Clean Coal

So can Trump actually make clean coal a reality? This technology could guarantee Trump wins a second term in 2020 and the shitlibs would have nothing to complain about.

Other urls found in this thread: Library/Research/Coal/energy systems/gasification/FE0024126-KickoffPresentation-120914.pdf methane from carbon dioxide in coal beds_ccc174.pdf–Tropsch_process

Would be nice but until it's operational it's worthless.

Whether this production method ends up working, being implemented, or whatever, "clean coal" isn't referring to what is described here. It's just a coal industry marketing term, I think they use better filters, or burn the coal hotter/more completely, or I think some plants even capture the soot/gas and pipe it into holes in the ground.

Trump just wants to burn more coal because he is aligned with the old hydrocarbon energy power base in the Anglo-Zionist elite. If you control energy, you control the population. Other elements in the Anglo-Zionist elite are involved with other energy sources to disrupt that old power base.

If Trump were to make clean coal real biogasification would be the way to do it.

Isn't biogasification with organic material?

So in the end, they're turning certain byproducts from burning coal into methane (to be burned for more energy) and hydrogen gas?

Coal is organic.

No they are turning the coal itself into methane. The bacteria and archaea break down the coal.

Ah, I probably should've read the article where it clearly states that instead of trying to figure out what it meant by 'coal derived constituents' on the graph.

and I should add these aren't the only scientists researching this.
. Library/Research/Coal/energy systems/gasification/FE0024126-KickoffPresentation-120914.pdf methane from carbon dioxide in coal beds_ccc174.pdf

Sounds good, what's the catch?

Bacteria are not a great way to produce something of which you need millions of tons. There are lots of ways to use microbes to produce fuel, but none would work at the scale required for energy production.

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There isn't one other than reliably implementing this on an industrial scale. Bacteria that can eat a basic food like sugar, and produce complex chemicals (medical use, or other) is really efficient. Scaling is the problem.

the technology is in the implementation mainly

Come again?

There seems to be other methods beside the bacteria already.

I congratulate trump on his excellent speech to america just moments ago.

my message stays the same:

We the people.

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when someone gives their sweat, blood, and tears to protect their own family, their own people, and their own country, must they apologize for wanting to be free and safe?
when someone states that they have pride and love for their own people, must they apologize for others misinterpretation of their pride and love for their own people as hate for other peoples and races and cultures?

loving your own people and your own country does not mean that you hate everyone else. it's okay to be white. you are not guilty of a crime for being the best you can be. you are not a monster for wanting a better world for your grandchildren. you are not a disease for spreading good ideas to your countrymen. you are you. do the best you can to be the best you can. help those around you be the best they can too.

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The catch is it hasn't been implemented on a large scale, although it was almost implemented by luca technology in 2010.

meant for

is there an engineer that can explain? We burn coal because the heat generated can be used to produce mechanical energy by turning turbines /pistons or whatever. What good is it if we have bacteria metabolize it into methane (also a greenhouse gas that faggots will bitch about)

Coal contains impurities that pollute when burned. There's a problem though: methane is less energy dense than coal and a gas making it less portable.

You are completely right. I think the main problem is there is nowhere to move to. I was banned for a couple weeks for making a simple comment about bannon being a jew shill. Seriously wtf, he was already even attacking trump at that point. Idk whatthe mods are doing and am not a computer tech wiz so idk how all the mod stuff works but I know enough to know I should be banned for calling out a Jew everyone knows is a Jew

Shouldn't be*

oh so the bacteria is just metabolizing the impurities? that makes more sense

I think it's more like the bacteria process the organic components of coal and produce methane without the impurities.

Is… is this a new layer of "Big if true"?

Couldn't methane be transferred via pipeline?

Pipes leak. One thing that's good with oil is how you can just put it on a truck or tanker and deliver it anywhere. To do the same with gases you need to keep them refrigerated in a liquefied form which costs energy.

Most of today's coal bed methane was produced by microbes.

Methane burns a lot cleaner than coal and the sulfur, mercury, ect will be left under ground.

What if we spent the whole federal energy budget on building 14 nuclear reactors and never worrying about energy again?

That would be great user, but that would be even harder to push than clean coal.

(((Someone))) will make sure those are of the generator type on Three Mile Island to produce enriched uranium for their nuclear program instead of being safe or useful.
Existing nuclear reactors actually need massive government subsidies to continue operating due to being inefficient designs, but they're kept running due to being multi-purpose.

Then could the methane be burned or converted to something else on site?

Yeah it's methane, that's natural gas.

I'm aware of that, but I don't know if enough of it will be produced on site to justify building a reactor or power plant.

I'm sure Holla Forums can find a solution in the long-run to the whole clean cost-efficient fuel problem even if this isn't the case since all these "scientists" have been shilling for (((whoever))) pays them.

From what I've read up, the main reason nuclear is so expensive is because of all the certifications and red tape. And because each power plant is basically a completely custom job, you have to individually test and certify every single part on each new plant built. The only thing standardized is the actual reactor itself. That's part of the reason why small modular reactors are appealing. Since the power plant is built with standardized units, you only need to deal with a fraction of the paperwork.

We should have replaced all coal plants with nuclear generations ago. Why can't we turn Appalachia into the silicon valley of nuclear?

Need uranium, though.

LFTRs. Nuff said.

Coal gasification has existed forever. The Germans did this in WWII.–Tropsch_process

Why isn't the ejected carbon dioxide captured and pumped into greenhouses to increase their yield or similar shit, there are a lots of ways to make use of co2. They always talk about reducing co2 or chemical waste, but here is no such thing as chemical waste, every chemical can be used for something. Like 95% of new green "technologies" i see just seem to be another expensive ploy to squeeze out more money. Kike science indeed.

Kikes will probably sabotage the greenhouse and then say the technology is dangerous.


you obviously don't work in the bacteriology sector user, world industrial (non drinkable) ethanol production was 75 million tonnes in 2016 I ran the math fag. 99% of that was derived via biosynthesis.

Yeah I'm sure Israel really wants us to be energy independent and act as exporters instead of importers, good call on Trump breathing life into coal being a total zionist ploy, makes perfect sense.

Holy shit are you a bioplant engineer too? Scaling is NOT the fucking problem, they'll have that shit figured out in like 3 years tops. We're soon to become the biggest exporter of diesel created from algae, all these things take time. Standing industries interfering with progress through the easily corrupted corporate republic is the biggest hindrance to massive industrial scientific progress in our nation.

torpedo gets it

Like I said modern industry likes things just the way they are, why change cows when you spent billions setting up to milk this one?

Today it's all about how much CO2 does it create. Burning methane creates less than burning coal, and you can't burn coal in your home, methane you can.

Science user gets it.

user you are very right about kike science, but still very wrong in your non scientific way. But whatever kudos.

Yup, hopefully we can switch over before any of those old mark II's fucking fail….shitboxes.

Clean coal is kike bullshit. They will proceed with clean (((coal))), jewnewable, and dangerous geoengineering (putting gasses in the sky) instead of safer geoengineering like a solar a shade that would be far easier to regulate. Using nuclear propulsion to lift off the mass to set up a manufacturing plant in order to make the shade in situ would prevent global warming in its entirety and has been doable for decades. Reveals Climate change for the kike marxiod bullshit that it is

4th generation nuclear is the future of independent, abundant, safe and cheap energy. also been doable for decades.

You know the best way to use coal as a clean resource is as the liner for a thorium power plant. But we can't discuss thorium because it doesn't enrich uranium and all the (((science))) says salt reactors don't work because they're ignoring molten salt reactors.

Who would be energy independent? You? Like you personally?

off topic but decent thread to bring it up, i heard on the (((news))) USA is going to be the largest oil producing country on the planet in the next few years. I'm sure that wealth will trickle down to the common man..

> But we can't discuss thorium because it doesn't enrich uranium and all the (((science))) says salt reactors don't work because they're ignoring molten salt reactors.
not quite. Indians and Chinese have been investing into it, as well as private initiatives. Its shameful for americans as they have shelved it since the sixties

Real talk right now. What the fuck happens to technology like this that is demonstrated, makes all sorts of news, then is never spoken of again? Back when it was .mil related, I could understand, it got classified. But what the actual fuck.

Does anyone else remember that technology of using a catalyst to burn coal 100% cleanly? I fully expect a clean coal future, but it's weirding me out watching ideas get made into a pilot program, then never spoken of again.

Maybe trump is right, there's no such thing as bad publicity. If I wasn't autistic, this technology being mentioned would have been lost to the sands of time.

That'll be a fun day when that fucker blows.

This can never get implemented on an industrial level. Maybe for powering individual houses.
You literally have to ferment the coal. Bacteria work slowly although efficiently.

I don't know what to think of this, maybe it's just a given that people that live in places full of coal would call a place 'Carbondale' and that these people would be interested in better use of coal, but still…

bad pipes made with chinese steel maybe

or do pipes on average, all leak, due to some not-so-obvious physics property?

(((Who could be behind this?)))

And good oneswhen kikes skimp on maintenance funding.

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This shit is dumb. You can create liquid hydrocarbons from CO2 and water if you have an abundant source of heat, like a reactor.

Fast fission reactors, which have been in use in military applications for decades, can produce good enough quality heat to run the thermochemical process of combustion in reverse. You crack apart the hydrogen from the oxygen in water, and then combine the hydrogen with the carbon in CO2.

All the carbon comes from the atmosphere. This is truly renewable energy, that allows you run a diesel truck on zero emissions, without any of that battery nonsense.

You wot m8? Then what's behind the decades-long autistic screeching emanating from the lips of nearly every kike and golem across the globe about Muh Climate Change and Muh Alternative Energy

Sounds like feminist shitskin propaganda.

the funny part of this is. THIS is sustainable, renewable energy. Coal is pure almost pure carbon that hasnt been subjected to the pressure required to produce graphite or diamond. Add to their work a bacteria to break down organic waste like shit and uneaten food into carbon and we will be sailing to the stars on fart power.

I have been a co-founder of two Advanced reactor companies. Stupid merchants destroyed the first company that I was with, and I got outed as a "Twitter Nazi" and it caused me to get booted from the second company. I am trying again on my own this time, and have come up with a optimized molten salt reactor design considering the risks of regulatory licensure and the development of extremely high reliability pumping systems.

AMA pertaining to fluid fueled reactors. I have worked with the world's best scientists in this field.
Also what would be a good platform to crowdfund on until we get some Gibs from DoE grants?

It's right in what you quoted.

What cuckompany was that?

What fuel cycle is the best for liquid core reactors? I assume thorium to breed U-233?

What is the minimum size you can make one of these?

The differences between the uranium-238-plutonium and thorium-uranium-233 Cycles are actually not large.

Thorium has better characteristics for breeding in softer Neutron spectrums, but both Cycles pose proliferation risks, both Cycles can be made Iso breeders or will require somewhat similar levels of quality of makeup fuel if they are run as burners.

Increasing the radius of the core by about 10 cm is going to have a larger impact than the type of fuel you are running off of. People imagine that thorium is some magical Wonder Fuel, and that's really not the case. Uranium-233 can be used to make bomb material, and the design of the reactor will have to take into account inherent safeguards in order to be economically competitive regardless of the fuel used.

Severance agreement dictates I withhold their name. They are actually amazing people that I do not fault, but the amount of harassment the company was getting from Canada to the US to the UK was simply untenable. Startups cannot tolerate harassment and threats of bad press. I had shitty OpSec and paid the penalty.

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volcanic eruption even a supposed supervolcano like yellowstone could never induce fission.

Why would a chink shill for coal power?