The_Cuckold Threw This Cheeky Cunt Under The Bus For Reporting Illegals At His School


I had to recover comments deleted by the board's moderators from his original post on The_Donald after this was made into a big story and the kid got expelled from school. The deleted comments are in red.

Other urls found in this thread:*/

One day, plebbit will break, and the cascade of retards will be like nothing we've ever seen.

and retards here are trying to say earlobe spacing doesn't exist or "go back to reddit" is d&c. I wonder where all the oldfags went?

Give us a link you stupid faggot.

The funny part is how this is supposed to be the extreme right wing of plebbit. MUH OPTICS is the new MUH PR.

here's the (((journalist))) who doxed him:
put some effort into your thread OP

I don't know. It's bad enough I have to go to there just to bring these back.


They kinda did. The jews were supposed to be deported to that shithole they now call home.



Well, howdy-doody!

T_D has always been gay, but its obviously completely controlled now. There is almost 0 edge there. Its actually become the thing a lot of people accuse it of, some sort of lame botnet.

T_D is worse than our actual enemies to the left. They feign their morale high ground while endlessly cucking their own beliefs because they're pacifist classical liberals, far more dangerous than your shitlib who acknowledges his radical behavior. These pieces of dog shit Facilitate the betrayal that's carried out by their leftist comrades.

They're cowards both mentally and spiritually and carry on the "conservative" tradition of selling out, alas more slowly, than their marxists representing the other side of the spectrum. They represent the bourgeois nationalist Hitler talked about. Largely worthless in the struggle for self-preservation.

Spot fucking on. A cuck by any other name is just as gay


Original doxxing
Follow up article
Daily reminder that leftists would happily see your children murdered if it would help them gain power.

Isn't there precedent that states federal > state and state > school regulations (I could've sworn some events happened that implied the latter, at least). So, that said, how did the faggot kid get expelled?
If it's just cause he reported illegals, he should take the school to court (and keep appealing/taking to a higher court until it gets big enough. At some point, to keep face, the current administration would have to back/side with him). All he did was his civic duty.

Forgot to add pic related

Their parents being sub 100 IQ aztec retards that are incapable of thinking of what the consequences of their actions might be doesn't mean we just stop enforcing the law. Fuck's sake.


All things considered, this doesn't surprise me, but it does piss me off.

Well said!

During GG when they starting pozzing themselves we referred to it as 'MUH PR faggotry' and we made it a point to totally ignore any of that during the election and look where it got us. Now I see right wing groups slipping back into that same cuckold state, except now they yell MUH OPTICS before cucking out. They keep sucking that liberal dick hoping they'll see the good in them and accept them for who they are. In reality the liberals wants them dead and wiped out.

This is reddit in a nutshell.

Good screens but is there anything I can actually read about this from another source besides maxresdefault???????????

That shithole gets shilled far more than Holla Forums does, believe it or not. I'm sure Shareblue spends 90% of its shill resources there trying to convince the cuckservatives to cuck out more.

The_Cuckolds are an embarrassment to our cause. They can't even admit that they're race realists. They virtue signal all the time about Nigger employment and (((Legal))) immigration. They defend Donald Chump for bending the knee to Isreal for fuck's sake. Their nothing more than good little goyim bootlickers. Maybe they'll wake up when Donnie boy decides to pardon both parties for corruption but I seriously doubt it.
This site is basically a false rape allegation wrapped in pink cellophane.

Shareblue was permanently banned from reddit entirely. That’s why we’ve been hit so hard in the last few days.

Read the links in

polite sage


Here's the femikike site that doxed him and got him expelled.

Why is he shooting an airsoft at him?

Everywhere I go I hear the same thing:

And every time I hear this I tell them:
If you want to remove burden from our education system, remove illegal children.
If you want to give more money to the schools, remove illegal children.
If you want class sizes to shrink, remove illegal children.
If you want your children to be better educated, remove illegal children.

The level of butthurt this produces is simply astounding.

I can't believe that that kid got expelled. Has anyone got the name of his principal? Maybe we should start circulating his dox

That precedent is the 60s and 70s where they made it illegal to have "separate but equal." Oh, also the Civil War.

Remove the niggers, spics, and kikes from the country, then the world. All non-whites should be illegal


That isn't shareblue, it's organizations like the JIDF, Hasbara, SPLC, etc.

They were banned as an acceptable news source from a single subreddit.

Well, that's at least something (a good rebuttle against them at least). Anyone who knows law of wherever this faggot is from (and has enough OPSEC to not get fucked/not care), want to call the school telling them that they should be careful about getting sued?
If you have enough ability, you could get the retarded secretary to actually relay your issue (which would be about sueing the school) to the higher ups.


wtf I thought the_donald at least hated illegals. What a bunch of fucking cucks

man if only he knew about fullchan he could have been able to do this safely. I report illegals as well since I enjoy doxing (old /i/nsurgent). Oh well at least he knows where his real home is now.


This kid is literally one of us.

There's nothing good about anything on reddit, don't let the "reddit is BASED they banned shariablue!" cucks try to tell you otherwise.

Its supposed to be muzzle flash


that comic is some incomprehensible Holla Forums tier shit.

also it might be for the best for the kid to get expelled from some multicultural shithole school since the latinos will without a doubt target him. Home schooling and a GED then trade school is a good path forward.

The thing is that optics ARE important, but these pathetic reddit faggots are just as bad if not worse for the national socialist image than meth injecting skinheads.


When will people learn to be discreet?

They aren't Natsoc, so how are they bad for the image?

Because they get associated with us whether or not they are part of the national socialist group.

nice effort but next time make the comic before you huff the paint

I remember when the_donald was new and we made accounts to post kike memes on it. How things changed.

I thought Optics were a fancy meme for PR anyways, so I always treated it as such


The site is build in a way so you get a cascade of retarded comments.

They don't want a revolution, they don't really want huge changes. National socialists did want huge changes and wanted to do it in a violent way. The brown shirts their numbers were large, they were ready to commit violence. The party had to get rid of them before when they took over since they no longer needed a violent revolution, or a second revolution where property would be taken.

Yes, these people go on about how they're right wing and anti migration but don't really want to carry out the deeds necessary for those beliefs to hold.

I don't care about image, pol isn't an active IRL group. There were a bunch actively posting here from my country who formed a group, got around 100-200 members and then they were harassed constantly by secret services, newspapers so they closed recruitment and formed a secret society.

As for 'image' the user tried to say that liberals picture someone against migration, agianst white genocide as 'alt-right' or someone from reddit the_donald.

The site is build in a way so you get a cascade of retarded comments.

They don't want a revolution, they don't really want huge changes. National socialists did want huge changes and wanted to do it in a violent way. The brown shirts their numbers were large, they were ready to commit violence. The party had to get rid of them before when they took over since they no longer needed a violent revolution, or a second revolution where property would be taken.

Yes, these people go on about how they're right wing and anti migration but don't really want to carry out the deeds necessary for those beliefs to hold.

I don't care about image, pol isn't an active IRL group. There were a bunch actively posting here from my country who formed a group, got around 100-200 members and then they were harassed constantly by secret services, newspapers so they closed recruitment and formed a secret society.

As for 'image' the user tried to say that liberals picture someone against migration, against white genocide as 'alt-right' or someone from reddit the_donald.

edgy mongrels, neo-cons and faggots asshurt the feminists they welcomed into their clubhouse pushed them out. sprinkle on some paid shills and bored liberals and you have the_donald. basically a gop convention only the children are unsupervised and your seated next to fatshit boomer ranting about "muh hispanic vote". what little good stock they had fucked off to imageboard or voat when their mods threw that little tantrum.

That's true. I wonder how many of them are really just identity-confused shitskins. It's amazing how many spic mystery meats consider themselves white. I've wondered the same about Holla Forums sometimes, how many are shitskins who just like to LARP as white to make themselves feel better, but shy away from any mention of concrete action fbi no bully because it would interrupt their playtime.

Jesus Fucking Christ
How revolting…

Oh I agree, I don't give a fuck about image beyond occasional (targeted) propaganda efforts, and I think secret societies and inner networking is the way to go. I just wanted to clarify anons meaning when he was talking about image.

When they ban everyone for talking about Jews…. Is anyone surprised?

Dumb kid didn't follow the Three S Rule: shoot, shovel, then shut up. Hope the leson was worth the price.

[squeaky toy noises intensify]

I fucking hate everybody that uses reddit, the whole point of deporting illegals is to get non-whites out of the country, it's ALWAYS good, what the fuck is wrong with them to think "b-but this wetback is just trying to get his edjamakayshun!!" ffs I can't stand it

Holla Forums can't protect its own people

where does it say that you fag?


it's a shill thread, trying to provoke us in to going over to fight with plebbit. I don't doubt for a second that the majority of faggots posting in this thread are the same niggers that got their posts deleted over on plebbit.
tl;dr kikes being kikes


am i six sheets to the wind or does reddit look like a bunch of nonsensical shit much like this thread because OP nor anyone else seem to be pointing out that these caps seem to be missing something

the only thing worse than MUH OPTICS is MUH 401K

What I am more curious about is why with someone /ourguy/ tier still even be on reddit.

I would've imagined anyone that already thinks, or could be turned to thinking like us would've left there long long ago.

They were and always will be useful idiots at most. I thought we established this shit two years ago? Get your shit together Holla Forums

My guess?
The guy has a bit of an ego that he rather enjoys having stroked, in a away that, on the internet, can only be had in a places like Reddit, which allow to have an identity, receive upvoting, etc., that kind of stuff (even in plebbit he's bound to find people once in a while that agree with him, and that might provide the chance to feel special, as part of a selected group of people among the "crowd" that surrounds them); although the possibility that he simply enjoyed getting his kicks out of being a known "troll" and getting a rise out of cuckservatives is feasible as well.
I mean, hell, the guy posted a picture of himself gloating for fucks sake, he's still obviously latched-on, to a certain degree, to a self-centered and vain Kikebook generation mentality. (Again, instead of approval he might have been just looking for outrage, but who knows but him).

pic unrelated.

This guy is probably their employer and he pays them like 5 dollars an hour.
Of course you wouldn't. Where would you get your cheap labor from then?

kang nigger created this dumpster fire. why doesn't he help them out with all the money he's dumping into his presidential "library"?
you know, the "library" with a basketball court

and then some retards that believe every lie they are being fed without even a second of critical thought.

That's what's so hilarious about it all. A few people with several alts apiece brigade T_D (Reddit's version of a raid; group downvoting + negative comments) on an irrelevant thread, OP caps it before the mods censored the raid entirely, and spews screencaps on Holla Forums not reflecting the hundreds of views/counter-votes their failed shitstorm attracted.

But shhh, silly Ledditor, Holla Forums doesn't even visit T_D, so how would they know that a) when Holla Forums is spoken of it's almost exclusively in glowing terms, or that b) T_D mods are also actively censoring the burgeoning antisemitic streak there? They don't need to know that bullshit anyway. All they need is purity spiralling, and another healthy round of infighting within their pro-white movement, and then I'll sure that they'll accomplish all those goals they've never worked a day in their lives towards accomplishing.


This post was also deleted by mods:

Why do so many republicans keep ceding ground to shitlibs by saying DACAcacas had no "criminal intent" coming here so they should get to stay? First of all mens rea is not an aspect of the law so this is already the case, and secondly deportation is not a punishment.

It's no more a punishment than saying I'm "punishing" a burglar by throwing them out of my home. They're not entitled to be in my home to begin with, so I'm not punishing them by denying them something they have no right to.

A burglar's punishment would be throwing them in jail and fining them for entering my property - that's retributive, a way to prevent others from committing similar offenses. No one wants to punish the DACAcacas, I'm not interested in fining or imprisoning them, I'm not even interested in forcing them to pay retribution for all of the government services they soaked up - I just want them to be sent home… and that's not a punishment.

Stop giving in to these slimy, sneaky, lying shitlib arguments.

i always imagined the claims of teh donald being overblown because i've literally never gone there. clearly these claims are not overblown. this people should all be gassed along with the rest of reddit

The cuckery there is starting to remind me of the niGGer co-opt. Every movement that starts of on a chan and moves to reddit gets twisted into shitlibbery.

Fuck off back to The_Cuckold you fucking queer

Excellent point user, noted.

They unironically call themselves "pedes". They're mentally and spiritually crippled mongrels who've formed a meaningless cult of personality around Trump because of the emptiness of their lives.

Typical master vs slave morality. American 'conservatives' deserve to be raped and killed by illegals, they achieved nothing in 100 years.

I hope their children will have a fate worse 10 times than the white man they abandoned for respecting the law. I hope the illegals that will rape their daughters won't be found guilty. I hope they will fall victims to the knockout game of some spic gang and stay in a coma for years and when they will wake up they will find out their children were killed in a random mexican shootout.

I spit on your grave mongrel America, you deserve your fate.

Cory, until recently a senior at Gainesville High School, posted: "MFW I report an illegal who goes to my school to ICE," posing in a MAGA hat under a picture of Donald Trump.

Speaking to babe, David Shelnutt, Gainesville High Principal said: "The student who made the postings is no longer attending GHS."


and the "reporter" of the article is

Harry Shukman

A kike.

Well the republicans did get their start murdering 600,000 white people over a bunch of worthless niggers.

These are all little kids. Nobody douche bags with nonsense degrees at best. Fucking spics and other trash cost home owners BIGLY in taxes. Each one of these greasy monkeys costs anywhere from 7-13k A YEAR just to go to a fucking public grade school. Reddit is where the life failures go to bitch about things they don't understand and that don't affect them.

What he did was totally the right thing to do in terms of reporting but it should have began and ended there. Making a spectacle of himself and bringing attention just asked to be fucked with.

He who talks the most gets the least. Just go out, report them as you see them every single time and move on.

Why the fuck would you even keep that card in a box. That thing is utter trash.

The Woodchipper of Justice: What boomerservatives deserves.

Hitler on Bourgeois nationalist? Any links?!? Please!

what did you expect?
just keep cuckchan and reddit going so these fucking retards stay out of here too late already, I know

What are you, a nigger?

That's the future you chose, burgers.

Hitler did not just wrote Mein Kampf.

Your point being?
He mentions the "Bourgeois Nationalists" in Mein Kampf, if you don't know about his words on them, then it's obvious you haven't read the most essential and basic Holla Forums required book.

Kushner probably trying to propagate a pro-DACA mentality because Trump will cuck on it in the future.

Remember, the banks don't matter, the economy doesn't matter, the stock market doesn't matter, unless we remove illegals and halt the demographic shift first.

Why is nobody angry at the vermin leftist who doxed him? I've seen more people talking about it on half chan… Harry Shukman

I believe that's an extension of O'Sullivan's law

Resdit has, and always will be the bastion for hardcore soy grade cuckoldry

Sounds like Jeff Flake and Democrats.

obviously a fucking kike

What a bunch of self fellating faggots. Yea I'm sure the spics will remember your obscure comment on a fringe neocon forum and spare you from torture when America is >20%

Because he likely believes he's making a difference and changing people's minds.

fuck if I know - seemed appropriate for the thread. think its been used once or twice in decks around here
mostly as a joke but if you take gabe too lightly you'll be dealing with a monster fast
sage for off magic in thread on page one

Why is this considered an extremist subreddit again? I've seen nose-pierced bulldykes with more vigor and extremity in their beliefs than these chastity belt wearing cuckservites. Had this dumb kid done something truly shocking and illegal, like say, he stabbed a spic, I would understand why T_D would throw him under the bus. But (and I'm serious here) did nothing wrong. He did the legal, right thing, albeit in a stupid, careless way. He doesn't deserve half the shit he's gotten so far. I fucking hate reddit.

I'm gonna contact him. I wanna know how he's feeling right now.

I wish /baph/ was alive. This scumshit kike deserves a swat raid.

That was more like a good excuse to get the north riled up and to fuck up your state power in favour of central power.

Something that I always found weird, even with political dynasties.

Trips confirm, reddit is shit. Even shills on halfchan agree.



Ive been saying it for a long time… The reason for all the "florida man" propaganda which if you reverse image search the mugshots you will find that 9/10 it is a mugshot from a 10 year old article is because the amount of whites in florida who are full blown 1488 shitlords is fucking astounding especially when considered as percentage of total population. I'd hazard a guess that at least 30% of whites in florida are waiting in eager anticipation for the race war.

We must destroy the cunt that doxed this young lad.

I don't like rats of any sort, including this guy.

T_d is cucking themselves to avoid bans from plebbit admins. It sucks but at least they pull some moderates to the right.

Sadly this brings their retarded dormant lefty mentality with them. They must be destroyed.

Can't find him, he deleted all his alt accounts and that kike article from babe is still up. This is why internet privacy should be taught religiously. If this kid offs himself or gets murdered by some la raza gang banger, I can't wait to see the hefty lawsuit dropped on Harry.

Are we the only ones who care about the law anymore? There's no exceptions if the criminal is a "good guy".


Alright, newfags, pay attention. This is how you dox.

pics related

Next step is to check his twatter for references to his location followed by sperging on whitepages

that was easy

well fuck me I have never run into this.

buckle up
ok linked in shows he is in brooklyn now, has lived in ny area for 3 years, but before that london.. lebanon.. egypt…qatar… studied arabic? wew we got ourselves a real fucking kike here

Google is actively interfering with this dox, providing nothing but bullshit links. never ran into this before either.

alright, its definitely not his real name, I have never gotten fucking zero results

fuck you kike

If it is his real name hes put some serious shekels into erasing his presence

you arent fooling anyone

Its like no one even opposes or questions shilla on T_D

I wonder what percentage of them are shills. I bet ya the numbers are so high that they literally make up the consensus.

What the fuck? I hope this masterful shitlord lawyers up . Is it even legal for someone to be expelled for performing their civic duty? And secondly, how the fuck are illegals even allowed to be enrolled in school?

I've encountered a few illegals while working in the hospital, and every time I've sent a tip to ICE. It's legal to do so, although IIRC they can't come to the hospital to arrest/interrogate someone unless there's probable cause or a warrant, but if you give them the beaner's home info, there's nothing stopping them from giving Paco a visit at home later on. This isn't even in violation of HIPAA.

They probably don't even need a large number of shills, because they control the moderation and can bury/ban/delete anything that goes against the kosher narrative. Like how you can get banned for just mentioning anything regarding israel or the USS liberty, for example. That and the userbase is mostly cucks and mystery meat 56%ers, who can only go so far as boomer cuckservatism before they instinctively put on the brakes.

That gay shit was still upvoted to the front page. Who knows if he really did it or not. What we do know is this faggot posed for a top tier cringe pic and uploaded it online from "muh upvotes". Looking through his post history most of his comment are faggoty shit trying to pander for desperate upvotes.
You reported an illegal? Great. Now sort your shit out and stop acting like a raging homo.

Reminder when these people swing further right, they will still push this bullshit line of rhetoric. These are leftists pretending to be conservatives, 2x Obama voters now call themselves conservative. Keep that in mind. If they arent at least aut kike, they are a LEFTIST.

Maybe with his report he changed the faith of a whole white family. Maybe if the illegal was not deported by the end of the year, in 2019 he would get drunk and kill a whole white family.

The `magapede is a hero this time.

There were a lot of leftists coming from /r/all when that post reached front page of reddit. But I've seen the cuck rhetoric and tone policing and muh PR in action done by republicuck posters when there were other posts on the_donald.

Funny how they've trained their empty headed followers to make the 666 sign.


It's being co-opted to White Power.

< paragraphs are bad

It seems like the thread got nuked, I can't find that thread at all on reddit when I use the search function.

It's a shame, but it was just a young kid who was still in high school so I can understand that he doesn't understand why privacy should be so important. Kids aren't thought this, they are thought the complete opposite with the current state of social media. 0 online privacy is encouraged to younger people through facebook and google who are very influential. Teachers don't really spend much time on the topic of privacy at all. Kids below 18 also don't care much about privacy in the first place since they don't have much privacy, parents + teachers control everything in their lives.

It can be that he uses a false name or a writer's name. The tabloid might be content with that so no harm would come to him. He uses his writing name to self promote on social media. But it wouldn't be his real name since if he regularly posts these kind of articles he obviously needs some caution to not be easily tracked down.

The shills just get burried with downvotes so they aren't really that relevant. I just went to that site and it just seems like a generic conservative forum if I read the replies in threads posted there.

Yeah those breakes are indoctrinated by the media and education system and then reinforced by wider society so they will never question topics such as why racism is bad. They believe racism is bad, but they never really tinker with the idea if race theory would be accepted and what implications it has for society as a whole. Because if you think about that, a segregated society, or even countries that follow segregation would be a sensible thought to have.

Really fucking disgusting. Thanks for reminding me why I dont go there. Honestly I also realized that we ought to be a lot more angry about DACA. Everyone thats illegal and under (30?) Is qualified for DACA. They have no right to be here.

Nice satan dubs.

We've been fucking sold out with DACA and no one seems to even notice. Every 30 fucking something here illegally who can come up with a few falsified records to "prove" they were here before they turned 18 is gonna be fucking amnestied. And now that that they've replaced all the working class whites with spics they're moving on to importing "qualified" immigrants to take the remaining upper middle class whites' jobs.

that's for niggers
ICE all the spics

And cui bono? How the fuck would kike shills benefit from us flooding in there and fucking up their safe space? Fucking illiterates, man.

This user gets it.

Left versus right is an irrelevant dichotomy. They are shit. Gas the kikes. Heil Hitler.

I have been a White nationalist for years, and I didn't actually hate foreigners until just a few years ago. It is blatantly wrong, evil, unfair corrupt shit like that and how the subhumans fucking lap it up and can't get enough that turned me against them.

It never was how you foreign bastards look. It's the fact that you're all immoral.

The only people looking out for white interests are your white nationalist brothers.

Old habits die hard.

From the horses mouth.
Now go shill somewhere else.

Meh… my real name returns zero real results… thats from a lifetime of paranoia and disinfo. No real birthdays used no real addresses no real names. Since like the livejounal days. But i dunno if many are as warped in the brain as I.
Probably just another .gov intern who wanted to be an “analyst” and got dumped on the D path.

Because plebbit td isn't the safe space of the shills in this thread. Tders would shill a thread that portrays them negatively? Logic, how does it work. Most of them don't know this place exists (hell, those faggots think Voat is too scary and wayciss) and it should be kept that way.
The shills are most likely leftypol or shariablew attempting to pick a fight between us and the idiots at td, and are probably the ones who had their posts there deleted. Consider that the link shows the contrary of what OP stated. Does anyone actually buy that we who post here give a flying fuck about plebbit drama or some dipshit magapede kid?
someone pointing out shills is a shill, another fine example of schizophrenic kike logic. Nobody here gives a fuck about plebbit td, the only ones who can't seem to stop kvetching about them are the shills.
tl;dr: "plebbit the dongald banned my leftypol shitposts, hey Holla Forums go fight my battles for me and while you're at it partake in one of our many fine e-celeb and blogpost threads we're sliding your board with"
says the plebbit spacer. Please state where I called them allies, you nigger loving kike.
You shills sure seem strangely determined to get us to spend time on plebbit.

Sage negated. Learn how to use the site before posting here.

are you retarded?

917 575 7689

Current phone number 917 575 7689
Any Brooklyn anons?

Previous phone numbers:
Guy used to live in England. I'd say he probably went to Cambridge.*/
He has also retweeted someone who wanted to join Al Shahaab and has expressed sympathy for Palestinians.

He is probably a member of
Can someone with better FB investigate?

Random things possibly related
Could this be Harry Shukman's alter ego?
Another alter ego?
Is this Harry person actually real, or is it just an avatar for a variety of editors?
Possible entry points.

Make a new thread nigger. This is good.


Harry Shukman

From halfchan (not checked for accuracy)
Call out for men/women who can #metoo this fucker!

wow this is just pathetic

Google has algorithms for sorting types of content for different viewers. They use it on YouTube comments, so the leftists get their One World United messaging and feel like they're in the majority and the right-wing get their I Want Taco Trucks And Can't Have That Without Authentic Mexicans messaging and feel that's the truth.

Reddit and Google employees, such that they are, mingle in similar circles. They go to the same classes, they attend the same lecture halls, they eat at the same restaurants.

It's not a stretch to imagine that they'd share notes.

Cambridge-educated public school boy has gay druggy rapist internet friend.
What's the bet that @hshukman is actually @mikemancini ?

Some choice tweets
guy has classy company

Interesting. The guy he/they ganged up on was Cernovich Journalist Andrew Meyer a.k.a. the "don't tase me bro" guy who was removed for questioning Democrat John Kerry about why he never contested the 2004 election.
forward to 23:44
Is it just me or does this guy sound like a Darlek?
Shit is just like GG, rings of journos mobbing people who disagree with them.

Someone needs to dox Kablam1ty.

Can't from behind TOR. Go for it user!


TRSodomites not welcomed
but good job on calling Immigra on those fucking spicks

I'm so sick of these fucking traitors who want to let other people treat their nation like a food bank because they had a beer with them.

it's not a sodomite symbol, it means huwhite power

Even traditionalists and natsoc types are suspiciously either oblivious about this or they vehemtly oppose the idea of what you just said.
10 years ago, it was a regular thing for mainstream conservatives to say "close the border, remove illegals and deport troublemakers" and now the hardcore right in 2015-2018 can't even muster the balls to say those things anymore.

Wait how does following the law get him expelled? Was it a private school? Or was this college? Fuck reddit regardless.
This is why fags defending muh optics here need to be purged.


Yeah, it's called sarcasm. This is why I hate 8/pol/ now, it's full of a bunch of very serious retards with no sense of humor who just report everything that they dislike.

>not even a :^)
Jesus Christ fucking leave

Recognize the language used here? I feel as though when people use "we" or "us" They're actually just attempting at justifying their own bad ideas and opinions as the board gestalt. I think when people use it (on Holla Forums especially) they're more likely than not an actual shill.

This is exactly what I am talking about. You need little symbols in order to know that the person is joking.

I didn't know there were that many faggots in the world until I went to college.

No literally, it means you want three up the pooper.

The Alt-Right is homos.

yes because it is text. Their is no way to subtly imply sarcasm in this medium. Your excuse that it was "sarcastic" is literally translated as "I was merely pretending to be retarded".


Don't be Alt-Right, be a WN or 1488er.

Be anything but a closeted homosexual, or even a real homosexual.

Yes there is, through memes and collective understanding. You're on a fucking imageboard for fucks sake. You'd have to be retarded to take every single thing that you read as objective reality. It's okay, you obviously just started browsing imageboards a few months ago. Just sit back and lurk a bit more m8.

you want to know how I know (you) are a newfag from reddit?

yeah I want to know

What is the point of doxing in the modern age?
99% of the time nothing bad happens because most people are too chicken shit to do so much as ring in a pizza.



And keep doing it.

This moron deserved what he had coming to him. Your aim is to get rid of illegals? Then do it and move on. But this morons intentions weren't in the right place. Do you report illegals to make the country better or because you want spastic up votes? He did it for the upvotes. Who knows if he even did it in the 1st place. Now he's severely disadvantaged his life if not outright fucked it up, all because he wanted some e-cred. I actually can't believe, he posted a fucking picture of himself no less.

you make it so obvious

Absolutely disgusting. The_Faggot is no better than the rest of Reddit. Spineless cucks who need to be put down.

Optics are useful, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice anything for them. Anybody who cares enough about what they're doing should put in the effort to make it look good. It shouldnt require cucking out on your message or tactics. This guy had good optics: he was an unapologetic shitlord who took pride in doing the right thing. His problem wasn't optics, it was OPSEC. He was naive enough to post his face and associate it with an online comment history that was best left anonymous for the time being. See pic related: dress nice and have simple signs that convey your message, and you will come across as the kind of people you'd want to have in your society. People will be more likely to listen to you.

I'm not saying no good goy in Germany ever said that, but I have never in my life heard a single actual source.

Normies can't be redpilled.

the_donald is the Frankenstein monster of our own creation. we tried redpilling normies and instead they're just painting all the bluepills red and mimicking our style and mannerisms like an annoying younger cousin.

you mean jews are fooling a bunch of idiots in to flashing their satanic kike handsign

numerology, esoteric faggotry, idolatry is all gay kike mason bullshit and none of it has any place in national socialism

that's how i know this board is kiked. they constsantly push for gay kike "meme" magic bullshit. all you do is make the jews stronger.

God I'm going to jerk off so hard to her right now.

Best line here.

By the way, strap the fuck in for more of this. Even ((((they))))) know Gen Z is so hopelessly conformist they will absolutely report their illegal immigrant classmates to police, in the same way they will report thought crimes and other microaggressions against school antiracism policies. UC Berkeley itself is moving to formally study this:

Essentially the basic theory is this: decades of "zero tolerance" and antibullying campaigns (done to mitigate problems stemming from school gangs, homophobia, etc) are causing people in general to be against free speech as adults in college. This is a huge problem for older professors who unironically believe in free speech, and want to pass the torch to the next generation. Such has been the debate between UCB faculty and students, which hilariously plays out on the local NPR outlet KQED where older liberals sloppily hide their distaste for what their children have become.

This has major ((((jewish)))) implications too, because Dianne Fienstien's husband sits on the UC regents board and has tried multiple times to ban criticism of Israel inside the UC system, in an overt attempt to ban Palestinian and Muslim student groups. Fienstien herself has called for free speech licenses and greater web censorship, a thing which Congress has been seriously debating per the "russian hacking" issue. Republicans of course support it because it gives them a huge sledgehammer to wipe out student activism, which would cripple the modern left. It's all gonna burn.

People should not blatantly ignore the evidence in front of them. NatSoc symbols were clearly esoteric, pagan and gentile to the core. The Black Sun for example. The Swastika being an old aryan symbol.

The "666" sign you speak of is an ancient mudra. It comes from Vedic spirituality. The spiritual traditions of your Aryan ancestors. It's a neutral symbol. Not inherently evil or whatever you want to believe. The Jude loves to parade that symbol around for two reasons.

1. Signalling to their freemason shabbos goy, and their fellow jews.
2. Bragging to the goyim about how (((they))) cut you off from your spiritual traditions.

Just because the Jew uses esoteric symbols. Doesn't mean you should be afraid of it. Look into the Thule Society. NatSoc would not be what it is without them.

Poe's Law my friend. You can't blame us for being on edge with all of the aut-kike and other shilling that is running rampant right now.

Faggots, the whole lot of them. These are the same people who got fucking triggered when browsing Voat. I liked Reddit for /r/Coontown and /r/european but when admins fucked with those subreddits it should've been obvious to anyone right of Stalin that it's a dead platform. I am puzzled as to how Voat didn't take over. Anyone "right-wing" on that site is a traitor and a cuck of the highest degree.

There are millions of traitors in your own country that are actively aiding and shielding these people. Employers are the worst offenders since they're the ones providing the monetary incentive for the spics to stay. I honestly don't give a fuck about the wall, I'd much rather have Trump set large fines ($100k+ per illegal) which is employed. This would probably address the problem immediately.

Anybody who posts there is going to be ineffectual and borderline mentally handicapped. Its not even worthy of a post desu.

Just what I was thinking. They constantly cuck to the left and try to throw us under the bus (not that it really matters since they're spineless retards) yet still love to flood Holla Forums and steal our memes, which pisses me off. On one hand I want to completely destroy themfor their complete faggotry, but if they did that they would come here.

Coontown was fucking hilalrous. Never laughed so hard in my life. At one point it was getting 500 subscribers a day, plebbit got redpilled hard. Of course, one of the kike mods who told stories of his autistic Jew boy scouts had to sabotage it.

KYMfags weigh in!

Hint: search for "Overton Window".

It's unrealistic to try and expect to uncuck the masses all at once. Instead, just use the same tactics the kikes do - engineer a slippery slope. So a lot of shit on leddit thats alt-light is a Holla Forumsack engaged in psyops.

Honestly, most of the (((shit))) in this thread is a fucking D&C blackpill - the reality is most people just aren't ready to swallow the JQ redpill. It's obvious why this crap is posted - we're winning.

A lot of people are now more comfortable supporting Trump, are ridiculing the Left and starting to think about (((bankers))). Openly hating sandniggers and getting tired of degeneracy. Next step, someone a little more to the Right again runs, we help him win - repeat until rope is viable.

Whatever happened 'Do not talk about your plans with anyone' ? Oh wait he's a plebbitor not a Holla Forumsack


Living in your heads rent free.


The_Donald is filling up with cuck faggot loser incompetents who aren't interested in making the GOP a winning party, they're virtue signalling just like the shitlibs. This is what happens when you have two parties both based on
and not victory!

Have you heard of SWATting?

Reminder utilize OpSec and never post in a faggy way for a picture

That is for an entirely different thread and has nothing to do with the misrepresentation in the OP.

and I understand that you kikes are getting great returns on the tendency of Holla Forums to believe a lot off stuff that fits our world view without the necessary diligence, but the truth is more important than your job.

i am 12 years old and what is this, this isn't my yahoo homepage, did it update or something?