic powerhouse, while Russia will be “weak”. This will be a time for Poland, which – with its well-educated society – will become a regional powerbroker.

The jew has never deceived their friends, so nothing can go wrong.

It is tiresome already, has been posted so many times. Poland's policy is so open siding with the jews and trying to shaft other Europeans, they don’t deny it. Hell their “intermarium” is transparent nothing but their pipe dream of recreating a Polish empire.

Poles are fucking subhumans and you have to be blind not to see that.

I do believe the Hungarians have a much more rational view than the poles regarding ww2. They actually did something against the invasion and arent deluded subhumans.


Because en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pale_of_Settlement of BASED Russian Empire pushed Jews out into the Poland.

Feels good.

Before that Russia had very few jews and the Polish/Lithuanian commonwealth (Republic of Nobles) attracted many of them with their “tolerance”. Means “tolerant” Polish absent landlords, Szlachta did “sell” their peasants to the jews, respective the right of taxation and other privileges (alcohol) to squeeze out the multi-national populations.

Based Rzeczpospolita

„Poles“ or members of the commonwealth were just the nobility, similar to Hungary were “Hungarians”, free men were just the nobility. A reason why the “Hungarians” rebelled against Habsburg were the reforms and the attempt to relieve servitude in Hungary as they had done in Austria. As a result of the Hungarian rebellion, the Ausgleich, delayed abandonment of servitude for another 50 years, which affected many Slavs in Hungary.

Noice. Fun fact: Russian Government granted to this nice young man right to collect federal cargo road tax.


Nice DNC

Democratic Nominee Convention or what?
It is D&C you humongous subhuman. And what do you think beating Germany down with Holohoax is? Rememeber who sided with whom during the decisive years of modern history. These subhumans pump out kike propaganda and brown nose the yids everyday and somehow they are hwhite saviors? Give me a fucking break.