Planet's fucked mate

How does it make you feel that while we sit here debating identity politics and fake news, the entire world is becoming tainted.

The spaceship gave rise to our species, and we haven't replicated the life support systems. Your water is polluted, your air is polluted, your food is polluted. You are polluted.

Do you worry about this at all? What would you do about it in your ideal world?

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Me ?
I would remove semites niggers chinks muds poojeets etc and the problems would 99% disappear

Who controls the food supply and uses it to alter the chemical composition of your bodies? Jews.

Not good…

I know, that shitskin birthrate, amirite?

That should bring the world back to paradise status within 30 years.

not knowing the ayyyys are slowly terraforming Earth

lol stay mad you hippy faggot

wanting to live in a clean environment doesn't automatically make one a hippie you fucking kike.




< the Earth is a ball
noice meeemay

Pretty much all of the most polluted rivers on earth are in shitskin countries. Go look up the pollution in india where half of those curry niggers haven't even been properly house broken and they shit outside

You can thank the jews for communism, third world immigration, nigger and sandniggers baby boom in the 20th century, and finicial support of the oil industry for that.

I think were arguing the right points.

The funniest one is Haiti. They burned all the trees. All the fuggin' trees.

Hop into an airplane sometime m8. The actual footprint humans have on this planet is miniscule. We are ALL subject as a species, to forces greater than we could ever come close to grasping. To think it required 7 BILLION of us just to have whatever minute effect we claim to have on our climate.

This planet we're living on, is a tiny, insignificant roadbump, in the greater story of mankind. We are not to remain on this planet forever. It exists solely to harbor us until we are capable of fucking off somewhere else and that's it. And if you believe mankind will NEVER be capable of being an interplanetary species, then what reason should we have of caring for such a fragile planet sure to die long before even our sun anyhow?

Bring all manufacturing back to the west with strict environmental code, roll in and put at risk environments and oceans under martial law.

Earthchan thread?

Of course. Every day, in fact.
Ban white manpigs, of course. Every act of corporate contamination, every anti-environmental law, every anti-EPA activist - all are white manpigs.

When white "people" finally disappear from this earth, the rest of the humyn species can finally resume our march forward.

Earthchan thread.

True, but making vague shit threads with nothing specific and sourced to discuss does make one a massive faggot who should seriously consider a voluntary death.

You're not the real Maddow poster. The real one is much more subtle with their b8


The river never changes.
The man never changes.
There is only the illusion of variety.


Kill all nonwhites. Problem solved.


Drown yourself in semen.

Massive depopulation would help, but wouldn't a giant war make it worse? How do you kill everyone without triggering a thermonuclear winter?

30 years? Thats not very long to pull the plastic out of the ocean and estrogen out of our taps. You reckon a few billion dead humans is enough?

Mississippi river generally makes the most polluted river lists. There hundreds of toxic waste dumps all over America, pic related.


ikr. commies like that are wimps. They lob some attack your way, then scurry off like rats. Cowards all. All kikes at heart. Ever see a kike fight? Pathetic. They're fuggin' dumb. Real fuggin' dumb.


Source for that

Not where white people live. At least so long as they are places where it still mostly white people who live there.

any mention of China / India in that totally non-biased report from the fair writers @ Time


you can't clean other people's countries for them.
…can you?

Why feed the enemy? Only White people have ever had any care to preserve nature and its wonders. Less White people less care about the environment.


Calm down it's all going to be okay. Any trash we create is diluted in the Great Ocean.


This is the number one way to rebut liberals on the topic of global warming. Don't bother citing them contradictory studies or the flaws of using long term extrapolations based on limited data. "Climate Change" is irrelevant compared good old fashioned pollution. Instead, out holier-than-thou the liberal by citing them real world examples of skitskins destroying the planet. Remember, Conservationism > Environmentalism > Global Warming Hysterics.

I know libs would love to implement a global pollution tax along with the carbon tax, but Western and Northeast Asian countries have the garbage situation mostly under control and actively take measures to protecting the environment. Pollution is a third world problem that will soon be threatening the First World. However, they've moved away from using pushing pollution since they would actually have to get results, e.g. it would be measurable by how much trash is removed from the rivers. With Global Warming they don't have to get results, since there is nothing that could be done to reverse it, assuming what they say is true. Perhaps, inventing a time machine and stop the Industrial Revolution from happening would solve it. They can just grandstand and fearmonger while pushing for a carbon tax that would effectively centralize the economies of all nations and strip them of their sovereignty.

My favorite one.

I don’t care about the environment, I drive an old diesel for a reason you pussy.

Nonwhite detected.

end thread.
drop mic.
dubs checked.


Nonwhites wouldn’t understand the need for torque, obviously it looks like you don’t either, Ahmed.

Reminder that genetically modified organisms will save the environment.

Got you covered.




Yes user, I worry about it day and night.


story time

That doesn't help man, I want to be pollution and do kinky stuff to her.


Not just that, you also have the poos, chinks and niggers for dumping chemical waste into the rivers and acidifying the oceans.

What said.

Yes, we should glass Africa, China and India and put an end to this.

Came here to post this, and it ended up being first post with doubles.
Good stuff.

it's the chinks and the poos, has been for 50 years.

There's honestly no other way. Kill all niggers, chinks and mudshits to save the planet.

Those are: the Indus, the Ganges, the Mekong, the Pearl, the Yangtze, the Yellow, the Hai He, and the Amus.
The other two are in Africa - the Niger and the Nile.

So, no.

To secure a future for white children, you need a place for them to live; faggot.

man we really need to kill identity politics, and chinks

sad thing is, with india, china, thirdworld etc etc any kinda of change we make is a moot point, until we have control of the planet there is nothing else to think of, the jews will continue to destroy it as fast as possible because it's the only thing they know how to do. Then we can restore it as it once was.

Hitler started the first hunting seasons, was a conservationist.

ICE pollution is manageable compared to all the other shit you need to consider.
only retarded hippies bitch about cars then buy a prius that needed stupid filthy batteries to operate.

just keep your shit from puking/burning oil everywhere.


I hate it when people complain about the US and our pollution. Others are soooo much worse and don't even make an attempt at not shitting up the environment. Like India dumping raw sewage in the river.
Linked is a video about the "Don't care, no solution" mentality in China. It's what lets them put poison in baby food and not care.

That isn't literal pollution though in the common sense. its all nitrogen from factory farm runoff and viagra and other degenerate "medication".

the shitskin rivers are literally filled with shit, garbage, trash, oil and other petro chemicals.


I'm German, so, of course I worry about all of this.
Fucking subhumans are just lightyears behind in modern resource treatment.
Nonwhites are used to just dropping shit on the floor and have them rot away.
Their brains cannot handle plastics, at all. They probably thing it's some weird kind of wood.

Just like animal welfare, environmentalism is the white mans domain.

Nonwhites literally cannot grasp it.
The only exception are the Japanese because they were cooked to sensibility on a tiny island, and not a huge nigger continent (most nonwhites are from huge continents).
I cannot think of another nonwhite race I would even remotely consider a peer in these two matters, and even then, I'd prefer whitey.

Mfw i drink mineral water from my tap, without additives
Most bodies of water have healthy fish
i can buy cheap organic produce just down the road
Only pigs eat soy here

sorry you live in a shithole country™

Wait, hold the fuck up. Is that supposed to be Israel in the last panel? Fucking kikes.

Maybe if you're a dumb cunt city fag OP. You have to be one stupid faggot to actually think we're facing a global environmental crisis.

who needs trees when u got weed mon

Fuck Earth. Fuck Mars. Fuck everything.
Man was meant to spread his seed.

bro how bad is your geography? it's either turkey or east of turkey. fucking africa is right there, you can see italy. fuck man, start playing some total war games

i just looked again it's obviously china

whatmakes you think an old diesel is pollutive? that's actually one piece of the holocaust, jews said they took diesel tiger engines to gas them with carbon monoxide, when diesels aren't actually all that toxic despite the smoke. Regular gas engines produce way more carbon monoxide, but not only that, germans figured out a way to run engines on wood, and that produced the absolute most carbon monoxide, so if you're going to gas jews with carbon monoxide, why steal a tiger engine from the front when your farmers are already building wood gasifiers?

who gives a fuck about chinese baby food. they put melamine in dog food and sold it to the US and killed how many faithful companions?

I am VERY worried about this, it's right up there with food shortages. The ONLY solution is limiting population but there is zero political will to do this. There will be a WW3 because Billions of Asians and Africans must be eliminated.

It’s poo coming out of India.

Vid highly related.

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For all the shit that I've been seeing
You posts so bad it's like I'm dreaming

Do you ever even think before you post?
Do you care?
All you write - it's stupid.

10000 poeple on this board,
Stuff gets worse with each new post
My faith in humans slowly dwindling
This can't be real, what am I seeing?

Can poeple be this stupid, I ask again
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Im very aware. You cannot 1488 if you fuck the planet for future generations.


Pajeets, niggers and chinks.
Colored people never pollute am I rite?