Let's open the mines, boys.
Libs are going to be melting the fuck down after this.


Other urls found in this thread:

Do you have anything to start the thread OP



Nothing crazy on twitter yet but I'll keep looking

Just go to the #SOTU Twitter tag and mine the salt. There is much to be had.

literally who?

Let the games begin.

>trust me though, I'm really scared

There's a delayed group salt even tomorrow.
First tweet in related salt pic.


Women are the niggers of gender.

We hijack #FossilFree with #RetireMadMaxine or #PasturePelosi

You deserved those dubs.


salt from reddit. had a few chuckles with these ones. They're also sucking Joe Kennedy off real hard

Im waiting for literally shaking to crop up


Why is it that a lot of these leftists have a drinking problem. Lefty women where I work don't shut up about wine.

The banter is lively tonight.

Yup sounds like reddit

Because they think drinking/talking about it gives them a personality. In my experience they don't even really drink much. It's like back in high school at parties when we'd see bitches have like half a beer and a wine cooler and act like they were wasted.

Conan O Brian is a congressman?

last bit of salt I could find. Reddit's format is trash
they've probably never hit the bottle hard because their cuck livers would stop them from any amount of real alc

Scumer and Pelosi looked like they couldn't find an escape fast enough.

Can I get a recap, please? I've been at work and missed the whole thing, the general threads are so massive I don't know how where to even start.

Oh no, how am I going to get overpriced coffee and organic non-gmo couscous now?

How do they get this dumb?

Recap what Trumps speech?

literal retardation


It really goes to show how stupid they think we all are.

Emotional reasoning. It defies logic.

Trips of truth. Arrogant retarded niggers gonna nig (in retard).

I love Twitter kike meltdowns.


Some classy facebook commentary.



Cummy Kennedy is going to be the Dem version of Jeb Bush.

Wow Drumpf is surely finished now - they misspelled a word on a pointless placard.

Cheers. I assumed Trump was keeping it calm and shitters were overreacting but, I just wanted to be sure.




Shabbos goys in the GOP sure love to take credit for Trump's accomplishments, don't they?


Worst kike meme. Neural networks argued about emotions.

But I bet everyone the left would have loved it if king nigger had put out his SOTU pamphlet in ebonics

That faggot got memed tonight
He's drowning in cum

Anyone have that cap of someone saying trade schools will be the new concentration camps?

Just going to leave this here…

youre a fucking nigger


I wish a nigga had

I cant stop fucking laughing lads this fucking thing kills me

If I was, I'd kill myself.

Oh God, the amount of soy in these screengrabs is just sad. Do note that the last screengrab features two react gifs from the Big Bang Theory.

Dem rebuttal is guy w cum on his mouth saying "plz…think of the poor trannys…"


How dare he be white!




< Kenneby
< oh Jesus I'm just so fugging nice
< i'm so fugging perfect
gas yourself

This kike is quoting Yoda.


Fill me in on the joke. I missed the last 20 minutes of the SotU address.

ryan's nose seems to get bigger and more pointed with each new photo.

You had to see it.

OMG guise this is totally like that time in Star Wars and Harry Potter

You had to be there….

This was incredible.

Homeless dude who ate dirt, fell asleep on the train tracks, had his legs ran over by a train, crawled across N Korea. Some outrageous level shit.

Chinaman got a shout out from Trump for eating dirt and losing his legs to become an American. Was a pretty crazy story.
Then he did pic related. Was pretty lulzy.



We know

Not a single democrat would reach into their pocket to buy him a real set of walking sticks?


you mean liters?

There was no doubt before, but this address = downright magnificent.
So proud I stood with Don since day 1.
So proud to be part of this with you!

One of these days the holocaust might happen for real if these kikes keep this up.

Daily reminder that you're delusional and paranoid if you believe that most of the media has a leftist bias.

t. Seth Goldblatt

I was thinking about a chinese holocaust story when it was being told. Damn, it's pretty fucking funny thinking about it again.

this is a keeper

It's gonna happen.


So what, can we meme normalfags into conflating wealth with fascism, so that they toss their money away in defiance?


Shigeru Miyamoto is mexican, dumpass

They expected one of his legs in the wreckage

meme material


First Doggo

I like how he mentions prison reform as retraining to function in society.
Not anything about minimum sentencing, living conditions, death penalty, gangs or butt rapey violence.
Prison reform = More Prison

This is beyond doubling down, this is just all in stupidity.

Biggest chopsticks I've ever seen

It's Ramen, not Raman.

Checked and fucking kek'd.

Or just maybe he was actually serious because people who spend extended time in prison usually have no clue how to function in society and end up going right back.

the extra stupid ones already do that

I'd consider it more of a typographical error than a misspelling. The n key is right next to the m key. It's obvious how it happened. Beyond the fact that it's totally fucking irrelevant, it shows how petty and juvenile our emotionally stunted and developmentally disabled opposition is.

Fucking Christ. How did these people ever graduate law school?


Was it not a garage Kenny spoke in?
I think he would have come off less of a liberal robot in a NASCAR jumper.
Or skip the garage altogether and host in a brewery.
It's embarrassing how they pick a young white fella trying to identify with young white males and then just regurgitate CNN and WaPo headlines.

When will you newfaggots lurk more and realize we arent fucking shitting when we say the memes are real.

Quoting Yoda from The Phantom Menace and not The Last Jedi. Holla Forums told me TPM is top kino. It was made by the aryan George Lucas and not by a committee of kikes. Is he secretly /ourguy/? His last name is Reich after all.

48% "very positive"


kike. name game.



Thankfully I have a stronk liver, whites win again.

Handy pocket response to their pop culture references. It'll drive them up the wall every time.

Superhero apotheosis when?

the sith are better


Activate your almond, there is a way!

Look at these fucking retards freak outy when he said AMERICANS ARE DREAMERS TOO. Just scroll down a bit.

top kek



part 2 where?

I fear and hate the illegal aliens, niggers, and kikes. This fear and hate are going to lead to violence?

Maybe they should tone down before their own self-fulfilling prophecy gets the better of normal people. They're normalizing things they don't want to see, it's hyperbole or IS IT?


Serious prison reform would have to keep people out of them in the first place. Also possibly ending for profit prisons would place pressure on judicial side to produce an alternative like say social retraining by local police force. Which may actually reduce police shooting people if they had more staff to be more communally involved.
But just a thought.

Russian hacking is worse than we thought!

>The American Civil Liberties Union is complaining about gratuitous usage of "America" in a speech about America delivered by the president of America to the American people

This timeline really is something else


And that's CNN polling, which tends to skew something like D+10. Expect them to shut down coverage as fast as possible.

ask and ye shall receive




Its fucking astounding how fucking much synchronicity is going on. Even after I have fully seen it its still so fucking awe inspiring. Love is vengeance, and we will have both.

Statistically, immigrants, 1st/2nd gen, are MUCH more likely to be mass murderers.


& I would reply with such a comment, but Twitter is stupid shit, and you should ignore it, because it's just a circle jerk at this point.


Also in favor of killer droids.
Honestly I don't care.
It's not like I'm a target or suspect.


Disrespectful faggot Gutierrez walks out in a hissy to chants of USA USA.

tfw family's been in country since before it was its own country

Come at me, invaders.

For the sake of not being racist, the killer droids will be required to kill several innocent whites for each criminal black.



Kaine's a pedophile.

I don't think they forgot anything, I bet that's what it looks like after the fix.



She is a good goy


best Baldwin


These kikes have absolutely no shame. I'm actually waiting for this.

Someone should point out that 50% of all the murders in this country were not committed by immigrants…. because they were committed by black men.

How about
For (((Ginsberg)))

For those who don't know what I'm talking about:

I still remember the feel of sunlight on my skin, the scent of favored fruits, the smell, touch, the color of my first loves eyes. You misunderstrand everything. To experience those simple pleasures again would be worth anything. After 1000 years corriban is ours again. When you feel anger in your every connection to the force, then you will have discovered the darkside… THIS IS A LIE. I discovered pansion, through passion I gained strength and through strength power, and through power victory. And through victory my chains are broken. THAT is the myth. Activate your almonds lads, the time is now. IT is happening.

The kino prequel trilogy is fundamentally about the downfall of a corrupt and inefficient Republic led by a cult of fanatics who prey on children at the hands of a hero who was destined to bring the Force into equilibrium.






Fuck. Now I'm the jealous one. Best I can do is I know the house my grandfather designed and built with his own two hands. I've got half a mind to see if the current owner wants to sell.

How does literally anything in that statement "erase" native americans? Fucking christ these people.

I love it, the Demorcraps' own demographic is now going to begin to eat them alive.

Yesss….Let the diversity flow through them and destroy all candidates deemed insufficiently victimized.

It's "Peace is a lie", but I know how you feel user

Don't you know about the far-reaching expanses of native American metropolitan infrastructure and cultural beauty that existed before the white man overtook and destroyed all of it?

Literal children.

their plebs have no idea but they are trying to harness negative thoughts/emotions to create tulpas. And it works, somewhat ever wonder why all leftists look like they have no soul in their eyes? Thats how tulpas work.. Highly focused negative emotions 'create a negative thoughtform' that 'enslaves a portion of the idiots soul within it'.

Really makes me think.

Do it

The husband was born in america while the wife was from some shithole country


Star Wars is dead user go back to your containment board >>>/sw/ and wallow over its corpse some more. TPM was best kino and vidya tbh but that part of me is gone now

Don't be so dense. Its not the medium its the message.
Here have some salt

Oh, my bad. Helps my point though really. They still omit male kebab because he was brown and Muslim and omit her because, whoops! She was an immigrant, brown and Muslim.


communist dictator in cuba
rightist are so stupid

Pizzagate is real.

Hard to find twitter salt.
Place is filled with people praising America or laughing at the Kennedy.

These memes will run him, we just need a slappy happy catchphrase for Trump to diss him with:

Maybe they installed a heartplug and he's overdue for milking his cat for his daily antidote.

Really makes "Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!" hilarious.

Fuggin jej I watch that clip like 10 times and every time I heard this rather than peace. Apt mistake, if I do say so myself. Peace implies that the truth is a lie. There can be no peace after what they did, what they do, reality is creation. Everything they do is to the detriment of creation.

T-that's actually kinda sad but I believe it. (((They))) are strange and baffling and their evil knows no bounds.

Do you think Kennedy was on cocaine? It's known to make you sweat profusely and it's great for public speaking, so much so that I know Rush Limbaugh was fuckin' zooted when he gave some keynote Republican speech possibly from early 2009.

They can't contain the shitposts!

Bukakennedy was pretty good
Drooling Kennedy
Fresh from sucking Nancy's teet Kenny boy will get a nice treat for giving such a good boy speech.

Hugboxes make you weak; Hurtboxes make you strong.
It's the difference between doing free weight curls or curling donuts into your mouth.

It just came to me.


Could it be that this is the day the salt gets buried under the weight of Righteous libtard bullying?


I think "bukakennedy" it is

re 1.2 / 2 / 4 is due April 6th for US debut. Kennedys are already fucked, we should be predicting who they will prop up next.

It won't be a huwite mail that's for sure.

Bernie's too old now

Lel that's all it was? Don't feel bad I missed it. Gonna watch my waifu Laura Ingraham.

A gay black tranny triple amputee who speaks via grunts.

Never! (kek)

Thot Wheels AKA Affirmative Traction it is!

That was a fun thread.

kek that's what I thought too

He will oust Ted Cruz and lead Republicans to victory. His quadroon waifu Brandi will win him the minorities / doubting democrats.

What was some good shit from the address? I know about Americans are dreamers too but was there anything else particularly interesting?

The left really does want to be the party of shitskins exclusively. No wonder they are so desperate for more niggers, beaners, and muslims. They're aggressively chasing the white cucks away and yet still need to get some majority voting for them.

And yet there are still whites that vote for the left's fanatical anti-white cult.

user in the other thread was saying you could be breaking 50 grand within a year or two from CDL (trucking/teamster).
Anyone here have experience with that?
I've been thinking on getting a CDL in a few months, and I was hoping the pay was good. I don't think I'd mind doing hazmat certs either.

The problem with the Irish is that St. Patrick drove the *SERPENTS* into the sea. This is code for Jews. Consequently the only Jews to survive were the craftiest and most ingratiating, and down-low. It's why IRA "heroes" are now wearing shackles screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER MORE NIGGER REFUGEES - the Jewish genes which propagated there were the most subversive and don't show up visually.

Assume every Mick is a kike or a Jesuit (same thing really), it's the only safe thing to do.

i expected a clear vision for the future
not impressed by this self congradulation
we will see what he will actually do

more interesting was the meta surrounding it. what the dems didn't stand/clap for and the reactions to the speech. There was really nothing special or offensive about anything Trump said, which was the point i assume.

LOL the DNC, without a CEO, is now pissing off its new illegal alien voter base with the predictable move of showing a relatively handsome Kennedy.

Oh how the worm has turned. I wonder if this was the idea of the baffled now-ex CEO who BTW is also a fucking dyke?

He made the Democraps clap a number of times for vets and heroes of varying types and they were super pissed but clapped anyway.

How can you not clap for some veteran who got injured?


when you want every white person and their babies dead.

They also think illegals are a net economic gain, diversity is strength, blacks are oppressed by whites, sex is a social construct, and Religion of Cuck™ is the religion of peace.



That was R2Dindu

It disgusts me that I breathe the same air as such subhumans.

Sorry. I don't trust those numbers. How many leftists refused to watch it?

Note that they also booed Trump when he stated the fact that chain migration needs to end because it leads to a glut of low/unskilled/nonworkers due to 'loose family relations'. I mean, for fuck's sake, they chose THAT hill to die on? The media is going to unwittingly beat it into the public consciousness that chain migration is bad simply by harping on it because Trump said something 'racist'.

They'll do Michael Obama with Xavier Becerra (California's Attorney General behind all the sanctuary state bullshit) as his running mate.

He's simply telling it like it is, my guess is that any messaging about the SOTU will be confused as they await the memo.




Isn't that kind of the entire fucking point?
Does this retard RATHER all mass-murders be committed by immigrants?
Not saying any of it is okay but this dudes priorities are all kinds of fucked

fuck off Kike

The Democratic Party will be saved by A FUCKING WHITE MALE

Here rabbi shekelstein, here's a cool trick:
See how it says +/- 3%? You just apply the 3 to the tens column.

Suddenly! 45% approve and 55% approve.


In one of the previous SOTU threads an user pointed out that with his first successful SOTU Trump is now officially normalized as President of the United States. The media had a year of hysterical crying, denial, and delusions that someone will make him go away, but that time is over. Not that they won't stop their anti-Trump shilling.

Trump is President and most people simply go "meh" like he was anyone else, even if they really don't care for him. Also, to many normalfags, praising Trump and praising America are quickly becoming one and the same. Welcome to the official start of The Age of Trump.

Makes you wonder why he doesnt want other black working. Its almost like he is in the position he is in because he keeps the other down

38% is actually rediculously high considering only liberals would vote on a huffpost tweet. Must have turns a lot of Dems

lucky i didn't bother watching it. Of course he's just totally cucked out on justice because he's an actor or completely compromised
There's just wall to wall shilling on places like GLP
Most of the 'libtards' on twitter are jew trash that are just trolling every bit as much as the alt-light jew trash

The reason Trump has no balls is because he's a fraud, and before you call me a shareblue, fuck shareblue, james alefantis is a paedophile. Eat a dick jewish Trump shills.

Did that bitch just admit that the agenda is to brown out White America?

(((They))) are not even trying to hide it anymore.

They are also memetic wizards, they just don't know what the fuck they are doing, so they keep meming the reality they fear.
praise kek

You can make just as much or more if you work on them instead. Anyone can drive a truck. Plus it’s all shitskins these days. Sage for off topic

it's funny, the guys has been in office for more than a year and he hasn't jailed or even really fucked up a single major swamp creature

so of course, all you can do is look for 'salt' on twitter and reddit instead of seeing actual high level perps get walked

I enjoy driving though, and part of the reason I'm doing it is to get out the town I'm in. But that's good to know.
Polite sage

Interesting technique, Mr. Noseberg

I love driving and wrenching too. If you’re wanting to know more, cuckchan /o/ has a trucker general, I wish our /o/ was more popular though.

Shit I had completely forgotten the trucker general on /o/. Thanks, user.

Or some user has left it all over places user knows people are likely to vote a different way than Huffpo would like.

True. Whites get the attention(like eith everything else) more than black or anyone else cause we are the best at mass shootings. Asians are really good too. Niggers blow their load in one clip and chimp out, if they even get that far into the shooting. Pussy as niggers just blind fire at houses and drive off

The Furuta treatment is too good for him.

Michael has explicitly said he won't run. I think it will be Pocahontas + , thereby checking a couple of big identity politics boxes whilst still quietly putting a semi-competent white in charge. I guess Becerra is a possible VP, but blacks only get enthused for black candidates so Brooker seems more likely.

Incidentally, Brooker accused his opponent in the 2002 mayoral election of "collaborating with the Jews to take over Newark" lol.


There's more black serial killers in american history by virtue of the fact that blacks typically murder in mass amounts. But hollyjew focuses on white ones because when whites become deranged killers they murders are gruesome and twisted. Blacks are already deranged but when they kill they kill in comparatively mundane ways.

Whites are better at everything including killing. Imagine what the inevitable real holocaust will be like? An actual efficient wide-spread and orchestrated killing. No need for ovens and non-lethal gas.


This. What is he doing? Where is the draining Swamp? Sure LOTS of people have been canned and replaced but literally no high level officials have(directly related to any actions by Trump) debatably a couple politicians have been caught didling kids but no one very important. Nothing even remotely close to pedogate shit. When will you finish your campaign promise Trump? Huh?

Good point, I wonder if those are actually his crutches or some propagandist lent him shitty ones to make him a more sympathetic figure


There's a popular manga out there called 'Berserk' where the astral plain and things like fae/troll/etc are the creation of the human mind, this includes God.
At one point in the manga, a warrior fans call 'Skull Knight' appears and uses a magical sword to cleave through space and time. The target of this strike is a extremely powerful demon prince who's become almost completely connected to the astral plain, the sword cut that kills him causes the two world to blend together.
I can't remember what one of the character's said when reality got fucked, but it was basically "All logic in this world ends."

Trump brought the unreal, and the real together. Reality has been broken, and nothing can fix it.


no way Pocahontas can run, she is not indian and she is white
Michael wont run until trans are as accepted as gays are today

They will definitely run a black/brown woman, lesbian a plus but optional

Man why do I agree with libshits for the wrong reason. I want some finna dat nuclear

I had a big thing written out, but I gave up because you'd just have to read it to understand, Berserk is just that great.

Also, Logic of "This " World.

What a fag.


Can these fuckers be any more vague? It's always "oh yeah, uhh, the whole speech thing was racist and shit, just look it up yourselves, you'll see. fuck drumpf amirite guise?"
Didn't know people could be worse than a nigger at citations.

Was i hearing things or did parts of the crowd randomly AWOO? I think it was directly after POTUS talked about jobs returning.


star wars posting is for >>>Holla Forums

Good observation


(((They))) can't hide it anymore and the parasite squirms in pain and fear when forcefully detached from its host.


I fear the mind of the liberal

video related

Since the only ones they would even interview are libshits they must really be losing their grip on things. I'm surprised they even ran the results tbh.

Thanks, user. Glad someone has me covered.


But he didn't, now did he? So what is the fucking gripe?

Kek. You forgot to add "…delivered in the American Capitol…" They've really passed over the event horizon of reality now. They can't even begin to grasp all the dichotomies they have forced themselves to swallow in their hatred, grief and ignorance.

Good riddance.


Hmmmm. How about making up Holohoax stories about other people of our own to help discredit the Holohoax by drowning it in noise? Has that been tried before? It sounds like a lot of fun.


Woah, Trump is now curing crippled Asians? That's some power level.

Checked. Please tell me Kennedy actually said something about trannies.

Yup. Was crying about all the trannies who are shoahed.

>Antifa uses fear. Fear begets anger. Anger generates hate. Hate causes violence. Violence produces more fear. It's a vicious cycle that communists have used since the beginning of recorded time to entrench (((their))) power. #FTFY

The 29% negative are most likely libtards and butthurt kikes who didn't even listen to it.

This, pretty much.

horseshit. lurk for two years before posting again.

Ah, but how many of them are second- or third-generation immigrants? Also, love how they leave out other events like San Bernadino where the perpetrators were immigrants (within three generations or less). Cherry picking at its finest.

You can hear the tofu nuggets scattering across the floor just by reading that tweet.



Little reminder that Robert Reich openly celebrated the the Obama stimulus bill shafting the Midwest and the disgusting white goyim who live there.

Quick rundown?

Did he mention any of the following:

White Genocide


Free Speech

Gun Rights


I’m descended from furries who lost everything in the war and barely escaped being turned into coats like six gorillion others were.

I don't use twitter, so I have no idea what hashtags are going on, but please tell me I'm not the only one who thought of #JoKennedy.

An added thing. The skull knight fails to kill Griffith/Femto. He warps the strike of the blade and directs it into the giant abomination, thus turning him from a Shub Niggurath entity into Yggdrasil, creating a world tree thjat reaches into the stratosphere and merges the fey world and the real world into one and resurrecting that worlds equivalent of ancient rome.

If Dreamers are truly assimilated and would never survive in Mexico… why did Joe Kennedy speak to them in Spanish? I thought they were just like everyone else. #SOTU


No, he managed to skip all that.

This whole sequence still gives me chills.

That's how I see things right now. We've all been collectively pulled into a world where the fantastical and dramatic are material.
Memes have crossed over into our world much like dragons, fairy's, and trolls crossed over into the world of Berserk.
Make you wonder if the powers that be are born of our desire for reason, an ideal reason.

Hold the fuck up, wasn't that HIS campaign promise?

Because they're all goddamn miserable. You can't be a 'progressive' without being miserable, because the soul-destroying progressive ideology induces misery.

No. But he did mention:
meh, 5/10, at least he didn't bring up muh Assad gas babies


I didn't even know Bernie gave a speech, how was it? Did he ask for donations?

SO WHICH one is it?


Trump was elected in large by cucked Boomers on a civic nationalist, Zionist platform. Which one do you think it is? The ramblings of some mindless Twitter drone or the man's own word?
I do like a lot of what he's doing, and it's remarkable someone who shifted the narrative towards true nationalism even as little as he did was elected at all.

Don't let kikes and fool you. They're in desperate damage control mode to try to downplay the massive damage Trump did to the left and the kikes' plans tonight.

He didn't mention White Genocide or Demographics explicitly, but he did mention how he doubled Child Tax Credits (Pro-White since niggers and spics don't pay taxes) and how he's going to eliminate both the Visa lottery and Chain migration. He also explicitly called for Merit Based immigration policies.

Yes, he DID say that he was making a pathway to citizen ship for 1.8 million illegals, but with the following rules
And they have to keep this up for 10 to 12 years.
So that eliminates 99% of that 1.8 million.

As for Freedom of Speech and Gun Rights, he explicitly stated that he would have congress interpret The Constitution AS IT IS WRITTEN
Meaning he's Pro First and Second Amendments.

and fucking kill yourselves you mindless cuck drones. You lost again today and you're not coming back from it. Die.

Neck yourself faggot.
Remember that?

t. Opamacare recipient

Beserk has been shonen garbage for years now

The "meh" shills, you go fuck yourselves. That was the most uplifting State of the Union that I've ever seen. The looks on the Dem's faces weres priceless as they refused to clap for things like black and Hispanic unemployment rates and honoring the American flag. I've been to 5 Trump rallies, and hearing the congress chant "U.S.A." brought me back to those times of glorious victory. He's got the Libshits leveraged hard with the memo, and his high energy, well received speech tonight and we need to capitalize. Sure Trump might not really be "our guy" on all matters Kike, but lets give the him our energy and pray to ,or God, or Odin or whatever so that we can get some restrictions on immigration and a big beautiful wall.
P.S. The Obama girls suck white cock to rebel against their homosexual fathers.

Delicious twitter kike tears are always delicious

Still not as shonen as this fight from years ago.

They're all never Trumper Neocon faggots

I love it.

The Obama girls do anal to imitate their father.

It's a shame that any white cock lets itself get near their reverse-quadroon monkey faces.

what is there to be salty about?
the speech was a civnat cucking shitshow

They don't look like they would have dicks like Michael. They must have to use strapons to imitate him.


He mentioned earlobe spacing shills

opinions of retarded people don't matter
if he spoke like this during the election he would have lost

fuck off with this MGTOW shit, by your logic I should be an unironic faggot.

You're right, filtered.

why would a neocon be angry about speech attacking Iran and North Korea, "axis of evil" countries?

29% illegals
Call an iceman, there's work to be done.

True, include her too.

WTF? This was never in my timeline? oldfag
This is essentially saying women are now the oppressed group who need to campaign for more rights - but that is lost in today's context. ;^)

Okay fair enough. I missed the part when Trump called to go to war with Iran. What did he say exactly?

Dont forget Klebold was a Jew and his parents were feds

He talked about supporting the Iranian (Aryan) people.

…against their anti-zionist government

The absolute state of them.
Fucking children is what they are. I hope they kill themsleves when Mueller shows he has nothing or Trump gets re-elected.


..returning Iran to it's former state and releasing the Aryan people from captivity is a win in book.

former state of Iran pic included.



Attention, ATTENTION!

This is a communication from Dr. Ron Paul. The shills are defending old Droolin' Joe Kennedy, the word has come down on all namefag fora that "it was just chapstick goys."

It's amazing to see the shills deploying across the land to try to save this poor faggot, and they all have the same messaging too.

Pretty silly shit, but shills will be shills and they're robot assisted.

why are you trying to divert attention away from King Good Goy speech to some nobody had heard of before last night?

Go ask Ford why nuclear cars don't work.




Jesus fucking Christ. Because that worked out so well for the West, right? The absolute state of nu/pol/


Hahahaha how much effort was put into tricking out that mick?

You fucking faggot. Anyway stay mad, Trump's gonna blow up the sand niggers and the Jews so you'll get yours. Faggot.

This user is an obvious shill.

someone better inform his jewish grandchildren and daughter before it's too late

Yeah but something something Republicans, newly elected presidents aren't allowed to reverse policies or plans, dontcha know?

Fair point. I had reversed to point at your numbers

He's right. One of the few left on this board.

I'm not sure how you translate "Aryan women no longer wearing trash bags" into "womens' liberation" user. The two are only equivalent in (((lies))).

Too bad he's not a Muslim like you eh roach?

This is why we filter TORpedos. No pizza here for you Moshe, only a

2 mics

Dubs are 22

>posts pics of slut cavorting on ancient relics flaunting her stronk, indepyndynt (((womynhood)))
Where do they hire you women at anyway friend?

Aww the salt rats seem rustled.

MGTOW wizard detected


Iran has been raped by mongols and arabs, there's no "aryans" left

No. MGTOW conference detected.
Women follow strong leaders. Get strong. Women will fall in line and offer you pussy for putting them in their place.

Thanks for the offer, but blackpills aren't on my prescription list rabbi.

Ain't it cool?



I don't know about you guys, but I don't have time to argue anyone like that out of their dumbass beliefs. People like that simply don't get to be in my life.


Then they win. Cowards like you are the reason SJWs are so prominent now. You have to call them out on their bullshit or else they just take political power and dominate the country.

I was paraphrasing, retard
so we agree
why are there people shilling for Trump then when he talks against this very system in place in Iran?

Where do I even begin with that?
Left to themselves without STRONG male leadership they will collectively ruin anything they have the power to. They respond to STRONG males who don't cuck out with their bullshit. If she acts out of line humoring her and putting her on a pedestal over it is the surest way to cuck out. You might as well call a Jamal round yourself at that point. You tell her to stop bitching and fall in line, she'll kvetch like a rabbi in a foreskin drought but when you hold your line (because she is testing you) and she realises you're serious she'll be wet to follow you.

and Toppest Kek.

We must do this 4 the lulz


My guess is religion of peace isn't their friend. (((Others))) want it gone for their own expansionist reasons too.

Why libshits are angry again?


Kek, true. Their cognitive dissonance elicits chuckles chuckles. My guess they really are simply unaware of the doublethink they've traveled so far down the rabbit hole of (((lies))).

Wut? Where have you been?
The $ swastikas were on an anti-Trump billboard.

They already have declared EVERYTHING racist by themselves.

(most recently I heard "chairs are racist". Check out Tucker Carlson's list of 100 things libs call racist he posted on Twitter)

Such excellent memetix.
I love this picture


Meme him /ourguy/. Can't hurt.

D-drumpf will be impeached…. A-any day now….

good point. meme it.


Was just checking some old forums I used to frequent. There was a thread on this.

It's depressing how many were swallowing the Russia narrative.

If you want to get shitpost banned from there user, you can go out in blazing glory by posting the infographic about the FusionGPS Russian hotel pissing story.
You'll have to create a new account to mine the resulting salt though.

Infographic included.


The shills were delayed during the SOTU speech, only showing up in the last two threads. Now they're here trying to make up for that. Must be agonizing to wait for the google doc to update so you know what your script is.

How much do you wanna bet Trump purposely made that typo just to reap in the salt?

It’s obvious, Satan. They went to the illegals and told them “you’re in the wrong place; the State of the Uniom is being held in Acapulco.”



They're not even printed by the White House, they're printed by the House of Reps. All these people saying 'Trump r stupid' are too stupid to even look up who prints the damn things

(checked mini satan)
He did it to distract them from his EO to put the (((traitors))) in Gitmo, and it worked!


>>>Holla Forums2374615

So he left North Korea and now we can support him on our taxes for the rest of his life. Great

Somebody reply to him that those were all Jews.

I've been banned from political discussions on that board for a long time now.

Mods and admins are hippy "safe space" fags.

He lives in S. Korea in some Christian charity I think they said. Raman (sic) huge chopstick man doesn't sponge for a living.

kek. let them get rekt when the memo comes out then

Worst Korea only continues to exist because US taxpayers subsidize their defense

Gee, it's like he wants to make America great again or something


When does the Awoo year start again?

Dumped homely white wife and child to go off with a younger asian chick because she was arty and understood him better.
Listening to anything he has to say about the plight of women.

Ole bobby "gas the bikes" reich

Hold off, any more sizzle you're gonna need steak


Cinnamon cocks are a minority though?
Fucking waaat m80

So is this Joe Kennedy faggot the new meme that the left is going to push, like how they forced the Obama meme during the 2004 DNC?
First of all, I think the idea of anyone caring about political dynasties and names is over. Jack and Robert Kennedy haven't been relevant since the 60s. Ted Kennedy was pathetic dinosaur who got in early and coasted from there.

I can't help but think the idea of propping someone up just because they have the Kennedy name is some sort of boomer mindset. Nobody younger than boomers gives a shit about the Kennedy name. Especially not mudskins.

And this is to say nothing of how cringe-inducing and blatant the pandering was with this faggot.

The Congressional monkeys 🐒

Note the presence of the Jewess Wasserman-Schultz at the bottom left.

I just woke up and my sides still hurt

Do all the people in the room feel safe? I mean w/o a Plexiglas shield up around the monkey cotillion what's to stop them flinging poo everywhere?

It was a good speech, for today's standards, but i can't believe how anyone can be ecstatic about it.
Our problems will never e solved as long no one even mentions our on-going genocide. Am i supposed to give an ovation because non-whites now have more jobs, which whites could have had? Am i supposed to applaud that it's ok that we pay billions to Israel because they are our "(((friends)))"? Am supposed to see the wisdom of granting amnesty to at least 2 million non-whites in the faint hopes of them doing something stupid enough to be deported?
I know that the Trump defense squad will say how that all doesn't matter, but i still don't see how anything said in that speech will save the white race.
Trump is very good at fixing the US, but this is irrelevant if the US continuous to become a brown majority country. Even without illegals and bare minimum of 3rd world immigration, our gene-pool will continue to degrade. Not giving amnesty would have been one, if not the easiest, of all the issues to resolve. If something like this is not possible, if not even illegals can be deported, how to the hell do you even see the west turning back to be the home of whites ever again?
As long civil-nationalism remains in the government, it does not matter how well the "right" is doing. We are nearing the point of no return. Nearly 50% of the US isn't white. Europe catches up.
I'm not a pessimist, but i guess my rationality puts me into that direction. So even trough i do like Trump, as far as i can like politicians, i cannot be as ecstatic about this speech as most of you seem to be.

Posibble they're wearing adult diapers. Minimum dress requirements and all that

My god. Obviously you're not a golfer. Strategy you impatient plebeian

I am glad I did not vote for that hippie scum

That was probably the plan but the democrat's anti-white base had such a bad reaction to Cumlips Kennedy that they'll probably pretend he doesn't exist and never speak of him again.

The quote is setting up the ocean and wilderness as a threat. Now why would the wilderness be a threat to new colonies?

Let's meme orange to be the color of hate this year guys. Just imagine the keks that will soon emerge from this.

What was #TeamMud's reaction to Jose Quenedé? I guess the blatant pandering didn't work out? Or is it just that he's a fucking Wh*Te male so no matter what he says, he's a no-go?

I'm loving how the kikes are stuck between a rock and a hard place with the demographic strategy they've employed. Run a white man to try to get the working class white voters back, and you piss off the mudskins. Run a mudskin dindu like Kamala Harris and you just drive away the working class whites even more. Their only hope is to find a miracle mulatto who will pretend to be race blind and talk about working class economic issues (basically what Obongo presented himself as) but I don't think that trick will work twice, and I don't even think they have anyone who could fit the bill.

Has potential.


Feb 17

Has potential. OC related meme (uses lower reciever, and (((TV))) upper)

Nice. I like the color coordination.

Hilldog and Slick Willy were also wearing overtly purple clothing of the exact same shade during her concession speech. Some sort of soros color revolution symbolism?


i understand he shills himself to success but id rather celebrate when he accomplishes something

yes lets


I can't believe this hasn't been done yet.

wew laddy, what more do they want? Is speaking spanish and literally felatting dreamer beaners with his cum-soaked lips not progressive enough? What more do they want?

It really is strange looking into the mind of a typical shitskin and how warped their perception of America is. People have done surveys of nogs asking them what percentage of America they think blacks are, and they honestly think it's like 50%. No doubt from living among themselves in the ghettos, as well as constantly seeing forced diversity in TV shows where every other character is a nigger, on top of them just being all-around retarded.

And here I thought we were the only ones who called him the Sleepy Negro

At some point this point needs to enter the mainstream of thought and public discourse; that progressive mean literally no whiteness at all. People need to be made to realize and admit that progress according to leftists is only possible in the absence of all Europeans.

Come user, you can do better than that

It's the exact same way with homos! Media is so filled with fags and gender bending charecters that people forget (or don't know) that queers are under 4% of the population. Trans people make up a fraction of a percent.

Now let that sink in. All this media kvetching for a minority within a minority. A minority so fucking small that most people will go their entire lives without knowing a trans person IRL.

Yup, and the easiest things to point out as examples are when you see things like sports teams or movies that are 95% black being called "the most diverse ever"

They couldn't pick a more scheming lookin yid as their leader?

I was thinking of mentioning this as well, yes. According to leftists, you'd think homos make up 30% of the country and trannies are everywhere. It's total bullshit, obviously

Where would they find a less scheming looking yid?

Bernie Sanders, I guess?
Speaking of which, anyone got a gif/webm of Bernie last night doing that half-assed clap while looking like he was on suicide watch?

Found the leftists

Is that the same kid?


The best part about that disgruntled negro group image is that it was taken when he said something along the lines of blacks having the highest employment rate in a long time.

Now they can't get reelected on pure gibs promises.

Even better, they did their group negro glare when he said that blacks' unemployment is at its lowest level ever. The Congressional Kangz get their votes from angry blacks and guilty white liberals. It's a lot harder to run on the Fuck Whitey/Gibsmedat/Dindu Nuffin platform when the people you use it on are doing better than before and you had nothing to do with it.

not really true. nogs don't want jobs. they want gibs.


which is why 90% vote democrat.
but how do you get reelected with only 90% of a nations 13% demographic?
you need the white guilt vote.
but if they have jobs, like the rest of the people, that goes out the window, an they can't jabberon about "wez guts no jaaabbs, we needz gibz"

They are left with "we don't wantz jaaabs, we wantz gibz".
and that don't fly to well.

Agreed, which is why the "ungrateful nogs in fake african garb sitting on their hands while the president talks about record black employment rates" is fucking great propaganda for our side.

Just think some of that 29% negative are probably no path to citizenship ever too. Fuck those illegal faggots.

I've heard in the past that their numbers have reached 35-40 million. Just think about that for a second: It's a larger number than many countries. I'd call that an invasion crisis. Anyone know of more recent numbers?

Ryan was so smug when the tax bill stuff came up. It was pretty funny to watch his reactions behind Trump.


Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

What the hell is that weird ass scar on his neck?

in any case, heres a lazy frankenstein.

Kek, what a limp-wristed clap. Faggot. And notice how the libshit behind him studiously 'claps' the heel of one hand into the palm of the other so as to avoid making a clapping sound, but appear to his handlers that he's going through the motions. Cuck.

Jesus its a creepier more rapey m00t

Work? Together? OY VEY!

jewish midget that has been in prior potus cabinet orifaces and appeared as an "economist" on msnbc

Begone, jew.

Is that the nigger from FFXIII?

No standing ovation from the multicultural communist side after historic employment for shitskins is announced? Sad.

thanks fam

Historic low levels of unemployment for nogs AND beaners. Amnesty for 1.8 million illegals. An assault on opioid addiction and drug dealers that statistically kill more of their preferred demographic base by proportion.

These fucks should be crying tears of joy. Look at those sour puss faces. They literally can't even.

Could Schumer look like a bigger piece of shit? Could the fabric of reality even handle those levels of pure shit?

They are upset their voter base is being threatened.

At the risk of sounding like a civnat boomer cuck, I don't even get why these nogs hate Trump. He's literally never said or done anything that's directly or indirectly against niggers. I know trying to apply rationality to niggers is mostly fruitless, but goddamn.

that there weird ass scar is a line of zits.

>9/11 towers (((officially))) brought down by immigrants

it's almost like non-whites don't vote based on policies or something
perfect example of how useless civnat cucking is

It continually strikes me that literally regardless of what his facial expression is it's always the exact same one: He's plotting a murder and trying to figure out a mark to take the fall for it.
Kek truely works in misterious ways

why we need to remind them

they'll be Trump voters by tomorrow


Yup, people have done studies on this. The majority of niggers and even of beaners themselves are strongly anti-immigration, for example. But even shitskins with conservative views still vote democrat, because you have to take into account party loyalty and tribalism.

Shit like this really makes me wish we had a swiss-style government where the public can introduce and directly vote on certain pieces of legislation themselves. Think about all the bullshit that would never pass if the public got to directly vote on it.

Who was it that actually said on national TV that Democrats are aiming for demographic replacement?

Oh yeah, it was FOX's Tucker.

Might be from a face lift or something. Could also explain the drool, still walking off the meds.

This is a lost cause, cuckservatives have been pushing this angle for decades ever since the buckley faggots took over. It's not going to happen.

you can't blame people for being tribal
I blame kikes for brainwashing whites to not being

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad that tribalism is a thing. I completely accept it as a psychological reality. I'm just pointing out that trying to appeal to rationality has huge flaws and it's why the "democrats are the real racists!" shit has fallen flat despite being attempted for decades.


I assume you're talking about the slavery continuation myth driven into their small intellects by their matriarchy from childhood that Auntie Shaniqua needs dem gibs to feed dem 8 chiles.

gee. thanks. what a compliment.

I tweet that shit from my "Black Panthers" twitter account.

At this point, Trump can just recycle his old stuff.

Chuck Schumer looked disgusting–hooknose protruding–in his pink ribbon before Congress. Very very disrespectful.

I know I am late, but my sleep bore a good one.
Sloppy Joe.

already memed

Ah well. Hopefully it gains traction. I like that one.


The funny thing, the niggers hate white success so much, they are willing to crash the entire country with beaners and muslims just to spite white people. They're as stupid as white cucks in thinking that the beaners or muslims will spare them or be their ally when they hand over the keys to them. It's objectively true and observable that "brown" people have no loyalty to all other brown people, but only their own specific kind. Hell niggers throw each other under the bus for being a lighter shade of nig.

I did some sam hyde ones last night with cummy joe's face

Have you seen this Sud Afrika thread

Nice. Will spread it where I can.

The left was rejecting and rebutting the speech even before it happened. Michael Moore and some other "celebrities" had an expensive banquet and basically stood up like struggle session and decried ebil Drumpf, whites, men, etc… it doesn't matter what Trump says or does, these fanatical cucks will screech about how it's the worst thing ever…

At this point in his term if someone still hates Trump they do so irrationally and it won’t change. I think he’s probably moved some people off the fence and to his side but I think anyone who voted for him would still do it again and as such I don’t see how he wouldn’t get re-elected especially with how fractured the left is. So these faggots can stay mad but you can’t argue against the truth and facts and the facts are he’s doing a really good job so far.

Americans are dreamers too :^)

It's fucking hilarious. My sociology textbook for college still only uses McVeigh as a reason why right wing terrorism is so ebul and the #1 threat in America. It's a pretty up to date textbook too in terms of the content.

It's fitting that this little kike quoted Yoda. They're the same height.


Those poor guys.

Michael Moore said that

We've all been robbed of our destinies, but sometimes it feels like we forget about women, and the potential that's been stripped from them. Sure, there are plenty of roles that they SHOULD NOT get involved in, but they used to form the backbone of a healthy society. Just as men are meant to build the world, women are meant to maintain it as mothers, nurses, teachers, community (not political) leaders, and so on. But now the Universities grind them up and churn them out to face life with a chip on their collective shoulder, forcing them to chase after traditionally male roles instead of embracing their true identities, which would ultimately make them happier. So many young white women have been fooled into thinking that success in life is a studio apartment in a city, an office job that 'empowers' them, and a fridge full of wine. Pets substitute children, employment substitutes fulfilment, and duty to the community is replaced by chasing thrills. In CURRENT YEAR, there is a third way for all of us, and that of course includes women.

Perhaps one of the things I hate most is how the kikes have subverted words and terms to make them represent their opposites. In this case, "female empowerment/liberation" is made to represent the death of female identity, rather than its embracement. The curse of the modern era is so dehumanising. The marxists reduce us all to our most basic parts to make us into interchangeable drones for their schemes. They don't want to empower ANYONE. They just want to reduce us all into the same mud faced working cattle.

Our women took the most direct hit from this subversion and have become mindless husks of what they once were.

I liked the bellyaching from Democrats once he started discussing illegal immigrant crimes right before he turned attention to victims from their base.

The mindset of your memes is completely wrong. If you want to d&c niggers against the democrats then you have to make them feel like only bitch ass niggas are democrats while true players are republicans. You can't say "democrats don't care about you" because niggers don't care about themselves, so that train of logic is completely lost on them. Tell them that voting republican will elevate their personal status in the nigger hierarchy and get them endless bitches and bling.

What pathetic one dimensional thinking.

And this is why you wash your hands after handling money.

Fuck, missed an opportunity with my own meme. Niggers love stupid rhymes.

I've honestly never seen a someone other than a Trump supporter use this word. (other than current year man) Is that a troll account?

I think the best D&C tactic against niggers is to pit beaners and nogs against each other. The fundamental weakness of the democratic party is that it's a coalition of various minorities and special interests that all hate each other, and the only thing uniting them all is a hatred of whitey.

Another thing to do would be to make propaganda laughing at "real-ass niggas" for supporting the LGBTQP+ rights party and calling them bitches for sucking homo dick.

They used to use it a lot during the election but have backed off since then.


Drumpf used to be a genuine thing around the time of the election.
I think its been ridiculed so much by Trump supporters (Drumpflings) only the most oblivious people are still using it.

The type of people who still think Trump might be impeached are the same type of pepole who still use the term Drumpf. They are the people who insulate themselves from anything that contradicts their world view even slightly.

Indirectly. A buddy got his CDL and makes $90k running oil from the field to the plant 80/hrs a week. Most of the time is idle, so he either naps or internets in the truck, but he has to be ready to roll when the call comes in.

It's sort of like how "fake news" was started by ZOG media but we quickly co-opted it. There still are some people who unironically use "drumpf" but it's died down and it's pretty much only ironic shitposting now. We ruined it for them

Harris was probably jewish as well. There were rumors that his diary included references to being jewish and wanting a jewish girlfriend, but they were never released to the public.

Niggers are driven by status, money, and muh dik. If you want to manipulate them then you appeal to their base desires and fragile egos. "Pedro is taking your gibs" is a harder sell because it's a more complex thought and it hurts nigger pride to admit they need welfare to survive, despite the fact it's true.

You want niggers to think voting republican equals money, status, and bitches. How? It doesn't matter. They won't even think about how. It doesn't matter of voting republican results in absolutely nothing for them. All that matters is the idea that REEL NIGGAS don't vote democrat. Remember, they don't operate on any kind of logic. It's all voodoo to them anyway. It doesn't have to make sense.

Needs more pointless acronyms and abbreviations. Niggers don't use full words like that very often.


user pls I can only pretend to be retarded so much

doesn't really look like it, looks more like he has been garroted just a little.

checked my dude

There are different ways to pit beaners and niggers against each other than just "they're taking your gibs" though. For example, you could take a pseudo-nativism slant and do the whole "us niggas built this country and y'all spics thinking you can just show up and take over"

Unfortunately that would require pushing the idea that niggers built this country so it's a non-starter.

I got no problem pushing that idea within their own circles. They all already fucking believe that anyway. It's like the wewuzkangz shit where a ton of blacks legitimately believe they were the egyptians and whatever else, despite the rest of us openly laughing at them for it.

For example, I got no problem going into the black israelite spheres and stirring the pot of jew hatred among those nogs.


lol how can these blatant liars have careers, jfc.

So is this site really reddit now? Legalizing 2M browns is not worth a few points on the stock market faggot.

He cut regulations so small businesses can make things for the (((duopolies))) to steal in the next bubble pop, created more manufacturing jobs without fixing welfare so niggers with a drug habit who don't need livable wages got most of them, asked Congress to jew Europe out of aid for not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the world, talked about the heroin epidemic but not imprisoning those paragons of capitalism - the (((Sacklers))) - and finished with a North Korean Ann Frank who escaped while on crutches to tell his bs story.


They truly do come in waves.

He's coming to save us in 2020, buckos! #HeCanStillWinThis #CorpseCandidate

Reminds me of the Obama-Romney election when Fox read the results as "it's about split, a little heavier towards Obama." They just can't say anything positive like the assblasted propagandists they are.

I don't mean to blog post, but damn, I feel like the SOTU and the following lib tears are a huge redpill



They seem to be the maddest from reenforcing American ideals and being unapologetic about it.
They're so impatient and just want to have the ashamed of my nation globalist tone Merkel has about Germany, that's all people will see with how the dems acted at the SOTU.


So 2M browns are worth points on the stock market, reddit-kun?

Why the fuck are you calling them "browns" instead of something appropriate like spics?

They're afraid that the White Guilt Card has been maxed out and the gravy train is coming to an end. There's also a stupidly false belief that not loving your country or race makes you smarter or more fair, instead of what it actually makes you: a whining, self-flagellating cuck.

Beautiful post fam.

high e n e r g y

of course user, but you really don''t see any benefit of this sort of message being sent in a state of the union address?

It's the go-to goon term for nonwhites.

Fucking cross post dubs, trips and quads…jesus fuck me

Oy vey, is he /ourkike/?

this tbh, alot black separatists want to leave as much as Holla Forums wants them to go.

Every response to this tweet:

AADT should be the next IOTBW/MBMC.

Can we get this going?

How is he standing if his limbs were run over by a train?


WTF? Doesn't the 'A' in ACLU stand for something?

Huck bringing the bantz

So, I saw it, and I don't get any joke here besides him holding up the crutches. Could someone explain what's so funny?

I'm not good at getting jokes.


I am a different user than the other one who asked this.

When this guy was a kid, he was looking to grab some coal off a train to trade for some food. Passed out from hunger exhaustion on the tracks, train ran over his legs and he had to have them amputated. His family ate dirt so he could eat enough to recover. Then he and his family fled the country. Honestly don't know why people are laughing at that, I consider myself to be a sick fuck but that story brought tears to my eyes.

Fucking hilarious.

who would've thought

Bazinga! kids like that right?

It's funny because when they announced him someone yelled "Lieutenant Dan!"
and he wiped some dirt from his face ( I presume he was eating) Then held up his big chopsticks.
lots of lels were had, you had to be tehre.

Ahhhh I didn't hear the dude yelling Lieutenant Dan

Yes, I know that back story. That's why I didn't understand.

Ok, I didn't hear that.

I think you're on the right track user.

Trump knocked it out of the park.

Great job Mr President.

The tone of the establishment's post SOTU reporting has been somewhat subdued in my estimation. They're beginning to finally, finally realize Trump isn't going to go away, resign or be impeached. And that the pendulum swing is real and will not stop.

It's amazing you pulled through the experience sane user. You can be thankful to God for His preservation over you. Keep going.

Some whoppers from The jew York Times 1st is angry niggerbabble. 2nd just reiterates Trump's great platform and why jews think it's horrible.

NYT: The State of the (White Nationalist) Union

NYT: What Trump Doesn’t Get About the State of the Union

TOR poster is right though.

MFW Uniom is the new Drumpf because they literally have nothing else.

The white couple adopting a heroin baby was uh really something.

how anyone can lend the term "credibility" to carlos slims' blog after the events of not just the past few years, but the past few months alone remains a mystery to me. this type of lede would get you failed out of an intro to journalism studies 101 course

*pedo* shonen garbage, let's not forget.

What’s funny is that it wasn’t then RNC or Trump who did this, but probably some Democrat lifer civil servant.

I never made the connection before, but holy shit is it there. The 3 most leftist bitches I know are all alkies, and one of the most libshit cucks I know died from a failed liver recently. Kek.

All glory be to God, also I see it as a testimony to the value of the nuclear family, they always showed me to way and shepherded me when I strayed.
on topic

True. But the one you replied to is another CIA agent.

that doggo nose kek

Absolutely. Your family and folk are your base and your support. You have a good head on your shoulders user, remember to find ways to give back to them, they deserve it.

tbqf families have been brainwashed into becoming hostile places. People literally compete within their families like they're nigger fucking kikes.

Muslims are just as bad as Jews though, their history of subversion just isn't as long. Besides, the current government was basically installed by the CIA.

Sorry sounds like you have a bad family user. I'm grateful that mine is still quite traditional, large, and mostly close-knit.

Polite sage for off-topic.


Kikes are worst. Kikes first into the trains.

Cnn was salty as fuck

< we are free people!!!!111
< (((corporations))) own everything

>You'd think that would make the (((establishment))) MORE scared instead of less, they have to be know what's coming. I know that these (((people))) live in a bubble but goddamn.

I think you think too highly of niggers. We have to get them to think voting Republican means they get to break shit. Breaking into KFCs and liquor stores in designated areas of destruction at least once a month is what Democrats bring to the table.

I fucked up the greentext
pls no bully

Actually I think the real win here is if people get demoralized and don't go vote.
Either they don't vote or they riot. I am happy with either outcome.



I mean they are, but only due to the history they have. Muslims are like kikes-in-training.

Outed shill continues changing IP addresses and spamming images in every thread


"Using the threat of terrorism to justify implementing a surveillance policy clearly designed, by administration figures like jews who have jewish nationalist leanings no less, to reverse the "whitening" of America, is about as disingenuous and cynical as it gets."
-Goy Reid

everyone report this pathetic shill.individual for pathetic

muslims though have too much negroid in them. because of that they have a harder time blending in and claiming they are white and when they try to subvert their animal instincts take over so they just attack and try to conquer. they dont have the patience of the jew

You are cursed. Youa re die in horrific pain. Mark.this post

Save this post. You are going to.die in horrific pain

thats mr faggot to you!


You are going to die by murder.






That's ~$25/hr.
What low aspirations you have, user.
Maybe you should become
And intern at ~$20/hr.
$40/hr+ at large tech companies like msoft
Or create your own product and make millions.

fake leg



so when are we going to become real life morrowind?
I want to go out and have adventures, dammit.

ACLU absorbed a bunch of people from ShareBlue after the election.
Not that they were legit to start with, but they became more explicitly political, hence why the ACLU logo became nothing more than an app icon

Reported for off-topic spam in every single thread

For libtards and globalists "America" means the Americas, not the USA. Once you understand this you'll see reams of coded language which doesn't make sense if you equate the USA to America.

Vamoos a Moocher!


All the sane people are banned from public discourse in ZOGtopia. Of course actual votes don't match this bullshit. That is why destroying them will be so satisfying. There is nothing quite like crushing sick little liars.

We have already won the war for Truth.

You don't agree with them, they want jewish meme energy sources like solar, wind, or hydro. Not the develpment of a safe US nuclear industry.
Notice how all green sources they focus on are
Or in the case of hydro, there's only so many rivers.

Most of the green lobby is funded by oil companies, or the energy industry, whose jewishness is severely downplayed compared to oil.
Energy industry is fucking shitting themselves over nuclear power and has been for ages.

Haha this user called it, look at today’s headlines:

The story is also nearly masturbation-machines tier level of bullshit and you should feel bad for believing it on its face, although Asians do tend to value human life much less.

This guy uses Star wars to inform his political beliefs

Yeah, I immediately was reminded of ridiculous holohoax stories. You're telling me the guy had his legs run over by a fucking train and he crawled away from that? And then he just needed crutches afterwards and now his legs are totally healed?

Bull fucking shit. You don't keep your legs if they get run over by a goddamn train. And that's assuming the impact force from being hit doesn't cause hydrostatic shock fucking up the rest of your body too.

Did she quote the Guac Bowl Merchant?

Sieg Heil to Joe Kennedy, ein guter Kamerad. /ourguy/

so 70% positive

One white man to 
save them all

I THOUGHT R2Dindu was the police robot that took out the nog sniper ?
not these hover round heathens

Can someone give me a quick rundown of the Dem's response? I found a short clip but it seemed to be cut and edited, I saw the fag use an emotional argument about trannies


Another weird thing is why aren't more people escaping this allegedly oppressive government if a guy with no legs pull it off?

When your big moment ends with you having to specify that it was chapstick on your face, not drool, you dun fucked up good.


no sound.

I get sound

< Spanish is Mexican.
Fuck you, red-headed traitor!

100% autistic

It seems one channel is virtually muted.

They're trying to fill the relentless crippling emptiness in their lives where their children should be, you dingus.

They sure do love breaking things. That's why they are sitting on metal chairs and watching on a shit projector in an asbestos filled warehouse.

Obviously staged…all the cameras and sandals, they were not throwing their footwear as some can be seen wearing actual shoes…
..Also where are they? It looks like a warehouse building crossed with a shitty retirement home.

< expecting Trump to name the kike
< meanwhile everyone naming the kike gets destroyed by kikes and kike lovers in mob actions
gas yourself

Anyone catch the N Koreans left rubber hand?

To recap:
possible damage from flimsy sandals is to the shitty wall.
Being this autistic and ass blasted about President Trump and one of the best SotU speeches made….

The guy at 0:08 though…

I can't deny that watching that fag throwing flip flop video actually makes me very happy. Do you guys realize that if this comes to actual civil war there stands a huge chance the entire board will get cleared of these fucks?

What did she mean by this?


Usually when you throw darts at a picture there is a dart board behind it.


Trump could cure cancer, end world hunger and drinkable water shortage, fix all climate issues, fix the fake and gay wage gap, make illegals proper citizens, strengthen black families so no more run away dads, and prosecute the 1 percent and the libshits would still hate him. He could personally save their lives from well anything and they'd still hate him. They lack emotional rationality.

Only the best policies for the guards of (((their))) sheckles.

The white guilt card aint going away anytime soon, as long as white libshits have no spine and hate themselves.


< not wearing DJ headphones everywhere


Not a lot of salt apparently. Apparently the (((Dems))) are really losing touch with their voting base this year by the looks of it.

Sloppy Joe is great, but. unfortunately, we already have Sloppy Michael Moore.

I've been spreading "Slimy Joe" as it applies to both his drool and his political ambitions. family history, etc.

No, there isn't much salt because the speech was actually good. They can't find anything to complain about, so all we're getting is generic "I hate Drumpf" responses.

Underrated post

Wow they really are just contrarians trolls

A White Jew. The most privileged kind. Don't forget that either.

He has spoken about (((allies))) multiple times.

To be fair he could be talking about Pakistan.

turbo kike^^^

When Jon Leibowitz tried to destroy tucker's career, he created a monster.

I remember thinking how big a hypocrite the Daily Fail was when he went on crossfire years ago while all the sheep cheered. Fuck I love being right.

This was hilarious and pathetic. They all look insane.

I guess my point here is that, if these drones who are so deluded with massive cognitive dissonance can only manage a knee-jerk hypnotic response "ZOMG I hate Blumpf now!" then it's a sign that the actual human being trapped down inside the golem may be clawing their way back to the surface of sanity. Thus, (((they))) are losing control apparently. Cf the days of shitstorm from the past.

Kek. His writers have a bit of talent to be sure.


No, user.
those are holes.
they made holes in the wall.
don't you get it?
Trump has to resign now, and impeach himself in the process.


Tell all of your friends about how blatantly disrespectful these Democrat faggots are. Literally playing video games during a PRESIDENTIAL SPEECH. It would be less disrespectful to just boycott the speech at this point.

I don't understand why would liberals be mad ?

Because they are a bunch of brain-addled retards who get niggered by every single word ever formulated by a white heterosexual male.

He made them look stupid and they don't know what else to do.

Liberals are shitter shattered that Trump hasn't been impeached yet. Media, Democrats, and the Resistance™ haven't because Trump has stepped on their toes at every single turn: Trump has met every promise he's been allowed to, the economy has improved drastically, millions of jobs have been created, billions have been invested, lower/middle class wages are on the rise…

…and they refuse to believe ALL of it solely because Gronald "Two Scoops" Drumpf, according to the talking heads they praise and worship so readily, is an evil, racist, bigoted asshole who only wants to make money at the expense of the people, exclude people that aren't white, and (for some reason) hurt women and kill queers.

These people are not the majority. They are a loud minority of people that overwhelmingly represent the majority of rich, powerful, and (((privileged))) individuals who intentionally misinform their voter base for the sole purpose of keeping themselves in power.

They don't care about America. They don't care about the majority of people. They care about their ideology and their grasp on power more than anything else.

Bullshit, it was drool: chapstick doesn't drip down the corners of your mouth. The Kennedys aren't the first self-appointed royalty to develop drooling problems as a result of inbreeding.

You just don't understand our struggle, privileged shitlord. I'll REEEEE until you find pic related attractive and desire more to be imported into your lands. That'll work, right?

Those odd capitals were the original. Now ignored as the machines are generic and TelePrompTer corp. doesn't exist any more.

Women cannot and should not collectivize. Neither should men. Splitting the sexes into their own separate camps, playing us against each other and corrupting our functional roles in society and nature has been the kike playbook since day one. Feminism is poison, but so is "MRA" which seeks to force women into male roles more out of revenge than thought. We don't want women to bear male burdens, we don't want them to lose the old privileges of their sex. We want them to embrace the true strength of their nature as half of an unbreakable whole. There should be NO advocacy for white women or white men. Only for white families. We are meaningless as individuals, but precious when we give of ourselves to create a future for our people.

They're professionals at it